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0s given your offering today
24s hello everyone
26s welcome back I know it's January 12th so
31s technically I shouldn't be saying Happy
32s New Year but Happy New Year happy New
35s Year this is the first time we've seen
37s you it's first time we've hung out
38s together on prime time so happy New Year
41s to you hope you had a great uh holiday
43s break or just December in general and a
46s great start to your year we're so
47s excited to be back in the studio hanging
51s out with you for the next two hours talk
52s in Warframe play in Warframe and just
55s chatting because we've missed you so I
57s can't wait to hang out for the next few
58s hours but let's get into a little bit of
60s housekeeping obviously I myself and
62s Megan and Jenny's here is me and in the
65s cold part it is
75s Zach's here in the cold butts and as
78s always
79s wait we're streaming oh yeah
83s I hit the button you hit a button I hit
86s a button that's basically making me know
88s we're back we're streaming uh the crew
91s is back and we're gonna play some more
92s frame let's do a little bit of
94s housekeeping for Warframe itself the
96s game if you didn't know uh we obviously
100s we came back to official working hours
102s last week you know caught up on a lot of
105s stuff saw what you guys were chatting
107s about and we gathered ourselves together
110s for a hotfix yesterday and it was mainly
114s to celebrate the Lunar New Year which is
117s the year of the water wrap the water
119s rabbit the water rabbit I do believe I
122s also have a lot of lovely fun in-game
124s goodies Dean I sorry to hit you with a
126s curveball can you go to my screen that's
128s not a curve ball it's another button to
130s press
131s uh in-game and market right now on all
133s platforms we have some really fun lovely
137s lunar renewal which is what we call it
139s in Warframe uh Cosmetics that you can
141s choose from we have probably one of my
143s personal favorite things out of a lot of
146s it is the flourish aka the emote that
148s you can use and wait for the fingers
153s so cute goodness uh super cute
156s everything
158s um well mostly everything that comes in
160s the bundles you can also purchase
162s individually so you see this bundle here
164s other than you know the random boosters
168s and stuff you can get because we can't
169s et cetera anyways you get it you can get
171s individually as well if you just want to
173s if you just want the skin you're really
174s feeling it you really want that
176s beautiful ephemera stunning you can get
179s it I already bought it uh you can get it
181s individually or you can get the bundle
184s if you so choose but there's some really
186s awesome fun stuff in there for you to
187s choose from or if you want the bundle go
189s ahead for it there's also a couple
192s individual items the I can't pronounce
194s it and I I feel bad because it's so
197s freaking cute
202s mouth okay I mean whatever you want uh
206s it's cute either way
209s get that get that for one credit why
211s wouldn't you do it and then as well we
213s have the I think you probably already
215s saw it
216s um the poster and the background and the
219s theme posters here you can get that and
221s put it up in your Orbiter if you so
223s choose and then obviously we saw a lot
225s of questions about what about last
227s year's lunar renewal stuff it was the
229s year of the ox and rabbit we've had you
232s know we've had years past and if you
235s know Mr Barrow katir is making an
237s appearance tomorrow on all platforms and
240s heaper chance will bring some of the
242s previous years lunar items so look out
245s for that if you were interested in
246s obtaining a few of those things so just
248s stay tuned on that but as well of course
251s sorry didn't go away from my screen
252s appreciate it thank you Daddy get out of
255s here
256s um as well obviously within this hot fix
258s we actually did a couple fixes as well
260s so Danny
262s I got the scoop
264s um first things first we actually added
266s uh we did a little change
269s to specter's wukong's Twin and Excalibur
272s Umbra
273s Umbra uh Dean you can if you can go to
275s Fan Art
278s see that was this word yes skirt right
283s into a new ammo indicator so when your
287s friendly companion there runs out of
291s ammo there's now a red kind of circling
294s ammo icon that hovers over their head
297s it's a little kind of a little quality
298s of life if you're Wukong twin runs out
301s of ammo because you have shared ammo
303s pools you now know to go and run and get
305s it some ammo drop some Squad ammo
308s restores do what you got to do which I
310s mean you should be just getting ammo
312s passively anyways but if you're you know
314s not and farting around which you know do
316s you known to do that you see maybe you
319s were just sitting sitting back lit in
321s your Specter I mean let your twin and
323s Umbra do all the work but they ain't got
325s no ammo so you know this is just a
327s little like we said quality of life
328s indicator do we pay them we don't
332s they are not on salary they are oh God
335s they're not they're not paid they're not
338s paid actors good that's me they're just
339s besties they are just besties require
341s ammo they love to do it they love to do
344s it
344s these require ammo
348s you know you know and then um Dean you
351s can come away from my basement
354s um we also added a starting energy stat
358s to the Arsenal screen
360s um I noticed or who was it that sent us
363s this on Reddit I think it was maybe
364s Andre or Ed that sent us a link to
368s Reddit and they were like what I didn't
369s know this was true hot tip if you didn't
371s know this this has been kind of this has
373s been this way for a long time but
376s unspent mod capacity increases how much
379s energy you have at the start of missions
381s so
382s the more you know that's why well it's
385s not it's why but a lot of the reason why
387s you'll see
388s someone who suggests a build for you
390s they have every single slot polarized
393s right even though they and then they
394s suddenly have all this capacity and
396s everyone's like well what were you going
396s to do with that capacity you right you
399s put so much format into it that like you
401s have all this capacity that you can't
402s use that goes towards the energy you're
404s starting energy yep which I mean
407s also as we say this out loud that does
411s you know kind of show that there's some
413s unspoken rules within Warframe which
416s we're always trying to you know new
418s player experience
419s um trying to appropriately unveil or
422s have available to you that's why we have
423s a lot of tips written uh in the UI and
426s the Arsenal we are taking a look at tips
428s themselves and seeing if there's any
430s that we need to get rid of or add so
431s things like that that as I can see Chad
434s is saying that like they didn't know
436s that and B you know it's not a known
439s thing because it's not such a you know a
441s present on your in your face thank you
443s Dean why is it transparent I don't I
446s don't know we get the Vibes
449s actually Dean if you want to come to my
451s my gameplay which I'm playing on
452s Playstation
457s today which is great thank you Dean for
459s setting this up but yeah if you hover
460s over the energy
462s stat you can actually see that we've
464s added that little bit of information so
466s I'm going to start the mission with 120
467s the energy and that little hot tip I
469s told you now lives in the game so it is
472s forever immortalized as knowledge we're
476s starting 2023 with knowledge from 2013.
479s so yes
484s you didn't know if you hover over these
487s um stats it will tell you a little bit
488s about it but like Megan said we're
490s actually going through them the
491s community team's going through them
492s right now to see where we can improve
494s them so that they're a little bit less
495s ambiguous and more straightforward
497s things like I think we actually already
499s made this change with um hildren for
501s example like not using energy using
504s Shields stuff like that and making sure
506s to denote those differences between
507s warframes but that's just two of the
510s things that came out
511s um we had a fix as well for the tier 18
516s and 19 night wave reward tiers that was
520s the nura cravat and kubrow Jean masking
522s kits they were not giving you duplicate
524s protection so you were not getting your
526s creds for that we fixed that and if you
528s were affected by this you can go to
530s support.warframe.com make a ticket be
533s sure to include neura in the title of
536s your ticket so that support knows where
537s to look and they can get you hooked up
538s with your duplicate protection creds
540s yeah we saw that there weren't too many
541s that were affected by that so that's why
543s we've gone the support rep because we
544s already have a good amount of support
546s tickets that we have already tracked and
548s are able to give back that creds for so
552s if you're in if you're in that boat if
554s you're even unsure send over a message
556s to support just make sure that you
557s follow the parameters there that are in
559s the patch notes if you didn't hear what
560s Danny said yes yes but passionates are
563s where you want to be if you want to read
565s up on everything else that came without
567s a hotfix because we just simply do not
568s have enough time to go over it today so
571s I will leave that to you
574s um and then if you missed it
577s over oh yes we are are we showing off
580s the beverage situation where's your
583s Booster Juice yeah if you don't have
585s sorry if you don't have three to four
589s drinks at all times what are you even
590s doing hydration reminder Danny can you
593s just quickly because your necklace is
594s rubbing against your mouth oh where is
597s my necklace
598s don't use the screen just look down if
602s only I had way to check I believe this
605s was real life I might just have to put
607s it on yeah like if you do it like that
608s that might be worse yeah it might be
611s worse I might just tuck it in later if
613s that's gonna be a problem anyways
615s um Dean if you want to come to my screen
617s again I don't know do I uh you I mean
620s you just might you never know what
621s you're gonna learn
625s it's a new year and we're already making
628s him regret being here what whatever I'm
631s joking about the highlight of my week
632s damn it
633s but uh volt and Loki Prime uh rotation
637s is live for the next uh 20 days in 1921
642s can you do that I'm sorry damn it Megan
645s I know sorry it's not even 21 days
647s anymore you wrote it 21.
651s I really can't wait to get three
653s question marks
663s wait and see what the next offering will
665s be we will tell you
667s what those three questions what those
668s three question marks actually
670s I know
676s um but yeah you can get uh full Prime
678s and Loki Prime and their respective
682s accessories and weapons and uh their
685s nogles as well and their relics
690s and as we know Baruch Prime is the
694s current prime Warframe that is not a
697s question mark question mark question
699s mark and we're gonna be uh hunting for
702s Baruch Prime parts today
706s um I already have the I already just I
709s already forgot what I have already uh
712s let me let me search Megan what do you
714s got already
715s I have nothing I'm starting new new year
718s new me fresh new Baruch Prime uh yeah
721s Brook Prime came out in December so he's
723s our newest Prime Brew Prime Furious
726s Prime Crane and Cobra Prime you already
728s know so we're gonna do like Danny said
730s some Relic hunting today because your
733s girl's a completionist and I need what I
735s don't have at all times so Story of My
737s Life speaking of need what I don't have
739s today's twitch drop our drop this year
742s this year
745s it's a year-long draw for you to watch
747s one time
749s he only watched her one 45 minute chunk
752s out of 365 days no just kidding today's
755s drop
756s has festively been named the new
760s the lunar resolutions grab bag what that
763s means is it's a new year you log into
766s the game you look at some things that
768s maybe you didn't get to complete in 2022
770s maybe that's some ribbon so there's a
772s ribbon Cipher in the grab bag maybe
774s that's doing uh some of your sister
778s hunts so there's a Requiem ultimatum
780s there's five Universal Syndicate
782s medallions a Warframe slot brilliant
784s Idol on sword
787s or a relic pack The Relic practice that
790s has three relics in it from The
792s Syndicate kind of store there so that's
794s what's all in the grab bags you can get
795s one of those every 45 minutes so what
798s just chat
801s guys the word Shard I don't know why
803s it's hard for me okay short short it's
807s hard for me New Year say me can't
809s pronounce anything but anyways that's
811s what's in the grab bag uh 45 minutes for
813s watching the streams if you watch the
815s stream from start to finish you will get
817s two shots at that grab bag of goodies
820s make sure did I say it again no someone
823s just said sure
827s um make sure you're linked to
828s warfand.com Twitch if you don't if
830s you're unsure if you're linked or if you
832s uh claim it and don't get it in game
835s just means you need to re-link which you
836s can do at that same link as well easy
838s peasy lemon squeezy speaking of drops
842s did you giggle over there I did I heard
845s that I haven't heard it I haven't heard
847s that phrase in a very long time easy
848s peasy lemon squeezy yeah
850s uh speaking of easy peasy lemon squeezy
853s more drops if you want uh tomorrow we
855s are continuing some fun Community drops
857s with some fun creators we have Mayo mix
861s YT is a Spanish streamer that will be uh
864s from 2 30 p.m till 3 30 p.m on their
868s twitch Channel they're gonna drop these
871s steadfast Diner bus so if you wanted one
873s of the new decorations from Lewis prey
877s one of varuna's wolf bus you can
880s potentially get that for watching
881s tomorrow 2 30 from 3 30 on their Channel
883s and then as well we have raging Terror
886s oh my God
889s because I went to the dentist this
891s morning okay leave me alone
894s uh raging Terror a English streamer from
898s 4 P.M to 5 p.m on their twitch Channel
901s and they are going to be uh dropping the
903s twitch drop of a Lua planter if you want
905s to get your you know your gardening for
907s 2023 if that's your goal get yourself a
910s drop
911s and like I mentioned Zach is here in the
913s cold pots he's here for the top 10
914s comments during the stream he's also on
916s Discord if you are a Discord aficiado
919s and you want to hang out over there we
920s do have right now I open comms channel
923s on the official Warframe Discord I'm
925s looking at them right halsey's making
927s fun of them
928s I
930s know out of kindness so I I appreciate
933s you
934s Travis saying Megan mispronouncing words
936s in the first 15 minutes of the stream
937s yeah a super cut oh love that for me
939s good good kickoff to the Year everybody
942s always count on Travis yeah I'm not
945s surprised uh thank you for the love guys
947s uh all right let's do our first Platinum
949s prize Dean had a wonderful idea of the
951s first Platinum prize being a 2023 plus
954s because it's 20 23. yeah it is
960s alrighty 123 Platinum
963s 2023. what did I say 223. oh you get she
968s doesn't know math either the sunniest
971s bro
973s congratulations you've won two thousand
977s twenty why can't I say that word 20 23.
980s 2000 2023. you say 2023
984s is that what I said 2023. two thousand
986s what does that sound wrong because 2023.
995s you've won that Platinum please whisper
997s the Warframe twitch Channel you're
999s watching right now with your in-game
1000s Alias and the platform you play war for
1001s mine so we can get you your 2023
1005s Platinum the sunniest Brew what a sweet
1008s name it's a great name that is such a
1009s lovely name yeah
1012s okay that does beg the question that
1014s there is the shadiest Bros wow Alter Ego
1018s perhaps
1019s and one day they will face each other
1021s eternalism that's your they are just one
1024s of the same
1025s just different Bros from different
1027s dimensions I thought you were going to
1029s say something else
1031s sometimes I'm not the shittiest all
1034s right it's time for some gameplay like
1036s we said we are doing some Baruch prime
1039s hunting so Danny and I know what relics
1043s we have slash don't have neither of us
1046s have the B5 but that's fine take your
1048s vitamins
1049s um so is B5 an actual vitamin it sure is
1053s it is pretty sure
1055s it is I just know
1058s um vitamin C yeah or B12 B5 no it's B44
1063s B4 video please
1066s um what do you want to do for let's see
1068s here we got lip B10 is a Baruch meso R5
1072s is a systems and it's in the uh common
1076s so we could do that one get it out of
1078s the way let's do that I'm gonna do a
1079s meso R5 meso R5 it doesn't need any void
1082s choices so I love that
1084s meso R5 If you would like to join us
1086s today we have two spots available for
1089s joining and it doesn't matter which
1091s platform you're on doesn't mean that you
1093s have cross play enabled Danny is
1095s currently on the PlayStation I am
1099s on the computer oh and together we're
1102s playing Warframe so whisper
1104s um either myself or Danny
1107s um
1107s send me an invite again she's on
1109s Playstation I'm on PC but if you have
1111s cosplay you can talk to me on all the
1113s platforms I am just going to close this
1114s all just in case anyone was saying
1116s message me with
1118s um
1120s um tell me how your holidays were oh
1123s your holidays were what are you doing
1126s you look great I hope it was okay I hope
1128s it was great sometimes the holidays
1130s aren't good for everyone it's true I
1132s hope that it was in either case
1133s refreshing somewhat
1135s that you got some time for yourself
1137s Sandy said hi I'd like to join I have an
1139s R5 also my holidays were great spend
1141s some time with the family oh I love that
1144s I should probably invite you hey Danny
1159s yeah that's true but when I got home it
1162s was lovely I spent the family
1169s very very intense karaoke with the
1172s family
1174s I mean Bohemian Rhapsody is just so my
1177s dad and I really
1179s my dad's gonna do
1181s you know it doesn't get any better than
1183s that that's great um if you go to Costco
1185s 69 can get you to a tune-like karaoke
1188s that's where my parents got it from it
1191s is it's got lights it's got voice
1193s effects
1196s well maybe stay to watch this but you
1199s know Fireball RKO 48 said great had
1203s puppies oh like you
1208s sorry I don't know how that anyways
1212s congrats
1213s I had puppies over
1216s congrats here I'll we'll ask
1220s questions
1222s about the puppies please yeah smiley
1225s face
1229s yeah they got in the invite so it's me
1232s Danny Sandy and Fireball our ko48 which
1235s hopefully will tell us more about these
1237s puppies please do uh because I need to
1239s know and if you're on the Discord
1242s sorry oh my God oh my gosh are they
1246s typing where are they wait oh they're in
1248s the Discord wait they're gonna share it
1250s wait is this oh oh you don't think it's
1253s the same person I don't know if you
1255s scroll up all there's there is Fireball
1257s if you wanna oh there it is
1262s okay that's cute if you guys want to
1265s know what we're talking about Discord
1267s I'm trying to I don't know I got it you
1269s got it I'm getting it all right
1272s Dean's a magician oh I guess I know how
1275s to be a magician too actually no I don't
1277s what how to use computer
1280s what is computer anyways oh what was
1284s that that was me using this Snipping
1286s Tool oh my are you okay you got it you
1289s got there fast oh very nice
1294s it's puppies I think it's just the
1297s scroll wheel up it's not it's just
1304s anyways puppies were born on the
1307s holidays so I love that for us all right
1309s I mean love that for you not for us
1311s that's not us that's a you thing
1313s congrats uh anyways a little bad for us
1317s I love that for us uh we're going to do
1319s it's a meso Relic so what do we got for
1322s Mason we got what do we got a rescue or
1325s an interception what does your mind's
1327s eye want I need a weapon
1333s Megan I need a weapon God it's the start
1336s of 2023 and you already want me to say
1340s that line I mean can you blame me
1343s I'm cutting it from the game oh no no
1345s I'm deleting the file Megan's contacting
1348s the sound team immediately Eric hello
1350s next hotfix get rid of it the only patch
1353s note line is removed I need a weapon no
1356s longer needs a weapon
1358s they're independent
1360s no longer oh my goodness I'm good I'm
1363s out I'm good I'm out
1366s rescue Target said I don't need you
1368s anymore
1369s How do they do they keep getting into
1371s these situations you know I wish I knew
1373s because honestly I'm getting to the
1376s point where I don't want to rescue you
1377s anymore open the door close it I mean
1380s yeah it's a new year it's from your
1383s resolution be to not get caught you know
1385s what you could do you could go as Atlas
1387s open the door put up your wall
1390s would that work no because they would
1392s spawn you as they respond to you and I
1395s don't think I don't think
1396s the tectonics don't have um Collision on
1400s them for a friendly AI so you know I was
1403s just my my chaotic uh chaotic good ways
1406s yes
1409s so I did uh get myself Verona obviously
1413s she is this is the Sarah thing I do have
1415s a 10 of gen skin on it because it looks
1418s like the master sword and I just I can't
1420s not not use this Teton skin so it
1423s doesn't look like the Sarah thing but
1424s trust and believe it is
1426s uh and then I'm using the paragail as
1428s well I've been on a sanctuary Onslaught
1432s if maybe you were on PC today we played
1434s some I was in just some Pub missions and
1437s I fell into the goo
1438s um
1439s oh no did some Pub missions today with
1442s some you know friends not friends but
1445s randos and I had a great time so maybe
1446s that was you today randos that became
1449s friends I mean by the end of it friends
1451s for life you know oh man I couldn't tell
1453s you their names but we're friends
1455s that's the best gun oh damn
1458s this here Rampart get out of that
1461s get out of that was the Google game
1464s review by chance was it gamer good you
1468s still have your surplus of gamers
1470s oh I have much gamer goo thanks to uh
1473s Rebecca Fortis Rebecca forgot to um to
1477s end my gamer goo subscription
1481s so I had much of gamergu arrive at my
1484s house and I sent her this was a long
1486s time ago I was like
1488s um I don't know if I want this I don't
1491s know if I need this as much goo in mind
1493s I think I want it from a I think we did
1496s like a trivia yeah thing did like a
1498s little community meeting trip yeah and
1501s it was it was a joke but then it became
1503s real that you were getting a
1504s subscription yes and she came through
1507s with it and uh I got the gamer goo and I
1509s didn't know that you had to like
1512s only use a a DA Loop a little tiny like
1516s the tiniest amount of if you guys don't
1519s know what gamer go I need some context
1520s here if you don't know what it is it's a
1523s product that helps your hand that helps
1525s keep your hands from sweating while you
1527s are being a hardcore sweaty gamer
1530s um very useful for other things I would
1532s imagine too but um I put a whole packet
1535s in my hand and I was like this is worse
1537s than just sweating
1538s um it's because I put too much on it was
1540s a awful feeling but you know I'm sure
1543s like dry out your hands like what oh if
1547s I could explain the texture nightmare uh
1551s and feeling of it I I don't know I don't
1554s know Dean you just have to experience
1555s for yourself hey I would rather a whole
1557s bunch at home yeah I would rather not
1558s thank you game do you want a late
1561s Christmas gift yeah would you be
1563s interested in some gamer gifts
1567s how did it taste Danny Trav
1570s um
1571s it does have flavors or guess scents to
1574s it there is peppermint
1576s uh
1580s uh I don't remember what the other gamer
1583s knew
1584s it's going to result in a lot of weird
1586s search results what frame is Megan using
1588s I'm using Verona so I got her L recently
1592s and I've been playing her I have her
1595s um
1597s boycell skin on
1599s are you tasting for the information
1602s it came to me
1605s um yes I have her void shell skin on so
1607s she is a very shiny girl
1609s and of course in my signature colors if
1612s you want a closer look here she is
1615s with her giant fabulous the perigo is
1618s great and the seraphine oh you got like
1620s those are just both ginormous weapons
1622s they're very large and in charge I love
1625s it this is my girl love it I love it I
1627s love her she's shiny got the protovir
1629s ephemera on and also the uh knee pads if
1633s you will my boys are fighting stop it
1636s okay anyways uh we didn't get it so I
1638s actually think I only had one of those
1641s I'm not gonna lie uh I have a couple
1643s more if you want to do like a relic sure
1645s situation but we can also just see what
1647s other ones we've got I have a Neo A8
1650s which will require some traces and also
1653s five lipses oh I have oh shoot I only I
1658s need four more look at this this is not
1661s the most frustrating thing 96 void
1664s traces so close
1667s um but I do have four of the B10 I do
1669s need the base blueprint so
1672s did you have another ax eb5
1675s no very good let's do
1680s you have a Neo A8
1682s a new
1685s so sorry to inform you that I am brought
1689s nothing to this party
1691s that is where he's gonna guess
1694s we could we could just someone said Go
1696s Fish well let's see here do I have the
1699s oh do you have a first a furious relics
1702s because you're asking for cards and you
1704s don't have Let's Go Fish
1708s stop it oh do you have the axi n10
1712s let's find out
1717s oh
1720s I get it now yes you do I do some of
1723s these because they don't need avoid
1725s traces oh my God so I'm just gonna let
1727s her see I'm a little slow I need to
1730s start chugging this brisk a little bit
1731s faster
1735s all right we'll do an axi n10 run okay
1739s um just because it doesn't need void
1741s choices and we'll get you some point
1742s choices from doing it so it was a axi
1747s I have at least one Sandy that's all
1749s it's all that we need uh we have a
1751s capture and that's it nice capture it is
1756s all right axi n10
1760s uh we don't need to upgrade it we'll
1762s just give it a go
1765s I have one at least unfortunately it's
1767s radiant damn unfortunately well because
1769s that takes away from the common drop oh
1772s because we're getting the Furious Prime
1773s barrel right but that's okay right my
1777s luck it would probably still drop the
1778s comments
1782s thank you for sacrificing your voice
1784s choices but I appreciate it how can I
1786s hook up my Orbiter I'm not sure what
1788s that means hook up my Orbiter
1790s permanently permanently hooked up uh but
1794s if you mean like you know decorate it
1797s there's decorations in the market
1799s to you know make it your own make it a
1801s little homey if you will
1806s someone asked Dean and Danielle are
1808s different people question mark they are
1810s yeah I mean sometimes Danny runs the
1812s stream sometimes when Dean is very
1814s rarely vacant very rarely what you can
1817s tell because I mess up the transitions
1823s I mean we're in the same room right now
1826s I don't think I don't think I'm just a
1828s master Puppeteer wait no it's that new
1832s uh website that AI website is
1834s a voice site yeah
1839s how embarrassing starting 2023 with lies
1844s oh I run into a pillar just exposing the
1847s guts of the game damn Sandy you Speedy
1850s what do you suffering that would make
1852s all the sense oh tailwinding it out of
1854s here
1856s all right now don't forget to get your
1858s reactant like I do every single time
1859s just capture such a fast Mission I
1861s always forget to give all the way
1862s reacted and then I get really sad when I
1865s get to the end I realize I
1868s have oh Sandy said I main Zephyr so I
1871s know how to move with her hell yeah
1872s practice makes perfect
1875s you do you boo um can I just say that I
1878s swapped over to neru and I'm never going
1880s back again tell me more
1882s um the armor stripping is just like the
1884s most powerful tool in my shed at this
1888s point your shed in my shed you have a
1891s hotel yet ain't many Tools in there but
1900s we're thriving
1903s uh
1906s I think no no I think I swapped from
1908s narimon
1910s um and generic dependency
1913s um and then I was having a conversation
1915s with Marcus actually and we were just
1917s talking about like oh you know what's
1919s some things that you just like haven't
1920s really touched in a while it's like you
1922s know what I haven't really put too much
1923s focus into my focus so let me start
1925s doing that and then when Lewis prey came
1928s out and obviously there's all these new
1931s tracks enemies etc etc I was like let me
1934s just get into this armor stripping game
1935s and it has been I'm never going back and
1938s I'm underscore twitch asks what is the
1941s skin you are using Danielle uh this is
1943s the nidus frike skin with a I believe
1946s it's a tonogen helmet I'll have to
1948s double check but it is the deluxe
1950s knightess Freight which one's yours uh
1953s yes okay great yes I'm just getting you
1954s more boy choices wow thank you oh so
1957s that I can yes level up my neck it's
1959s ulterior motives because oh well you
1961s know
1970s which one is yours yeah which ones well
1973s I got 32 out of that so hell yeah Rich
1977s yeah there you go I got 43 baby
1980s thriving and Fortune EX in chat said I
1983s switched from zeniric to neramon
1985s recently nice so we got some Switcher
1987s rooneys
1989s um I know I say that I'm not swapping
1991s from unero anytime soon but I do have to
1993s say that they're the schools offer
1996s plenty of very interesting build
1998s opportunities and synergies
2001s um it is the nightest Night Hunter
2003s helmet that is the one I have on this
2005s one is by mz3
2008s quick fashion this is this quick enough
2016s sorry controllers batteries
2023s got a reminder
2027s sorry oh my God it was all muscle memory
2029s wasn't it
2041s um all right we're gonna do the lift B10
2044s run
2045s would be a 10.
2050s Sandy's making money respectfully
2053s uh uh Mystic pink says Danny wear those
2057s awesome neon wings from are they they're
2058s as well I believe
2060s um these ones are tunogen indeed oh the
2063s neon wings no the ones that are behind
2065s you um oh these are from ticker from our
2070s Waits is this a permanent no that's just
2072s a star date thing yeah
2074s Saturdays are Valentine's Day event
2076s which
2078s February is coming up so it's actually a
2082s um
2082s it's just a ship Deco yeah it's just a
2084s decoration a lot of people place it
2086s there and I think it's the best yeah I
2088s had mine there and then someone
2090s internally
2092s made fun of me because not made fun of
2094s me but they're like I can't look at your
2095s screenshots anymore if you just
2099s because they couldn't like the lighting
2100s it affects the lighting and everything
2102s so it's like it was so inaccurate when I
2104s was sending and I was like you sound
2105s like they like sat you down be like I
2108s can't look at your screen I mean
2109s every time I send a screenshot
2111s internally to someone someone makes fun
2113s of my fashion frame yeah on my Orbiter
2115s it's usually an artist
2117s um if you guys were wondering I know
2118s Megan was talking about the uh Friday
2120s the Friday Community drop so raging
2123s Terrors drop is this little guy right
2124s here the Lua plant look at a little bob
2126s up and down on the on my shelf it's a
2128s cutie yeah look at it yeah you never
2131s have to water it stays water forever
2133s forever we love that for us
2134s self-watering all right let's be ten you
2136s wanna oh yes let me feed some traces
2139s into there I'm no no make her radiant uh
2151s very pretty
2153s all right we got a list so we have some
2156s options we could do a excavation a
2159s capture or a defense oh I mean the
2162s capture is so juicy because it's so fast
2164s but I also love excavation because you
2165s get all that juicy
2169s cryo cry I can't remember the name of it
2171s the cryotic yes defense Captain let's do
2175s the excavation we're excavators I know
2179s people are probably screaming for the
2181s capture because it's so fast I just want
2182s to spend more time
2191s but Chad I mean it's been so long since
2195s we've seen you it has been it felt for
2197s like forever it did forever how are you
2200s doing hope your break was good hope the
2203s start to your new year was good it's
2205s been
2206s uncomfortably warm before January yeah
2210s in Ontario I love it I know I do too but
2213s like you know it's just it's concerning
2215s a little bit yeah it should be snowing
2217s yeah yeah I'm looking at like photos of
2219s last year and I'm like I was wearing
2221s snow pants last year for sure
2224s chat says I'm great warm I'm by warm I
2227s mean like it's still in the cold [ __ ]
2229s like I wore my winter coat here but
2231s there's no snow it rained today you know
2233s what I mean yeah it's not the winter
2235s Vibe and like I know I'm going to be
2237s complaining when it does actually start
2238s to snow and I'm like ew
2241s um but how dare you it just doesn't make
2243s sense you know what I'm saying it's very
2244s cold here in Quebec ain't that the truth
2246s yeah always
2249s anyone in Alberta right now because I
2252s lived in Calgary for like six years of
2254s my life and it was always horrifically
2256s cold a little chilly a little minus 40
2259s minus 50 on a good day oh my goodness
2262s sorry I fell careful
2265s no I was thinking about
2269s tarantula yeah so you're childhood right
2271s now
2272s someone says lies it's really warm in
2275s Quebec right now oh my gosh conflicting
2278s don't be fine don't be fighting no you
2280s have different ends of Quebec fighting
2282s yeah
2285s there's different ends of Quebec I'm
2288s sure it's not all one Unity no no no I
2291s think it's just all the same way
2294s Quebec is one flat Place zero degrees in
2297s Calgary I'll take it oh okay oh so we're
2300s all just
2314s Canadians are hilarious so at the first
2316s like in springtime it's so funny if it's
2319s like 10 degrees out people are like
2321s summertime weather yeah and the tank
2323s tops come out and the shorts come out
2325s and the flippy flops come out and you're
2327s like bro it's a little it's a little
2330s early for that but we're so stoked for
2332s any form of heat
2334s true yeah I'm gonna go oh come on I got
2338s twinsies I I have some um I have some
2340s juice with me but there's a little
2342s Cherry in my juice box right now oh
2344s sippy sip sip time who wants some
2347s symptoms Carnegie and twitch to ask if
2350s cross platform is a thing yet I'd sure
2352s it is
2355s are you sitting down no
2357s um at the end of the year in December we
2360s were able to officially announce and
2362s Launch Cross play for all platforms so
2365s currently right now Danny is physically
2368s mentally spiritually playing on the
2371s PlayStation
2373s and I'm playing on PC uh I believe Sandy
2378s and our Squad is on PC and Fireball I'm
2380s actually unsure Fireball is playing on a
2382s console undetermined but is playing on a
2385s console so awesome crossplay is live on
2387s all platforms um you can enable it or
2389s disable it if you choose so um but it is
2392s enabled for all if you want it to be and
2395s you can play with everyone on all
2396s platforms and hang out and chat and you
2398s can see each other it's just a beautiful
2400s thing I don't know if this option comes
2402s up while I'm actually in a mission let's
2404s find out
2407s um if you go into it's not social
2411s or you're actually looking for the
2413s option right now yeah
2414s I'm not sure it'll look okay see if that
2416s right under system uh you don't disable
2419s it yeah
2421s I think I just leave the squad yeah but
2423s don't do that no no I'm not well I'm not
2426s gonna just kill you guys
2427s or will I imagine you're just with the
2430s squad someone says I'm out of here and
2432s they just turned off not only do I not
2433s want to play with you guys I don't want
2435s to play with it I've seen uh sit in my
2439s corner oh y'all stuck but I mean it's
2442s totally up to you if you wanna you have
2443s the option to enable it or disable it so
2445s yeah you do you but you know it's there
2447s and yes we are obviously working on the
2449s next step that is cross save indeed
2452s having those combos talking about it the
2454s one we have I mean if you were here for
2456s the development of cross play you'll
2458s know what our answer is going to be
2460s every time you ask about cross save
2462s it'll be when we have information to
2463s share we'll share it you'll know wait oh
2466s we didn't get any we didn't but we did
2468s go to Hero Prime I'm like a good hero
2471s Prime
2472s yeah I mean the jackets are good the
2475s jackets are good yeah I have heart I
2477s couldn't you want to trade it is so
2479s excited yeah okay I'll hook you up later
2481s just remind me nice oh wait no I'm on
2484s PlayStation
2486s oh
2487s wait I
2488s what do you want to do wait you got it
2490s I got it you need to make
2493s it I'm so glad you have enough uh radio
2496s enough stuff oh no Danny wait Danny
2498s which one B10 oh you're too small
2501s we'll extract we'll extract extract wait
2504s you didn't even choose a rally because I
2505s would wait for you I didn't there's no
2506s point in me choosing it
2508s she that is a good friend
2510s these friends
2513s um anyways to go back to what I was
2514s saying uh
2516s obviously we will update you with any
2519s information we have on Cross save when
2520s we have something to actually update you
2522s on the only thing I can say right now is
2524s that we are
2525s starting up those conversations about
2527s what that's going to look like the you
2529s know Tech things that we need to figure
2531s out oh Lord I'm sorry I fell off over
2534s thought uh you know everything that
2535s comes with being able to do cross save
2537s so we're having those conversations when
2540s and if we have information they'll be on
2543s a Dev stream they won't be on prime time
2545s so just look forward to those jump
2547s streams we are gonna have one this month
2551s so look out for that so well I will let
2554s you know when that's happening but
2555s anyways not saying that they'll be
2557s tangible information on that about
2559s crochet but usually when we have
2562s good information you know maybe even
2565s examples or whatever it's usually on a
2567s Dev stream so just look forward to those
2568s and just know that we are having those
2571s conversations talking to the different
2573s platforms making sure we're doing you
2575s know everything what that everyone wants
2578s Etc so working on Cross safe so just
2580s hang in there what Orbiter is Megan
2582s using there's only one
2584s this is it
2586s this is mine are they talking about the
2588s landing craft it might be the landing
2592s craft well wouldn't you like to know
2593s well I mean this is
2598s the Scout Landing crop it is from
2602s um well you can you can buy it but it's
2604s also you know the grineer floaty balloon
2606s I like to call it and I have the call
2608s Beacon air support so I can call my
2610s brothers down if I want to and if I need
2613s to I will grow your marshmallow
2615s delicious
2617s um all right we unfortunately did not
2619s get anything Baruch but you know that's
2622s how it rolls sometimes uh shout out to
2624s Sandy and shout out to Fireball okay oh
2628s 48 congrats on your puppies again
2629s they're super cute I hope everything is
2631s going well with them thank you for
2633s playing I appreciate you always
2636s um and we'll play with you again I'm
2638s sure because I always see your names
2639s around y'all are good people we'll see
2641s you around we'll see you around never
2643s goodbye uh at all
2645s always see you later always see you
2648s later
2649s um Danny I know that you have a little a
2652s task of your own that you want to do do
2655s hold on hold on before we do that
2658s I think people would appreciate Platinum
2661s Platinum oh
2663s D roll that nice little road Dean
2667s oh you ain't seen Rogue yet oh thousand
2671s planet was gone to despair oh juxtaposed
2674s from our first winner or sunny is
2676s because it wasn't 2023 that's true
2678s they're just despair 172 congratulations
2681s you've won a thousand Platinum please
2683s whisper the Warframe twitch Channel
2685s you're watching right now with your
2687s in-game alias in the platform you play
2689s Warframe on Zach is standing by to get
2692s your name Alias your platform send you
2694s that 1000 Platinum so you can buy
2696s whatever your hearts to die or whoa
2699s hello
2704s I already did that whatever your heart
2706s desires in the market uh congratulations
2709s okay anyways
2711s um Danny yes you have some hold fast
2714s Syndicate to get done I've been slacking
2717s okay don't say that I mean there's a lot
2720s to do listen I got busy with varuna and
2723s I was like tunnel vision I was like I'm
2726s conjunction survival and nothing else
2728s must get everything
2730s um so I've neglected our good friends in
2734s the whole fast uh Dean you can come over
2736s to my gameplay
2738s by the way I do want to say I know we
2741s did this for the end of the year stream
2743s but being able to play on my actual
2746s account that I have actually care for
2749s sorry
2751s don't care about it but I invest
2754s so much time into this account and I
2756s love it so much I'm so proud of this
2757s account and to actually be able to play
2759s with you guys on stream like how I used
2762s to on our PlayStation streams but like
2764s to do it with other PC and Xbox and
2766s switch and Playstation players is
2768s literally the it's so loud yeah so
2772s it's yeah what eight I'm coming up on
2774s eight years of working for Warframe now
2776s so that's like fun we got there we got
2780s we got there eight years later anyways I
2783s love it Quinn is telling me what is he
2786s doing I need four more void Bloom crests
2789s and five more entity length thorns and I
2791s know that there's a bounty active right
2793s now
2793s uh for Mobile Defense which of course
2796s has the rare and I really like Mobile
2798s Defense for this because a lot of I
2800s think it's like three frax enemies spawn
2804s per um
2805s data deposited so we're gonna do that
2810s um oh what wait only three minutes left
2812s when did that happen it said there was
2814s an hour okay well I'm just I'm just
2816s jumping in now well
2819s um so I'm just gonna jump in with a
2821s random Squad the panic panic check that
2824s I love it and while Danny does that chat
2827s my eyes are on you how are you doing are
2829s you looking good how Doc how they've
2830s been tonight are they been good
2831s fantastic twitch chat has been all about
2834s Warframe
2835s sending pet pics I mean I'm not
2837s surprised
2839s Chef kiss but I'd love to I'd love to
2841s reminisce if we can okay take me back
2844s we're approaching 10 years Warframe
2846s pretty hard double digits so people have
2848s been talking in chat about what they
2849s remember cherishing 909 says remember
2851s when you only had three revives for the
2854s entire right
2855s the entire day entire day he died three
2859s times wow any uh anyone in chat was
2862s around during those good old days back
2865s in the days when you had daily revised
2868s yeah I honestly can't even remember like
2870s when we came to the Daily response it
2873s didn't stick along for it was around for
2875s a while it was around for a while that
2877s was kind of like the staple and it was a
2880s thing that you just looked at and you're
2881s like yeah that's just how it works was
2883s that before or after stamina oh don't
2885s ask me
2886s I just can't remember yeah
2892s that was a long time ago
2895s we changed it and it just been changed
2897s ever since and when you have um maybe
2900s for the people who are unfamiliar as
2904s well about revives if you have a Max
2907s rank Arcane or you know a goodly ranked
2910s Arcane you actually get an extra revive
2912s so if you are pretty
2914s yeah it's if you have a revive yeah yeah
2917s if you're if it is a Max rank or King I
2920s think it's a Max Plus One revive
2922s permission so you can get yeah Fallen
2925s Ravens yeah wow that aren't daily so
2927s basically basically back in the day you
2930s have an entire day of only x amount of
2932s revised but now it's permission
2934s obviously yeah so good times
2937s remember when Warframe had a skill tree
2939s system with Fusion core drops don't talk
2941s about those oh my goodness
2945s has the dates sounds like removed in
2947s update 18 revive 2.0 and for anyone
2951s doing the math we're currently on update
2953s 32. wow so it was update 18 when we did
2957s revive 2.0
2958s those patch notes are probably two
2960s sentences long I always I always have to
2963s not like respectfully laugh because back
2966s in the day like obviously Miss Rebecca
2968s Ford was the one the only Community
2970s person who started it all and her patch
2973s notes are just like the classic
2974s one-liners yeah
2976s added Loki like it's just like a one
2980s line and I just I love it figure out the
2983s rest yeah a new Warframe and that was it
2986s and I'm like yeah yes that's actually
2988s fantastic like if you go back there they
2991s exist on the forums if you go all the
2993s way back yeah oh yeah all the way back
2995s to pull out the dust up literally it is
2998s so funny pascal117 not our Pascal but a
3001s different Pascal says win Warframe on
3003s mobile well oh well if you are a little
3007s beta iOS user we currently have a beta
3009s going on if you can or you can check out
3011s the game a smaller version of the game
3014s it's not the entire game it's only you
3016s know a few planets and and something
3019s Danny's going through it
3023s so bad
3028s Beauty
3030s yes if you're an iOS user we do have a
3033s mobile beta on right now and obviously
3036s we have you know plans to keep
3037s developing that as we get your feedback
3039s and bugs and and whatnot so just stay
3041s tuned for that but we are progressing
3043s through that which is really exciting to
3045s see another step in the you know
3047s availability of Warframe it's worldwide
3050s it's just yeah it's so different to just
3052s have it on your phone it's just a cool
3054s experience I remember feeling like
3056s why not I didn't feel wild but like it's
3060s not weird to have like Warframe on my
3063s switch and just be like walking around
3064s like that you know what I mean like that
3065s to me was already weird enough so then
3067s to have it on your phone it's just like
3068s that extra
3069s um Taiwan and off ask when will Saturn 6
3072s armor uh set return to nightwave I
3075s started playing in late 2021. oh that is
3077s a I I might classify that is the most
3080s highly requested
3082s please bring back said uh Nightwing
3086s thing I think that is probably the
3088s the highest one I see is the Saturn 6
3090s armor and uh you just have to stay tuned
3093s because you know I see it
3096s other people see it therefore things
3098s kind of happen I'm just kidding but no
3100s uh just stay tuned and uh know that
3103s I know you know that I know that you
3107s want that
3109s Sign Sealed Delivered what a great phone
3112s it is
3115s uh electric trickster says what is
3117s Valkyrie a Berserker a cat what are they
3120s oh wow I mean she can be whatever you
3123s want her to be truly
3125s um she she has a past very
3129s true very treacherous but
3133s she's come from it this beautiful
3136s angry kitty
3137s who
3139s you know just wants some Revenge respect
3142s for it uh
3146s I love it but it's whatever you want her
3147s to be I mean we don't
3150s we kind of generally class warframes in
3154s terms of what they are
3156s um be that you know the classic support
3157s frame or anything tank frame if you will
3160s but I think Warframe being a 10 year old
3164s game there's so many ways to turn even
3168s if it is a classified support frame turn
3172s it into something else you know like
3174s with the weapons you have with the mods
3176s you have with helmet being able to swap
3178s certain abilities around like there's so
3180s much room to just kind of make anything
3181s your own so you can you can make valkyr
3184s pacifist you know what I'm saying like
3186s you could do whatever you want but yeah
3187s she she's got a little bit of Rage a
3190s little bit of rage inside we all do rage
3192s inside the machine can we get a hell
3193s yeah
3194s I mean warframes Rich inside the machine
3198s can we get a collab I mean
3201s official color I just picked up a castle
3205s 18 what is the cringiest thing you did
3207s on Warframe cringiest I'll start I'll
3210s start you off because Alba descent and
3212s Discord says I deleted my partner's bow
3214s Prime and Redeemer Prime because they
3217s were already leveled and I didn't know
3219s how to get more
3221s pain painful I don't know if that's
3224s cringy that's that's like a pain cream
3225s yeah that's not like I'm uncomfortable
3228s for you that's like a I feel bad either
3230s I guess I'm having a reaction oh man
3233s that's pain I don't know I mean I'm sure
3236s the internet could probably tell me
3238s things I've cringed on but I can't
3240s really think of I mean every moment I
3243s can't pronounce something is crazy
3245s you were born in the crane molded by it
3253s twitch chat says odd question I know
3255s we're friends themselves don't talk but
3256s if they have their own voices what would
3258s your Mane sound like my name sound like
3261s oh okay it's a thinking question I mean
3265s right now my main is
3269s I mean I'm playing varuna so I guess
3271s we'll use varuna as an example there you
3273s go I think in my mind especially after
3276s like reading and hearing the levarian
3279s and like knowing that story
3281s in my mind I see her as like that
3284s classic mom voice and like the wolves
3287s are like the kids yeah and they're like
3288s always fighting and like bickering oh
3290s that's awesome but I mean and then you
3292s think of the story and that's really
3293s effing sad but at the same time like
3295s that's in my mind like she's the mom and
3297s those are her kids because like the
3299s animations they like fight each other
3300s and like bite each other and it's just
3301s don't touch it stop running where are
3303s you going yeah what's in your mouth
3308s what's in your mouth
3310s every single day and now now at the
3314s point I'm just like oh you're eating
3315s that okay yeah good luck with that fun
3318s Danny how'd you do
3320s um I didn't get anything I wanted no no
3323s um but um there is people asking for
3326s invites I don't know if we have time
3327s absolutely okay okay I'm just gonna
3330s invite a bunch of these people and see
3332s who joins the squad
3333s um we're gonna run a void flood I think
3337s um
3338s so let's see oh I'm gonna
3340s um
3341s I'm gonna add on to that question so
3347s your favorite Warframe yep
3349s if they could speak which celebrity
3352s would you want to
3354s impersonate them
3355s interesting oh my gosh like I saw it
3359s Stardust in chat said Meg zanaros is
3361s voiced by the voice actor voice actor
3364s for konshu in Moon Knight and that's a
3366s thousand percent that is a thousand
3368s percent for me
3370s he really can do it someone just said
3373s that in chat
3376s I feel like oh my God
3379s would be like a very energetic actor but
3382s like someone like Jimmy Fallon he's like
3384s it's great
3385s great everything's great it's great yeah
3387s it's amazing yeah
3389s flying through the air okay
3392s a lot of Chris pratts okay perfect I
3395s want Grendel voiced by Mike Pollock
3397s using his Eggman voice from Drexel dump
3399s truck that's actually good Tony Stark is
3401s bobon okay oh cool very Iron Man I like
3405s it
3406s Ryan Reynolds is Ash wait wait what did
3408s I just see Tim Curry for myself
3413s Tim Curry I hope so limbo Jeff Goldblum
3418s oh that is perfect all voices yeah
3425s voices to all of them
3427s just him pitching his voice up and
3431s oh I love him Christopher Walken's gotta
3434s get someone oh a thousand percent he can
3436s be tested Christopher Walken can be the
3438s new uh person you have to save and
3440s rescue I need a weapon
3443s but you gotta put Zach you gotta do her
3446s man Justice do the Christopher Walker
3452s I need a weapon speaking of the
3455s cringiest thing you've done in Warframe
3457s perfect hey hey hey
3464s someone tweet that at Christopher Walker
3466s now
3467s King the man
3470s oh Arnold Schwarzenegger for mag oh
3473s really oh yeah
3476s I don't know about that one with the
3479s white Choice down it's down that's
3481s giving me Atlas for sure Atlas yeah man
3487s Mr worldwide pit bull
3490s for varuna what
3493s Miami
3496s actually you know what he's giving me
3498s very limbo Vibes actually oh okay Arnold
3500s as mag makes sense because then she
3502s could be like come here with the bullet
3504s attractions
3506s oh my God
3509s Christopher Judge for eurelli I don't
3511s know
3512s I don't know where it is
3514s boy you don't know what that is no
3516s that's Kratos Kratos excuse me he will
3518s forever and always be tilt from Stargate
3520s thank you very much
3524s God Awards though
3527s he was also the man who did an
3529s eight-minute speech at the game awards
3530s love that you go off take your money
3533s Tommy wise oh
3535s Chad I was waiting for someone to say
3537s Pedro Pesco yeah okay
3542s I love that for guys for both of them
3545s these are great ciao you're great thank
3547s you
3548s good chat thanks Chad
3551s Sean Connery
3558s Darth Vader as necros that's not a
3561s celebrity
3564s he's real
3566s Darth Vader is
3569s he's a person and his name is Anakin
3571s damn it oh rev said aggressive says rev
3575s is Captain boar
3588s coming up on the end of your Excursion
3592s um we I got to uh I got the U2 and
3596s tratty long Thorns
3599s um it's not enough
3601s It's never enough
3603s it's simply not enough game
3608s um I don't know what we
3611s um wait did I get I'm paying attention
3613s but
3615s anyways
3617s artificial process I'm gonna be on day
3620s 350 today excited for the daily reset I
3623s don't even know what day I'm on oh you
3624s know what day you're on uh of course oh
3628s I might be able to tell hold on you're
3630s not don't look at don't ever look at my
3632s screen don't ever look at it don't ever
3634s look at me don't ever look at my screen
3636s look away
3637s I'm just logging in logging in
3639s we'll see I'm not um check you can check
3643s on I know I could that's a step I don't
3645s want
3646s you could make your life easier but far
3649s away I'm on day
3652s 1191. whoa one thousand one 291. it's
3657s been 10 years
3658s is there a way to find out who has the
3661s highest
3662s for sure number count I'm curious to see
3664s which player has been playing uh we're
3667s friends of the public probably the
3669s public cluster Fair Point uh I have also
3672s got myself a brilliant Idol on Shard
3674s from my Twitter I actually need one of
3677s those oh wait I got mine skip that one
3679s oh
3694s oh half year
3696s a little over happy a little happier I
3699s think like if I what I would like to do
3701s is combine my logins for the dev build
3705s and the public bills oh yeah Dev and
3707s test
3709s and all the other platforms number so I
3711s have steam numbers oh my goodness I have
3714s my Xbox account Xbox yeah I'm breaking
3717s the bank
3722s there's different logins there's days
3725s where I log into the developing build
3728s more than I yeah oh here's a here's a
3730s thinking question
3732s uh some may say theoretical uh
3736s eternalism eternalism hex little thick
3738s nice name and twitch chat said would you
3741s ever consider making a Narmer style
3743s glitch oh that'd be really cool okay are
3745s we talking like
3747s uh like just aesthetically like
3749s normalized I think so okay like very
3752s golden uh I mean it fits the bill like
3754s it's the red you know orange glow I
3757s don't know why my mind went to this but
3759s like spoiler alert in the quest when
3762s um
3765s oh my God the planes of Iowa the cetus
3767s people why can't I think of their like
3770s kanzu the Astron the austrons yeah sorry
3773s have the veils on yeah that's the Lich
3776s it's just an ostrich and they're like I
3779s hate you wait yeah just a really
3782s Vendetta yeah like they're like that one
3785s you didn't save in the new Ward just
3787s comes back oh and their weapon their
3789s weapon is just the mining tool oh
3800s I was watching some doctors over there
3802s oh okay some doctor shows some doctor
3805s shows like Gray's Anatomy or uh yeah
3810s yeah have you seen those videos where
3812s they like they like professionals look
3815s at TV shows oh and like debunking
3818s yeah yeah and they're like this is fake
3821s and I'm like yeah I believe everything
3824s and yeah and I believe everything is a
3827s great way to live your life that robot
3829s named Megan came to life and gained
3831s sentient he's not threatened that
3833s there's another Megan now taking this
3836s I mean she was pretty cool taking the
3838s spotlights you've come to peace all
3841s Megan needs to do is learn that Tick
3843s Tock dance that she's set oh yeah
3844s honestly I'm thinking about like how
3846s Halloween costumes oh one of my
3848s Halloween
3851s do you wish there were multiple
3852s Halloween so you could wear all of your
3854s costume I mean last year I did four
3855s Halloween costumes I don't know what I
3857s was drinking but
3859s oh one of your four drinks or three
3861s drinks three drinks right now should we
3863s go look for the void Angel oh do it
3865s Danny yeah let's go look for potentials
3871s 21. I'm going
3874s all right hold on but our middle class
3877s next con Cara goal is Megan Megan doing
3880s the Megan dance on stream okay oh there
3883s you go somebody remind me in October
3886s when we do Quest To Conquer Cancer oh
3889s and that would be my cringiest rainbow
3891s if that will be the one is when I do the
3894s Megan dance what's up where I am so
3896s stuck down
3899s my garment down there to the left and
3902s down
3904s no where are you going I'm just looking
3907s for an angel where are you going why I'm
3910s stuck I'm stuck up help and then
3915s go what am I okay hold on my brain hurts
3919s so much right now
3921s help help there's a lich on me help
3924s there's a lich on you oh Skinner all
3926s right not a witch but a skid requirement
3928s I'm so
3929s um things are getting out of control
3930s Clover Guardians are spawning go left
3933s and then oh it's a whole one whoa
3936s foreign
3942s drops on phone I believe you can go into
3945s your own like your own account has a
3949s drops and rewards oh my God's menu if
3953s you go into that you can see all the
3954s drops you've ever earned and you can
3955s claim it in there as well oh we gotta
3958s get this how to check twitch drop if
3959s you're on the computer right now if you
3961s click on the top right the icon for
3964s yourself your own twitch it'll have a
3967s little drop down and you'll see drops
3968s and rewards variants okay I don't think
3971s we're gonna find an angel at the same
3972s time that we're gonna be able to get the
3973s video blast down
3976s um
3976s because we're struggling right now so
3978s that's all right you do you I just can I
3981s just do a little extract so that we can
3982s get into fan art and all that good stuff
3983s all right one question I did want to ask
3986s Chad is because I have personally made a
3990s list of such things what video game are
3994s you excited for this year well can I
3997s guess yours I don't think I'll be able
3999s to use that I think we have the same one
4000s which one
4005s it was Zelda all the way and then Hades
4007s two announcements
4010s Johnson phase two
4012s Final Fantasy yeah Dead Space yeah
4016s yeah yeah yeah Alan Wake too that's a
4018s rare one
4021s armored Core I I was very jazzed by that
4025s trailer for armored Core not gonna lie
4027s and jazzed me right up Resident Evil 4
4029s remake a thousand percent I'm playing
4031s that day one baby because it's the it's
4033s the from the perspective of the daughter
4035s right the one of the lady daughters
4047s yeah
4049s I'm pretty sure it's like from the
4050s perspective of her I think so Soul frame
4054s you're funny
4057s I mean I'm excited for that game too you
4060s know
4061s the very Paradox
4065s okay okay uh oh cheeky question yes
4069s permission
4071s someone says next Dev stream question
4077s um skitter girls in the elevator coming
4079s with you she's dropping get the goods
4087s oh my God
4090s I hope there's no cameras security oh my
4095s goodness we will have a Dev stream this
4097s month uh I don't want to reveal the date
4099s just yet in case you did it
4102s good job daddy that was the run you
4105s needed honestly right okay hold on maybe
4107s I can rank up let's see what do we got I
4109s don't think I have enough but
4111s survey says I think you need like three
4115s more of each go get there you'll get
4117s there okay close close someone just
4119s asked if we'll be active for another 40
4121s minutes we will because the stream ends
4122s at 8pm eastern time and it's currently
4124s 709 give me some time so like I said if
4126s you watch stream from start to end and
4128s you will get two push-ups which is great
4131s um all right let's do another Platinum
4133s prize because I
4135s I we did we did the things Wing Zero as
4138s much as I think you're probably a great
4140s person I I'm sorry that you're a Bruins
4142s fan no I'm just kidding everything's
4144s fine they're incredible this year so I
4146s can't say anything uh 1000 Platinum is
4148s going to
4149s hello hello Vani Leela
4154s low back wow
4157s kind of looks like vanilla yeah like a
4160s little like Spanish maybe is that is
4162s that vanilla in Spanish perhaps
4164s congratulations
4169s we won a thousand Platinum please
4171s whisper to the warfarin Christianity
4172s watching right now look at all those
4174s DG's uh to get your platinum we need
4177s your Alias and other platform we play
4179s Warframe and we'll send you your
4180s thousand Platinum lovenia Lilia
4183s congratulations you've done it moza in
4186s Discord said did we just witness a lift
4188s Massacre Oh yours a lift Massacre I
4193s would assume you were in the UK some
4195s where oh because you said life oh lift
4197s Lee proper oh probably left or in a
4200s European country of some sorts me and my
4203s trousers and the lift in it
4206s in it in it in it babe your trousers
4209s sorry sorry oh that's very yeah let's
4212s not do it uh all right
4214s before we move on obviously we were
4217s trying to get some Baruch Prime goodness
4219s didn't happen for us today
4221s there is another day there is another
4223s day other hours and minutes so we'll get
4225s Brew crime oh bless you oh God
4229s don't hold on your sneezes that's not
4232s good light it up
4233s um if you uh have just gotten yourself
4236s Brew Prime and you're wondering about
4237s maybe some builds for him or even how he
4240s functions kind of if what his Vibe is we
4243s have a wonderful Creator video by a new
4245s Creator actually yeah Warframe flow has
4249s blessed us with a YouTube video and they
4251s have their top three Baruch Prime builds
4254s that destroy steel path destroy it it
4258s doesn't even exist anymore oh my God
4259s it's good it's gone yeah so if you're
4262s interested in that we have a quick
4264s snippet of the entire or not the entire
4266s video a quick snippet of the video that
4268s you can watch in its entirety it'll be
4270s linked in the YouTube description but
4271s check out Warframe flows Baruch Prime
4274s build video
4276s right let's get into the bolts ignore
4278s all these configs I was testing now we
4280s have three bolts here the first one is
4282s Gloom Baruch now this is just a pure
4284s survivability Baruch we slap on groom
4286s over elude stack strength and a bit of
4288s range and you're good to go the mods we
4290s run are briefs with spikes fleeting
4292s expertise primed flow and reactive storm
4294s this is a must have for every Baruch
4298s build it's what gives him so much damage
4300s and as it states Desert Wind is granted
4302s 250 status chance and changes its damage
4305s time to match enemy weaknesses basically
4308s whichever status type and enemy is weak
4310s as to it will apply that so Grenier gets
4313s corrosive Corpus gets toxin or radiation
4316s etc etc blind rage rolling God
4318s equilibrium because baruchus slow
4320s steamunk chance in fortitude Orga reach
4322s and a flexible Excel slot we then run
4325s mult augmented Arcane strike is very
4326s nice to use here because it gives you
4328s the extra attack speed alternatively you
4330s can run Arcane energize and strike we
4332s run low durations so that we can spam
4334s LOL really quickly to get our strength
4336s on as fast as possible we ride super
4338s high strength because the more strings
4340s we have the more damage your reactive
4341s storm augment does thus making Desert
4343s Storm do more damage I put on a bit of
4345s range for gloom and then I also put on
4347s equilibrium to sustain our energy
4349s remember when you run equilibrium you
4351s need to have a synth fiber Mod on your
4353s companion to make it work nicely and
4355s then we also ran Breeze with spy because
4357s Peru can Shield gate really nicely
4359s because he's thirsty
4366s anyways Warframe flow again a new
4369s Creator to the to the family so welcome
4372s and welcome uh enjoy that little snippet
4375s again you can obviously search for
4376s Warframe flow on YouTube or if you want
4378s you can the link will be in this Prime
4380s Time video on YouTube uh the description
4382s if you want to check it out there with
4384s an amazing South African accent we were
4386s well we were in South Africa oh cool we
4388s were talking pretty sure about as the
4391s video was happening we were having a
4393s good a good chuckle about their editing
4395s skills because it's just it's perfect
4397s it's so so good it's a good vibe so
4399s Warframe flow thank you and definitely
4401s check out their video if uh you were
4403s vibing with it like I was all right
4405s moving on
4407s Dean are you ready for this segment
4409s transition which one are we doing
4413s here we go now remember you're not muted
4415s when I do this
4427s I'm such a muted person oh right oh my
4431s goodness that is not fair I mean if you
4433s want to consider okay this is my moment
4437s now let's let's deconstruct here I
4439s really like the way you've used the the
4440s pink light on the ground
4443s yes it casts a weird like non-standard
4447s Shadow but it's a bold Choice stop The
4450s Duality between the two characters Megan
4452s Megan deleted my art
4454s it's gone it never happened
4458s all right here we go first fan art of
4461s 2023 of prime time 3 32.
4466s somebody Chad said five out of 10. oh
4469s that was your screen at first I was like
4471s that's so neat I'm like all the way to
4472s Danny's
4478s no he's so good uh all right first fan
4482s art is uh comes to us from shim
4484s underscore 07. did a little piece on
4487s azaku kangura in his little Mickey floor
4491s oh mine
4493s I love it I as this was developing and I
4498s just love going back and forth because
4499s you can go in the Arsenal and you can
4501s like go back from this form and like his
4505s normal skin form and they're just so
4507s funny to go back and forth like I feel
4509s like
4510s and like again in my mind when I think
4512s about voicing warframes like zaku and
4515s this version of zaku both have a
4518s different like personality like it's
4519s almost like that's their like little
4521s Alter Ego or whatever yeah I love it I
4524s love this skin I think it's incredible
4525s and I enjoy that you focused on the The
4529s Leaky version I mean their braid I guess
4533s you could call that a breeze that's a
4534s chain a chain braid chain brain
4537s fantastic love it yeah this is a great
4539s rendition zaku looking strong yeah
4541s moving on next up we have from
4546s cosmicos or Cosmic chaos I probably
4549s actually should say 89 on the official
4551s Warframe forums posted there varuna fan
4554s art
4555s the colors
4557s she's dark it's a little hard to see
4559s just because probably maybe the
4560s background of our own stream but this
4562s bats are spooky bats oh there is bats
4566s it's the color scheme is giving me kind
4568s of jellyfish oh Vibes I think like that
4572s the cape at the bottom looks almost okay
4574s I'm gonna say this and it sounds bad but
4576s it kind of looks like it's made out of
4577s norg
4586s they got the same kind of same thing
4589s yeah this is beautiful love it next up
4592s we have from Sunday stop this is so
4597s beautiful they said in all capital
4599s letters the impeccably strange Drifter
4604s is oh I'm seeing like details on the
4608s arms like the Angels obserabin kind of
4611s bent like Twisted Metal look that we
4615s have and the eyes I put that on my wall
4619s all right get this man a poster
4623s please yes
4627s I would
4630s yeah this is great I love it I love
4632s seeing
4634s um any duviri-esque art because it's
4636s it's such a obviously we you know showed
4639s you the did the demo at tenricon and
4641s showed you some stuff here and there but
4643s it's cool to see people take anything
4645s out of that and
4647s do some fan art so love to see you make
4649s a good movie poster it would for like a
4652s psychological Thriller this this this
4655s here is the sequel to Megan
4661s uh next up this is from the always
4664s wonderful duster Creek let's go I just
4667s love that we've had the duster uh you
4671s know Legacy artwork of them drawing all
4674s the frames and then they did bosses and
4677s now we've gone to Warframe floofs and
4680s they have a whole collection it was
4681s really hard to pick just one to show but
4683s I picked sevagoth because he's such a
4685s pointy angry boy
4688s and now he's squishy soft I love how the
4692s shadow like has the little like
4695s um what would you call the the like like
4697s drapey hands yeah but it looks like like
4700s a cat paw on the back because it's so
4702s squishy and he's got he's got a heart
4703s sewn into it yeah oh I love for someone
4706s with probably the pointiest face in
4707s Warframe he's sure done rounded out it's
4710s impressive what an accomplishment eh the
4712s point I mean I think I think so I mean
4716s I'm looking at varuna and like she's
4717s obviously got a little pointy nose but
4719s like his yeah he's got a oh my God hair
4723s your skin is that her hair oh I still
4726s think some some snowed is longer
4729s yeah
4730s I think so too it was a little snoop
4733s yeah I'm gonna go on record full
4734s triangle on record
4738s seven God pointiest Snoop seven fluid
4745s love it love that you're doing floofs I
4749s love it makes my heart sore next up
4752s speaking of Aruna this is a very spicy
4757s piece Starling underscore Reems and they
4760s plopped this on the forums back in
4762s December 16th and I commented on it and
4765s I said loved it and I've thought about
4768s it ever since I knew I was going to add
4769s it to Prime Time because I got this
4770s Sarah thing I was just about to ask
4772s front and center yep they got the kids
4775s screaming on the side oh my she looks
4778s great she looks like she's enveloped by
4779s fire or something love it yeah the
4782s background is Stellar that want the most
4785s left uh wolf on the bottom that one long
4788s ass tooth damn is there something is
4791s that just ground on the bottom or is
4792s that like an enemy that she's giving me
4794s infested High Vibes a little bit with
4797s like the spores so I don't know to each
4799s the room but she looking good as she do
4803s uh next up speaking of looking good
4807s this comes to us from the always
4809s wonderful kosher underscore a or sorry
4812s coach underscore a Cosh I'm just gray
4814s I'm sorry I can't pronounce anything
4816s um they said just thought I had never
4818s drawn operator and need to fix that plus
4820s my love for measure Prime so we have
4823s just a beautiful stunning operator wow
4827s someone said it's Siri and I love that
4830s oh a little Witcher moment yeah little
4833s Cameo but no this is the color palette
4837s and I love the I'm pretty sure that's a
4839s signed Anna like whipping up from the
4841s side just but like it's having like that
4842s blurred inaction and motion show oh I
4845s see it yeah yeah it's so nice the
4848s composition of this is and I personally
4850s am also a fan of
4853s making my warframe's eyes completely
4855s white I've always been drawn to that
4857s aesthetic so for this or sorry my
4859s operator on my Warframe my operator so
4861s this operator having like white hair
4863s white eyes they've got the void you know
4866s going up their neck those are um
4869s measures ribbons oh the rip yeah from
4872s from uh his helmet those are the ribbons
4874s I could see because you can see the
4875s attachment point yeah yeah in the back
4877s I'm pretty sure that's what that is
4878s either or the uni inuyashron brand hell
4882s yeah hell yeah hell yeah brother uh next
4886s uh you'll probably tell right away who's
4888s done this all right this is my mushkin
4891s and what also got me Not only was the
4895s great classic iconic mushkin art yeah
4898s but the uh
4899s the subject was AO they now have wolves
4901s in this game yeah
4906s my name is varuna sticker I mean yeah
4911s it's giving me like standing Emoji Vibes
4914s like it's just yeah
4919s almost the Depots almost a team we're
4922s almost there
4924s but I just like I'm
4927s always and forever obsessed with
4929s munchkin's like style of art yeah I
4931s think it's brilliant I think it just it
4932s brings a smile to my face and mushkin
4935s thank you for doing this love your art
4937s and just hey yo we got wolves in the
4940s game
4940s they only got we got five
4944s oh no that's exactly
4947s Jack can we get nothing
4952s oh man I made a picture
4956s no no but you know what I'm saying okay
4958s I save it for yeah yeah okay I know what
4961s you're saying I made a Photoshop edit
4962s recently of this of something that's
4964s coming well I mean later in the year
4966s they voted on it oh yeah you guys voted
4968s on the qtcc flu for this year which is
4972s was the vermink and we got back
4975s um the Prototype the Prototype of it and
4977s this picture of it is just standing so
4979s perfectly and Marcus sent it over to
4982s Marcus and he was like this is giving
4983s very much like I like coming into your
4985s parents room being like I threw up so I
4988s edited that in I'll have to I will not
4991s remember to show you guys that that's
4993s all right but maybe someone else will
4995s but I'll make I'll make a slack bar yeah
4997s we can't show it to you right now
4998s because it's not ready to show oh Bros
4999s I'm streaming sorry
5005s uh
5007s Verona threw up yeah no that's this is
5009s her dog's throwing up because they're
5010s both all four of them oh no one
5014s chocolate bars
5016s uh next up so speaking of hold fast oh
5020s this comes to us from system underscore
5024s our underscore I underscore F underscore
5026s t under system Rift basically
5029s um and this is a this is cavalero and if
5032s you remember the hold fast storyline uh
5036s there is a line from cavalera that said
5038s I thought about loading myself with
5039s explosives I'm going down to blaze of
5041s glory was a perfect way for a guy like
5043s me but it didn't solve a damn thing
5045s isn't there something so great about an
5047s artist
5048s hearing just which might be like an
5052s insignificant line for other people who
5054s are maybe playing through the game but
5056s they latch onto that and they go I want
5058s to visualize that
5060s like this is a memory that Caballero has
5062s it does no I'm like is there more is
5065s there more to this story next week we
5067s get the next panel yeah and then I mean
5069s I'm sure this took you a very long time
5070s to make but like if you make more can
5072s you let me know
5074s very cool fantastic I feel like the
5076s writers like the The Narrative team The
5079s Narrative team would love seeing this I
5080s think they would yeah and we've got
5082s slackbot me remind me to tell her send
5084s them who wrote this
5086s uh next up a
5090s icon in the Warframe fan art community
5093s and as an individual who's been here for
5095s 10 years on this team I appreciate them
5098s dearly paint dks who has been a part of
5103s the Warframe or Derica as you might know
5105s them better has been a part of the
5107s warfarin Community for a very long time
5109s and they did a wisp zamariu skin I can
5113s never pronounce that properly I
5115s apologize but they did an amazing wisp
5117s skin and they do this just lovely you
5120s know humanoid version of it in their
5122s incredible art style and I could go on
5124s and on about Derica I love them and I'm
5127s sure they will also be playing the
5128s Resident Evil remake they're a big fan
5130s of Resident Evil but anyways this is
5132s incredible I love it wisp looks great I
5135s wish I had that hair it's uh
5138s I've been obsessed with taehyung from
5141s the Girls Generation oh you're telling
5143s me Danny it's the third time you told me
5144s that today listen this is giving me very
5147s much inbu music video okay um the K-pop
5153s I've fallen into the K-pop
5155s but if you know that video you know what
5157s I'm talking about it's the Fantastical
5159s gray hair oh so stunning the blue eyes
5162s the light eyes so good yeah beautiful
5164s very pretty it is a classic style that
5166s we know from Derek classic Derica uh
5168s speaking of classic quiet Archer if you
5170s know quiet Archer you know they're kind
5172s of art and I'm here for this art so this
5175s was uh they posted this back on uh
5178s December 24th last year and they said
5180s presenting this year's official Corpus
5182s board funded ballet performance starring
5185s Vaso r as The Nutcracker that's amazing
5188s and his little girl oh Megan the facial
5193s hair is perfect Nutcracker hair I've
5195s never seen that it looks like the the
5197s hat band you know like the listen oh
5201s popcorn horns be popcorn
5204s oh my goodness I love it this is
5207s incredible it's so cute they so you have
5211s my heart baby
5213s girl
5214s oh my God
5217s his leg his leg though question mark
5220s what's wrong with his leg that's a
5221s that's a ballet pose if I ever did see
5223s it no man they got they got bendy skills
5227s like no other we're definitely pushing
5228s the tendons in the kneecap area
5233s 21. I'm sorry uh next up Danny you'll
5237s know this one because you sent it to me
5239s someone said Megan knees oh no not
5242s manganese the Megan Megan Stella
5244s stallion yeah
5247s um oh you said I'll like this one you
5248s sent this one to me oh then I will like
5251s it very good this is uh from Hound 150.
5255s it's a four panel story uh the it's
5259s based around an invasion mission in game
5261s which if you don't know you side with
5263s one enemy could be Corpus could do
5265s Greener Etc and uh you fight a different
5267s side so on this in this journey in this
5271s anime Arc we're siding with the grineer
5273s we're popping off against the corpus
5276s our buddy yells tenno scoom right beside
5279s us
5283s sorry Force have happened it's so good
5285s so so cute but it's so true they still
5288s yell those of course because they're on
5290s your side and you're like pardon like
5292s just Columbia I don't think Clum doesn't
5294s know no clums bestie Clem's busty comes
5297s bestie um cow this cow I don't think cow
5299s does either no no no no no no no no
5303s I will never call sorry cow cow cow call
5308s us
5309s don't call me cow uh so yeah this is
5312s fantastic that is a horse of habit his
5315s face he goes from like popping off and
5317s then he's like
5319s okay what the what you call me sorry oh
5322s man so cute very cute uh next up we have
5327s a really cool piece this is by
5329s Federation this is called cressa
5331s visiting Utica Utica they drew us for
5334s another individual called Gay Superstar
5337s um oh my God but I mean is that a really
5340s cool piece or a really cold
5343s with the weather Drew I am what's wrong
5348s is that what she's been sitting on what
5352s what
5353s make it please
5362s look do you see the accentuation in
5365s certain areas
5368s and she's been hiding from this
5370s sitting on that chair wow my goodness
5373s gracious sorry I was lost in that but
5376s I'm there with you now I mean I get lost
5378s in it too but I mean that's Ben's goals
5381s okay yeah
5387s oh my I am a crescent Stan because I've
5390s always been a steel Meridian gal so to
5393s see my girl cressa get a little
5396s okay okay great sorry I just I can't
5398s read chapter
5399s and nightbot's probably gonna pop off as
5402s well so
5403s um
5404s I didn't pick up on it because you
5406s started talking about a chair and then I
5407s just was looking around the room and I
5409s got confused yeah well because I was on
5411s a chair she does sit on there she don't
5413s think I've ever seen her or not sit on
5414s the chair she gets up on the chair
5415s during the opening cinematic oh that's
5417s true that's true but I mean she's been
5420s sitting for a long have to replay that
5422s Quest
5423s she's just doing uh doing gloopers as
5426s well anyways
5432s I I love this concept of like them
5434s visiting each other and like it's
5436s because yeah Crest Hotel doesn't really
5438s get out that often it's kind of a nice
5440s warm you know steel Meridian uh relay
5443s and then suddenly she's out in the cold
5445s it looks like the last day actually I
5447s love like I love how Utica is in short
5450s sleeves she don't care and just is yeah
5453s she don't care yeah she's all about it
5455s love this and then last but not least
5458s many of you have probably seen this very
5461s incredible concept floating around the
5464s Twitter sphere I saw it I gagged oh this
5468s is oh oh in a good way in a great way
5471s yeah this is by so underscore Nom Nim
5475s and this is their gyre Deluxe skin
5477s they're entitled it the antique Mata so
5480s it's very antique styled just Regal lady
5485s Vibes
5487s um and they
5495s very good uh anyway it's incredible uh
5500s the little details I kind of went into
5502s it um on their Twitter as well uh just
5505s kind of picking the textures they used
5507s um you know some looks like bird wings
5509s and just some ornate detailing some
5512s glott like they just wow they went into
5514s detail on their Tweeter and I just
5516s appreciated every bit of it yeah they
5519s went into like the ability as well and
5522s changing into ballet poses and I was
5524s they made the helmet gun aiming friendly
5526s like come on
5528s um
5530s very lady
5532s um what's her name in Denise yeah
5539s something when I see this I see Kate
5541s Winslet at the beginning of Titanic when
5543s she looks up at the ship and she has the
5545s big hat on it like one of your friends
5547s well okay but
5550s at the beginning when she first gets to
5552s the dock and that she has that hat on us
5553s I mean she doesn't look as good as this
5557s incredible
5561s and again this is by ufu underscore Nam
5565s Nim so beautiful art and any relation to
5569s Bob bip
5572s I don't know distant cousins uh it's
5576s incredible I loved it I love it every
5577s time I look at it and thank you for
5579s taking the time to do it and putting all
5581s that thought into it oh look Kate
5584s Winslet as the voice of oh okay you
5587s available girl what you doing you're
5588s gonna make a movie sir
5596s that was awesome
5598s man I missed I missed going to miss oh
5602s my goodness I'm sorry I just realized
5604s your jersey was purple
5605s it's the hockey fights cancer Jersey go
5607s leaves go in my room right I love that
5609s it's awesome all right uh now we're
5612s gonna get in some
5614s I'm ready all right I got a lot here
5617s because I got a little I got a little
5618s over excited but it's okay it's the new
5620s year I wanted to show you all some stuff
5622s speaking of the new year
5624s oh little happy New Year piece from
5627s chain underscore Master one two three
5629s and I got grabbed this nabbed it from
5631s the Discord
5632s it's not cute love that Mirage is just
5635s praising the fireworks very cute
5638s fireworks do be scary though I mean
5641s great frightening bring your doggies in
5643s what dogs don't oh dog inside I thought
5646s we have a dog bring dog to Firework and
5648s I was like I don't think I don't
5650s recommend it's not the it's not the way
5651s no I don't recommend that
5654s um this next one here is
5656s um by varlanator in the Discord as well
5658s and this is their version of what wisp
5661s Prime would look like they said was
5663s Prime coming soon so this is their their
5666s version using existing customizations
5669s but let me tell you I'm loving the way
5671s the sun I think
5673s yeah that's in Planes right I think they
5675s just looks like it use the Sun as like
5677s the back how dare they scare they use
5679s the sun it could be the Dog Days scene
5682s too oh it could be on the beach yes yes
5685s love it it's giving me very like Halo
5688s Angel obviously
5691s it looks like fan art to me so very
5694s uh
5696s one I love when people get into their
5699s edits and just make it look like a
5701s completely unique different game it's
5703s completely unique
5704s um this next one here love it by Kaylee
5708s Emerald also from the display protea
5710s with the tenet fairox
5712s just in love with the color scheme yeah
5715s it's a great choice and also how they
5718s were able to make each purple Stand Out
5720s unique to itself or unique to the other
5723s purples like everything is just popping
5725s popped out that like really light
5728s lighting like yeah pointing towards them
5731s like how you doing so good that looks
5732s really cool who you booking with that I
5734s don't know who are you threatening yeah
5738s it's just a really aggressive game of
5740s pool yeah wait that is a pool stance I
5744s think you destroy the table if you use
5748s oh
5750s I love when capture artists capture like
5753s environment elements and like NPCs
5756s um this is by LG also from the Discord
5759s and the caption was do you smell that
5763s I think that's exactly
5767s her face is perfectly like
5770s inquisitive she's sniffing yeah oh she's
5773s sniffing I don't know where this is
5776s um
5776s is it somewhere stinky in the relay
5780s is it in the relay or chat do you guys
5783s know the dry dog that's a good one I
5786s need a weapon says
5788s iron wake oh maybe maybe you mention it
5793s I can smell it okay a very watery relay
5796s someone says iron wake okay most people
5798s are saying iron weights okay okay oh my
5800s goodness well iron wake there's like
5802s it's kind of Swampy in there right she's
5804s a little kind of a Martian
5806s it would sting
5808s um this next one here oh I love this
5811s um this is falling concrete by uh
5813s Reverend God re-v did you get the
5816s position I don't know it looks like
5819s maybe a knockback could be like a knock
5821s down animation or like a ragdoll
5824s situation but oh man fantastic work
5828s people get so creative with the
5830s animation
5832s um it kind of looks like
5834s um they're falling through or like Valk
5836s is falling through like a like a portal
5838s of some sort it's giving me it's taking
5840s me back a little bit to the new war yeah
5843s there's that moment yeah it's giving me
5846s that yep but a little more Spacey I love
5849s it just a little more space Oh this one
5852s is very cool
5853s um from Twitter
5855s at underscore or video underscore game
5857s underscore caps this is Devil Trigger
5860s zaku oh wow really using Deimos to its
5867s fullest potential using the back using
5868s the lighting yep they got it all yeah
5872s oh I just realized that zaku got the
5875s protocol
5878s that's a real life pistol baby oh my
5880s goodness that's threatening zaku don't
5883s point that thing at me I mean zaku can
5885s also just summon a bunches
5888s so true yeah don't be doing that
5892s um zaku May Christ and sausage crossover
5897s s
5898s do we have today oh this year will just
5901s be me asking for crossovers yep I bought
5903s I bought for a Christmas present
5906s um one of the swords from like a
5909s battle-ready sword whoa before
5912s I don't have anymore before I walk into
5915s your house she's always on the wall
5918s prepared ready to go
5920s um this next one oh this is great
5922s speaking of the protocols
5926s um Kaylee uh another Kaylee Emerald
5928s piece but uh Kaylee's been doing a
5930s couple of these kind of like weapon
5932s posters which I think are really fun and
5933s this is uh protocol 95 a real Beauty
5936s from a former age that's so cool I feel
5939s like this would be like so fun I feel
5940s like I could see
5942s um these posters being put up like in
5944s Fortuna for some reason
5947s or like um like not propaganda posters
5950s but like
5952s kind of like yeah I think I think
5954s because some may say
5958s Fortuna just gives me the the very it's
5961s obviously very like futuristic it's got
5963s that kind of the blue purple glow and to
5965s have something so like Stark difference
5967s like this is I could see them tossing
5970s those babies up yeah yeah it works so
5973s hard over myself a protocol that's what
5975s I'm gonna get I love it I love it
5978s darvo's in a duster jacket
5982s someone's got who's the one with the
5984s jacket that's from a resume before
5987s yeah I'll buy that at a high price
5991s um this next one here is by six katsu a
5995s the ceremonial dress of a spirit
5998s violence is a Sacrament and like holy
6002s like
6003s how do you make Dead Space oh it is it
6007s is it looks like she's like
6008s disintegrating yeah yeah or she's just
6012s she's just Dusty
6015s she's been serious
6019s get some head and shoulders yeah she
6021s needs to exfoliate oh I mean she's got
6023s her like deluxe skin on where she looks
6025s like a little Twiggy bug yeah I mean
6027s she's got that bony vibes
6037s yeah Dead Space is so good you you're
6039s dead Lewis and The X Raptor she's
6043s shedding her oh I miss that someone's
6045s she's shedding her skin she's a snake
6047s eewie
6049s it disgusting
6051s um this one next one has a a very
6053s similar feel to the zaku I just love
6056s this use of like really scary Red
6059s backgrounds but this is um by flea boo
6063s underscore Chara on Twitter that says
6066s enemies are waiting for us oh damn slow
6069s motion walk through the Sparks and it's
6071s Ember too so it's almost like you could
6073s tell she set the world on fire behind
6075s her yeah and she's coolly walking away
6078s from the explosion this has this massive
6080s gun Yep this one's really cool
6083s um great use of the environment uh I'm
6085s such a fan of this one because I love
6087s sarin but this one's called Dangerous
6089s Beauty using sarin's um
6093s right and this is by zappan King on
6096s Twitter I just love the the way that
6100s they use the sign Donna
6102s like the way that the kind of the
6105s you know do this I don't know how to
6108s explain it looks like it's like wrapping
6110s around that's what I mean like it's so
6112s well done also never would I think to
6115s outside of Christmas to do red and green
6117s together
6119s offensive to Megan but
6122s but this looks so classy yeah she looks
6124s great I would love to see that also the
6126s new sarin skin from lunar renewal true
6130s show me it all right get to work okay
6135s um
6138s um this one is by emba underscore sub
6140s and this is a series of three pictures I
6143s picked of just fantastic varuna shots
6148s with uh well if I don't think did I grab
6152s a close-up one
6154s a little bit more oh okay fabulous I
6157s mean of course we love that famera
6158s mm-hmm oh I didn't put it on sorry so
6161s beautiful and then I really really loved
6164s this one as well oh so crispy yeah so
6167s Christmas what is that Grendel signed on
6170s on called I don't remember anyone it's
6171s kind of got like feathery yeah situation
6173s it's one of my favorites actually yeah
6175s but uh so stunning I love it the use of
6179s the moon in the back for the Wolf theme
6181s is just yeah night wolf really good
6185s oh another series
6188s um this one is um their name translated
6191s into English is heart is cold I am warm
6193s from Chinese made sure to check with our
6196s wonderful localization localization team
6199s and it's a series of um four pictures
6202s with Garuda and Baruch as as sweet
6208s lovers oh they're on the plane which is
6210s so Garuda is so ferocious and Fierce and
6213s it's all about blood and this
6214s manipulation and Baruch is the calm
6218s Serene and they come together and they
6221s complete each other they're just the
6223s complete opposites
6225s spicy water yeah this is so so lovely
6230s I just love that heart is cold I am warm
6233s oh that's a cute name
6235s and that's what that Watermark is over
6238s time yeah yeah cute and actually this
6242s capture artist has done very cool uh
6246s videos in the past and they're I think
6248s this is the same capture artist is
6249s working on a very cool cinematic kind of
6251s esque video similar to this style so
6254s I think Zach you're posting these pieces
6257s in the Discord so you should follow them
6259s along oh yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah
6262s um I hope I
6264s maybe we show this one maybe we did it
6266s oh this is a writ yeah it is Rick
6269s rickens reikins
6272s um a capture edit of course uh the
6274s necromax which is just like
6276s this could be uh key art for one of our
6279s updates so
6281s I mean like
6283s what more is there to say other than wow
6285s it's incredible yeah
6287s um it feels like this could these
6289s necromacs could be an entirely different
6292s game on their own with the way that
6293s they're posed like this yeah the middle
6296s ones my favorite me too I love that skin
6299s love that skin
6301s um oh this is so cute this next one is
6304s by Raven kunjin an Xbox tenno from the
6307s Discord power of music
6310s dancers oh that's fun Octavia is doing
6314s what they do Corey if you're watching
6316s this is for you Corey loves Octavia and
6319s I love her too uh very cute love the
6322s sparkly background feels like a tick
6324s tock edit a fan at it right 21 video
6329s dude no sorry just kidding
6333s um these next ones here from Instagram I
6335s went oh so Ram honey
6338s this one here is by vikasilev one of the
6342s pack
6343s oh so cute one of the pack
6347s um with our lovely little varuna and
6349s yeah one of our companions overlooking
6351s the oily
6355s gooey goo but not goo yeah ugly
6358s orbitalis questionable goo the coolant
6361s the questionable the game
6363s this is the gamer game so what we were
6366s talking about
6368s um and then this next one I love so much
6370s it's by black shark on Instagram as well
6372s and they just said oh oh I love this
6376s just little Chompy buds just the pups
6379s just circle it around having a time I
6382s mean I think in this one he's about to
6383s bite his head I think so yeah it's
6384s because it's kind of like the you know
6386s Comfort or not come for a storm one of
6388s those like
6390s uh or it's like perfectly cut screens
6391s like she's gonna be yeah
6395s before disaster
6400s framed so perfectly with the blue on the
6403s back yeah really good uh next one from
6406s Instagram as well this is stunning
6409s um warp uh or War photo frame
6412s and the caption was there are times when
6416s you need to release the bitterness and
6417s grab a firm hold of Happiness this looks
6420s wild cinematic it looks like it could be
6423s part of our opening or it looks like
6425s like a real life cosplay yeah like
6428s statue like this and again that Grendel
6431s sign Donna yeah
6435s and then um we got one more here uh I
6438s love this if you guys have been watching
6439s chainsaw man you oh might oh I just just
6444s delete it I just deleted it
6446s hold on wow I got it back okay you can't
6449s tease me like that oh oh
6453s damn yeah so this is by uh Mrs on
6457s Discord summon a demon boy yeah blow
6460s something up yep I Love This Love This I
6463s also love the first one like the hand
6464s placement oh so just like
6467s you never really pay attention to like
6470s the handy you know what I mean like just
6472s kind of the amount of key framing that
6474s goes into each animation set and any
6478s animation of Warframe is super
6479s impressive because you have to pay
6481s attention to every Bend and joint and
6485s the team does like an insane job so like
6487s little details like this you might miss
6488s but go into capture and pause and see
6491s what you can make happen you know very
6493s cool that's all I got yeah
6497s wow so much art Wham uh all right we
6502s have a couple videos of a tour of some
6505s console Clans uh Ronnie put together two
6510s tours we're gonna start off by checking
6512s out the Xbox storm Clan Draco Lich
6515s Imperium this is currently on the Xbox
6517s uh Dojo star chart the featured dojos if
6520s you want to check it out yourself but
6521s this is dracovich Imperium Dean Roland
6524s are we gonna roll the intro first or
6525s we're gonna just go straight into it
6540s uh all right here we go this is whoa if
6544s you oh my God no Star Wars this is a
6546s infested sarlacc pit whoa not that Star
6549s Wars looks like this but starlock pit is
6551s what I was getting infested oh my
6554s goodness nasties nasties which there is
6557s a very similar pit in Warframe actually
6559s this is a bowling alley oh shut up I can
6562s hear the Wii music right now playing I
6564s don't want to say because I don't want
6565s Nintendo to come after me oh my God what
6567s they use for the pins is so smart so I
6570s think that's loose
6572s Blue's getting they're getting a couple
6573s drinks yeah
6576s the bowling shoes for little people
6583s operators go the bowling balls
6586s this is titled the claw so I think this
6590s is a giant
6592s okay Toy Story wait this is amazing
6596s exactly you get all your floofs look at
6599s all the floofs you won't bend your
6600s granum crowns because it's rigged
6603s you won't get any of the things
6607s uh here we go this is Paul of
6609s Independence one must take the leap to a
6611s cover
6612s oh I don't wanna
6613s What secrets are not worth it oh no
6617s spooky whoa
6621s are these the secrets at the bottom well
6624s it's the hall of Hall of remembrance did
6627s I say all of remembrance it's very
6629s different
6631s chamber of Accolade oh I love when
6633s people make rooms for their trophies and
6636s it's like a little Museum a little catch
6638s em all a little Ash Ketchum a car a
6641s little beep beep and then we have the
6643s noggle repair a Nogle
6647s rooms would probably break eventually
6650s yeah and they bobbled a little too hard
6651s here and there they can't Bobble forever
6653s no I mean the spring what a life
6656s metaphor and that's the Xbox storm plan
6658s Imperial
6661s snap snaps next we are going to tour the
6665s PlayStation Moon Clan obscure Angels
6670s this room is called Saint Sia the 12 10.
6674s Aries so we got an Aries Queen it's your
6676s birthday in March hey uh
6678s whereabouts I don't know if there's
6680s actually 12 temples but it's called 12
6682s temples so I think for Veronica said
6685s there was GD that's a lot oh whoa it's a
6689s Taurus is that a bug oh no that's Aries
6691s right sorry oh Sagittarius oh oh I get
6695s it oh an arena this is titled Palacio
6699s which I'm assuming Coliseum essentially
6702s what did you say I don't understand
6714s uh this is oh my we have a battle going
6717s on this is Kraken versus sea worm a sea
6721s worm I mean it's teeth oh my gosh
6725s there's some teeth Yo I know a dentist
6727s look at the Beating Heart oh
6730s uh this is Cathedral
6732s oh wow oh I love a foliage skirt hairy I
6738s love that skirt this is
6740s terrazza obscure Angels so I'm gonna
6743s just go swim terrazza is because the
6745s planet is called secure angels
6748s it's called terrazza oh what it is what
6751s is this oh seating maybe oh storage yeah
6756s oh yeah I feel the breeze oh we got
6758s gardening is this Breaking Bad
6763s the pharaoh's rest
6768s are those hands that's a Chomp situation
6772s oh we've got some relics in here wow
6775s what the heck looks like Pokemon
6787s all right it's 7 53. oh my God how many
6792s platinum prizes have you done we have
6794s done uh three
6806s I got a Riven Cipher for my job I think
6810s let me just double check again yeah I'm
6812s gonna have one more
6816s w-l-s-l-a-o-s you have one I'm not even
6819s gonna attempt that you've won two
6822s thought you're right it is hard 2 000.3
6825s Platinum two thousand two two thousand
6828s twenty and 23 Platinum 20 23 Platinum
6831s congrats to you you've done that all you
6832s have to do is whisper the word from
6833s Channel that you're on right now with
6835s your in-game alien Supply from your plan
6836s and we will hook you up
6859s the sweet ones I just spent like they
6862s came onesies are real good yeah it takes
6865s them a while but I got five Universal
6867s medallions so girl's gonna be spending
6869s some coins maybe get myself some more
6871s relics you know what I'm saying anyways
6873s uh Zach yeah how was top 10 oh it's
6877s ready all right is it ready is it ready
6879s enough to do this I was gonna say is it
6880s ready for an intro oh my God another
6883s intro
6885s wow we should change one of those emojis
6887s to the standing Emoji
6890s don't tempt me all right Zach stuff
6894s strong ragno over the Discord asking is
6896s Danny shirt maidenless oh you know what
6900s baby yeah you know it we made it loose
6903s all day long made in this no mating so
6906s sad
6908s is this dog can you ever get
6910s unmaidenless
6911s I mean oh I'm so sorry isn't that life's
6915s Quest
6917s ain't that the truth game of the year
6920s really making us feel some type of way
6923s about our life real scene right now no
6925s dude number nine Zen Rapids over the
6926s distance
6928s Kayla Bala and The Grenier Queens as
6930s warframes version of the Plastics from
6931s Mean Girls oh my God okay but who's who
6935s who oh okay the the worm Queen the white
6941s one is Karen naturally yes and
6946s who's Gretchen
6949s uh Gretchen's gonna be
6954s Gretchen's gonna be
6957s oh this is no
6961s y'all this is hard yeah
6965s all I knew was that the worm Queen was
6968s Karen who went there right away
6970s definitely uh number eight Falon wizard
6972s in the Discord Discord not to be
6974s confused with a cephalon obsessed with
6976s 70s that would be disco artist discordis
6979s oh wait a minute you're on with
6982s something there hear a disco disco
6986s a disco cephalon discordis disorders
6991s and number seven Fireball RKO 48 over in
6996s the Discord I need to go to Taco Bell
6997s now thanks Prime Time use code Prime
7001s Time thankfully yeah oh that's the one
7004s you have the oh yeah
7006s damn thanks uh don't thank us thank
7009s Warframe flow Warframe we should check
7011s out on one of our new Warframe creators
7013s check them out check them out on the
7015s clarius he makes the tube videos
7018s watch the two videos the Taco Bell Bell
7021s don't sound of it also a little bit of a
7023s little bit of Wii Shop music in there
7025s that we couldn't include
7028s and we love them so we don't want to be
7031s doing that number six Victoria SCV over
7034s in twitch chat sivagoth the Pinocchio of
7036s Warframe oh because he's got that point
7038s nose he got that point good thing he
7040s can't talk because that thing would be
7041s out of control speaking of excited
7044s you're calling sebagoth a liar I mean
7046s yeah
7048s speaking of games that I'm excited
7052s yeah there's a Pinocchio game really do
7054s you just like Pinocchio came out of um
7057s what do they call that a tree sorry a
7059s tree
7064s it's now in public
7069s domain now so that's why you're seeing
7071s stolen Pinocchio movies and games yeah
7074s life of pop no lives of time lives of
7077s pee anyway it's like it's like a very
7079s dark souls-esque really kind of horror a
7082s little bit it looks so good Dark Souls
7085s Pinocchio yeah it looks real wow anyway
7087s I'm gonna beat this boss on the first
7089s try
7090s zero zeros
7093s when I did see about Liza P that's yeah
7096s I think I think that's why it's so cool
7098s number five a lemon jello or Geo in
7102s twitch chat if gamer Goo not edible why
7104s food
7106s trust me it is not true it is absolutely
7110s not food shaped just a little
7113s like almost like a ketchup package it's
7115s based oh don't call it that I mean it
7117s does come in squeezable containers a
7121s little hot dog with some Game Gear oh
7123s you found me the driest hot dog
7126s just leave it
7164s come on now
7170s what's the orc part of it why is that
7173s relevant
7177s because it's just misspell it just say
7179s anything because they're turning the
7181s mandicord into a sword or sword so it's
7183s an orc with the sword I think they're
7185s just saying that I would probably also
7186s mispronounce okay I think I'm here for
7189s you yeah
7191s I'm looking into this a little bit too
7192s deep at number two we're just making fun
7195s of me at this point of you yeah because
7197s you said no I know that I I feel the
7201s love I do
7209s over in Discord murder in an elevator
7212s sounds like a panic at the Disco it
7214s really does calling it copyright team
7217s yeah got it or like a really bad that's
7219s how it works
7222s don't ever speak the words I am murder
7225s in the elevator
7226s that's a really good name number one
7228s ending us off on a high note Halsey over
7230s the Discord the real Halsey got the
7232s Techno pistol skin colored it obscenely
7235s green called that the guacamole
7250s what a lovely chats you've been all
7253s right before we end this stream let's
7255s give out a Baruch Prime we couldn't get
7259s them here ourselves but someone lucky
7261s view someone must on the twitch we'll be
7263s getting the real question the real
7265s question is can I remember how to spell
7266s Baruch uh I'm not going to tell you I'm
7268s just gonna help
7274s yay
7277s you did it you're a spelling wizard shot
7280s spoiled it
7283s Brooke from Massacre
7289s Rook Prime access has gone to Martin
7294s ohgar Martin Elgar or Martine Elgar okay
7300s to have this in all cancers seriously
7303s Megan
7304s hey I've been streaming for almost two
7306s hours I've been a long day okay I had a
7307s dentist appointment this morning
7309s I just keep leaning on my dentist
7311s appointment
7312s no idea what happened right now come on
7316s my dentist yeah she's like um you were
7319s there for 30 minutes anyways uh Martin
7321s Elgar congratulations you won at Baruch
7324s Prime access please whisper the Warframe
7326s twitch Channel you're watching right now
7327s with your in-game Alias and the platform
7329s you play Warframe on and we will get you
7331s your barook Prime access congratulations
7334s all right I got my second draw very good
7337s blessings we have reached the end of the
7339s stream and we are going to be sending
7341s all of this wonderful love and chat over
7344s to a new Warframe Creator kodoma I said
7349s that wrong kadoma it could be condima
7351s I'm just gonna go with kodoma and there
7355s on in his words has self-proclaimed
7358s himself as sarcastic and humor drier
7360s than the Sahara Desert perfect so if
7362s that's your one uh you're going to enjoy
7365s kodoma
7367s kadoma is that how we're pronouncing it
7368s Zach yeah
7370s I love that for you uh said all the love
7373s over there thank you so much for joining
7375s us for the first Prime Time back of 2023
7377s it's going to be a very exciting year if
7380s you didn't know it's 10 years of
7383s Warframe last year Madness so we'll have
7386s obviously more information later as to
7388s what plans could be for that
7391s um you know we have Dev streams coming
7392s up all that great stuff so stay tuned
7395s it's going to be a very exciting year
7396s thank you if you've been here for 10
7399s years two years five years seven years
7401s one year one month it doesn't matter you
7403s are welcome here so thank you so much
7405s for being a part of this Warframe family
7407s and we'll see you next week for another
7410s prime time and just be safe be kind to
7413s each other out there and Danny thank you
7415s for being here thank you for having me
7416s thanks for being here Daniel thank you
7419s for being here no problem
7422s and chat thank you for being here you've
7425s been lovely as always have a wonderful
7426s night we'll see you next week