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More likely that it will be after the major. But let's wait and see how things go. Nothing final in terms of a direct ETA right now. But the Devs are working on it.

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Topics merged into existing discussion topic.

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You created a thread regarding the current BR changes. We had an official topic for those changes where you can leave feedback. If you just want to discuss BRs in general, the system that surrounds them or anything else that's not feedback, that's exactly what this topic is for.

Creating a second topic to split and segregate the discussion does not help. Hence why your topic was merged.

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You tagged one moderator to ask for that permission and most of our moderators are volunteers who give up their free time to help. They are not here 24/7 and even more so on the weekend. A CM would need to authorize it regardless.

Again, if you want to have a discussion of the back and forth kind, that's exactly why this topic was created. So you can discuss current, past and future BR changes as well as the system itself as much as you wish. If you want to leave feedback, we have the official topics for that. We do not need multiple seperate topics just for BR discussions when we already have one that's well established.

This thread serves all the purposes you mention and was created for that very reason. Which is why your topic was merged here.

We have dedicated areas for subjects that have different communities and interest groups. It's logical to have different national topics, game mode and vehicle type areas.

This topic is entire for the purpose of discussing all matters of balance, including current BRs.

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Here is a comprehensive list of the team structure:

A better thing to have done would have been to PM the moderators or one of us CMs first before making the topic. You dont need to know there schedules for that. For clarification, any Moderators are volunteers. Community Managers and Administrators are Gaijin employees. The general easy way to tell is Green background on posts.

Because the feedback was already collected, passed, reviewed and responded to for this BR update:

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Its not a big deal. I just merged your topic into this one. You are free to still discuss all the same things. As can the rest of the community.