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1s but I was very late not you this time I
4s wasn't late this time I was late well
6s you're barely late by a few
10s seconds okay whoa oh my God my timer's
13s been running the whole time since the
14s last St short since the last step short
17s it's been 167 no wonder why my battery
20s was dying there you go it's the timer
22s app it's just so it's been running the
24s whole time it's been 167 hours since you
27s last saw us 167 hours 59 minutes 49
31s seconds we're sorry to have kept you for
34s so long all 167 of those hours we're
37s very sorry I'm not seeing this uh this
40s live here
41s uhoh
44s uhoh we not
47s live don't show up there um can guys use
50s my telephone oh okay I don't know if
53s we're live Sam text me if we're
58s live maybe we're not live
62s are we
63s live are we
66s live maybe maybe we're not no we're live
70s I see it excellent I thought we're live
73s on YouTube though Megan said live a
75s thanks Meg oh my God and there it goes
78s it finally showed up thanks Megan little
80s bit of latency hi everyone on YouTube hi
84s everyone Hi everyone on Twitch I was
88s today not Steve but where it feels like
90s you put the camera on upside down this
91s time or something oh no you know what I
94s mean no it's fine okay welcome isn't it
98s usually this way I don't think yeah it's
101s usually this way okay welcome can you
104s scooch closer okay but you know what I
107s mean like it feels weird yeah it does
108s feel weird welcome to Dev shorts where
110s we are here for 15 minutes and 15
112s minutes only this is your only weekly
114s Warframe wind spider themed
117s Warframe when is it Rebecca listen
121s you got an agenda I do have an agenda
123s Omega agenda of
125s [Applause]
127s Heaven wow Mega agenda of heaven we are
130s here agenda with the ultimate in Dev
133s short where Tenon is standing in front
135s of us like a star in the sky we have
138s already made it through these days we'
139s made it through these days de de why are
142s you saying de a make agenda of Heaven
143s just gives me flashbacks to that show y
146s it's very well yeah do Doo's right over
149s there you can him see him on my keyboard
152s oh here yeah oh he's very cute yes I
154s know uh okay we are on the 9th of July
157s it is here the team is just crushing the
161s last working days before Tenon because
163s as you know that's do I look tired to
165s everyone at home let's see what does
167s chat think does Steve look tired I don't
169s know I don't know anyway it is down to
173s the wire here for us here preparing for
174s tenacon everyone on the team is nervous
177s and excited and working hard what do you
180s show all of you all cool stuff what do
183s you think about Cube
184s Maps do you like them do you like Cube
187s Maps we talked about Cube maps for two
190s days straight here we did we did now
193s explain a cube map to me is it like a
195s map of a cube that's right wow that's
198s right it's a cube a all the six faces of
202s a of a cube captured in Reflections to
206s uh we use this to calculate the indirect
209s specular interesting and was it
211s working outside
215s in in the levels it should have worked
219s it was not okay welcome to the dev short
222s where we will not spoil Tenon 10 days
224s before the show panic panic wow you were
226s like freaking out there uh well we do
229s have Tenon in 10 days and we hope that
231s you will watch online or in person what
233s have you we have a extremely jam-packed
237s Warframe event for all Warframe enjoyers
240s or new Warframe enjoyers around the
242s world it's going to have things for you
244s to earn whether or not you're at the
246s event or at home if you're coming to the
247s event don't worry you'll get your free
248s digital stuff if you're watching at home
250s you get a brand new weapon the ax 52 and
253s you get a sarin Prime both of these
255s comes with slots so you can you know
257s keep it sell it it's your choice your
259s guns you just got to watch the show all
261s day on Twitch for the main uh main day
264s where our streams occur which is the
265s 20th of July we do have stuff on the
268s 19th which is like for the guests coming
271s in person but there's a lot the real day
273s the real live stream day both of them
275s are real deos one just just actually and
277s we coordinated with the city of London
279s Ontario to make sure all the streets
280s were torn up barricaded off
285s construction pipes everywhere uh for
288s your extra enjoyment so sorry about that
292s so if you're watching thanks for coming
294s yeah uh if you're watching from home you
295s won't experience there are some Guides
297s Online for like no before you go or in
300s Vin there's a tips uh guide that went
302s live yesterday if you're actually coming
303s to London Ontario places you might want
305s to eat things you might want to do lots
307s of fun stuff in our little Canadian
310s city Cube the streets that's a good idea
314s Cube the streets Cube maps of nothing
315s but gra got Tenon ticketing game there's
317s going to be awesome stuff to enjoy for
320s the whole day there is lots of cool
321s stuff uh we should tell you that the day
324s of the event Ember heirloom is being
325s released which is right behind your head
328s okay oh my gosh yes that's coming on all
331s platforms the day of tenacon and if
333s you're at home and you want to co-stream
335s co- streaming is encouraged so for
337s instance if you were co- streaming this
338s Dev short all Co stream Steve's Dev
340s short go ahead Steve have a stream hi
343s everybody Welcome to cube
346s [Music]
347s Maps where's the ra tracing and Warframe
351s encodings in memory compactness why
354s aren't they using u5 where's the ray
356s tracing o oh he hit me where I live ouch
360s joking having your own engine is fun
362s ouch I'm joking I know you are I know
365s you are okay uh we got a lot of
368s questions about cool
371s stuff um someone says Steve 120 fov and
376s auto incarn and on full gauge and what's
378s your answer Steve uh talk to me after
381s tennocon I have like Tenon brain RW I
384s just like can't even think of anything
385s else all right so excited and so here
390s yep I could puke right now but we have
392s so much to show you in uh we're going to
395s start the T ofon off with um a soul
398s frame uh devstream first one ever as
400s well we're going to be revealing um some
403s of the early parts of the new game like
406s the starting of the game give away some
408s keys uh we're going to give away a crap
411s ton of invites as well during that
413s stream I hope so just got to get that
417s coordinated be awesome but what if
419s someone rate here right now on this day
421s and then onto uh Warframe
425s obviously what if someone right here and
427s right now was playing Warframe on their
430s computer or their console or their Apple
433s product what would they be doing right
435s now in
437s game um I I don't know I don't know oh
441s you're talking about the operation I was
443s like shooting someone like teabagging a
447s dead enemy I don't know no of course
449s they of course Belly of the Beast 10%
452s from opening the last ephemera so we're
455s so close to the final ephemera being
457s unlocked you just got to grind your Moes
459s and then as a community we will get
461s three total ephemeras for you to use in
463s your fashion frames unlocked in this
465s event make sure that you're either
467s playing the alerts if you've done the
468s game mode too much or vice versa the
470s game Mode's there for you make sure
471s you're visiting ortis make sure you
473s finish the Jade Shadows Quest how many
474s people here are done the quest I think a
478s lot from our stats you said yes yes
481s yes I just jumped off of Warframe jump
484s back in Brad get back in there
487s Brad me me me done done done I did it
489s I'm done did the quest the event uh
492s finishes closer to Tenon I think it ends
494s the 19th or 18th I forget the exact date
497s finished it Jade is my beloved true we
500s are still on spoiler policy so that's
502s all will say about that I finished
505s everything I haven't even finished the
507s new war well you have lots to look
508s forward to
510s can't trade with my friends on the same
512s platform because I'm cross save and they
514s aren't we do have a extremely large next
519s step for that which we can't speak about
521s today we might talk about it a little at
522s Tenon I think but I know the team has
524s worked on a how can we make the launch
527s of cross save now feel more I don't even
530s know what the word I'm looking for is
532s cross integrated thank you more Cube
536s mapped
538s okay uh so we are working on that uh
541s well we have yeah there's a plan yep
543s there's a plan
544s and but we're not going to discuss that
547s here in detail but uh agree with that
550s sentiment and noted uh Joey bobson says
553s please remove steam input API it
555s prevents customization for steam Tech
556s users we have talked about this quite a
558s bit uh we we've reset the steam Tech
561s control so many times it is really been
564s a struggle for us um I will I will take
568s this note uh into that let's see for the
570s people that work on that um we'll call
573s you steam deck Steve Steve deck Steve
576s deck uh so uh gilen Kaa says can you
580s talk about crafting timers we have
581s talked about that here and there two two
583s or three Dev shorts ago yeah we talked
585s about it a bit uh I don't think there's
587s anything to talk about or announce yet
590s um we uh we are open to tweaking there
595s we are but we have nothing to announce
596s nothing to announce because we're all
598s just bringing
601s T all
603s right oh Steve yes how's your Elden ring
607s play through it's uh it's it's on pause
611s right now for ton of course I'm going to
613s take a little uh break after tanoc con
616s I'm going to go uh farm and craft some
619s sleeping pots and then I'm going to is
622s that what we're calling Scotch
624s cocktails yes
626s IRL and uh give the old God skinn do
630s another try I think there's some people
632s that are more than willing to help you
633s because I I know I
635s know uh I think I'm playing on PS5 so if
640s anyone's on the sorny platform yep
642s anyway uh I have watched a lot of
644s spoilers for the DLC I be I've been
647s crushing some bosses in the DLC I know I
649s know but then I'm back to okay back work
652s we're going to do some Warframe oh other
653s news and Warframe we have herrow and
656s necros Prime Resurgence is live I wonder
659s what could possibly be coming after
661s Harrow and necros Prime Resurgence which
663s is live now but what could possibly be
665s coming after any guesses any let's see
668s how smart chat is people are going to
670s guess so fast chat okay people are
673s already guessing it immediately Ember
676s Ember Ember Ember Ember Ember Ember
680s Ember Bingo Bingo Bingo dingo uh I see
684s someone saying iPad Pro M4 is laggy uh I
689s think that's on our radar and uh we have
692s been rapidly accelerating the iOS
695s releases to handle these issues so stay
699s tuned um if you are patient enough
702s posting our forums would be great
703s because then we can kind of reach out to
705s you and collaborate with you and
706s definitely appreciate that and uh and
709s thank you for your patience yes we do
712s have Steve can we please build more than
716s one of the same item in the
720s the for of stacking yeah the form of
722s stacking that's a tough one it's
725s probably not that tough just need to
728s well work G it a little bit well it's
730s more of like
732s a
734s oh I think politics it's well it's not
737s politics it's just like what makes the
740s game uh develop and it's micro
744s transactions and Forma is I think
747s probably did you see my burn I'm very
749s sorry that you got burned I'm very sorry
751s you got burned I would say 90 well I
754s don't know how much percent
756s Browns I guess ovens and yeah hurt
759s myself I would say that if we are being
761s real talkers which we try to do yes
763s absolutely of the ways that Warframe
766s remains free so you get an update like J
768s Shadows free update free content free
770s forever there's like a couple core
772s things that literally fund that business
775s practice Cosmetics is one and Forma is
778s another so I know that a lot of people
781s like to grind and farm or they do grind
783s and do free format I do a lot of free
786s format I also buy format it's probably
788s the most like Lynch
790s pin item in our microtransactions if I
793s had to guess right
795s now right so if you could build like 20
798s of them at once that's amazing but maybe
801s if people are frustrated with 24hour
804s between Forma builds because builds are
806s so reliant on foras these days like so
809s Reliant you need upwards of like four or
812s five in a Warframe right now with some
814s modding with prime mods and stuff what
816s do we what can we actually solve there
819s yes Forma hungry builds yes ask me after
822s July 20th well you asked the question so
825s I think I thought you had the cool
826s answer I don't I you asked the question
828s and now I think it's incumbent on you to
830s answer in a way that is
833s satisfying
834s uh I like a little duct tape like maybe
838s n just for or something you know would
841s be something we'd have to experiment
842s with uh I'm sure Pablo's face palming
845s and smashing his head through his
846s keyboard right now Steve For the Love of
849s ballast have incarn and weapons have
850s their evolutions tied to weapon loadouts
853s or have Evolution loadouts oh
856s interesting idea cool let's uh we'll
859s that yes Zar says hey I've got some
861s flickering issues with dx12 I think
863s those we do know about and uh are being
866s worked on sorry about that
870s you're not going to answer the formal
871s question to my satisfaction uh I'm not
874s going to improvise an answer to it okay
876s fine but you understand I do understand
879s and it's it's not uh it's a little more
882s complicated than
883s yes the answer but uh you
887s know yeah right no improvising I like it
891s no improvising Thinking Fast and Slow
894s yes mostly slow okay that's fine it
896s makes sense at least we talked about it
899s uh fishing doesn't zoom in there's
900s actually a lot of problems with fishing
901s right now there's some workarounds I
902s love that book by the way thinking fast
904s and slow and I was talking to Carrie
906s about it the other day and then he's
907s like oh yeah I love it too and then he
909s sent me a like 20page era and
913s replication crisis problem with some of
915s the studies in the book so you know make
917s sure so everything you read be skeptical
920s be skeptical of everything you read
922s especially if you're watching Dev shorts
924s be extra skep don't don't believe
926s anything you hear be extra skeptical
928s about
929s uh Steve please INF on railjack is there
932s new content for railjack ETC uh stay
935s tuned stay tuned stay tuned any future
939s improvements for regular Linux users I
941s saw a post saying thanks de for letting
943s it work on Linux but we don't oh I'm
946s gonna I'm not the right guy for this but
949s we have we do have a Linux bro every now
951s and then we do little fixes for proton
953s compatibility and things like that yeah
955s um it's not a huge thing for us but
958s obviously we try to make sure that
960s uh we don't
963s uh we don't break it too hard all right
966s let's see what else we got in chat here
967s we have someone says Steve turning a AA
972s I guess antiicing so frame doesn't have
974s impact on my
975s FPS uh well maybe you got to turn some
978s other stuff down instead Shadows real
980s time Shadows Shadows vom metric fog
984s those will probably hurt a little more
985s than anti- uh for performance right now
988s that is very very whipsy uh game so that
992s was actually someone just flexing that
993s they have a key that was someone hey my
996s soul frame anti Al sing isn't it uh can
1000s we oh no there's so many question any
1002s grineer Queens news the the Royal Queens
1005s have not blessed us with their Royal
1007s Decree anytime so bring me my new skin
1010s ah