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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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The main tank prize in the upcoming Battle Pass season “Royal guard” is a new member of the AMX-50 family, a premium French tank equipped with a 90mm gun, oscillating turret and autoloader!

AMX-50 (1950), medium tank, France, rank IV. Premium. Features:
  • 12 rounds automatic loader
  • 5 crew members
  • Mediocre protection

The medium tank AMX-50 (1950) will be the main tank prize of the new season in the Battle Pass “Royal guard”, it will be a Premium vehicle of rank IV in the French tech tree. The new tank with an oscillating turret will offer players a good balance of game characteristics, but will require an insightful approach from the commander for a truly successful game. Let us see the details.

The turret, autoloader and gun of the new tank will be familiar to enthusiasts of French armored vehicles from the Char 25t medium tank. A fair combination of rate of fire and armor penetration allow the tank to feel very confident in battles with opponents on its Battle Rating, that is, mainly vehicles of the late WWII and early post-war period. The AMX-50 (1950) does not have access to HEAT rounds, which would allow it to easily deal with the heaviest opponents. However, the M82 chamber AP shells work well against most medium tanks and some self-propelled guns.

One of the main advantages of the vehicle is a 12-round automatic loader, which is an extremely serious argument, especially in close combat. Even if the enemy is clearly superior to you in terms of armor, you can sequentially disable his gun and tracks, and then go on board and finish him.

The chassis of the tank is also familiar to veteran players, this time from the AMX-50 (TOA100) tank. Despite the fact that the general trend of post-war tank engineering was clearly aimed at lightening the armor, the upper front glacis of the AMX-50 (1950) hull has solid 90 mm steel at a rational angle. What an envy for the much less protected Char 25t! At the same time, the dynamics of the new tank are quite good - both the maximum speed of up to 57 km/h and the engine response.

Unfortunately, the hull’s front is the only well-protected part of the AMX-50 (1950), the turret and other hull projections are easily penetrated even by wartime tanks. The commander should use the strong forehead of the hull, turning the tank in a way to increase the chance of ricochets. To increase survivability, it would also be wise to take a limited number of shells into battle in order to free the turret and part of the hull's internal ammunition racks from dangerous cargo.

The premium AMX-50 (1950), the main tank prize in the new season “Royal guard”, will be given to the participants for completing the stages of the War Thunder Battle Pass. Very soon we will present the full list of rules of the upcoming season - stay tuned!