6 months ago - Zorbrix-1669 - Direct link

Good morning/afternoon!

Apologies for the short notice, we’ve had to take down all Beta and PTR realms (both Mainline & Wrath Classic) for some critical Database maintenance. We hope to have those test environments back online around 3-5 hours from now.

Note that this isn’t a build deploy, the same build will be present when servers come back online.

6 months ago - Zorbrix-1669 - Direct link

Beta and PTR realms are back online, ahead of schedule! As noted, this was not a build deploy or bug fix maintenance, just some backend maintenance. You shouldn’t notice anything different from a few hours ago.

We’ll be deploying a new Beta build later this week with all it’s usual goodies, datamining, and the like.

Have a great day everybody!