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The Harrier is more than capable of facing 10.7 aircraft, even more so than the Hunter F.6 has past weeks have shown.

It is better positioned at 10.0 for now, but we will continue to monitor how it does.

This already exists in quantitive matchmaking but only works at a full +1.0 BR. Its not possible to make it work specifically at 10.0 for only 0.7 BR.

Something has been done. Harrier GR.1 like all other strongly performing aircraft has had its BR raised. The Harrier was not the first to have this done nor an exception to the rule and we are not going to start revolving the game around the Harriers comfort. It is still more than capable at 10.0 and far better balanced. Other 10.0 aircraft face 10.7s and so must the Harrier as do 9.7s on occasion.

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Then thats a fundamental flaw of how not to use SRAAMs. They are a dogfighting weapon that requires you to get close to your target to use. They are not a Medium-Long range engagement weapon like Phantoms and MiG-21s have which should be the first to engauge.

Some people were too used to simply charging in against slower and weaker aircraft that they now try to do the same against the Harriers contemporaries. Like the Hunter, its a supporting aircraft. When played to its strengths (like any aircraft), its highly capable. But there will always be those who use it however they wish, die and then blame it on the BR.