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Bug reports being fixed has no baring on what nation they come from. A Japanese tank bug is treated no differently to an American tank issue. What matters is sources and the correct evidence / material.

Please do not submit duplicate reports both on the .com and .ru forum. Not following the guidelines and what's required on one forum does not mean it will be accepted on the other. Bugs wont be accepted this way.

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They are not being hidden because on the Russian forum, reports are simply left open and never actioned if they are not following the rules. We prefer to close them so the user knows they did not follow the rules and must resubmit them if it was wrong. If your post was hidden or rejected, it means you did not follow the guidelines.

No moderator is trying to "stop" your reports. Thats not how things work. Several Technical Moderators have tried to talk to you about the way you approach things, but you have ignored their advice.

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Nobody has called your reports a waste of time or discarded them meaninglessly. You failed to follow the guidelines when submitting them and then rather than simply correct them, you went to the Russian forum and fired the same reports with no changes.

You were not spamming and that's not the issue here.

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If it was removed, then it did not follow the guidelines.

I will need to see the report to know why exactly.

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No valid bug report is a waste of time to anyone. All of your valid reports have gone though and have been of very high quality.

This report simply requires a source or base of where you got this from. Then its valid.

None of the moderators are upset. There is only concern that reports are being duplicated on both forums in the attempt that submitting them twice will get one submitted faster which is not the case when they both do not follow the guidelines on both sides.

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The suggestion itself is irrelevant. We are forwarding a ticket to a developer to fix an issue. He himself may not have that source to work with. As such, for efficiency and speed, the issue must have the relevant source attached. All that was needed is the source showing the rack correctly.

A Technical Moderator can help trace any report and tell you why whatever action took place. Nothing is ever discarded and topics can be restored if needed.

We also plan further changes to the system this year so the guidelines and structure is more clear and the submission requirements cannot be missed.