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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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We’re excited to be showing you one of the first brand-new Rank VIII ground vehicles coming to the game in the next major update. Say hello to the utmost modern representative of the T-90 family of MBTs created under the “Breakthrough” modernization program!

T-90M: An MBT for the USSR tree at Rank VIII
  • New turret design.
  • Frontal Relict ERA protection.
  • Barrel-launched ATGMs.
  • Laser Warning System (LWS).
  • Reduced number of weakspots.
  • Very slow reverse speed.

Meet the T-90M!
A fantastic all-new T-90 variant, the T-90M will be added to War Thunder in the next major update at Rank VIII of the USSR’s ground forces tree. The T-90M is at the forefront of the T-90 family of tanks, featuring a new welded turret with built-in modular ERA and a new fire control system. Let’s take a look at what this formidable beast has to offer!

One of the first things you’ll have noticed with the T-90M is that its turret looks slightly different to its predecessors, and that’s correct! This tank features a new welded turret with an extended bustle at the back that holds a selection of the ammunition. Thanks to this addition, some shells that were previously located in the main fighting compartment have been moved into this new isolated area, helping to improve the T-90M’s survivability when penetrated from the front.

A new welded turret also needs some sort of reactive protection and this is exactly what has been added to the T-90M. This tank features Relict ERA scattered across the turret’s side and front as well as the upper front plate, which in turn will help you survive extra hits from ATGMs fired from tanks and helicopters.

Moving onto guns and ammo, which the T-90M inherits from the T-90A: a 125 mm smoothbore cannon that can fire tandem-charge 9M119M1 ATGMs, HEAT-FS, HE and two APFSDS rounds. However, what’s changed the most is the fire control system. This addition means the commander now has a new panoramic sight, the gunner and commander have fantastic thermal sights, plus a very handy laser rangefinder. You may have also noticed that the Shtora-1 active protection system (the red-looking eyes) is absent on the T-90M, however this tank still has a laser warning system, allowing you to react to missile threats in advance.

As for mobility, the T-90M has a new engine with enough additional power to compensate for its increased mass. Despite this increased weight, this tank is as fast and vigorous as you’d come to expect with Russian MBTs, however the burning question you may have is if its reverse speed is any better, and the answer is no. Tragically, it still inherits a measly 4 km/h reverse speed from its predecessors, so be sure to keep this in mind when in battle!

In your matches by Nikolay, Ground Forces Game Designer:
“My advice here is similar to how I play the T-72 and T-90, which is at medium ranges, use its mobility to your advantage if you’re under fire, while making it difficult to aim at vulnerable weak points. As for short ranges, keep close to your allies because the slow reverse speed and not the best reload speed leave you with no chance if your shot doesn’t penetrate in a 1v1 scenario, or you suddenly run into several opponents.”

The intimidating T-90M will be added to the USSR’s ground forces research tree at the all-new Rank VIII in the next major update. Until then, continue to keep an eye out for dev blogs on our website and see you soon!