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Do you hear it? Do you feel it? The twisting darkness that revels in death...Naberus is nigh! Return to the Necralisk and seek out Daughter as she celebrates the ancient festival once again. Bring her Mother Tokens and she may exchange them for limited-time rewards in her Naberus-themed store. But hurry Tenno, the festival waits for no one! From now until November 3rd at 2 p.m. ET enjoy Nights of Naberus on all platforms.

New Exclusive Reward
Don we now our dark apparel with the Nyctalus Ephemera. Available for a limited time! May you always be one with the night. 

Spooky Market Additions
Also returning to the Market are various Day of the Dead Customizations from over the years, the Dullahan Mask, Naberus Shoulder Armor, and Halloween Color Picker. If you are looking to also share in the joy of Naberus, some new Glyphs are hauntingly within view.

Gruesome Glyph Bundle - A bundle of spooky glyphs for Naberus fun. Includes:

Dethgloop Glyph
Now with extra deth, to celebrate Naberus.

Mummified Loid Glyph
Daughter has turned Mother's loyal servant into a mummy this year.

Jack-o-Lotus Glyph
A friend to all Tenno, and a lantern to keep evil at bay.

Ghoulish Grineer Glyph
Sometimes the enslimed dead come back for revenge, Tenno.

Pumpkin O' Deth Glyph
A cheery, glowing grin to light your nights. With deth, naturally.

Naberus awaits Tenno...