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There is no need to add this round at all at the moment when F1 is already one of the strongest rounds in game. Adding a second Leclerc (which is already one of the most modern MBTs in game) to the French lineup is a big enough of a change for the time being.

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There are lots of tanks in game that do not have their maximum possible ammunition. Leclerc is no exception to that.

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Both only just added to the game in the last 3 patches.

Most nations are using even older than that.

2A6 is one tank. Leclerc was already a powerful tank before, but was let down mostly by the fact it had no backup. Now we have a second that situation has improved and there is no need at all for the S.2 to have better ammo right now when the S.1 by itself was already strong and the ammo is still one of the best shells in game.

If the situation calls for new ammo, it will be considered. But right now, there is no need at all.

Lots of top tanks don't have their maximum possible ammo.

Leclerc was already on par with most nations tanks and was actually ahead of a few too.

There is no need for this shell at all at the moment.

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Its not purely about year of introduction.

Leclerc is on top of many MBTs.

2A6 is being added alongside the T-90. Consider in quite a few cases, Leclerc won't even fight 2A6 but alongside it. Even when it does, it's current ammo is more than sufficient.

F.2 is a leap ahead that we don't need right now and isn't coming at this moment. S.2 will be strong enough.

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Indeed and modern as I said is not purely about date of introduction but also how advanced it is. I have no idea what your trying to get at here as the point still stands.

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It's more modern and advanced than most, which was exactly my point. Regardless this is meaningless now.

Ive explained why it's not getting F.2 already.

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When I was asked, the person referenced the S.2, so I assumed they were claiming some sort of new UFP issue on the new variant not yet reported. This one has already been forwarded and I have already seen this one.

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To be clear, if new shells do come for the MA12 and CR 2 thats simply just bringing them up to speed with where the Leclerc already is and will also just be for 1 tank for both of those nations. France will still have 2 tanks equally as a good.