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The mods are still working through some reports. If its not yet fixed in tomorrows patch, it will carry over.

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According to the developers, they have some documents that mention the E/E-2 which is why the E was issued to the aircraft. So far it's not been confirmed that it could in fact only have E-4 and not E/E-2 also, but if there are any documents that say such, please submit a report with them.

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Sources that they have also mentioned the base E model which is why it's currently been issued with that rather than later versions, for now.

As I said, reprorts are welcome with contrary information.

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Just to clarify there isn't any misunderstanding that the E-4 was fitted / designed for the Tomcat. Simply that at the moment the Devs have sources that state the baseline E as well as E-2 and E-4 are all possible. So for the same reasons it does not have AIM-9L just yet, the developers chose the base E model for the time being. As I said, a report would be welcomed it there is direct confirmation it could not actually carry anything other than E-4, but the current sources just confirm E-4 was designed for aircraft like the Tomcat and the E-4 was fired from it.

Considerations for later variants may be made later on.