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This is incorrect as they very much are, but are treated with lower priority than actual bugs and gameplay issues.

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We just had 2 back to back major updates, with major graphical overhauls, tons of new vehicles and features coupled with the fact it's also been national holidays over Christmas and New Year's.

I think it's safe to say reasonable delays are to be more than expected.

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This is false. You can see actively forwarded ones here https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/1971-already-reported-and-resolved/

Tons since August.

On our side, equally as many bug reports have been forwarded. But you are comparing two different systems. The Russian forum does not split between historical issues and actual game bugs. We do due as our forum has much higher traffic and volume than the Russian forum. So the comparison is meaningless.

The international section is not dying. Hundreds of bug reports have been forwarded. You are trying to compare one subjection of the historical reports to the entire bug section overall. The two are not comprable.

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Incorrect. Reports were forwarded for months all through. You can clearly see from the link.

There was no 5 months silence.

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Again, you are using a misleading approach. Linking to only the topics approved and waiting. You are not looking at all the ones forwarded that have already been approved. So when you look at it only in this way, you are cutting out the largest majority that have already been approved and forwarded and no longer in that section.

You are also completly ignoring the area with the majority of priority activity which is actual game bugs and issues here: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/655-bug-reports/

Cherrypicking which sub areas you "count" and then ignoring all the reports that have already been dealt with and forwarded is the only dishonest matter here.

Again, comparisons to the Russian forum are not related since they have an entirely different structure, do not have separate areas for historical matters and have significantly less numbers than we do.

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As I said above. Bug reports are priority for the developers. Actual issues with the game and crashes etc.

Historical matters and things that require further consideration because they are subjective take longer to process and review.

Bugs are the absolute priority. We have only limited numbers of Technical Moderators who are volunteers and give up their free time to process reports. Due to the amount of traffic and spam we also get, every day there are hundreds of new ones in the blink of an eye.

Again, the page in question does not show topics already confirmed and forwarded becsuse they are removed from that area and placed into the actioned reports or already reported area. You also cannot see the unapproved topics that have been responded to by team members waiting for further sources before approval and making the topic visable. So that numbers you are trying to use, do not work and are not reflective of the actual picture.

Incorrect. The majority are for the gameplay and bug report areas. Historical reports do not make up the majority of valid bugs.

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