Warframe’s November update brought a handful of quality of life improvements to the core game, and now the handy Warframe Companion App for iOS and Android is also seeing a few changes! Version 14.5 on iOS and on Android are rolling out around the globe this week to help make managing your Warframe experience while on the go just a little bit easier. 

Please note that mobile update rollouts work a little differently than on other platforms, and it could be a few hours or a few days before the new version reaches your particular device. With that in mind, here are the main changes coming to the Warframe Companion App with the latest update.

Changes to the Minimum Operating System Requirements

While we never want to leave any Tenno behind, it’s occasionally necessary to push the minimum hardware requirements forward in order to make future software advancements.

For android, the minimum supported Android version is now API 21 (Android 5.0 Lollipop). Devices running on operating systems prior to Android 5.0 that are unable to update to 5.0 or higher will not be able to utilize the Warframe Companion App. Device compatibility varies, but generally speaking, Android devices that were released after 2014 should be able to run 5.0 Lollipop.

For iOS, the minimum supported iOS version is now iOS 12. iPhones starting with 2013’s iPhone 5S and beyond can run iOS 12, however, hardware preceding the iPhone 5S won’t be able to. iPad devices released prior to 2013 are similarly unable to support iOS 12, though devices such as the iPad mini 2 (2013), iPad Air (2013), iPad mini 3(2014) and beyond are able to run iOS 12.

Updated Icons

The Mastery Rank icons that appear inside the Companion App have been changed to more accurately reflect the items players receive as Orbiter Decorations in game.


old mr icon.png


new mr icon.png

The latest version adds a new default image for Developer Workshops on the News Page.




Default Dev Workshop.png

The latest update also reduces several image asset file sizes to improve performance.

Additional Changes

  • Added Baro Ki’teer button text to swap between “View Weekly Baro Ki’teer” and View TennoCon Baro Ki’teer”
  • TennoCon Baro will no longer be visible unless the time is less than 2 weeks until arrival
  • TennoCon Baro will now show at the top of the departed layout.
  • Added Nidus Prime passive description
  • iOS and Android both now show the number pad on the 2FA dialogue screen
  • The 2FA dialog box has changed from saying “KICK” to “OK” to avoid confusion
  • Set the Kubrow view to a list style view
  • Set the Void Relic view to a list style view


  • Fixed Android back button on the Featured Clans page and Syndicates page
  • Fixed login error dialog being closed when touching outside of the dialog
  • Fixed Android text field that was cutting off text

What’s the Warframe Companion App?

First time hearing about the Warframe Companion App? The free reference app available on iOS and Android devices allows Tenno to stay connected with the world of Warframe wherever they are, letting you build and claim Foundry items, track Alerts, World State and more.

Some key features include:

  • Check your inventory to plan for your next session.
  • Deploy Extractor Drones and automate your Resource gathering.
  • Track Alerts, Sorties, and Void Fissures.
  • Read the News & Community posts from the development team.
  • Explore the Codex: read up on Warframes, Weapons, Mods and more.
  • Chat with Clan members, send and receive friend requests.
  • Build and claim Warframes, Weapons and gear in the Foundry.

View World Cycles: check if it’s day or night in the Plains of Eidolon, Fass or Vome in the Cambion Drift, warm or cold in the Orb Vallis, plus a countdown for when each World Cycle is set to change.

Learn more about the Warframe Companion App here. Please note that this Companion App is not to be confused with the Mobile version of Warframe announced during TennoCon 2021, which is now in development!