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Spooky season is fast approaching, and that marks the beginning of our third annual Tennotober! 

We are excited to invite all artists, illustrators and Captura artists alike, to create inky illustrations or capture in-game images that are based on a month full of Warframe-related prompts! You may participate in both; we were so inspired by the Captober event created by the community's Captura artists! Check out the Captura thread here

How to participate:

  • Submit one Warframe ink drawing a day for all of October based on the official 2022 Tennotober prompts. Only images shared to this thread will count as official Tennotober submissions. 
  • Share your illustrations with fellow Tenno in this thread! Whether you’re an experienced artist or you’re newer to drawing, please feel free to participate. Tennotober is a great way to improve your skills and participate in Warframe’s amazing fanart community.
  • Once you have posted in the megathread, please continue to edit your post to add more illustrations throughout the month instead of creating new comments. Mark each illustration as "spoiler" to separate each day!
  • For those that participate in this event consistently (at least 5 or more eligible drawings), keep an eye out for a very special Tennotober treat in your Warframe in-game inbox later in 2022! You may also see the Tennotober treat if you submit 5 Captura images and 3 drawings. 

Warframe Tennotober Guidelines:

  • Illustrations must be drawn with ink. Black and white is encouraged for an extra challenge! Digital ink is allowed. Feel free to get fancy with hand drawings or just use a ballpoint pen - whatever is best for you!
  • Illustrations must be Warframe-related and appropriate for the community forums.
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be removed.
  • We have a hashtag! We encourage you to use hashtags #Tennotober and #Tennotober2022 on social media to share with fellow Tenno! We’ll be showcasing select work on our Streams and Social Media!

This month, Warframe is also participating in Quest to Conquer Cancer. To celebrate this, we encourage you to use pink ink in your art pieces during the week of the 11th in support of this incredible cause.
This megathread will be open October 1st to November 1st. Happy Tennotober!



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Let Tennotober begin! We are excited to see your spooky submissions, whether you are a new or experienced illustrator. Have fun👻

Day 1: Stranger



Day 2: Festival



Day 3: Knight




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