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35s Hello, friends! Miss us?
38s Well, here we are, and we’re ready to present the first 2023 update
42s called “Sky Guardians”!
45s It brings reworked mechanics, improved visual effects,
49s a new research tree, and, of course, some long requested vehicles!
54s Let’s get started!
56s The open seas of War Thunder are ready to welcome the French navy!
60s The first premium vessels are already available for purchase:
64s the Aigle destroyer and the Duguay Trouin cruiser.
68s With one of the next updates, they will give their owners
70s a chance to take part in a closed beta-test of the full French navy tree.
76s And since we’re already far from shore,
78s let’s start the parade of the new vehicles right on the deck!
82s Ever since we introduced the first VTOL aircraft,
85s you’ve been reminding us about one particular
88s machine that you really wanted to see.
90s Well, what choice do we have?
92s Please welcome an all-weather supersonic multirole fighter
96s made by the Yakovlev bureau:
98s the Yak-141!
100s Its lift-cruise engine is equipped with an afterburner and a thrust-vectoring nozzle
105s providing an impressive level of acceleration,
107s while its on-board radar system will never miss a single target.
112s The aircraft has four hardpoints capable of carrying conventional bombs and rockets,
116s gun pods, and guided air-to-air missiles,
119s including up to four R-27 of various modifications.
124s The Tornado family welcomes a new interceptor modification, the ADV F3.
130s It can carry up to eight close and medium-range missiles for air combat.
135s Coupled with an advanced radar system, this set might become a very dangerous weapon!
140s We’ve prepared some older vehicles as well.
143s The Italian research tree is now reinforced with a prop biplane with floats.
148s It’s armed with a couple of large-caliber machine guns—
151s a heavy puncher for low ranks!
154s This tiny rotorcraft is the American AH-6M Little Bird.
159s You think it’s cute?
160s Well, what if we told you it’s a real ninja,
163s all in black and with six blades swishing through the air?
167s It’s packing a heavy arsenal against ground targets as well as machine guns!
172s The Czechoslovakian Lizard is ready to protect the skies.
176s Its wheeled base provides a good level of mobility,
179s while its twin 30-mm cannons will leave no chance for the pilots.
184s The Lizard is certainly amazing,
186s but it can’t compare to the new self-propelled
188s anti-aircraft missile complex,
191s the Pantsir-S1.
192s Its combat compartment houses two twin 30-mm cannons
197s as well as twelve anti-aircraft missiles.
199s This machine is eager to ground any airspace violator!
203s Its name means “carapace” in English, and we think it’s truly suitable here.
209s Chinese armored vehicles are now reinforced with a deeply modernized amphibious tank,
214s the ZTS63.
216s The focus of the upgrade is the new 85-mm cannon with an advanced fire control system
222s capable of firing finned DS rounds.
227s Big tank fans are in for a special treat:
229s a new modification of the French landship!
232s Unlike its premium sibling, this 70-ton beast with 12 crew members
237s is armed with a 75-mm cannon and capped rounds.
243s That’s far from all the new things we’ve added.
246s The combat UI now shows what type of rounds were used to destroy the player’s vehicle.
251s It’ll help you better understand the capabilities
253s of each ammo type in air combat
255s and get ready for the next battle.
257s And of course, we improved the visual part of the game, too!
261s New contrails and vapor cones,
263s dynamic effects of burning and tarnishing for aircraft,
267s new effects for small-caliber HE round hits...
270s Even the grass blowing in the wind is now more realistic!
273s Remember when pilots of modern jets had to use a parachute like it was still WW2?
279s Well, not anymore!
281s Leaving a top aircraft will now be accompanied
283s with a beautiful ejection seat animation!
287s Navy captains can now purchase camos for all large vessels.
291s It’s a smaller change, but still nice, isn’t it?
294s Vehicle models are getting some updates, too.
297s Moreover, it’s true both for older vehicles like the Lancasters or Beaufighters,
302s and newer ones like the F-16 ADF.
305s On top of that, we’ve added unique cockpits
308s to all members of the Fighting Falcon family,
311s including the new Japanese F-16AJ.
315s And of course, there’s the Italian Caio Duilio battleship!
320s As usual, the full changelog is available on our official website.
325s Please subscribe to our channel, enjoy the new vehicles,
328s and don’t forget to share your impressions in the comments!
332s Bye!

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