about 1 year ago - [DE]erichdigital - Direct link

Thanks for the report. We are having trouble reproducing this issue. Can you provide us with a video capture and a game log?

How to get your log

about 1 year ago - [DE]erichdigital - Direct link
16 hours ago, krotochwila1 said:

Hey once more.
Done a bunch of testing and found something that might be essential.

Found an easy way to reproduce this bug.
You can spawn a bunch of bursa isolators (like 40-60 should be enough).
Each time i killed them and they exploded after some time the reload sound got slightly louder.

I tried baza with oscira skin and rattleguts without any skins and couldn't get this bug to work.
So this bug seem to target primary rattleguts with oscira skin only.

Hope this info might be helpful to identify the issue :> 

Thank you for this information, we will continue to investigate this issue.

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