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29s e for
90s a
147s wake up tenno you are
151s it is
159s time it is time
205s ten Focus find the power yourself time
220s hey dream we are up and ready
226s to there is
229s no and you are
234s back hey
236s dream Che your and keep the gas tank
262s dream
294s Dre dream dream dream
351s are you late
363s it is time
411s hello everybody Welcome to Prime Time
414s episode
416s 399 you just couldn't have me here for
418s 400 and how to be 3.99 so close will you
423s come maybe you'll come back for 400 I
425s don't think I will oh I don't want to
427s take 400 399 is fine it's a it's a great
430s number it's a great a great number 3.99
434s holy smokes I know it's a lot of prime
436s times and I bet you guys have been here
439s for a lot of them so thank you it's
441s great to see you very excited for the
443s next two hours to play some more for him
445s hang out we have a lot of really awesome
447s stuff to go through today but but first
450s let's do our classic introductions she
453s needs no introductions but she hasn't
454s been here for a
456s minute I think you very much for Hing me
458s I'm looking forward to two hours of
461s Warframe I actually get to play on work
463s hours this is the best this is the best
466s thank you oh [ __ ] oh I'm already SC
469s dropping her mic classic bag of Bon
474s doesn't know what she's doing okay hi
476s who are you I'm Megan and I'm here a lot
479s and it's great to see you yeah and in
481s the cold P we got Danny this me this is
484s me Denny's here no laughing tonight
488s oh not a one giggle out of you two I
492s messed up already oh sorry uh and then
494s of course we got R behind the scenes hey
497s making it all happen as he do all right
500s true as per usual let's start with some
503s housekeeping we're going to toss it over
505s to miss Danny soosi yeah just wanted to
508s say happy Pride out there everybody and
510s shout out to our lgbtqia 2s plus tanno
513s out there we're so glad to have you here
515s in Warframe and we hope you had a safe
517s and fun pride and even though June is
519s coming to an end uh we recognize that
521s you know Warframe and other spaces like
523s Warframe are important and we want you
525s to be able to continue to celebrate
526s Pride all year round so you can still
529s grab the pride items from the ingame
530s market until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET but
534s come Monday Monday we will also have a
537s code go live that you can claim the
541s pride display the pride glyph and the
543s wonderful fabulous neon Pride wings I
546s think we have an asset there m
549s traversing okay so get it in the market
551s or get a code later you will get a code
553s later on Monday uh socials will be
555s posting that and that will get you those
557s items if you weren't able to get them in
558s the market and those will be that code
560s will be valid until June
562s 2025 next year maybe you were taking a
564s nap all of June I don't know maybe you
568s maybe you missed out we want you to miss
570s out that's the whole point yeah cuz we
572s love you appreciate you and we also
574s appreciate all the creators that were uh
576s sponsored for the past several weekends
578s shout out to you guys and uh if you're
581s in need of support or would like to
582s donate to the nonprofits that we
584s supported this year rainbow Railroad and
586s trans Lifeline they are incredible
588s resources and they do some really
590s incredible life-saving work you can find
591s them with the nightbot commands you can
593s do exclamation point rainbow railroad or
595s and exclamation point trans Lifeline in
597s chat and you can go uh see what
600s they're all about and all the great
601s stuff they do but that's it happy Pride
603s tenno y thanks Danny and thank you chat
607s you guys have been great appreciate you
608s greatly all right moving right along uh
612s Jade Shadows is live
616s re yep it do be live it do be I I
620s spoiler policy full effect yes all right
622s it's live go play it that's all I have
624s to say until after Tenon and then we can
626s do whatever yeah we'll talk about it
627s more after Tenon there's there's really
629s not uh anything that the game itself
632s would say better like I'm not going to
634s sit here and ruin your lives with
637s running my mouth so but uh we have loved
639s watching all of your streams YouTube
642s videos all of the fan art that has come
644s out of it I think we talked about this
645s last week but we've been sharing
647s obviously internally the you know more
649s spoiler heavy ones um so we've seen it
652s all even if we don't obviously react to
654s it publicly it's just for spoiler
656s reasons um we've been seeing all the art
658s reactions
660s and they've just really I think gave us
663s that little extra fuel going into the
665s Tenon weeks it was it was the emergency
668s reserves of release a major update a
670s month before tanon and hope that it gets
672s you over the Finish Line we're crazy
674s you're crazy she's crazy she's cooking
677s over there finally stalker lore it's
679s been a pet project for so long we got
682s some questions we got some answers we
684s got some more
686s questions as as Warframe does but you
689s know be continued and then something
692s that happened very recently we had a
695s actually little sneaky update on the iOS
697s platform today today in fact today uh so
700s if you didn't know Warframe is on the
701s iOS platform um and they did an update
705s today a lot of um major performance
707s improvements some quality of life stuff
709s um if you saw I believe it was last week
712s de Steve did a forum post kind of
714s letting the iOS Community know that uh
717s we're kind of Shifting priorities in
718s terms of the iOS bus build and really
720s trying to hammer down on those um you
722s know startup issues um onboarding issues
726s and you know hitches and stuff like that
727s to really get the first experience of
730s iOS to be top performing as possible um
733s so for instance we fixed some crashes
735s today we introduced a assist to help
737s with some issues there uh some video
740s settings were changed check out the
741s patch notes if you're an iOS user uh and
744s if you're not maybe check it out it's
746s definitely uh come in handy on Barrow
748s days it's come in handy for the event
751s you know if you need to get your
752s volatile Moes or anything like that you
754s can do it on the go do it on the toilet
756s it is just very convenient and uh that's
758s what iOS is is here for it's here for
760s you and it's even better with this
761s update and will continue to get better
763s as we continue hoop fixing and doing all
766s of that of course if you're running into
767s any issues we do have a uh iOS sub forum
771s and it is very uh very helpful if when
774s you have an issue de Corey is in there
777s and talking to you and if you have log
779s for any of the issues that you can
781s provide uh it's a very easy I think it's
783s a two finger tap and you can get your
784s logs yeah just two finger tap and you'll
787s be able to get your logs and you can
788s send them um to support and to De Corey
791s and we're we're able to definitely
792s diagnose a lot better that way when we
794s have logs on iOS um so if you do run any
797s issues come to our forums Cory's there
800s can help you out he's there right now
801s there right
802s now the guy doesn't sleep I'm just
804s kidding he does he sleeps uh and then um
807s we have a little update on crossplatform
809s we talked about this last week um but
811s for those of us that uh were able to
814s only link uh we have done a change for
818s real money purchases on our secondary
820s accounts that they now apply to our
821s primary account uh so if maybe you're
823s missing some of your purchase things
825s from that secondary account after you
827s linked uh definitely log in you'll have
829s an inbox um about those items and you'll
831s be able to now access those real
833s purchasing such as Prime access aoom
835s stuff like that you should see in your
837s inventory now so check that out if you
839s are in that category spend money keep
841s thing simple concept what a simple
844s mathematic concept uh and then very
848s exciting happening I think in this very
850s moment tonight at least sorry R back to
853s Fan Art if you don't mind uh Soul frame
855s preludes 5 is getting an update I know
858s this is a Warframe stream he wore the
860s same shirt I thought he was going to
861s change I I was promised a wordrobe
863s change we wobe change this is what I see
867s uh Soul frame preludes 5 which has an
869s update to their pre pre pre pre Alpha uh
873s preludes uh has is going live is going
876s live let's check let's check someone do
878s a real time check I can be like a
880s customer to Soul frame I can say uh
881s where's my hot fix de you said it was
883s coming today preludes 5 they got a lot
885s of really fun stuff it's deployed at 610
888s 2 minutes ago oh my God congrats Soul
890s frame team so if you're in Soul frame
891s preludes you will have an update with
893s some really fun uh stuff I think
895s mockeries are in there we showed that on
896s the dev stream uh and this is uh Soul
899s shorts too this is their second sh soul
902s soul second Soul short same
906s shirt second s I'm going to say
908s something bad second Soul short say it
911s five times fast second Soul short second
912s Soul short second Soul short second Soul
914s short wow wow she's built different
916s that's not a that I've been busy behind
918s the scenes second Soul short that the
920s team has done uh they go into more about
923s uh preludes 5 this update uh and
925s everything that they're kind of cooking
927s behind the scenes for for soul frame and
929s obviously the Deb stream that they're
930s going to have their debut At tanel Con
932s uh very exciting very exciting for that
934s team so definitely check out Soul shorts
936s 2 and they also did 5,000 invites to
940s Soul frame Prelude so if maybe you were
942s waiting for an invite you have to make
944s sure you have our Envoy Title
949s sfr.fr preludes by be being given a key
952s via email so check your emails uh well
955s actually they might have not they're
956s doing it after launch so they're
957s probably doing it soon so maybe not just
959s yet uh but there will be 5,000 invites
962s being sent out to soulver preludes so
964s check your emails when you wake up
966s tomorrow and check out soulr prudes okay
970s moving right along Tenon 2024 like we
972s mentioned hey it's uh it's days away
976s don't ever say that again to my face by
978s my back don't I don't want to hear it I
980s don't want to think about it now we got
981s so long that's like that's like 5,000
985s hours is it
987s worse I'm sorry Centon 2024 is fast
991s approaching we do know that it is a
993s physically sold out event but there is
995s lots to do virtually uh that day one of
998s them being we have a kind of mystery
1001s ingame relay event that we're going to
1003s do yes day of if you're at home login
1006s there's going to be a relay popping up
1008s for you to do and it's it's a much um
1011s visually it'll be pretty stunning but
1013s technically a lot lower risk so if
1015s you've felt burned in the past by
1017s logging in for Relay experiences
1019s I'm not saying we're not going to have
1021s login issues but we're going to not have
1023s so many uh synchronization issues so got
1026s it just be in game chill out it's a
1028s one-of-a kind
1030s 1999 Vibe for it is a Vibe it is it is a
1033s Vibe it uh so that'll be happening day
1035s of and then of course we have twitch
1037s drops as well throughout the day this is
1039s the 10 live twitch drop which is St
1042s Prime so that's the from 4:30 to 6 yeah
1044s saram Prime will be the drop and then
1046s during the actual day and you know main
1047s stage panels and all that we have the ax
1050s 52 which is Arthur's little baby boy
1054s rifle uh you can get that as a twitch
1056s drop for watching throughout the day so
1058s those are two twitch drops and like we
1060s said we have a Rel event and then of
1061s course if you have the digital ticket um
1064s there is the barer relay that will be
1066s live where he'll have everything he has
1067s ever sold you can still buy digital
1069s tickets now you can buy them up until
1071s the event I believe um because he's up
1073s for I think a week um in the game so if
1076s you have a digital ticket you can still
1078s hang out with him even after the event
1080s you can do some shopping you can do some
1081s shopping spend your coin it'll be great
1084s each Ducket will take you far that's
1086s true and we have some physical giveaways
1087s that the team is doing you can go to
1088s warframe.com Tenon and check all those
1090s out uh we did announce kind of a little
1093s bit more about Tenon and some voice
1095s actors that are going to be coming Reb
1098s this uh this this group of people seems
1101s to be just wait until you see the full
1104s list seems to be right up your alley Mr
1106s Rea
1107s Ford it only gets it only gets better
1110s gets it only gets better it only gets
1112s better uh so yeah lots of information is
1114s out there for Tenon if you are coming of
1116s course if you're not we're very excited
1118s to see you virtually in chat in game uh
1120s and hanging out with us as we celebrate
1122s the Day so that's July 20th and if
1124s you're here in London July 19th we'll
1126s see you for a 10 VIP all tickets apply
1129s to enter uh can't wait to party with you
1131s Reb's going to do Snake Eater again I
1133s saw karaoke on the menu breakdown and I
1135s just went who and why we had a a
1139s extensive conversation last Prime Time
1141s about we were only going to do songs
1145s that came out in 1999 and I'm I have a
1148s terrible memory and chat was popping off
1151s with songs and it just like flooded my
1153s senses of all these iconic songs from9
1157s was a great year for music had share Bel
1159s share was share was so good in 1999 oh
1162s yeah oh yeah chat you popped off last
1164s week pop off again I would love to see
1165s it uh so yes that is July 19th and 20th
1169s very exciting uh we are going to be uh
1173s doing did you get it bug bug hunt bug
1177s kill I got it wow that was probably that
1180s was probably the first bug de fix
1186s today
1187s disgusting ah anyways uh we got twitch
1191s drops tonight as we do uh we have it's
1194s our last prime time before Tenon if you
1197s didn't know we we had our last St stream
1198s in m
1199s and tonight is our last prime time
1201s before our little break you're still
1203s going to do Dev shorts so you'll see
1205s reev and Steve maybe a couple other
1207s clowns uh Theus I'm saying hey I've been
1211s on it I'm classifying myself as a clown
1214s uh you didn't need to double mention
1215s okay
1217s uh we'll still have some Dev shorts uh
1219s but no prime time no Dev stream until 10
1221s o con 10 live uh we do have twitch drops
1225s tonight we wanted to make a little extra
1226s special for you the tiny the tin umra
1229s fora is so funny in this is that cuz it
1231s has 1% drop oh who Taylor Taylor there
1237s tayor a Sam or a Duo anyways the drop
1239s the first drop is Tiny first they're
1241s both grab bags so the first drop is a
1244s former grab bag so it's either a regular
1246s Forma stand for Ora fora or of course
1248s your Umbra Forma and Taylor wrote May
1250s the odds be ever in your favor and then
1252s drop two is the Jade Shadows arcanes
1255s grab bag so you can get one of the
1257s arcanes that came out with with the Jade
1259s Shadows update uh drop one is 45 minute
1262s claim and then drop two is another 45
1264s minutes so if you watch the whole stream
1266s you're getting two goodies tonight what
1268s will they be you let us know when you
1270s hit those marks shall you and then of
1274s course we have our weekend drops if you
1276s want some more drops some really great
1278s it's like a it's a drone drop weekend I
1280s can see that this is like a subtle hint
1282s of clean your apartment it might be time
1285s I physically can't so it's not going to
1286s be me uh we got uh cologne who was a
1289s Japanese streamer with the classic
1292s domestic
1293s Dr
1295s oh uh
1301s miziz uh domestic drone tomorrow
1304s tomorrow morning a nice uh breakfast one
1306s what's breakfast in
1308s Japanese
1311s sushi OAA would you green tea I don't
1314s know anyways uh and then we have the uh
1316s from Pocket Ninja tago is egg so
1320s oh maybe Sushi T Gohan Gohan what's
1324s Gohan that's rice rice meal yeah food
1328s food is breakfast okay sasi get out of
1330s here with your weees he's not is he
1332s gonna Naruto us oh please sir please sir
1336s don't uh then we got Pocket Ninja on
1338s Saturday with the domestic snob drone oh
1342s my God snobby drone uh so a couple more
1344s drops this weekend to enjoy and then of
1346s course we do have our raid after the
1348s Stream and they also have a little drop
1350s as well and they're going to be dropping
1351s the alrick 1999 display how very
1354s thematic look at him he's so mysterious
1358s he's a very he very handsome boy uh
1360s that'll be the raid drop tonight when we
1363s uh raid later uh but of course like we
1365s mentioned top 10 comments during the
1366s stream is going to be brought to you by
1367s Danny tonight what you got for us Danny
1371s do you actually want me to no no spoiler
1373s okay you cooking oh they're cooking some
1376s they're cooking Danny's also in the
1377s official Prime time Discord Channel
1380s exclamation more Discord if you want to
1381s link over to that and what's the Discord
1383s doing uh they are what's disco doing
1388s they're talking about your language
1390s skills oh yeah Megan the bilingual star
1393s they're probably talking about rep let's
1395s be honest yeah n n n they're talking
1399s about these guys yeah oh God not them
1402s again anyways all right tonight rev is
1406s gonna be playing operation Belly of the
1409s Beast gonna be doing some Jade xmus
1412s gameplay because I physically can't do
1414s it right now I'm here I'm just here as a
1418s circus act to to she's my monkey she's
1421s my monkey but of course we have
1423s giveaways tonight we're going to kick it
1424s off with a thousand Platinum Rue 3 2 1
1428s go he actually has to mine the Platinum
1431s R you were so on the ball last week I I
1434s pushed that button like 5 seconds before
1435s that was pretty good response I don't
1437s know I don't believe it oh pain burn
1439s underscore that's what Megan's feeling
1440s in her knee right now oh no y that's
1443s that's definitely what I'm feeling right
1444s now yeah you have won a th000 platinum
1448s message us with your in-game Alias and
1450s platform so we can hook you up with
1451s 1,000 Platinum freshly mined by Rue from
1455s the Platinum mines Rue yearns for the
1457s mining and mine he will and he did every
1461s Thursday every Thursday Thursday he's a
1463s minor he's a humble
1465s minor all right let's jump into the game
1467s play so re's do the game breb you're
1470s rocking a j I'm feeling the gy call with
1473s that backpack she's so cute this is my
1476s little this is my little military JY
1478s she's like a Recon JY she's going to go
1480s in and make a make a scene I think she
1482s looks fantastic Chad can tell me if I'm
1484s wrong I think she not that I have taste
1486s but I think she looks fantastic I think
1488s it is a good look chat can prove me
1491s right I'll do a quick
1493s blessing uh we will do Affinity because
1495s I did just for of her so I need some W
1498s that's so nice but like look how cute
1500s she looks I have a tenen skin on kuel
1502s skin it's an iconic skin yes I think it
1505s looks she looks like she could hide in a
1506s bush and you'd never see her people are
1509s hyping you up right now Hing me upad
1512s loves you they're loving the fashion
1514s right
1515s now this is why like consider putting me
1518s in the featured fashion frame I'll
1519s consider it I do you are you're you're
1522s tiger excal is louder proud in that Fe
1525s fashion frame I know um all right so
1529s we're going to do belly of the Beast uh
1531s would love to have some people join me
1533s there you go you got to get them to
1534s whisper you something that's right uh
1536s very specific let's let's talk um we're
1538s going to do a steel path run so that's
1540s one thing to keep in mind uh so you have
1542s steel path unlocked um let us whisper me
1547s your hold
1549s on someone said invite for Carrie I'm
1552s not going to do a damn
1553s thing just going to stand there and
1555s twirl yep who's this person Skynet 66
1558s Skynet the world is watching good luck
1562s you have to carry me a substantially
1564s masked woman up this elevator they're
1565s asking what ephemera you have on I have
1567s on the first ephemera of the operation
1570s so I took the the community goal was
1572s reached um and I grabbed the uh Aspirus
1577s ephemera so this is what I'm wearing wow
1581s that's it you could get it too you could
1582s also anyone can get it right now uh but
1585s I have a couple other things I need to
1587s buy still but I was actually saving for
1589s the hate and car and skin which I now
1591s have enough to get so incredible I know
1594s someone did say you look like a
1595s Christmas tree I'm just putting it out
1597s there I'm just putting it out there
1599s that's not a bad thing all right that's
1601s actually an incredible thing I really
1603s appreciate I know a lot of people are
1604s feeling a certain type of way that the
1606s enlightened hate skin does not retain
1608s its skin on incar in form I don't know
1610s if we've made a statement about that yet
1612s we don't to make one right now well I
1615s say I know I know it kind of sucks that
1616s you can't see it but it's a lot more
1618s comp at to fix than you would think but
1620s we're looking into it so now that you
1622s can see we have skin in the game because
1625s I use the hate and car and I want to
1627s like it it we have we all have skin in
1628s the game we always have so we'll uh re's
1631s ingame name is De re yes but I have
1633s someone that said they're going to carry
1634s me so I want I want proof Skynet should
1636s we just sit back and let them let them
1638s cook that's up to you oh job of course
1642s what job's in the really just blessed
1643s you oh oh no FS for jpof no no okay uh
1647s sorry you're going to go in with Skynet
1649s and I mean watch them carry you they
1653s claimed carry do one Mission with them
1656s and see if they'll carry that's what I'm
1657s that's what I'm suggesting we have what
1658s a full 35 minutes of gameplay oh we got
1660s lot we got plenty of time lot of time
1661s they're one and done missions so I hope
1663s they're ready cuz I am not going to lift
1666s I'm going to pick up the sister beacons
1667s to troll them and I'm somewhere else
1670s I'll feed the canister but I'm not going
1671s to kill us no throw the canister
1672s somewhere else oh like make it harder
1674s for like throw them in a corner
1678s so like
1680s AC all right I am I do oh my God they
1683s said that the sister Beacon would all
1685s right so I'm stickling my face sorry is
1688s it you it's a ghost tickling don't like
1691s that the world is watching you Skynet
1694s carry me to the surface throw the
1696s canisters off the
1697s elevator yeah put them at the bottom
1699s like a squirrel just hoard them all
1702s right Sky what are we doing we're going
1703s a Neja carry effort oh I'm not going to
1706s kill anything are they going to give you
1707s awarding halo or are they going to be be
1708s selfish let's see what they're going to
1710s do okay they're they're rocking a blast
1713s uh parkour mod I mean an ice parkour mod
1715s um no wording Halo for you well see the
1718s problem is I have a build I really want
1719s to try with I don't think I'm going to
1721s be able to stop myself from helping you
1723s have to but you have to just watch okay
1726s just follow him around like a little
1728s puppy like okay I'll bring out my
1730s scanner so we can get play
1732s byplay Can You commentate it yeah okay
1734s so let's see let me see if I can
1736s speculate okay will the Jade light get
1737s it all right he is using Divine Spears
1739s to do some CC uh he's really uh not
1742s keeping tabs on the actual health of the
1744s defense pod oh he's he he the mag live
1747s on
1748s Neja all
1750s right
1751s oh Sky I can help all you have to do is
1755s ask you might need some help SK all you
1758s have to do is ask I can press two or one
1761s it's your prerogative do you have your
1763s chat op so you can see him uh he say he
1766s says hello world oh okay
1769s I can help I feel really bad not helping
1771s I mean they said I'll carry that is true
1775s here I'll get some loot I'll get some
1779s these SK all right don't worry Skynet
1782s mother's here mother's here to mother is
1785s here it's steel path Skynet mother's
1787s here oh yeah someone could join this as
1789s stalker if you really oh yeah no it's on
1791s invite only I thought oh you're invite
1792s only okay I can self reses oh they don't
1794s even want me to pick them up off the
1797s ground okay they're on a mission now
1799s okay okay they're like don't touch me
1802s yeah okay get off me all right all right
1804s I won't even pick you up my child T BR
1807s says maybe they meant they needed to get
1809s carried no no I think they are they are
1812s achieving um remarkable they're they're
1814s cooking 3 seconds left till tunnel pH
1816s they are motivated to do this Skynet has
1819s something to prove that's right that is
1821s that is true that is
1826s right it's giving mother is mothering
1829s all
1832s right I'm getting all the sister
1835s beacons you're going to toss them in a
1837s corner no the sister beacons I would
1838s never I thought I saw one up here
1844s glowing I actually believe that Skynet
1847s can do this SK of course Skynet can do
1849s it of course they were programmed to win
1852s all right the last sister Beacon I can't
1855s hear which
1856s is chat sees
1859s hit
1863s the generally Community how are we
1865s feeling about the Ascension game mode oh
1868s I see
1871s it uh why the canister stuck inside the
1874s Pod don't start making excuses
1880s skynut oh oh no what's happening it's
1884s stuck inside the Pod Collision error
1889s which one what canister uh he threw it
1891s in but it didn't actually Collide okay
1892s he says he can
1894s self-revive allow us I'll get last gas
1897s am I helping at all like can I at least
1898s throw a canister in oh they did revive
1901s themselves that is
1903s true chat says could be harder wow yeah
1907s well there's no fail state right it's
1908s just slow down so I get that it reminds
1910s me of escalator land from Fairly Odd
1912s Parents that's but it's not an
1915s escalator it's an elevator
1919s elevator okay Oris voice lines are
1921s fantastic yes the team did an amazing
1924s job with the Oris love the new game mod
1926s the OST is a really nice touch oh the
1928s OST is awesome that choir just gets me
1932s every single
1933s time every single time times three speed
1936s for 6 seconds we need elevator
1940s music why didn't we have elevator music
1942s I'm helping a little bit that's all
1944s right here you know what I'll I'll put
1946s the canister here and it's up to skynut
1948s to
1951s very well that's it I'm being like a
1952s little bit nice oh someone says thanks
1954s for adding the Boost timer yeah little
1958s visibility there oh skynut said thank
1960s you okay now I'm I'm going to keep
1962s feeding I will feed the child I will
1963s feed the child it's up to them to put it
1965s in their mouth but you will bring the
1967s food to them I will yes exactly you can
1969s lead a Skynet to water
1973s but we have a pot of greed grundle
1976s looking Sky not you're down again all
1978s you have to do is ask why you say it so
1982s menacingly just ask it's like a my
1985s villain Arc that's
1988s all all right you don't need me I get it
1990s I don't I don't you want an Easter egg
1992s to play elevator music all right I put
1995s another one of the um capsules on the
1998s elevator for speed boost but you know
2001s take your time take it out
2004s Skynet Skynet I'm sorry for putting you
2006s on the spot like this but if you didn't
2007s want it you shouldn't have messed me
2009s saying I can carry you I think they got
2011s this I I agree I agree that they have
2018s it being a little vicious right now to
2021s me no no no not to you
2024s okay oh um people are are are shocked
2028s they did not know those red things were
2029s jump pads what I bet a lot of people
2033s actually this is how the only way I'm
2034s going to help Skynet when I see a jade
2035s light uh Beacon you can destroy them and
2037s I feel like a lot of people don't know
2039s this yeah you can shoot it and it'll go
2042s away look at that don't forget to shoot
2044s your J light
2046s beacons your liches a Santa look alike
2049s I'm going to need to see that please and
2051s thank
2053s you I have two things for you here all
2056s you got to do is toss them and it'll
2057s speed up Chad didn't know that re you're
2059s teaching the children that's why you
2061s bring me here why pro strats she has all
2064s the strats if you shoot the beacon at
2066s top you will burst the Jade light it's
2068s very similar to the nullifier cap um but
2070s a little easier to hit to be honest
2072s people are saying we didn't know this
2074s you have to tell us this kind of stuff
2075s it was in the patch notes it was in the
2078s patch notes I remember Taylor wrote it
2080s everyone just exposed that they didn't
2082s read yeah 53 pages of patch notes yeah
2088s the 60 pages of patch notes tell me you
2090s didn't read every single line and
2092s memorized it who reads patch notes a
2095s come on now we thank you for the G
2097s representation in my DMs you know what I
2099s think she slept on um so much so that it
2103s hurts I I would show you how good she is
2106s but unfortunately I'm not allowed to
2107s cast any power next I will though I'll
2110s carry Skynet for the next mission when
2112s we do the sister at the top you're just
2114s going to watch I'm just going to watch
2116s very I like it passion the best part of
2118s the update thank you I don't know what
2120s that is about the
2123s update oh I took off my fire rate
2126s mod jars one my faves you got some J
2129s fans in chat good add some plot to the
2132s patch notes D we got to have like a mini
2135s game we should put a cross word in the P
2137s wait a whle oh a secret whle wait that'd
2141s be kind of fun I remember this is a very
2144s long time ago spelling out ignis and the
2146s patch notes no no no this was like when
2149s we I first started uh someone applied to
2153s I think a community job and we told them
2157s in their application the rubber duck the
2158s rubber duck thing make sure yeah yeah we
2161s we wanted to see make sure people were
2163s were listening or reading and so we said
2165s in your cover letter put I love rubber
2167s ducks or something or talk about rubber
2169s ducks at some point and so we'd get
2172s cover letters that had it in it we like
2174s yeah they read it think they know what
2175s they're signing up for they're Gamers
2178s all right where's the sister at uh
2179s she'll be here soon is it at the top
2181s almost there she isia zelle okay I hope
2183s she doesn't come for
2185s me don't look at me I guess I could just
2188s go all the way to the
2189s bottom why would you do that because I'm
2192s not helping with the fight then you
2193s can't watch it
2194s a oh my God getting up is going to suck
2197s you go you can go the jump pad all the
2198s way to the
2199s bottom there's a bottom to top one yeah
2202s yeah what are you learning things I'm
2205s learning well I've never fallen so like
2208s I'm learning it because I don't have go
2210s to the very bottom te the children teat
2212s yourself okay where where is it go all
2213s the way down all the way down all the
2216s way down oh Oh no you're fine you're
2219s fine okay where am I going go behind to
2222s the left like here yeah yeah is it this
2224s that one yeah yeah you're telling me
2226s that'll just launch you the whole way up
2227s yes it'll hit your head you'll hit your
2228s head it's
2231s great you don't hit your head anymore
2236s who oh there you go now you hear your
2238s head okay all
2242s right why are they not killing her I
2244s don't know where' they go uh-oh okay I
2248s think
2250s they I'm coming in oh here comes
2254s mother
2256s no oops I think did they leave with the
2260s Pod no they're right there where
2263s oh where they're right in front of me
2266s they're Reviving me oh okay can't see
2268s anything bro
2270s slipped literally bro slip
2276s whoops nice you got this mother has
2279s fallen she can't get up she's up now I'm
2281s not Reviving him though Here Comes
2283s mother dies yeah here I come and dead
2288s little banana feel what's going on I was
2291s doing much better when I wasn't
2294s playing when I was being
2296s carried nah nah mother needs a Life
2298s Alert mother needs a Life
2303s Alert I don't have last gasp on no I am
2306s she's not a Gasper not
2310s gasping God she ain't a
2315s gas you got this you got
2319s this level four someone says level 14 or
2323s a level is she 175 yeah yeah I'm
2326s tripping I can't tell if my incarnate
2329s mode is on know there we go any g chat I
2334s just read that any gaspers in chat I'll
2338s let him I don't want to see oh watch out
2339s for the
2344s light whoa needed oh [ __ ] it's fine
2349s popping off you got
2352s this okay Shields are down Shields are
2354s down I repeat Shields are down
2360s n it's
2362s fine such a scary light
2368s I was trying out a stupid build before
2370s this where my um I was doing a topaz
2374s Shard mhm to test out the blast
2377s changes so that when you get kills with
2380s um Blast Your Shield recharges I just
2382s wanted to see if I can do like a stupid
2384s build but it was the wrong time but I
2387s was told it was going to be carried so
2389s I'm just going to go in
2392s circle should have subsumed silence on
2395s the frame turn off those eximus
2400s green still
2402s waiting oh yeah I actually don't need it
2404s it's okay it's I'm I'm only using it for
2406s the toret incarn form like when it
2408s actually triggers it should turn blue
2410s and I should hear it but what is this
2412s steel path to no this is do do
2415s nothing be carried like you said You'
2419s be I shouldn't have got the sister
2421s beacons maybe he meant the other two
2423s people would carry
2425s you oh no
2428s yeah maybe he wasn't expecting you and
2430s them listen everyone's having a good
2434s time do you rolling guard
2438s no I should but I don't did did he the
2444s no he's still there oh Chad keeps
2446s thinking that he quit he didn't quit
2448s yeah what's I can see him yeah why are
2450s you guys saying that he quit what's with
2452s your
2452s lies he's not a quitter he's a Gasper
2456s he's Gasper he's gas
2458s rolling guard is for the week what' you
2460s call me rolling guard is awesome I love
2462s rolling guard I my sweet
2469s baby all
2475s right groceries drop groceries yeah what
2479s do you mean I don't know what do they
2481s mean where's the
2486s groceries I'm not helping
2490s I think you need to help I don't want
2493s to I think help is required you said we
2497s had I admit this is a lot harder
2502s as all
2505s right they require mother's assistance
2508s there's only one way to win any fight in
2510s Warframe that's on call
2514s crew scholar light oh
2523s just getting absolutely chunked by my
2526s Spectre there you go that's how you win
2528s Warframe kids God why is your Spectre so
2531s strong I feed them really nutritious
2533s milk oh why has to milk come on Muscle
2537s Milk Muscle Milk yeah no he's mainlining
2540s Muscle
2543s Milk someone say call call yeah call the
2546s boys
2547s someone said call him the stepchild is
2549s that what you're calling your Spectre
2552s The Operators are her stepchild
2555s what many too many
2558s children real greedy milk oh
2562s yeah and greedy milk was such an era I
2565s know of Warframe what
2570s time my scholar is see he's a scholar
2573s but he studies the blade the blade for
2577s sure the
2585s blade easy Mission well you
2592s know I'm using the augment for gy as
2596s well which one um the cathode one where
2599s if you get kills it does a your rotor
2602s swell does a boost and also extends its
2604s duration swelling so you basically never
2607s need to recast your one or two and never
2610s ask me that again actually oh no no
2615s teleport volume is taking away your
2617s abilities
2619s why don't fall I will never fall hey I
2624s think that deserves a platinum prize
2625s what do you think R hey we got jader
2628s Optics hey helmet for your
2632s suffering we love to see
2634s it perfect well that's a plan going to
2637s luck twitch viewer by the name
2640s of Baron the brave bar bar Baron the
2646s baron the brave congratulations you won
2648s a thousand Platinum please whisper the
2649s warf TT channel you watching right now
2651s in game milot platform play War M need
2653s those two pieces of information we get
2655s you your thousand Platinum Baron the
2658s brave Skynet said no help I'll get it
2660s but scholar lighter showed up and told
2663s us a thing or two appreciate the
2664s practice this say we love you skynut
2668s we love you you great carry Skynet and
2670s now we'll do a thank you very much
2673s Skynet for the Run XOXO now you're going
2676s to do a a 4V yes all right what do you
2679s want people to whisper you what's a Vibe
2680s whisper me I'm going to clear out all my
2681s DMs whisper me um your oh God stop I
2686s haven't
2688s told um the best cloud type we like
2692s cumal nimus or you know what's the best
2696s cloud what's what's your opinion Cloud
2698s Strife
2704s baby share a brain I know we do it's so
2708s embarrassing wukong's Cloud that's a
2711s very good answer that's a good one n is
2713s from Dragon Ball Z also a very good
2715s answer um I'm down okay that's a lot of
2719s cloud I'll carry for real for real I'm
2721s not falling for that again uh best
2724s clouds are serus cuz they're so wispy
2726s okay there's a lot of cloud enjoyers in
2728s the chat I need to slow there is a lot
2730s of okay the first person to say final F
2732s oh slive get in here they knew we also
2734s share a bra so yeah they knew um C
2737s cumulus FR that was so fast that they
2739s get one and then the the Wukong wukong's
2742s cloud is pretty clever so those three on
2745s brand oh I think I clicked the wrong
2747s move oh whatever we'll survive oh and a
2750s Founder damn oh Flex big big scal Prime
2753s Flex should I get mycal Prime out for a
2755s double Flex can you survive and
2758s he can survive anything that's true he
2759s sured warframe's launch
2764s so
2765s she surviv the first year of Warframe
2768s you can survive anything um all right no
2771s I'll keep my gy on I want to level her
2773s she's so cool all right who did we not
2774s get did we not
2776s get missing someone fast R we're missing
2779s a Wukong enjoyer a Wukong Eno Cloud
2782s Walker was a
2783s good uh alternate so I'm just going to
2786s get a a couple woong enjoyers in the
2789s chat first one to say Wukong okay we got
2791s one nice crisp thank you very much
2795s yummers to everyone who expressed
2797s interest in our operation here we are
2801s now rising to the top and nothing will
2803s slow us down only way to go is up whoops
2805s s up up up operation up we go I really
2809s need to finish some of my steel paath
2811s planets I haven't finished I got a
2812s couple too yeah and I haven't
2815s finished I guess Jupiter
2818s Hooper hoiter all right R I have a game
2821s to play with you okay you know
2823s the
2825s like you're a 10 but you like dungeon
2829s meshy you know what I mean uhhuh yeah
2831s like the flaw like you you would have it
2833s all but you're brought down by yeah okay
2835s that kind of vibe uhhuh I'm going to do
2837s the Warframe version of that for you
2838s okay and you're going to tell me okay
2841s okay tweaked a little bit all right
2842s ready chat you can play along too
2847s this is my version of it okay that
2849s Warframe is s tier
2852s but they can't wear
2855s sananas so what tier does that bring
2857s them down to uh they like they literally
2860s just can't wear they can't wear sanas if
2862s you can if you have Warframe but you can
2863s never put a s Dana on
2865s it f f oh yeah okay we're going F
2870s honestly no some frames don't what if it
2872s was the greatest Warframe ever at most
2874s that's a a rejection to be at most be at
2878s most that takes you down to be I do see
2879s a lot of bees in chat yeah at most that
2881s takes you to be
2883s mid f for fashionless okay no no no b b
2887s b Final Answer yeah chat's going with B
2889s so basically grundle he can wear sanas
2892s what you talking
2893s about Discord is still saying s Discord
2896s saying sord you're such a beautiful
2899s souls over there all right ready that
2902s Warframe is s tier but they only have
2905s super jump as an ability
2909s ooh that's like d That's D what do you
2912s mean because you could still use like a
2914s good incarnate weapon and you don't need
2915s your abilities like I would say if you
2917s need your abilities to be good at
2919s Warframe you don't deserve the Warframe
2921s you could jump so much you be like a
2922s frog d d like look at me right now I'm
2926s going higher than super jump ever would
2928s have let you go wow super jump looks at
2930s me and its knees quiver okay it gets
2934s down on its knees and begs let me go
2936s that high and I say no you could never
2940s never Excalibur
2943s never all right CH all the way down Zed
2946s tier oh [ __ ] d gold for rev is to
2950s accepting it's an F okay you like you
2953s like this one that Warframe is s tier
2957s but after every kill they hit the
2960s gritty
2962s s++ super plus super plus s++ after
2967s every kill though it's unplayable so
2969s that's what I mean like every kill they
2970s have to hit the gritty I mean that's
2971s what I'm like in fortnite so it's true
2973s unbearable the gritty stun
2976s locked they're gritty stun locked like
2979s out of a purely practical it's getting
2981s an F because I would I would be so angry
2985s right but out of fun good
2987s times Triple S yeah you mean Revenant
2991s what cuz he spins I don't get it that's
2994s not the gritty but I appreciate that oh
2998s no would multiple kills extend the
3000s duration yeah if you get like a a big
3004s CC six six gritties six gritties six
3008s gritty Max make it a peculiar
3014s modone said that's just Octavia but like
3017s not not wrong yeah she do be
3021s dancing super gritty yeah super jump
3023s super gritty Arcane gritty I like it
3027s greedy Capp I I don't see why not could
3030s be good it's a good
3035s idea oh actually Chad had a good one
3037s what was that ah mother
3042s no oh this one's not that bad the
3044s warframes well you said 10 but that's
3046s not the game warframe's SED here but it
3049s has no polarized slots in the mod Min no
3052s polarized slots yeah I
3055s mean it's pretty insurmountable in some
3058s cases like some builds you just couldn't
3061s use sure what one do I even have you
3063s could get there yeah you could get
3066s there are we did we get the sister
3068s beacons yes
3070s okay b d b that's an a all that's an a
3074s ladies and gentlemen like zero polari
3076s not even an aura polarity
3080s zero you can get there it would just
3082s take time but like I can I format it or
3084s am I always using a that's a great
3087s question I don't know if you can like
3089s that's what I'm saying like if I can
3090s format it an hour I'll be fine and it'll
3093s be S tier again but like if you truly
3095s cannot use can never polarize yeah then
3097s it would be like d tier D tier I'm
3101s guessing you can all
3103s right can we still use shards if so it's
3105s an
3111s a I don't even use r as I Rise stands oh
3115s that's a spectre oh people are already
3117s deploying the
3119s troops they saw your Strat they like it
3122s is the only Strat look at that look at
3124s that
3127s melting it's like in a microwave truly
3130s butter in a
3138s microwave oh is this a riddle Galo hold
3141s on hold on
3143s riddle
3145s void all right G you're going to have I
3147s think I know the answer okay ready yeah
3148s riddle me this a oh this is pretty
3151s obvious I think a resemblance to Lobster
3154s armor shred limited to a mod healing
3157s like no other where balance changes are
3159s odd which frame Trinity obviously that
3162s was pretty good though that was pretty
3163s good that was poetic I like that you got
3167s more give me give me
3169s more what what weapon is Reb using uh
3173s I'm using torid with incarn form pratos
3175s and the piranha Prime incredible all
3178s right Killer Joke has one ready
3180s yep it's that Warframe is s tier but
3184s you're stuck with the helmet
3186s zit oh that's that's totally fine all
3188s right R you had some thoughts yeah
3190s you're hating that I'm not a big fan it
3193s ruins my fashion thank you what if you
3196s fashioned around it what if you became
3198s hot pink so you're asking me to fashion
3200s like you
3201s oh is this what prime time become yeah
3205s rou just a boxing ring
3210s Megan the punch actually R is usually
3211s very nice to me so I don't know I'm a
3213s bad influence on him for sure yeah it's
3215s cuz you share that brain cell so all
3216s right GG
3218s sliv all right GG friends um you got
3221s time for like one more I think I do I
3223s can do a stalker run there you go who
3225s will I help there you go spoiler if you
3228s finish the Jade Shadows Quest and you go
3231s talk to ortis in the relay you can find
3233s a shared purpose and perhaps for reasons
3236s unknown
3237s stalker will reasons
3241s unknown zero bugs included not
3247s one the Warframe is s tier we can only
3250s use an array of augment mods unique to
3252s it no normal mods augments
3255s only you can only use augments on it h
3259s but like only respective to that
3260s Warframe yeah I'm trying to think of who
3262s has the most augments like Excalibur has
3265s a lot I don't know I feel like could do
3267s an augment only build I I think that
3268s could be fun I actually think if can I
3270s use archon chards as well I think so it
3272s just said no mods like no other mods
3275s yeah I think that could be fun an
3276s augment only run augment only I mean it
3278s really depends on the frame like some
3280s have zero augments yeah or one and like
3283s yeah could be good isn't that just
3289s Rhino could be good for Styx with his
3292s intrepid you could just but he only has
3294s two augments one for J yeah but all you
3296s need is intrep
3297s okay okay it's all you need no but I
3300s feel like some really changed the play
3302s style like n with an augment assimilate
3304s just yeah this is true necros would pop
3308s despoil oh that's true you could do a
3309s few there terrify Shield yeah necros
3312s would be pretty
3314s interesting how do you play a stalker
3316s says CR finish the quest talk to ortis
3319s in the relay and click a shared purpose
3321s and then you
3322s can play and be the stalker
3328s your Warframe is s tier but its head is
3330s replaced with helmet's
3333s lips I'm down who said that Captain
3337s Captain up oh are you playing Ascension
3339s right now Captain up I'd rock that I'd
3342s rock those lips absolutely that's a
3346s crazy thing to
3347s say someone says do we know when glaive
3350s Prime comes back we do Tenon Tenon
3353s glaive Prime comes back Ember Prime
3355s Resurgence will be coming back at varia
3357s and as well Ember heirloom is launching
3360s uh July 20th Ember heirloom Ember
3363s primary Resurgence big Ember Day big
3366s Ember Day all my Ember
3368s babies I hear that red line theme hell
3371s yeah hell yeah dude Banger wait was that
3373s announced it was what yeah it was what I
3375s just said yeah we did it on the
3376s devstream mhm oh that's massive hell
3380s yeah yep big day big day big day for
3385s Warframe heads
3388s and lips y okay
3391s we're we need some power does does
3394s stalker see the pickups on his
3398s head he's too cool he's blinded by
3410s rage your Warframe is s
3414s tier but it has talking ortis as a
3416s companion forever a 10 out of
3420s 10 s tier give me that trash can ORD
3423s this all day Skynet is in the Discord
3425s are they what hi Skynet uh oh what are
3428s they saying what are they have they just
3429s said also hello gamer hope you are doing
3432s well hi gamer I hope you're doing well
3434s as well SK you recovering from yeah you
3437s need a nap do you need a coffee you need
3440s a the discord's hyping the up we love
3442s you Sky we love you skyn you carried
3445s okay you did
3446s you
3451s did sky at the legend the one only I
3455s wish I was strong as you
3459s Sky oh my God they're being so get this
3462s man a
3464s Gatorade he needs some
3466s milk I said we should make a special
3468s role in the Discord Sky I feel like
3472s people get the wrong idea yeah maybe
3474s they think what the all right oh yeah
3479s oh I know the gaus prime mix goes hard
3482s but this is like Friday night driving on
3485s the road just me in the road me in the
3488s me in the pavement the song yeah exactly
3491s whatever gets your toes tapping you know
3493s true true true okay your warframe's s
3496s here but you can't fully Sprint you can
3498s only do a light
3500s jog that's a hobbled key away from being
3503s reality so fair that is true
3508s s tier Warframe but you can't bullet
3509s jump Sprint or roll uh then we
3512s officially are F tier big F
3517s tier what did you read that yeah is it
3520s the one that I
3524s this what I said this Warframe this is
3529s horrid wizard the Warframe is s TI but
3531s there is so much hair and all capital
3535s letters what does that mean so much hair
3539s is there e canonically hairy
3541s Warframe like have we gone there ha
3543s actually I guess the Excalibur zet skin
3545s has hair ponytail the ponytail but
3547s that's more I mean prota Deluxe has
3551s feathers oh yeah is does any Warframe
3555s canonically have hair textures on them
3557s hair CS Bruna doesn't does she Bruna
3559s does not bruna's only sculpt what about
3560s nidus when he's like nidus with his
3563s tentacles that's a hair that is that is
3565s the closest cousin to hair
3567s a tentacle is the closest cousin of hair
3570s on the when he mutates Baro Prime
3572s doesn't I'm talking literal hair C I
3574s actually think we have an art Direction
3576s rule that you don't put hair cards on
3578s warframes so I don't think we have any
3580s pro oh I'm seeing protas Deluxe those
3582s are feathers oh they are feathers those
3584s are feathers Valk here doesn't have hair
3587s no I don't think there's any hair
3588s rendering veruna doesn't have any it's
3590s all sculpted Vera has no hair it's all
3592s sculpt sculpt sculpt give grindle Delux
3595s chest hair oh Frost Hara no he's he's
3598s waack he's got abs yeah he's he's
3601s Sleek he's
3603s Sleek Nas's tentacles on account of how
3607s small they are do resemble hair the most
3609s closely they're a little Folly that's
3611s that I would say nidus Prime we'll go to
3613s nidus Prime in in um in um his his
3617s infested mode and we'll we'll take a
3618s look jury we've come to a
3621s conclusion oh my gosh Skynet is also
3623s Canadian Revenant beard Revenant beard
3626s yeah oh the hair though
3628s that's that is the closest looking hair
3631s like it's Dante's
3633s beard Dante's beard not very hair not
3635s very hairy damn it oh limbo no no no no
3640s limbo no no no no no I got a half but no
3643s hair oh the sarinopoulos it's sculpted
3645s though oh the the bang it's the hair
3647s Yeah Bang it's not like a card like it's
3650s not like an actual like like a hair
3652s sculpt versus a hair card attached to m
3656s what about the mustaches okay okay those
3658s are also sculpted we need to upgrade
3660s those with FTE real hair yeah cuz
3663s they're just little like kubra for 2.0
3665s fly to mustache that could be good uh
3668s okay let's just take a quick look at
3670s nidus let's let's see here the Lotus
3673s mask for operators does that have little
3676s wispy hairs that's not a frame I'm
3679s talking like Wukong no like I'm talking
3681s your look Wukong Deluxe has mustache
3684s that might be it must he does have a
3686s little it might be Wukong Deluxe cuz
3689s yeah but it's not hair it's sced it's
3691s like geod
3694s yeah okay that's pretty that's sculpted
3698s though no I was going to say ember's
3701s Mohawk but oh that's that's fire yeah
3705s warframes are
3706s hairless but I do think that the um like
3710s the mutation like that is the clo but
3712s it's it's so clearly not hair it's
3715s clearly not hair but it probably is the
3717s close and then Revenant beard energy
3719s beard is also close Okay warframes are
3723s hairless as of today confirmed we don't
3725s know what the future holds zero hair
3728s dolphins dolphins okay I mean I I I've
3732s played nidus enough yeah like you would
3734s never catch me sleeping on nidus okay
3737s but sometimes like as life es and flows
3740s and you find yourself looking at an
3742s arsenal of like what 57 Warr 57
3745s warframes
3747s is nidus the coolest looking Warframe oh
3750s like straight up like when it comes to
3753s badass
3754s infestation Vibes like are we ignoring
3757s like deluxe skins like we're talking
3759s like is nidus number one for looks for
3762s looks for like straight
3766s up
3767s like I don't
3770s know that's it no like he doesn't have
3773s the most going on for him
3776s only mutated like I'm talking mutation
3780s like Nas's daddy seag goth oh come on
3784s SEO Shadow is awesome everything about
3787s SE goth is but I think just like as as a
3790s offering to my eyes should I be yearning
3794s for Comfort I go to n in my Arsenal I
3797s find nidus yearning for
3800s Comfort look at him oh as a nidus m look
3804s at his butt I am obsessed yeah I think
3807s I'm going back to my nidus era are you I
3809s think I think things I think something
3811s just changed in me something something
3813s click something something just told me
3815s that I haven't given him enough he needs
3817s more his Deluxe is also just so the
3820s Frank skin look at that the jelly arms
3824s the jelly arms it's kind of
3827s distur I don't know it's got to be him
3831s he is he's special he's very different I
3833s would say
3836s pretty good look at a helmet he's so
3841s cute he actually kind of looks like a
3846s Elden Ring character I knew going to say
3848s I knew I was going to say came out of my
3849s mouth hold on now like with the metal
3851s like you need the giant Domino sword
3853s this is kind of giving Elden Ring
3855s character am I wrong cuz that looks like
3858s gon's hair oh it Who Gon Ron Ron yeah
3862s like you know you get his helmet and you
3863s get like crazy red hair he's kind of
3866s giving Elden Ring character right
3868s now damn okay this is my nus era she's
3872s back she's back with her
3875s n what a guy all right thank you for
3879s listening to my sermon I love it what
3882s else I love what a th
3887s Platinum you could sense that our one
3890s brain cell that we share isn't triggered
3892s uh you know I think something's in
3894s Gatorade right now and I can
3897s you've had a busy day it's
3899s fine
3901s Captain que Captain Captain que
3904s congratulations you won 1,000 Platinum
3906s please whisper the Warframe twitch
3907s Channel you're watching right now in
3908s game p for play Warframe on and we'll
3909s get you your 1,000 Platinum Captain
3912s Queen Captain Queen
3914s congratulations all right shall we take
3918s a little gameplay break and we'll do
3920s some a lot of art this is the only time
3923s I get to play do you want to show your
3925s Von guys want to see my Bon cuz that's
3927s very Elden ring as well oh my look at
3930s him he looks like an an angel a guardian
3933s this is my Paladin Bon look very he's
3936s like a Holy
3937s Paladin he comes from the lands of
3940s Holiness the celestial
3942s plane in the search of righteousness he
3946s will shoot you Warhammer 40K yeah it is
3949s it's it's a little it's a little Emperor
3951s coded for sure for sure there you go
3955s okay ch I will seize my playing all
3957s right we can come back we might have
3959s time all right we have a few things to
3962s go through we have three buckets of art
3966s essentially to show you because we're
3968s going to be showing you the cross save
3971s Dojo
3972s winners the Community Showcase winners
3976s for Tenon
3977s 2024 and the 1999 capture contest
3982s winners Dojo showcase
3985s yes I missed the middle one Community
3987s Showcase winers Community Showcase
3989s winners capture 1999 that's right okay
3992s I'm ready you get oh Lord oh it's been a
3994s while since we show this one contests CU
3998s contest
4000s oh Mesa has hair confirmed who who
4003s confirm Mesa doesn't have hair she has a
4005s band bandana bandage thing that ain't
4007s hair anyways all right we're going to oh
4011s they won they won they're they're
4014s they're working look at they win they
4018s win just G to keep going back to this
4020s asset H all right we're going to start
4022s with the cross save Dojo winners here we
4028s go let me get my Z situated are they all
4030s pictures they are pictures one is a
4032s video okay you all right yeah okay sorry
4034s no you're fine I thought someone got the
4036s Umbra fora but it's just Jamie trolling
4038s Jamie you trolling I thought you found
4039s some hair on a war
4040s frame did you find the hair there is no
4043s hair no hair keep keep looking though I
4045s like I like your style all right we are
4047s going to do the first winner is in the
4051s ascendant category we have Clan
4055s Jerusalem is that Elder ring shadow of
4057s the earth tree it sure looks like it oh
4060s my God it literally looks like it mother
4062s would thou truly lordship sanction in
4066s one so
4068s bed have you beat you haven't beat the
4070s lion
4072s yet I will say though when I was surgery
4075s day one
4076s Miss Rebecca Ford did Discord stream to
4078s me her alen ring gameplay and all I did
4080s was scream you screamed a couple times
4084s and then we got to the the the lion guy
4086s and you went okay that's enough for me
4089s tonight that's true friendship right
4091s there that's beautiful this is a this is
4093s a dojo this is a Warframe Dojo
4095s incredible they've turned the Veri into
4097s Elden ring who would have thought who
4100s knew pretty good all right next up we
4102s have the clan Spectrum
4106s oh my God it's up to his Prime roll out
4109s oh my God they even have the little uh
4111s Debbie Sheen glyph as the autobot
4113s signature oh my God that's actually
4115s Debbie the autobot confirmed Debbie do
4117s you like Autobots I Debbie is definitely
4119s more of a
4121s Decepticon she gives Decepticon she she
4124s kind of like not in like a bad way but I
4127s love Decepticon yeah I'm just saying I'm
4129s I'm I prefer the look of Decepticons
4131s over I would take starcream over Optimus
4134s any day absolutely yeah dude's cooking
4136s yeah dude's so cool we might cause a
4139s briide in chat so stop that conversation
4141s there like I'm sorry any Gaming
4143s Community I've ever been a part of there
4145s are Starscream freaks really Chad anyone
4148s hear a freak for
4150s starcream anyone hear a freak for
4152s starcream who's going to match my
4154s starcream match my starcream
4157s freak Chad I need to know it's Shockwave
4161s is better hold on who Shockwave no
4164s chance no chance Shockwave wishes they
4167s had star screams RZ shock no chance no
4171s chance absolutely not nah I mean he
4173s purple so he's pretty cool starcream
4176s star scream though oh he's he's a baddy
4178s oh yeah he kind of sucks like he's a
4181s he's he's a douche he does suck he kind
4183s of sucks but like like appearance wise
4185s he's pretty sick no but like he's just
4187s like he's never good enough for Megatron
4189s you know oh he always loses like wait
4192s how do I spell the se sound wave is
4194s significantly Superior all that
4199s Soundwave
4202s Decepticon I need a list of
4204s Decepticons we can list to Decepticons
4207s you can't spell Decepticons without D
4211s huh like it oh here we go D CH said
4215s Starscream is also a jet so he's pretty
4217s cool in my book yeah he is a jet that is
4220s so much cooler than anything else he's
4223s not a transport truck he's a jet the
4225s difference
4226s like the difference between turning into
4228s a fighter jet and turning into a an like
4231s a hall reeler is like a must a yellow
4235s Mustang E I believe it's Camaro in the
4238s American Car Company sorry sorry sorry
4241s sorry Soundwave shall not have his name
4244s shock no there's Soundwave and shock
4246s wave s shock wave sound wave and shock
4248s wave okay why can't I get a list of
4250s decep why is so hard oh here we go okay
4253s Megatron obviously baddy he's a tank no
4257s there is a tank oh there's different
4259s alternate forms he can be cybertronian
4262s which is a
4263s jet or he can be a flying tank what or
4267s he can be an armored Rusty Mac F tank
4270s not just
4273s a where do
4275s you and then you got
4277s starcream then you got barricade which
4279s is a police car barricade is a jerk we
4282s we hate Barcade we hate barricade Bone
4283s Crusher Bone Crusher is unbelievable
4285s he's like an ATV M protected vehicle
4289s yeah we got blackout and grindor which
4291s are
4292s helicops scorpion not knock sucks worst
4297s oh frenzy what to the radio huh I think
4302s the movie ones he's a Bo boom I feel
4305s like frenzy was a Hollywood Edition but
4307s I don't know oh maybe we got brawl who's
4310s a
4310s tank we got the fall oh that's a baddie
4314s Soundwave okay yeah he's a people love
4316s sound wave and he's either a satellite
4318s or a
4322s mercedesbenz all right pick your poison
4324s pick a lane pick a
4328s lane actually if you've seen Mercedes
4330s drivers they
4343s don't that's the realest thing that's
4346s ever been said in this
4348s room Rampage is a
4351s bulldozer Mix Master is a concrete
4354s cement truck oh my God payload is a
4358s caterpillar yellow caterpillar dump
4361s truck okay back to Optimus there's so
4364s many Decepticons well they have a lot to
4367s deceive there's one called sideways he's
4368s an
4369s a I think that's a Hollywood addition
4372s every car company wanted to be
4374s associated with the Transformers
4377s o oh my god there a I'm pretty sure they
4379s made all the European cars villains and
4381s all the heroic Autobots were American
4383s cars if I'm not mistaken like pseudo
4386s pseudo car
4388s propaganda like every every good guy car
4391s was an American brand and every bad guy
4393s car was not you're probably right you're
4396s lying I'm not lying lock down is a lamb
4399s sorry I was saying this to to Discord
4401s there's ambulan who turns into a single
4404s leg that can't be a real thing ambulon
4407s ambulon is he a Decepticon or are you
4409s guys trolling Autobot it sounds like an
4411s Autobot Autobot there is an ambulon it
4414s is a
4416s leg he just turns into a single leg you
4420s could have used that with your a don't I
4422s need this no I need this that is
4424s literally the transformer for you I need
4427s to be ambulan in my current ERA of life
4431s and then there's a quote that says I'm
4433s coming baby legs I'm regular leg
4437s what is Transformers we need to
4438s immediately move on what the hell does
4441s that mean I'm coming baby legs come on
4444s baby
4445s legs oh my God what is this unfortunate
4450s alternate mode is All That Remains from
4452s his former life when he was used as a
4454s guinea pig for a botched
4456s experiment okay that's tragic Dark
4461s Robot okay I'm ready to I'm ready to
4465s move on where are we anyways um back to
4468s dojo's uh so this was
4471s Spectrum uh now we go to Slayers of
4476s Darkness that the a is based on design
4479s by Philip math house Han the gear ratios
4482s displayed in the build are roughly
4484s accurate I like how the roughly is in
4487s it's a fully functioning gear mechanism
4490s damn if you turn one
4491s gear they all turn
4496s damn damn gears a war next we have from
4501s Mad architect hey look at this little
4505s little spacey room it's got a waterfall
4508s is this is this something I always want
4510s to be like quick to judge like what I
4512s always assume it's like a reference of
4514s some kind bollow or something yeah and I
4516s always know someone in chat will know
4517s okay the volcano mixed with the water
4519s mixed with the giant tow is this like
4520s from One Piece is this from is there
4524s some which is like or is that a is that
4527s a sail at the top it does look like a
4529s sail but is that a flying boat there's
4530s other ones over there they're flying
4532s boats it's got to be Asgard it's not low
4534s of the r that's what I mean it's always
4535s Asgard yeah where's the where's the
4538s bridge yeah we don't know that's Wizard
4541s 101 people are saying RuneScape is it I
4543s don't think it's RuneScape Alo chat said
4546s RuneScape all right it's my favorite
4547s Dark Souls 2 level who knows uh next up
4550s we have the Imperial
4553s age would you have te there oh
4556s oh I would I would tea at the edge of
4558s the Universe I feel like that's too much
4560s open space for me no that's to much no
4563s that's beautiful oh my God too much it's
4565s giving Apothecary Diaries
4568s a gingi s
4571s a it's very nice though that's
4574s incredible building I love the cusp of
4575s the sky Buck
4577s beautiful uh then we go into the new
4580s emerant category these are new dojo we
4583s have Angry hamster a a look at these
4586s guys it's like a little Moon a nighttime
4589s tree for it it's like a patio in the sky
4592s beautiful looks lovely stunning I'd have
4594s a drink there that's not too much space
4595s for sure a cup of tea there's an awning
4598s uh and then we have DOL
4601s Mari we got mechs we got mechs we got
4604s the Jackie 01 and the Jackie o02 oh why
4607s the
4608s Jackies their cage they dangerous
4611s Jackies are dangerous all Jackies are
4612s dangerous uh and then last but not least
4614s all start
4616s Clan
4617s Quinn
4619s quanon what what just a
4624s couple he has he's got a diaper too oh
4627s my
4628s God
4630s stop they rebuilt DUI
4634s stop damn are you Kidd oh my god oh
4639s different different days different moods
4641s night time ooh oh oh it's got a health
4645s bar
4648s a fish uh what's the what's the big fish
4650s name again it has a cool name bismi not
4653s bisou who what's the big what's the big
4655s fish Final Fantasy it's bismar bismar oh
4658s you were so close bisou yeah bismar yeah
4661s bisou bismar is a yeah that's one I'm
4665s that is incredible chat says bismar yep
4668s bismar they could be lying though
4671s incredible Dojo here we go whoops sorry
4674s I mean to do that that is so good we
4676s have well done she's the summer Allstars
4680s 2024 you're an Allstar baby our some are
4683s ascendants for 2024 which are Clans that
4687s have participated before and then we
4688s have emerence which are brand new Clans
4691s that are going to be showcased oh oh not
4693s the pooi uprising pooi Uprising is that
4696s either like a like a cultural thing like
4699s Peno or is it like Pony or is it stable
4702s was it stable star I don't know Star
4704s Stable Star Stable oh no oh no lots of
4708s great Dojo stuff coming so those are the
4710s summer 2024 cross save Dojo I think it
4713s must be a Filipino Clan tough to say who
4717s knows all right next up we're going to
4719s do the 1999 capture contest
4723s winners and oops I lost my spot we are
4726s going to start what so this is the what
4731s is this
4733s now remind me cuz there two things and
4735s they don't they sound simar three things
4737s yeah I know so we did dojo we did Dojo
4739s but now we're in the we have the 1999
4741s capture contest winners but there's also
4744s then we have the Tenon community art
4746s showcase so okay so the capture is
4749s relegated to the stream but like is the
4751s community art showcase stuff stuff we're
4753s going to show at Tenon these are the
4754s winning pieces that are physically going
4756s to be at tenoc Con in okay I was
4759s confused what carried beyond the like
4761s just showing yeah yeah yeah that's fair
4763s that's tot Fair no no you're good
4765s understand that's good so we have some
4767s for this 1999 capture contest we have
4769s honorable mentions and then we have a
4771s top 10 for capture
4777s for Rebecca Fork I don't know Rebecca
4781s for so this is capture cont this is
4784s capture a contest 1999 1999 okay not
4787s tenacon but also tenacon 199 okay okay
4791s okay we're GNA start with honorable
4792s mentions uh this is from
4797s ninja Cen ninja
4800s Cleon incredible the mother graffiti in
4803s the background the TV NE so good their
4807s operator looks sick incredible yeah
4809s incredible creativity applied here well
4811s done I even see some scan lines I think
4813s very well and Loki mid what a little
4816s little jokester A+ another honorable
4819s mention dizzy one two three did a remake
4823s of Dark Sector
4826s frame pretty good there was some Dark
4828s Sector chat in the in the uh in the in
4832s the club earlier in the club yeah very
4834s well there has to be incredible uh next
4837s honorable mention we have from stos
4840s stros look at those eyes oh my God would
4844s you let him beam you up wouldn't say no
4847s all right I'm into it wow that is
4851s brilliant it's so cool I like how they
4853s put the Tenon logo there too
4855s so good another honorable mention Dark
4858s Ages XX I very nice oh what do they have
4862s there what Drive are we in are we in D
4864s drive what are we booting there Warframe
4866s system warframe 1999 startup yeah a
4870s drive is it a drive that's like old
4871s school is that like Doss era yeah it's
4873s the floppy disc drive floppy Drive yeah
4875s okay that's so cool I remember I used to
4877s have to boot floppy drives on my
4878s grandma's computer to play like I love
4880s floppy D me didn't but I do love them
4883s Incredible or dis message operator are
4885s you ready a incredible so
4888s fun uh and then we have honorable
4892s mention a oh my God the drip look at are
4897s they hugging Lloyd's just like who are
4899s you judging the the ready for the '90s I
4902s got to say I I appreciate this fashion
4904s incredible I think it's great you stand
4906s out you're different you're unique
4907s you're special you're an icon
4910s unique is that song what you are a that
4914s is what
4916s uh and then last iable mention we have
4918s is from sweet tears they made a
4921s motorcycle they made an epic motorcycle
4925s does that say epic games uh it says epic
4928s not sponsored got
4930s it try epic there's a little cat on it
4933s so good looks like they're in the seat
4935s and they got the the digital pack
4937s backpack on we got sna bucks in the
4939s background they got what sedna books oh
4941s is that their got some coffee the
4944s backpack is the add touch beautiful very
4946s good is that OE is that mag we'll never
4949s know we'll never know we'll never know
4952s all right and then we're going to go
4953s into the top 10 we're going to go from
4957s 10th to first so in 10th we have from
4961s Ronnie like R Ronnie no r a h n y that
4967s is so good yeah it's giving um what's
4969s what not um what was the not Fury
4973s something there was that crazy the
4976s martial arts movie that had this Vibe
4979s martialart I completely forget what it
4980s was called it was like someone will know
4982s someone in chat will
4984s know Rebecca Warframe is own by it's not
4987s Kung Fury no it's not Kung Fury it was
4989s like I think it was like an Internet
4990s movie more than anything but I kind of
4991s forget um everyone's saying Kung Fury
4994s it's not Kung Fury double it's not
4996s Double Dragon either I'll figure it out
4999s is it Kung Fury for sure it's not I'm
5001s not thinking of Kung Fury I'll no enough
5004s blood dragon blood Dragon thank you
5006s blood dragon yeah is that we said I I
5008s don't even know if that's
5009s right something with a dragon something
5011s with a dragon all right uh moving on in
5014s ninth place we have from
5018s zenos oh the little antenna yeah
5021s beautiful
5024s backpack and they brought the Hau
5027s holster yes full pack they got the whole
5030s drip beautiful cool beautiful cool hell
5033s throwing knife
5035s and next up we have Dart
5039s tank o glitchy oh it's is that Mesa
5043s shooting at me there's a gun in my face
5045s gun in your face okay is it Mesa the no
5047s the skirts to pronounce it is gy oh my
5050s wife it's your girl girl gy pointing a
5053s gun at you don't shoot don't shoot I'm
5056s innocent girl I'm innocent Matrix Vibes
5059s yeah love it big Matrix
5061s Vibes uh next up we have
5066s the pixel
5067s peer the back street boys Millennium
5070s album cover stop okay wait that means
5073s that Oberon
5075s is Oberon is Kevin Equinox is
5080s AJ Catrine is Nick Frost is Brian and
5084s ember's Huey
5087s Howie am I close no I can't be I'm just
5089s guessing let you say it again I said
5093s Kevin AJ Nick Brian Hoy no damn it Nick
5098s is second last so Frost is Nick a I
5101s tried you tried Frost I with the frosted
5103s tips I get it oh [ __ ] that's actually
5106s brilliant so so smart you tell me back
5108s tre's back Banger album all right this
5111s is going to ruin the tour what Tour the
5115s World Tour the World Tour they're going
5119s on tour baby uh no next up we have Zolo
5123s The Raven
5126s study look at that stud book think
5128s they're stealing from Dante's Library
5130s they definitely are overdue books for
5133s sure and a beautiful Equinox skin that
5135s we don't typically see they look so cool
5138s oh wait that's reallyi I'm wrong yeah
5140s that's our aqua girl that's youri I had
5142s the wrong idea with the uh sister of
5146s parvos ephemera so lucky yeah it's so
5149s that want that so bad uh then we move on
5152s to in fifth place we have from Oni May
5156s Cry
5158s 3 wow it's kind of giving Batman Onie
5162s May Cry 3 this is giving Batman the bats
5164s in the background yep and the St that's
5166s the duviri lattice work thing M was
5170s Batman a 1999 uh I don't it must have
5172s been George Clooney by 99 did like I
5175s know Michael Keaton was 89 and then they
5177s did Val Kilmer and then they did George
5178s Clooney so CL Batman Beyond first season
5181s of Batman Beyond was 1999 but the movies
5185s the Batman
5187s movie Batman and film it went Katon
5192s Kilmer so Batman and Robin was 1997 and
5195s then there wasn't then there was
5197s Catwoman in 2004 okay so there was a
5199s break so Batman and Robin yeah that that
5200s tracks there was a Batman break there
5203s was a bit of a Batman break and then it
5204s went crazy in the 2000s yeah as we as we
5209s do this is Batman Beyond damn okay Chad
5212s all right go off with the red chest oh
5214s never ever Mis categorize a Batman
5216s Batman fans will go Joker on you all
5219s right who's the best Batman who's the
5221s best Batman who's like objectively yeah
5223s who's the best movies or shows or like
5227s are we like Kevin Conroy or movies
5230s movies I think it depends what you like
5232s in your
5234s manbat that's a great great thing to say
5236s it depends what you want are you a do
5239s you want Camp cuz Jack Nicholson is The
5240s Joker Is camp that's true but do you
5243s want Cinema then you go for Christopher
5245s Nolan about Michael Keaton that's Camp
5248s that's Camp that's Camp Michael Keaton
5250s is
5251s Camp and Chris uh Christian Bale is
5254s Cinema and that's the difference but
5257s what about Ben Affleck never saw a Ben
5259s Affleck Batman that's speaks that's all
5261s you need to say I can't speak to it that
5263s is all you need to say anyways uh moving
5266s along to uh fourth place we
5271s have uh how do I pronounce this IU oh my
5275s God that is so good that is look at the
5277s 1999 the corner that is such a '90s
5279s treatment oh my God that's so good I can
5282s like feel the temperature of that
5284s picture you know like I'm in that room
5286s steel I'm cold I can feel the
5288s temperature of this captura yeah he the
5291s the glow in the eye too who needs air
5292s conditioning when you have this needs it
5294s it is so cold I'm cold now chly that is
5297s what does it say in the top left um
5299s Tenon
5300s 2024 and I can't read the rest I can't
5303s read what's under uh I well it's a
5305s barcode
5307s oh beep beep what am I buying I'll buy
5310s it I'll scan it that's so good very
5312s Terminator yeah yeah when did Terminator
5315s come out uh Terminator 1 was 89 and
5317s Terminator 2 was 92 we're so close I
5320s think so close uh moving on in third
5325s place Razer
5327s Fay
5329s oh look at all the titanas look at all
5332s the little girls and Ash watching the
5333s ladies oh my God Ash is Ash and Titania
5336s thing you and Titania I know but would
5338s you ship Ash and Titania or is overon I
5341s can't I can't bring them up can't bring
5343s him up oh 80 it's 84 and 91 I was off 84
5346s and 91 close enough close enough close
5348s enough so cute 84 I wasn't born yet okay
5352s give me a break I wasn't alive I wasn't
5355s alive we're trying over here I thought
5357s Terminator to okay it was 91 but for
5359s some reason' 92 was it nominated for an
5361s Oscar that aired in the ' 92 year for
5363s special effects get resurrected or
5365s something for special effects or
5366s something oh um I don't know this
5370s probably yeah the film's Terminator 84
5373s terminat 2 Judgment Day 91 favorite
5375s movie of all time terminat 3 Rising the
5377s machines 2003 never don't I saw that
5380s once ohry very well Terminator 2 best
5383s movie of all time the Terminator
5384s collectible card game came out in
5387s 2000 that's how I lost all my
5389s money and the Terminator to colle on
5392s that car game I sold all my beanie
5393s babies for
5395s the beanies uh next up in second place
5399s we have
5401s Bas oh my God it's the unreal marketing
5404s oh my God it's unreal tournament 1999
5406s and they even have the flag Cannon and
5408s they have the oh my God how funny
5412s monster kill well that was really good
5415s you voice actress nope no and they like
5418s a vintage G logo oh my God they must
5421s have scoured the internet for that one
5422s that is incredible
5424s WR baby oh my God that's oh my God
5428s they're using yeah they're using the
5429s operating system we made for Whispers In
5431s The Wall
5433s wow oh my God how fun that is so
5437s good A+ A+ plus plus A+ and in first
5443s place we have black
5446s shark Matrix baby so Matrix oh my God
5451s it's so good giving leather Trench
5454s oh my God it's so Dodge this oh very
5458s good so good it is incredible when did
5461s The Matrix come out uh
5465s 99 and then like a thousand years to the
5468s next one right uh no I think reloaded
5470s was 2001 was it I think it came out the
5471s same year as Fellowship of the Ring if
5473s I'm not Matrix 99 y Matrix Reloaded 2003
5477s oh three yeah it was one of the Lord of
5479s the Rings years that came oh and then
5480s Matrix resurrections 2021 yep so it was
5482s like crazy long time oh my God that's so
5485s good 10 out of 10 love to see good we
5490s love it all right those are the 1999
5494s captura contest winers the community art
5498s but not real art that's going to be at
5501s 10: but it is beautiful and it is very
5505s very cool to see I can yep yep so good
5508s oh okay like we mentioned this is the
5511s community art showcase you're going to
5513s see these in person if you're going to
5516s come to 10 ofon 2024 we're going to have
5518s these so I'm going to see these twice
5519s you're going to see them twice you're
5520s going to see them digitally and then
5522s with your own eyes printed framed on a
5525s wall you can touch it maybe not touch it
5527s but you can see it in person okay um we
5530s did have over a 100 submissions so thank
5532s you so much to everyone that
5534s participated in this showed us your art
5535s it was incredible uh we do have 30
5538s winners uh that we're going to show you
5540s here today and then in the uh Community
5543s Showcase forum post we are going to give
5545s some honorable mentions as well in there
5547s so you can check that out for sure but
5548s we're going to show you the 30 winners
5550s that are going to be got 100 submissions
5552s over 100 you were all winners in my
5554s heart all winners I'm going to look at
5556s all the submissions anyway and eat them
5558s up all right this is in no order
5560s whatsoever it's just art art art art art
5563s no order no order just 30 uh starting us
5567s off strong the one the only we got
5571s rickens oh my God this is what 2023
5575s Warframe is 2024 Dante was this year
5578s their cinematic Warframe poster oh my
5581s God they have the original Three and
5582s then the last three we did Dante corvex
5584s and
5585s deos beautiful oh look at Dante framing
5588s the top Dante his his triangle shape is
5590s working for him in this picture for sure
5592s never isn't I love him that's beautiful
5595s strongest shape everyone chat name your
5597s requium go name them in order o that's
5603s cheating why
5604s cuz that's just the one it's the only
5606s one you need
5610s Ah that's I had to say
5613s it uh all right next up we have from Oho
5617s no Arthur an Al oh my God it's so good
5620s look at their long legs oh oh they're so
5624s long look at them oh my God it's so
5627s stylish and beautiful they're so cool
5628s it's bloody sword oh it's so good what a
5631s cool guy what a beautiful composition it
5634s is you're saying this is going to be
5635s printed and I can touch it yes okay
5637s you'll physically see it with your
5638s physical eyes got it not on a screen on
5641s a wall wall art wall art wall art we're
5645s going to print it highest quality glossy
5647s ass paper it's going to be great it's
5649s going to be great uh next up we have
5652s from Studio
5654s cyan it's loading it's so brilliant it's
5656s loading Al's Legacy this is called the
5661s God oh my God at them all Lloyd look how
5665s beautiful they are sweet
5667s boy love
5669s it Mr fishi Mr fishi oh look at them
5674s beautiful styling beautiful uh usage of
5676s the vetruvian theme but you made it your
5678s own mhm I like how they have like color
5680s in it too cuz you don't really see color
5682s in the we don't deserve you no we never
5684s did we never do next up we have
5689s from irisch oh my God you late I would
5695s have made my mom buy me that I would
5696s have played it all the time you know
5698s what this reminds me of what which means
5700s you should play it what hybrid Heaven
5702s stop I don't want to hear it greatest
5705s game anyways incredible OE Arthur Alber
5708s in the back so good where they running
5710s where are they going where are they
5711s going we'll never know we'll never know
5714s very good so good that old school d
5716s logoed d for tenno t for tenno uh next
5720s up we have
5722s from you you know this and you love this
5725s one upside down s'more oh I had no hey I
5731s I didn't rig the election here it's not
5733s rigged this is just such a iconic piece
5735s that obviously took so much time to do
5738s my God and it's just too incredible not
5742s to have
5743s physically on the world I already have
5746s this one physically it's true you do I
5747s already have it but you're going to see
5749s it again at Tenon s'mores is in in
5753s Discord y they said
5757s he more so you'll be able if become a
5760s ton you can finally just stand here and
5762s stare at this and just look at all the
5764s hall you're not allowed to leave tanan
5766s until you name every name every single
5768s one and you name every single Hollow
5770s night boss needle no her name's not
5774s needle I always think her name is needle
5776s what's the girl that like chases you oh
5777s my god Hornet Hornet Hornet it's cuz she
5780s has a needle right yeah she has a SE
5781s needle yeah she's got a needle okay
5783s anyway incredible
5784s incredible always St it forever next up
5787s we
5789s have from rainy this is Callos Grace oh
5795s that is stunning isn't it so cute just a
5799s couple of
5800s kitties Kos if only we could have more
5803s than
5805s one cute so beautiful and trotty loves
5809s that cat is there a reason why you
5811s picked a snx cat well no hair and
5814s Warframe no hair in
5816s Warframe we hate hair no hair in
5819s Warframe although lyd has got a lot of
5820s hair who Lloyd Lloyd has a lot of hair
5823s Lloyd's got a lot of hair he's got a
5824s hair in a lot of places no there is just
5826s we we we did um what he's got sideburns
5830s he's got a goate te got a beard he's got
5833s head hair that's so beautiful the Kalo
5836s Sphinx Choice was indicative of I think
5838s the type of Empire inate hailed from
5842s very well Like A vibe next up we have
5848s from Death me
5851s wait is that right death maggot owie
5855s this is owie a cyber Punk night City
5858s look how cool she is oh my God she looks
5860s so good I want to be her yeah I wish oh
5863s my God she's so cool oh that looks
5866s awesome see a lot more of her
5869s soon what you going to do I don't know
5872s so cool next we have from
5877s pyroraptor Arthur and OE that bullet oh
5881s my God the bullets is so good oh my God
5884s it's so good I can like feel that coming
5886s from my chest in slow motion like the
5890s the visceral of that shot is perfectly
5893s expressed in the art form love it
5896s powerful love it I love a dual Wheeling
5900s motorcycle so cool go off the go
5905s next up sorry I thing is
5908s slow we have from yes desper
5913s Solis yes desper Solis oh my god oh I
5918s love this oh the proportions on this are
5920s stunning yes oh look at the creepy man
5923s in the wall in the background big smile
5925s I love alick's hand coming for Lloyd's
5927s face stop that wiping away the tear stop
5932s oh it's so good it's so good
5934s it hurts OE with her little
5937s crane they're so cool so cool it's a
5940s party Arthur of course not I love you OE
5945s incredible all right next up we have you
5949s might have seen this before we have from
5951s cadl this is actually a physical piece
5954s if I am correct yes this is a sculpt it
5957s did a sculpt painted sculpted oh my God
5960s so is this coming to Tenon I don't know
5962s if it's physically I think it is I think
5964s it's physically coming to toon Zach
5966s terrifying corre Bas on how the man in
5967s the wall travels I mean I just don't
5969s know how big this is I need a banana for
5971s scale oh my God like is this could I fit
5973s it in my hand is this like a slice of
5975s bread is this an actual wall yes we
5980s don't know say we will find tiny be like
5982s this I mean it could be microscopic
5985s we'll never know well we will know but
5986s anyways incredible incredible actual
5989s piece love it next up we have from
5995s pyra this is the Kia portraits our sweet
5999s creatures a
6003s fishi creatures of the lab
6006s tagur oh I love them all so much which
6008s one do you like to hug the most I am an
6011s equal opportunity hugger they all get
6014s affection very well there is no no one
6017s has been hugged more than others when
6019s you go to hug fish andachi do you Smooch
6021s the glass fun big fish a little smooch
6025s Smo on the glass do you give Bird Three
6028s Little pat on the tush he's so big he's
6031s so big I want him to be a little Chocobo
6033s a can we have little little
6036s birds oh oh small guys pyus say they're
6040s legit crying right s don't cry we'll
6043s have to go find more birds for bird
6044s three more birds more fish more birds
6047s more bird three Adventure we'll find
6049s more birds uh next up we have from
6054s RW R ress oh Rebecca Miss Rebecca not
6059s that one uh This Is The Whispers In The
6062s Wall final scene incredible look at
6065s those hands at the bottom what a
6067s nightmare being dragged under into
6069s indifference oh that chair that chair
6071s I'll get you don't sit in do you
6073s remember that scene folks do you
6074s remember what was happening I do you
6076s remember the okay just
6078s remember just check him I remember the
6081s scene well mhm mhm we as we begin this
6085s is
6086s true incredible next we
6091s have from Alex dream art oh no Lloyd
6096s Lloyd Lloyd in the
6098s sanctum just having a he's just thinking
6102s oh he's just doing a thk that is so sad
6106s is it a sunrise a sunset we'll never
6108s know he'll never see the sunrise oh oh
6111s why not cuz he's down there he doesn't
6113s want the family to know know he's the
6114s family can never know there's no
6116s sunrises in the sanctum and T no why not
6120s what do you mean why not why
6122s not okay I'll do my best for you okay
6125s there's one known son in the origin
6127s system soul and soul is heavily obscured
6130s by the sanctum and its current state so
6134s he cannot see it there also are in like
6136s a basement so that's what I'm saying
6138s damn he's like four kmers Underground
6145s all right you're true you're
6151s true you got me you got me I can't I
6155s can't argue that fact all right uh
6158s moving on next we got from
6161s gamma gab gab oh my God gam this is
6166s called Duality The Boys Floyd and Al oh
6172s look at them f B and Bam so beautiful
6176s yeah the light in the dark oh shees it's
6180s so good she what way are we going to
6182s hang that one probably like this are you
6185s sure about
6187s that you should change it and like
6189s Gaslight people every 5 minutes go and
6191s flip it turn it upside down and people
6192s will be like I thought Albert was
6194s upright and I'm confused yeah well we'll
6196s have it on a spinner and you can spin
6199s around uh next up we have from Angelic
6202s Sasa who is doing this to us this is
6205s Angelic Sasa oh oh who has done this to
6208s us and what did we do to them this is
6209s Angelic Sasa oh my God they decided we
6212s need they decided we
6215s need they decided we needed men to
6219s suffer okay this is what I was trying to
6221s say you achieved your goal thank you it
6223s is sadness are we ever going to get any
6227s any Min you can't ask me these question
6230s Justice you can't ask me these questions
6233s I
6234s I have work to
6235s do okay that's fair give that man a wife
6239s that's what I'm saying wife him up give
6241s a life okay everyone relax y'all made
6244s the Lord don't play us yeah
6248s exactly it's just a memory okay just we
6251s we live off of memories and this is just
6254s a Min memory A Min memory said is necros
6258s nearby oh resurrect my God oh my I see
6263s that as a nice thing though I don't want
6264s to but he has that means necro killed
6267s men okay true but then he can bring her
6271s back for a minute for a duration of 90
6273s seconds or whatever his ma duration is
6275s you got you got a mod for duration all
6277s right all right all right enough for the
6279s sadness enough of my crimes all right
6281s moving on we got from oh my God new
6284s Nicolas okay they said in 1999 tenno was
6288s on route to the decline room of Alber
6290s and TR via a ship okay
6294s I don't know what was in my water but I
6295s see a mirage I see a Mesa at the top
6300s with a Sana on I see a dog I see a
6303s spaceship I see a satellite over Jupiter
6305s and I see like a black hole I also see
6308s the dog I think this that is uh baroo
6312s baroo who's holding a chalice and
6314s cheersing with other
6316s baroz other and Mirage is this is
6319s probably one of the most psychedelic
6320s things I've ever seen in my life yeah
6322s this is bad for me to look at right now
6324s I think this has turned my brain into a
6327s part is that like a a talk show couch in
6331s the middle I can't look at one point
6333s it's everything is happening at the same
6336s time it's incredible it is incredible
6339s this must have taken a year to make this
6340s marker I think no way ain't no way
6344s that's real hold on I have a link to it
6346s is it it looks I don't oh my God it's
6349s well I have a link what do I have a link
6350s to that art Vibe is incredible I can
6352s hear the music that would go with this
6354s like I can picture the song that belongs
6357s can you sing the second Baro is oh
6358s Drifter yes okay it's that Drifter suit
6360s we released with du yeah okay that
6363s tracks can you sing it for
6366s me so green
6370s greens no not green greens anyways this
6373s is crazy and incredible I feel like I
6375s just micro doed
6376s LSD well you know
6379s Meed holy [ __ ] but this is going to be a
6381s tenent ofon you could stand there and
6382s stare at this and really dissect it if
6386s you want to incredible random dog yes
6388s that's the first thing I saw was the
6389s random dog josi's Warframe there you go
6393s is this a bank SE not as much nudity oh
6396s speaking of nudity next up we have from
6400s noxer the world of
6402s indifference it's still a bad trip man
6405s oh my God yeah this is also a nightmare
6407s that is incredible yeah I think we've
6409s shown this one before but uh I my
6412s favorite is the tiny Excalibur at the
6414s bottom well like you got to go there
6415s buddy sorry like that that tiny
6417s Excalibur for scale is what's that
6420s there's like a phobia of like things
6422s giant things that are like not not not
6425s like agoraphobia is outside yeah there's
6427s like a a phobia where it's like not
6429s because it's giant it's because it's
6431s something that shouldn't be giant that
6433s is giant I don't even know a mega
6435s megalophobia that's what it is what I
6437s have really Meg phobia
6440s ah no I mean maybe after spend spending
6443s so much time with me dude but not right
6445s now she made me be here no she said if
6448s you're not on Prime Time
6450s 3.99 no yep hey I had surgery and still
6453s came to hang out with you that's true
6455s that's true all right all right all
6458s right anyways uh someone says that's a
6460s strange Mount Rushmore yeah whose
6463s president is that wait the president's
6465s on M okay next up we have
6468s from uh I'm sensing a theme I mean the
6472s the theme is 1999
6474s oh does this make sense okay that makes
6477s a lot Mak sense this is from heror Ni I
6480s thought the capture steam 1999 they both
6482s are ro road we're on a road to
6487s 1999 okay everything is 19 get it now I
6490s get
6491s it why is Lloyd M he say he said no
6496s pickles what do you
6501s mean like 's going back to the bar like
6504s back to the hamburger desk and being
6506s like he said no a hamburger desk it's
6509s like a meme where like the big bad guy
6511s needs someone else to tell them when
6512s they got their order wrong the meme is
6514s he said no pickles to
6517s Lloyd Lloyd's going back to the cash
6519s register and be like he said no pickles
6522s oh and he's like the shy
6524s kid it's so good what is a why did you
6528s say Hamburger
6530s desk that's the strangest thing where
6533s else do you order a hamburger You' you
6536s don't call it a hamburger Des hamburger
6539s Des it's a counter it's a the hamburger
6543s dust never in my life has anyone ever
6547s called it made out of hamburgers
6548s hamburger Am I Wrong yes hamburger desk
6552s absolutely no someone just said the like
6556s all my Bros go to the hamburger desk
6559s that's
6560s wrong so
6563s that is a wild thing to call it the
6566s hamburger desk not a hamburger desk oh
6571s God I think it's fine oh my God you all
6574s know what I'm talking about so am I
6575s wrong
6581s Burg re is it a carousel or a horse
6587s tornado the hamburger desk you sit or
6590s stand at the hamburger desk
6593s tornado I don't want to hear it all I'm
6596s seeing is a lot of people that aren't
6597s getting hamburgers with me cuz they're
6599s too proud to know the truth oh my God no
6602s we're going to Five Guys and we're going
6603s to go to that hamburger desk at work and
6606s we're going to leave with hamburgers and
6608s Fries in a bag exactly we'll do it go on
6611s that hamburger desk hamburger desk is it
6613s a marry go round or a joy
6618s twister be serious for once in your life
6621s it's a hamburger d all right we're
6623s continuing this ride oh my God where
6626s even are we okay uh next up we have from
6630s metal gee metal guy Dante and his parag
6634s beautiful oh sweet baby birds beautiful
6637s he's got noctua with him this is the man
6640s of man of the century Dante do you think
6643s he's he's a big bird guy oh definitely
6645s yeah definitely or do you think he
6647s killed those birds he did not kill those
6648s birds he summoned them and he is loyal
6651s to his parag one Tri Tri to the
6653s hamburger desk he wouldn't actually he
6656s would he he's a vegetarian yes yes he is
6661s he loves Birds books and tofu tofu
6664s exactly bir plantbased protein he's a
6667s plant-based boy ripped so you know he's
6669s getting his protein somewhere that's
6670s true he eats a lot of beans that's true
6672s big bean
6673s guyes next up we have
6676s from
6678s potato oh my God this is 1999 and that's
6682s all you
6683s Lloyd and his one gun and Dante the
6686s puppet no leave alone puet don't make
6689s him eat the burger eat the hamburger so
6692s good theup Lloyd is packing heat where
6696s he's in the top right with the zlock oh
6697s yeah ready he's about to get kicked in
6699s the
6701s face n too quick too quick that is so
6704s good I like how they used The Drifter
6706s suit from last year oh yeah the
6707s anniversary one yeah that's a nice a
6709s nice touch if you will A+ A+ plus plus
6712s plus plus
6713s uh next up we have this
6717s one this is
6720s from oh he's got all the PRX cards and
6723s parvos okum masan okum masan this is
6726s called Brave Dante oh cuz he was getting
6729s all the knowledge for the liian for
6731s drusus He's a brave boy he is like a
6735s drusus or not DUS paros yeah baby parvos
6739s we we got some juices what is that is
6741s that what is that crying on the right
6743s it's juus on the right yeah it's drusus
6746s seon yes you look so sad oh it's so cute
6750s I love that his book he was going to get
6752s knowledge for
6753s drusus this is the trading card game
6756s that he lost oh my God I would play the
6758s smokes out get out of that uh next we
6762s have from Georgie par says Whispers of
6768s 1999 it's all connected and do be void
6772s child
6773s vessels Proto frames Alber Angels it's
6779s all there it's all connected folks there
6781s I love the the like Matrix green effects
6785s they have on them everyone's separated
6787s by their like themes beautiful
6791s spooky next we
6794s have this
6796s one oh this
6800s one oh m this one y yeah there we go oh
6805s my God this smish poppy six they said in
6809s the remnants of dust beautiful a what a
6813s cool guy yep no
6815s hair very little hair very feathers
6818s feathers feathers no hair though not
6821s hair we're we're we're feather freaks
6823s we're feather freaks we're not we're not
6825s hair hotties no it's true you can call
6827s us that it wouldn't be a lie incredible
6830s no hair in our hamburger desk nope never
6833s problem nothing but feathers and toes
6835s all right beautiful he's handsome man
6838s Styx Deluxe started this year off with a
6841s bang oh it sure did uh next up we have
6844s from
6845s Raga
6847s one and OE maybe I don't think they're
6851s sad maybe they're maybe she's dreaming
6853s maybe she's dreaming maybe she's in a
6854s trance you know like what happened to me
6856s what have I become she ate too many
6857s hamburgers at the hamburger desk and
6859s she's dreaming of of OE relatable Queen
6863s relatable oh maybe she has a broken
6865s heart no she's not she's holding her
6867s hand over her heart I do that all the
6869s time when I'm
6871s sleeping like a Victorian child oh yeah
6874s it is it is kind of giving like um holy
6878s Holiness there's a Holiness especially
6880s with the cre yeah yeah it's giving that
6882s it's giving there's a Holiness here
6884s Holiness uh next up we have this one
6887s this is from niff Blue Griff oh my God
6891s this is called The Man in the Metro oh
6893s my God look at those teeth oh that's
6895s terrifying man need's a dentist yes
6897s tenoc con season every year this is our
6900s ninth Tenon yes oh my God my mother the
6903s most subtle woman in the world of course
6905s I'll come home it'll be this time every
6907s year there's always two packs of Crest
6909s White
6910s Strips every single year this she's got
6914s your back she's like you drink way too
6916s much coffee during tenacon and your
6917s teeth are
6918s disgusting I know shees say that yes so
6922s I have to whiten my teeth either my mom
6923s will kill me you just come home and
6925s she's got in like every room like
6927s there's so like you can't go into my
6928s house without the uh CR way stps sitting
6930s there oh my God yeah mother is telling
6933s me to hygiene up for tanon cuz I let
6936s myself
6938s go we're working hard over here okay I
6940s know that's what mom's are for all right
6942s she got for it she's got back yeah yeah
6944s yeah yeah yeah uh I just don't want to
6946s end up like this
6948s okay oh I know right we don't want that
6951s uh next um up is this
6955s one this is from it's loading sinking so
6958s very hard a oh my God this is from teeny
6963s Coffee Bean oh my God look at um my
6967s angels I love them so much they're
6971s beautiful together but
6974s not so far apart
6976s oh next up I love you both so much we
6979s have Medusa captures oh my Arthur
6983s inspired
6985s excaliber incredible and I'm seeing some
6987s tenen there as well couple like gra it's
6991s the Kudo skin I think is that the gra
6993s helmet though it might be the gra helmet
6994s on the Kudo skin I can't quite see from
6999s this sorry dude can't jump scare me like
7003s that I only got one leg
7004s beautiful very nice work with the deluxe
7007s stuff we love to see it literally Arthur
7010s pen Dragon yeah true facts all right
7014s that's not his last name we're almost
7015s there next we have from Ferris demon oh
7019s my God proa and
7023s parvos wait proa Prime and parvos no
7025s this is from fin Lena oh Finn finen
7028s sorry she does love drawing her old men
7030s so it all tracks oh sorry I skipped one
7031s sorry this a finina yeah beautiful loves
7035s she does I do love we put a single
7037s wrinkle on a man and just like FAL FAL
7041s for the wrinkles truly love it
7043s stunning a child of what should we call
7045s her this child of two father
7049s fathers we have this is from this is
7051s from this is from Ferris demon sorry
7053s this popped off when this was uh when we
7056s saw this yeah like yeah when this when
7058s this particular capture went live it
7060s went it went far internally it's so so a
7064s well loved capture is it as simple as
7067s using the Dante Idol pose and you lean
7069s on it yeah and then you add the weapon
7071s after in like Photoshop the weapon
7074s definitely has to be added after I don't
7076s know if you can get her right on the
7078s couch like that so she might be green
7080s screen it's just so good but like that's
7082s that's 100% Dante's Idol for sure isn't
7084s it the spear gun Idol so they're using
7087s the spear gun but she be sitting on it
7089s yeah the spear gun makes you sit on yeah
7091s but but I don't think you can't collide
7093s with that couch no no no but I'm asking
7094s about the gun in the background yeah oh
7096s that one's definitely phot yeah that's
7098s I'm yeah it's just so beautiful and it
7100s really makes me appreciate what the art
7102s team did with this update cuzz like it's
7105s just so moody and cool and the perfect
7109s really awesome incredible all right and
7112s last in our list
7115s is Lou Eduardo oh it's so good Howe and
7120s the atama cycle oh my God she a little
7123s heart she's so cute oh oh she holding
7126s the mag helmet as if it were a safety
7128s helmet as if it were a motorcycle helmet
7130s incredible oh my God can we make
7131s motorcycle like get an Arthur motorcycle
7134s helmet that's like an Excalibur I think
7135s we should get mag helmets I think they
7137s should both have one all right you know
7139s what I'm saying that's so good
7140s incredible and those are the Community
7143s Showcase winners that you will see at
7145s Tenon 2024 amazing work everyone you
7149s guys somewh to view all like on if I
7151s wanted to Forum can you send me the link
7152s after I I
7154s want just kidding yes I can yes I will
7158s all right we've done all our plottin
7159s prizes yes so now it's time for top 10
7162s Common stream brought to you by D
7164s Danielle time to go the hamburger
7167s desk hamburger desk hamburger
7170s desk that is the top 10 comment Hamburg
7174s hamburger I don't think anything will
7175s ever top hamburger Des I don't think it
7177s will I don't want to hear it look at
7180s these
7181s games okay all right so starting with
7184s Madame Banshee 12 the great gasping a
7188s yes are you a Gasper Solo Carry that
7191s that was a let me carry her moment but
7194s you know what happen guyette mhm they
7196s did well they did well they did great
7197s until my Spectre showed up
7199s but we want to talk about it oops onward
7203s Paladin girl alre the OG Gaslight Gaye
7206s and girl
7208s boss who knows WatchON to find out he is
7212s the Triple
7213s G oh sorry yeah triple yeah uh Celestial
7217s draca is Sarah nuking the whole map and
7220s hitting the greedy forever y yeah she'd
7223s be stun locked you wouldn't be able to
7225s you cast four once and it's over you
7227s wouldn't be able to extract with that
7228s one no ain't no way oh my god um oh this
7233s is a sweet one from zorex 1997 thank you
7237s so much for bringing back the Creo siga
7238s as a new player I really appreciate it
7241s hey you're welcome it's an event
7243s Tradition now I think anytime we take
7245s clan of operations or operations it'll
7247s be sure to be there that's how you get
7249s the Creo signal everybody gets a hat
7250s everyone gets a hat and now a
7253s scarf well no ephemera what am I
7256s thinking of s Dan that's I what I meant
7258s no scarfs not yet not
7260s yet ra uh Ray Spang can't believe Reb's
7264s gonna get reported for griefing
7266s what what do you mean oh because I let
7269s Skynet carry me come on I G I helped I
7274s help you did you collected those those
7278s green things ionic charges were
7280s delivered got the sister beacons you
7282s were working I was working I earned you
7284s just had a different task I earned my
7285s Moes you did exactly I earned
7289s them devil kaks uh back just going back
7293s to the gritty here would be grid locked
7296s for
7298s real nice all right nice this uh oh my
7301s God Lil bonai Hey Lloyd activate fre
7307s setting what is this in regard
7309s to oh it was wait yeah go ahead who's
7313s going to match my
7314s freak so we got to activate the freak
7316s set got it somebody going to match my
7319s freak there you go vectal said lots of
7322s natural light for a basement for that
7324s one particular okay vectal if that's
7327s your real name uh what would your
7330s basement look like if horror is beyond
7332s your human comprehension broken through
7334s the
7336s wall well listen vectal you got to give
7341s us an answer you need to know what the
7342s basement looks like all right mud mud
7346s guts this was the uh
7349s man
7352s Rush yep that's disgusting mouth
7354s Rushmore and the son of Apollo 81 said
7357s this is how Skynet became the villain a
7360s no I actually no I actually have a fan
7365s art uh submission that I a fan art
7368s submission well I didn't want to put it
7369s in uh oh mess up my my stuff yeah but I
7372s think I can show it okay okay this one
7375s is um by towel Phantom and this is just
7378s kind of encapsulates encapsulates
7380s everything that happened
7383s during the Ascension game play wait
7386s whose art is this c yeah oh wait did
7390s they draw this just now in the Discord
7392s no they they drew it like like an hour
7394s ago really yes wait for specifically for
7397s this game play yes I believe
7400s so I believe so
7402s wait T can you confirm they drew this
7406s from rev's gameplay well why would they
7409s that's what the whole bit was well I'm
7410s wondering if this was like art they had
7412s already drawn as like a joke no this is
7414s what TOA does that is so fun to has got
7416s the fastest stylus in the west oh my God
7420s again Sky Net apologies yeah TOA said he
7424s there you
7425s go oh 10 out of 10
7428s hey thank you Danny some great top 10
7431s comrs stream all right let's give away a
7434s pra Prime
7436s access and then we'll be on our way
7439s tonight it this is it you've made it to
7442s the end how do you feel I feel like it's
7446s good to be back you guys are doing great
7448s it's good to see the community kind of
7450s like after hours Vibes o time warrier
7453s 2599 that's me on vacation see with the
7456s hamburger
7458s desk I'm getting a burger tonight
7460s nothing oh yeah you won proa Prime
7463s access which is a great name Time
7465s Warrior cuz that's kind of pra's whole
7467s temporal a so good job good job on
7470s naming yourself matching the freak we'll
7473s hook you up after the show we shall do
7476s that time Warrior War you guys are
7478s killing it Warframe community no one's
7481s doing it like you guys thank you for
7482s playing our game and thank you for
7484s enjoying Warframe and we really do hope
7487s that you can go into Tenon with Good
7491s Vibes only Good Vibes it's going to be a
7494s great show we hope we're working very
7496s hard to give you guys something to be
7498s proud of being a fan of any game we want
7501s to make sure that we're giving you a
7503s good time that you can enjoy unplug
7506s celebrate we'll see it virtually we'll
7507s see it in person we have lots of stuff
7509s for people at home we have lots of stuff
7512s for people at the event it's true Lots
7515s going on yeah that Pinoy Clan maybe our
7518s Filipino tenno can have a little Clan
7521s party I learned some tricks about I
7524s don't know if this is offensive I don't
7525s think it is but my friend who's Filipino
7527s was telling me like if you like want to
7528s get attention you like you you point
7530s with your lips and you like blow a kiss
7533s no it's just kind of like if you want to
7534s point you don't point you point with
7536s your lips I don't know if there's any
7537s Filipinos in chat that can confirm in
7539s like any context yeah like if you're
7541s like okay like where's the closest
7543s McDonald's If instead of pointing you
7545s just go like that way really yeah I'm in
7548s yes true true yes true okay true we're
7551s getting some Filipino TRS yes purse your
7554s lips and point yes I point my lips
7557s wow purse your lips and point yeah so
7561s this is this is what I've been told all
7562s right we've learned a lot today not just
7565s Filipino well I heard it I heard it was
7566s very much a Filipino thing point and Nod
7569s but yes it's Colette where's the closest
7570s hamburger desk no kiss so oh so it's not
7574s okay no
7575s kiss okay I can see that that's a Vibe
7578s I'm into it Filipinos love to point with
7580s every part of their body but their
7582s fingers their whole body moves that way
7586s all right we are going to be sending all
7588s this great love and chat chatter over to
7592s Warframe Creator twia and they are
7594s having that twitch drop like you
7595s mentioned earlier of the albre in 1999
7598s display so if you want to hang out with
7599s them for 30 minutes and get that twitch
7601s drop and hang out with them they're
7603s streaming from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. for
7604s that drop so you can hang out get the
7606s drop chat chat more Warframe maybe do uh
7610s some more uh
7612s they're an S tier but oh my God Twilight
7615s I haven't heard that name in so long
7617s I've been my cave well you guys are the
7621s best community team Rue running the show
7624s Danny hi drops everyone do you have
7626s shoes on I do
7628s not I just looked down to your grippers
7631s like what's going on no
7634s you all right thanks for being here
7638s thanks for having me you thanks for
7639s being here for see you at tenks for
7642s being here no thank you and chat thanks
7644s for being here stay safe be kind to
7646s yourself the next time you see us other
7648s than Dev shorts with those clowns uh
7650s you'll see us at Tenon tenno live during
7653s the day main stage Soul frame Dev stream
7655s art panel sound panel cosplay tenno live
7658s it's all happening July 20th and we will
7660s see you then in the meantime stay safe
7664s be kind to each other yourselves happy
7666s Pride happy Pride happy Pride we'll see
7669s you next month bye-bye love love e