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You might have noticed that we’ve done some shuffling lately on the Battle.Net App for PTR to support concurrent test environments. Starting with today’s PTR build, here’s a quick look at all of WoW PTR to make things more clear:

Public Test Realm (DF 10.1.5)
Current Status: Running 10.1.5
Realms: Iridikron with connected realm Fyrakk, Vyranoth with connected realm Raszageth
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_xptr_

Public Test Realm (DF 10.1.0)
Current Status: Offline. We’ll use this for the next PTR cycle after 10.1.5 (and will be renamed in the BNet App)
Realms: Nobundo, Lycanthoth with connected realm Broxigar, Bendictus with connected realm Anasterian
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_ptr_

Classic Season of Mastery PTR
Current Status: Offline. This will be go back to being used as a test environment if/when Classic WoW needs it (and renamed appropriately)
Realms: TBD
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_classic_era_ptr_

Public Test Realm (Wrath Classic)
Current Status: Running 3.4.2, Call of the Crusade
Realms: Classic PTR Realm 1, Classic PTR Realm 2
Install Location: \World of Warcraft\_classic_ptr_

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