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Tune in to Warframe community streams to enjoy hang outs and casual gameplay with the Community Team! In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno.

Watch at twitch.tv/warframe for 30 minutes to receive this week’s Twitch Drops! This week, all live streams offer a Focus & Standing Grab Bag:

  • Greater Focus Lens
  • Eidolon Focus Lens 
  • Lua Focus Lens
  • Flawless Sentient Core
  • Synthetic Eidolon Shard


**You may only claim this drop a maximum of 5 times.

Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

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Hello Tenno, I just wanted to clarify that for the Focus Lenses they will be attuned to a random Focus school. I have updated the thread to reflect that. Hope you all can tune in!