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Console Update: Sisters of Parvos (Status: In Dev!)

As announced on Devstream 155, Sisters of Parvos is in development for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch to be simultaneously released across all Platforms!

We’re including the rest of PC Hotfix 30.1.1 up to the unreleased Sisters of Parvos update. Meaning this update may have quite larger download sizes than usual, but there are good reasons for that:

First, it’ll be a combination of two Mainline updates (Update 30.3.0 and Sisters of Parvos). If you don’t know what that means, it’s when we deploy all pending changes to the game in a big batch.

Second, it’ll be jammed with Quality-of-Life that is listed below for you to enjoy.

And lastly, it’ll include all new content from Sisters of Parvos - The Sisters themselves (Corpus Liches), new Corpus weapons, Command Rank 10 Intrinsic, the new Warframe Yareli, new TennoGen Bundles, and more. 

This thread and all other official Warframe channels will be updated once we have a confirmed launch date for all platforms. Keep in mind that we are announcing this fairly early in our development cycle, so status updates may be slow to start. But we will be posting update information (such as download sizes, platform specific fixes, etc.) as it becomes ready to share.

For the time being, asides from Sisters of Parvos content (which you can get caught up on the latest from Devstream 155), let's have a peak at what else is coming in this update! 



Discover stunning new Tenno-designed Customizations in TennoGen Round 20: Part 2, including Skins for Octavia, Baruuk, Khora, and Atlas! Along with Armor pieces, Weapon skins, and more!  


  • Atlas Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
  • Baruuk Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
  • Shiroku Blade Of The Lotus Syandana by BeastBuster
  • Asakage Blade of The Lotus Shoulder Armor by BeastBuster
  • Kishikami Blade of the Lotus Chest Armor by BeastBuster


  • Baruuk Zamariu by led2012 & daemonstar
  • Frost Strigid Skin by Rekkou
  • Nidus Kuvael Scrounger Skin by Erneix
  • Ion Sword Skin by Yatus & HugoPolo


  • Khora Graxx Skin by Faven
  • Khora Fiera Helmet by Debbysheen & Crackle2012
  • Aropanex Syandana by kakarrot2812
  • Yamex Tonfa Skin by Kakarrot2812
  • Udjyat’s Serpent Machete Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.


  • Wisp: Fused Reservoir (Exilus): Reservoir: Adds a fourth reservoir that gives the effects of all three. Costs 200% more Energy.
  • Grendel: Hearty Nourishment: Nourish: Clear Status and gain 2 sec Status immunity for each victim in Grendel’s stomach.
  • Protea: Repair Dispensary (Exilus): Dispensary: Hold to create a dispensary that will Revive the Sentinel or Companion Moa of a player within 14m every 60s.
  • Zephyr: Airburst Rounds: Airburst: Each enemy hit by Airburst increases secondary damage by 25% for 14s.


  • Wreckage Quality of Life Changes!
    • Tenno are currently limited to holding 30 pieces of Railjack Wreckage. Wreckage limits as they currently stand can impact the flow of Railjack missions -- if you are one to play long sessions of Railjack missions in a row, you might have experienced this yourself - you cannot play missions until you manage your inventory. To prevent the interruption of having to scrap Wreckage every few missions, Wreckage is changing in a fundamental way:

      All Wreckage of the same type (ex: Zekti MKIII Engines) will exist in one pool, without taking up Scrap Wreckage slots. If you wish to use that Wreckage for Repairs, Fusion, etc., you will be able to “Identify” the Wreckage to move it from that pool, taking up a Scrap Wreckage slot. The unique characteristics of that Wreckage will be revealed upon Identification.

      This way you can continue to gather these resources in the background as you play, and choose how to use them once you’re back in your Dry Dock.

  • Command Intrinsic Crew Changes & Fixes:

    • Added a ‘Contracts’ tab to Ticker's ‘Hire Railjack Crew Members’ in Fortuna.
      • You can also end Contracts with the Crew Members that are not equipped from here. 
      • This has been highly requested! You can now review your current Crew Contracts while perusing potential Hires to see what positions you have to fill or who might have to be replaced (get the boot!). 
    • Converted Kuva Liches can now be used as ‘On Call’ Crewmates.
    • Crew Members now have more relaxed behaviour when not on a mission.
    • Crew Members will now play transmission voice lines whenever they are being customized in the Dry Dock. More personality for your team!
    • Crew Competencies are now visible in the Tactical Map when hovering over Crew Members. 
      • This was highly requested to help make an informed decision when swapping Crew roles in the heat of battle.
    • Crew Piloting the Railjack will now hold position when you are either in the Archwing Slingshot or using the Forward Artillery. 
      • To help players engage their targets, the Pilot will prefer to point the ship at targets that you are aiming at.
      • This is also our first attempt at this function, so some future tweaking is to be expected!
    • Crew piloting Railjack will now fly to attack the weak-point marker at the end of Railjack Volatile missions. 
    • Updated all of New Loka Crew's mouth shapes for the visemes to improve the overall quality.
    • Fixed Crew attempting to get into the Forward Artillery and/or Pilot harness after giving all three Crew the ‘Gunner’ role.
    • Fixed hitch related to On-Call Crew Member attachments (Armor and Syandana).
    • Fixed Crew getting stuck in turrets if you tried giving them another order while they were still getting into the gun.
    • Fixed long Kuva weapon names escaping the bounds of the pop-up when viewing in Crew Equip and Contracts screens. 
    • Fixed a case where the Crew Pilot would stop if all targets were too far away.
    • Fixed Crew assigned to Gunner after assigning another Crew member to the same position being unable to go into or stay in any of the Railjack turrets.
  • Improved the ‘Abort’ Railjack mission flow by changing and fixing the following:
    These changes come after reviewing why Clients in Railjack missions would often find themselves feeling unable to leave after mission completion in public squads. We determined that the language used in these scenarios was unclear/confusing and that there were several other issues related to how rewards were shown in the UI and saved to inventory that we have resolved below!
    • ‘Abort Mission’ will now update to ‘Leave Mission’ in the pause menu after successfully completing a Railjack mission. 
      • It will also prompt a new message that better describes what will occur: “Leave Mission: You will keep mission rewards and XP earned to this point, but will disconnect from your squad. Are you sure you want to leave this mission?” vs. the previous “Abort Mission: You will keep progress but forfeit the completion rewards and bonuses. Are you sure you want to abort this mission?”
    • Fixed Clients not being able to ‘Abort’ Mission and retain their rewards once the mission objective has been completed. 
    • Fixed the End of Mission screen not showing the full collection of rewards earned in the mission when returning to the Orbiter. 
    • Fixed ‘Aborting’ Railjack Mission not awarding items earned from POIs.
  • Reduced the opacity on Railjack Armament Reticle UI that cannot be used during ‘Railjack Blink’.
  • Added “A Railjack is required to access Railjack Research” message to the Railjack Research console if you do not own a Railjack yet. 
  • Added the ability to rebind the ‘Reload’ function in the Railjack bindings. 
  • Made updates to the machine sounds and radius in the Corpus POI airlocks.  
  • Added a button to the Crew screen to ‘HIDE ALL’ UI elements for those wanting to get a screenshot of your lineup! 
  • Improved the visual FXs in the Corpus Railjack Defense tileset.
  • Improved enemy pacing in Corpus Railjack Exterminate missions to feel more appropriate for the tileset size and difficulty.
  • Removed Cephalon Cy Research from Clans and moved Blueprint to the in-game Market for Credits.

Expand spoilers for full list! 

















  • Fixed crash related to waypoint position in Pluto Proxima. 
















  • Fixed the Corpus Troop Spawn Racks in the POIs malfunctioning & ejecting you into space if you get caught underneath it as it's coming down. 
  • Fixed being unable to leave the Railjack or fast travel when returning from a Railjack mission to a Relay. This also fixes the pause menu showing Dojo options instead of Relay. 
  • Fixed using the Dojo Arsenal during Railjack mission countdown creating duplicate companions. 
  • Fixed enemies not spawning in Volatile missions (after mission complete) when you had previously run an Exterminate or Sentient Anomaly mission and traveled directly to the next Volatile mission. 
  • Fixed being unable to exit the Railjack Pilot and Turret seats after returning to the Dry Dock via pause menu.
  • Fixed Railjack Mods popup on pickup in mission using the old UI when they were still Avionics. They will now popup on the left side as Mods like other Mod pickups!
  • Fixed Electricity Hazards on the Railjack also affecting players’ HUD that are on Crewships. 
  • Fixed being unable to use the Tactical Map while piloting stolen Crewships.
  • Fixed Railjack Shield gauge turning black instead of purple when the Railjack has Overshields. 
  • Fixed another case of infinite loading from Dry Dock on the second mission if Host migration occurred after successful first mission. 
  • Fixed Host and Client getting trapped in an infinite loading tunnel after aborting to Dry Dock from Void Storm mission. 
  • Fixed location HUD popup being blank when entering the Dry Dock. 
  • Fixed crash when entering Pulse Turbine POI.
  • Fixed script error when using ‘On Call’ crew. 
  • Fixed cargo train entry objective marker not updating position after ejecting each car. 
  • Fixed certain dropships not spawning in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed not being able to switch off of the Railjack Mods screen when viewing the Railjack console in the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed Orphix missing collision in Orphix Railjack mission - making it impossible to melee. 
  • Fixed several FX lighting issues in the Gas City tileset that were causing bright light flashes.
  • Fixed sound FX popping on trams in the Corpus POIs. 
  • Fixed ‘No Ability Found’ popup in Railjack HUD not being localized.
  • Fixed being able to set up a Trade Shop in a docked Railjack. 
  • This also fixes your Warframe getting stuck with their arm up in the trade position during the entirety of the mission.
  • Fixed Contributing and Rushing Wreckage causing the scroll position to reset to the top of the list. 
  • Fixed ‘Wear and Tear’ slider not resetting when using the ‘Reset Default’ option in the ‘Customize Railjack. 
  • Fixed researched Prerequisites in the Research console showing as ‘Not Researched’ and having a white background. 
  • Fixed Larval state of Vulpaphyla Companion blocking view when in the Pilot seat.
  • Fixed hitches when viewing the Railjack End of Missions screen.
  • Fixed Corpus Railjack Capital Ship airlock not actually teleporting Clients into the Capital Ship.
  • Fixes towards transparency issues with a sign in the Corpus Railjack ship.
  • Fixed some Corpus Railjack Codex dioramas having flashing lights.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when using the Omni to recall and the Archwing Slingshot at the same time. 
  • Fixed a Client crash related to the Host Recalling out of the Corpus Freightlinker. 
  • Fixed a crash when being punted back to the Operator in the Orphix gamemode.
  • Fixed early Crewship meltdown not swapping the player inside back to their Warframe before booting them to space, which could result in a slew of issues when punted out as the Operator. 
  • Fixed a possible crash when firing the Railjack Forward Artillery.
  • Fixed inability to start a Railjack mission from Navigation in a Relay that doesn’t have a Dry Dock. 
  • Fixed entering Orbiter Railjack console as Operator resulting in a second Warframe mesh appearing and animations/context actions breaking.
  • Fixed spamming to exit the Railjack as the Operator resulting in the screen turning black and keeping you inside the Railjack. 
  • Fixed Reactant pickups lingering after each squadmate had collected the full amount during a Void Storm mission.
  • Fixed Unairu's Wisp buff not applying in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed Crew members missing their heads when viewed in the Turret (and missing any attachments you added).
  • Fixed another case where Crew members were invisible when joining in progress.
  • Fixed Crew ‘Contracts’ button moving around at different aspect ratios.
  • Fixed numerous script errors that could occur during a Void Storm. 
  • Fixed Railjack Pulse Turbine doors not opening for either Host or Client.
  • Fixed inability to start another Railjack mission after returning to the Relay Dry Dock 
  • Fixed the Recovered Wreckage button in the configure Railjack console in the Dry Dock being misplaced in certain languages.
  • Fixed not being awarded the final Arcane for completing the 36th Orphix.
  • Fixed becoming locked in a Railjack mission unable to proceed if the Host Aborts/ "Return to Dojo" while they are outside of the Railjack while a client is in the Railjack.
  • Fixed getting put back into the Crewship after being punted to space due to the Crewships meltdown.
  • Fixed Archwing Slingshotting to a Grineer Railjack Point of Interest resulting in colliding with the POI mesh.
  • Fixed Onslaught Matrix not stacking properly when used in a Squad.
  • Fixed waypoints missing their borders in the Call of the Tempestarii Spy phase.
  • Fixed a script error when a Crewship was destroyed. 

















  • Swapped game modes of Kelpie and Kappa nodes on Sedna: Disruption <-> Spy. This moves Disruption off the main path forward to aid in New Player Experience.
    • This addresses Stolen weapons picked up by Sevagoth’s Shadow not being returned.
  • Increased the Daily Standing cap you get before including Mastery, slightly reduced the amount you get from Mastery. All players before MR 30 will have a higher Daily Standing cap than they used to, while players at MR 30 will have the same cap as before.
    • In addition to giving more room for Tenno to get to that final rank with their Syndicates, this will ultimately help reduce the time new players spend ranking up with their chosen Syndicates. Previously, if you were Mastery Rank 10, you would have a daily Standing cap of 16,000. Now, with the changes we’ve made, your daily Standing cap for MR 10 is 21,000.
  • The Limbo Theorem and Hidden Messages Quests no longer requires you to finish crafting the Warframe components to move onto the next stage of the Quest.  Simply earning the Blueprint is now enough to progress.
  • Junctions now award Credits upon completion! 
    • On login Credits will be automatically delivered to players who have already completed the following Junctions:
      • Earth to Venus: 5,000
      • Venus to Mercury: 10,000
      • Earth to Mars: 15,000
      • Mars to Ceres: 20,000
      • Mars to Phobos: 20,000
      • Ceres to Jupiter: 30,000
      • Jupiter to Europa: 40,000
      • Jupiter to Saturn: 40,000
      • Saturn to Uranus: 60,000
      • Uranus to Neptune: 80,000
      • Neptune to Pluto: 80,000
      • Pluto to Eris: 100,000
      • Pluto to Sedna: 100,000


We have done update passes on some of the social aspects of Warframe, with particular attention paid to screen reworks for Friends and Clans this time around!

Multiple screens (Junction Tasks, Clan, Friends, Alliance)have been refreshed with a new look and certain new functionalities! All of the screens listed below also now all take on your chosen UI theme. 

Expand spoilers for full list! Keep in mind this list is incomplete as it does not yet include any changes that are planned/coming with Sisters of Parvos.

  • Added a "To be continued..." label to The New War in Codex if the third entry cinematic has been viewed. The third cinematic entry has also officially been titled “The Maker”.
    • This section now also displays completion state for cinematic entries.
  • Added a new dropdown to Quest Codex screen so players can now filter which Quests are displayed (ALL / STORY / SIDE / WARFRAME), ALL is the default option so that players aren't confused as to where all of their Quests went.
  • The Verglas now has custom sounds for weapon fire!
  • The pickup animation now turns your Warframe to face the item being picked up. 
  • Moved camera on Baro Ki’Teer in his Offerings screen to be far more flattering during his Relay Visits. 
  • Added FX when setting a Research Target or accepting a Daily Synthesis task from Simaris.
  • Added Minimap colors options to the HUD color customization options (does not apply to Tactical Map):
    • Ground
    • Outline
    • High Elevation Outline
    • Low Elevation Outline
  • Updated Incubator Power Core description at the Incubator to include how to find them when you do not currently own one: “The first Power Core can be acquired by completing the Mars Junction. Additional recipes can be bought in the Market and built in the Foundry.” 
  • Updated Nora Night’s visemes so that it uses all the correct mouth shapes.
  • Eximus units will now drop from the drop tables twice: Once from the base enemy type table and once from the Eximus table. 
  • Made numerous AI Navigation fixes and improvements in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Updated Zephyr’s Tornado FX to the latest from her rework at the Clan Dojo Backdrops Research console.
  • Updated the daily Standing reached pop-up to "You have reached your Daily Standing Limit with [Insert Syndicate]. Come visit again tomorrow.".
    • The previous “Standing is at maximum for this syndicate” was misleading!
  • Changed the Eris and Pluto Relays in the list of marked Relays in the Rising Tide Quest to the Saturn Relay if you aren’t in a Clan. 
  • Redeeming a Promo Code in the ingame Market will now show the claimed items in the success message.
  • Changed the “None” Dojo Backdrop to a default option instead of a Recipe that must be researched.
    • We made this change because “None” is every room’s default when first constructed. We want this option always available instead of requiring more research on the part of Clans who wish to return a room to how it first appeared.
    • This change will deduct 1K Affinity from Clans that completed the research, but it will not affect the tiers of Clans who upgraded to a higher tier using this 1K Affinity. We will be running a script to refund Clans who spent Credits on “None” Backdrop research.
  • Changed the Uranus Junction Goal text for Find Caches to the correct amount (3 to 1). 

Expand spoilers for full list! Keep in mind this list is incomplete as it does not yet include any fixes that are planned/coming with Sisters of Parvos. 

















  • Fixed Excalibur's Exalted Blade being invisible when using Pistols and Glaives.
  • Fixed Maroo’s Bazaar dock floor light having wrong texture/missing light.
















  • Fixed quest tileset appearing in regular Grineer Sealab Defense missions.
  • Fixed issue in the 'Search for Father' stage in the Heart of Deimos Quest where the mission would not progress if you were on K-Drive before the objective appeared and got off before reaching the Necramech. 
  • Fixed Necramech in the first stage of the Heart of Deimos Quest appearing in the wrong position.
    • This also fixes enemy spawn issues in this stage.
  • Fixed giant Moa standing in the camera view while configuring Moa companion at Legs in Fortuna. 
  • Fixed Quests no longer being sorted to the top when they aren’t complete.
  • Fixed Vaulted Relics from appearing in codex/chat link as available.
  • Fixed AFK detection not working on players that were using moving parts in the Corpus Ship Defense missions. 
  • Fixed Credit count in the Mission Progress screen showing as doubled when picked up as Operator.
  • Fixed music getting desynced (mostly between drums and melody) in the Corpus Ship tileset. 
  • More fixes to overlapping UI while Lavos is dual wielding.
    • Also added a dual wield custom HUD offset handling for Atlas, Gara, and Saryn. 
  • Fixed missing teleport volume in the Mastery Rank 15 Test causing players to fall out of the level. 
  • Fixed an explosive barrel in Rotuma, Kuva Fortress ignoring the room lighting and shining bright like a diamond.
  • Fixed ugliness on certain enemies when they become Corrupted, and other instances of this style of effect.
  • Fixed some broken Bonewidow animations.
  • Fixed misaligned Pillar (was allowing visibility through the level to outside) in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
  • Fixed possible duplicate nodes appearing in the Codex as locations for certain rewards (like Relics). 
  • Fixed incorrect Polish translation for “No Session Found”. 
  • Fixed Host Operator Transference in the Orbiter Captura Scene disabling the pause menu for Clients.
  • Fixed lighting issues in the Grineer Shipyard tileset causing a large straight line above the horizon. 
  • Fixed missing lighting on the extraction cinematic causing the Landing Craft to appear completely black in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Fixed a purple overlay appearing in the Grineer Shipyard Hijack tileset textures (ex. Ludi, Ceres). 
  • Fixed Kuria appearing almost completely black in the Gas City tileset. 
  • Fixed blinding lights in the Orokin Derelict tileset in areas where water is present.
  • Fixed doors appearing too bright in the Infested Ship tileset. 
  • Fixed extreme purple reflections on the exterior of the Orb Vallis with Deferred Rendering enabled.
  • Fixed black boxes appearing in the Kuva Fortress tilesets. 
  • Fixed being unable to chat link Vaulted Relics unless you specifically had an unrefined version of it.
  • Fixed a light popping in and out of view in the Orb Vallis near the caves by the Temple of Profit. 
  • Fixed the Credit icon for the Razorback Armada rewards in the World State Window being affected by your UI theme. 
  • Fixed being unable to see squad members Reactant progress when both players are using Necramechs or K-Drives. 
  • Fixed Father’s Part Requisition menu items that involve Vome or Fass Residue appearing greyed out, even if you have all the required resources for it. 
  • Fixed Helios UI scan sounds playing loudly during Orbiter fly in cinematics. 
  • Fixed Ephemeras not being visible while using skins on the Shade Sentinel. 
  • Fixed collision issues on certain doorframes in the Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors Clones while in Archwing:
    • Fixed them not using Archwing weapons. 
    • Fixed jittery movement. 
    • Fixed them being very far from Mirage. 
  • Fixed Vulpaphyla’s infected by Vasca Virus creating an Imprint that cannot be used for breeding.
    • Vulpaphyla’s can no longer be infected. 
  • Fixed issues with the Flux Rifle’s FX. 
  • Fixed several Corpus enemy types not attacking or repositioning at certain ranges in Railjack missions.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Mother's Mask to appear untintable.
  • Fixed the position of the Jotunheim Music TennoGen Syandana sitting too low on the Warframe’s back. 
  • Fixed script error with the Corpus Optio abilities.
  • Fixed the campfire heat wave effect appearing behind the corpse in The War Within quest mountain pass stage instead of above the fire.
  • Fixed crash after selecting and placing Personal Decorations in the Dojo. 
  • Fixed script error with the Friends list. 
  • Fixed Orbiter Captura Scene not showing player’s custom colors on the ramp.
  • Fixed Orbiter Captura Scene missing the default Helminth flowers. 
  • Fixed Triple Tap Conclave mod description showing ‘0’ as the duration stat. 
    • This also fixed other issues where mods with descriptions that have up to 3 decimal places if there are no other significant digits. 
  • Fixed being able to go out of bounds in the Grineer Sealab tileset during the Second Dream quest.
  • Fixed Warframe and/or weapons becoming invisible depending on where you are standing in the Jackal Assassination mission. 
  • Fixed Juno Elite Crewman’s Supra shots doing AOE damage. 
  • Fixed elemental particle effects on the Kuva Shildeg not matching its shape.
  • Fixed Mobile Defense Terminals facing the wall at an angle in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed script error when traveling between Dojo and Relays. 
  • Fixed being unable to turn in Syndicate Medallions at the respective Syndicates in the Relays if you are in negative Standing with them. 
  • Fixed Glyphs with backgrounds appearing low res and having transparency issues.
  • Fixed script error with Arsenal UI popups. 
  • Fixed incorrect amount of Standing in the UI after turning in Medallions. 
  • Fixed numerous textures that would incorrectly render black textures as transparent.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Soul Punch no longer creating a Shadow of the Dead after 7 Shadows if you replace his Shadows of the Dead ability via Helminth. 
  • Fixed Sly Vulpaphyla not being affected by Ivara’s Prowl invisibility while downed and after being revived. 
  • Fixed Platinum price showing with Landing Craft and Skins in the Orbiter customization menu even though you already own the item.
  • Fixed cases where a soft-lock could occur after host migration during squad voting. 
  • Fixed being able to highlight the Mail/Foundry/Boosters/etc icon while walking around the Orbiter. 
  • Fixed text in certain languages wrapping and overlapping in the Syndicates Daily Standing box.
  • Fixed a soft-lock that would occur on a surviving Client if the Host left the squad vote for a Prophet Taker Bounty.
  • Fixed improper Melee sounds when hitting Sentients.
  • Fixed getting stuck in a Glaive throwing loop when using a Glaive that's modded for high Attack Speed.
  • Fixed Vitus Illumina Decoration becoming completely invisible at Low graphics.
  • Fixed Cosmetic Masks from Cetus for Operators (eg. Mag Mask) appear enlarged when switching to Operator in open zone hubs (eg. Necralisk).
  • Fixed script error when focusing on In Progress Research in the Clan screen.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of Sugatras on numerous Melee weapons.
  • Fixed incorrect VFX when shooting the Defense Terminal with Ivara’s Cloaking arrow.
  • Fixed Helminth Charger Emblems clipping into shoulders.
  • Fixed inconsistent search results in the ingame Market when adding/removing characters.
  • Fixed the "Apply Forma'' picker screen in the Arsenal coming up even if the player only has the basic kind of Forma and no other types are available to purchase. 
  • Fixed arm cannon type (Epitaph, Gammacor, Atomos) reticle area being blocked by a part of Zephyr Harrier's shoulder element.
  • Fixed Endurance Drift not actually increasing your Warframe parkour velocity.
  • Fixed misalignment issues with Delphi, and Laveau Helmets on the Khora Urushu skin body. 
  • Fixed black screen and “waiting for Client to load” issues. 
  • ixed the Tek Enhance mod not increasing the Duration of the Sly Vulpaphyla’s Survival Instinct Precept. 
  • Fixed being unable to swap Khora’s Venari's Polarities in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Nikana Zaw (Sepfahn Strike):
    • Fixed sheath disappearing after attacking for the first time in a mission.
    • Fixed the sheath sharing it's colour channels with the blade instead of being coloured in attachments.
    • Fixed the sheath not showing in Captura.
    • Fixed issue when using Sepfahn strike without a skin (rotating on every holster/unholster), was previously fixed only with skin applied.
  • Fixed multiple issues with armor and Regalia not appearing properly on Khora.
  • Fixed Challenges (Achievements, Nightwave) involving mission completion gaining progress when returning to town from an Open Zone mission, or when returning to the Dojo from a Railjack mission. 
    • This was allowing certain Challenges (e.g. "Complete a mission with only a sword", "Complete a mission with a Kubrow", etc.) to gain progress just by going in and out of the town gates, or in and out of free flight.
  • Fixed choosing Conservation Lure type while using Archwing not filtering the animal tracking locations on the map.
  • Fixed a crash related to water volumes. 
  • Fixed a softlock when opening a Look Link while customizing HUD colors.
  • Fixed the Epitaph moving around and being in random positions when swapping back and forth between Primary and Secondary weapons several times, when getting staggered or when throwing a Glaive while Dual Wielding.
  • Fixed causing Damage to yourself and squadmates if you have Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors active and your clones inflict a Status Effect which causes Damage in a radius (Gas, Electric, etc) that lingers on the target and the clone ability ends.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra not attacking when in Melee range when you have no Melee weapon equipped. 
  • Fixed cases of Quill Onkko's cave door sometimes not opening after accessing Cetus from the Plains (and potentially other cases of doors not opening).
  • Fixed a handful of misaligned Khora Helmets.
  • Fixed the Neo Z7 Relic from the Profit-Taker Phase 4 rewards not being Radiant.
  • Fixed inability to select the bottom row of Infused Abilities in the Helminth screen. 
  • Fixed numerous Armor pieces being misaligned on Protea.
  • Fixed Cambion Drift Isolation Vault Bounty to Destroy the Tumors not progressing until everyone (and their Necramechs) leave the radius.
  • Fixed inability to interact with the Helminth if Incubator is in use with Imprints.
  • Fixed inability to sell Limbo Blueprint if you have multiples. 
  • Fixed inability to deactivate Ivara’s Artemis Bow or swap weapon after throwing a speargun weapon.
  • Fixed Demolisher Devourer struggling to turn their bodies, which caused them to not properly path towards the Conduit. 
  • Fixed inability to select the first Void Fissure entry when opening the World State Window to the Alerts tab, then switching to Void Fissures.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Abilities being blocked if Vial Rush (via Helminth) is cast while your Melee was equipped.
  • Fixed Credits collected with a Necramech not counting towards Nightwave Daily Acts.
  • Fixed Credits picked up for the first time not counting towards the Saver Nightwave Act.
  • Fixed friendly Specters not regenerating their Shields after hitting 0 Shields.
  • Fixed ability to escape the Cold Below Captura Scene using Operator Void Dash or Archwing.
  • Fixed cases of Sentinels using their precepts while invisible against semi-alerted enemies.
  • Fixed ability to Transmute Veiled Riven Mods which lead to a broken screen when playing in non-English.
  • Fixed Operator Focus changes not applying when done in the Simulacrum until you exit and re-enter the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed Zanuka's Missile attack waiting until after animation to start firing missiles.
  • Fixed The Sergeant's sniper rifle having too long of a delay between shots.
  • Fixed HUD Customization list not scrolling all the way to the bottom.
  • Fixed the Trumna Stock icon in Father’s Wares depicting that it’s a Prime Stock and not a standard Stock.
  • Fixed missing Vor taunt when hovering over the Tolstoj node.
  • Fixed disconnected tube on the Inaros Ozymandias Helmet.
  • Fixed Khora's Helmet spikes not dissolving/hiding like her body spikes do.
  • Fixed the shape at the bottom of the Mote-Cocoon for Wisp's Reservoir not being correctly coloured to match the Mote type.
  • Fixed Armaros> Europa reading Crossfire Grineer vs Infested however it is a Corpus node.
  • Fixed incorrect icon for the  Zephyr Agile Animation Set in the Market.
  • Fixed rare cases of acquired Mods being cut off in the UI. 
  • Fixed missing synchronized NPC glow during the ‘We All Lift Together’ cinematic. 
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur for Clients with a poor network connection joining a mission with a Bonewidow using their Exalted Ironbride.
  • Fixed harmless script errors that could occur in the "Investigate the Area" Bounty stage if you died, disconnected, or Host-migrated while investigating a corpse.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur if you left the Cambion Drift at the precise moment an Infested Ancient performed a knockdown & grab attack.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when aborting "Find the Capture Target" in Open Zone missions.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when joining an Open Zone mission while someone was Mining.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur if there was a Host migration at the wrong time during a "Detonate the K-Bomb" mission.
  • Fixed a harmless script error that could occur when disconnecting from a Survival mission.
  • Fixed a script error when your Warframe died while you were in Operator mode.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing the Plexus.
  • Fixed a softlock when opening a Look Link while customizing HUD colours.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in the Interception HUD missing markers for Clients when joining-in-progress.
  • Fixed Sigma & Octantis initial combo not working correctly on all Stances.
  • Fixed waypoint pulse FXs sometimes being offset from the marker.
  • Fixed a few attachment issues with the TennoCon 2021 Armor.
















Check back here for updates! 

18 days ago - [DE]Danielle - Direct link
2 hours ago, (PSN)Quiet_Hakkai said:

One question, the unreal tournament skin on console, when?

1 hour ago, (PSN)newbreedofhater said:

So now we gotta wait another month smh n another year for unreal tournament skins...... 😭😭😭😡😡

These will be coming sometime in July! More info to come.


17 days ago - [DE]Danielle - Direct link
19 hours ago, (PSN)Crazy_Mr_J said:

Nice, but i hope this skins will be in Platinum in the Market... :suspicion:

Nope! Free Path only of course, ala PC launch.