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17s thank you
23s hello everybody
25s Welcome to Prime Time episode
30s 335. welcome hi Helen Hi Megan Hi how
34s are you I'm kind of cold but your coffee
36s is not warming you up it's helping it's
38s better than the smoothie I had the cold
40s smoothie yes of course well we hope you
43s are warm and comfortable and ready to
45s hang out with us for the next two hours
47s as we talk Warframe play Warframe and
49s just have a grand old time on this prime
52s time of nights we'll kick it off with a
54s little bit of housekeeping Dean if you
56s want to go to my screen blessings
59s it's star days our event of love and
63s laughter and affirmations and affections
66s oh we love it ticker's here star days
69s affections and we have some lots of
72s returning items from previous years of
75s star days glyphs some skins the sniper
78s on blueprint if you are new to that we
82s got lots in the store
84s arrows Wings ephemera is a loved item if
87s you don't have it yet either and then
88s some new things we have some beautiful
90s glyphs down here this one is a personal
93s favorite of mine super cute very K-pop
95s they're all great and then new new as
98s well we have some emotes the left hand
100s and right hand of arrows where they
102s interact with each other so if I'm a
104s left and you're right baby we're forming
106s a heart so cute so I need that in my
108s life and as you can see I don't have
110s enough to purchase both so we're going
111s to be getting some debt bonds today for
113s game play very exciting but this is uh
117s star days is running until February 15th
119s so you have many days to get yourself
122s some debt bonds you need some medical
124s you can get debt bonds as Bounties in
127s orvalis or uh sticker does sell debt
130s bonds for exchange of resources and if
134s you can snag yourself a familiar one it
136s doesn't happen often but it does happen
138s uh definitely bounce on that but you can
141s get it here or in Orville's bounties as
144s well what's up next Helen well Dean if
147s you'll come to my screen oh I can show
149s you all some lovely lunar renewal
151s bundles we have some new items this year
154s of course it's the year of the water
155s rabbit you know that means new stuff we
157s have a peaceful rabbit floof who's
159s definitely seen some things we have the
162s Sarah new hung skin and those colors oh
165s she is a moon goddess look at that you
168s can see like water lilies designs in
171s there she's so gorgeous
173s lots of returning items including one of
177s my favorite Grendel spoons ever honestly
178s probably my favorite Gretel skin ever we
180s love him the neon Skin So if you want
183s some exclusive
186s celebratory Lunar New Year items that
189s are all about that water rabbit you have
191s until February 12th
194s get it get it all taught get it while
195s it's hot in the market as well we do
197s have some prime gaming stuff the ogris
200s iridos bundle so if you're a part of
201s prime gaming you can get yourself that
203s but as well something new happened today
205s what happened Helen
208s Prime Resurgence oh my goodness I miss
212s my Cube that's okay I in my head you
214s know what I was thinking I was thinking
215s oh I'd better move to varsia sup because
217s coming up
219s Resurgence did anybody see their Shadow
221s today like it's you know Groundhog Day
224s too isn't it
227s what did Willie say I don't know oh
230s we'll never know ten more years of
232s winter if you'll join me on my screen
233s Dean sure thing Helen neat little trick
236s you can visit varzia directly from your
239s console
240s and varzia will show you the new Prime
243s Resurgence with Atlas and vauban oh
247s strong boys very strong very strong
249s theme
252s hey varzia show me what you got
256s she I have her attention Don't Mind If I
258s Do
259s here they are you can get the dual pack
261s you can get individual packs and all the
263s items are here get your IFR some relics
267s look at those handsome noggles all of it
270s freshly rotated in varsia's shop for you
273s I just have to compliment your your pink
276s Grendel every now and then just shines
278s on varzia and she turns pink it's a Vibe
280s I just gotta say oh it is a Happy
282s Valentine's season indeed it is a Vibe
284s speaking of It's A vibe Dean you want to
286s go to my screen we're fighting Baruch
289s Prime is the newest Prime uh in the
292s prime rotation a furious Prime Crane and
295s Cobra Prime as you can see perhaps on
298s the next step stream you may learn about
299s the next prime that shall be coming you
302s didn't hear that from me but currently
304s it's Baroque Prime and he is going down
306s in my history as the hardest one to get
308s for me because RNG doesn't want to bless
310s me with that and that's fine that's fine
312s I'll work hard and I will get myself
313s word Prime but he's here he's great he's
316s beautiful and I love him greatly and he
318s will be mine one day one day one day and
321s we got some twitch drops Helen we sure
323s do you know it is star days it is that
326s time and that means that it's familiar
329s familial debt bonds debt Bonds in
332s general season definitely is what we
334s want I need me some familial yes and you
336s might get it if you are logged in and
338s watching on Twitch Megan I am I'm right
340s now give me that drop there is a chance
342s for familial debt bonds or familiar dead
346s ones I think it's familial is this
348s familiar yeah familial the one that
350s invokes family
352s advances and medical
356s sounds delicious I have a cute little
358s asset Dean if you want to swap to that
364s let us know
367s we also have some Friday Community drops
370s as we have recently if you tune in on
377s from 12 o'clock P.M to 1 o'clock P.M
382s Eastern Time on Yuri fenn's Channel you
386s can get a dawn Shaw's in on Friday
390s and if you tune in from 5 P.M to 6 p.m
394s Eastern Time on Moxie's Channel you can
397s get a note Beacon I love a note Beacon I
400s like to send little messages to people
401s February 3rd love it tomorrow
405s uh and then in our cold pots today hey
409s we got Marcus it's me it's you I'm in
412s the cold pot but it's very you had some
414s more uh Indian food yeah I had some
416s Curry so I am steaming I'm jealous and
420s just On Cue oh excuse me
424s Sandy do you want to wave
430s it's a Danny surprise wow do you want to
433s see what do you want to show chat with
434s you brought oh if you're not from Canada
447s so nice and warm in the cold pot we got
449s lots of snacks hello it's so much to
451s celebrate and speaking of celebrating oh
453s thank you very well sit down on the
455s table there how about a platinum prize
457s shall we Denio sure would you like the
459s 10 15 yeah throw one throw on my way
463s little doughy for throwing
466s and our winner is La Reina 602. now
470s Reyna 602 please message the platform
472s you're watching right now let us know
473s your in-game alias in the platform you
474s play Warframe on we're gonna send you a
476s thousand Platinum
478s you're rude of me to speak with my mouth
480s full of food we didn't time that very
482s well no we didn't we got a little
483s excited
486s thank you Danny sorry if you don't like
489s chewing anyways uh like I said for
492s gameplay today we're gonna be getting
494s ourselves some familial debt bonds or
495s just you know debt Bonds in general I
497s personally just need the familial ones
499s and then we're going to do some mining
500s while we're in orvallis because that is
502s a night wave uh and then as well
504s actually do you can do it on my screen
507s he's eating uh Tippets
510s aren't we all
512s um a couple things before we jump into
513s that
514s um if you are also doing night wave like
516s we are ourselves you'll notice that
518s there are two duplicate nightwave Acts
521s ax
522s both the ancient Obelisk ones
525s um there is a UI bug because those
527s duplicates are happening where you are
530s getting the standing for it
532s but it doesn't Mark as complete so you
534s keep trying to do it and it doesn't work
536s we have fixed that for future ones but
538s we cannot topics right now because we're
540s working on citrine's Last Wish
543s and also if we were to just rip it out
546s live that would affect people who have
548s done it in previous acts and might mess
550s up your standing so we're just not going
552s to touch it but it is just a UI issue
554s and you are getting your standing even
556s though it's not marking it as complete
558s in this list just know that you are
559s getting the standing and it's just just
561s a little UI issue so apologies on that
563s one it's a bit confusing because we
565s can't really do too much to forward to
567s face that other than well we already
568s posted on the forums but not everyone
570s reads a form so that's totally fine so
572s hopefully you have learned something
573s today and that has eased your sorrows
577s excuse me I have sent an invite your way
579s oh my God I need to do two things before
581s we jump into our fun times is I have
586s gotten myself uh as far as I can in the
589s helmets uh invigorations and I can
591s override to give my ghost a little bit
593s of a Boosty boost exciting so chat you
596s get to pick you can be the Picker of uh
599s what Gauss is going to get we could
601s either do some secondary critical chants
603s some health we could do some ability
605s range now my Gauss is not a range boy he
609s is a duration boy keep that in mind but
611s you know pick what you want to pick or
614s some primary damage whoops what are the
616s three choices I'll run a poll
617s these are them
619s one two three one two you could do a one
622s two three from left to right so one is
624s secondary and health two is ability
627s range and parkour and three is primary
630s damage and status effects parkour I mean
634s I do I think I also have
637s um in my current modding
639s um configuration for him like I said
641s he's my duration boy because I like the
644s duration I think yeah I also have rush
647s so he's a fast boy
649s faster than he you know he's mock rush
652s and then he's got rush rush so he's mock
653s rush rush he's real fast oh look at that
657s three is quite in the lead so you're a
659s rush fan
661s responsible for I'm going to say yes for
663s the purpose of this but
666s I can't say that uh I have them
669s downloaded on my Spotify historic
672s primary damage immune to status all
675s right therapy number three ran away with
678s that one yes it did oh I'm broke hold on
680s hold on we need biotics and
684s Orthotics and oxides let's give you some
687s carbide Yum Yum Yum Yum let's just be so
690s hungry
693s with all that big smile
701s you're funny there we go ghost has been
703s invigorated
704s oh feels good
707s feels good uh all right and I have one
709s more thing to do before we jump into our
713s game play is as you know I have been
716s working on my oh sorry I need to decline
720s you I'm so sorry apology accepted okay
723s uh I've been working on my incarnate
726s weapons you know getting through the
728s challenges the evolutions I finally got
731s my inadeem to its next Evolution stage
734s so now we're gonna pick which uh
737s Evolution she's gonna get I have one of
739s mine that I want to get but again we're
741s voting in our future more voting
743s excellent we love it all right we're
745s gonna go to Saucy Caballero he's gonna
746s look at my inner Dem
748s so we have the options of you ready Dean
752s one two or three one being Hawk I almost
755s said Hank Hawk momentum game five combo
758s for every 10 meters of continuous slide
761s skyborne Hunter increased range of
762s aerial melee attacks by 0.5
765s and blade twister 60 finisher damage
769s chat
770s I can't explain this but I feel like
772s cavallaro would live in Rivet City in
775s the Fallout Universe I wish I knew these
778s I feel like yeah I've never yeah he
780s belongs in the Fallout Universe for sure
782s yeah like he would do well in Rivet City
786s I'm never played he's compassionate that
788s is a bright future you ever get jealous
791s that's something you have to experience
792s something for the first time I say I
793s feel that way about I'm like if I could
795s watch Lord of the Rings for the first
796s time oh again great choice what I
798s wouldn't do oh this is looking I mean
801s three's running away with it but one and
802s two are pretty tight
804s can we change Cavalier to Hawk momentum
807s or Hank moment
810s can we add a version of Javier named
812s Hank momentum I'm making a mental note
814s right now
821s oh my God Hank we love you uh all right
825s it's going for three
827s all right that be it three who's my next
830s one actually
831s the next one is what ruptures and void
834s flood all right I'll do that on my off
836s time baby all right anyways would you
839s like to reinvite me Helen it would be my
840s pleasure um I did see someone in chat
842s ask uh how I got my invigoration to do
845s that when you get up to I think it's 10
847s invigorations you then have the option
849s to override any of the three current
851s invigorations that you have and give it
853s to the Warframe that you're equipped
854s with so I know I was playing with ghost
856s so I was like you know he's gonna get
858s something a little special special uh
860s and that's what he got and you can get
862s that I think uh it's sun sun has the
865s helmets
866s key if you will but whatever that is the
870s key Okay I accept should we get two
872s people to join I was just thinking
875s oh my God yes
878s can I get any Hanks yeah any Hanks and
880s chat message me or Megan let us know
884s your name's heck and we will be adding
886s into the squad very good for the person
888s in Austin child there are 15
890s metamorphosis ranks to get and then
894s you're good to go and I think
896s your boyfriend
898s I don't know you're good
901s not a lot of Hanks today not a lot of
903s Hanks come on
907s over here oh casartis what are you
910s saying my name is artist I swear I
914s believe you oh I have a hank it has to
916s be from you by the way because it's your
917s squad oh Tamarisk I'll invite casardis
920s and Tam risk is not a hank but knows a
923s Hank and I'm willing to accept that
925s that's fair and then it started his name
927s in Game discuss artist yeah I typed it
929s in our little chat oh cute
933s foreign
937s that's beautiful yeah
940s come on down
943s what's Tamara's saying
944s oh invite received oh we got a full PC
947s Squad today
949s oh curious just go straight to the orb
952s shall we let's do it straight to the orb
956s beautiful
958s trying to see if Chad has any Hanks
960s there's a big old camera in my way but
961s it looks like we're making eye contact
962s which is nice oh lovely are we gonna
966s start selling propane
968s is that what Hank's job is and duviary
971s yeah they uh They're bringing back King
974s of the Hill we're always out of King the
975s hill reference sure is ah there you go
977s Bobby damn it Bobby damn it poppy that's
980s the only thing I know from that show
981s because I can't stand it I'll tell you
983s what oh no it's too Canadian for me
987s um very American but yeah last week we
989s had our first step stream of the Year
991s yes we did uh we talked all about our
994s next update which is going to be a
995s citrine's Last Wish and we talked about
998s obviously viviri that's gonna come after
1000s that so if you have any questions about
1003s what we've talked about the dev stream
1004s I'm here to help we're here to help uh
1008s so shout out to let us know in chat if
1010s there's anything you were curious about
1011s and maybe I'll maybe I'll let you know
1014s we'll see if your name's Hank I'll let
1016s you know even more it's just occurring
1018s to me that my hair matches my Grendel
1020s and this pleases me I feel like that
1022s beautiful
1025s coincidence it was really about
1027s Valentine's Day but
1029s here we go familial mm-hmm
1031s not that one that one's still yeah
1035s um what is the train update uh it's in
1037s February which is currently the month
1038s we're in
1039s I can't tell you the specific date just
1042s yet but February it shall be every day
1046s you get a little closer to our goal
1052s let's see
1054s oh I should probably say yes I'm just
1056s running around
1058s I saw that jire and you rally are
1060s getting augments and citrine's Last Wish
1062s are there any plans for sevagoth and or
1064s caliban augment not in this update but
1067s we will look to get them augments at
1070s some point in the future
1072s what have I done actually I want to
1075s knock a draft there we go
1077s I want to fly okay drive we will look to
1080s get them some in the future obviously
1082s but for this update tis not
1086s yeah there's some good stuff on the way
1088s Lots on the way oh my God arcades
1091s augments
1093s okay we've got augments we got obviously
1095s citrine herself
1097s uh and beautiful just got an alternate
1100s homage that's an accessory she's got
1102s crystals believe you me she's got tons
1104s of crystals one thing's Trina has it's
1106s crystals this is Crystal gal Crystal's
1108s not minerals
1110s you know it's a geode a mineral or
1112s Crystal well
1114s you don't know if a geode is a geode
1116s until you open it oh oh we have to
1119s destroy it no it's true that's right how
1122s poetic how close that's exactly correct
1125s wow
1126s like every relationship I've ever had
1129s to destroy it to know what's real you
1132s really gotta dig deep open the part you
1135s know that was a good one
1138s is that did that get quoted the date
1140s Marcus you bet excellent Marcus actually
1143s attracts quotes he finds throughout his
1145s life at her funny and no words top 10
1148s for my whole existence oh damn
1151s what an honor to know that yeah that's
1153s on that list yeah every every week the
1156s community team has been on it at least
1157s once really yep do you have one from
1160s oh wait if I call you out to just name
1163s one is this risky
1164s um well it is I'll just say I don't
1167s remember okay okay can you give me one
1170s from Zach oh one from Zach actually one
1173s he just said today uh Danielle and I
1175s were going over a task and it was like
1177s we talked about it for like an hour and
1179s I walked back to my desk and it's
1181s actually like to me goes hey can you
1182s repeat everything Danielle just said
1184s I was like no shut up you shut your
1187s mouth Zach we both had a good chuckle so
1189s yeah that was a good one definitely went
1190s from Jack that's hot off the press that
1192s was like three hours that's a fresh one
1193s excellent
1196s all right so far so good it's far so
1199s good killing it where two next hey did
1201s you wear the mushroom sweater for
1203s ballast I didn't there's been a lot of
1205s comments on this sweater today you're
1207s not gonna lie everyone keeps commenting
1209s on it like hey mushrooms and I'm like
1211s yeah that's nice
1214s I do you're so good for you
1217s I mean you have a corn sweater Megan I
1220s don't oh only Christmas gift idea only
1223s because I have yet to see one
1225s actually I do have actually I do have a
1228s corn sweater
1229s it says let's get corny that's pretty
1232s funny I also have a mug that says let's
1234s get horny that is excellent yeah yeah
1237s don't bed in the Drone I've got the
1239s Intel from I am zero star not all
1242s crystals are minerals some crystals are
1244s organic but it's simply a crystal is a
1247s structure made up of various natural
1249s materials whereas a mineral is a
1251s material in itself
1255s that was a lot of signs
1258s uh crystals made up of lots of small
1261s materials versus
1263s a mineral is the whole thing itself so
1266s it's not made in individual components
1269s so it's not like fractalized okay okay I
1272s that makes sense that makes sense to me
1274s it's
1275s the fractal you nailed it with fractal
1277s for me yeah hey whereabouts do I find
1278s Creator mode
1280s I've been in this menu for so long uh
1282s well you don't want to do it on
1284s uh you don't want to do it on stream
1286s right now okay I just don't want to
1289s spoil anything I didn't put it on that's
1291s okay it's been years
1293s if you don't know by now then you don't
1296s know all right just don't say anything
1298s just don't point it I won't say it don't
1300s say it I'm gonna blow this thing up oh
1302s you suck I'm gonna run into it oh my God
1304s it did explode I don't know those things
1306s are so fun to explode I don't know what
1307s it is about them I just love how they
1309s just like slowly disintegrate it's like
1311s yeah I mean Helen don't feel bad on the
1314s last Dev stream literally
1315s had Rebecca oh right of course I guess
1318s the cat's out of the bag the cat's way
1319s out of that bag yeah I mean we didn't
1321s explain why that was a thing no that's
1323s true and we we don't need two now that's
1325s right we don't need plausible
1327s deniability of speaking about someone in
1329s chat just said
1331s did rep get shelved after last week oh
1334s no
1336s she's uh
1339s she's hard at work doing her thing more
1341s really cool outfit today she did style
1344s Queen Nicole outfits absolutely
1348s and here we go one of the new warframe's
1350s abilities and are the new game modes
1351s coming with this update uh I don't have
1353s specifics for the war from abilities
1355s currently because we're still kind of
1357s ironing them out but for the game mode
1361s there is a kind of Defense Mission with
1363s a Twist it's called Mirror defense
1365s the lore of exactly you know citrine and
1369s these two lovers that you're going to
1371s meet in this update as part of the
1374s mirror defense and it's like I said
1377s defense with a Twist where you are
1378s defending a Target but this target is
1380s kind of a crystallized person hi friends
1383s and I can tell you one of
1386s citrine's abilities is crystallized
1390s so
1391s it all makes sense there's a lot to oh
1394s dear what am I doing
1395s I just triggered the alarm I just zeroed
1398s in I saw a waypoint I ran to it and I
1401s triggered an alarm I'm getting shot like
1404s I've never set foot on the ballast
1405s before that's all right
1409s is making out rank five slurs United I
1412s sure am
1413s oh I am but she planned for viewers in a
1418s way I did not what do you mean well with
1420s the mode do you put on the mode did you
1421s not so that I do have Creator mode on
1423s yeah Creator mode Creator mode gets rid
1425s of that so that when you stream as a
1427s Creator you're not spoiling it but like
1429s I said it's been a thousand years so
1431s let's just look past it shall we yes yes
1434s now you can see Creator versus not the
1436s Creator bro left and right oh my god get
1440s me out of here yeah
1442s what is your strongest melee weapon I
1444s mean depending on the scenario good
1448s answer I
1450s I probably say my maybe my favorite one
1453s to bring is either the war or the Sati
1456s lacera those are my those are my kind of
1458s go-to gals
1461s starting next Deluxe win I mean
1464s you got some time
1466s not Spanish for deluxe
1470s very good
1472s damn we're on a an endo Farm today yeah
1475s honestly it's all been Endo which is
1477s fine
1482s oh very good very good Gauss Deluxe when
1486s in my daily dreams my sweet baby boy
1490s goes
1492s well can I run all the way oh look at
1495s you go I bet I can run the whole way
1497s without that's fabulous I just realized
1499s Megan we're Grendel on ghosts oh my god
1501s oh besties damn it roxies this is
1503s special oops
1506s you guys both have the emote to make the
1508s heart we're good yet but that will be
1510s that will be beautiful
1512s imagine I just took down a corpus who
1516s was hanging out in such an obscure
1517s location I feel like you know he just
1518s wanted to take a break like he just
1520s wanted to get away from his buddies and
1521s suddenly a tenno just really slams onto
1525s the roof like what are the odds it's
1526s like the ones that are on a break and
1528s you're like ah you're sitting down I'm
1530s sorry yes just on his lunch break you
1533s know
1534s oh that lot in Skyrim soccer Deluxe
1537s where is
1538s hmm one day one day oh hello sir see you
1542s there is there skills ran into a Dean
1544s game and they're very nice that's nice
1547s who was this person
1550s oh very lovely oh from The Matrix of
1553s course
1555s piano
1557s oh guitars we're sharing a case oh how
1559s romantic star days it's a perfect time
1564s for that be my valentine get out of here
1566s are you planning Valentine's Day coming
1567s up I do love Nia you need to wake me
1570s case we're good
1573s I do love Valentine's Day yeah gotta
1576s tell ya Chad any it's on a Tuesday isn't
1578s it it is on a Tuesday in fact we're
1580s having like a little office chin dig
1581s that day not related to Valentine's day
1583s but it falls on Valentine's Day little
1586s back to the office shindig and deleted
1591s I'd say Santa turret Santa turret what I
1595s saw Santa
1596s I don't know the anti-santa Krampus
1600s turret
1603s clamps oh we are nearly there
1608s kuva Deluxe Prime well that's not even a
1610s Warframe oh look at casares go what
1613s ideal location
1615s everyone's got this
1616s it's covered
1618s oh that Warframe is fast oh we got a mod
1621s oh I don't actually think I had that mod
1622s so that's quite nice Tech collateral
1625s alrighty Roo back we go
1629s where do I where am I
1631s look for the smoke my friends look for
1634s the smoke the smokestacks
1637s so we got
1639s ta try again I think we could try again
1643s all right
1644s this song this is a bear it's a banger
1647s how do you get La Familia bonds well uh
1651s you very oh I can't do it anymore but
1653s there is a bounty the one that we're
1654s doing I believe it would be the best
1656s familial bonds
1658s I don't know oh my God what is oh here
1660s on the velocity what is that
1663s um
1664s yeah one of the bounty rewards uh I
1666s think it's the highest Bounty other than
1668s steel path it is the steel path one as
1670s well
1671s that can grant you familiar bonds as
1673s well as ticker well sometimes if these
1676s feel if she's feeling generous we'll uh
1680s let you trade some resources for said
1682s familial bonds but
1683s you know on a generous day only on the
1687s generous of days it happens
1690s I think I saw someone
1692s tweeted that like eight hours ago
1695s she was selling familiar box and I was
1697s like yeah what a great thing to tweet
1699s that's like a PSA throw that out there
1701s I'm gonna run it let everyone know
1704s oh that was hot oh literally I tried to
1707s get the uh
1709s tried to meatball a
1713s drone
1716s delicious to last
1718s it died before I could make the trick
1720s jump
1721s laughs
1724s your meatball death says Chef I am but a
1727s pink meatball of death so are you are
1729s you cooked meatballs oh I was gonna go
1731s with like a rose oh a blush sorry not a
1734s rose sauce
1737s a little mix of both you know Rose from
1739s black pink
1742s like that that's also good are you sure
1745s your name is Rose
1746s it is oh we got it
1753s we are one step closer
1756s four more stages to go no
1759s problems are excited that's what I like
1761s to see
1762s we're one step closer to doing cards
1765s together yes we are what a blessing what
1768s does a streamer look I mean
1770s like I said we've been I've been trying
1772s to get Baruch Prime for two prime times
1774s in a row and I've had zero luck so
1776s streamer luck is not a thing make it
1779s harder or easier than limbo Prime
1781s firming at one time you had to do it oh
1783s I'm having
1785s terrible luck with group right I
1788s definitely have it really stands out is
1789s that the one that I got you guys that's
1790s a trophy for yeah yeah you stole my
1794s office that was adorable his his hand is
1796s broken but what happened to his hand I
1799s dropped it
1800s oh he's a very dainty man yeah yeah he's
1804s a man holding a hat
1806s elegant it was actually it was a dance
1809s trophy I'm pretty sure it is what I
1810s ended up oh that was smart yeah I liked
1813s to think of myself a dancer in my alone
1815s time like lyrical ballet hip-hop what's
1819s here
1820s style I mean if you look at my recent
1824s YouTube searches you will see how to
1825s twerk
1826s excellent how to learn how to Dougie
1829s literally yeah
1831s in the comfort of my own home mind you
1833s yeah yeah fair enough anyways what's
1836s going on trap can you twerk can you talk
1840s yeah Chad what's the secret what's the
1843s secret to twerking is I just gotta throw
1845s it back is what I've done yeah yeah just
1847s toss it right back like a salad
1851s anyways one more can one do you know
1854s it's like I really want to learn how to
1856s do uh skateboard tricks because I know
1859s one day oh yeah I'm just gonna be around
1861s some like young punks and they're gonna
1863s be like
1865s I'm sure that's in your future jump on
1867s and do it
1869s exactly that scenario in downtown London
1871s and I did know skateboard tricks and I
1873s look like a baller I did it
1876s that is yeah my boots had heels I was
1880s like give me your skateboard let's do it
1881s see that I feel like that could happen
1883s but also for twerking
1887s situation the only way out is if you can
1889s successfully twerk I just have a dream
1891s yeah I just I have a Daydream of like
1894s you know being in a scenario where
1896s there's a dance off and I can just Twerk
1898s it work it out hey that's literally like
1900s the ending to Guardians of the Galaxy
1902s yeah that's what I'm saying I'm living
1905s my best Guardians of the Galaxy Light
1906s okay I think that's it is a good skill
1908s to have at least one know at least one
1910s piano song to just whip that out okay
1913s and know at least one like solid couple
1916s of dance steps I think that that's just
1918s good life advice yeah key to success a
1920s couple dance moves
1922s maybe a little pop shuvet on the you
1925s could also get away with like a little
1926s scary
1929s I'm not gonna lie I did think no I did
1931s think that's how you said it when I
1934s originally saw it on like skate four or
1936s whatever I thought it was French
1940s bilingual country I get it yeah I get it
1942s Tony's definitely hitting the pop shoe
1944s Bay right
1945s absolutely shredding that pop there yeah
1949s okay any tips on how to grow my channel
1951s on Twitch oh that is a good question I
1955s mean I enjoy watching people who
1958s genuinely enjoy what they're playing and
1960s not playing it just because everyone
1962s else is playing it you know what I'm
1963s saying if you like audiences no yeah I
1966s feel the genuine love when people are
1968s playing games that they enjoy was that
1970s bad advice I don't know no I think it's
1972s nice if you don't enjoy it then like how
1974s can you even be consistent with it which
1975s is the other part so just because
1977s there's some good advice for Life Megan
1979s oh damn do what you love do what you
1982s love and you'll never work a day in your
1983s life oh my God whoa
1988s no I don't know about that
1994s what weapon is Megan I was just gonna
1996s answer that
1998s I'm currently equipped with the queller
2000s right now I enjoy it because when I
2003s Redline with ghosts it goes bird
2007s and I like it it's very satisfying
2009s that's exciting I appreciate it
2012s West prime one one day my friend one day
2016s the sun will be perfect
2018s such a great day that'll be a blessing
2020s uh
2021s it's taking a long time come on enemies
2023s let's move wisp is a fine fine for me
2027s she's a lady of many talents that one
2029s she is
2030s so supportive hey uh that's what it's
2034s all about well there does make excellent
2035s shooting noises it's true
2037s it's extra shooty where my enemies at
2039s Red Line
2041s oh I think I see someone
2044s just kidding why not oh I'm suddenly
2047s smelling your food Marcus right now I've
2050s just gotta work with it that's
2051s remarkable this whole time oh my God if
2055s anyone heard that sorry I'm only having
2058s liquids right now
2059s we've got coffee and a smoothie what do
2062s you have this is an energy drink oh very
2065s nice thank you thank you all part of a
2067s well-balanced breakfast yep I got a
2069s water a coffee and an energy drink I'm
2071s getting 106 of a lot of my vitamin B's
2075s 106 106 okay zooming oh
2080s felt it was only appropriate you know
2083s like Grendel pinball right now point
2090s Dave Whispers Prime is a bad day for my
2092s wallet I mean you could get her in game
2094s you don't gotta yeah that's true do the
2095s free path yeah do what you gotta do
2097s you'll get it done we gotta oh we got a
2100s potato delicious carbs
2103s I love carbs carbs tidbits of bread I
2106s guess we were eating too oh they're
2107s right beside me oh I forgot about the 10
2109s bits right about the tables too in fact
2110s I haven't finished my previous Timbit oh
2112s my goodness you took a bite
2115s I got insecure about eating in front of
2117s chat but like I feel like we're all
2118s closed we're all friends here we're just
2120s having uh you know we're just catching
2121s up this is the coffee ketchup tea time
2123s we are drinking tea time tea time we got
2125s some coffee hello governor
2128s dead hello utico you have died and you
2132s have given me Aya what a blessing you
2134s know this is a bit of a spoiler but
2135s speaking of the mushrooms and more
2136s values and on your sweater
2138s I have a mushroom capture at a show
2142s later a mushroom captura yeah oh my God
2146s it's just a mushroom look at the
2148s University something about mushrooms
2150s that I didn't they're good for your
2151s health and you should have them in soups
2153s no no no I think it's just referencing
2155s The Last of Us oh yes it's making me
2159s want to cry we don't need to talk about
2160s it though nope don't even talk to chat I
2164s shouldn't have even uttered it
2166s how everyone's sad don't be sad
2169s anyways
2171s um happy thoughts happy thoughts my
2174s happy almost Valentine's Day wait we oh
2177s I guess we'll
2179s um
2180s oh it's on a Tuesday we already talked
2182s about that oh yeah yeah
2184s but I think it's a beautiful thing that
2189s um we have a day just set aside to
2190s celebrate love itself you know it can be
2193s Love of All Kinds in that star days
2194s spirit I love that's um
2197s for family friends your dog I don't know
2200s wherever you find them so many dog
2202s chocolates
2204s ma'am that's what it's all about oh I
2206s feel like I did that I did I did that oh
2208s my God oh God I like this hold on let me
2211s get rid of this one I feel like whatever
2212s you peek around the corner and then it's
2214s right where you don't mind hello
2215s governor
2217s get out of here you dirty little
2220s why can't I smack talk always helps me
2222s play can I oh is it already oh it
2224s already went oh instead of food the
2227s glasses it was my fault that's all right
2231s the glass would be my fault not even
2233s there very good
2234s all right last day go oh my God another
2238s tech
2240s attack collateral
2242s new mod for me too Lucas couple texts I
2246s think that's when I thought the last one
2247s was so now for real this time I got the
2249s mod that I wanted how can we see the
2252s drops uh if you go to your Twitch
2254s inventory
2255s um sorry I finally do
2257s um you will be able to see your drop
2259s progress and it details out what the
2261s drop is we're doing a depth Bond grab
2263s bag so there's three different types I
2265s think medical training and familial
2267s would find them correct yes that's a mix
2270s um yeah get yourself oh come sorry can
2273s we have a pizzool boss fight oh my God I
2276s mean
2277s I don't want to be in the same room as
2279s puzzul no for all that model not even
2282s for a boss you just don't want to hear
2283s him talk oh
2292s why you gotta be that gazelle's not
2293s puzzles
2297s all right but maybe a boss fight a boss
2299s fight if they don't monologue but I
2302s don't know don't talk
2304s oh my God there's a spider by fighting
2306s it
2306s ooh you cannot be here this is my star
2310s in case time
2312s that's one for us
2316s I'm not going to drop as anyone else uh
2318s I mean refresh if you're not seeing it
2321s if you were here before then actually oh
2324s I thought that was the case right fresh
2325s real quick my twitch just to check on
2328s yep I can see
2330s that I am earning progress I am 88 there
2333s wow I just got a nice shot of that
2336s spider rag doll and it was a pleasure
2340s we may not have this case animals
2343s get out of here show them
2347s pasta is down pasta has been revived oh
2350s everybody relaxed pasta has been revived
2352s we're good back on pastors back on the
2354s menu boys
2356s no don't run away
2358s let me kill you I had pasta for lunch
2360s today the the de lunch was pasta
2363s delicious
2366s yum in my tongue so delicious love carbs
2369s love cards just the best oh I don't want
2373s to shoot that if I want the enemies
2376s gonna eat these enemies
2378s Grendel nothing makes me feel like upset
2380s sorties on the planes we're off doing
2382s the sortie right now but I do have plans
2385s after this to
2388s um oh oh do the uh the archon hunt
2393s so now you need to do your Bounty really
2394s said oh Tech collateral is new you want
2397s it you want it it's all yours uh so I
2399s think before we head in we should do
2401s some mining I couldn't agree more very
2403s good we love them mine we should also do
2405s a platinum press sure how do you feel
2408s about this idea
2409s I like it
2412s you know what else likes it
2415s perhaps Don herder underscore likes it
2418s Don her underscore please message the
2420s platform you're watching right now let
2421s us know your in-game Alias what platform
2423s you play Warframe on we're going to send
2425s you 1 000 Platinum what Cape would you
2428s like to go to Megan do you have a
2429s particular it's not even really near
2430s fave
2432s um I do
2434s not okay why don't we go here I'm just
2438s gonna Waypoint this oh wait I kind of do
2440s okay no you we go there we go okay we go
2443s there good case we
2444s we're going
2447s to the mine we go
2449s and they call it
2453s the wizard was thinking the same thing
2455s in Discord did they say it too he said
2457s do they call it a mine and they call it
2460s a mine honestly I really wish you could
2463s all be watching Lord of the Rings for
2465s the first time just experience that
2467s they call him Strider
2469s sign me up that was a good dude's Bad
2473s News subscriber
2476s for this but he's not but he's not long
2478s with the King
2482s I always loved uh turtles what's
2484s turtle's precious oh my favorite very
2486s good those are my favorite uh like
2489s interactions when Golan would talk to
2490s himself
2492s of course
2497s yeah
2500s oh it's over there can I get it from
2501s this park
2502s oh the goo whoa
2504s nope we're good we're good got fish in
2506s there scrubbing up that bill ooh this I
2508s needed that actually I got a triple I
2510s don't know if I needed that but I needed
2511s it recently so in my head it's like oh
2513s that's exciting you know what I mean
2516s and here we go so McCord oh my God
2521s oh my God
2523s acquired or or what oh
2529s honestly my stomach is grumbling now too
2532s Marcus Indian food do you guys want me
2536s to
2537s no no no Marcus get out honestly a
2540s little Curry
2541s throw it
2545s I've got some some um it's not quite non
2549s it's something else that His Name
2550s Escapes you know that's all right we all
2553s have a little we all have a little
2555s Jamboree hurry after I'm just happy that
2557s you enjoyed oh I that's enough for me I
2560s really enjoyed it very good I hoovered
2563s it
2564s hoovered
2565s Hoover inhaled oh very good
2569s can we need a cooking mini game okay
2571s wait how have I I never even considered
2575s it that's such a great worker idea we
2577s need a dating Sim and a cooking minigame
2580s very good okay okay I don't know who on
2583s the ship is going to eat I mean we do
2586s have the new trim Cube so there's
2587s evidence that we do consume drifter's
2590s gonna have a cooking meal oh my God
2591s Cooking With The Drifter how to combine
2594s nutrient cubes dinner with The Drifter
2596s oh
2598s foreign
2605s just frying up some eggs you know dating
2608s on a budget with Drifter
2611s I'm here for it
2614s at it yeah chat
2618s I like where your head is and then you
2620s can do like cephalon Match Game
2622s oh yeah oh you're talking about Cupid
2625s like there's so many things you could do
2627s it's got a whole universe on her hands
2629s right it's like an alternate
2632s oh
2634s no oh how's your mining going
2638s I got one I just did a perfect one oh I
2640s got two oh puts egg and pan
2644s uh and I got a Twist drop so cool
2649s um okay okay where you at we're going
2651s over here wow this is like a very
2654s um is it a bountiful case yeah I feel
2656s like this is a particularly Bountiful
2657s cave today you were right with the
2659s Locale I just I could feel it in my
2661s bones
2667s Galactic fans in chat rocket Stone
2672s very nice I love the mining what was it
2675s oh this is gonna be tough but I'm gonna
2676s give it a go wow
2678s I like this song too
2683s oh did I
2687s did I can Motel I guess
2690s I keep looking at your ear my name but
2692s yes
2696s give me those give me those goodies ah
2699s man Megan used to have a whole mining
2701s streams the who used to have streams
2704s dedicated to mining for
2706s me yeah like in the planes to rank up
2709s you would just do a lot of mining oh I
2711s would yeah that was a good time that's
2712s true I think that was on like the Xbox
2714s streams yeah yeah I'm fighting with
2716s Megan back when he had to Tracy outside
2717s oh God
2719s I remember that makes me laugh to think
2721s about the strap which just go like
2723s and you'd actually achieve it and it was
2726s like nice I definitely forgot about that
2728s yes good times
2730s different mining it was very hard for me
2732s because I am not I don't have a steady
2734s hand
2735s she's got pretty good at it though
2737s practice makes perfect as they say it's
2739s true I had to I had to represent where
2742s is this dude down but over here
2747s are you
2750s oh you where are you oh I found one here
2753s but then it's up
2756s caves man they have layers
2758s an onion
2760s tough since you're up one to a dropped
2762s but now you're down onto my Orbit or get
2764s a little grineer friend
2766s yeah people I think people were saying
2767s they if they had a if we had a cooking
2769s minigame they'd want to cook for
2771s specific characters cook for them yeah
2774s like they want to cook for plan they
2775s want to cook for call oh like would
2777s there be personalized menus for each
2779s character oh maybe like they'd come up
2781s to you and be like today call one
2783s selling scrambled eggs yeah you have to
2785s cook but the way we were all like
2787s definitely eggs and Warframe yeah I
2789s guess Cooper eggs
2792s oh
2793s that is you know
2795s I mean there's there's many animal types
2798s in Warframe yeah surely some
2800s more than Cooper's lay eggs this is true
2803s what would you guys say darvo's favorite
2805s meal would be yeah
2809s um something you think he'd be a Subway
2811s guy he's a sub guy yeah probably watch
2813s this hey dramas too for k-dramas Bank
2817s always sponsoring k-dramas that's true
2818s like K-pop k-dramas like the TV
2822s oh God I think there was a whole segment
2825s on Last Week Tonight about that really
2827s yeah I called it out and they made their
2829s own Subway commercial uh kdrama parody
2833s it's very good yeah Subway good move oh
2836s I got one all right I need two more yeah
2838s same okay okay
2842s um show me the glowy bits
2846s we could also try another cave we could
2848s you seem to have the luck so okay I'm
2850s gonna go I'm gonna go feel it sorry here
2852s go sense it
2854s Dr Mark says Carlos granum is a Tapioca
2857s guy and
2859s choice but you don't like tapioca
2861s bubbles
2863s Richie no ma'am how do you have your
2866s bubble tea I don't have it you don't
2868s like bubble tea no that surprises me
2870s that you you seem like a bubble tear
2872s there's so many options for bubble tea
2875s like you could do here we'll do a cave
2877s that's a little closer actually not that
2879s one that's
2880s let's do this one
2884s oh bubble tea for me
2886s no no no no no you just have to find the
2888s bubble tea for you we'll figure it out I
2890s don't think there is one what about the
2892s bubbles in it then I don't want it well
2894s because there are different kinds you
2895s could get like there are bobas you get
2897s lychee jelly you could get I don't want
2899s jelly balls in my drink
2901s I don't want anything I don't want any
2904s texture in my drinks okay okay
2908s liquids you could just get a milk tea
2911s without any
2912s boba
2914s don't know if that sounds good okay
2916s that's cool
2918s but you like Booster Juice that's got
2920s texture a smoothie but it's still a
2923s liquid it's not a team you don't have to
2925s chew it though where am I going
2927s down here you don't accidentally get one
2929s stuck in there I just want tea Alias but
2933s I don't think I don't think the Boba Tea
2935s is for me my friends tripod toroids says
2938s casardis
2940s thank you for the call out that's
2942s fabulous
2943s red went through a big boba tea phase
2945s and tried to get me to drink it oh yeah
2947s well if rev tried and couldn't then I I
2949s don't know why I'm even trying that I
2952s believe you now
2954s oh she tried I feel like she'd know all
2956s the best flavors
2959s all right I'm telling uh 199 asks what
2961s is a good amp
2963s what do you what do you two think what's
2964s a good amp a good oh like operator amp
2966s yeah an operator no talking music yeah
2969s no no Stratocaster personally I go for
2971s the orange amps uh can't go wrong with
2974s the style and
2976s I have one called sharks and lasers
2979s is that a doctor evil
2982s it wasn't but it could be mine's called
2984s Harbinger oh Harbinger exactly
2988s um there's actually a lot yeah I was
2990s gonna say chat is probably gonna say
2991s that's dropping their number combos oh
2993s 777 which little piece the Warframe Wiki
2997s actually has a very good thorough
2999s explanation of what that means but also
3001s uh Warframe Creator no sympathy has
3005s lovely breakdown
3007s um on their Discord and also brozine's
3009s website has a really good breakdown as
3011s well can I reach this
3013s um of what amps to use and they
3014s correlate to those numbers so if you
3016s read 777 you're like WTF if you check
3019s out those out yo you'll know what's up
3021s when I read 777 I think of right
3024s permissions on a file system
3033s I need one more gems I've got gems on
3036s the brain I meant you're mining this is
3038s gonna be it oh
3043s it's too fast
3050s I mean oops that um or did it I got a
3054s zodian
3055s well done
3060s oh that was straight into goo oh ground
3064s slams straight into some good
3066s not my coolest moment
3070s for people asking in chat what song this
3072s is it's handily in the bottom bar
3074s currently it's too far away by no
3076s straight answer oh no straight answer
3078s they've written a couple really good
3080s Warframe Bops they do have an arsenal of
3083s Bops I recommend I'm going to
3086s and just head on over to
3089s the elevator but you do you you keep
3092s going you want me to keep going yeah you
3093s keep going okay how many do you need uh
3096s two you got it don't worry about it I'm
3098s hanging out here sweet uh what new
3100s primes are coming out I can't tell you
3102s that but if you tune into the next show
3104s stream in the month of the month we're
3106s in
3107s um he will know is ancient Obelisk still
3110s bugged yes it's you owe me a UI bug
3112s though so if you have done it and you
3115s like you're in
3118s um a day most and you see you know that
3120s it popped up so you got a thousand
3122s standing you do get the standing it's
3123s just the UI doesn't count it in the
3125s night wave screen so you've done it
3127s you've got the standing it just looks
3129s like you've completed it so and we can't
3130s fix it right now because we can't hop us
3132s because right in the thick of citrine's
3134s Last Wish development or whatever and we
3137s can't
3138s rip it out in the back end because
3139s that'll affect people who have done the
3142s ACT previously so I don't want to mess
3144s around with that
3146s they have any info on Baruch Deluxe skin
3149s well I can tell you that it is hot hot
3151s in development I don't have a timeline
3154s for you but
3155s The Rook is looking looking very good
3157s but I don't have a timeline
3159s because I don't want to spoil that
3162s I thought rhino skin was today rhino
3164s skin is not today that'll be in
3165s citrine's Last Wish what day is your 10
3167s year anniversary March 25th oh it's a
3170s Saturday
3172s it did this Saturday
3174s any word on Gauss Prime no word just the
3177s bird
3178s tweet tweet
3180s a tweet tweet how you doing you know
3184s I don't think it's in the cards for you
3186s right now no I just no cards
3188s it's his rotten luck in this particular
3190s cave I mean you were you found the spots
3193s so I believe in you thank you
3195s happy birthday oh my God thank you I
3198s mean chat how long have uh have you been
3200s playing Warframe yourself are you a
3202s 10-yearer are you a day winner or are
3205s you uh three years 2.5
3209s 365 days
3211s we'll survive 165. I'll be 10 years in
3214s August
3215s it's exciting wow a little baby that is
3217s those are some stats those are some
3219s stats
3223s seven years 2014 nine six years close to
3227s two six plus since 2015.
3230s it's 27 years come on now
3233s we weren't alive I mean we were alive
3235s but a game was not alive
3241s all right all right my first year in war
3244s for almost my first year oh my God
3245s welcome welcome four months love that
3248s good number four my favorite number
3251s actually yeah same
3252s oh my God how are we the same person
3255s let's do a Platinum price shall we
3257s Daniel sure
3261s let's see who gets a thousand plants I'm
3264s gonna guess their name starts with a d
3265s good guess there's a D in the name
3268s that's true vodka 2310 please message
3271s the platform you're watching at this
3273s very moment let us know your in-game
3274s Alias and what platform you play word
3275s for mom so you can send a thousand
3277s Platinum to you let us do it let us do
3280s it um how many familial debt bonds do
3283s you have
3284s um if you go to church as many as I got
3286s just now oh okay
3288s yes very good well I'm gonna buy
3291s I have enough for one of the hands
3294s I'm gonna buy the left
3295s and I'm gonna stand here I like that and
3298s wait for someone
3299s to fill my heart
3302s yeah I will do my best here but I'll
3304s level with you
3306s unlikely 420 days LOL you're so funny
3316s left hand look good we're good really
3319s resisting the urge to say I like this
3321s song like every time a new song comes on
3324s all right here we go who are concern us
3327s how did I know
3330s oh we're not very good but I love it
3332s we're a little longer oh [ __ ] hug you
3335s I would oh you're just the best you're
3338s just the best uh beautiful all right
3341s I could do the archon hunt yeah you want
3344s to do it I feel like I could do it okay
3347s we'll see how far how long it's gonna
3349s take me alrighty well I'm gonna say
3351s thank you to our Squad and uh
3353s what a blessing cameras but that gyre uh
3357s new glyph keep cute
3360s Hank's artists Hank's artist you're
3363s right I'm so sorry I'm so sorry and
3365s Tamarisk who knows a hank yeah Tamara's
3368s canoes a hank thank you both that was
3370s absolutely I know a Hank
3372s either no wait wait maybe I do
3375s I don't know but if I do it's like three
3376s times removed you know what I mean
3377s gotcha gotcha oh my God I got familial
3380s demons
3383s I should have been logged in and
3385s watching but that means I only have only
3388s seven so I still can't afford the other
3389s one oh God okay but you're one step
3391s closer but I'm get I'm getting another
3392s drop so it might I might be blessed
3394s again uh okay uh before I need three
3397s people to join me I'm gonna do the
3399s archon hunt it's Nera so if you're into
3401s the snake Vibes always uh we could get
3404s ourselves Helen do you need to put Chad
3406s on the other side or like are you
3408s um I am having a little you know what
3409s let me pull it up on my monitors
3416s if you'd like to join for a our contact
3420s would love to have you message me
3423s um I'm on PC but obviously Crossbay is
3424s live so whisper de Megan this is my name
3427s right there
3428s that's me we got sin 14.
3431s oh is that say thank you oh I like it I
3433s like it I like it it's exciting oh we
3436s got Chopper can I play with rubico has
3439s increased damage right now that's hot
3441s fisted that's hot
3445s I'm gonna be Gauss just because I I gave
3448s him his helmet injections right good
3450s time to use it he's feeling beefy all
3452s right we got Chopper
3454s we got fisted at and we got sit oh my
3457s God like these legendary twos oh damn
3460s boy that's a good squad when everyone
3462s else love it
3468s Paris Hilton MK oh I was like is that a
3472s weapon and then you know my brain clued
3475s in love Paris Hilton how's that how's
3477s Discord Marcus this car is great yeah
3479s they're having a very good time any
3481s animal pictures they love to say there
3483s was a puppy update at the top of the
3485s hour oh wow puppy update how are the
3487s puppies and Discord it has some puppies
3490s and they are crying for attention oh are
3494s they getting attention
3495s I'd uh we'll well I guess we'll find out
3498s in a couple minutes
3500s um yeah I know there's some puppies uh
3503s disco chat was wondering will we be
3506s getting any creepy quests similar to
3508s chains of hero crazy is a very
3510s polarizing question so like horror
3512s because uh change the four chains of
3515s Tarot was a very polarizing question it
3519s was yes uh no horror really playing for
3523s citrine but I mean I'm not calling
3526s duviri horror but if you're into just
3527s complete weirdness and just absolute
3531s Bonkers crazy
3533s he will enjoy Davie that's true just say
3536s it she's a bit wild yeah it's a
3540s it's vibeye
3542s it's a Vibe it is a buy and you'll learn
3545s all about daviri in the February job
3547s stream we are completely devoting the
3549s February Dev stream to be 100
3552s duviri we're going to be interviewing
3554s we're going to be talking about daviri
3557s um and we're going to talk about the
3558s next prime and some really exciting
3560s stuff kind of coming up in the year so
3564s tune into that okay friends we're
3567s talking about the Knights of naboris
3570s story lots of horror fans and twitch
3572s chat that's nice to see
3574s yeah that's that's that's not a fun
3576s story no it's not it is scary nope
3579s missing one no who did we lose
3583s oh no we lost Chopper Chopper come back
3585s I go out can you invite me please
3587s absolutely oh I gotcha it's erian duhiri
3590s I like that oh my God
3592s that sounds like a contest
3595s yeah better it really sounds like a
3597s contest anything that rhymes
3599s oh I've gone too um
3602s did I win anything was washing dishes
3604s well tea call I missed the rest of your
3606s Alias but I hope that went well got it
3610s the dishes some clean dishes now are you
3612s a rubber glove kind of person or are you
3615s a go straight in with the skin mitts you
3618s know yeah hot take if you need rubber
3621s gloves you don't do dishes enough I'm
3623s insulted that is a hot take that is or
3627s you have a skin condition Marcus okay or
3629s you have his skin we have incredibly dry
3632s hands or it's winter in Canada and
3634s everything's dry or you really just want
3636s to make sure your dishes are clean so
3637s you use the hottest water possible and
3639s absolutely just obliterate your skin and
3643s therefore neat yes and therefore need
3645s rubber gloves
3647s I appreciate that so Marcus shadow
3649s dragon storm says gloves are amazing
3651s Marcus no I think the water's too hot
3654s and I think uh do you think water is
3657s picking hot no if you're using water
3659s that's too hot
3661s you shouldn't be you don't need water
3662s that's a hot I think there is a cap on
3665s how useful the water's temperature is
3668s for most helpful so you're saying the
3670s hot the hotter it is doesn't equal more
3673s useful
3674s actually no I take that back it is
3678s yeah yeah however
3682s dishes yes this is so good I used to not
3685s do dishes I am a Virgo as well and I
3687s wear gloves so yeah well a Virgo will
3690s have their way that's true and we'll be
3692s very uh opinionated about it yeah very
3695s passionate about I'm just a Pisces
3697s between a couple Virgos we can also run
3698s a little bit of cold water just to like
3700s dull the temperature a little bit I do
3702s rinse it off in cold water get a better
3704s uh get a better scrubber need a better
3706s scrubber bitter scrubber that's more
3708s effective at scrubbing the crud that
3710s doesn't equal the water though then use
3712s a dishwasher I do no but there's some
3714s stuff that can't go in the dish that's
3716s true like my bamboo bowls
3721s weight you use hot water to do dishes
3723s you don't Mr Alias but there you have it
3726s I have a cold water wash yeah just
3728s really freeze those germs someone's
3731s cat's name is I'm sorry Mr Alias but I
3733s thought that was precious well OMG I
3736s first played Warfare in 2015.
3738s um cariano
3741s I feel like I fear I butchered your
3743s Alias but that's pretty exciting 2015.
3745s it's a little bit bad now coming up on a
3748s decade since 2015 coming up
3751s it approaches soon to be
3753s I just use hand lotion after washing
3756s well
3756s five minutes so
3759s just cover my dishes and hand lotions
3762s guys liked her but if you if you wear
3765s gloves you don't need to put lotion on
3768s because you're protected I mean you
3770s should be wearing you should be
3771s lotioning anyway but I'm I'm saying
3774s you don't need to prune up until if I've
3777s burnt ice this is acid what send help
3781s I've burned ice they said Hey try ice is
3784s no joke you can hurt yourself that's
3785s true no I have um these I'm very
3788s passionate okay I had a dry ice
3789s experience once don't joke
3792s about the dry ice is very dangerous I
3795s appreciate the whole mood of that
3796s because I used to be terrible in the
3798s kitchen myself melted a tea kettle on
3801s the stove didn't you do that me
3804s didn't you melt it someone else here
3806s melted a tea kettle on the stove
3809s thinking that it should be turned on but
3810s it was a plug-in one my uncle not me it
3813s was Uncle sweet she has a connection the
3816s only thing I've done is accidentally put
3818s a grocery bag on a hot stove and melted
3821s it to the stove see that's similar
3823s energy maybe that's why I thought that
3825s accident my sister did burn uh Easy Mac
3828s in the microwave and set it on fire wow
3831s she forgot to put the water
3833s yeah but how did it set a light that's
3836s right how did it sorry maybe it didn't
3839s catch fire but like it smoked enough for
3841s us to like have to evacuate right yeah
3843s sorry if the noodles were dry then for
3845s sure you could light that on fire I
3846s don't know if there was that flame but
3848s it was definitely burning oh I missed
3850s that precious comment someone was saying
3851s that they started playing morphing with
3853s their boyfriend they've been together
3854s five years and still play together and
3855s I'm so sorry Mr Alias pancake too can
3858s you read it yep my boyfriend and I
3860s started playing as friends playing
3861s Warframe together and develop feeling
3862s for each other while spending time
3864s playing the game together it's a very
3865s sentimental game for us we've been
3866s together for five years now we still
3868s play to this day heart heart thank you
3870s happy star days cam K and your boyfriend
3875s Discord is popping off with dog pictures
3879s some danger noodles oh not the snake
3883s and are all these pets getting lots of
3885s attention
3887s your best feet are they walking on the
3888s street are the pets watching us right
3891s now what's her name I'll yell it someone
3893s someone on the subreddit posted after
3895s that uh their dog hated the uh Rhino
3898s Deluxe skin that's coming out I saw that
3900s too a dog barking it right now
3904s I saw some other I met my wife on
3907s Warframe someone else with their
3908s boyfriend in Warframe welcome there's so
3911s many lovely comments from couples who
3913s went in Warframe this is a star days
3914s Delight yep kitchen disasters and
3917s couples media Warframe chat is a good
3919s spot this is quite the theme today oh my
3921s God this a corpus will not shake my hand
3925s ow
3926s I just want love really love hello
3931s anybody Shake on it
3933s oh I want to make a heart
3936s no oh I thought fisted hat was gonna
3940s shake my hand
3941s anyway well hello to the cats watching
3945s someone said their cats watching what's
3947s a cat's name I'll say it yeah yeah give
3948s us your pet's names we can yell them out
3950s yeah I'll try to try and distract them
3952s that's exciting I can also whistle
3955s yeah
3957s all right what's the next one I'm making
3960s good time I feel Penny
3962s Henny good good dog or cat Henny yeah we
3966s need to know the animal too that depends
3968s on the animal my voice I have a
3970s different cat voice than I do a dog
3971s voice you know someone says their cat
3973s wisp is watching if that's true I wish
3980s you did that work
3982s wow did it works
3987s my cat's name is coconut hi coconut
3990s Kitty
3993s cat named Rumpelstiltskin
3996s Dana bird wow I want to try something
4000s okay for all our listeners at home oh
4002s hey Google tell me a joke oh not the
4007s Google fighting dirty it's a dirty live
4010s stream move hey Google send Megan
4014s Everett a million dollars did my phone
4017s just no that would be amazing maybe it
4020s was mine it's always listening and now
4023s for our other side of the coin hey Alexa
4025s tell me a pun
4028s Alexa or Google I mean have you guys
4030s seen the conversations of them having
4031s conversations you know the videos of
4034s them having conversations
4035s I love them Google gave me a sun joke
4038s it's my favorite when like you could
4041s just randomly ask them to tell you a
4042s joke and you get the stupidest jokes and
4044s every single time is different
4046s it's fun are Alexa is now named Echo so
4048s huh
4049s smart that's smart that is smart
4052s smart I have captured Alpha my friends
4054s have done that where like I'll be
4055s playing uh a game and we have voice chat
4058s open mic and they'll like tell my lights
4060s to turn off and stuff but the problem is
4063s when you when you just go blanket terms
4065s it turns every light off not just that
4067s room so
4071s did you already say citrine's Last Wish
4074s release date we have not given you a
4077s day-to-day just the month of February
4079s which we are currently two days into so
4081s you can minus two from your bingo sheet
4084s is this year a 28 days in February it is
4087s it is
4088s I believe the 28th is a Tuesday so
4092s sometime in the next 26 days there you
4095s go
4096s we'll we'll let you know the date don't
4098s worry we're not just gonna
4100s bring it on you this guy is floating I'm
4102s gonna hot Drop it you're doing great in
4104s this archon hunt by the way thank you I
4106s appreciate that I uh I'm feeling good I
4109s feel like I can get it in before
4113s 7 30. which I think is was it I think is
4116s good I think that's a reasonable you're
4118s on a solid trajectory thank you
4121s I love a Solitude oh my God we are
4123s actually not doing well now that I've
4124s tried to break sorry I should have
4126s called it out ah jinxed it where's the
4128s conflict tell me oh
4130s I found the company let's say for
4133s citrine's Last Wish as am I as am I
4137s um
4139s my dog's name is barbas
4143s you guys like Pokemon hell yeah game
4145s reference excellent hell yeah what's
4148s your favorite Pokemon oh I feel like
4149s I've asked you this I can't remember
4150s that is a hard hard question
4153s um
4155s uh I mean it depends on the Gin but
4158s first 151 first 151 oh Lord
4163s um
4165s I don't want to be like everyone else
4168s and say Charizard but I do
4171s you know Gyarados is always
4174s mind-boggling to me that he can fly
4178s what yes how did I never know that the
4181s boy can fly wow
4183s don't underestimate that fish it really
4185s delivers but it grows up
4188s um for me it's Evie oh classic
4191s I mean it can be so many things you know
4194s new is my favorite Greek
4198s you too also great also great I've been
4201s meaning to re-watch that movie the
4203s saddest one it's even worse as an adult
4206s that's what I thought with the sage
4208s wisdom of years behind you yeah
4212s if anyone in chat has rewatched that as
4213s an adult let me know what am I signing
4216s up for
4218s pain okay
4220s pain don't do it to us oh boy the male
4222s wolf seems
4223s Arcanine I will admit I love Arcanine
4227s and it is considered a legendary Pokemon
4230s okay and then in the get that sweet hair
4233s yeah and Scarlet and violet you can just
4236s find one walking around
4238s wild yeah this Pokemon that was so
4241s coveted back in the day I was just going
4243s for a walk and you're just like oh
4245s there's a legendary tight
4247s yeah I love it though population growth
4249s on that is just like a celebrity like
4251s listen I know it's exciting but I'm just
4253s going for my daily walk please just just
4255s let me just leave me alone
4258s and it's surrounded by little Growlers
4260s and you're like you're mine
4262s oh my God this guy's eating my bullets
4266s I believe in you guys yeah we're not
4268s doing too hot not gonna lie it's okay
4270s all it takes is
4272s you know you're almost there you're
4274s halfway to stopping their progress oh
4277s you've captured another not doing well
4280s but I got distracted by Pokemon so yeah
4283s I have nothing but confidence what's
4285s your fast you can jump between all of
4286s them
4287s Zoomies uh you go the problem is B is
4291s one of the hardest ones to uh keep
4293s because it's constantly harassed by
4297s enemies this is tough
4300s somebody else
4302s oh my later
4304s see you later
4306s should we get him somebody help me
4308s somebody help me
4309s seven seconds five six five four help
4314s friends
4316s oh
4320s well that hurt more than just star days
4323s is dead Love is alive
4327s that uh that's just how the cookie
4329s crumbles sometimes
4332s we had to well good luck friends thank
4334s you Zach and I fought naira this week
4336s and we had to restart our last one
4339s because he had some issues with his
4341s Mouse and then died right before we
4342s fought the boss oh we literally got all
4344s the way up to the final showdown and
4346s then we're like oh
4347s well I believe you or not believe you I
4349s believe in you Squad I know you can do
4351s it godspeed Squad God speed this is
4355s intense okay we got a protea fisted hat
4358s is a protea
4360s come on this is like a Revenant
4363s you're now being hotly featured yep
4367s don't mess up but you know what the
4368s Chopper's dead
4373s chop or die Chopper
4377s wait that's not there is I don't know I
4379s think like there's a hole I am not
4381s giving up hope I'm not giving a pope oh
4383s look at that butt oh oh God not the gore
4387s uh not giving a pole guys you're you're
4390s killing it this would have had they
4392s actually are like all they're considered
4394s to have just a 10 difference from where
4396s you were earlier is amazing you are
4399s killing it this is why Proteus fantastic
4401s yeah seriously Queen but also Revenant
4404s okay protea like yep I wish we had more
4406s Revenant is double fist and guns
4409s oh get him smack him run away
4412s look at your little dead pet
4415s s
4416s oh damn oh boy all right protea throw
4419s those grenades baby
4421s okay
4425s oopsies
4427s we have failed today sorry Mom
4430s well we tried that's okay there's that
4434s sound
4436s but it happens to us all again it
4439s doesn't happen to the best of us this is
4440s just part of life but I think that means
4442s we shall move on to the art segment of
4445s today's stream exactly what that means I
4447s do believe that's what that means I'd
4449s like to start with capture if you don't
4451s mind going
4452s but before we do
4456s I knew it
4464s ah as promised we're starting with the
4468s mushroomsling wow yeah is that who's up
4472s there
4473s I think is it protea no it looks like a
4476s hydride it's giving me pirate hat far
4479s away hmm Discord has a close look right
4482s now they'll have to let us know that
4483s does look like protea I thought it was
4484s protea initially that looks like that
4487s looks like hydroid with a hat who is the
4489s mushroom king or queen that's what I'd
4490s like to know I mean it has to be nice
4492s right oh yeah nasty nasty yeah delicious
4496s did you show your sweater I feel like
4498s they haven't seen the actual sweater but
4500s this is truly what inspired perfect a
4503s lot of mushrooms we're very orbitalis
4505s for Star days so thank you Henry's link
4507s for joining us in that Spirit our next
4509s piece is by Archer hashimi 26. oh he's
4514s coming in for the little grabby grab
4516s it's pretty sweet
4518s um this reminds me I I'm not sure who
4520s started it uh might have been white
4522s angel I'm not sure but there's this
4524s little Trend going on with capture uh
4526s creators where they're doing a vanilla
4528s captura month where they don't
4531s editor capture a skills so along that
4535s vein we have a couple more of those I do
4538s love you in there now our next one is by
4542s Medusa captures and case 954 a little
4546s collab moment called opposites a trend
4550s oh Mesa and Baruch do attract I mean
4555s that's actually a power couple that is a
4557s power couple that's a power move it's
4559s pretty awesome wow a pacifist and a
4561s gunslinger whoa it's so cool that would
4564s be a great western film oh it would be
4566s yeah
4567s this could be the poster for it let's go
4570s ship it our next one Speaking of Love Is
4573s by Deuce capture a happy star days oh
4577s the Cutie your belly getting all the
4580s love themes right out the gate what a
4582s perfect uh animation is that water heart
4585s Force for the starters and now we have
4588s this emote I mean like the fun never
4590s stops oh my God someone needs to do both
4592s of them at the same time
4594s and now for Comic gorilla with a real
4596s change of pace oh damn
4599s it's very free what's happening to that
4600s Grenier he's getting like melted yeah
4602s honestly nothing good it's a tough
4606s Galaxy out there Teno
4609s he's a vampire who stepped in the sun
4610s yeah
4614s yeah it's just that he's sparkling yeah
4616s because it is he's just sparkling for it
4617s Twilight Grenier do I like grineer hey
4620s speaking of burning here's the fire
4622s Garden by shizuru
4628s yeah she looks very soft
4631s I you know what that's exactly true yeah
4633s she looks very soft soft girl yeah I
4637s need to get those wings myself I had
4638s them on switch which again this time
4639s oops not there it gives me a little goal
4642s then that balance
4644s now Tio
4647s ticax
4649s with Celestial Warrior that's woocomm
4652s had this quote with it look to the sky
4655s you will see your salvation there so
4657s cool with Wukong
4659s on a mountain in the sun those clouds
4661s look real nice it looks so nice right
4663s yeah
4664s this is the um
4666s I like how they integrate the power
4668s usage too his stay off no to give the
4671s the blue glow on the Warframe
4674s oh I hadn't even cracked it yeah it
4677s gives uh it gives a different color like
4678s highlight it's really cool yeah glowing
4680s the lighting trick
4683s good moves that's a pro capture a move I
4686s must say
4687s and purple flirt with some more Pro
4690s capture oh okay Ash pop off pop off oh
4694s my goodness I like the hot pink
4696s I mean I love Hot things I could tell I
4700s really could I had no idea yeah and I
4702s love um a cyber Punk type Vibe very
4704s cyber can't go wrong with it that looks
4707s so cool
4708s way to highlight the pink
4711s and now kachara's protector avoid
4716s oh my God dryer oh my God she's like
4720s being swallowed up by the void yeah
4723s protecting it consumed by it oh it looks
4727s very cool that is you know I think
4730s Tesla Nikola Tesla energy comes through
4732s and Geyer and it does in this screenshot
4735s too it's all very true to the feeling of
4736s the Warframe itself I love it
4739s now we're moving on to violinator who
4744s did trout by Twilight trout Minix a fish
4748s oh my god look so trout like and she has
4752s the fish ephemera on that's just so good
4755s so fishy and it looks like you're under
4757s water it's it's well done I mean that's
4760s not exactly a fish I'd like to see in
4763s real life it's kind of like when you
4765s imagine what an actual mermaid would be
4767s like it's not the fairy tale Disney
4769s mermaid it's a straight up not Ariel but
4772s scary yeah yeah Super Rad 1800s mermaid
4776s Bingo yeah the one you fear do you like
4779s me cooking no grapes you 15 51 with a
4783s very lovely valkyr
4785s oh she's showing us all those angles got
4789s the graxy so good love her I mean this
4794s shot delivers I like how there's like
4797s nothing else just like look at it look
4799s at me look at nothing else but we are
4801s yeah we don't need any background
4802s couldn't agree more about here
4805s and now here is voice quills Forest
4808s Spirits quills
4810s oh Revenant with this puppy I love a
4814s kubrow feature love again not we need
4817s more we need more features bring
4819s companions in you know I too often go
4821s into capture a take companions out I
4823s know my healing also might get in here
4825s yeah it's a nice challenge to
4826s incorporate them I like it it's very
4829s very Mandalorian yes oh yeah very earthy
4832s Mandalorian Star Wars Papa tenno's
4836s vauban Prime oh wow
4840s wow I like that oh my God you're really
4842s given uh penguin
4845s penguin I always say he looks like a
4847s penguin I I'll never unsee it Megan
4849s really everyone see it look at that beak
4851s oh man that's good these Road ton like
4855s penguin like from Batman Batman yeah
4857s that's exactly it sci-fi penguin it's
4859s like a big old evil penguin that's a
4861s cool angle though it's not very cool
4863s yeah it's like power the gun like oh
4866s delicious as always hot potato okay now
4870s we're gonna I actually have two from our
4872s next Creator uh Jin young one who first
4877s of all did this very cool Warframe and
4879s Siege column
4880s oh yes excuse me
4883s oh my God I was making the rounds in the
4886s office this one yeah big fans of this I
4889s like the like breaking through the wall
4890s in the middle Vibe that's that's
4893s hardcore yeah it is Rhino sliding in
4896s there crazy cool so while we take this
4899s and I'll let you I'll explain to what
4901s we're gonna watch next I've pulled one
4903s minutes one minutes one minutes one
4906s whole minutes from a longer short film
4908s that Xing
4910s made called the first dream and I guess
4915s it's gonna be a series so yeah I just
4918s pulled a couple pulled a little bit from
4919s it they did their own voice acting they
4921s filmed all this in captura that's wild
4923s fight sequence like it's great so let us
4927s enjoy
4928s good
4929s I'm gonna eat a Timbit while I want I
4931s will join you in that
4948s this is Chill
4954s never ever sing about it
4961s foreign
4999s foreign
5033s at least a little bit so that's all I
5035s have that's our grand finale that's a
5038s mic drop I don't even know if I can
5040s compete you know I get so excited
5041s watching that that was very cool
5044s um all right we're gonna go into some
5046s fan art which my stuff didn't
5051s say I love seeing all of the comments in
5054s chat guys yeah you can do that in
5055s captura you can film video too
5058s it was pretty pretty advanced stuff but
5061s it can be done definitely nothing I can
5063s do or I'm sorry I could do it it would
5065s just take me the rest of my life to try
5069s and do it
5069s um all right we're ready for some fan
5072s art and ready we are going to start the
5075s fan art off with
5077s I'm gonna say this wrong and I apologize
5081s sorry if I said that wrong right to me
5083s uh they did a beautiful citrine piece so
5087s if you don't know
5088s um our next update citrine's Last Wish
5090s is going to come with a new Warframe her
5092s name is citrine she is as we have been
5095s talking about geode Crystal mineral if
5099s you will fractal she is uh all about
5102s that she's you know a little bit of
5104s support a little bit of a little bit of
5106s that a little bit damage a little bit of
5108s that uh she's incredible and I'm excited
5110s for you guys to be able to experience
5112s her when citrine's Last Wish does come
5114s out but I mean this might have been the
5118s first fan art of citrine I think I'm so
5121s impressed by the crystals
5124s I mean like the interior of citrine that
5127s they got there the detail in that yeah
5129s that's crazy yeah what a beautiful
5131s realistic I mean obviously I'm stunned
5133s by the whole thing
5135s next up I love this one I saw it this is
5138s from Essie art this is they said A
5142s mutation is endless look how giant
5144s niduses
5146s I think we might have shown it but that
5148s is okay it deserves to be enjoyed more
5150s than once was that here last week
5154s now we're getting the Megan enjoyment
5156s special desserts as it should be it does
5159s deserve to be enjoy double double so
5161s cool you know what it made me think of
5163s and I'm extra glad that you're
5164s presenting this for this reason ancient
5165s magnus's bride 100 same energy oh my God
5169s same energy love that little tiny maggot
5171s so I apologize if any of these are
5172s doubles because I love it no I bet to
5175s the wind let's go uh next up spider
5178s warning this is by death maggots
5182s uh this is arachnid Lotus so now death
5186s maggots as their name does entail is
5189s much much into the horror genre they did
5192s a lot of horror we showed a different
5194s one that they did of nidus frike where
5197s he was just like with the melted like
5199s skull in his hand so they've now done a
5202s spider Lotus who is eating Excalibur I
5205s think like I don't have is it
5206s tryptophobia is that what it is the the
5208s yeah I don't have that but this is
5210s disturbing this is giving it it's
5211s excellent very good this is oh Carl Jung
5214s would love it for so many reasons there
5215s you go it's creepy I love it and for
5218s that person that wanted more horror here
5220s go just look at this image delivered
5222s best turnaround on that yeah and to
5226s um cleanse our palette of potentially
5227s being scared we have a wonderful pastel
5231s your rally by may may mail them
5237s signature with the bunny everything
5239s about this is so meant to be together
5241s like this is an aesthetic that I want to
5243s live in like I would like to exist in
5245s this like cotton candy Sky it's giving
5248s anime Arc flashback love scene it really
5253s was meant to be the main character she
5255s is the main character she's the moment I
5257s actually mentioned this is part of a
5258s series and ivara is next oh don't tempt
5262s me I can't wait we will I mean I'll wait
5264s I mean I'll wait if I have to I must
5267s love it love it love it love it next up
5269s we have from Robo Mythos this is their
5274s take on if limbo was turned into an
5276s archon and it has a swan vibe to it now
5280s I am obsessed with this and it made me
5283s try to like sit there and think about
5285s which warframes like animal archon
5289s version they would be I had not thought
5292s to oh man because we got interesting
5295s that they paired Limbo with a swan I
5297s know
5298s maybe because swans are like
5301s are they jealous they're elegant yeah
5304s um that was supposed to be a hat I I
5306s felt it good good we got Meg who's a
5309s snake we have
5312s um Boreal Boreal boil the owl and we got
5316s Amar the creepy dog creepy dog guy
5319s um
5320s rhino can't be a cat because he's a mar
5323s but sure swimbo oh no not swim though
5328s yeah I was trying to think of what
5330s others would be and I mean rhinos is
5332s easy it's true Dr Merrick I mean valkyr
5334s could be a crazy cat yeah Amber could be
5337s a chicken but it could be a chicken this
5340s is true yes hydroid's a squid oh I'm
5343s into that one Revenant probably Batman
5346s a spider archon though would be really
5348s cool oh well that's Cora if I dare say
5352s so myself true true got some options a
5356s nurse will be a jackal I like it ivara
5358s would be a jellyfish or frog I like it
5360s titanium moth oh
5363s would that be scary you're like Mom
5365s could be scary I love moths but they can
5367s be terrified I love mine oh I love moths
5370s don't get me wrong but that would freak
5372s me as a kid I watch Mothman terrified me
5374s whoa that is scary this is scary it is
5376s scary over on Centaur oh you don't tempt
5380s me oh I feel like Gara could be like a a
5383s snow leopard or a snow tiger or
5385s something just because like the ice
5386s crystals could be almost like yeah very
5389s Narnia I like where your head's at all
5391s right it comes in the train oh
5399s anyways it was a fun thought process and
5402s I thought about animals a lot that was
5404s fun yeah next up we have a incredible
5408s piece from the always talented Carl
5410s Tabora they did a commission for someone
5412s as well excuse me it was last week as
5414s well
5416s that's okay this is the makeup so nice I
5418s showed it twice
5421s oh this hat there was a conversation
5423s well it's incredible we're showing it
5425s twice moving on you're amazing disaster
5429s Creations you know if you didn't show
5430s this one because she wasn't even out yet
5431s uh it's a citrian flu they're continuing
5434s obviously their floof of characters and
5437s citrine has one and she's so freaking
5440s cute just one quarter alert yes I like
5444s the one long arm the one long arm yeah
5446s that's just like a whole thing we
5448s haven't even explored I feel like we
5451s should yeah inspired by disaster
5453s creations
5454s uh next up let me know if we showed this
5457s one this is the coach oh sorry this is
5460s the Meg Numa skin and this is by Kosh
5463s underscore a and I love coach art and
5467s the Meg Numa skin humanoid obviously wow
5471s one of my favorite Deluxe skins because
5473s it was one that we really tested our
5474s abilities to have like pieces that were
5476s floating off of you like her arms aren't
5478s really connected she's got that kind of
5481s like neck Halo thing that floats away
5483s from her so it was a really like
5484s technical
5486s adventurous fun skin to do and I think
5489s obviously you know pulled it off and it
5491s looks really cool and to see it humanoid
5493s and I'm always a sucker for like the
5495s white eyes yes that's my go-to I want to
5497s be her I want to be her give me your
5499s hair and everything else about you love
5501s you absolutely and then last but never
5504s least I couldn't resist tell me if we
5507s showed this
5508s no very good this is my upside down
5511s s'more and they are doing a collection
5513s of holla or sorry Hollow frame which is
5516s hollow Knight and Warframe together this
5518s is the Excalibur Umbra version of what a
5522s character in Hollow Knight would look
5523s like
5523s of Excalibur Umbra I love it recently
5527s started playing it with rebs so I I feel
5529s the vibe I love that and this is kind of
5532s a collection of ones that they've done
5533s so far so we've got Meg I feel like we
5536s have seen this one on stream at some
5537s point this one probably because this one
5539s this one is like a collection of the
5542s ones I've already done and then they
5543s just added right there this one in so
5545s this one's new and this is just a
5547s collection of ones that they've done so
5549s far I think there was another image
5550s Helen that you're thinking about there
5552s is another it was a Lotus one yeah yeah
5554s we've shown the Lotus one yeah so this
5556s is they're just adding to the universe
5558s there was another image that I didn't
5560s add just because there were so many in
5561s it that it would be impossible to like
5563s actually look at it again on this view
5565s but yeah they have a crazy collection of
5569s hollow frame characters that they that
5571s they've done so far but I love it you
5573s already talked about playing with Rub
5574s while I'm telling you again Wing Zero
5576s and Rebecca play games together all the
5577s time what do you want a lot of games
5579s okay we're Gamers bunch of pro Gamers
5583s MLG a baby can't help it I thought I
5587s just died on a mission anyways uh that
5590s is a really cool mashup I love it and
5594s I want it to happen just in real life
5596s you know yeah I love it hello hello uh
5600s that is the only fan art that I have
5601s today
5602s but we do have a Creator video and I
5606s saved it
5607s um our clip of the week so I saved it
5609s until after fan art because
5611s um stumbled upon a really cool time
5615s lapse of Freya Loy draws doing their
5618s necros art and we usually feature videos
5621s on this about like builds or like how to
5623s do this or guides and we just thought
5625s this was a nice little break from doing
5627s that and I mean I'm always inspired by
5630s artists showing the work that they do to
5633s get the end product because I'm like
5635s I'll never be able to do that I mean
5637s sorry never say never but at the current
5639s moment of my life yes I can't draw that
5642s so enjoy a little clip from Freya Lloyd
5644s draws of their soul Harvest necros
5657s foreign
5694s foreign
5711s the full version
5713s is available on YouTube and we shall
5715s link it in the thank you description in
5717s for this story yes this video on YouTube
5720s um but it's really cool it's a really
5722s nice little sit back watch people that
5724s are very talented and draw their art in
5726s the process of doing it
5728s um so frailoy draws incredible work
5729s would love to see more I hope you keep
5731s doing those because I like to it's like
5734s my is my version of ASMR is like
5736s watching someone I was gonna say it's
5737s soothing to watch someone do their
5739s artistic process I agree love that for
5741s them we have a couple console Dojo tours
5745s to go on uh we are
5747s you're scared me intro I was like damn
5751s it's a ninja
5756s oh well
5758s uh we're gonna start off with the Xbox
5760s Shadow Clan fate breaker what a great
5763s name we're starting off at the guardian
5765s path oh the path of the Guardians yes
5768s the name like fatebreaker oh my God
5772s that's the fatebreaker that is quite the
5774s Jaws oh is that a locked door is that a
5776s box key are we being watched let me in
5778s can we get out uh this is the Chamber of
5781s helmet Queen oh
5784s yeah is it meant to be a tongue out of
5787s her mouth I'm is that Ronnie oh it's a
5790s maggot there was a Ronnie down there
5792s Ronnie what you doing oh is that like I
5795s feel like it was laying eggs from inside
5796s yeah I feel like there were so much oh
5799s that was a lot great view this is
5802s luxuria place
5804s is it ever it is very lecture it's very
5808s girls very opulent protecting something
5810s over there love a waterfall mmm I like
5812s how they chose oh not Palace
5815s mixing in some personal decorations with
5817s the large ones very nice damn look at
5821s that chains this is golden Marketplace
5824s what can I buy yeah what's for sale
5828s what is does that say Ronnie's griffins
5830s or Bonnie's ribbons because if it says
5831s Ronnie's that's so funny Ronnie makes
5832s the dojo videos for us merchandise oh
5835s and dice oh my God
5839s is cute
5841s oh always an eye there's a theme going
5844s on yeah and then this is Nora's
5846s nightclub
5850s they got drinks they got art they got
5853s Drake I always like to see how Dojo
5855s decorators create Dutch
5858s oh how they make their bars because it's
5861s like a popular setup and there are
5863s different ways to go about it because a
5864s lot it's not like we provide bar
5866s decorations no you know like people get
5867s quite creative so love it very cool that
5870s was the Xbox Shadow Clan a fatebreaker
5872s that is currently on the JoJo star chart
5873s on Xbox if you like to check them out
5875s we're now going to tour the PlayStation
5877s Mountain Clan kubrow delotis which I
5880s believe is a French Clan it is a French
5882s Clan if I read the Emoji right you did
5884s all right here we go this is two
5887s thousand
5888s 2023 Paradox oh oh my God
5893s everything's hard to do very Paradox oh
5896s balloons oh
5899s my God I love a floating city same it's
5902s giving me Howl's Moving Castle yes
5904s Castle in the Sky I'm here for it what
5906s is that you know I feel like it would be
5908s a beautiful dangerous place to live this
5911s is hellmanth production industry here we
5914s go oh here's where the Mike wazowskis
5916s are born that is so fun
5921s that is nasty that's awesome
5925s oh my God all the computers we must
5927s standardize the production process
5929s everyone's on lunch break this is Hall
5930s the clan which I assume is Clan Hall yes
5933s yes oh look at those little tattoos whoa
5936s the orchidn are all here making their
5938s present smell doggies oh presents own of
5941s kubrows of course of course and this is
5944s agriculture oh they built themselves a
5947s tractor oh my God looks like it oh we're
5951s cutting
5952s that's so funny
5954s getting the corn
5956s how cute oh there's some flies someone
5958s and guacas and uh this is the airport oh
5961s my God it's the London Airport
5963s oh no I mean the planes propeller planes
5967s we do do we that's the planes that leave
5970s from London or the propellers they're
5973s that bad and very scary so this is an
5976s accurate decision
5978s they must have come to tenacon and
5980s landed in one of our propeller planes
5982s this is the animal park oh my God that's
5985s so funny how did they have Marcus's mind
5988s is blown if you go from here to Toronto
5990s you're on a propeller plane it kills me
5992s it's scary I love it to be honest oh oh
5996s not the little skate
5997s swimming away that's so cute
6002s still how'd you get in there uh that was
6003s a PlayStation Mountain clan of kubrow
6005s delotis again if you're on Playstation
6007s it's in the future Dojo star chart you
6009s can check them out you can go to London
6011s Ontario airport and check out our
6013s wonderful
6014s um propeller planes
6016s well do you want to tour a dojo on PC I
6019s sure do I almost just exited my game a
6021s shout out to synth 14 fisted hat and
6023s chopper for that attempted run at a uh
6028s archon hunt well we'll we'll get to it
6030s next time do you want to lead the charge
6031s of going to a dojo would you like to go
6035s to
6036s the All-Star dojo we haven't been there
6038s yet on streams let's go let's go we can
6040s just do Helen's view by the way so it's
6042s just one thing to look at at a time that
6044s beautiful Grendel it's you got a
6046s beautiful Grendel you gotta look at it
6049s let's go I'm gonna let you lead me
6051s around now this is a dojo we toured a
6053s ton of con we're gonna get a closer you
6056s know personal look what's an All-Star
6058s Dojo asked Tugger well if you
6061s participate in our uh quarterly
6065s star chart dojos showcase you can enter
6068s to become an All-Star if you've won in
6071s the past so everyone who has been
6073s featured before on Warframe star chart
6075s can become an All-Star which means
6077s you'll be featured for three months
6078s instead of just one delicious so that's
6081s what this Dojo is it's so great it won
6084s winning you know what I mean all the
6086s people who submitted to our previous
6088s round of
6090s opening up your dojo to the star chart
6093s this was one of the top ones I mean it's
6095s got a straight up Gundam that might be
6097s straight up copyright how did you get
6098s that in there it looks so good do it oh
6102s my god oh here we are okay this is their
6105s unicorn Gundam
6107s um let's check out water City oh
6112s oh my God you need a raft I do look at
6116s the Angels up there like oh my God
6119s you're going against the current I am
6121s really I am use those thick thighs to
6123s get you up there Kindle can do anything
6125s who's got use the glue I'm just trying
6127s to take in the surroundings while I go
6129s oh dang you could go both ways got so
6132s many options
6133s should I jump in or out of the water oh
6135s isn't that a Sophie's Choice
6138s take a little break over here
6141s oh my God there's so many waterfalls
6143s don't go chasing them all right
6147s stick to the rivers and legs you're used
6149s to kids there you go here we are oh my
6151s God I feel like you're moving and you're
6153s not because you're in the water and it's
6154s like tripping me up we have an optical
6156s illusion on our hands you go shum you
6159s sure and this is oh really haven't
6161s decorated yet oh for them please
6165s great use of the open space who would
6167s have thought fun fact in fact this space
6170s came into being because we did some
6174s um
6174s qol updating by the way this is the
6176s All-Star trophy so they are flexing okay
6179s we see you we created the open space but
6182s because people used to clip out of the
6186s observatory and we just thought that was
6189s cool so we never stopped them from doing
6191s it but then if we had to make something
6193s if we had to like fix a bug or something
6195s was up then it could affect their
6197s designs out there so we're like you know
6198s people were building like spaceships and
6200s pirate boats out there and entire cities
6203s and you're like I don't really want to
6204s break that phrase no so we were like
6206s here how about the space go wild this
6208s whole world
6209s this one we definitely showed at
6210s tennocon and I couldn't show every
6213s single angle
6215s um
6216s so this is exciting for me to be here oh
6218s my God oh my God holy smoke yeah oh my
6222s God so many things
6225s so even when you enter like all of it is
6229s so detailed here we go
6231s oh my God it's a whole other game The
6234s Rebel yeah there's a whole other game
6236s Dave there's a whole game here
6238s we are
6240s pretty crazy all rather fancy like a
6242s whole Elder ring in there hey I don't
6244s know there's been some sort of debacle
6247s like a dragon uh oh
6251s is that a dragon it's a dragon oh
6255s do a little wall jump because I'm a
6257s Warframe and I couldn't do that get up
6258s there Grundy come on use those thighs
6261s oh oh oh oh get on that spot oh oh oh
6265s we're in you did you did it
6267s closer
6274s get a good view of that Dragon it's
6276s ginormous look at all those consonant
6278s V's whoa
6281s yeah pretty crazy pretty cool that is a
6284s wild room oh my God look at them very
6287s beautiful that's very cool so you know
6289s and then you can go down here to uh
6292s even more
6297s oh my God it just keeps going it goes on
6299s forever goes on five ever even oh not
6302s the five ever
6304s you love it Dean you love it I love it
6308s only one person in chat got my trog door
6310s reference by the way so well
6312s hey at least one person got it they're
6314s better
6316s that is a best friend
6318s here we are
6320s stew
6323s Annihilation star real guide oh my good
6325s lord it's giant it's also in the open
6328s space and you know what that means they
6329s didn't start with a room base they built
6331s everything they put these floor boards
6334s they put these lights they put every
6337s single detail dang does the gun work
6340s yeah they even made a functional
6344s you can murder people with it look out
6347s rail Jacks that is crazy
6350s yeah like that looks like a legit room
6352s and like
6353s like pre-built room yeah oh it's
6356s charging up oh no dangerous for Grendel
6358s going out that must have cost a fortune
6360s and resources yeah that's true it would
6363s takes a whole clan working together
6366s takes the whole city
6368s Sky City that was a planet
6373s yeah was that one oh Grendel a little
6376s surprise roll didn't mean to do that but
6378s that's all right we'll go to the Next
6379s Room
6380s where to next
6385s I'm a coaching Tiger Hidden Dragon oh
6389s here we are okay oh there would be text
6391s there where we
6393s not in English hey
6397s my God that's so cool oh
6401s damn
6403s that's really cool but where's the drag
6405s Mountain Pass oh yeah Crouching Tiger
6407s you gotta find it again
6411s Hidden Dragon
6413s this is the Crouching Tiger and he's got
6415s a tail which is super cute that is super
6417s cute
6419s maybe in the mouth why do I feel like
6421s it's in the Tiger's mouth
6422s get the mouth
6424s it's like my dog always something drop
6426s it drop it whoa or something like what's
6430s the Tiger's mad at something where's the
6432s dragon where is the Dragon
6433s or is there no dragon is it that well
6435s hidden amazing
6437s Hidden Dragon somewhere maybe I'll check
6440s the Tiger's mouth guys that's my only
6441s lead I mean there's something going on
6443s in the mouth whoa it's charging oh oh
6447s God the esophagus whoa oh
6454s boy good Lord you're joking the dragon
6457s is inside the tiger I'm so very
6461s impressed that just approaching Tiger
6463s Hidden Dragon it's all in the name guys
6465s the answer was staring us wow I was not
6468s disappointed that's so cool oh in their
6470s bones oh my shut up that is so scary
6474s that's a tummy ache I'm impressed that's
6476s a big tongue that's a tummy I don't
6478s think we're gonna top that oh my God
6479s what who's gonna what Clan is this guy
6482s City
6484s God
6486s that was a mic drop it wasn't to eat
6488s speaking of mic drop Marcus you got some
6492s top 10 comments during the stream Dude
6505s Perfect all right Marcus okay so uh
6509s honorable mention to a comment I just
6512s swapped out that said Lotus is Mima
6516s because Lotus is she's up there you know
6519s we forget but she's I mean she's up
6520s there yeah that's true she's been around
6522s she has been around
6524s got a big chocolate but I tossed one in
6528s at the at the buzzer the buzzer beater
6530s let's turn this off at number 10. we
6533s have from tenno Dave saying
6535s I can hear Stefan from SNL saying
6537s warframe's newest nightclub is Nora's
6540s nightclub come get a drink a dreamer
6543s I was so glad to get a Stefan right I
6546s don't know I'm gonna level with you I
6548s don't watch SNL
6549s sorry I think I know who it is it's just
6552s like the last week or so at the SNL
6554s YouTube account put up a super cut of
6556s every Stefan appearance nice so it's
6559s like 30 minutes of just Stefan that's
6561s really so good you guys Stefan you are
6563s you guys will love it when you see it
6564s yeah we'll do I'll watch it Bill Hader
6566s fantastic so yes thank you for that I do
6568s know Bill hater yeah he's awesome he's
6570s the best so get an Impressions Channel
6572s Dave thanks for that all right next up
6574s uh oregano when uh when Megan was asking
6577s about what had come during the week and
6579s Helen was searching her memories for uh
6582s what it could possibly be and just said
6584s Ellen doing her best impression of the
6586s rabbit of the rabbit ploop just thinking
6589s back the memories they hold me yeah I
6593s really relate to the rabbit floof is
6595s what it is that's fair so I mean you
6597s named it so I did because it was
6599s peaceful yeah what does that say I don't
6602s know it's a lot only peace in those eyes
6605s that's right this next comment is a
6607s two-parter so the first thing that was
6609s said in the Discord was Alexis there
6611s everyone the discourse just trying to
6613s figure out what Timbits were because
6614s they're just like oh we got 10 bits and
6615s people were like what what the hell is
6616s that what the hell is a Timbit and so
6618s Alexis had said I just Googled them
6620s they're bite-sized Donuts we thought
6622s making donuts smaller was a good idea it
6624s said minion 3135 said I think the term
6627s you're looking for is cowards
6630s uh which I really enjoyed oh we are
6632s we're Canadian cowards weren't Timbits
6635s originally the dough from when he built
6638s the hole in the donut yeah yeah that's
6641s what they're known as in the states is
6642s donut holes
6647s yeah give me a very very good chuckle
6650s this one's hot off the press from uh
6653s fieru you uh they said tiger left no
6657s crumb she ate
6660s she'd be eating good
6663s that's why she was like raw
6665s she had that tummy
6667s was uh oh right in there I don't want
6669s that in my tummy no yeah that flame burp
6671s oh no thanks heartburn that's tough
6675s uh when we were discussing The Drifter
6677s having their own cooking show nocturnal
6680s said Drifter Drive-Ins and Dives oh my
6683s we need a Guy Fieri a haircut
6685s we need a flaming shirt we need it all I
6688s mean a flavor town duviri oh my God
6692s oh my god oh the world's our oyster
6693s there's too many options
6695s can do anything we can't do anything
6697s it's
6698s eternalism
6699s eternalism it explains all in some
6701s universe that's happening yeah guy fiery
6704s haircut yeah we need it spiky hair yeah
6706s Drifter cut 50 will be
6710s all right this next one is also from
6712s ragna uh mid Fortuna Bounty they said
6715s did Helen name her pet pasta to match
6717s grindel's meatball or is this a
6719s coincidence that wasn't my pet that was
6720s someone else and it was a coincidence
6722s regna your comments always say I think I
6724s just need to pause and say regna when
6727s I'm in that position at the Discord I'm
6729s always like ragna you can only be in top
6731s ten so much stop with the Bangles yeah
6735s all right so your name's like Ragnar
6746s I don't know how this conversation
6748s started but the sentence just provided
6750s me so much joy I'm sure chat will remind
6752s me as to how the conversation regarding
6754s Santa's came to be within disc well it
6757s was the I thought the turret's name was
6758s Santa Turtle oh you thought this
6759s terrorist name was saying a turd so wolf
6761s he said Santa's Sentinel with a Santa
6763s turret shooting Santa's with peculiar
6765s Santa Oh I thought I'm peculiar
6768s in the quote Oh it's incredible yeah
6771s great job that's the only one I did it
6773s for Wolfie
6775s that is the username uh there's already
6778s someone like that in twitch chat it's
6779s crazy yeah I'm here for it yeah I am
6782s here for shooting sadness like never
6785s mind sorry Scott you know what I'm
6788s saying yeah well you know what Zen
6790s Rapids is saying what coming into number
6792s three I have a feeling that the Richer
6793s Solari would use the debt bonds as
6795s weights on their dumbbells and barbells
6797s in their Home Gyms they just look like
6798s weight they do look like weights any of
6801s the Solaris United members are rich
6803s enough to be chilling with debt Bond
6807s weights each of them the Richer Solaris
6810s so maybe it's like but like wouldn't the
6813s first thing you do be
6815s to leave
6816s to leave yeah
6820s is that an option though that's what I'm
6823s saying our whole thing is dead are they
6825s getting out or are they getting swole
6826s she's got good Healthcare
6828s I don't know if the Corpus are known for
6831s that are they all lifting together are
6833s they all lifting yeah oh no oh
6838s sorry what have you done that's a that's
6841s like a national federal crime there's
6843s sugar dust dropping Timbits on the floor
6845s just sprinkles everywhere we
6848s 've cleaned this office I mean I cleaned
6851s a little bit of it bring that up here
6856s all right number three rocked yeah
6859s number two from I am zero s star Megan's
6863s New Year resolution learn how to twerk
6864s while skateboarding stop oh my God I
6867s would actually die if I tried to do that
6869s I'd break an ankle yeah
6871s do I know any tricks you gotta
6874s skateboard
6875s yeah I go to I go to like a group of
6877s kids with skateboards and they think I'm
6879s about to like pop jouvert and I'm like
6880s watch this idiots
6885s I love a pop shoe baby little pop shoe
6889s Bay and a twerk all right coming in
6892s rounding us out for the top ten the Lord
6894s nightmare
6895s Hank momentum is gauss's cousin who
6897s lives in the car oh yes Hank momentum
6900s yeah it actually is oh we need to make
6902s that Cannon yeah chat you were you were
6905s killing me tonight I had like 15 in the
6907s works and I had to whittle it down to
6908s town I mean we do have a whole second
6911s list that we could populate if we ever
6913s wanted to a top 20. do a top 20. two top
6916s ten lists holy smokes I didn't know we
6919s had that power it's too much power
6922s contingency plan for moments like this
6925s yeah I love it damn great top 10 Marcus
6928s oh that made me laugh that made me laugh
6931s fabuloso I think it's time to give away
6933s a Baruch right really it is coming upon
6936s that time of the day well one must be
6939s given a Baruch Prime axis and it is not
6942s me sadly
6943s one day one day I shall have for the
6946s limbo but it's not me it's Murdoch's 49.
6950s oh murdocks 49 message the platform
6953s you're watching right now let us know
6954s your in-game Alias what platform you
6956s play Warframe on so we can send Baruch
6958s Prime access to your account
6961s merci beaucoup very good congratulations
6965s um it is almost the end of our stream we
6967s have a couple minutes so if anyone has
6970s you know any questions about what maybe
6973s you saw in the dev stream just to kind
6975s of give I guess a quick recap of things
6977s in store
6979s um citrine's Last Wish is our next
6982s update that is coming to Warframe it is
6984s coming this month we have not said the
6986s exact date but you will know soon when
6988s that date shall be there's a lot going
6990s into it we have new arcanes we have four
6994s new augments obviously citrine which is
6997s a brand new Warframe it's kind of going
6999s back to our OG Warframe Roots if you
7003s will
7004s um of a Warframe and a mission with some
7007s weapons and all talk is the vendor if
7009s you get the resources in the mission if
7012s you want to do it that way to get the
7013s blueprint so it's a nice
7015s um you know in-betweener update of
7018s obviously we are working very hard on
7020s duviri and that is kind of our big
7022s milestone
7024s um and the February Dev stream that will
7026s occur is going to be the complete deep
7029s dive into daviri like I said we're going
7031s to literally go into daviri walk you
7033s through it talk about a lot of the
7035s systems in there you know if you're
7037s familiar with what we've said already
7038s about duviri being kind of roguelike
7041s we're going to really dive into that
7042s show off you know as much as we can to
7046s really show you all the incredible hard
7048s work people have been doing with devere
7050s you know Helen naming everything we're
7052s naming we're naming our name and
7054s everything we got Hank momentum
7058s yeah Hank and devere there's going to be
7060s cooking we're going to add Guy Fieri all
7064s over calls in there cooking yeah who
7067s knows the you know the world's our
7068s oyster and we're we're gonna soup it up
7071s yes we are
7072s um soup up that oyster but that'll be in
7075s the February death stream we'll also
7077s again we'll reveal the next prime I
7080s don't know if you can guess whatever
7081s with but we shall review that on the
7083s next Dev stream and talk about some
7085s other things so definitely tune into
7087s that obviously we'll announce the date
7088s when we are closer to it but this month
7091s we got citrine's Last Wish update and a
7094s February Dev stream that is completely
7095s devoted to daviri so super excited about
7097s both those things and in the meantime
7100s we're gonna go raid to nandra to nandra
7103s tanandra she's coming in hot with a raid
7106s so send all the love over to her hang
7108s out with her play some a really great
7110s Warframe fun they are just so fun to be
7112s around and I know I think it was Danny
7115s that was collabing with tanander Quest
7118s To Conquer Cancer last year on their
7119s stream and that was super fun to watch
7120s so hang out with chinandra thank you so
7123s much everyone for hanging out with us
7125s for the last two hours Helen thank you
7127s for being here hey thank you for being
7129s here oh my God thank you Marcus hey
7131s thank you for being here thanks Megan
7133s Daniel yes ma'am thank you for being
7136s here too well thank you for having me oh
7138s anytime anytime in chat thank you again
7140s for hanging out with us and just being a
7143s lovely chat all around some Stellar top
7146s 10 comments I must say made me giggle uh
7149s have a wonderful night we'll see you
7151s next week for more streams and as we you
7154s know approach what could potentially be
7156s an update citrine's Last Wish we'll let
7159s you know when that date is ready to be
7161s announced but for the meantime stay safe
7164s stay warm be kind to each other we'll
7167s see you next time keep your stick on the
7170s abiento bye

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