12 months ago - Zorbrix-1669 - Direct link

Apologies for the late night build! Our Beta realms are back up with a new weekly build for you to test.

PSA for Mac Users: We’re aware of some critical issues affecting the Mac client, and are working on a client build to fix it. We expect to be able to deploy that tomorrow morning (West Coast time).

12 months ago - Zorbrix-1669 - Direct link

Looks like I spoke too soon, we’ve discovered some late-breaking stability issues with the realms and will need to take them offline to diagnose and fix them. Sorry for jumping the gun!

We’ll aim to have them up and playable tomorrow. Have a great night everybody, thanks for being patient with us during this Beta process.

12 months ago - Zorbrix-1669 - Direct link

Greetings! We just brought our Beta realms back online and they appear much more stable than yesterday, but we’ll keep monitoring as more players log on. (I don’t want to jinx it!)

Additionally, we’ve pushed out a new client build this morning (46092) that should unblock Mac users from being able to update/launch the Beta.

Lastly, we’re aware that Bug/Feedback reporter is broken right now, we’re working on a fix for that and hopefully will have it deployed sometime later today or early tomorrow. We’re additionally working on some fixes to a few Profession UI elements and will try to hotfix those in but I don’t have an ETA for that just quite yet.

Thanks for being flexible everybody! Have a great day <3

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