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Hello Tenno!

Can you believe that TennoCon 2021 is almost here? As with past years, we like to use the visibility of TennoCon to shine a light on a charitable organization that is meaningful to Digital Extremes.

We have announced that 2021’s TennoCon charity partner is Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London. This organization is special in that their approach to supplying relief to individuals experiencing homelessness involves a unique temporary housing program, as opposed to the more common shelter setting, for assisting those in need of help.

We’ve created a Tiltify campaign for TennoCon 2021 and Unity Project so that individuals interested in supporting our chosen charity can donate before, during or after the TennoCon festivities on July 17th. Donating through our Tiltify page will allow Unity Project to see the size, power, and generosity of the Tenno!

Donating is entirely optional, so please do not feel any pressure to contribute! But in the event that you’ve been thinking about donating somewhere and are in search of a cause, supporting Unity Project goes a long way in providing supportive housing for adults and youth of all genders struggling to escape and avoid homelessness.

You can learn more about Unity Project & donate at www.warframe.com/donate

Thanks, and see you on July 17th!