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Tune into twitch.tv/warframe on Thursday, May 25 for Prime Time #351! Join us for a special charity stream in support of Covenant House's Main Mission. The action begins at 6 p.m. ET and you can earn this week’s drop by watching for 45 minutes. We are offering an item from our  Floof Grab Bag for watching our streams -- featuring Floofs hand-picked by those helping with our streams this week. See if you can guess who chose what!

You can also claim this week’s drop by tuning into Warframe International’s stream on Wednesday, May 24th at 3 p.m. ET.

WF_Twitch Drops Asset_.png

Floofs Grab Bag:

  • Desert Skate Floof
  • Thorny Bolarola Floof
  • Tusk Thumper Floof
  • Kubrodon Incarnadine Floof
  • Stormer Horrasque Floof
  • Fire Veined Stover Floof
  • Pharaoh Predasite Floof

**This Twitch Drop has a Claim Limit of 3 by watching Warframe International (for 45 minutes) and Prime Time (for an hour and 30 minutes) should you wish to get the maximum limit. You will receive ONE of the included items in this Grab Bag per successful Claim.

After Prime Time we’ll be raiding Kirarahime to continue the fun and share with their community.

Friday Community Drops!
Every Friday, we run a short Twitch Drop campaign on two Creator channels to offer a fun way to cap off the week and shine a spotlight on the Creators themselves! The Drops will run for one hour on each channel, with a 30 minute claim time for an Orbiter Decoration that the Creator has picked themselves!

As an extra treat, we're featuring Duviri-only decorations to celebrate the update's launch. :)


Friday, May 26th

Each Fridays’ schedule will be posted in our weekly Drops thread, so keep an eye out to see what campaign is coming next.

We hope to see you there, Tenno!


Schedule outline for clarity below:


Warframe International Stream (Spanish)

Prime Time(English)

Community Fridays Stream #41 (English)

Community Fridays Stream #42 (Spanish)

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