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When balancing for Aya acquisition, we neglected to consider the Ghoul Bounties (this was our mistake). As a result of Aya’s placement within these, this recurring event was being run in such a way that vastly detracted from the intended flow of Bounties, which also caused endless migrations and session problems. As this is a randomly repeating event, we’ve set it up so any recurrences of this event have been put on hold until The New War update launches, at which time their next appearance will have slightly refactored drop tables (similar to how we handled Aya in some Void missions). We are sorry for any confusion here, but we wanted to be transparent about our plans for the Ghoul Bounties. 

We will have launch information for "The New War" soon, as of this post the latest information is 'December', but we will update here once we have the date live!

Thanks, Tennno!

7 days ago - [DE]Rebecca - Direct link
2 minutes ago, Mura said:

You already changed the drop rate for ayas when you changed relics.(33% to ~26%) What do you mean you neglected to consider the Ghoul Bounties

They were missed as part of the rebalance, neglected as a factor, and should not have shipped in the state they did.