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There will be a gathering for Enlisted and War Thunder players where you can get rewards in both games simply by watching the Enlisted live stream!

From 15:00 GMT on the 8th of January until 15:00 GMT on the 11th of January - watch Enlisted streams on the Twitch page and get ingame items via Twitch Drops.

Enlisted items:

Troops reinforcement

Weapons delivery

BT-7 (Veteran)

Elite fighter

Requests for a special pistol

War Thunder items:

Emblem of the 11th Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht

BT-7 TD (USSR) in unique camouflage

Watch Enlisted streams


What is Enlisted?

Enlisted is an MMO squad based shooter for PC and the Xbox Series X|S in World War II where you act as an infantry squad leader, tank crew or an aircraft pilot. The weaponry, soldier’s uniform, appearance and capabilities of the vehicles in the game are in line with historical facts.

What are Twitch Drops?

They are rewards that viewers get in the specific games, when they watch streams of these games on Twitch.

Can I get something for Enlisted and War Thunder?

Yes! The longer you watch Enlisted Streams the higher your chances of getting a reward in both games.

Awesome! What do I need to do to have a chance of getting these rewards?

You need to link your Gaijin and Twitch accounts:

Register or enter your Twitch account login details on the website.

Enter the login details for the Gaijin account you use to play Enlisted or War Thunder on this page, then click on the “Link” button.

Click the “Allow” button!

What streams do I need to watch to have a chance of getting the rewards?

Watch Enlisted streams with the “Drops enabled!” enabled.

How can I find out if I have received a reward?

If you get a reward, you will see a message on the Twitch page with the stream in the upper right corner. After that, you can find rewards in your inventory in the game.

What is the “Request for a special gun”?

By watching Enlisted streams you will occasionally receive requests for a special gun. Once you have collected 5 requests you will be able to order one special gun in Enlisted. In total you can get 2 of these guns.

What platforms are these rewards available for?

Rewards for Enlisted can be obtained on the PC and Xbox Series X|S game versions.

Rewards for War Thunder can be obtained for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners

If you play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you will need to link your PlayStation Network/Xbox Live account to your Gaijin account.

Guide for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners

Guide for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners

What happens to my rewards if i don’t have access to Enlisted right now (don’t have the game)?

You will get your rewards as soon as you access the game on that platform. The main thing is to remember that you need to link your Gaijin and Twitch accounts. For now, you can get access to the Enlisted CBT by purchasing one of the Founder packs on PC or on Xbox.

How can I turn on Drops on my channel?

Just enable it in your Dashboard and stream the game!

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