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Greetings Tenno, Last week’s 1.2.1 Hotfix 5 reduced the rate of open world crashes, and today’s update addresses many hitching/stuttering causes. While we’ve made progress in fixing crashes and improving performance, we recognize there are still lingering issues. The team continues to work on addressing these in the coming Hotfixes & Updates to improve the overall experience of Warframe on iOS! Thank you, Tenno.

While we are calling this a hotfix, it is actually a small CERT update (learn more about what that means here). Depending on your Automatic App Update preferences, you may need to manually update the app.


  • Various improvements to performance, fixing several causes of hitching during gameplay.
    • This update addresses some but not all causes of hitching. We continue working towards additional performance improvements!
  • Fixed Auto-melee not recognizing and attacking containers.
  • Fixed the Secondary Fire touch control button disappearing during Jade’s Glory On High Ability.
  • Fixed being unable to use the scroll bar on the Build Notes on the Launcher page.
    • Previously players could scroll through the Notes by swiping up/down on the text itself, but the scroll bar on the right side of the screen did not work.


  • Re-enabled the “Sensor Ring” overlay.
    • The performance issues it was causing have been addressed, and as such we’ve reintroduced the iOS exclusive overlay!
    • The Sensor Ring provides directional indicators for out of frame objects, to improve world space awareness on the relatively smaller screens of mobile devices compared to consoles and PCs.