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To answer your points:

All of our FMs are based on historical performance / documentation / sources. If you believe something is incorrect, thats entirely fine. We ask that you please submit a historical report with your evidence here. Please be sure that you are testing the FM under the correct conditions when comparing it to source material. Please note that sources stating "Mirage has way better nose authority than Fishbed and Phantom" or "Mirage was the best fighter of it's class" are not valid sources the developers can use. Sources must provide the specific fig

about 1 month ago - Smin1080p - Direct link

Both of them did.

Feel free to make a suggestion with proper evidence. Pictures of the launcher will also be needed.

However many of the export IIICs were even later modifications than the C we have in game and had other upgrades too that our C also does not.

about 1 month ago - Smin1080p - Direct link

Whilst an interesting topic, this information is not very useful and a lot of sources are unverified. Its a few pictures with no references sources and claims only. Meanwhile there are plenty of publicly available sources that show both the SMT and MF were R-60 capable. There is also plenty of Primary Soviet documentation to show this, as well as plenty of material showing export MFs having R-60 compatibility (which the German MF is).

The MiG-21MF not only was capable of R-60 but also the more advanced R-60M. SMT was also capable of R-60 and it was even tested on the SMT.