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1s [Music]
12s [Music]
18s thank you
25s hello everyone welcome back to your
29s Thursday evening or Friday morning I
32s don't know where you are but wherever
33s you are I hope you're comfortable and
35s you're ready to hang out with us for the
36s next two hours it's Primetime episode
39s 318 and Taylor's here hi she's here
43s she's ready to play some archons ready
46s to play some Call weeklies break and
48s armor it's gonna be a great time and
50s we're gonna hang out we're gonna chat
51s all about Warframe let's do some
53s housekeeping before we jump into some
54s game play obviously Veil breaker is live
58s the quest is live if you haven't played
60s Veil breaker Quest yet a little small
61s introductory Quest you know back into
64s the call game play and obviously now
66s with the hot freaks that happen this
68s week has opened the doors to Carl's
71s weekly missions which are called
72s breaknarmer and we'll talk about that in
75s a minute but obviously with that update
77s came the apertillo deluxe a whole bunch
79s of quality of life stuff we have tenno
81s gen around 22 part two new void shells
84s all that great stuff is live and
86s speaking of tenogen what else does one
88s live Taylor so if you are a technology
91s and artist or a tenorgen fan we did add
93s steinx's files to the tenorgen workshop
96s so people can download them they can
98s make some beautiful new style Max
100s accessories I'm so ready yes and we also
103s if you use marmoset this is very
105s technical and for a very small amount of
106s people but it it matters if you use
109s marmoset we did add a plug-in we made
111s available a plug-in for marmoset tool
113s bag that'll let you actually approximate
116s like our shaders and everything in that
118s so your screenshots will be extra juicy
120s and extra good but yeah oh my goodness
123s marmoset rise up whoever uses that I
128s know I know but excited for some steinx
132s 10 on gen I've become a steinx Maine I'm
135s not gonna lie
146s I'll take it I'm a standing next
149s um risk break
151s sorry
153s uh so those files are live 10 artists
156s can't wait to see what you uh can do
158s with some steinx files and like I
161s mentioned calls break and armor weeklies
164s are live calls Garrison is giving an
166s update we'll give you a big walk through
167s and show you all about it shortly but
170s what just came out I don't know probably
172s like seven minutes ago was another
175s hotfix we've done a couple this week
177s uh with some good changes the one that
179s happened just now has brought some nice
181s little quality of life stuff to cause
182s Garrison to be able to kind of clarify
185s up you know your next Rank and what rank
186s you're currently at uh we have done a
189s couple changes to the actual break and
190s armor missions with uh the almost like
193s legibility I don't think that's a word
195s but visibility of the K drive parts and
197s stuff like that and Carl can now do a
199s finisher on a MOA which I think is just
201s it's just beautiful yeah actually yeah
203s that's a nice topics yeah you want to do
205s some MOA finishers
208s they're little little tiny heads oh um
211s but one of the things that did go live
213s in this topics was a change to steinx
216s Final Stand Dean I'm so sorry to Pivot
219s would you like to come to my screen
222s blessings uh so here we have cyanax I'm
224s going to show it really quickly and kind
226s of explain the change in real time
227s because maybe you haven't had a moment
229s to read the patch notes so
232s what happened was
234s in the development of steinx we realized
237s that while you're in Final Stand which
239s is the one where he's up in the air and
240s shooting his Spears or just shooting
242s Spears in general you could basically
245s stay in the air indefinitely for the
247s entire Mission because you could recast
249s it while you were in the air and then if
251s you kind of synergize that with Rally
252s Point with the Shields and the energy
254s you could basically stay in the air
255s indefinitely for the entire duration of
257s a mission which wasn't intended and we
259s noticed it in development but
260s unfortunately the actual change to make
263s that not a thing didn't make the build
265s and it was forgotten until we saw it and
267s went oh we actually made that change and
269s now we got to put it live so I want to
271s show you in real time what exactly it
273s feels and looks like I will say I was an
276s individual of using that technique
279s um so I made sure to play it out myself
281s you know in the test build for put it
283s live and you can still do
285s basically the same not the same thing I
287s shouldn't say that but you can still
289s spam your final stand and it's still fun
291s it's still great the only thing is you
293s just have to touch your toes to the
295s ground before you can recast it again so
297s we're going to jump into a real quick
299s little uh sanctuary and I'll show you in
303s real time what it'd be like I'm in the
305s solo so I might have to we're gonna have
308s to kill some enemies real quick we're
309s gonna Rally Point up we're just gonna
311s kill some enemies I need to get some
312s energies up and then we'll do some Final
315s Stand real quick
317s my cyanex has I think I'm up to two
321s former I'm trying to I'm trying to like
323s I said I'm gonna steinx Maine all right
324s so here we go so now I'm gonna use my
326s final stand I'm in the air before I
327s could probably recast it again I'm gonna
329s need more energy that was a terrible
330s example that was a terrible example I
332s should have had some Squad man oh Taylor
334s you should have came with me that's fine
336s all right we're gonna get some energy up
338s here I'm gonna just kill some folks kill
340s some things get enough energy okay we're
342s partly there all right so I'm gonna do
344s my final stamp
346s so here we do four
348s I'm killing people I'm getting energy I
351s still don't have energy I'm gonna do it
352s again basically I just have to touch my
354s toes to the ground and jump up again and
356s be able to cast it again when I have the
357s energy well that was fancy
359s um whereas before you could just stay in
361s the air and keep doing it while it did
362s look cool and feel cool it wasn't
364s intended to be able to do that and
365s basically spend the entire mission in
367s air being a helicopter turret which cool
371s is that for 2.0 except for 2.0 not the
374s vibe but all you have to do is touch
375s your toes to the ground and just
377s basically kind of jump around and throw
379s some Spears which I think is actually
380s really cool so I'm gonna be playing him
381s for the duration of the night so I'll
383s show you him in action in the archon
386s hunt and all that stuff so we'll show it
388s in action later moving on indeed you can
390s go back to both of us hi
392s uh all right moving right along we have
394s some new creators joining the family
396s Taylor we do these were kind of missed
398s in the last batch by missed I mean it
400s just took us a little longer to get in
401s contact with him but uh I'm so happy to
404s welcome fieric Serenity I hope I said
406s that right it was a twitch streamer you
408s might see her around in the directory
410s she's lovely and then taimiru who is a
413s fan artist and if you like ballast fan
415s art you probably have seen stuff from
417s her
418s it's me so you can see them you know on
422s their platforms talking about on the
423s Creator page uh happy to have them join
425s welcome to the family love to have you
427s here exactly speaking of while you're
429s here you can earn some twitch shop for
430s watching this stream for 45 minutes we
432s are doing the augments grab bag part two
435s so last week we had didn't see the
437s second part who Electric Boogaloo all
439s right I'm sorry
440s Taylor wrote this out I'm gonna grab bag
442s two Electric Boogaloo thank you it's a
444s Twist shop tonight
446s um we did I believe uh eight mods last
449s week and now we're doing eight mods this
450s week of the augments that were changed
453s uh within billbreaker we did a nice
455s little pass of I think L to R augments
458s um ones that were you know least used
460s give them a little bit of a little tweak
462s a little bit of a buff so you could get
463s yourself one of those augments before
465s watching and maybe give it a try if you
466s haven't tried it before on a frame maybe
468s you don't really play and just kind of
469s feel it out all right
472s other people joining us today Helen's
474s here hi Ellen good evening how are you
477s I'm great how are you Megan and Taylor
479s have you seen have you shown your hair
481s yet not on stream it'll be a surprise
484s yeah what can I say I think you're out
486s next week right I am oh hello oh it's
489s expensive Helen's hair we don't actually
491s have lights on it's just the glow from
493s Helen's hair it's so vibrant it's
495s beautiful I love it so much
498s speaking of so vibrant Dean's here with
500s us oh wow hi Dean it's the nicest intro
503s I think you've ever given me
508s yeah that's true uh Dean is here running
511s the stream as per usual and we have the
514s prime time Discord that is currently
516s live the open comms channel that Helen
518s is in chatting with all of you if you're
519s on Discord in the official Warframe
522s Discord you can do exclamation point
523s Discord if you would like to join over
525s there there's lots of really fun stuff
527s going on fan art capture a lot of
529s conversations and while we do prime time
530s we open up a open comms Channel or you
533s can chat if you're hanging out on
534s Discord so hang on out over there but if
537s you're in twitch chat you could win a
538s platinum prize right Dean
540s sure can I love it I just start pushing
543s in chat about the operator customization
546s fixed and we did fix
548s um it's kind of a little bit of a
549s two-parter because part of it was code
551s therefore it has to wait for a sort
552s build for console but we did fix the
554s operator energy colors not applying to
556s operator cosmetics and abilities I think
558s as well as some sigils but I think
560s console has to wait for the I want to
563s say sigils it's in the patch notes check
565s it out but we did kind of fix it where
567s we could and true fix for everything
570s will come for insert for consoles that
573s was a platinum who'd you go to Taylor PB
575s master I like to believe that they're
577s the master of peanut butter there's no
579s other option but congratulations you've
581s won a thousand Platinum message the
582s Warframe Channel you're watching on with
583s your morphing username the platform your
585s plan
585s oh they're chunky though
587s chunky all the way that's right
589s it's just better for you too
591s extra protein vitamins and protein okay
594s like I said our gameplay today we are
597s going to be doing the new archon hunt
599s and by new I mean that it rolled over
601s yesterday Wednesday at noon eastern time
604s we had Boreal to start and Amar is here
608s and I think players have obviously who
610s have played it have noticed that you
612s know the fights are a little bit
613s different and that's how what we wanted
615s to do you know each archon is gonna have
617s a different vibe to it Boreal has its
621s own way of doing things Amar has their
623s own one might be you know a little bit
625s easier than the other one uh but we're
627s just kind of reading the feedback
628s obviously the next one to arrive we'll
631s watch the feedback from that one uh and
635s just keep keep on rolling so shall we
637s tailor
639s let's go we need some friends though we
642s do we need some friends if you would
643s like to join us on the Amar archon hunt
646s we have to do all three so be ready for
649s a we got a rescue oh Lord we got a
652s defense and we got the show now so if
655s you would like to join please whisper
656s either myself or Taylor in uh we're on
659s PC of course what do we want to know
661s Taylor
663s I don't know my only instinct is like
666s what is your what is your favorite kind
668s of butter peanut butter
670s [Laughter]
673s just said they're eating peanut butter
676s I had peanut butter today oh all right
679s favorite kind of butter chat there's so
680s many out there truly when you think
682s about it almond butter
684s hazelnut butter there's sunflower butter
686s you can have like normal butter apple
689s butter apple juice they're named cookie
692s butter their name was corn dog hold on
693s what is your name cashew butter no it's
696s not my cat dude come on butter chicken's
698s favorite thing corn dog Cornelius what a
701s great twitch name uh with lazak what do
704s you got horrible mention honorable
706s cookie but I mean oh
708s horrible Mansion honorable speculo's
712s cookie what's speculos I don't know
714s about that one but I know that cookie
715s butter is the thing because I've had it
717s it's just ground up cookies it's just
719s kilos trick or heat is it a brand oh
722s whoa so I'm just homemade oh it's bisque
724s off that is so British of you I will
728s invite you my British friend or UK
731s British Maple you put it on Java cakes
732s what's going on I don't know put it on
734s your Marmite yeah I don't remember what
736s it's called corpo butter
738s brown sugar butter delicious odd butter
742s oh okay okay garlic butter so true hell
746s yeah so true message me your butter in
748s game you can join us
750s there it is for the archon hunt
753s cookie butter and acai Bowl okay oh
756s honey butter
757s okay you're ready am I gonna have the
760s same tumbler cheers hell yeah
764s I can take my brain okay
766s someone just mentioned how it always I
768s always talk about food I didn't even
770s mean to it was because of the name okay
772s we really classified butter as a food
773s though yeah is it a car made from dairy
779s Kmart regular butter is good I agree all
782s right yeah you're in pineapple cow oh
786s can you read that
789s pineapple cow come on
792s all right here we go
795s is our friends are our friends ready for
799s our con hunt smiley face
803s with that butter Grendel butter
806s um
810s I like it
811s just want to make sure our friends are
813s ready to go augments as in mods yes
815s there is uh a I believe eight uh
818s Warframe augment mods in the pile that
821s you can get a couple of them all right
823s you ready Taylor for a rescue I am for
825s sure love to hear it love to hear it oh
828s I can't bring my steinx
832s one second please one second please
834s really bring
836s um I think I'm gonna this is just Kai
840s Bosh in my whole plan actually you know
843s what I'm gonna use the power of
845s friendship and we're gonna rank up my
846s steinx real quick okay oh are we
850s friends all right well if you're gonna
852s do that we're gonna
853s we're gonna give it a quick pick
855s his Sanctuary Onslaught smiley face
860s there we go
862s garlic onion butter I do love garlic
864s butter
865s put that on a lot of stuff that it
867s probably doesn't normally need to go on
868s there's this trend where people are
869s taking like an insane amount of garlic
872s cloves and then they put it in the oven
873s with olive oil and they cook it for like
875s three hours and then they just like have
876s roasted garlic do they just eat it yeah
879s on like toast and stuff oh damn dude is
882s there a music play
883s not quite yet I was waiting for you guys
885s to stop talking I'm sorry
887s I would love some music absolutely I
890s would love some jams don't talk about
892s drinks
894s I'll take it back I'll take it back
898s is the next Prime in October asks Legion
901s you're just gonna have to it's gonna
903s happen I'm gonna have to wait and see
905s what the next prime or who in the next
907s prime maybe the next debtor will tell
908s you I don't know oh we got we got a
910s final stand in the grouping but here we
912s go we got a final stand
914s butter is all the soundtrack I need it
917s y'all need to clean your ears oh my God
923s people
923s um are you sure no it feels like you
927s want to talk about butter well people
928s have deep fried butter or like you hear
930s about people who just like eat butter as
932s a snack when they were kids or I forget
934s where it might be Italy I'm so sorry if
936s you're Italian and I'm about to
939s talk we'll ask with me here but there is
941s a a place where their coffee they put a
944s stick of butter in it and it's like a
945s delicacy that was the keto fad back in
948s the day I swear it's like an actual okay
951s I'm sure but actual region of the world
953s that has claimed this and it is like
955s delicious they say I know that people
958s used to do this at Starbucks and they
960s would get that next to their heavy cream
963s lattes and think that they were going to
966s lose weight because they've drank 35
967s milk I don't know it was not a lot
970s bulletproof butter yeah Bulletproof
972s Coffee
974s wait is that the thing that was what it
975s was called yeah
977s very good
978s um so I'm uh you know I'm living my best
981s life with skynax I think give us a
984s couple rounds and I'll be able to ring
986s through you because I'm already at let's
988s see 21. I'm already at 21. we'll get
990s there real quick don't worry about the
992s check in Spain we have red wine and cola
996s together
997s oh interesting
999s or I thought I've read that as Baruch on
1002s saltines
1006s but I read Baruch and I got very afraid
1011s oh my gosh
1013s see for example I'm using my final stand
1015s I just have to touch my toaster ground
1017s I'm gonna jump off and I'm going to use
1018s it again so I can still
1020s be in my final stand goodness
1023s for a long time
1027s Harry Potter Cosplay Day is it because
1028s we look like we're in a school are you
1030s Slytherin and I'm I am I don't know what
1033s I am
1034s a house Taylor oh I was definitely a
1037s Ravenclaw let's be real
1039s oh no I know oh I know where's Rebecca
1044s oh she working hard we'll see her on the
1046s dev stream this creative director
1048s Rebecca what oh we will see you on the
1050s dab stream
1052s you'll hear you'll hear don't worry
1056s I can't believe it's not for roots
1062s any Warframe with like a fist weapon on
1065s I Can't Believe It's Not Baruch there
1066s you go
1068s right because it's like a
1070s this is the Baruch you have at home
1071s anyway it's fine don't worry about it
1074s Chad it's fine I'm not funny
1078s yet the butter Baruch
1081s analogies are a little too much they're
1085s a lot tailored they're a lot maroon
1087s butter skater's next energetics who
1089s knows oh my God Final Stand in a hallway
1092s is an interesting concept it's a bit
1095s aggressive I'll admit
1098s it definitely gives me Hades Vibes oh
1101s that's what represented was based on I
1103s thought so I wasn't gonna ask her but I
1105s was like listen I played many many hours
1108s in that game and uh very uh Hades
1111s inspired Miss creative I like the game
1114s I'm very sad that she didn't give him a
1116s chariot based off of mysterious oh my
1118s God can you imagine if you had like
1120s energy horses you just put them in a
1122s chariot and on fire
1125s okay
1135s I love it so much
1137s we do have kids so
1140s I'm in dubiri so we could have there's
1142s horses
1143s There's an opportunity There's an
1144s opportunity for a flaming Chariot
1145s there's always an opportunity for a
1148s flaming character listen eventually lead
1150s to that I don't know what it will yeah I
1152s know it's true with all the horses I
1154s don't end up in a flaming Chariot at the
1156s end of DeBerry
1162s 10 years of development and you know I
1165s don't want to be in this eternalism
1167s give me to the next place
1170s I love it energy horses with fire
1172s products sounds like an idea for the
1174s next brain I mean
1176s I don't know I don't know if a horse
1178s frame is gonna be the next frame but
1181s that's a that's a lot you would say the
1184s answer is nay
1189s my god oh no am I still vibrant
1193s vibrant you are so bad
1196s of course
1198s but of course get it
1200s butter of course what's her course I get
1203s it
1205s Dean trying for top 10.
1209s we had a bottom tent I'd sweep yeah
1213s I think Taylor and I have that on luck
1225s let's pick spicy top tents
1227s am I spicy I mean hurtful I
1232s had a period of time where I did that
1234s and I've tried very hard to be more
1236s positive I just you know I make fun of
1238s people out of love
1242s friendly chiding or friendly chirping
1245s what is it chirping
1248s we can't all be as vibrant as Dean
1249s that's true
1251s I mean
1254s we can try I got nothing to that one we
1257s truly strive you see all the lights in
1259s his office like dance
1262s I've strived to give that office A vibe
1265s you know because it vibrances that's
1268s right
1270s oh my God double stack how many
1274s how many oh there's two okay let's see
1277s two final stands that's hot
1279s that's hot that is hot I am into it
1285s it's Dean more but more or less vibrant
1287s than Megan's color choices
1290s uh I would say Dean's vibrancy is uh
1295s better than my color
1297s I would say your color choices are very
1300s pastel they're not that vibrant they're
1302s they're true you know like they're not
1304s intense
1307s and Taylor today gave a green energy
1310s emissive no it's green metallics I just
1313s don't want cream metallics that's all um
1315s do you see me
1316s I don't want green metallics but you can
1319s agree with Alice thank you I will I will
1321s have infested palette green on topics
1324s well
1328s I will oh the NATO rocks when it hits it
1332s hits baby I got big plans to hit a mar
1334s on the face with my Naturals
1337s this is why I have brought it today big
1340s plans chat I'm curious if you have done
1343s the Amar archon hunt what was your uh
1347s Loadout of choice because I actually saw
1349s someone on the Twitter
1351s say that it was very satisfying to use
1353s the natterx on Amar therefore I was
1356s inspired that's why I brought the
1358s natterx so I would like more inspiration
1360s from you Chad who did you bring
1363s who the heck always a fantastic choice
1365s that used to be my choice of my spice of
1368s life every day
1370s saren glaive Prime I love to see it we
1374s love her
1375s over on with Ben Moore
1378s okay rubbing it with latum oh I love
1382s that for you
1383s oh I should bring mine later interesting
1386s I'm still working on it to be honest
1388s Vault Corn's Prime just an electrifying
1391s shoddy to the face oh I should probably
1393s go
1396s um is this our last one
1399s and that's right
1401s um 27 maybe this will get me there
1403s we'll determine F again
1406s our way are you waking up too yeah I was
1409s level 24. yeah I was like well if you're
1411s doing it I'll do it it's fine I love it
1412s teamwork oh I jumped
1415s ninja and lay them I love it I love I
1418s love how many of you use the latest I I
1420s appreciate that sayori no
1423s not this anime Arc
1425s oh no measure with bubonico
1429s one big arm
1431s a big win
1432s Rita Prime and shelding I can never
1436s pronounce that she doesn't say Sheldon
1439s is that you
1443s Clips Revenant with lay down more lay
1446s downs oh my god do I need to look at
1448s some stats
1450s I'm gonna look at some stats when I get
1452s home
1455s what is the next prime
1457s you know eventually eventually
1460s eventually yeah and uh
1463s maybe watch The Next Star Stream even
1465s here with the next step
1468s I mean we have one a month usually at
1471s the end of the month
1473s one word to look at a calendar they
1475s might didn't want to figure that out
1480s now time and matter that's very cool I
1482s was using the Rubicon oh of course a
1485s classic very good a classic indeed
1487s afternoon
1490s I mean maybe something more satisfying
1492s than Final Stand honestly just this
1495s sounds alone like I know I do feel bad
1497s how many times people have to hear the
1499s sound I don't even care it's so good I
1502s joined a random like Pub Squad when I
1504s was going through my forming of him and
1507s doing sanctuary onslaughts and
1510s I felt bad
1512s it's every second right like
1515s it's still very very efficient you all
1519s you got to do is touch your little toes
1521s make a little jump jump off a tree I
1523s don't know a little Mobility you're
1526s you're back in the game baby with the
1527s final stand
1529s it's like you know I mean maxing double
1530s jumps whenever you do like parkour stuff
1532s it's like you just gotta legally or like
1535s okay no legally no
1538s you got a contract the uh that weird
1541s sport where they have to walk really
1543s really fast yeah we'll wait we'll wait
1546s we can do you know what I'm talking
1547s about sorry say it again that's speed
1549s walking
1551s they have that in the Olympics I know I
1554s know but like legally like your feet
1555s have to touch the ground at all times
1557s yeah
1558s yeah it's like that it's like you just
1560s gotta like make sure
1562s you just hit the steinx is now legally
1565s bound
1566s to speed walking speed walking he is if
1569s we're gonna have the Warframe Olympics
1571s and he's not not pole vaults not
1574s anything like that no he's working not
1578s spear throwing no javelins master
1581s walking speed line next speed walking
1586s speed Walker all right we did it let me
1588s just uh double check my build real quick
1591s RP Styles guess he's dead in the water
1593s now I disagree whoops I didn't mean to
1595s click that I completely disagree you
1597s just have to have a little bit more
1599s Mobility you got to move around a little
1600s bit more and there's absolutely nothing
1602s wrong with that but if you're not into
1604s it you're not into it it also just
1605s released so you know we'll see how it
1607s goes true four freeze uh okay
1610s what do I put on it what do I put on it
1613s do I dare put an umbrella fiber I'll do
1615s it okay let's go
1618s I didn't press that right button you're
1619s not formatting him right now no I'm not
1621s because on a camera okay
1622s no I did I get so excited I would
1625s totally do that I've totally
1627s totally all right we're ready to go
1629s I can't wait to upgrade my helmets gotta
1631s make Meg Stronger Yeah I mean I'm not
1633s gonna lie I put I don't know if you saw
1635s but I put my Azure Shard on steinx
1638s because I'm just I'm standing next I'm
1642s standing next I'm here for it I love it
1644s I love him I haven't been able to pick
1646s I'm indecisive I feel like I'm gonna you
1649s haven't used it yet no I'm but I mean
1651s the beauty is you can take it off and
1652s put it on however you want okay
1654s no at the cost of bile I know I get it
1657s but I still just don't know it's fair
1659s that's fair you know oops I didn't mean
1661s to press that we're going down down oh
1665s my gosh
1666s thank you Taylor are you from my Fall
1670s Out Boy
1672s here we go oh man I love it is this the
1676s is this the in-game music no this is uh
1680s this is a grand cover where is everyone
1682s working.com stream playlist Taylor would
1686s know wouldn't you do let's go go light
1689s up
1690s go light up oh we did we this was a
1692s tunnelcon it sure was yeah oh my God
1695s good times get out of my way
1698s I tried to figure so we're good the game
1701s said no
1702s no shortcuts hold up you can remove them
1704s yes so the beauty of prime shards is you
1708s can put like I have my whoops I have my
1710s Shard on uh steinx right now and if I
1713s decide that I want to put that is Europe
1715s Shard on someone else I just go back
1717s into that screen and we've gone the
1719s wrong way home embarrassing I think we
1720s gotta go below like we gotta go in here
1727s oh wait no
1730s wait wait someone help me is it below
1733s yes it's down here oh I see oh oh my god
1737s I've been playing with my favorite
1739s Legends and
1741s [Laughter]
1743s um
1744s kind of thing in the wrong way oh
1747s no I don't know bunny hopping no no uh
1750s no no no Megan we want rage back tell me
1753s about it that will not be a this year
1755s thing
1756s um
1757s to go back from the archon thing yes you
1759s can put an archon shard in you know
1761s whatever Warframe you choose mine's in
1763s Stein ax if I choose it I would you know
1764s I want to actually use that as your
1766s Shard on my protea on my anaros whoever
1769s whatever
1771s um you just go back in that screen and
1772s you can take it out you do have to spend
1775s a little bit of the helmet to bio
1777s resource that you have built up and at
1780s that cost you just take it out and you
1781s have it back forever you basically can
1783s never get rid of it you're forever
1785s sharded
1787s forever sharded
1789s save the hostage oh my God
1792s I hope it's not me
1795s a little bit literally 50 oh you cannot
1798s wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
1800s wait wait wait wait wait wait oh okay
1802s Mark you got it oh my God oh my God oh
1804s my God
1806s save you with my final step success
1809s oh I don't think it's me it's not all
1812s right Ron who is it is it James no yeah
1814s oh my oh did you see that outer breach
1816s oh my God that is one of the most
1819s satisfying things is auto breach with
1822s that uh the Norma puzzle oh manga What a
1826s Feeling chat have you experienced that
1828s feeling it shocked me in the first time
1830s it happened I was like I broke again
1832s but it's great one of the most
1835s satisfying things for me as someone who
1837s plays children uh is the armor stripping
1840s changes because the ability to just like
1844s literally melt drip armor and just use
1846s people
1848s it is so good I love it no more yellow
1851s bars
1853s oh my God y'all so fast oh okay I got
1857s distracted
1859s you know what's good when Helen's
1861s giggling oh yeah we're having a great
1863s time over here in Discord oh cool a
1866s nurse had no Shield you might need a
1868s yellow I love that that's amazing I know
1870s I just said her Narrows because he's my
1871s favorite frame but you're right I
1872s wouldn't want any shieldness on or not
1873s why not it's funny it doesn't work
1878s but it makes me laugh you're not wrong
1880s someone was I forgot who said it to me
1882s but someone was like I for April fools I
1884s just want a broken archon chart that
1887s only adds one Shield Point put it on my
1890s nros or my night is or whoever just
1892s because it's funny I'm into it yeah melt
1894s armor like butter chat you got it oh
1896s we're back on the butter train I did in
1897s this chat it's not me multiple people
1899s said it more zarella more Zella
1903s mozzarella
1905s all right we're doing it a defense
1908s literally can't Select Shield for nine
1910s percent
1913s [Music]
1917s can you imagine
1920s butter frame one
1922s [Music]
1923s digressive youth
1925s had permitted term butter
1932s too much butt uh Taylor's the butter to
1935s Megan's court
1938s it's really nice oh that's so cute
1940s Olivia starting next prime eventually
1942s but we gotta get through a couple more
1945s before we start doing steinx Primal okay
1947s gotta get a children Prime it's a very
1949s good gotta get a hill here from you're
1951s not wrong
1952s We need butter frame to go corn cob
1954s necromack
1956s you're after my own heart
1958s puzzul putrid oh my God I love him he's
1962s the Sass on this boy
1965s make me really thirsty today uh actual
1967s fact I am very thirsty
1969s I uh
1971s I did not uh quench my thirst very well
1974s today it was a busy busy individual busy
1978s to eat I was actually watching uh
1982s um
1984s uh sorry I was watching Mr Robot
1987s uh watching his VOD and he drank I took
1989s a sip of water and I was like I haven't
1990s had water inside
1994s thanks for the
1995s thanks for reminding me with your
1998s drinking of water that's so funny it's
2000s like those twitch streams where they
2001s have like the points command to drink
2003s water right or to hydrate yeah
2006s internally hydrated 46 minutes
2012s there's some water
2014s I'm bad even though I have my Giant 64
2017s ounce of jug of water 64 ounces
2022s that's what I got do you wash it every
2023s time you wash it
2025s or watch it wash it wash it yes okay
2028s it's really hard to get my hand in there
2030s but yeah I give it a go
2033s nothing like a dirty water bottle
2038s Prime after the next five we'll just
2040s have to wait to see my friend there is
2043s an order to things isn't there
2046s call prime one
2049s oh my God she's dying
2052s why did he go down there you idiot
2057s you idiot you absolute fool you stupid
2061s oh that's so funny no wonder you died
2065s you're the orchestrator of your own
2067s demise and he's like everyone's appear
2069s I'm gonna go down here where all the
2073s baddies are
2074s and hang out whoa that's spicy
2078s a little bit of spice is so nice
2081s my matter again I'm gonna kill this
2083s battle
2086s [Laughter]
2091s Pro tip if your water bottle has a top
2093s leave it open overnight but then but the
2095s dust gets in it
2097s y'all ever have Dusty next day water
2099s absolutely
2102s as a kid there is definitely like a
2106s unique taste there's a glass of water
2107s that's from the throat overnight and
2109s there's no nothing else that can compare
2110s to it it's very weird I was actually
2112s having this conversation the other day
2113s because it someone was talking about
2115s like
2116s having water out overnight and it
2117s reminded me of
2120s the movie Signs where they have he has
2122s all the viewers in it years ago I'm
2125s trying to remember that was being like
2127s okay I'm pretty sure it's signs check
2128s correct me if I'm wrong or right
2131s um that they have he has like so many
2133s cups of water sitting out and they're
2135s all disgusting and Dusty
2138s oh
2139s hold me where where are my dude
2147s you do it
2151s give me back my microwave gun oh my God
2154s it's so bright over here
2156s there's so much chaos happening with
2158s chips right now with chips with chips
2161s who's eating chips I cannot believe you
2164s didn't hear Dean so loudly opening his
2166s chip bag it wasn't it's called it would
2168s not open
2169s and then I guess he used the mute
2172s function wisely but anyway the vibrant
2175s of you isn't too much snow
2183s [Music]
2186s this operator is
2189s oh my God that's so funny pure chaos
2193s oh I'm so loud I'm so sorry
2197s oh my God
2199s [Laughter]
2202s that's a background crunch
2206s it's like sneaking snacks into the movie
2209s theater and you're like enjoying to
2211s quietly open your bag of Smarties oh
2214s why would I do that or even just like
2217s any like I'm I'm a chocolate covered
2219s almonds kind of gal hell yeah and just
2221s like the crunch alone of that in a quiet
2223s movie theater you're just like oh this
2225s has been coming off
2226s the worst is when you like think that
2229s you're gonna be blocked out by the sound
2231s of the movie
2232s and then it's like just as you go to
2234s either open a bag or take a chip or
2236s whatever it's like silence
2244s no but then I can't hear them
2246s okay oh because of the crunch in here
2249s you're the reason they need subtitles I
2252s I will I won't watch anything of those
2254s subtitles
2255s there was a I took the modding game the
2258s moment yeah there was our theater one of
2261s the theaters here in London they they
2263s always put on like I mean their child's
2266s movies but like for example like
2268s Despicable Me they would have a kid
2271s friendly hello they would have a
2273s kid-friendly version in the movie
2275s theater with subtitles and like it's not
2277s as dark and like stuff like that and I'm
2278s like do I go
2280s because it has subtitles and I live with
2284s subtitles
2285s just like you know if you have a friend
2287s who has a kid and you're like hey you
2289s know I'll babysit your day just so you
2291s have an excuse to go watch this book or
2293s something but then do I want to be
2294s around I just want subsiders that's true
2298s thank you for fixing the train gun issue
2301s no more accidentally shooting here both
2304s of I was actually very sad thank you for
2306s reporting appreciate that
2309s kid friendly theater but doesn't show
2311s Ghibli movies I know I mean they're kind
2313s of dark some oops Yeah no greatly the
2317s fireflies definitely is not uh
2321s absolutely not I forgot I had the
2323s adrianism
2324s where's our dude is he just gonna stay
2327s here
2333s oh my God they're coming up
2336s Ain't No Way ain't no how
2338s Canadians Mighty disappear Eminem's
2341s it's still not working if you're talking
2343s about the crane gun it's you I would
2346s love to know if it is
2349s good to know
2351s back from the drawing board rise of them
2358s like really The Studio Ghibli movies you
2361s can like standard way like even the nice
2363s ones it's a little dark okay it's a
2365s little dark honestly if I was a kid I
2367s think cat bus would terrify me I loved
2370s cats okay never mind but part of it was
2373s that it was scary it's kind of
2375s incredible it's cool it's true it is
2379s I mean it's a little Cheshire Cat Vibes
2382s a little bit yeah
2385s same energy yeah ephemera color is not
2388s working I don't know my FM was pretty
2390s green as hell I'm not quite sure what
2393s you mean by that
2395s love to know that oh I got an itchy eye
2397s this thing scared me
2400s they're so adorable Scurry around on the
2402s floor they eat sprinkles
2405s oh yeah the little stars
2409s I love them what's wrong with challenges
2412s and Deimos I'm not quite sure but if
2414s you're like so me I love you
2416s get out of here bud I love [ __ ] oh my
2418s God it's a free flying don't worry if
2420s they keep following you Meg dude
2421s someone's sending me bad vibes right
2423s Helen I think Mercury is a retrograde
2427s marmalades and Gatorade
2430s Gatorade
2435s yeah Mercury's in retrograde until until
2437s October 2nd ladies and gentlemen okay
2440s it's been in retrograde
2442s is it like every other week it goes in
2445s retrograde every few months but I swear
2448s last prime time it was like next week
2450s yes yes we've begun a recent one
2454s here oh
2456s yeah
2457s someone's been sending me bad vibes
2459s because the fruit flies they follow me
2461s where is this dude is he up he's up top
2464s hello he's hiding me hello this is stuck
2468s I found him oh you got him
2471s fish have figured out the Flawless
2473s strategy of never we did hot fix the
2476s fact that you couldn't uh throw your
2478s spear through the the goo
2482s um so if that is not a fix let us know
2484s we'll take another look but we did patch
2487s that let us know if you can't get
2489s through the goo with the the right spear
2492s is a timer for drops cumulative uh it is
2496s so you watch for 45 minutes and then
2498s once that's up and you claim it it keeps
2500s on going
2501s it keeps on trucking for your next one
2504s somebody's saying that ephemera color is
2506s the operator robot so we did fix some
2508s issues regarding operator cosmetics in
2512s this recent outfits we did cosmetics and
2515s I think abilities as well but if it's
2517s still not functional this is PC only
2520s though right because it's code for
2522s console PC got the fix for all of it
2526s console would have only gotten a bit of
2530s it the patch notes uh we'll have the
2532s most accurate information in terms of
2534s what exactly is fixed there so I might
2536s want to check that out for your platform
2537s yeah fix the spider called boss fight we
2540s do have some fixes for the arachnoid in
2542s that if there's something specific I
2544s know there was reports of this
2546s of the spider
2548s um
2549s like going through the floor moments or
2551s something and that one was hard to Repro
2553s so if you have a almost guaranteed Repro
2556s I would love to see it we actually do
2557s have a brake Narmer sub forum for
2561s feedback in the forums it's linked in
2563s the patch notes as well from yesterday
2565s so if you want to put in like a really
2567s hot Repro for that I would be very
2570s interested to read it Mercy
2574s washing machine
2577s oh my God this is a spicy spicy
2580s situation at least to find a mission
2583s need to make sounds good what I'm gonna
2585s say in the things that Collins Define
2587s the mission to make sound so we are
2590s doing that with those k Drive pieces
2592s right it should be out already yeah it's
2594s already out yeah oh my God yeah so the
2596s the confiscated K Drive things is called
2599s likes to put it we did add a sound to it
2602s like a humming sound it's meant to sound
2604s like a cake adorable
2609s so close there and they should grow grow
2612s glow a little brighter they blew baby
2616s big vibrant blue just like these I would
2620s love
2621s I would love to have a seat that's my
2623s favorite colors there you go look how
2625s the steampunk uh Warframe in the game I
2627s don't have a spit I mean there's tenogen
2630s skins that are very steampunky so much
2633s Mesa so I was gonna say Mesa very
2635s specifically so if you're a Mesa fan
2636s yeah also I feel like Lavos is a little
2639s bit like oh 100 the steampunk variant
2641s though where they're really into like
2643s Alchemy and like they have like Potion
2645s bottles strapped around their waist yeah
2647s I like it drier Guyer that's true that's
2650s true tinker's tinkering with the oh a
2653s lot I just got slapped
2654s by a battlest Colin Clem wins besties
2658s man Limbo with a monopole it's true
2660s there's one with a top hat I'm sure he's
2662s a wizard
2667s volbon has left the chat listen my only
2670s knowledge of vauban is the fact that he
2671s looks like Napoleon and Bonaparte right
2673s now so what do you mean right now well
2676s in his flop era okay
2682s this is my formal apology on Megan's
2685s behalf
2686s um
2688s but yes uh no it's because of the 1000
2691s oh buddy listen this is my talking this
2693s is okay I perished in this Corridor I'll
2697s just now to Rox it don't worry guys I
2698s got it wait is he still alive he's fine
2700s he's maybe
2701s okay now he's getting it out of here oh
2702s my God I literally cannot see it
2704s literally anything hello remember how we
2707s made changes to uh certain weapons when
2711s you're out we're using them because you
2713s couldn't reward I feel like you need to
2715s expand the list I mean it doesn't help
2716s that we're in the tiniest little bit
2718s that's true these conklists are
2722s four
2724s they hurting me okay compared to D and
2727s how vibrant which is more vibrant that
2729s hallway I'm not gonna lie the hallway
2730s I'm sorry dude it's all right
2733s it was too it was excessive you know I'm
2736s gonna not arrest them oh yeah
2740s the literal
2741s spider themed morphine listen
2744s canonically exactly she is based off of
2747s a spider
2748s and that comes from the artists
2749s themselves you can deny it all you want
2752s but her four is like literally a giant
2754s spider rub so
2757s pop up
2760s oh man sorry I was good oh man you're
2762s gonna die oh my God no I fell
2764s Meg Meg Meg no no my squad
2769s not safe
2772s I
2775s don't want to run it
2777s shows up on your next review Taylor oh
2780s my God I'm gonna abandon the mission
2784s oh it's migration now we just get to I
2787s get to watch you watch you double
2791s let's see what Kmart's doing
2795s all right being a protea I like it
2801s yeah so Megan how's it going it's going
2804s good I'm relaxed yeah I know honestly it
2807s takes it from my coffee at 6 48. we're
2809s gonna do a platinum prize dude that's a
2810s great idea sure thing
2813s celebrate Megan
2817s damn that's so good I'm just kidding
2820s Savage what that was gone to T
2822s underscore Redwood tea underscore red
2824s boy congratulations you've won a
2826s thousand Honda please whisper the
2828s Warframe twitch channel that you're
2829s watching right now and we'll get you
2831s your 1 000 T underscore
2835s Namaste oh hey that's okay
2838s what Utica I think they're like a
2840s historical figure that's all I know oh
2842s damn I was not good in history in school
2846s I appreciate it new Halloween warframes
2848s I mean they're already some pretty
2850s spooky ones
2851s that's quite sure
2852s how much spooky you could get it I know
2855s honestly like we got seven you got
2857s necros I feel like once you necros
2859s there's nothing else once you necros I
2862s mean Robin is pretty spooky Sabbath very
2864s Spoonful right yeah maybe this is
2868s not on another level but yeah
2871s man needs therapy
2874s yes he needs to talk about his feelings
2877s yeah he really needs to process his
2879s grief and Trauma in a more healthy
2880s manner because whatever is going on
2882s right now is not good for anyone oh he
2885s needs a qualified individual yeah I know
2887s we're short yeah hopefully his insurance
2889s will cover it because God damn uh
2895s Halloween skin surviving out then oh
2898s it's pretty cool I mean he already is
2900s Halloween
2901s but he could be more you could give him
2903s like a pumpkin head that's true
2905s flaming pumpkin head we did do like
2908s Halloween themed piano gym oh yeah I
2910s remember that that was around 10 so that
2912s was 10 years ago oh no last lock save
2915s them
2916s I'm not gonna die he's not gonna die
2918s don't let him die
2920s oh look at that operator
2923s don't operative oh do they have my a
2925s grit or did someone else
2931s this is my hallway
2934s oh revenant's already a ghost that's
2937s true that's a true fact he's already
2939s wearing a mask you know did everyone
2941s forget about the chains of Harrow that's
2944s so cute oh forgot about your hair for a
2947s second I'm sorry guys I love you
2949s you're the best apologies forgot
2953s Halloween Belle cream
2956s that's how the Halloween skin it was the
2958s uh one that has like the emo hair it's
2961s great oh War Hills me okay do the
2964s hostage save the hostage
2967s we're almost there hurry up
2970s someone says Halloween
2972s it's like Halloweeny vibes
2974s are we actually getting a vampire friend
2976s I mean
2979s here you see that yeah I know basically
2982s is valid
2985s you're right
2986s is Megan need a gun I need a lot of
2988s things
2990s they need Redemption isn't Groot a
2993s vampire basically yes
2995s a Warframe that's three small Grenier in
2998s her trench coat
3000s I'm into it I am obsessed with that
3003s content I appreciate that the last lock
3004s is also using the natter up I like your
3007s vibe
3012s she needs a weapon I'm chilling my dead
3014s bodies somewhere
3018s Crossing progression when I just have to
3021s stay tuned for some updates don't have
3022s any right now but the next step for
3026s um cross platform play will be and we
3029s talked about this from devstream will be
3030s a public test between a couple platforms
3033s just to see how the code works and all
3035s that stuff so that'll be the next step
3037s we take and we'll make sure from the
3040s community side of things to let you guys
3041s know when that happens how long it's
3043s going to run for and stuff like that so
3045s we'll just have to just stay tuned while
3047s we fine-tune some stuff I'm getting hurt
3051s buddy get underneath
3053s in the back why is this for so long it
3056s is quite long but you gotta earn your
3059s way into our company so
3061s almost there gotta be downstairs
3064s I'm just I'm chilling
3066s I'm sorry Meg please say something
3069s replaced our event 2022. I actually
3071s talked about this the last time I was on
3073s prime time but
3074s um
3075s the uh return of plague star we do want
3080s to do some fixes there's obviously still
3083s kind of like the forever iconic drone
3085s issues and still kind of crop off
3087s especially with the post-new war
3089s landscape more issues kind of pop up
3092s there that we have to keep fixing which
3094s is fine but I just want to make sure
3096s that we're fixing it before we just put
3098s it out and obviously we know
3101s um I already said this last year
3103s feedback from plaguestar was for some
3106s people you know it's repetitive we've
3108s done it a few years in a row try to do
3111s it at least every year just so you can
3113s get your
3114s um
3115s you know your goods from macaque but uh
3118s you know we want to make sure that it
3120s has some fixes in for it before we put
3122s it out and if there are any changes that
3124s we can do so it won't come out until we
3127s can do a couple fixes for it but we'll
3130s see oh no last look oh you're live never
3133s mind I thought he was fine you got
3135s revived
3136s or them
3140s Venom skin for nidis or Marvel you wanna
3143s you wanna partner
3146s yeah I do have a um
3150s a uh
3152s cosplay no I should say cosplay it's not
3155s hardcore but I have um
3158s a uh
3159s Scarlet Witch outfit what's the
3161s difference between like a cosplay and a
3163s costume like I feel like I could never
3164s say that I've actually cosplayed because
3169s and then cosplay is something you've
3171s crafted so but some people like
3174s commission cause like and some people
3175s buy like
3177s um
3178s like you can go on Etsy and get like
3180s really cool like cosplay replica stuff
3184s and like outfits and like that's cosplay
3186s so it's like I think Clay is the
3188s operative word right are you embodying
3190s the character that's true okay okay and
3193s probably like I would only dress up for
3195s Halloween
3200s whereas like if you dress up for other
3202s reasons I guess it would be cos to play
3204s I don't know you're playing the role
3207s that's fair embodying the Scarlet Witch
3210s how Scarlet witchy do you feel right now
3213s very my shirt says spooky that's true oh
3215s buddy come on oh no not now
3218s it's fine we got Sailor Moon Octavia
3220s it's so true so true and that's all you
3223s really need in life I saw someone make a
3225s Sailor Moon tortilla captura okay with
3229s the new skin which also felt very
3230s accurate like she didn't have the hair
3232s but you know buddy all right oh my God
3234s this hostage is in the thick of it
3237s you need to like maybe not stand in the
3239s middle of everything it's the fact that
3241s he's standing in the middle I mean he's
3243s on a pipe I know that's what I'm saying
3244s is like do you want to be easily
3246s targetable then continue what you're
3248s doing because he knows on the ground oh
3250s my God
3252s still doing Drop yep drop's still alive
3255s people should have gotten if they're
3257s here from the beginning their first
3258s draft cosplay looks good just a costume
3261s looks a bit not I don't know what that
3262s means but
3264s Wow Let's see it is oh my God
3266s he is hurting
3269s is that a rock
3270s he's not on the roll that's for sure
3272s hostage is going through a lot I know
3274s you know
3275s Mercury's in retrograde
3278s buddy
3281s hombre he's in the thick of it he's just
3285s he's supposed to hang out with me in the
3286s afterlife
3288s okay really miss Megan it's been too
3290s long okay he's gonna go again yeah buddy
3292s okay last lock is like right there with
3294s him buddy buddy buddy
3297s graph's not working been here since the
3298s start well I currently see the drop so I
3301s do believe it is working
3304s um make sure to have your account linked
3306s you can go to warframe.com
3309s twitch and relink there if you'd like
3313s scraps are working fine thank you for
3314s the confirmation appreciate that
3318s butter yep true love it yeah I got me my
3322s drop what did what did you get what mod
3324s did you get
3325s oh pazuel's having a moment
3328s you
3334s [Music]
3336s okay are we ready for a an Amar
3338s Smackdown oh I'm just trying are you
3341s stretching yeah stretch hydrate other
3344s things screaming yeah yeah we're
3346s straight we're scrimmers our swimmer's
3348s got the drop thank you you're welcome
3349s null star
3351s love my girl Nova I love Anova what
3353s rewards did you get Megan we're about to
3355s find out actually I don't I haven't
3356s claimed it yet on Twitch hold on I'll do
3358s it right now and then the next time I
3359s come back I'll have it all right there
3361s we go oh that's probably not what you
3363s were talking about anyways are we ready
3366s uh
3369s [Music]
3373s somebody ten more minutes I mean this
3375s stream is going to go for another an
3377s hour and 13 minutes so 63 minutes so you
3380s got time you got more than 10 minutes
3386s oh I love Hildy I love it
3388s do we have a dancing platform for the
3390s dojo I would love having one I mean the
3393s dojo Community can literally make
3394s anything out of anything I've seen a
3396s great many dance floor I know I've seen
3398s a great many platforms maybe even a
3400s couple polls
3403s a couple of couches
3405s they're very imaginative created this
3408s Love Is This Love
3411s Travis cut to cut the rope forget
3416s that will never not be one of the most
3418s iconic moments that in my life left me
3421s oh my gosh
3423s my wife sorry oh my God I'm back oh
3427s we're going good oh it's so good oh
3428s where are we going this way okay Megan
3431s learn how to walk everything's fine
3433s everything is fun
3438s oh we got a vault in the chat Machado
3441s means Squad oh my God I just got slapped
3443s oh my God I just got slapped
3448s um
3452s okay concentration though we're in we're
3456s in the game wait where am I going
3458s wait where am I I've gone the wrong way
3461s this whole time I'm a fool no I don't
3463s think so I think you're good
3465s what
3468s I like the gray oh
3470s put that hole there
3473s level designer why hello hello don't you
3477s know I get lost very easily even put
3479s holes in front of me
3483s okay I'm coming I am a struggle but it's
3487s these long ass fake nails I got on oh
3491s the hindering my ability to live I don't
3493s know how Danny does it I am stuck under
3495s a bridge hello can you let me out okay
3499s all right guys we're good we're good I'm
3502s ready to uh
3504s I didn't skip Jesus I didn't do it it
3507s wasn't me this time
3510s okay where they at right there cool do
3512s you like a matter of smooth face oh baby
3514s it does feel good oh [ __ ]
3518s oh God no
3521s no
3524s please save me
3529s heated himself across that okay we're
3531s good we're good sorry I won't be a fool
3533s no more I got really excited about
3535s sudden everything's fine everything's
3537s fine okay okay okay everything is fine
3539s oh it's not fine mark
3542s not like this Mark I only have so many
3544s instant revives everyone come on it's
3547s all good it's all good
3548s we're in the game we're gamers
3551s 10 out of 10 gamers are gamers
3555s all the gamers agree on the game
3561s he reminds me of
3565s the Edward Scissorhands monster from
3568s from uh
3570s Fullmetal Alchemist
3573s child dog that's all I need to say
3578s oh
3579s is Murphy
3581s the cat burst didn't get me but Taylor
3583s Nina oh my God it's so scary
3588s get out of here wait can I final stay on
3590s the face oh
3592s my Waypoint stayed on him I don't know
3594s if that's supposed to happen
3595s oh my God
3598s that was spicy my friend cut it out
3601s we are all friends here
3604s let me kill you please there you just
3608s laughs
3611s look him go oh [ __ ] throwing dogs not
3615s the dog
3620s how long do we have left I'm 15 minutes
3621s away from the drop well lucky you
3623s because we're here for another hour
3624s don't worry about it you're golden
3629s all right final standing no abilities
3632s don't work on my own I'm shooting
3634s someone behind me no no no that don't
3635s work you know I had a I had a hope I had
3639s a hope in a dream but it is very
3640s efficient for getting all the eggs oh
3642s yeah the ad was great that's my mace is
3645s I don't know about you but I got ad
3647s blocker
3648s I look for YouTube premium so YouTube
3651s Cranium
3653s damn what the hell is that it's only
3656s smart people you need to be part of
3657s Memphis
3658s what what
3661s the hell is that
3663s isn't that the thing that people brag
3665s about when it's really not that big of a
3666s deal yes
3668s it was like yeah don't worry about it
3674s safe it's for people who believe in IQ
3676s tests I'm very sorry if you didn't even
3677s IQ test but uh
3679s I don't I've never taken one it probably
3681s says a lot no
3686s oh my God this is that this is a hairy
3688s situation I didn't mean to press that
3691s Final Stand nothing very cool
3694s oh
3700s oh my God he's looking at me oh my god
3704s look away
3705s look away I'm so sorry because you
3707s literally cannot see anything on my
3709s screen if you're watching right now why
3714s noise oh my God
3717s oh I'm not even using my board
3721s oh it's like Roar your pictures
3724s I understand what's the drop it is the
3727s uh we're doing the other half of the
3729s Warframe augments that we Buffs left
3732s chained in the bielberg oh
3735s oh that's you
3742s first please thank you oh my God
3749s yeah
3751s pet the dog out yeah there you go
3755s here grab bag isn't working uh it's
3759s working for me so maybe just give
3761s yourself a little unlink relink
3763s warframe.com twitch or re-link it up
3767s you should uh you should be good
3769s seeing other people also as well getting
3771s dropped so I have faith that she is
3774s working
3775s you watch and claim it that is so true
3777s we've got dog doing all right I'm gonna
3779s go to a and I'm gonna embarrass myself
3782s although someone else is going to aim
3784s we're going to tag team it from Tia
3786s follow me and both hey Mark let's go oh
3791s my god I've been in trouble Kmart it
3794s just makes me think of Kmart same
3796s y'all got discounts I don't think they
3798s exist anywhere but Australia now do they
3801s even exist Kmart yeah
3808s yeah online
3814s not really hairy for a second The Exodus
3817s film got me yeah I'm here bud
3820s can't matter right up yeah oh baby eat
3822s the matter eye that's probably not
3824s actually oh I should know that there we
3825s go
3827s I got it I don't got it I got it I'm
3829s coming I got the helmet um
3832s I love Amar I think they're my favorite
3834s I think so too mostly because there's
3837s just so many of them all at once
3838s something deep inside yeah
3841s I don't like Nero because you don't like
3843s snakes I love snakes oh your sister
3846s sends me
3847s I think it's potato I'm so sorry yeah
3851s potatoes all the time and it's great but
3853s I don't like it when she goes invisible
3855s but I can't find it
3859s I'm using killed
3864s let's go oh sorry there are four players
3867s waiting for me this came apart from
3869s fortnite
3870s oh my God it's got it all so it's like
3873s never mind I'm not gonna I'm not gonna
3876s be careful red loves fortnite
3878s yeah she plays all the time there you go
3880s she's a fortnighter
3882s does she loves Goku yeah oh my God I
3885s love it I mean I could be lying but I'm
3887s pretty sure pretty sure she sent me a
3889s screenshot or two of her gokuin
3892s there are four players waiting for me
3894s and I don't know how that works I think
3896s that that's it that's a bug
3898s that's a UI bug
3901s we made it okay now there's three I'm
3905s gonna be on the turret
3906s oh my God
3908s let's go Amar where you at
3911s oh this is
3913s oh my God
3916s oh my that was a beautiful moment oh God
3920s that was spooky buddy where are you
3924s oh geez I'm really pulling my weight
3926s guys
3928s jeez man all right get me out of here
3930s yeah out of here oh geez Rick oh geez
3934s Final Stand
3936s get the hell out of here is working
3941s oh oh Jesus
3946s God damn okay all right
3950s we're in the thick of it now boys into
3952s the thick of it oh my God oh my God
3958s I would like a mark
3960s you want this much I want to smoke I
3963s wanted big dogs
3965s what the hell is happening is that you
3968s is that you're white yeah that's why I'm
3971s apologizing because you literally cannot
3973s see
3975s oh my good Lord you cannot see my nails
3979s sorry
3981s wait why can't I oh okay why am I stuck
3985s why am I okay we're fine we're fine
3988s Grace is averted everything's fine come
3990s on momentary vertigo Rhythm where's the
3992s one okay
3994s nope
3996s okay
3997s I'll come back baby oh
4001s heated nerd wonders what time Dana
4003s you're wearing Taylor
4006s frame oh it is the Garuda Deluxe one
4010s that's all I remember I don't know the
4012s name oh like her stick form her yeah
4018s oh no no no I don't want to use be a
4021s flyer thank you very much oh
4025s don't look at me bud
4026s don't look at me with those eyes
4028s bedroom eyes
4030s oh my God Megan bring him on that kiss
4034s him and now this is moving I just want a
4036s big old puppy smooth he's just a little
4039s puppy
4041s he just needs to go to dog training you
4043s know yeah he just needs
4045s [Laughter]
4049s oh no Taylor
4053s emotionally scarred by that conversation
4057s wake up wake up wake up yeah exactly oh
4060s my God this would be a dream absolutely
4065s take my sharks and lasers
4069s Prime Time 192. what happened
4073s look at this heat gameplay chat can you
4075s see anything can you discern anything
4077s that's going on over here it is oh yeah
4081s get out of here
4083s oh
4086s filthy it's just fail let's go
4091s need more damage honestly yeah
4094s wait is there more I think we're good he
4096s just has a hilarious yeah I heard him
4104s oh Jesus
4107s because I'm using Rally Point so he's
4108s aggroed on me and it's a lot it comes a
4111s lot oh I'm sure
4116s but I wanted
4118s in the face
4120s because it is very satisfying I love a
4121s red crit hello
4124s of course
4127s of course just follow me around
4130s oh Jesus oh my God
4133s oh my God
4138s which is good Taylor
4142s is that using a new core can I no can I
4146s do it can I oh rip it out of his chest
4149s oh I died
4151s it's a winning visualizer oh my goodness
4154s I'm coming Taylor thank you Parker wait
4158s uh foreign
4168s [Music]
4170s you went all the way back
4172s it was like in 2002 it definitely was a
4175s look back in the past it's crazy to
4177s think how many Spidermans we've had
4178s since then though they're still my
4179s favorite I'm so sorry
4182s I'm sorry to Andrew Garfield personally
4185s and Tom Holland it's Pizza Time
4196s when
4198s [Music]
4200s I don't know I'm something of a
4202s scientist myself yeah but the the Peter
4205s Parker is like a pizza time no no no
4208s idea all right we got a crimson our
4211s concert I actually saw a lot of people
4213s that ended up getting a towel Forge one
4215s which is exciting for them but not for
4217s us we didn't get one but that's fine
4218s it's fine that is fine
4220s but one must put it to good use so I'm
4223s going to oh what did I get guys oh I got
4227s a NYX oh man okay okay it's Rebecca
4230s Rebecca
4232s she's here for you I'm Gonna Leave the
4234s squad uh I'll say thank you how do they
4236s not know Pizza Time listen okay
4238s there's so many memes and they won't all
4240s fit in my head
4241s so I currently have my azir archon Shard
4244s from last week because it was boring
4247s um for 150 Field capacity not as yours
4251s so it can't be too fancy but oh
4253s [Music]
4255s I am going to put it on steinx because
4257s I'm a standard ax right now
4262s the strength to make my
4264s my final stand stronger I'm into it how
4267s do I build right now
4272s but if you did duration it would last
4273s longer
4278s do be standing though
4282s see how I like it
4284s you know I can switch it up I can I can
4287s take it out and put a different thing or
4289s put a different vibe I know I'm broke
4291s leave me alone
4292s leave me alone
4296s for the person who was asking it's a
4298s difficult to sign Dana but I also I'm
4300s using the wings so like I feel like it's
4302s the ethereum it's fine and I can see my
4304s little shards and they are oh look at me
4307s go your little Thanos Gauntlet that's
4309s what I pictured I can't picture anything
4310s else it's the little Rings we need a
4313s purple we need to all we need a rainbow
4314s we have three shards we don't have the
4317s time Stone and I don't know what the
4319s purple one is but
4321s did Megan just call me I don't think so
4323s but maybe all right let's do another
4326s Platinum prize before we move on
4329s now we did
4331s it's going oh it's going can you show me
4334s hiltonville absolutely
4336s uh what that supply has gone to is sedge
4339s 25 Siege instead
4342s sad I love it congratulations you have
4345s won a thousand Platinum please whisper
4346s the Warframe switch channel you're
4347s watching or right now with your in-game
4349s Alias and the platform you play working
4350s on so we can get you your 1000 Platinum
4352s sedge 20
4355s . and also a quick shout out to last
4356s lock and kmark thank you for going
4359s through the archon with us and uh doing
4362s the defense while I was dead all right
4364s nice build I don't know I have loot
4366s detector don't ask me because you won't
4368s have to lose I guess I do I don't know
4370s why but otherwise it's fine okay
4372s um do you want to visit fan art time fan
4374s art
4375s I wanna I wanna do call call oh I think
4378s we could do call real quick
4383s are we gonna do it simultaneously or are
4386s we going to
4390s yeah yeah okay get in there get your car
4392s perfect watch out how do you how do you
4394s feel about my call oh why are his things
4396s not
4398s oh one sec oh my God oh my goodness oh
4402s my God hold on
4403s wrong
4405s my things weren't alone singing there he
4408s is
4409s go yes oh baby yes there it is oh we're
4413s a tail that's a green Chad what do you
4416s think give me a give me a rating out of
4418s 10 10 being you've never seen anything
4420s better in your life mine is supposed to
4423s look like a minion
4425s oh I just stopped making scars
4431s listen I thought daughter was Ruder to
4434s call but now I know the truth
4437s no he looks great he looks great Megan
4440s he looks really good balance is one no I
4444s love your colors I do it's just I've
4445s never seen them as something that didn't
4447s um seem like it could fit in Gundam Seed
4449s before so
4450s it's a different it's a different
4452s feeling okay
4456s okay
4458s the 80s are alive yeah it's true he's
4462s looking good he's looking he's very
4465s vibrant there you go are you all ready
4467s to watch him I love how you picked every
4469s shiny material known to man yeah like
4472s you were like I literally did the whole
4474s void show that's Chinese oh I love it
4476s he's a shiny boy all right
4478s we have introduced uh the call weeklies
4482s they're officially called Break Narmer
4484s missions and every week you're going to
4487s get another one this week we start off
4488s with sneaky sabotage now I know
4492s um based on a feedback reception things
4494s we've been seeing are you okay no okay
4496s things we've been uh reading about uh
4500s this sneaky sabotage is you know might
4503s not have been what you were expecting
4504s Kyle's first mission to be a very
4506s stealthy one totally get that understand
4508s that
4509s um but there are more missions to come
4512s that may be more up your street so just
4515s a little quickie quickie
4517s quick sneaky sabotage to get you started
4521s are you ready why does Megan's call have
4524s tassels this is the conquero signed Anna
4527s I mean
4528s [Laughter]
4529s he's got a little dangles
4532s um I like Cardinal DMS message to
4535s Everett and Beyond
4537s Buzz Lightyear yeah
4541s that's it he does have blood Vibes I'm
4544s into it why is he shining because he is
4546s a shiny boy all right so there are
4549s challenges you can do and you can play
4551s this Mission over and over so a lot of
4553s people obviously we saw yesterday when
4555s they were playing for the first time
4556s we're just trying to figure out
4557s obviously the puzzles and how it worked
4560s um so they didn't you know there wasn't
4561s really the urgency to do the 15-minute
4563s one or find the stuff we also increased
4566s the size of Chipper's tools so you can
4568s find it better
4570s Taylor get your mind
4574s I just wrote a really funny comment
4575s that's all very good
4578s um why is are you doing a poll yeah oh I
4582s mean okay fine we fixed the cage well
4585s fixed we improved the K Drive part
4587s system for those who are yeah they now
4589s have a nice little K Drive hum to them
4590s so if we'll find any we'll do it but I
4593s so I guess we're trying to speed around
4594s this is
4595s the plan right all right pray for a
4599s wedding already apparently people
4600s believe in Taylor tonight they're right
4602s the Minion the Minions
4606s Taylor I thought we were going I can
4607s stop it's fine we're going we're going
4609s it's fine it's fine
4610s this is all friendly
4613s running um so yeah this is sneaky
4615s sabotage it is a bit more puzzly I know
4619s for me being a Zelda fan I love a good
4621s dungeon puzzle so this is right up my
4624s street now I have played this before not
4626s saying I'm gonna do it perfectly but I
4629s have played it before I know Taylor has
4631s as well so I haven't actually
4635s I cheated and I watched the videos but
4637s we're we're gonna show you that video
4639s but for now just know that
4642s I we we played we played we've done the
4647s the play
4649s so what all you're trying to do is
4651s disable this Mega door and get these
4653s locks unlocked baby
4655s and you can do that by working out some
4658s camera angles here
4659s but we're doing a speed run so I'm
4664s trying not to forget anything
4666s I think I just did as you can tell I
4668s totally have watched guides camera
4671s are we gonna explain what we're doing
4673s uh
4675s uh yes
4678s yes so you just do that
4680s that's what you do just did what I did
4683s you look through the cameras that stuff
4685s and uh do you find buttons that you can
4688s press
4689s trying to unlock that big door it's
4691s gonna be something that you need to move
4692s some stuff around I just found a jean
4694s stamp which is great for me one of the
4696s challenges but I'm gonna I'm gonna not
4698s really focus on those challenges I'm
4700s just gonna kind of try and blast my way
4703s through there are deacons in this but
4704s call is equipped with a veil breaking
4706s ability his third ability so if he sees
4709s me oh I need to pop that guy with a
4711s grenade and he is none the wiser
4713s although they are all alerted so this is
4715s actually experience
4718s I am
4719s use your three good sir
4723s there's also a challenge to oh my God to
4727s not die or be veiled so I'm not gonna
4731s get that one because I'm getting shots
4732s but everything's fine oh I died no I'm
4735s fine
4736s oh no I've been veiled oh no give me a
4740s kiss
4741s what a cutie well I still have male to
4744s find Trippers tools um we did increase
4746s the size of the tool box
4749s um so you should be able to see it's a
4751s very blatant toolbox it's most likely on
4753s a table if that is at any help keep or
4757s I'm just gonna go at it why are you
4759s still waiting let me do something one
4761s thing you definitely want to do is find
4762s chipper okay
4767s unveil our oops I just gave him a shot
4770s in the back found it under some stairs
4773s okay good for you under stairs noted
4777s found the tools on the stairs
4781s hello
4782s all right I got you for voice lines
4785s I loved her I think it's because I was
4788s uh
4789s and it broke him a little bit
4792s a little bit he's supposed to
4793s technically talk actually I might not
4795s have oh no
4796s get out of here I don't believe either
4799s bye okay
4801s how are you doing Taylor
4802s um okay I think
4804s oh I gotta don't do this to me I'm gonna
4808s do a thing I forgot how to do the thing
4810s oh no
4811s could I do the thing I gotta move this
4813s but I forget how to move that
4815s I think there's a thing you can actually
4818s get you're right you're right I can't do
4820s this yet
4821s I can't do it yet I just can't you know
4824s can I finish
4829s here we go I think this is
4830s oh oh no that's the wrong button oh no
4833s that's also the wrong button oh my
4834s goodness
4836s does it yeah it lifts it up yeah baby
4840s excuse me sir
4842s oh
4844s my God I'm trying to move and I'm being
4846s an idiot okay
4849s oh God he's coming
4854s we're good my mom said that you need to
4857s be nice to meet Mom
4861s Mom oh my God the deacons no I don't
4863s appreciate being bullied oh my God leave
4866s me alone I missed
4868s leave me alone no
4869s oh are you getting chased by defense
4871s yeah this is the uh Clark
4874s oh are you doing Strat the Clark Strat I
4878s don't know if he actually figured it out
4879s but he's the one who taught me how to do
4881s it thanks Clark
4883s if they get the film Accord home I think
4885s there's another way you can do it but I
4886s was too stressed with all those deacons
4887s over there so
4890s okay oh I gotta move that thing
4893s unlocked two of those doors already
4896s oh well okay to be fair you were going
4900s after the Soma Court yeah
4903s I think I need to go over here
4905s oh oh grab the wood grab the witch grab
4909s the lips
4911s not into it
4912s Carl's not into it that's fine all right
4915s I need to open that first okay Speed Run
4917s Speed Run oh no fall damage he's got
4920s knee oh man he's got a knees of Steel
4922s dude doesn't have kneecaps
4925s really
4927s you would hope that he would have okay
4929s oh okay so there's someone down here
4932s okay it's going down that now I can uh
4936s go back up
4938s you hacking Taylor
4944s did I miss that again no I'm a gamer you
4947s didn't the gamer
4949s [Music]
4951s here we go
4953s I'm not bothering with the stone cord
4954s just because I'm in a speaker yeah I
4957s forgot all right listen oh my God I am a
4960s Skyrim player I am a collectible as
4962s always kind of person oh my God how was
4965s he shooting me whoa everyone's shooting
4966s me oh my God
4968s there's a guy shooting me from across
4970s the map what a cheater sounds like
4972s you're playing fortnite right now oh my
4974s God I missed like you sound like I'm
4976s like we're at night right now oh damn it
4979s it's okay
4982s oh no
4983s oh let me go so used to the 64 gallon
4987s and that's it that's not 64. I know
4990s that's what I'm saying yeah you're used
4991s to it
4992s okay I'm coming back I'm back I'm back
4994s in Action where you at what you doing
4996s I'm still too I'm not paying attention
4999s with me
5001s okay here we go I'm gonna open the
5002s homemade like these guys sound like they
5006s need like asthma inhalers or something
5007s like I just
5015s good I'm not trying to be stealthy I'm
5018s trying to be quick
5020s so for six minutes and 45 seconds have
5022s blacks oh yeah I can run through this oh
5028s no do it
5031s hahaha
5032s all right now we get to do yet another
5034s puzzle
5037s I love puzzles
5040s I'm making every five seconds in a
5042s mission oh my God
5046s all right now we just do another puzzle
5048s okay and then I think there's another
5050s one for this one we have to find the
5052s right combination of keys using our fun
5055s fun little camera movements
5059s oh I did it
5061s I can go through all right let's just
5064s again I'm gonna do this fast so I
5065s apologize if you
5067s are trying to take notes Megan Prime too
5070s strong all right so this one is I like
5073s to call this the rocket ship
5075s I'm gonna go over here and this one is
5078s the beetle
5079s I think this oh that's fine though
5081s that's also a beetle over there
5085s sacrifice stands remember the ice cream
5087s cone oh my God
5088s sorry I didn't know that was happening
5090s that was
5092s that was very frightening to me and I
5094s got scared
5096s very scared it does kind of have rapid
5098s ship Vibes
5100s all right no one come in here that was
5102s so rude did it save myself
5105s I can move this and it is okay okay I
5110s gotta run I gotta kind of like eat I
5112s only got 10 minutes left
5117s Legolas
5121s yeah got it
5124s ah God
5126s all right give me a gun
5128s give me the exergius how's it going over
5131s there I'm running
5135s uh there's also in this part of this
5137s Mission
5138s um we're gonna be able to find the Jean
5140s stamps you can find
5141s oh damn you can find uh the K drive
5144s parts and all of that so
5147s take a lookout I'm not being cranky
5149s though
5150s ready for escort
5152s right
5154s uh okay everyone on camera
5157s all right
5159s so one thing that we are going to do is
5160s oh my God bro
5163s wait Sam he just ran into the thick of
5166s it
5167s one thing we are going to do is make it
5169s more known that you can use sports right
5171s now the two kind of UI elements to it
5174s are a bit small
5175s I still don't really know that you can
5177s uh you can torch it up constantly well
5180s it has a cool one but
5181s the torch is the way to go in this hairy
5185s of a situation
5189s I'm making a run for it
5191s [Music]
5194s and it can kill deacons so isn't that
5196s fun
5197s oh that's honestly the best part
5201s okay it's charging
5203s ready oh did I work oh it worked hell
5208s yeah oh my God there's so much happening
5209s give me the shotgun oh you're catching
5211s up Taylor I know I'm sorry I got
5213s distracted for everyone who voted for me
5215s I apologize but thank God you didn't
5217s waste Channel points for me
5220s get out of here
5223s please call versus call never
5229s eternalism or something I don't know
5231s eternalism in in another world there are
5233s multiple calls oh God I just get out of
5237s here bud
5238s once I get in here the door is gonna
5240s close no not the date here no
5244s I've acquired my grabbing bag
5249s um
5251s mini boss time we're going
5257s get out of here you can use the barrels
5259s to get them a little Frosty you know oh
5262s my God oh my God
5266s now there are reports of oh my God
5270s oh my God get out of here
5273s there are parts of the spider going
5274s through the floor so yeah
5277s oh oh my God I'm gonna die
5281s oh he exploded heal up heal up call
5284s drink the juice
5286s you did not just shoot yourself
5289s I'm just fine I'm healing I'm healing
5291s you go pee there go pee
5294s I have no idea what that means Chicopee
5297s yeah just means like when you're trying
5299s to look around a corner and you trust me
5300s on your leg you know when you really
5302s have to go to the bathroom I mean what
5304s look is doing that okay oh God oh God oh
5306s God all right here we go Beach under 15
5309s minutes give me the F out of here
5312s we did it Gamers we did it
5315s under 15 minutes and that's out there
5318s there we go
5321s all right who should I I refuse you
5323s won't die I died
5326s no we got failed you got Veil oh with
5328s the flip I didn't even know hey
5331s hi take this
5334s and I got myself a stock
5336s I know I can stop to chipper
5339s oh look at this little thing
5343s dreamers
5345s Believers
5346s now I can go talk to the chipper and
5349s call and rank up in the uh Syndicate
5353s that is the cause of Garrison and he's
5355s gonna rank me up
5357s okay baby I have an encampment
5361s that's what she's about but I turned it
5363s off so I thought I got towel Forge for
5365s both shards so far you need to buy a
5367s lottery ticket and for ranking up you
5370s get call Cosmetics so I get all of these
5372s so I could put it on and we did do a fix
5374s before I believe it was the armor or the
5378s sorex stuff that was floating off of
5380s Paul's body we did fix that so this
5382s should be equipping on him
5390s he's giving you the Vibes well he just
5393s gives me like those wacky oh my god get
5397s here okay there we go we're good we're
5399s good we're good did it I can't believe I
5400s died
5401s it's so close
5403s it didn't look behind me you gotta watch
5405s your six tracks always watch the switch
5407s it's chipper Australia I think he's
5409s supposed to mean New Zealand the voice
5412s actor is Australian I think
5414s there you go we're all over the world
5416s baby worldwide Mr worldwide
5419s he's currently talking you can't tell
5421s but he's talking I never look excuse me
5423s I would like to check out his Wares
5424s there we go
5426s all right we have his Wares and this is
5428s one thing a couple things we added in
5430s the hopics today
5431s is it now shows
5434s um the next kind of ranks you can do so
5437s rank three is four uh rank four excuse
5441s me is settlement and rank five is home
5442s and you're currently in campman right
5444s now so you can kind of see what you can
5445s strive for and what would come next what
5447s would unlock unlock next with the calls
5449s next weekly uh so you can kind of plan
5452s out what you're gonna do and I know we
5453s did get some feedback about why are you
5455s showing me stuff that I cannot get yet I
5458s mean it's pretty kind of par for the
5459s course but one of the things especially
5461s with the showing of The archon Shard is
5463s we didn't want to hide that
5466s and have you you know get your stock and
5469s then use your stock on other things and
5472s if you had known that there was an
5474s archon Shard available at rank five you
5476s would have saved up your stock and that
5478s would have felt bad to be like surprised
5479s you could have bought this once you
5482s reached rank five so
5484s um that's the reason why we decided to
5486s show it and even though it's kind of
5487s like oh you're showing me something I
5489s can't get yet we just wanted to make
5491s sure that we were transparent of this is
5493s something you can eventually get and if
5494s you want to you know save up your stock
5496s for The archon Shard you know that
5499s that's something that you can do and you
5501s can kind of plan out how you're going to
5502s use your stock so that's why it's there
5505s and thank you very much for listening to
5507s my TED Talk all right I think it's fan
5510s art time Bernard how do you feel about
5512s it I love it I'm excited when this is
5516s gonna come live this is live this is the
5518s public build right now on all platforms
5520s Bill Breakers live the break and armor
5523s call weeklies is live Chipper's live all
5525s that great stuff
5526s um and the archon Hunts as well so you
5528s can jump on in there boy oh okay
5532s Taylor are you ready because you're up
5534s first I'm up first okay Taylor's up
5536s first with the fit oh damn I forgot
5539s about the intro you know he also got
5541s hurt Clark oh no we forgot about Clark
5546s we did it again uh sorry Dean we're
5549s gonna have to Pivot
5550s um
5552s it is Pivot day um yes so we were kind
5555s of alluding to it before and we were
5557s saying that we were watching it and I
5558s actually watched his him play it live
5560s yesterday as well
5561s um so I knew he was making a video on
5563s the walkthrough of the sneaky sabotage
5566s Mission and stuff that he learned and
5568s places that he found
5570s um you know the K Drive staff or the
5573s Jean tags and stuff like that so it was
5575s a lot of cord some Accord yep he he
5578s tells you how to get up there which is
5579s actually the clip we're going to play
5580s because I think I thought it was
5581s hilarious he was using this like blunt
5584s strap to get up there which I mean kudos
5587s to you using that blunt but you don't
5590s have to but anyway this is a little clip
5592s of no sympathies walk through for a
5595s sneaky sabotage if you need help trying
5597s to maneuver through that find all the
5599s good stuff you can check out the full
5602s video it'll be linked in the YouTube
5604s description for watching this video or
5605s obviously you can just Google no
5607s sympathy and YouTube and find it but
5609s here's a little a little snippet of
5612s no sympathies video
5614s you can also move this as well and I
5616s still also haven't figured that out
5617s either oh do you know what unless that's
5619s a way for you to jump onto that and then
5621s jump from there to there it might
5623s actually be there but you can also move
5625s I wonder if it is
5628s oh do you know what it actually is
5632s live on stream we figured it out in the
5634s end you can actually move this though
5636s with the uh with the access and it's
5638s just still under me that's the way for
5639s you to go and get up it actually makes
5641s way more sense rather than you doing a
5643s uh doing a blunt and standing on top of
5645s it and then jumping from there onto that
5647s you can actually just use this so don't
5649s move that if you don't want to if you do
5651s move it
5655s looks it's so good job buddy I'm so
5657s proud of you I'm so I mean I watched him
5660s put that blunt all over the place and
5662s try to find his way up there he tried to
5664s like put the blunt Under the Staircase
5667s and clip and I was like I like it it's
5670s so creative because like I never I never
5673s throw them down except by accident
5674s because you know you can use the terrain
5677s and you're not used to it but like to
5678s think of it as a parkour ability because
5681s you can't double jump or bullet jump he
5684s figured it out he found the meta for a
5686s call and I didn't think I would use
5687s those words uh but anyways if you would
5690s like to uh watch that whole video it's
5692s really great again he walks you from
5694s start to finish I'm not only how to do
5696s the puzzles but also how to the places
5699s that he's found all of the challenges
5701s and stuff like that so you can make some
5703s notes and maybe maybe that can help you
5705s in your sneaky sabotage when you try to
5708s do it so thank you no sympathy
5709s appreciate you and thanks for
5711s entertaining me greatly all right now
5714s it's time for fan art my bad time to
5716s activate oh damn you're starting off
5718s strong did it work I did okay I'm just
5720s doing it in order
5722s I know okay I'm ready I'm so ready so
5726s this is uh fan art again from the
5728s channel con submissions yes yes we're
5730s still in it
5731s we're almost at the end I think because
5733s there was so much incredible art I think
5735s we're almost Helen right we're almost at
5736s the end of capture this is the last that
5739s will feature any capture from yeah right
5742s well we have lots of fan art there's so
5743s much stuff I believe so excited so this
5745s is from ours arsenic typhoon great name
5748s oh my goodness I love that's in a bar no
5752s no that's a whisp because it's got the
5754s little witch hat I love the navarest
5756s um the shoulders it's the bad little bat
5759s shoulder armor
5760s unseasoned and then you know you got the
5762s zereman behind it's great beautiful the
5765s colors I love blue delicious
5772s and then following in like this more
5773s spooky I don't know if this was
5776s intentional Helen but it's beautiful oh
5778s so intense yes of course yes this is
5782s from Max trap
5785s um I love their operator I love it when
5786s people put the ephemeras on their
5788s operator so they have wings it just oh
5791s so Umbra has a very scary tail in this
5793s yeah I wasn't sure what that was that's
5795s so cool boys got a spot I think that's a
5797s spiky tail yeah that is a very cool I'm
5801s into it I love
5803s Umbra I love it operators this is
5805s beautiful and then we have
5808s from squalington Constantine oh oh this
5813s one's a video this is blue this is blue
5815s this is blueprint now yeah oh wait no
5818s you're right sorry before we show this
5819s one Dean that video oh the video okay
5821s that makes sense that makes sense there
5823s it is okay yes
5827s um okay they did like a whole animated
5829s short
5832s so
5834s I can't recall the full tail give me
5836s death Cube he wants death cute oh rhino
5839s skin Oh [ __ ] we just harm ourselves a
5843s fight in ceilings I love it insane I
5845s hope valkyr wins or else I'm gonna cry
5848s no spoilers oh oh I said tumble oh my
5852s god look out is that balrog oh we'll
5855s never know
5856s Cliffhanger we'll have to find out next
5858s year find it yep yeah
5861s anyway I did the moment I said it was
5865s like that's wrong yeah blueprint of
5867s course oh my God Hilton throwing Atlas
5870s at the top I love it a little valky with
5872s a little claws out oh and then she's
5875s attacking Garuda who also has claws oh
5877s all of the details we can look at this
5878s for hours I know I love Zephyr just
5880s flying yeah and then stalker's there of
5883s course uh oh my God it's also good A
5887s little titanium and the little razor
5888s Rings oh I love this forever I know it's
5891s so good oh blueprint you're great
5893s fantastic job fantastic job uh and then
5897s uh from Sapphic Necromancer I love the
5901s name this is their operator and then
5904s Octavia and they're playing their Shaws
5906s in it they're having a little dance
5907s playing some music
5908s I love it I could never I'm not talented
5911s enough not gonna happen Can't Dance
5914s Can't music I can play uh I can listen
5916s to it Hot Cross Buns on the recorder
5918s hell yeah
5920s I think everyone can I remember my music
5923s teacher in sixth grade thought we were
5925s so bad at playing the recorded that she
5927s didn't let us
5928s participate in the school
5931s not ceremony not meeting
5935s it's definitely that's not where it got
5937s it's been years anyway yeah they would
5938s she wouldn't let us play at the assembly
5940s because we were so bad and she was so
5941s disappointed oh my God I was like
5944s I'm I'm 12. like what are you doing
5947s just let me clearly recording I know
5948s come on man my mom made ten dollars for
5950s this anyway
5953s uh this is from Frey aioli fraioli uh
5957s this is I remember we've had this
5959s conversation before this is like their
5960s Harrow OC or it's like a oh yeah I think
5963s it's Harrow inspired you know you've got
5965s like the hero skin with the little glowy
5967s heart beautiful I love the edginess
5971s I know it is a dress like I'm not sure
5973s you could hug that that individual
5975s without getting stuck would you prefer
5977s to hug them or the archon we just bought
5981s uh the archive okay yeah here's your
5984s answer yeah I think I might prefer this
5985s one because I don't know if you try to
5987s eat me but it could be a little
5989s you know you just go to wear like a
5990s really thick winter jacket and I think
5992s you'll be okay
5995s to be stuck there that's true but yeah
5998s anyway moving on
6001s from butter sweet Citrus stop it's BT TR
6006s it's butter it's butter it's better but
6008s I'm gonna canonically say it's butter
6010s okay
6012s oh my God are you kidding me yep I know
6016s this art yes I do I'm obsessed at the
6019s finger point looks like they're doing an
6021s acid Arrow I love it God I'm obsessed
6024s the operator is unreal the color scheme
6027s that bright green I love it it's giving
6029s me a little like cyber Punky yeah the
6031s colors definitely definitely beautifully
6033s wisp looks great operator looks powerful
6036s oh I'm obsessed
6038s and then this is from Luke Skywalker
6043s just kept her I don't know are you I'm
6045s just sure so submitted to the fan art
6047s category I think it's because it's
6049s edited right because like that's
6050s definitely an edit which is cool oh okay
6052s okay yeah it's very oh yeah there's
6054s capture involved but it leans into other
6056s genres it's a mixed media piece I love
6059s it media I love it oh beautiful
6062s I think it's a really cool transference
6064s you know it's almost like uh Animorphs
6067s gotta bring it up every stream channel
6070s okay last stream this stream we got to
6073s bring that franchise back oh my gosh
6074s apparently the author sells prints from
6077s the original books like on their Etsy so
6080s like you can actually get like the
6081s posters
6088s uh this is from Nathan Chen
6092s oh
6094s oh it's a very Final Fantasy looking I
6097s love this what am I
6099s Guru there's gerd no no it's Amber
6102s oh you're right pretty sure I think
6104s that's the looks yeah oh because she's
6107s got like that little and then the orders
6122s beautifully done I love this I love all
6126s of it it's gorgeous mommy sorry Mommy
6128s yeah
6129s foreign
6133s these are all numbered I keep wanting to
6136s say the numbers I know this is
6138s um from Studio Ripley this is a new war
6142s kind of
6143s atmospheric piece environment pieces
6146s piece is what I'm looking for uh
6147s beautiful I love you know the plains of
6151s idol on post and they were spoilers I
6153s guess
6156s for you
6158s I mean it's on the screen you can kind
6160s of get anyway uh great it's odd to think
6163s about not odd but like nostalgic I guess
6165s to think about like Carl's beginning you
6167s know yeah call it the start
6170s poor boy went through a lot okay let him
6173s have his sneaky sabotage and just Buzz
6175s Light your coffee yeah let him be a
6178s minion if you want that's honestly it's
6180s like uh when you know people leave like
6182s Amish cultures or whatever when they
6184s like enter Society whatever you want to
6187s say and they're like wow I bought like a
6188s cheeseburger that's what I picture with
6190s call it's like where they're
6191s experiencing things things for the first
6193s time yeah
6194s totally love it uh and then from
6199s eventual Hound an angel I love Angels
6202s they are my favorite aesthetic
6203s beautifully done look at that oh that
6207s Curly cues the little swirls also
6210s fibonaccially probably unsafe to hug
6214s I do it I would do it too do you think
6218s do you think they're harder there's I
6220s was literally about to say my pizza for
6221s slimy no I think they're squishy like I
6224s feel like they don't look too made of
6225s like like a silicone or something like
6227s you know like slightly I don't know
6229s anyway like a Nerf sword yeah exactly
6232s like a Nerf sword exactly like that
6234s interesting anyway uh
6237s I think I'm missing one
6241s I'm gonna find it Well if you do we can
6244s throw it into next I'll throw it in it's
6245s no stress no no I'll throw in it after
6247s this but uh this is from
6249s salts or Sally songs oh yeah
6252s nekros okay like when you actually put
6256s like human-esque bodies yeah what the
6258s hell where'd they come from
6260s definitely makes him a lot spookier and
6263s darker than you really this is
6265s Halloweeny that man's got the same meals
6267s with you
6268s look at that look at that thumbnail like
6270s that is my favorite is necros Prime with
6272s the pinky dangle that is one of the
6274s greatest editions cosmetically I've ever
6277s seen on a prime 100 more pinky dangles
6280s more pinky dangles I request that's
6282s gonna be Megan's you know yeah corn
6284s Warframe pinky dangles that's my my
6288s stamp on the game
6290s uh and then from Kerdi
6301s I think that's well that's a lotus
6304s flower at the bottom he's breaking the
6306s sound of speed
6308s how to do
6310s the speed of sound what did I say the
6312s sound of speed oh we're not just a
6314s different take yeah
6316s yeah it's like internally it was so fast
6318s she said yeah that's right yeah
6321s okay okay all right I think I can add
6324s this one last one second one second one
6326s second okay
6327s she's doing it I'm watching her do it I
6331s pray there are no formatting errors no
6332s it looks good
6336s Mercury is not in retrograde what
6339s where are you it might be the same issue
6341s I had last time hello
6343s not to worry more forward to next week
6345s we'll add it next week I bet I can I can
6348s I can fix it real quick Ms paint yo I
6350s got it I got it I got it I got it we're
6353s doing it live we're doing it live Taylor
6355s tell a joke
6357s um
6360s oh oh I have one from top 10 last time I
6362s did it okay thank you
6364s myself thinking about jokes how many
6367s tenno does it take to change a light
6369s bulb
6375s ah there it is I knew it and here's the
6378s art Taylor
6379s oh my God I love it here it is that's
6382s like Wukong Batman this is from
6385s um
6396s listen I just watched Spider-Man
6402s and it wasn't raining it was oh
6405s I think I know it was a great scene
6407s anyway
6408s [Music]
6411s this is beautiful I love the background
6414s treatment like the little paint
6416s splatters and Dean what they're flirting
6419s is he eating chips crunch harder no I I
6422s called out the Spiderman I know that's
6424s why we kept talking about it okay we
6426s snowballed
6427s snowballing we miss it we snowballed
6429s we're there all right it's time for
6431s someone that capture
6432s capture this one is a bonus from last
6436s last week's Prime Time 3 17. I am told
6441s uh here we have silent Echo Captain
6445s silent Echo I'm so sorry you have
6447s received the title of Captain Captain
6449s silent Echo here we have a wonderful Meg
6452s I'm loving the
6455s um oh what is that what is that
6459s um oh it's escaping kids here yeah the
6462s tear one
6464s Sakara yeah there it is question mark
6466s multiple question mark I believe you I
6469s love it let's do my research I love Meg
6471s I love that I love it all she's shiny as
6473s she should be I love the shine all right
6475s moving on we have more capture and this
6477s I do believe is steinx actually I as of
6480s that one I believe we are done bingo
6483s dingo bingo bingo or dingo I see we are
6487s done with uh the technocron or 2022
6490s community art show captura so this is
6493s all collected capture of steinx very
6496s recently so to stand an extreme stand
6499s next baby here we have cautionary tale
6503s with a love story oh my god oh under the
6507s under the Banyan Tree it looks really
6510s cool right Taylor I mean Talon
6513s wait you don't understand my reference
6516s give it to me one more time I only got a
6518s second under the Banyan Tree under the
6520s Banyan Tree it feels like I should I'm
6522s definitely I'm wounded but I don't wait
6524s is it
6526s is it ancient mazes Bry no that's a
6528s different tree where she heals okay I'll
6530s I'll let it simmer I'll let it simmer
6533s darling in the Franks no no it's not
6535s anime related oh okay well what's the
6538s point Helen's Googling it and I'm
6539s excited for her I was thinking Patrol
6541s kiss and achilles but it's
6544s under the Banyan Tree
6546s hello
6548s it's quite all right moving right along
6550s uh cautionary tale number two also
6552s continuing the love story of oh it's
6555s enemies the lovers I love it what did
6557s you say
6558s enemies to lovers because they're
6559s fighting
6562s I thought that's what you said and I was
6563s like I like it but yeah no I love the
6565s cake the solution of the cape I can hear
6566s the swoosh I can hear it in my brain I
6569s love it next up we have from Deuce oh
6572s final stamp baby I love it Final Stand I
6575s can hear it because I spam it all the
6577s time I can't nope it's not gonna work
6578s rewind I like silly oh my gosh we were
6581s talking about this literally last night
6584s at dinner were we not this is yep yep
6587s what is it and it is a book oh okay two
6590s breeds oh okay apparently not uh
6594s I'm just kidding uh next up this is from
6597s the one and only purple flurp I love the
6600s choice of not only the Arbiters of hexis
6602s room but the red cape with the red
6604s curtain okay yeah
6607s I see your brain working with your
6609s fentis he looks very Superior
6614s get it I love it great job thank you I
6616s don't think I get it but Superior soup
6621s Superior
6622s [Music]
6627s moving on this is from
6631s Origins looking like a statue
6636s [Laughter]
6640s moment you did it oh I need a moment I
6644s was doing it last week did Dalton take
6646s your Costco trip I heard it didn't
6647s happen no we didn't because it was so
6648s busy this week yeah didn't happen but
6651s it'll happen eventually it will Discord
6653s was saying they wish it were live
6654s streamed so now you still have that
6656s opportunity that's true just watch me
6658s buy the Costco
6660s of pickles yeah that's great oh damn
6664s what's up fam here we are at Costco
6666s what's up guys I know Marcus was really
6668s sad because he didn't get his twirly
6669s cone which like I don't blame him and I
6672s was honestly planning on having a Costco
6674s dinner oh I used to live by Costco I
6676s never had a membership but sometimes
6677s you're just like do you want to just get
6679s Costco for lunch and we just go and eat
6680s the Fried Chicken can you just go in
6682s there with it yeah you go in the other
6683s doors without the membership life
6685s changing not sponsored but in a bad way
6687s Costco yeah last but not least we have
6690s from
6692s oh hell yeah he about to throw that
6696s spear this looks like if you didn't tell
6698s me this was Warframe I would believe
6699s that this was just like a normal guy
6701s with a helmet on it's working like they
6702s call it
6704s what
6708s it's not fortnite that's not that's not
6712s no you told me this was a screenshot
6714s from like you know like a famous
6717s no like a historical movie where they
6720s were trying to pretend that they were
6721s like
6722s not samuraised pizza Spartans
6725s [Laughter]
6728s I just need are you thinking of 300
6733s no I just
6734s know okay okay this is the guy
6736s cosplaying as a Spartan in real life
6738s cosplaying now like you told me this was
6740s a person because he kind of got like the
6742s flesh tone the angle looks like it's a
6744s normal dude wearing a shirt is what I'm
6745s trying to say you know only naked
6748s he's wearing a shirt Megan I literally
6756s that's my head it's naked I'm not
6757s wearing clothes anyway let's go
6760s that we have today normal guys who are
6764s dressed up as Spartans must have Tina
6766s normal guys dressed up as Spartans
6769s that's what I meant it looks like a
6770s normal person art Spartans just normal
6772s guys that's what I'm saying but like
6774s with thousands of years ago
6777s I am
6781s I mean it's a great it's a great advice
6784s [Music]
6785s all right we have some wonderful console
6787s Dojo tours thank you diorani for setting
6791s these up first up we have from
6793s PlayStation this is the shadowclan
6795s advanced Warriors till you're ready to
6797s go for a tour so ready okay great
6799s because the first stop is a coffee shop
6803s they turn their Crimson Branch into a
6806s coffee shop I love it she did say it was
6808s Cafe themed she did yes this week this
6811s week has Cafe theme in each Dojo so here
6813s we have the coffee shop oh man Nexus is
6815s the stern and cart
6817s a dragon I think I always I believe that
6820s although I've never heard the term Stern
6822s and cart maybe it's German it sounds
6825s German I see it no I'm just kidding
6829s this is Black Pearl got some Pirates
6831s fighting a dragon a Hydra no Hydra
6834s cracking cracking sounds like a dragon
6836s water dragon water dragon what about the
6839s guy from Spirited Away Haku Haku why
6842s would you fight Haku though I don't know
6844s first crushes am I right oh River Spirit
6848s next up is the glyph Library we get
6852s knowledge these people read
6853s unlike us
6855s they read under them when she looks
6859s who reads books
6863s but like 30 bucks some of us I know you
6865s did it was a bad joke I'm sorry this is
6868s the marketplace this is where you spawn
6869s in in the dojo you can go right to the
6871s marketplace spend your coin spend your
6874s goods get yourself some Thrift
6876s stuff hell yeah thrifting that's
6879s valuable looks valuable that's true
6880s vintage upsell I like it pre-loved
6884s because they like to call it all right
6885s that was a PlayStation Shadow Clan yes I
6888s love it next up we have a switch Clan
6890s this is the switch
6892s Shadow Clan roguish trickery and first
6896s up we have Freya the kid soon oh my God
6900s hello I love my God is she in the trees
6904s yeah she's watching oh look at Ronnie
6908s sitting over there
6910s this is Anya the succubus
6913s damn girl oh my God look at them
6917s so much she's a rock star I thought
6919s succubus was a plant
6925s is a plant a succubus is a mythological
6928s creature
6930s [Music]
6933s [Laughter]
6937s and a lot of play it uh this is the
6939s Solaris City I think is where we're at
6941s perhaps oh we're going somewhere Ronnie
6944s where are you taking us
6946s brownie where are we going I feel like
6948s we're playing
6952s I love it where is she taking us oh
6955s beautiful oh gorgeous I've kind of lost
6958s my place I'm not gonna lie
6960s we're somewhere in this dojo and it's
6963s great oh this is beautiful
6965s oh oh this is this has to be slurs oh
6968s that was the fashion runway ah oh that
6970s makes sense she was running she was she
6972s was on the runway very good oh my God
6974s very Spirited Away looking I must say
6977s don't eat the pork don't I want to eat
6979s that food so bad every time when they
6982s slurp those noodles every time oh I need
6984s Ramen I'd be a pig turn me into a pig
6988s uh this is the harpy twin sisters I love
6991s them oh they're gonna get claws out and
6994s just cooking them through get them oh
6997s she relaxing yeah she's just chilling
6999s she's chilling there's no one there
7001s you see how I want to climb it I said
7004s closet but maybe I'm sure yeah yep close
7007s it uh and those are our console uh
7010s featured JoJo's One Plantation one from
7013s switch they are in the star chart right
7014s now if you would like to go check out
7016s the harpy twin sisters you know whatever
7017s floats your boat you can do that they're
7019s in the Star Charts I know that's where
7020s I'll be going up
7022s uh are we ready for a top 10 Collins
7024s during the stream brought to you by D
7025s Helen I know I am oh great do we have an
7029s intro
7032s wow I didn't know this one was coming it
7036s was so cute
7037s it's a great surprise all right Helen
7040s oh yeah I guess I should yeah Dean what
7041s are you doing we're ready we ready okay
7045s this first one is from Meg latron on
7048s Twitch
7049s every time my friend and I play steinx
7051s they constantly change the way they say
7054s it my favorite so far is syntax error I
7057s wonder how many ways I can say it wrong
7058s I want to know them all I love the the
7061s image of that Discord hangout is a good
7064s one and my style next love it and my
7067s syntax error yes syntax error voice
7070s quills brings us the next one oh the
7073s screen really Butters me up oh
7076s they're they're about the same birthday
7078s as me wow
7081s Burgos Virgo
7086s um camping Carl I just like like this
7089s thought experiment
7091s so for making a Warframe meal I need
7092s potatoes cabbages blood of my enemies
7095s and tomatoes what else food related
7097s items might Carl be missing I mean
7101s there's like thresh cones can you eat
7104s fresh cones I saw a tick tock where a
7105s girl prepared pine cones to eat looked
7107s really good to be honest I know some
7109s people eat sunflower heads
7111s I don't know if I'm into that well you
7114s know I guess like if you need to eat
7116s food and it's there I mean yeah I wonder
7118s like maybe like a jade Leaf would be
7121s like Fast basil is dirt nutritional I
7125s don't think so unless we're worms which
7127s we're a Warframe related also also
7129s wherever you go worm Queen loves dirt 10
7132s out of 10. mm-hmm
7137s there you go that's true
7140s delicious don't think about it it's not
7143s fertilized it's fine but they're moving
7145s on as I look at Ellis Pegasus comment
7149s now about context it's a little odd but
7151s we're just gonna embrace it we're
7152s rolling I love wisps because she is
7155s without feet did you miss seven uh maybe
7158s I did that's okay seven I do love with
7161s lucky and Dean I'm so glad you asked
7163s because this comment is related to you
7165s it's by miracle
7167s sick or 999 that was a perfect crunch
7170s you should isolate it and use it in game
7172s okay it was a lot clearer than I thought
7175s it was going to be you know yeah walking
7177s over some fresh snow maybe breaking some
7181s spine there's just tons of options I
7183s like how those two things are connected
7185s they both crunch
7187s you know those crunches all dress
7189s Crispers because that's what it was
7190s those are so good oh my God Crispers
7193s sucked the flavor off those yes
7196s I know exactly and then your tongue
7197s would be so raw yeah yeah great you need
7200s to you'd eat the crisper afterwards too
7201s right it'd be so potatoey yeah
7210s catch oh my God no
7213s oh my God you know blinded by a giant
7217s light let's say you could show it on the
7219s screen
7219s yeah it's a Canada thing uh these are
7223s not all dressed oh they say baked in
7224s Canada
7226s not sponsored give us money
7229s [Laughter]
7235s all right here we go
7237s this is a Canadian crisper crunch
7244s I love Crispers
7247s they're not good for you
7249s for you thanks for sharing dude no
7251s worries okay go ahead
7254s um our next comment is from Finish
7256s coffee
7260s speaking of our cosplay I still remember
7262s Megan was supposed to dress up in
7264s something she didn't like add a donation
7266s Drive some time ago and I ain't seen it
7269s yet she can't blame covet no more
7272s I'm sorry but I did do it did you like
7275s proof I'd love proof would you like
7277s proof you posted it on Twitter right
7280s oh it's all over the Internet baby
7282s it's everywhere it's everywhere I it
7286s took me a year it took me exactly a year
7287s to live up to my promise but I did it oh
7290s maybe I didn't post it hold on wait wait
7293s wait no I did it I did
7296s uh
7299s uh I'll find it oh that was all capital
7300s letters uh
7302s uh oh my God I can't find it I swear
7305s keep going I'll find it okay well it's
7307s we're gonna stay on topic with this next
7309s comment from regna who was discussing
7312s her logic about what makes a cosplay
7314s by that logic Taylor has cosplayed at
7317s least once that year she dressed as
7318s Megan dressed as monetta for Halloween
7323s images hold on cosplay I have all of
7326s these images
7329s go to my screen Dean would you
7333s so this is Taylor dressed as Minetta but
7337s also dressed as me you can see the
7338s tattoo attempt here and the red hair and
7341s the the hair yeah so this is Taylor
7343s cosplayed as me cosplaying as Minetta
7346s we'll get shy I drew that beautiful art
7348s of you she did so beautiful
7350s and I delivered my promise and made my
7354s own banana costume
7356s I think this was last year I rate Reb
7360s helped me so I I delivered okay I
7363s delivered don't call me out for not
7365s delivering
7367s oh I deliver it it's a good one too it
7370s is I still have the egg diaper in my
7371s basement I'm not quite sure what to do
7373s with it it took a lot of work to make
7375s that yeah I can't even imagine I just
7377s wear shorts I mean you went to Smart row
7380s making a styrofoam egg diaper is I
7382s always made of Styrofoam that was what
7384s it looked like it's inflated or
7386s something it's like the real deal real
7388s deal
7389s well as we wax nostalgic about Community
7393s memories alira recalls Megan burning
7397s herself with sparklers
7399s I think if you every time I just look at
7401s sparklers every time like I literally
7405s burned a hole through those pants I
7407s couldn't wear the pants anymore on that
7409s chair oh yeah I feel bad about that
7411s because I was like oh I should probably
7412s pick it I remember this was the second
7414s time when you wrapped it in June Sheldon
7416s you wrapped it in Play-Doh that was the
7418s first time and it caught a flight caught
7420s a flame yeah we learned that Plato
7422s ignites when you wrap it around to
7424s sparkler so someone also mentioned you
7427s ripping your pants yep you've done that
7429s yep ripped my jeans I mean you still
7431s have that fire extinguisher in your
7433s office I do yeah that gift from you it's
7435s right a proud Taste of Megan with glass
7438s I'm a lot
7440s I have a dull moment
7443s we have a specific insurance policy
7446s policy just for Megan yeah
7448s and speaking of Megan's Nails
7451s hail fire was thinking about it okay
7457s it's oh it's interesting oh did you
7460s rearrange is that what you did no I did
7462s not I just hit the very wrong button
7464s okay
7466s Hailfire used to have a co-worker that
7468s had long as heck Nails as a cashier and
7471s they couldn't figure out how she didn't
7473s shred bags or break them damn gotta use
7477s I mean what's the strategy like what's
7479s the long nail living technology yeah I
7483s mean I was a cashier back in the day but
7486s I didn't have long nails yeah but it's a
7488s lot of like using your hand Pat your
7490s fingers yeah the sides your fingers and
7492s the the little like when I type I try to
7494s like hover my nails over it so that I
7496s don't touch myself your fingers on your
7499s phone yeah yeah but also this is one of
7501s my favorite sounds like
7503s you love ASMR that [ __ ] is good
7505s unironically you can't tell me this
7507s isn't satisfying there's a whole video
7510s sub genre dedicated Luna Bloom Luna blue
7513s man
7514s I just love her here she's great
7516s fantastic that's Terror follow them get
7520s out of here oh it's good to know I've
7522s learned a little about long nails
7523s uh Jam man Jay was thinking about the
7526s multiverses so if we start doing
7528s Multiverse slash eternalism calls we're
7530s gonna need some kind of caller
7533s ah okay okay
7535s I like that one
7537s that's fantastic thank you Helen my
7541s pleasure thank you Discord call her ID
7544s into it you know what else I'm into
7547s a prime access
7549s yes how did you know call ASMR
7553s Whispering for my brothers when who are
7556s my brothers
7559s we have it right now there you go it's
7561s core Prime access going to a lucky
7563s twitch viewer by the name of what is it
7565s Taylor I can't see
7566s dp25 before Oh damn congratulations
7569s you've won score Prime access sorry my
7572s brain had to think about for a second uh
7574s message us on the Warframe Channel
7575s you're watching on with your Warframe
7576s Museum the platform You'll Play on DP
7578s 2534
7580s congrats you did it congrats all right
7583s you have to sex successfully reach the
7586s End of the Street
7588s congratulations you did it thank you for
7591s hanging out with us for a little bit
7592s over two hours
7594s um we are going to be sending all of
7595s this great love and good times and good
7597s people over to Pocket Ninja Taylor
7599s aren't we we are they're fantastic
7601s speaking of cosplays they actually do a
7605s fantastic number of cosplays I think
7606s they have a patreon where they post oh
7608s oh they're awesome cosplay pictures we
7610s loved her will they do Minetta
7612s you know what maybe a little baby
7616s impossible no impossible thank you
7619s anyway we're gonna send it over there
7621s for the next hour
7622s and uh yeah
7624s thank you everyone for watching we'll
7626s see you again next week and uh by next
7630s week by next prime time they'll be the
7632s next archon uh challenge with Mira and
7636s also a new call weekly so we'll see you
7638s next week for all that great stuff thank
7640s you so much for hanging out as always
7642s Taylor thank you for being here Helen
7644s thank you for being here Dean thank you
7645s for being vibrant you're welcome thank
7647s you Crispers and you're Chris bank for
7649s the Christmas glad I didn't actually
7650s like hate or hurt you when I threw them
7652s I mean it scared me but that's all good
7655s uh and thank you Chad for hanging out
7657s please enjoy Pocket Ninja and hang out
7659s with them for the next hour and show
7660s them the love you showed us have a
7663s wonderful night stay safe be kind we'll
7665s see you next week
7667s [Music]

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