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To better support the work of our talented community, today marks the beginning of the brand-new Warframe Creator Program! 

From Captura to Podcasts to everything in between, the goal of the Creator Program is to support and elevate the depth and varied work from our Creators, while providing tools and resources along the way. If you’re a Creator looking for a little help with your content creation, this program might be the fit for you! 

The new Warframe Creator Program supports:  

  • Video Producers
  • Broadcasters
  • Podcasts
  • Fan Sites
  • Fan and Captura Artists

Creators are able to opt-in to support such as: Day One Access to brand-new content as it releases, giveaways, and featured content opportunities. Twitch Raids will be returning and will include fan art or other creative streams related to Warframe!

We are looking at other tools to help Creators on their content journey, including the introduction of Artist Workshops led by [DE] Staff and more! This is the start of a new journey with our community content creators and we can’t wait to see this program grow!

Submit your application to join the Warframe Creator Program here


We will be answering questions in this thread for those who have them. 

For concerns about specific community creators, please use our official reporting portal:

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19 minutes ago, MarrikBroom said:

Any specific guidelines or advice on websites and blogs? For instance I have been wanting to make 'A Blind Guy Plays' with articles detailing weapon usability, enemy readability, ease of traversal and navigation within levels, etc etc. What sort of process would I need to go through vs someone doing purely captura vs someone doing twitch or youtube?

What sort of work do you want me to put in so I am of value to the program as opposed to a hanger on going 'OOO free stuff gimme!'

We have supported a wide variety of blogs or websites in the past, so the range is pretty wide. Some would do simple guides about new content released, some would offer extensive reviews or interesting takes, and we even had a few online tools that helped Tenno make builds, etc. Much like YouTube or Twitch, we would like to see an established history of content as well as good design for the website.

19 minutes ago, Rhekemi said:

Do original content writers/fan fiction/lore/other writers fall under "Fan Sites, Podcasts, or Other Creators" or "Fan Artists"? I assume the former. If that's true, 1K unique visits a month seems a little steep. Not impossible.

Oddly, I think 250 followers for fan artists is a much lower bar. I'm not saying artwork is easier to create. I'm saying that I think traditional fan art creators can easily gain over 250 followers. Their content is more portable, shareable, and digestible. You can look at it and know that you like it within 60 seconds or 5 minutes. It gets re-tweeted by others in the community that like it and can take off from there. It gets re-posted to the subreddit and gets even more eyes on. That's not as easy to accomplish with writing.

I think, based on the feedback and activity this generates, the follower counts could be adjusted for the given medium or content type. Unless these numbers are hard and fast and won't be revisited.

For Writers of fan fiction, I would consider that to fall more into the "Artist" vs "informational fan site" side of things. That said, edge cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Honestly, I would just apply and we will be able to offer insight that way after being able to fully review your content.

As for the follower requirement for Fan Artists, this was decided upon after looking at the follower size of many existing Fan Artists in the community. This kind of content has not had traditional support from us compared to 6+ years of support for Partners/Fansites, so we are starting lower and will iterate if needed.

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On 2020-07-13 at 4:45 PM, Tangociss said:

I applied for the program but I have a question, ideally how much Warframe content a week would one need to produce? My channel focuses on Warframe tutorial videos aimed at newer players, as well as deluxe bundle showcases, usually a couple times a week, although I was just wondering if there's a specific limit you want to see from a creator. For reference this is for YouTube. Cheers. 

There is no weekly requirement. Since the varying amount of time different types of content take to produce, we do not have one set rule for activity. There are individuals in the community who take a month to create a highly detailed video or art piece, or those who are able to livestream everyday. We have internal guidelines in place, but it is handled on a case-by-case basis since everyone makes content differently. 

I personally would consider you example of 1-2 YouTube videos a week to be a great sign of consistent activity, but it depends on a) how much time that video takes to create and b) what kind of content you make (i.e. if you are focused on covering new items, which is directly influenced by our update schedules, or new player guide videos which are less reliant on new content releases).  🙂

TL;DR: There are many factors we consider when gauging overall "activity" from a Creator. Hope this helps!