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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome to the War Thunder Steam Screenshot Competition!
Create a stunning screenshot and submit it on the War Thunder Steam Community Hub (link for instructions) with the tag #WTscreen01.

You have time until 21.11.2021 to submit your screenshot.

After that date, we will select 5 winners (3 of which will be the highest rated :steamthumbsup: by the community and 2 selected by our judges) who will be rewarded with 300GE (each).

Yes, it's that simple! There’s no time to waste, so jump into the game and win some Golden Eagles!

  • Screenshots need to be compliant with the War Thunder rules.
  • You need to be the author of the screenshot.
  • Screenshot needs to be new. You cannot use those which have previously been published used in other competitions.
  • We will only accept raw screenshots from the game. You cannot use any editing software nor any other visual enhancements (like Nvidia Ansel).
  • You can use filters and settings built into War Thunder.
  • You can use the replay functionality built into War Thunder.
  • Rewards will be delivered to the author's account within 7 working days.