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1.5x the stated limit from origin source is correct yes.

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We have no confirmed information about the presence of an armor-piercing projectile for this gun and its parameters. Previously, the ammunition parameters were mistakenly used from another, much more powerful weapon. If the the correct documents are provided / located, the devs have said they would gladly consider them

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The round in question on Sagittario was more powerful than some modern day CAS aircraft. It was very obviously incorrect, however we fully understand the frustration behind its removal. This was our mistake and we have rectified this.

Should the correct information become available, the situation can be reviewed.

As for the G.91 R/1. Its under review. The Italian CAS gaps are in mind.

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The report was not submitted 4 years ago and the documents needed time to be reviewed and confirmed. Like all nations in game, there are countless suggestions for additional ordinance and weaponry.

This also does not compare to an 8.0 prototype aircaft having an erroneous shell that's more powerful than one found on the A-10 that was very clearly overperfoming above any reasonable level.