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We have just released Major Update “Danger Zone”! and would love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to leave it on this thread.

What you liked, what you didn't like, any problems you have encountered, etc.


Thanks, and enjoy!
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Originally posted by alien: why cant i see the ammo of my mgs when im flying a plane with cannons and mgs

Which plane?

Originally posted by CUG MAVERICK: Why is it not possible to switch the colours from the Aim sights back to the colours before the update came up? Loved it before and cant find the correct setting. Only the one to switch all Hub colours for Aiming

Are you talking about crosshair colour? It's under Options > Air Battle Settings > Crosshair Color (Aircraft).

Originally posted by Il Dude dei pomme de terre: So, is it necessary to do the whole redownload after game crashes in the client?
or do i have to wait for things to get back to normal

You may have the infinite loop issue. Please see how to fix it here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/236390/discussions/0/3158705742073281989/

Originally posted by xCrossFaith: The update feels great with the new sounds and so on, the detail of armor falling appart on tanks as they get hit is awesome :)

Now, we are still missing the option to choose if we want our vehicle burning for a few seconds or get it outright destroyed when it starts burning without extinguishers, you can't rely on the team to help, so it's a feature that serves literally no purpose other than wasting time since it will be destroyed no matter what

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy the update. In terms of fire extinguisher, you can hold J to exit your vehicle quickly; you don't have to wait to burn out or wait for a team mate if you don't have FPE.

Originally posted by MR.: R24R on mig23 mld seems to lost its reliability on tracking target. a lot of times it would just go straight.

Did this start happening in this update? Do you have a video? Cheers.

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