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We’re excited to see Rated Solo Shuffle underway in Dragonflight Season 1 and are happy to see interest in the feature. In October, we posted an FAQ about Rated Solo Shuffle and we want to provide another update following the abundance of feedback and data we’ve received.

Title Rewards

As indicated in the first FAQ, we recognized the feedback around the end of season title for the top 0.1% of each specialization in Solo Shuffle, Crimson Soloist, to be an underwhelming choice of title. We discussed alternative titles and landed on one we think better encapsulates the prestige of the achievement: Crimson Legend. Going forward we plan to use the Season name as the prefix.

Additionally, Solo Shuffle is missing a goal for high end players who are not necessarily in contention for ending the season in the top 0.1%. Similar to how the Gladiator title works in 3v3, we will add a new seasonal title with a corresponding achievement in Rated Solo Shuffle: Legend. You’ll earn this title by winning 100 rounds of Solo Shuffle above 2400 personal rating. This title will then be available to use for the remainder of the season and will be reset at the beginning of each season.

These updates are coming to the game next week. Unfortunately, due to a technical limitation, the tracking for rounds won for Legend will not be retroactive.

Future Improvements

We also want to provide an update on some additional features and improvements we’re actively working on implementing. These will come to the game with future updates:

  • Rating calculated per round in games with leavers.

  • Deserter debuff being tracked account-wide.

  • UI improvements

  • Matchmaking Value for each player in a match will be displayed on the scoreboard.

  • Adding a warning prompt that displays the penalty for leaving if a player attempts to leave a match.

  • Mouseover on the queue time for a match will display the Average DPS wait time as well as the Average Healer wait time.

  • Indicator on the UI for Call to Arms for Healer, displaying extra rewards that healers receive for queuing.

Finally, we recognize that queue times for damage dealers can be extraordinarily long due to having a low ratio of available healers to DPS in the queue; there are nearly 4 DPS for every healer during the most active queue times. We’re actively discussing the best options to incentivize more healers to queue for Solo Shuffle and we’ll share more about that as we develop ways to address it.

Thank you very much for all of your feedback!