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Sevagoth’s files are now available on the Steam Workshop!

Like all of our Warframes since Revenant, he uses new tech and thus is missing textures in his ZIP file. It’s on you as the creator to make these maps yourself without any reference files.

Below is a list of what is included in the ZIP for both Sevagoth and his Shadow Form: 

  • Normal
  • Emissive
  • Material ID Mask (Tintmask)
  • Body and Helmet meshes

To be clear, you are expected to still make the specular, roughness, and diffuse maps -- we simply can’t send you a reference for comparison.

Shadow Form
We have included his shadow form to allow for custom texturing, but the body and helmet meshes cannot be altered or customized. Like with Grendel’s Pulverize form, the Shadow Form will be retextured depending on the TennoGen skin equipped on Sevagoth himself.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with! :community:

22 days ago - [DE]Taylor - Direct link
1 hour ago, Goosmo said:

The cloth over the shoulder parts seems to be missing from the body mesh. I can't find it anywhere.

The missing file has been added -- please re-download. Thanks for the catch. :)