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Just a little bit of clarification on this, as these changes are in fact not Silver Lions.

They were in fact mission point reductions, which is used to calculate battle activity. This was done as ship to ship damage is now included in mission point and thus activity calculation, meaning vessels with slower RoF are now more meaningfully classed as "active" where they previously were not. Because of this, other activities that also count towards overall battle activity had to be reduced, otherwise overinflated activity would have occurred. These changes don't directly apply to reward

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We have some reviews ongoing with HE at the moment in Naval Forces. Unfortunately thats all we can really say currently.

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At the moment, I don't believe any further are planned. However it may well be expanded over time.

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Certainly potential issues have been located with HE and shatter damage / effects. This has resulted in Destroyers being more enduring than intended, but with the refinement, it should be the middle ground.

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She is a Beaut. Hopefully the slats will be resolved soonish.

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We haven't said anything except for literally just when the Draken was first introduced last year and people first begin to immediately ask straight after. BVV mentioned it very briefly on the stream. We said it was too much back then and like all the long requested top jets it was just a matter of waiting.

So thats probably whats being referred too here.

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The F-86 and MiG-15 (as well as most post war jets) are heavily inspired by the Me 262, among other German jets. It doesn't make them "copies" of the original. JH-7 also has practically nothing to with the MiG-23.

China has plenty of domestic aircraft ahead of it to come in the far future. But for now, we just had the J-7E and Q-5, both of which are domestic developments.

Lets try to keep this personal observations on who is more "domestic" into PMs please guys

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This is really just proves the point even more. Everything is "inspired" by something. It doesn't make them a copy.

Both were and its very well know they had extensive inspiration from German jets, just the same as some Chinese aircraft took initial inspiration from Soviet designs before fully going their own way for many projects. All nations did this.

None the less, after just saying:

I don't see why this is still carrying on here when this is just personal opinions and interpretations being presented against fact. Take it to PM if yo

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We have no confirmed information about the presence of an armor-piercing projectile for this gun and its parameters. Previously, the ammunition parameters were mistakenly used from another, much more powerful weapon. If the the correct documents are provided / located, the devs have said they would gladly consider them. All of the other changes were fully historical (RoF etc)

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It was using entirely the wrong ammunition from another weapon entirely. It was a mistake to have it in any capacity.

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I said we have no


information about it being present for this aircraft / gun. Nobody has outright denied any existence.

Should it be presented, the situation can be re-reviewed.

Given the shell was more powerful than some present on modern day CAS aircraft cannons, thats not surprising ))

It was without doubt incorrect.

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Simply enough information does not currently exist that the devs are aware of to support any AP round.

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When any modifications are removed, it should refund return the GE if GE was used to purchase.

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Unfortunately all there seems to be is mentions in text of bomb capacities. No actual photos of it armed, what the racks look like, where they are located or their effects on the aircraft are shown anywhere.

Therefor without sufficient evidence or info we cannot add any external presets as they appear to be paper mentions only and no actual details of the pylons, mounting points or the specific ordinance.

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No such claims were made. We have said many times stuff being in the CDK / Files is meaningless. Skins / textures can often be some of the last things made. But it doesn't mean something textured gets immediately released unless its planned to come, if at all.

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None of these say anything directly along the lines of what was claimed. As Grom said, posts have been misinterpreted and taken out of a previous context and tied to be applied to every context.

If you look at what we were actually responding too earlier, this was the claim:

Nowhere, in either of those posts of mine you posted was this stated. Nore has any Gaijin staff member claimed this. So yes, it was a baseless false claim.

A texture being ready does not mean it's coming soon or even fully ready. None of those previous posts claimed that.

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They are personal interpretations and not actually what was said. Trying to apply it to every single case when we have said countless times a vehicle on the CDK is meaningless. No matter how "complete" you assume it to be.

Vehicles are also not introduced as soon as they are ready unless they were planned for that update which the Leopard 2A6 was.

As I said before, the claim we were responding too was "vehicles are introduced as soon as they are textured". Which as we have concluded already, is a false and made up claim as nobody has ever said that.

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