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Italy never used the AIM-9J.

You would need to provide sufficient source material to show it for the F-104S for it to be considered as a suggestion.

This page details lots of F-104 armament used by several air forces. Not just Italy or on the 104S.

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SRAAMs were tested on the Harrier T.52 with the intention of fitting them to the GR.1.

This is backed up by Hawkers own marketing material (Hawker made both the Harrier and SRAAM)

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Im not really sure why this age old already closed subject is coming up again.

Nation having directly used it in combat / on operation is not required for it to be considered. Whats needed is valid proof it was fitted / could be fitted / was planned / trailed in a solid way.

Since you mentioned the F-4F, lets take that example again. We have 3 primary sources that link the AIM-9J, directly to the German F-4F early.

1) The F-4F pilots manual

2) The F-4F Weapons manual

3) Clear use of the AIM-9J practice round (identical in every way to the combat

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Thats what I just said above. Its a training version of the AIM-9J. In effect the exact same systems and launch. There are multiple sources and images showing it. Again as I said backed up by multiple primary documents that it was cleared and capable of AIM-9J.

Sadly there is nothing connecting the AIM-9J or P to the F-104S.

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As far as our current information stands. F-4EJ Kai was cleared to use AIM-9J/P too and Japan still had them in their inventory.

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Unfortunately we cant go on guesswork. Proper source links will be needed.

If we only added things that were "put into service", over 50% of all vehicles and weaponry would have to be removed from the game.

Training missile aside, its in 2 primary source manuals. The same cant be said for the F-104S.

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Your welcome to your own personal opinion, however the actual reason is because it meets the same criteria for all aircraft weaponry we have in game, which is to have a sufficient source link between the aircraft in question and weapon for it to be considered.

In the case of the F-4F, there are 3 primary sources.

We have never had a criteria of something being required to be "in service" to be added. So that is irrelevant here.

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The F-4F has primary documentation linking spesifically the F-4F to the AIM-9J. We have no source material linking the French F-100 to the AIM-9E.

This is the German flight manual. Primary documentation.

The criteria is as have said source material directly linking a weapons system to the spesific aircraft in question.

In this case we have 3 primary sources linking the German F-4F to AIM-9J.

General commonalty with launchers is not what's used. Please see the F-4F example again. It's a primary source for the aircraft showing t

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Please check my previous responses. As I have already explained, we have source material provided by DMM and other means that show the EJ Kai directly was capable of AIM-9J and the missile was in Japanese inventory. Meanwhere there is no such source material for the F-104S or the ASA to show it had AIM-9J.

We do not use the commonality of pylons that you are referring too, as by the same logic, everything from the German Sea Hawk 100 to the British Scimitar would therefore be legible for AIM-9J because "the rail is common".

F-104S never had that missile. Only

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Several variants, trainers and fighters are potentially possible. In general it's more than can really be said for the Italian top tier based on current info. The ASA has to last Italy a long while just like it did in reality as there isn't much else compared to the same period for other nations.

But it's just off topic at this stage.

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As I said, based on the current info and scope. Japan has more upwards potential for expansion. Italy is far more restricted in terms of top tier developments as they were in reality. Like making the jump from AIM-9B to L with nothing in-between.

We are not going to list and detail every possible/potential vehicle for both nations if that's what your asking.

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All you need, as I have said 3 times now, is any valid source material directly linking the F-104S to the AIM-9J or such. The exact same way we have sources for the F-4F linking it to AIM-9J and the exact same way all other aircraft in game have been handled. Its nothing to do with playerbase size.

As soon as someone submits a valid source, we will be more than happy to consider it.

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I should also clarify, this wasn't just decided on a whim for 24 hours. We have been searching ourselves for some time for info on the Italian/Turkish F-104s. Recently we located some additional info on other European F-104Gs with AIM-9Js that also contributed towards the decision.

The choice was to leave Italy with the F-104S and only AIM-9Bs as its sole top tier for some time, whilst everyone else has more current technology in the meantime and Italy would be forced to wait until much later all aspect missiles and a later F-104S modification is introduced with said missiles or g

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Not currently, since the Germans have both the F-4F early and late with AIM-9J and MiG-21MF with R-60s.

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Not at all. SRAAM was only tested on the Hunter F.6 and Harrier. It was never exported or put into production.