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If your not at all interested in the vehicles on offer you can simply play and then sell any unwanted parts. With a couple of hours play per day you can easily get a premium with the parts exchanged on the market.

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Merkava is a Rank VII MBT reward tank. In perspective, consider the time it would take to research your way to a Rank VII MBT on a new tree for example. The difference being here is you are free to play any nation you want from Rank 2+ without restrictions on RP efficiency multipliers or penalties.

The time required in general in this event is hardly different to other events including the marathon events if you were going for the top tier vehicle in some cases. Events are challenging task with valuable rewards. Its never going to be easy to get a free Rank VII MBT, particularly one as effective as Merkava 3D. Of course its going to require considerable time to earn it.

This tank is also a higher rank and of much higher callability than the Object. As well as that, for those that are not interested, there is also the German halftrack on offer.

If you dont want too use the Market, but have access to it, then really its an easy way to exchange unwanted parts simply by playing the game.

For PlayStation and Xbox Players, as made clear in the news, there are additional bonuses available to be utilized to help speed up the process.

If you simply have no intrested at all in the event, we have plenty of events, all year round with lots of different tasks, scale and rewards you can patriciate in. Like just last week with the Battle of Britain and unlockable Premium Hurricane or the recently added Shimakaze you can earn just by being a part of a squadron.

You are not "forced" to use the market. If you dont want too, you dont have too and there are plenty of other opportunities in game for you all year round.

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We make these events based on those players who do play for such periods of time per day. There are those that do have the time to play and want more challenges, tasks, rewards and things to work towards besides their normal research.

Nobody is asking anyone to risk their own health. These larger events are not for everyone and as we have made clear in the past aimed at those that do have the time and do partake as they do with each event.

We have events of smaller scales with scaled rewards as such. For those that dont have the time to participate in events such as this one, we have smaller events like the previously mentioned Hurricane event last week, or the end of WW2 event where 3 very easy vehicles were on offer or the rolling squadron vehicles being added periodically that can be collected.

We do indeed take feedback into account with events and thats clear when you compare for example this event to the early crafting events we had. There have been changes and improvements.

But at the same time, whilst we apricate not everyone ahs the time to patriciate, that does not mean we are "ignoring feedback" by not making it super easy to get hold of a Rank VII top reward vehicle. Once again, consider how much time is actually required to get to Rank VII in a new nation or for a player only at Rank II. These events allow those with the time to play the chance to earn a high end vehicle no matter where they are in research. Naturally the trade off for that is going to be time and commitment.

Just for clarity, nobody was "threatened with bans" for speaking about server issues or voicing their feedback in constructive ways. We were very open when server issues were happening, posting articles on the website when it was down and posting as many updates whenever we could about service status and event extensions. We extended any tasks that were compromised by more than 30 minutes of downtime.

Nobody was ever threatened over server issues.

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As I said previously, comparing them to the original crafting events shows lots of the changes.

The website article now contains all the relevant information up front, fully explained in a more optimized and refined way thats more clear and digestible. A full video tutorial before the event starts, interface improvements as well as the refinement of several key components of the event from a structural point of view

Im not exactly sure what you referring too here, as I was talking about the end of WW2 / Victory day event with 3 very simple tasks and rewards on offer: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6703-event-winner-vehicles-for-the-victory-anniversary-en

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Thats not how these are though. You are earning a reward tank independent of any nation that a player of any rank from 2+ can achieve. Your comparison is assuming you are already at Rank VI/VII and simply researching another tree vehicle, which is not at all whats happening here. Its never going to be the same as just researching something of the same rank.

Merkava is a rare reward vehicle. These types of vehicles are never going to be "easy" to obtain and that is indeed intentional both from the perspective of that A) They are intended to be rare and not in every single garage and B) They are unique and interesting vehicles for dedicated players and those with the time to achieve them.

Once again, the event has been refined over time and feedback has been implemented. But specifically what you are referring too here is you disagree with the amount of time required to obtain he vehicle for free.

Your thoughts and opinions are fully respected, but what im trying to explain is a Rank VII reward vehicle is never going to be "just play a couple of hours and boom, free Rank VII". Its a top rank rare reward vehicle, its going to be a tough challenge to get. You can see the same in any other similar game when a high end vehicle is on offer. The sort of reward requires a sizable input to get it. The challenge is scaled to the task which we review after every event. If it is indeed too challenging, then in the next event we review feedback and the data just like we did with Naval tasks in the event just passed. We do not simply just "increase" events every time.

PS4 and Xbox do not have access to the market, so this is a method for them for those who want to shortcut.

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Merkava is not a premium and any other equal tier reward tank would also not be a premium.

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It was shown and discussed in detail by Oxy and Mike, going in depth into its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. It was not played in battle as some Naval RB games can take up to 20 mins or more in some cases and there was only a limited time for the stream.

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It differs in its secondary torpedo armament. Lübeck, has adjustable torpedo tubes (and 4 of them) to the Köln's 2 fixed 533 mm Mark 35 torpedo launchers.

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[x] doubt

Please share the link to replay.

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