We have deployed another update aimed at improving performance on iOS. More specifically , this release is aimed to resolve unstable frame rates. As per [DE]Steve’s June Mobile Update post, the team has accelerated release cadence on iOS to improve in crucial areas including installer issues, crashes and performance. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period of more frequent updates as we work to improve your experience on iOS!

While we are calling this a hotfix, it is actually a small CERT update (learn more about what that means here). Depending on your Automatic App Update preferences, you may need to manually update the app.

When Warframe updates via the App Store, it must redownload the base install (approximately 3.95GB) which overwrites the previous install. These updates are not adding 3.95 GB to your overall app size.


  • Improved app stability and performance, particularly unstable frame rates.
    • If you are still experiencing performance issues, such as crashing, please share your game logs with DE via the Send Error Logs button under Options > Account. Here are complete instructions on how to send error logs.
  • Fixed Kahl-175 being unable to command brothers to regroup when using touch controls during the Veilbreaker quest and Break Narmer missions.
  • Fixed a rare issue where some first time players would not see the pop-up asking if they wish to proceed with the Awakening Quest immediately or continue installing the entire game.
19 hours ago, ZyconXSC said:

Because right now any Warframe I use if there’s a host migration(which happens ALOT), my aiming and a lot of UI is just gone, I can’t see my energy levels or timers or buffs and I can’t even use the aiming reticle… it’s honestly frustrating and game-breaking bad, and by chance if I finished the mission and go to the “mission complete” screen, as soon as I tap “exit” my game turns completely a solid grey screen, this has happened to me 6 times today and I don’t know how else to say it but it’s urgent… pls fix it asap…

We are working on a fix now!