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23s [Music]
37s young Warrior the Euphoria of the Lord
40s just keeps getting Gia L this told you
44s you more than just a SL they can't
46s contain the kid who's drain we know the
49s pain we lost and gain stress to our
51s brain transfer the frame the frame right
54s know not us we push We Trust we fight
59s like it some must I won't stop until I'm
62s dust weapons and action the cor and
64s packing their bags and I promise they
66s ain't coming back we are slacking or
69s with passion strength
75s Everlasting coming back we coming
80s back
84s back we coming back we coming back we
87s coming back we coming back look
90s it's the war within do you know yourself
93s take your pride then you put it on a low
94s shelf don't FR don't cry keep moving
99s just try survive well Thrive the go is
103s inside Blast Off shine bright take off
108s all right all
110s right it's the war
113s with yeah yeah it's the war thing thing
118s it's the with thing it's the with thing
120s got that
121s skinin you don't know where
124s been but I know I know it's the
128s with got that iron skin don't know where
132s I been but I know wi it's the
137s with got that IR skin skin don't know
141s where been but I know wi guns are
145s blasting bullets moving faster had to
147s act as if I don't feel no fear the
149s Queens relaxing in a mighty fashion
152s assassin creeping quiet in your ear
154s distractions happen trying to find
155s attraction extraction Master cuz the end
158s is there and you're fine you're fine
161s that I see so clear it's the W with I
166s got that IR skin don't know where i'
169s been but I
172s know it's a war
174s with got that iron skin skin don't know
178s where I've been but I
185s know I
187s [Music]
209s know
214s [Music]
220s [Music]
230s [Music]
239s he
243s hello everyone happy game award Happy
246s game award tonight um yeah so hi
249s everyone welcome to prime time we're
252s going to Speed Run speed everything
254s speed run everything tonight uh special
256s Prime Time start time because uh the
259s game awards starts at 7:30 and as you
262s know or may not know well I hope you
265s know Megan and Rebecca are there and
266s they have a a special little
268s announcement that they will be making
269s during the game WS also uh Brew if you
273s want to come actually you know what
274s before we do that Helen is here I'm here
276s Helen is here and is going to be
277s speedrunning the new war it's gonna be
279s so fast so fast you believe Rue is here
282s as well of course yo yo and Taylor is
285s joining us from home Taylor where you
288s at um I'm at
291s home I'm not doxing myself if that was
294s your oh we couldn't get her we did our
296s best dang um well do three Elmo street
299s Drive there you go so yes we got the
302s crew here tonight we're going to run
304s through housekeeping as fast as we can
306s Rue come to fan art please there is a
310s twitch drop tonight over at the game
313s awards Channel and it is Warframe of
315s course you can get yourself a fully
317s built seag goth Warframe just by
320s watching the game awards uh make sure
322s that your Twitch account and your
324s Warframe account are linked you can go
325s to I believe it's warframe.com
328s user um um that sounds right SL user uh
332s to go into your account management page
334s and make sure that you're linked so you
335s can get the good stuff um but yeah how
338s exciting also how cool that we announced
340s that uh the lovely Ben star and Neil oh
343s I'm talk about it oh fin in the
347s world about it it's crazy um but yes
351s very exciting time in Warframe and Helen
353s we've got more drops we have many a drop
357s starting tomorrow that's December 8th
360s until December 11th you can get this new
362s set of campaign wide drops get if you
365s watch for an hour you can get an i 10
368s via sculpture want an orcin reactor then
370s watch for two hours want an orcin
372s Catalyst watch for three hours that's
375s just any Warframe twitch stream yeah
378s it's what you get yeah directory wide
381s baby yeah and tell me more about uh
384s tonight's drop tonight's drop oh my God
386s if it wasn't enough if you weren't
388s totally dropped out guess what you can
391s get more tonight you were themed of
394s course we've got the uh wonderful zerman
397s ballis portrait you can get this at 45
399s minutes and the ortis ray R REI I got
404s you REI statue at the 90minut point so
408s there you go those are your drops for
409s tonight also very exciting news we
413s announced something we announced the
414s date of Tenon guys it's going to be a
416s two-day situation more details to come
418s in 2024
420s but set in your planners your calendars
423s whatever it may be July 19th and July
425s 20th be there be there be there yeah we
429s will obviously there's more much more
431s information that will come in the new
433s year and everything including tickets
434s and and what have you but this is a good
436s point to just uh put in your brain that
439s this is maybe some time you want to like
440s book off or you want to like plan around
443s maybe don't don't book your flights or
445s anything just yet just wait till you get
446s your tickets but hey you know put put it
448s in your calendar remind yourself that
450s this is the thing that's happening yeah
451s start planning in your head planning um
454s we also just a reminder we still have
456s the Teno bomb holiday card contest
458s happening it goes until December 13th at
460s 2 p.m. you still have time to submit
463s your card illustrations or captura uh
467s shots for the card um to win some prizes
470s so top three illustration and captura
472s you guys will get some prizes so if you
474s haven't submitted that yet please do
475s we'll announce the winners uh
477s potentially next week we'll see how that
478s all pans out but yeah be sure to do that
482s I think that's that's it time to go go
485s time to go get into my g go um slowly
489s obviously uh Taylor is going to do top
491s 10 comments during the stream from her
493s home I don't know if we already said
494s that yes hey while I run this Direction
497s Why Don't We Run 1,000 Platinum prize to
499s kick off the Speed Run This is a speed
501s run roll the way Helen is just going to
505s roll all night roll yeah we going to
507s roll stolen place pleas so if you guys
510s didn't know uh this is part of our road
513s to Whispers in the walls spoiler warning
515s spoiler warning if you haven't played
517s the new war yet uh we're about at the H
520s uh maybe less than the halfway point
522s onethird of the way through the quest
524s hence our speed running that first
526s tonight so we're going to try and get
528s through the rest of it oh what's that I
530s hear oh what's that I
533s hear Jehovah 01 you won a thousand
536s Planet thank you message the platform
538s you're watching right now let us know
539s you're in gaming the platform you when
542s you play where from we'll sign
544s 2005 everybody together
549s now sorry to interrupt I'm seeing a lot
551s of people ask me about the twitch drop
553s for seag goth and like how do I get it
555s for the game awards if you stick with us
557s for the full two hours we will be raing
559s the game awards after this so you can
560s you'll be we'll deliver you right on the
563s doorstep or you can go to twitch.tv/
565s theame Awards as written uh but yes yes
570s it is on a separate
573s [Music]
575s Channel which we will take you to at the
577s end of the stream
579s [Music]
588s yes yeah we get a taxi to the gam yeah
592s you
592s do ruler of us
597s [Music]
598s soul over all
602s one and the work
605s beun for
610s [Music]
613s no and we all
616s run to our goldest
620s son
624s for
628s for
632s okay Helen you going to speed run
634s through this got roll got
636s roll oh I can't chaos out the gate de I
639s can't I've got a roll and get as quick
641s as you
642s can don't talk about it sneaky sneak can
646s we speedrun the
649s sneak not
651s failed you be sucking they'll never find
654s me here excuse me sir don't you have
657s things to inspect thank you
661s some
662s Deacon God and
665s this Speed Run roll roll roll like your
670s speed hide under here hide under
673s here nice nice secret time can they hit
678s you from there oh no come on oh no some
682s speedrun okay guys we're playing um zero
686s deaths ttis versus the hair rules I
688s think on this particular level so that
691s one didn't count
693s Helen everybody just if I could have
695s rolled I think everything would have
697s changed okay no don't start a death
699s counter
702s guys Ellen on X game mod says
706s Charlie okay it's fine it's fine it's
708s just a freaking guy okay go away thank
711s you threw me off my game anyone else in
713s chat like me have a difficult time
716s getting through here without their palms
718s sweating
719s like a waterfall yeah I feel real mom's
721s spaghetti on
723s this that's me during Louis spy oh a
727s th% yes yeah oh this is going better oh
730s yeah don't forget your smoke bomb true
732s facts that makes things World easier
736s wow they they'll never see that they'll
739s never see a p of
742s smoke like what's that um no idea just
746s throwing smoke out nothing suspicious to
748s me
749s [Music]
751s H that breaks the
753s heart all as
757s one all right all right all right all
759s right call will get there no problem or
762s they'll seal you
764s in that's so true but I'm going to
767s Ability not ready I can't use my smoke
768s bomb guys oh it's on cool down it's on
770s cool down but that's okay I don't need
772s it I'm a pro gamer I'm an elite
774s gamer wait you know what I just realized
776s I don't think I ever use the smoke ball
779s during this part I think I just learned
782s something smoke B
787s yeah I thought I saw something nope just
790s a plume of smoke oh just a normal day in
793s the
797s valys oh my gosh you got it you got it
799s you got it you got it yeah yeah yeah
800s here come vent kids the vent kids scene
802s is like it's sad but so funny in the
808s way
810s oh oopsy doopsy I forgot about that oh
813s know the poers got out yeah they're safe
816s they're nice and cozy in there they're
817s cozy
818s yeah oh yeah this oh man this hacking
823s system I remember when uh we were
826s watching streamers play the quest and
828s they were like this is this is sick and
830s I was like listen it messes with the
833s brain it I'll give you that but so does
835s Nur this is like the it's so funny
842s you know what they got to look like
843s those little troll dolls just kind
846s standing there look at her precious
847s little trolls but I they sad their art
849s got covered up but we'll fix that in the
851s future they'll embrace it as we all know
854s there's no mistake in art they only
856s happy accidents ah yes of course all
859s right all right I know a couple of trees
860s and bushes that have taught me
862s that is that so Danielle
868s Ross hello missing your brain Buster
872s then ignore her we can't risk
876s it yep yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
878s yeah you're good you're good you're
881s good perfect perfect execution thank you
884s thank you we getting out of
886s here I think I it's possible I should
889s have saved my smoke bomb for a later
890s time oh oh no no no
894s no no you
897s know I'm going to rage quit I'm going to
899s rage quit no you got this you got this
901s they detected you so they locked the
903s doors is that absolutely
906s not uh yeah if they detect you then
908s doors do not open wow they've Tau them
911s everything haven't
913s they um so I'm just to clarify I know
916s there was a lot of information at the
918s start of the stream about twitch drops
920s uh the SEO twitch drop starts over at
922s the game awards Channel at 7:30 p.m.
925s eastern time so we after the stream
928s we'll take you over we'll raid the game
931s awards channel so you guys if you're
932s watching you all go ye it over there um
936s but yes that will be at the game awards
938s Channel but tonight right now you can
940s claim other drops currently uh which are
944s the zaraman B portrait and the ortis
948s statue so lots of drops tonight all
951s right
953s Helen
957s jeez we going to do this this guy never
959s leaves then what a jerk okay we have to
963s find a new
965s path and oh no wait that smoke bomb
969s totally just threw you under the bus I
971s know right I was I was relying on it
974s okay new plan smoke bomb our way to the
976s left side of the region this this guy's
979s way too on to me he's really laser I
981s think he'll his uh alert levels will go
985s down short he's real suspicious he's
986s real lasered in on that I know about
990s that okay okay okay
995s and I don't
998s know can you go anywhere to the right or
1000s is that dead no oh jeez Louise maybe we
1003s should just get caught and reset yeah
1004s maybe he smells I offer myself tun
1010s armor oh my God never ever seen someone
1013s so armor in my life I've never you just
1017s got obliterate
1020s holy sh ouch okay
1023s fellas all right this time we are going
1026s to have the perfect smoke bomb
1029s experience oh oh my God chat it really
1031s is keeping the death count going here
1033s you know what I haven't Tri that many
1035s times
1037s okay okay now that guy's going to move
1039s on his merry way so the the route I took
1042s was the route you were going up that
1044s right side there you go that's I that
1046s was
1047s oh going to go oh I never realized you
1051s could also throw it out to like grab
1054s their attention yeah oh yeah yeah yeah
1056s yeah yeah here I thought I was
1058s playing okay no this is fine
1060s everything's fine I think you have a
1062s moment right as the guy on the
1064s right run run run run you got it you got
1068s it and hide hide I say yep perfect we
1071s hide there is a box at the you can climb
1076s up a bit
1077s higher
1080s yeah there you go yeah yeah no
1084s what Panic smoke bong Panic you're good
1087s you're good you go yeah if you go and
1088s hide in that box yeah yeah yeah go go go
1092s nice nice my box what no no no no you're
1096s good you're good you're good you're good
1097s oh it's the
1098s smoke yeah no it's not I don't trust
1101s just stay you're good you're safe safe
1103s and Happy Box you might once you get
1107s your smoke bomb up you could talk it in
1109s between that little space there I like
1111s that did this is a good plan this is a
1112s good plan everyone you got this I
1113s believe in
1114s you his his alert's going to go down
1118s shortly yeah nothing to see here nothing
1122s to see here I think you're good Helen I
1124s think ioke when he turns next time next
1126s time going we're
1128s going let me in yes yes
1132s yes good job speed speed run off to a
1135s great start thank you yeah I think so
1138s the fastest in the
1140s west my lone rers suit actually that's
1145s perfect GG first try no deaths zero
1147s deaths zero deaths perfect run Flawless
1150s roll got to roll a sh
1154s roll then you'll be wanting to pay a
1156s visit to that bleeding Brain Buster
1159s Factory give away go away go away go
1160s away might grab yourself a
1163s c for
1165s it surfing now baby don't you just love
1168s little ducks narration I do ASMR level
1171s voice mm and you he must be that stick
1175s in the spokes I heard of The One and
1177s Only in with a tenno back the day this
1181s is what I call speed running oh yeah
1183s when there's no running involved at all
1185s just cruising just cruising just being
1189s super cool hell yeah H yeah yeah we
1193s styling imagine the nurur is like
1196s there we have some approaching our base
1200s they're trying to ruin our plant and
1202s they look outside and you're just crying
1206s on a
1207s ra I'd be like we're
1209s screwed we're so over
1215s Fearless let's go I've got a factory to
1219s disrupt oh my
1226s God weing one of those stick
1230s here I
1231s am yeah that wasn't a warning
1234s shot happen you there's got to be a
1237s better way
1240s yeah what's the are you up here yes you
1245s are I found you
1248s nice oh sorry R you're good I'm leaning
1252s I know I leaned so much last week messed
1254s with r big time all the perfect camera
1256s set up and then I just warm
1262s yourfor all right here we go here we go
1267s creepy o oh I love this moment love this
1272s next
1273s sequence that's Ry right there that
1275s would hurt so bad yeah we'll picture
1278s three at the same time the way we had
1279s earlier jeez
1281s true like it would St like smack right
1284s on the bridge of your nose no thanks oh
1286s my goodness that's like a concussion
1289s I'd say so maybe that's what happens in
1290s the next right here that's it right
1292s there that's that's a hospital
1295s trip that's what happens it's not some
1298s weirdness with the armor mask it's just
1300s a
1301s concussion uh yes it's a metaphor really
1305s someone said 3D
1307s glasses the
1310s [Laughter]
1312s viewfinder oh what I think about often
1315s what's
1316s that I'll allow uh evil Lotus to get her
1320s word
1321s in void in your heart oh
1325s oh Google saw a child in of
1330s father as you Rec he noticed
1333s [Music]
1335s me oh I can
1340s walk
1342s oh apparently um 3D movies are Canada's
1347s one of the only countries where they
1349s really took off really something about
1351s Canadians I don't know maybe I heard
1353s that once and I never forgot it they
1355s often you o the St dreams will the only
1360s choice I
1361s have your Ser dreams of mother
1368s father I made them
1373s oh oh my
1375s goodness rude really Canada only
1379s or well I guess not only sham bra is
1382s real nice but I'd give those deacons a
1384s wide birth they smell around your Veil
1387s detonates take your face off and no
1390s mistake armor gas lighting is cool are
1392s you serious this sequence is also
1394s difficult but damn you are speed running
1397s oh my God we put one on
1402s speed I didn't go
1404s away yeah yeah yeah you can't see me
1409s yeah look behind
1412s you okay
1415s damn the moves oh my God messing about
1418s no sir wait who is she I can't even see
1420s her so fast think there's a guy up there
1422s yep yep yep yep yep yep thought I
1424s wouldn't catch him well he was
1428s wrong didn't know John Wick was
1432s playing yeah oh okay you know that guy's
1435s going to turn around huh okay y let's
1437s just going to just give moment
1439s here is this tenno or Drifter this would
1442s be your Drifter Drifter yeah guys this
1445s is my Drifter M I got really careful in
1447s the design I tried to think what would
1449s my tenno look like if the void had never
1451s graced them o so my tenno has like this
1455s like purple burst from the pupils and
1456s stuff and purple hair highlights that
1459s Drifter doesn't have love I love oh
1462s Helen so oh oh time to
1466s go it's go time I know is path knowledge
1470s is power folks
1471s yep knowledge is speed runs knowledge is
1474s speeduns oh when is the update ah well
1478s you might want to I don't know tune in
1481s to the game awards tonight oh learn a
1484s little bit more about the update who
1485s knows guy
1488s always you got this yep I don't think
1491s they
1492s speed
1494s spe run run my spe run
1499s those po those listen they grease those
1502s things up those those pipes are greasy
1504s you just know it my speed run someone's
1507s sliding around up there I don't know who
1509s but now you need to call the dang it
1512s okay well it worked really well to
1513s speedrun this part so we just going to
1515s wait for my man and then we're going to
1517s here we
1519s go okay okay
1522s yeah no problem no problem CH still
1527s going no why did you choke on the
1530s pipe excuse me listen Helen is a a Pro
1534s Gamer right
1538s here tlor please
1541s Taylor
1544s is didn't mean to roll that time here we
1547s go
1550s yeah the pipe zigged but hen
1553s zegg please my heart can only handle so
1557s much all right Pro moves right here you
1559s got it yo we still have this coffee oh
1564s that's sold out isn't it it sold out
1566s guys this is probably the last bag of
1568s this coffee around and it's here on this
1570s desk Megan oh Megan won't be watching
1572s she that's the that's the no r no no R
1576s scared me so much hand just came on the
1578s desk and took it she Tred to do a
1581s speedrun r r i need coffee from a speed
1584s work R just yed the
1586s bag like like just it's good coffee of
1589s course I want it do a speed run I'm
1593s asking
1594s Megan Crimson claw my God my
1600s God
1603s okay um it might actually be worthwhile
1606s to put a pinned um message in chat just
1610s to let people know that the SE goth drop
1612s will happen at 7:30 at the game ORS
1615s Channel thank oh my God he saw me oh my
1617s God
1619s oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
1620s yeah
1621s yeah oh my God that that was horrifying
1624s to see him Zoom can't can't get me nice
1627s Helen nice Helen yeah yeah yeah yeah
1628s yeah can't get can't get me yeah roll
1630s roll roll your life depends on it my
1632s life depends on this roll oh not the
1634s Drone drone don't tell him it's our
1636s secret nice nice we
1640s going oh there's that concussion again
1643s oh
1646s yep my I and my judgment was Swift and
1653s true you in
1657s his
1660s child child so beautiful to behold child
1664s child get out of here voice from this
1668s well the voice is nice the voice is kind
1670s of me is waiting for
1674s you these horrors of zaraman allies only
1679s to hold you
1681s ill I love
1684s you I speed feelings are not mutual here
1689s oh oh I can't no you cannot littleit oh
1694s oh quick action quick action damn Speed
1696s Run speed run the [ __ ] out of that yeah
1699s thanks thanks nothing do
1702s it my God those the fastest fastest
1705s Tippy TAPS in the W my God lone Rider
1708s suit difference yo the low rider suit
1711s gives you plus 300 seconds of speed run
1714s time for H
1716s noon oh oh hey okay hold on hold on hold
1720s on a second here okay I call for a
1723s rematch I think it's time to smoke bomb
1726s that's what I think I think you're right
1728s I'm sorry I'm losing my mind at the the
1730s pin message all I see is SE goth is
1732s happening God so
1734s ominous SE goth and his shadow we're
1737s coming to meet to a twitch near you may
1740s have been a little passive
1742s aggressive no it's it's
1745s perfect the people need to know Taylor
1747s yeah the people need to
1749s know yeah it does sound pretty ominous e
1752s SE goth is happening seag goth protocol
1755s is now
1760s engaged get oh my God oh my goodness wow
1765s okay wao who wo guys wo guys okay let's
1769s play fair huh yeah okay okay 1 v50 here
1774s little rude little much why is my mouse
1777s not thank you I swear my mouse was just
1779s stuck on the desk for a second I was
1781s like I look like I don't know how to a I
1783s swear I
1785s okay yeah nothing suspicious about this
1787s smoke suspicious
1790s anyway yeah if if um I saw a plume of
1795s smoke shooting at me I think my my first
1798s instinct would be to shoot do something
1800s about that smoke
1803s yeah good
1805s old those
1807s brain for
1810s pleasure Speed Run speedrun yeah nice
1815s all right oh next up the loading art is
1819s so good
1821s yeah listen the team oh I know hHow hHow
1825s H time yes
1829s lovers hold out I just got word on the
1833s way NAD Factory gun like it look pretty
1836s cool no doubt that Drifter we've been
1839s hearing about feels good to have a
1841s little bit of Truth in the
1843s world the vinks are really good Helen
1847s and they're so they're so I just got out
1849s of DUI you know what I mean mhm oh
1853s pardon me just grabbing my mouse
1856s okay uh the game awards are not
1858s happening on the Warframe Channel they
1860s are happening at the game awards Channel
1862s at 7:30 p.m. ET we'll take you straight
1867s there enemy of
1870s enemies I love Norah's bits in this
1872s Quest
1874s agreed love Nora
1876s always
1878s um a
1880s SK o the pink Orbiter I see people are
1884s liking your pink Orbiter ah thank you
1886s thank you
1888s I'm seeing is crossplatform save out yet
1891s nope it will be coming with the next
1893s update Whispers in the walls yes the
1897s what is it drip gate drip gate yeah
1899s we're doing it in in phases though mind
1901s you so it's going to be a slow roll out
1903s just to make sure that things are stable
1905s enough U for the whole whole gang to get
1908s there eventually you bet but it will
1910s start with Whispers in the walls to say
1912s the lone Rider suit looks mighty fine in
1914s this Quest actually this is a really
1916s fitting tile set
1918s mhm yeah you blend right in no one's
1920s going to question
1923s anything speedrun
1925s time ortis stay close in case I come to
1929s my
1930s senses they never see it coming not from
1933s the
1937s smoke can't wait been wanting to play my
1940s old account for years yay that's very
1943s exciting I must say this Quest was one
1945s of the best I've ever played oh lovely
1947s lovely toar that as yeah the new
1949s War uh I won't
1955s interrup I will
1957s prevail in's name one
1962s spooky is stalker also speedr running
1965s ruining the
1966s speedrun stalker is definitely
1968s speedrunning we're in this together
1969s we've got places to be we've got the
1972s urgency is there shows to watch yes
1975s indeed um Awards
1978s yes I was going to say this Quest
1982s yes this Quest you were responding to
1985s someone saying this was forgot what I
1987s was going to say hey it's a good Quest
1990s um oh I was going to ask chat if um if
1994s the new war
1996s was uh oh I'm getting interrupted again
1999s I'm going to lose my train of thought oh
2000s my gosh it's like Google Maps the light
2002s of n will bring
2004s iten all as one
2009s who need self attack huh let me let me
2012s remind myself when the new war came out
2014s oh 20 2021 2021 we released this from
2019s home we were we were working exclusively
2022s from home during lockdowns and we
2024s released this the longest cinematic
2026s Quest we've ever made right during the
2029s lockdowns that is W that doesn't seem
2031s like a real thing that happened nothing
2033s about that era seems real so no I
2035s actually have to remind myself that it
2036s even happened in the first place place
2038s right yeah December 15th 2021 is that
2041s wild were you guys there for that were
2043s you guys there for the
2044s release only I remain the test of my
2049s faith in trembling
2053s light two years ago yeah I know
2058s Afra his love is within me yep was
2063s one all
2066s us oh stalker has been here yep I seen
2070s so many people say yeah they were there
2072s they were there someone's asking what's
2074s this this is a big spoiler this is a
2076s spoiler Quest this is a spoiler this is
2078s spoiler about to get real spoilery right
2081s about now yep yep yep yep yep
2085s yep oh oh oh
2089s my even the golden Lord of Lies cannot
2094s kill you tenno
2098s she lives
2103s hHow
2105s no she only
2109s lingers and without her kind not for
2114s long their search for her remains has
2118s long since begun the shadow can dispatch
2122s you swiftly uhoh a
2125s mercy the archons will
2129s not what do they
2132s want the same as you to raise the dead
2138s only they have the power to do it un
2143s like you your Drifter does look really
2146s cool ell thank it does look really cool
2148s thank um someone was asking if this is a
2150s new Quest no it is not this is a this is
2153s a quest you can play uh it's live it's
2156s been live since 202 as
2159s incomplete as she is oh no metal is that
2163s a no
2166s fury they will snap you in half and
2171s plant a veil on your
2175s face oh my not if you help
2181s me
2184s what I forgot I didn't we realize you
2189s for why did that not become a meme
2192s format right like the H emote someone
2195s please make that a meme yeah please what
2197s did he
2200s say Abominations of
2203s the raised from
2207s the
2211s where is that an
2213s owl the owl is named Moral Moral
2219s strikes from a great
2221s distance deadly chaotic arcs one might
2225s avoid them with a teen eye if you can
2228s anticipate their fake friends before o
2233s even the very ground you walk upon will
2236s become boreal's weapon he may have a
2240s weakness own the ground that doesn't
2243s seem fair not right is it I need a
2245s pitter patter on that okay he's an owl
2247s like he
2249s hady terrifying actually that's a great
2252s Point Alan so
2255s presumptuous unseen and
2261s strike nice I've seen the snake
2265s before you know naira the
2269s eldest
2274s hersad sh waves Unleashed by every un
2280s Rel oh my God her whip is more than guys
2285s we're going to have to remember this
2287s these details we're going have to
2288s remember them quickly for the speed
2290s stand in a of it spiral the great
2292s thunder clap that follows will not
2295s thunder clap got it though she may be
2300s diminished somewhat by this exertion
2303s never mind that's a weakness let's go
2305s and her gaze
2307s to meet her gaze is certain death only
2312s by turning away would you hope to
2317s survive basist am I right mhm what do
2321s they call the wolf wolf
2324s Amar he nashes F blade filling the air
2329s with deadly coils of
2333s flame survive the flame and you might
2336s see
2337s frenzy a Relentless Fury of
2341s slashes only the greatest of force will
2344s subdue him look at those TS yeah they
2347s sharp the gun the here mirrors of dental
2355s hygiene well FL
2358s only can distinguish the Ala among
2363s them senent D dental plan
2367s yeah can I pet that dog I don't know
2370s that dog I can I pet that dog I don't
2372s think you want to I don't think you want
2374s to that's it off you go to die oh you
2379s have nothing to fight these beasts with
2381s that looks sick cannot guess how many
2384s lives AO has but you seem eager to lose
2388s another oh I've got work to do you can
2392s lay here all you want doing nothing
2395s wallowing and ancient
2398s grudges
2399s she tell but Bas and your gring
2405s son they'll do it again and again
2409s burning her up for whatever suits them
2411s and tossing the ashes when they're
2414s done they cannot have
2418s her
2420s J
2422s wait I have wallowed here it is true
2428s fading in this deep hole Wai need to die
2432s but without release held here by a
2435s purpose I cannot
2438s abandon that
2440s she is free so no they cannot have her
2447s but hear me even if I help you even if
2452s by some miracle you
2454s succeed she will not be the same even
2459s for us death leaves a
2463s mark do you
2472s understand I
2478s understand not cuz like
2480s respect I feel like stalker the whole
2482s time was like yeah say the things I
2485s can't vocalize
2487s hunt
2489s Nat
2491s Nat what a cool
2494s weapon mhm energy bow energy
2499s time
2504s speedrun yeah favorite bow indeed yeah
2507s rocks it not of rocks
2511s boombo the best bow by far Grandpa's
2514s gift oh thanks Grand thany Gramps even
2518s though you bye even though
2521s you I don't know made fun of me the
2523s whole time yeah like roasted me and my
2525s mom uh I mean what if I get a gift at
2529s the end you know that's true makes it
2532s all work it makes it all
2537s fine here we
2540s go let's fight if you are worthy of
2543s another luck you won't mind
2550s and O get him boom Oh
2557s hel wouldn't believe how much I practice
2560s with bow and du Veri yeah good point
2563s average Thanksgiving with my family oh
2567s no oh
2568s no wait you get gifts for Thanksgiving
2570s sweet oh that's PR cool I think they
2575s were I don't know what they were talking
2578s about but actually yeah nice yeah
2580s totally wow if Mak all the arguments
2583s worth it
2585s yeah Nat Rock rocking it here we
2591s go speed run wait you get gifts
2595s yeah are we not getting the portrait or
2597s satue of the stream you are you are
2599s you're here now so keep watching look at
2602s the
2603s drops you coming over here someone said
2607s if you hope to pierce the bright oh it's
2609s just
2611s instructions oh my gosh someone said
2613s here's a bone I do a
2615s [Music]
2616s crime is it a crime if it's Boreal let's
2620s be real he owns the land and the sky
2622s okay damn Helen that was a nice shot
2624s thank you that was really satisfying to
2626s watch The Arc of the of the arrow was
2629s like perfect man thanks it was nothing
2633s it was speedrun it was speedrun speedrun
2635s skills
2638s oh oh dear oh dear is this Whispers no
2641s this is the new war but we are on the
2646s road to The Whispers in the walls update
2649s SL quest which uh is
2654s coming we have not announced coming we
2657s have not announced the date yet this
2659s month though yes so yes before year end
2663s yeah it's only so many days that could
2664s be I mean
2667s maybe if you want to know more about
2668s Whispers in the walls you should tune in
2669s to the game awards which we're going
2670s taxi you to at the end of this stream MH
2672s Megan and Rebecca are there mhm they'll
2675s be on stage but Jeff their man Jeff hey
2678s get away from me oh the
2685s heck oh stop being Invincible thank
2695s you
2697s oh time for a new red breaking news 400
2701s Days added to the month of
2704s December imagine sponsored by digital
2706s extremes we just call up the
2708s government
2710s hey we got the
2713s connects change the calendar connects
2716s yeah
2718s man calling the government to be like
2720s can you slow down the planet just a
2721s little bit a little it's rotating a
2724s little too fast for my comfort here
2728s we don't want to lie to our community
2732s so oh oh
2736s dear oh dear boy I love December
2744s 335th I do too I do too someone was
2748s asking so why is Tenon two days this
2750s year cuz there's too much goodness to in
2753s just one day right
2755s exactly we got we got plans we're going
2757s to hang out for two whole days
2760s yeah on December
2763s 69th hey they would make some really
2766s crazy good uh Advent calendars oh 300
2769s days oh my God by like day 257 be like
2773s please no
2774s more please
2780s God and you and no one left behind oh my
2785s goodness get out of here yeah what the
2788s my secret sneakies it's my secret this
2790s is my secret space secret
2794s okay oh my gosh he went
2801s flying so it's an advent calendar that
2804s takes up a whole entire football
2807s field we all share in this Advent
2809s calendar to up our whole Green
2812s Space you have to go out into your
2814s backyard to get your chocolate in the
2816s day yeah well it's one way to get that
2819s fresh air get out the snow face the cold
2823s you can do it oh my gosh oh oh oh
2829s no but my elevator Christmas music stons
2834s go up yeah I don't think I can handle
2836s more than the current amount of
2837s Christmas music days that we already
2839s have I know you ever work in retail
2841s Danielle oh have I ever spent many of my
2845s existence in a retail shop yep Christmas
2849s like Megan has like a shiver down her
2851s spine oh Christmas music we unwittingly
2855s were working in the same mall right near
2857s each other really yeah I didn't know
2859s that that Victoria Secret she was at
2861s what her Outfitters was it oh my gosh we
2863s didn't even know oh so you had a
2866s collective uh experience shared
2868s experience we share pain is what I'm
2869s saying and I share pain with anyone out
2872s there who does retail man take it down
2874s on these sentients I said like even now
2877s I'll be doing my Christmas shopping I'll
2878s hear it and I'm like I can't can't this
2881s is why I only shop online like soldier
2883s boy or something from the
2886s boys oh man yeah the life of the life of
2890s retail yeah it's a noble one we
2892s appreciate you we do you you're alive I
2896s hard believe he actually agreed to
2900s help yeah bastard even gave me homework
2904s o why are we so cool you cannot kill the
2908s devil but you can send it back to
2912s Hell
2914s nice I forgot about I know I love the
2917s scene quiet down please stand you're
2921s making good time Helen thank you thank
2925s you proud of
2930s you
2935s glory
2940s it's my
2943s buddy the deepest dark in this we are
2948s [Music]
2951s one oh did you study up Helen did you
2954s study it's going to be really
2956s embarrassing if I get this wrong given
2957s that I work on the narrative te you all
2959s right everybody take notes our jump
2962s schedule has changed again look how
2964s bored so we're moving in exams up with
2967s it everyone has who that back
2970s there I assume weird I also love the
2974s Cades in the
2976s background so true actually I think the
2979s portrait up on the wall there is that
2981s the one one of the drops for tonight it
2983s is yeah the B one yeah on the main
2986s screen and cl pay attention temporal oxs
2991s unit six the prison of linear
2995s TI ISM the obsolete theory of linear
2999s time posits that now is all that is
3004s real in this Frame the present absolute
3007s the now moves constantly toward the
3011s future ever going to use you guys you
3013s guys keeping this in here and leave the
3016s static past behind discarded consigned
3019s to
3020s unreality
3022s unreality like that the future remains
3025s to be discovered but is less real than
3028s even the
3030s past we see the Shadows on the cave wall
3033s but not the hands that cast
3037s [Music]
3039s them I see people are putting two and
3042s two together in chat you're making
3046s realization that now is merely a facet
3050s of a great block my head hurts oh
3054s ma is relative and we can change the
3060s frame the tyranny of the present
3063s absolute is
3065s overthrown tomorrow is now its equal mhm
3069s classic in students eyes on your own
3072s screen all right all right test time
3074s question one which of the following is
3077s not one of the theories of time
3081s presentism
3083s futurism eternalism speedrun
3087s correct
3089s etal getting you wrong the coffee does
3091s not
3093s return what is the principal failing of
3097s presentism it considers the present to
3100s be the only reality wow it has never
3103s been endorsed by an archimedian of
3105s unblemished
3107s standing
3109s Elegance it is not
3112s true is as the name implies
3116s considers only the present CU I mean
3118s that second one's so Oran but not very
3120s iny am I
3122s right have a long question a choice the
3126s bottom that will open her mother's
3127s answer this one so funny her father's
3130s cell with deadly radiation so there's a
3132s train traveling at no R Ma's over on the
3135s other side of us like oh
3138s jeez of the following statements is
3140s universally true only one of her parents
3144s will survive
3146s shinger parents
3149s will
3151s will will die seconds too SL not this
3156s time of now exist in which each parent
3159s dies lint is assigned to one of them but
3163s the other is no less real and is
3166s theoretically
3168s accessible all right pardon the
3171s interruption this is zaran actual all de
3175s ALS stations standby for her parents
3178s will
3181s divorce is that the secret D option
3184s Windows you may find this
3187s instructed oh no this would be
3190s horrifying to go through yeah man T's
3193s been through a lot
3195s yeah just you're just in class doing a
3197s pop quiz my friends what are what the
3199s heck what's going oh that's so sad I
3201s never looked back at them
3204s before
3210s the father is here the father is gone oh
3213s no oh no all right oh dear you just sped
3219s her on a quiz I sure did yeah you got
3221s you got uh three out of three 100% yeah
3224s yeah I know my L zero deaths zero failed
3227s test listen if you're going to work on
3230s anything related to Warframe quests you
3232s you got to know how time works yes right
3236s futur ain't it
3238s yeah futurism
3242s who we operate in paradoxes in this
3246s house all
3247s [Music]
3249s right hunting time who should we go for
3252s first o we were talking about this
3254s before the stream started e I'm I'm very
3256s weird I always hunt Boreal first really
3260s yeah I think everyone leaves Boreal to
3262s last yeah I don't remember wait chat who
3266s did you fight
3268s first I say we take it to a vote while
3270s the scene plays
3273s yeah not long you must hunt Ariz arons
3278s at once and take from them their power
3281s ofest oh everyone's saying Bal given
3283s such a task before you I suspect you'll
3286s be gone before
3291s she forgive me but this would be a lot
3294s easier if you could use that
3296s old uh tenno Magic how did you lose
3303s it I didn't more like I don't have it
3308s yet your Drifter has attitude I
3313s know all right guys vote vote which
3317s archon did you hunt first we fighting
3320s those Boreal okay dang I see it Bal I
3324s thought I was I was the minority here
3327s but all right guys give me your tips
3328s remind me how do we do this I'm going to
3332s the the arrow is going to go yellow I'm
3333s going to go there's a there's a screech
3336s sequence the Screech which you'll want
3338s to hide behind um some uh environment to
3342s avoid that the ground also becomes ELC
3346s the floor is lava at a certain point
3348s very good
3352s yes smoke bomb important yes smoke bomb
3355s very important
3359s M slap in the face yes run up to it and
3362s smack it really hard in the face okay
3364s yep y classic owl fight so maybe people
3367s didn't know this but you can pick which
3370s archon you want which archons you want
3371s to fight in the order you want to fight
3373s them you didn't have to do them in order
3375s so if you replay the quest and you
3376s wanted to do a different order you can
3378s to be an Aron nearby there we go for
3380s once I hope you're
3384s right speedrun got to
3388s roll yeah invisible mode when he Regens
3390s to stop his regen oh I love that I love
3394s that this is where you got your Kubo egg
3397s rador you got a Kubo egg here got during
3399s this Quest funny just smack it until
3403s it's
3405s dead you seem to have made a
3408s powerful I feel like I should have done
3409s a smoke bomb before hacking cuz I did
3411s not kill
3412s everyone until you come to your sens is
3416s BAS is not one of us he is a parasite
3422s adapting to whatever suits him he is
3427s using you
3430s and surely you see that oh Boreal won
3434s with 57% Century of your failures you
3439s betray of your own
3441s people has given our people here we go
3445s all right Helen I
3448s believe oh boy okay let's heal I think
3452s that's step one y him in the
3455s Deep so where so I'll stand on what I'll
3458s stand on I'll hide here hiding is good
3461s yep
3463s nice can't catch me oh oh oh if you want
3467s to do that like Ring Around the Rosie
3469s this tree I think I'm going to try and
3471s ring around the rosie tree I think
3472s that's a good
3473s Strat oh the floor is lava the floor is
3476s lava where are you behind you I think
3480s yeah there is a sequence where some
3482s enemies will be spawned into once you oh
3485s yes brought down their health enough
3488s where are
3489s they owl keeps teleporting behind me
3491s here you go it's cheating okay I would
3494s like an honorable fight with no
3497s teleportation let's just ring around
3499s Rosie the tree okay
3502s oh beep uh-oh don't there's that Screech
3506s yep there's the
3508s sces yeah yeah yeah stay
3514s away such a wonderful now that you're in
3516s the bubble you could shoot him yeah can
3518s I yeah oh no way
3521s yeah cuz I think this is the healing
3523s sequence as well y oh what a jerk so
3525s shoot him from my bubble when he's
3527s trying to heal and yeah when when you're
3529s inside the bubble you you can interrupt
3531s it so that's odd that's odd yeah his
3534s health bar is great out but you can deal
3536s you can't interrupt it if you're if
3539s you're sneaky I'm a sneaky snack you're
3541s sneaky you might even call me a
3543s Nera so sneaky sneaky
3550s is where'd he go there you
3555s are
3556s yeah you got it
3559s nice DOD Bob and weave Baby Bob and
3564s weave
3568s what oh wow that was a sneaky J
3571s Jump okay two yep and get him and get
3577s him I think you have to you have to put
3579s the smoke screen in the bubble yeah oh
3581s well next time guys it is it does expand
3584s out but you should try and get as close
3586s as you can to it or like toss it in
3589s front of you
3592s okay you'll get it on the next one
3598s crazy looking is still cool
3600s though what's still cool I think they
3603s were just saying the archon fights yeah
3605s these are pretty
3606s rad EV F pretty
3609s badass whoa hello okay there you go look
3613s at these moves
3614s Ellen got to go
3618s fast fast fast fast s a Sonic great
3623s foral good one okay now this time he's
3626s going to go in his little bubble M and
3630s we're going to be like not today
3633s y oh boy woo floor is lava floor is lava
3638s I think it might be happening any y any
3641s any time now anytime now I'm sure he's
3643s about to I know it feels like feels like
3645s he's really leading up to it
3648s yeah really ramping up oh come
3653s on where oh I think it's is it happening
3655s right now no he's behind okay oh behind
3657s the tree now he's playing right around
3659s the
3660s rosie here we go
3663s yeah do a little heal
3666s moment there you are is it time I'm so
3669s I'm so lasered in now sorry ell no
3671s that's cool I will try to I will try to
3673s interact with chat but I was
3675s just I'm so engaged there go there you
3677s go it's time okay we're going in two two
3681s yep yep roll in and now you can shoot y
3683s bam yeah out here you there you
3687s go
3689s woo Royal took me three attempts yeah
3693s this was a this was a a tough a tough
3695s fight during separate vote what one was
3697s the hardest for everyone yeah not the
3699s order you did it in but what one you
3701s found the most challenging
3704s yeah that part confused me so much when
3706s playing snake Mira yach Boral this one
3709s Amar kind of all over the map right now
3712s Amar oh that feels like he's about to do
3714s the thing this is AD phase that's the
3717s enemy phase yeah there you go enemy
3719s phase I'm seeing a lot of seeing a lot
3722s of Nera and Amar found n and Amar the
3725s hardest yeah or sorry here naira and
3729s Amar yeah um nairo was definitely the
3733s most difficult all were easy what we got
3738s a game we got a gamer in chat two two
3740s two oh it's on cool down oh no what a
3743s bummer go can I oh come on you can shoot
3747s now yeah you're good you can interrupt
3749s him there you go nice pH uh nairo was
3752s hard but
3753s manageable whichever I one I did first
3756s the last one was hard um Boreal nairo
3760s was the toughest A lot's
3762s okay um Amar because it healed a
3766s lot yeah
3769s true uh
3771s Boral
3773s interesting now outside of just the
3776s fighting in general which one do you
3779s just love the most I love the design of
3781s Mira I also love the design of the long
3784s neck is wild yes
3788s agreed ooh
3791s ooh Nair design yeah the snake is hard
3793s to beat it's also the first archon you
3795s interact with in the quest nice
3799s nice shots go get a little bit closer if
3802s closer yeah there you go got him oral is
3805s a cutie that is there is something cute
3807s about you can't make owl not cute
3811s right forbidden owl deadly owl yeah I
3814s Like the Wolf one because it's like a
3816s rhino yeah cuz he
3819s charges oh enemy phase enemy phase
3823s amar's definitely my favorite with his
3825s design
3827s mhm got little cryo Barrel action uhoh
3830s better heal just
3833s realized I'm looks snuggable a a he's
3838s got a very long feel a little bad
3841s for I would be wary of the teeth though
3844s upon snuggle but you know I also want to
3846s hug grindle so like fair and we live
3849s life on the wild literally has a mouth
3851s uh
3853s belly climb up here get little that Amar
3856s is best boyfriend
3858s material yeah which are comes from best
3861s boyfriend materal here we go not a DAT
3863s Sim oh yeah quick time quick time quick
3867s time ain't no thing ain't no all right
3869s now he's going to run off
3872s goodbye nice we're going to track him
3874s down how am I doing for time you are
3876s doing great actually we've got an hour
3879s thank
3880s goodness I think we could do it I think
3882s you could do it for sure it we uh should
3885s run a platinum prize yes please good run
3887s a platinum prize a thousand Platinum
3890s going to someone in
3893s shed
3897s I will do I will date Omar and no one
3900s can stop me no one was going to trust me
3904s you can have them that seems like a
3907s problem to me we've got a winner stealth
3910s Planet stealth Planet congratulations
3913s you won a th000 platinum please whisper
3915s the Warframe Channel with your ingame
3916s Alias Supply from you play on and we
3917s will hook you up with your winnings
3919s planet um you have to go way all the way
3922s around so like up and around the stairs
3924s so if you continue forward that's not
3925s very speedrun but I'll do what I can
3927s there you go oh my
3931s gosh stay away from me my smoke bomb oh
3934s no wait is that the right way r i don't
3936s yeah yeah you you have to go all the way
3938s around okay okay we'll do it more
3939s strategically this time a bomber so cute
3942s pick it up steal it it's ours now so
3945s we're going to go this way then yeah uh
3947s no uh we're going to go across that
3948s thing we're going to use a smoke bomb
3950s yep yeah I got you Safety First Safety
3952s First Safety First hey guys I'm in the
3955s middle of a hunt
3957s here hey guys I'm in the middle of a
3959s hunt
3960s here reset reset you to work on your
3962s vertical of it there I think so I keep
3964s thinking of a Warframe fair enough that
3967s the amount of times I tried to Bullet
3968s jump as a Drifter during this Quest was
3970s um alarming well you know do my attempts
3972s at bullet jumping as Drifter count I
3974s think that's a fair one chat still
3976s counting death
3978s count oh dear that's
3983s bombastic oh wow yeah wow okay yeah
3986s you're going the right way yeah it's up
3988s those stairs and there's like a side
3990s path you have to take this way go
3991s through this your door yep going through
3994s the door and then you go up the going up
3997s the
3999s stairs uh no wait no oh hello get out of
4004s here yeah up and around I think the way
4006s Point's a bit
4008s uh yeah if you continue yep up all get
4011s out of here propaganda you got it get
4013s out of here propag
4017s again here we go oh hello not what I
4020s meant to
4022s oh I'm
4024s mad don't they know I want a
4026s speedrun okay fine we're going to slow
4028s and steady the poer knows look at that
4030s pober go my God he's
4033s zooming you you know the path you got it
4036s honestly I not a Warframe so we're going
4038s to go through the stairwell y we're
4041s going do this right we're going to throw
4042s a smoke shots are nice and clean thank
4044s you yeah excuse me excuse me I was a
4048s smoke bomb I would like a replay on that
4051s because that seems like some bow I'm
4053s sweating I only have an hour I have so
4055s many more to fight okay you know what
4057s guys it's time to com down it's time to
4060s slow and steady win slowly and steadily
4063s win the race here you
4066s go one there you go and anyone else left
4070s I think you got y oh one more got a
4071s little bomb situation grenade situation
4074s not today oh and a heavy gunner and not
4076s anymore yeah you got this there's a
4080s situation Over Yonder that uh yeah I
4083s guess they are shooting from across the
4085s way too oh could have been a fireball
4087s then uh-oh Fireball speaking of there
4090s you go oh jeez yeah nice oh what
4094s something from across the I think it's
4095s across okay so we have to deal with
4096s Fireball man first you might just want
4098s to run do you think you can I'm pretty
4102s sure well we could try okay yeah just
4105s like as if they don't matter they don't
4107s care we got places to be things to do
4109s yoink bye see you
4111s later yeah just roll just roll like
4114s you're life right
4118s right excuse me listen your strats are
4122s unbelievable yep roll just roll roll
4126s right I've got to roll just roll just
4128s keep rolling just keep rolling through
4131s Helen they can't shoot you they can't
4133s see you too fast they can't you're a
4136s blur it's like nothing they've ever seen
4139s before Oh my God oh my God oh my God run
4140s run run run run run run yes you got it
4143s have to get the propaganda you might
4144s want to heal
4146s I no okay okay though we're going to run
4150s and then do the shield we can't exactly
4152s run from so I'm going to hold
4154s one arrow for him okay if we shoot down
4158s the propaganda cuz uh you know let's be
4161s real all right you got this yep
4166s rolling nope NOP no no no no no no
4171s you're good you're good you're good
4172s it'll Spa you yep
4175s two yep and roll away oh but now they
4177s all know I'm here except one guy they
4180s detected you but it's it's fine they're
4182s outside the door oh yeah they ran out
4185s yeah losers loser bye okay no no not
4189s today thank you bye nice bobing okay
4193s propaganda yeah just going to I don't
4197s know a smoke bomb Oh what just happened
4199s there I got with a fireball oh okay all
4203s right yo this Elden ring I
4207s think I think we can get through here
4209s rolling I think room two we're going to
4211s have to get serious we might have to
4213s clear a couple of the mobs out so we're
4216s rolling for now no problem nothing to it
4218s the exclamation point seag goth does not
4220s do anything in chat but I respect the
4223s hustle it do yeah
4224s I will turn it off if you don't stop
4227s being weird listen Taylor's at the ready
4229s look out to put some blocked terms in
4233s the list okay no but no in in all
4235s seriousness the seago drop start start
4239s that was not me wait what
4241s happened uh someone on the Warframe
4243s account typed exclamation point sa hey
4246s hey who's in the studio doing that right
4248s now who's doing it someone very sneaky
4251s um but yes in all seriousness the you
4254s will want to go to the game awards
4256s Channel not this Channel at 7:30 p.m.
4258s eastern time so in about we'll take you
4260s there if you stay how many minutes is
4263s that 40 minutes from now did I math that
4267s correctly uh 50 minutes 50 minutes I did
4271s not M that
4272s correctly this is crazy this is crazy
4275s okay I'm in my smoke bomb safe happy
4276s smoke
4278s bomb yep it's time it's time we have a
4281s ma heal right now you're good yeah yes
4284s yes we going yes those bombers do a lot
4287s of damage oh let's go let's go yes and
4290s two two two two oh I don't have it okay
4291s but I don't want someone to you might
4293s want y yep that was a smart move very
4294s smart they could have got me there man y
4298s nice you got this no problem no problem
4301s I think you're in the I think you might
4302s be in the clear I think that rock might
4304s protect you enough yeah smoke bomb yeah
4306s there you go hacking there you go if I
4309s die while hacking I will rage quit and
4311s walk out of the
4313s studio
4315s okay okay yeah
4319s onward you did it you did it good strats
4322s everyone good strats good strats someone
4325s just said I built seag goth a couple
4327s weeks ago well congratulations do you
4330s congrats but also do do you know about
4332s the helmet yeah so now you want to use
4335s his abilities another warframes G if you
4337s haven't gotten to the the helmet yet um
4341s hold on to those extra warframes I.E the
4344s you're going to get tonight by watching
4345s the game awards Channel at 7:30 p.m. ET
4348s look who it
4349s is can't and we're back in business what
4352s would you look who showed up oh my
4357s God yeah I came obliterated that
4361s sentient oh my God
4364s here there's one behind you oh is it
4366s behind me
4368s uh sneaky oh there it is it's hiding in
4371s the shrubbery shubber
4375s please come out of your strawberry it's
4377s time to fight thank you oh I know what
4379s to do yep nice nice nice nice nice
4383s close get out
4385s here it's over
4387s woo
4390s heal oh boy the floor is lava and I'm
4393s stuck in the Shrubbery oh no oh no okay
4396s no problem no problem you you must
4399s present a
4402s Shrubbery why you stay there you know
4404s why don't you uh teleport down here
4405s where I don't get caught in the Rocks
4407s huh I mean I guess hey thank you I guess
4409s they are a bird so true they probably
4412s like to perch a bit uhoh quick time
4415s quick
4418s time get off of me man what do you think
4422s this
4424s is shrub
4426s Prime here you go oh that was that was
4429s some nice damage dang get that yellow
4432s crit crit time we want red crits yeah
4435s that's the good stuff that's the good
4437s stuff and nice oh two yeah smoke bomb
4442s smoke bomb smoke smoke bomb I was
4444s hitting three guys I have to admit it
4445s okay there we go I have to admit it
4448s she's an honest gamer guys honest
4452s gamer okay yep that's woo let's not go
4454s in the
4455s water I know electric the barrel next to
4459s maybe that would be pretty red if they
4461s get near you ooh dear I think you're I'm
4464s in
4469s Tu all right problem nothing to it guys
4473s like it a what did that take 15 minutes
4476s uh about that yeah okay okay so we might
4479s be able to do this in time I believe in
4481s you you're warmed up now I'm wared up
4483s you're War up and I look so cool I mean
4486s that's half like half the trouble right
4489s yeah Chad say stay it with me first try
4493s first
4494s hoai thank you r r my hype man we love
4498s Rue I love this uh this sequence here
4501s with The Shard y
4505s to give me that rock
4509s candy am I the only one that wants to
4511s like try to sink their teeth into our
4513s con we should definitely do that for T
4514s of time right the F candy it's my
4519s man right don't you just want to ah like
4523s a like a like you talking about stock
4525s I'm like yeah I do I
4530s mean they're at the same we sweet like
4535s candy hey you said it oh my gosh archon
4539s hard candy yes yeah right free dentist
4545s trip well sentient Dental man there STI
4547s and dental deliver yeah that's the
4549s dentist name that's the office name
4551s sentient Dental I would kind of
4554s concerned if that was a dental place in
4556s Real Life True by the way I love your
4557s earrings I was thinking that earlier but
4558s we were speedrunning the news Little
4560s Moons one of out there is SL dragons
4565s anding in
4567s style keep that's why the sen don't have
4571s teeth who needs them Drifter oh oh the
4576s rare survey I got
4578s this how did you discover Warframe a
4580s lecture at Western University and you
4582s know what i''s say make schalt as a
4584s friend so there you go there you go wow
4587s mik Schmaltz lecture that's how blew my
4590s mind is that actually how it happened
4592s yeah first year university he was giving
4594s a lecture and wri wasn't out yet he
4596s played the trailer for us I was like
4597s what or it was out it was out but it had
4600s recently come out on Xbox I had an Xbox
4602s went home played on Xbox that's amazing
4604s I didn't know that yeah man played that
4607s intro cinematic with Vore yeah yeah and
4609s I was like excuse me I thought only
4611s mobile games at the time did that kind
4613s of of game I can just download that
4615s that's wild amazing the rest is history
4618s there you go oh oh boy these next
4620s sequences are my favorite also doesn't
4623s that look like a jelly flow don't you
4624s also want to sink your teeth so many
4626s great candy options in this game
4630s endless only thing that could make this
4632s better is if I had a beard and crazy
4634s green face paint
4638s Megan I offer you a candy Madame oh
4643s would you like
4645s to eat
4647s it maybe I wish I could absorb food like
4650s this man I think of that all the time
4652s you ever have to have dinner you're like
4653s I'm just so annoyed I have to think
4655s about it right I wish I could
4656s photosynthesis synthesize
4658s photosynthesize that's it y'all are
4660s crazy food is delicious I love eating
4662s food what's wrong with me I listen I
4665s love food don't get it's just like you
4668s know I'm in the middle of something I
4670s want to eat so my brain works I got to
4672s like stop to
4675s eat soon soon I
4681s promise
4690s [Music]
4694s uh-oh me after eat all you can eat
4698s sushi which literally was me the other
4700s day and I wanted to yeah yeah yeah
4704s okay every time it's not over until you
4706s hate
4706s yourself every time I go out to all you
4710s can eat sushi I get there problems
4712s happen because we're so painfully full
4715s we start fighting with each other over
4716s who has to eat the last of the sushi yes
4720s every time oh my gosh okay you see my
4723s operator has like the the
4726s purple that my Drifter doesn't have
4728s that's the void that's the void touch oh
4732s that's a good look Helen thank you
4739s hungry
4748s [Music]
4750s oh oh the
4752s knocking man I want this so
4761s good seon kill the lights and switch
4766s off jump
4772s commencing stop
4775s worse o uhoh quiet everyone keep this is
4780s this it it is actually horrifying yeah
4783s it is sounds you're
4785s hearing give it up for the sound team
4787s again man every time why is this
4788s happening to us what did we to wrong
4791s it's so good
4795s we're in this together yo yeah I don't
4798s know oh chat but we're going to figure
4801s it out together okay
4812s okay I just want everyone to take it in
4815s M why don't you go sit closer to the
4816s others until we get environmental back
4820s my mom's coming to soon
4827s oh no she's
4830s not we are going to be your family for a
4833s while okay no my mom's coming
4839s oh poor yeah poor babies poor babies I'm
4843s like a little embarrassed that my clan
4845s texts what would jyp do please popping
4848s up Helen please ignore
4851s that um Megan and Reb are at the game
4854s awards so you'll want to tune in for
4856s that to see them on stage all right here
4857s we go here we
4863s go hey lose your light here you can take
4875s [Music]
4878s mine thanks kiddo I think I win ooh
4885s [Music]
4887s all right I think scene all the time
4890s speedrun time oh my gosh what am I doing
4893s I think you're fighting you're still
4894s fighting the archons who am I fighting
4896s next who did everyone say they did I
4898s think uh NRA I think naira I think na
4902s yeah let's go here we
4904s go chills every time go go go
4908s go left just a simple choice between
4917s someone just said doggy doggy doggy you
4920s mean Omar amarar that dog that I say
4924s that all the time I actually have a
4925s poster in my house that says that that's
4928s special yeah going I betet that dog yeah
4930s that was a very important uh meme video
4934s yeah it's really good what quest is this
4935s this is the new War
4937s Quest um this is a spoiler so doesn't
4942s get much more spoilery than this yes
4947s yes all
4949s right watching this while driving well
4951s goodness hands on the wheels hands on
4954s the wheels wheel safe my friend maybe
4956s just listen to us like a podcast yeah
4958s exactly we'll we'll give you details so
4961s you can keep your eyes on the road
4962s descriptive
4965s audio sorry I would haveen excuse you
4969s ortis don't sweat it call me The Drifter
4972s ortis Take the
4973s Wheel oh my
4976s God to speedrun that's how you speedrun
4979s you just blow everything up all I
4982s once oh boy I think you can just
4985s honestly run to the Waypoint yeah I
4987s think just ignore everybody yeah just
4989s speed run it yeah y well my will be
4994s prepared for you and your friend I'm
4997s afraid that luck all
5000s SP they said du
5003s not
5004s driving I misunderstood entirely my
5009s apologies oh propaganda BL into the
5012s truth you haven't won oh you are oh man
5019s that was
5020s bad nice a servant to the old golden
5026s Lord I feel like oh they're coming at me
5028s for oh my gosh oh my gosh what have I
5030s done okay don't listen to my advice what
5033s have I done no it's okay it was good
5034s advice if I can do it if I can pull this
5036s off stop my from one of them just fell
5039s off the bridge you're good trick oh my
5043s gosh two soon be returned to you're safe
5045s yeah you're safe oh how do they know
5048s whole sense of
5051s security oh before don't sweat
5058s it Danny you
5061s okay someone said watch in this while
5063s piloting a
5067s helicopter we've all been
5070s there my mind stealth do a little little
5074s bit of this little bit of
5077s that
5081s imagine please don't take your eyes off
5083s the sky yeah thanks watching this from
5086s my
5088s submarine how do you have connection
5090s down
5091s there listen we got hide
5093s Tex
5095s Wi-Fi
5099s Skynet go anywhere
5102s man oh my God no who is on the Warframe
5107s account because that was an out of
5108s pocket comments I love out of pocket
5110s comments hey I'm very
5113s sorry what you say Taylor we can't say
5116s it out loud okay forbidden top 10
5119s forbidden top 10 forbidden top 10 yes
5121s yes
5123s I'm actually driving home from a tattoo
5124s appointment River alley that's
5126s awesome awesome was a Warframe tattoo
5130s that's freaking
5131s cool as oh my God okay they didn't come
5134s at me from all sides this time much more
5135s manageable everything is normal watching
5138s this on my Samsung Smart
5142s TV I'm on the International Space
5145s Station watching this man my
5150s dreams this is the top 10 comment before
5152s you called it out and know everyone is
5153s saying it but someone said watching this
5155s while operating a forklift and I was
5159s dying certified yeah we love being
5162s forklift certified here H yes we do I
5165s feel like all the grineer are forklift
5166s certified we do too they're giving
5168s forklift energy big forklift energy big
5172s forklift
5173s energy watching this from Hollow
5176s Earth wowow how about the Earth I'm not
5180s going to
5181s go not going there what am I done just
5185s got my certification hell yeah let's
5187s go let's go and you know it's serious
5190s because it's forklift certified like
5192s they wouldn't lie about forklift
5194s certification no absolutely not okay
5196s guys we have to Speed Run you got this
5199s this one I feel like I welcome advice on
5201s how to speedrun so I'm going to I'm
5203s going to do a thing I'm not going to
5205s look at her or whatever I mean I'm going
5207s to look at her
5208s but jeez jeez God you looked at her down
5213s you said I'm not going to look at her
5214s twice in she said yes you are missil you
5217s in the face twice oh cow where'd she go
5219s oh she's setting things on
5223s fire uh there you
5225s go okay whoa nice do barrel roll
5232s huh speedrun speedrun I have excuse me
5235s ner I have to speedrun this time so if
5236s you could just thanks it would be great
5239s yeah the whip the Whip is a problem the
5241s whip is a real problem got a range on it
5243s it taking 10,000 years oh you're good
5246s you're good you're doing you're doing
5247s great great progress nice Dodges perfect
5249s Dodges nice nice we do what we can for
5252s the speedrun think of the speedrun oh
5255s how did that not connect yeah we got to
5257s reflect and connect on that what's your
5258s favorite marketing like cliche that's my
5261s favorite one I use it all the time but I
5263s don't think people that I don't think
5264s I've ever heard that before I see
5265s reflecting connect all the time but I
5267s don't think people realize I'm joking we
5268s can Circle back on this yeah Circle back
5270s so good that is probably the most how do
5271s you go back on a Circle I don't the
5274s circle just keeps circling it never
5276s stops
5277s circling yeah we flecting connect and
5279s then Circle back on that that would be
5281s great you guys did an amazing job on
5284s this Quest well thank you bear glad you
5286s enjoyed it it is one of my f i mean the
5289s second dream will always be a a fave and
5291s I think a fan fave as well but the new
5293s war was a long awaited one um and uh
5297s yeah uh-oh what's this now is that smoke
5299s bomb SM no I think this is uh oh you got
5302s to kill enemies
5304s yep yeah we all know sentients
5306s apparently aren't phased by smoke bombs
5309s so they can they can feel some some
5312s energy they smell fear yeah like geese
5315s like
5316s geese she's oh she's vulnerable you got
5318s her oh she's vulnerable y yep y oh my
5321s favorite Quest was chains of Harrow
5322s that's also another fan favorite one for
5325s sure I think our first true of horror
5329s quest for
5330s sure where'd she go think she's still
5333s upstairs like this behind me oh yes
5335s thank you
5336s rot watching this on my Goose oh God
5340s love a
5342s goose Gideon Goose from North bake
5345s Ontario you guys watch slot Pilgrim love
5348s SC so good wait the new show came out is
5352s it good I haven't watched it yet okay
5354s okay well we'll check it out we'll check
5355s it out Helen is on a roll indeed thank
5357s you it's for the speedrun you got to do
5359s it for the speedrun
5361s okay
5363s my favorite was Call of the Tempest
5364s stari well SE goth is the Warframe for
5367s you my friend it's a good night for you
5369s yeah it's a great night for you oh the
5371s screeching just going to hide I just
5373s want to hide I think yeah there you
5377s go also yeah chains of Harrow
5381s yep seag Goose SE Goose call of the
5386s Tempest had the best
5388s music oh oh my God that's horrifying
5391s that is eerie
5392s terrible you're not you you're
5395s hungry I mean we have good new for the
5398s news good news for the SE goth uh col
5401s tari fan cuz the seag goth comes with
5403s the cool soundtrack that's like yes the
5407s remix yes uh the deluxe skin yeah seov
5411s glus um while you're in Shadow form uh
5415s it plays a Redux version of sleeping in
5418s the cold below it's kind of like a
5420s pirate version um it's custom music
5423s deluxe music I guess you could call it
5424s for that skin which is sick and the
5427s collection for the bundle for the uh
5430s skin uh comes with it for your sum cord
5432s so you can play it in your in your
5433s Orbiter which is super fun yeah that
5436s skin is great Deluxe on deluxes that's
5440s coming in Whispers In The Walls by the
5441s way that
5443s skin yeah a see avoid Chanty yes a boy
5447s Chanty that's so cool yeah also his um
5450s Tombstone is also Deluxe as well it it
5453s received the deluxe treatment so deluxes
5455s on deluxes yeah that sounds incredible
5457s yeah it's actually it's so good such a
5461s more Delux I mean Wow Let There Be fire
5465s oh my goodness think you might be safe
5467s on the side yeah o plus I got caught
5473s ah so are receiving the update today no
5476s you are not oh my gosh I just realized
5479s I'm almost di but we will have uh
5481s updates on the up tonight on the game
5484s awards Del updates on all right Megan
5488s and Rebecca will be on stage tonight at
5490s the G I'm so excited so excited to see
5493s them
5494s excited I love a Megan and Rebecca team
5499s up right classic mhm good for the
5503s heart we go oh wow I'm very low on
5506s health Let's uh take and uh yeah
5509s probably good to prep for oh I see R has
5511s found my
5513s text my
5516s chat is seag goth Deluxe releasing with
5519s Whispers In The Wall yes seago Deluxe is
5521s releasing with Whispers in the walls
5523s update oh
5527s jeez the sacrifice was great I love um
5531s songs of jiren is that the or what is
5533s the name of the something from Jon
5535s smiles smiles smile Smiles fromin that
5538s is that song makes me cry every
5541s time n no no no no no I can't wait for
5544s the new Quest expansion yes Whispers in
5546s the walls is also coming with a another
5548s Quest kind of an introduction into
5550s warframes next chapter it's very
5554s exciting just going to love from South
5556s Africa hello thanks oh dear I forgot to
5560s do the smoke bomb Oh No actually one of
5562s our our lighting artists uh wonderful
5565s lighting artist is from South Africa and
5568s uh man speaking of lighting the GI
5571s lighting in The Whispers And The Walls
5573s update because of the the uh enhanced
5575s Graphics renderer oh it looks so good
5577s with the fog system too the new fog
5580s system that's coming as
5582s well shout out a lot of good stuff I'm
5584s so
5586s excited I'm glad that we're having a
5588s hype night and that Megan and Rebecca
5589s are going to talk about it cuz and then
5591s we're talking about our
5594s oh scary nice hello from Brazil from
5600s G that was good that's good I like that
5603s you like my portug I did I was impressed
5606s okay here we go take her down here we go
5609s take her down take oh take her down yep
5612s no healing thank you watching this in
5614s 1999
5616s oh you got your tagashi with you icked
5619s mhm hello
5621s hello okay where are the enemies oh
5624s bonjour we're wolf
5627s Davis
5629s me Gloom someone said Gloom
5632s I guess cuz we're talking about seago uh
5635s hello from the Caribbean hello ice
5638s cream I I could go for some ice cream
5641s you know what me too h on and that's
5644s when Discord says we went this long
5645s without talking about food I guess we
5647s already talk about candy hi from Germany
5649s hello
5650s hello get where where on oh she's up
5654s there ice
5655s cream watching this from IND
5658s Quebec
5660s quec holy moly hello from Nigeria oh my
5665s goodness where is every so many people
5668s over the world right now I Alania R all
5672s about wow
5674s Italy France hello
5678s Portugal s Quebec Florida what's
5683s up Philippines Netherlands oh my
5686s goodness hello from
5689s T Belgium Ukraine Oklahoma lva South
5695s Africa Finland hey
5699s Michigan
5701s Maryland hi everybody London Ontario yo
5704s what's up local Canada
5707s UK man hi guys from Canada everywhere so
5711s many different time zones oh my goodness
5713s we got a whole mix of uh morning people
5716s amazing I
5718s think okay and oh dear you're almost
5721s there h I can do anything I can do
5723s anything this oh my goodness it's that
5726s whip man I know I yeah you get too close
5729s and it really uh really does a number on
5731s you
5732s Australia man are you guys all also just
5734s awake waiting to watch the game awards
5736s as well that's so wonderful That's so
5738s exciting we're there with you someone
5740s said from SAS can you tell kzu say hi
5743s yeah please Toronto hey you're not too
5746s far from us Toronto Canada mhm Tana
5749s Trana Canada oh
5754s two stop it I said stop it chill just
5759s let this happen we all know what's going
5760s to happen you're oh someone's from Vegas
5762s we were in Vegas for twitchcon I love
5764s Vegas and for tenno VIP Vegas is one of
5767s my new favorite places on the planet is
5768s it yeah it's a testament to man and a
5771s front to God who said that but I was
5773s like that's it wait Taylor was that you
5775s I can't remember but I loved it London
5777s the lots of people from London no no
5781s it's socer yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
5784s Papa's here S I was thinking about the
5786s Vegas and I
5788s just blacked out okay here we go you're
5791s almost
5793s there come on you're good you're good
5795s you got it Aloha from Hawaii Hello
5798s Malaysia
5800s Indonesia wait he's a good guy question
5802s mark well it depends you have to play
5804s the maybe you're coming in at a time
5807s where
5808s yeah you know hunhow is an interesting
5812s character we'll just say that is wait
5814s slash
5815s BR Let's Go slash BR we love bleed bleed
5819s status let's go oh my God that one was
5822s violent
5824s status okay okay guys okay you
5828s you God
5831s you I don't know is it time to start
5833s skipping cinematics yeah it might you
5836s can't though you can't skip the
5837s Cinematic I'm sweating I'm sweating
5839s someone asked is De get good
5842s I it might it might be the time we've
5845s been increasingly getting good we've
5846s been getting good good and good getter
5848s and good her oh thanks Oris uh someone
5850s was asking you if um de is Canada based
5854s and yes we are in London Ontario Canada
5856s we are London Ontario if if you're not
5858s familiar with that which I don't blame
5859s you uh it is two hours out uh from
5862s Toronto south of Toronto uh
5866s westwest Southwest yeah Southwest can be
5870s killed
5872s hello to you hi from letter K Drifter AR
5876s killer just occur to me that the reason
5879s we're called Drifter nor night
5881s particular fever dream
5884s sick that is sick I'm a little lure
5887s about this last time she snapped at
5890s you oh yeah this is true unless she
5893s Sprouts fangs I'm sure it's fine besides
5896s there's still another archon after
5899s this one more Helen you got this I I
5902s believe I believe but we also have to do
5905s this moment with lotus I
5907s know and the railjack sequence okay and
5911s also the final sequence with somewhere
5914s happening with someone I don't know I
5915s don't know I don't know I don't know if
5917s we can do this all but we're going to
5918s try as much as we can yeah you know what
5921s does it hurt to complete one or two
5923s scenes before right exactly you you play
5927s through it yourself to figure out the
5929s ending actually that's not a bad point
5931s Point there's a there's some big moments
5933s at the end of this Quest very
5940s big who are
5945s you I'm well I'm not I'm tenno Zarin all
5955s that oh she looks so sad and Confused
5960s no li
5964s no
5966s uh-oh um oh oh we're here we've arrived
5970s here oo that smile thumbs up
5973s kiddo I can save them all of them but
5978s you have to wanted
5981s CHS let's say we shake on
5985s it oh my gosh oh my
5990s gosh
5998s here we
6000s go she sentient she doesn't know who you
6004s are it is no [ __ ] look at his Al he's
6007s freaking out
6011s out time to go time to go time to roll o
6017s time time to go get away from her
6023s oh
6024s man can we just talk about Reb's voice
6028s acting in this Quest I we can it is
6034s phenomenal fre absolutely phenomenal
6037s brought her aame as
6040s always oh oh are there any new reveals
6043s for gaus Prime uh you'll want to watch
6046s the last Dev
6048s stream you want to watch the last Dev
6050s stream all the info for that is there
6053s we're running ortis we're running as
6054s fast as we
6058s can oh no no I am not from Quebec I'm
6062s from Nova Scotia love NOA
6067s Scotia but I grew up French oh oh
6071s oh Rebecca's voice acting was impeccable
6073s during this Quest exactly she's gotten
6075s so good as an actress
6079s agreed nice
6082s do what you got to do to survive that
6084s that was such an anime sliding right
6091s man I mean no
6093s harm
6097s [Music]
6099s [Applause]
6104s [Music]
6107s terrifying no
6110s no no
6111s no not like
6117s this
6119s no oh
6123s oh salute
6125s [Music]
6138s ortis
6140s no
6149s a
6152s oh I keep saying this but this is my
6155s favorite sequence in the
6157s class I think I just love this whole
6170s Quest
6174s [Music]
6191s the
6194s [Music]
6198s music people say I'm so confused
6202s you replay the quest did you pay
6204s attention in your zerman classes right
6206s this not a full circle
6212s here oh fight back fight
6216s back wait Megan's here Megan
6227s wait oh I don't think she's
6230s here
6233s I don't think she's here
6238s R what is this Quest this is the new War
6240s Quest spoilers
6250s spoilers you're alive
6255s oh I don't know what I
6260s am but I know what I must
6275s do that was a very omn man departure
6279s mhm the operator is back ladies and gent
6282s yeah let's go okay Helen 15 minutes oh
6286s boy I don't know I don't know I think I
6289s mean that might be a good place to end
6292s it I don't know what does what does chat
6294s want because I don't know Taylor we do
6298s have top 10 potentially but oh wait 20
6301s if I'm honest with you I have unhinged
6303s chat and then normal chat oh
6306s no so enjoy this cut scene and then that
6309s is her I am
6312s certain we don't have to do the unhinged
6314s chat is what I'm saying I just picked a
6316s bunch
6319s of
6321s Teno even hell was not hot enough to
6324s split
6325s them this is a good end yeah what does
6329s it matter we you have won normer spreads
6335s across the system monuments Rise To Your
6339s Glory all who live bios and not kneel
6344s before
6346s you but not
6349s then
6356s oh you see some great Triumph here that
6361s this Dullard herd worships me wailing
6366s freedom from their rotten gobs when the
6370s truth is they all thirst for that pwor
6374s comfort of being told what to think warm
6377s comfort they wanted to he
6382s Wordsmith B
6385s them then what is your
6394s command gather the fleet she is coming
6399s to us what's left of her if she will
6404s kneel before me and by my word slaugh
6411s are the only thing she has ever
6414s loved and
6415s then we
6419s Feast yeah I think that's a good I think
6421s that's a good spot to leave it okay
6423s don't know what we we'll do for because
6426s we'll see we'll see for if we can finish
6429s it at some point but yeah we'll see all
6431s right or you guys can just play it
6432s yourself and see what happens but next
6436s all right we are going to get to our top
6440s 10 20 I hear top 20 top 10 20 we won't
6446s be yeah we won't be doing um fan art and
6448s capture tonight just because of time but
6450s we have some good stuff for next week we
6452s do have some great stuff yes we do
6454s indeed I Tik Tok oh right do we do you
6459s want to start with unhinged or normal
6462s hinged I think normal hinged for
6465s now amp it up one or
6468s two uh we'll do one first give me
6472s a normal hinged all right all right
6476s Taylor Taylor from Home Taylor from home
6479s sorry give me give me one I need to
6482s that's all right just set up one want to
6484s hear something about my accessories yeah
6487s dinosaurs if you look at my earrings
6490s meteor and your necklace is a dinosaur
6493s so cute
6494s okay I'm ready to go all right all right
6498s so number 10 from
6501s when the parents take your candy for
6502s trick-or-treating
6504s when eating all your AR charts noce
6508s please you know how hard I work you know
6510s how hard I knocked on those doors oh and
6512s in Canada freaking cold my costume
6515s freezing my bits off over here M you got
6518s to play the parent tax you know you got
6519s to give your dad Starburst The Coffee
6523s Crisp
6525s absolutely okay number nine from God
6528s samit great name the zman test is just
6530s the midterms the DUI tablets are the
6532s final exam that's great w that's a great
6535s comment yeah if you didn't know in DUI
6538s there's some things out there for you
6540s guys to find
6542s sure you
6544s know yes this is from dra celic CQ uh
6548s send it back to hell and then
6552s school so from the previous stream you
6554s know uh Dallas like literally says send
6557s the devil back to hell and then the last
6559s time the next time you see your y school
6562s I love school okay I love school so I
6565s don't it's C of school
6567s guys absolutely uh this is in reference
6571s to our F there were so many amazing
6573s comments about uh Christmas but there
6575s was a lot of like discussion of like
6577s imagine the Advent calendars that you'd
6579s have uh if we made uh December much
6582s longer so ten man 41 52 is like I have
6585s to tell my kids I walk a file to get to
6587s the end of the admin
6589s calendar cuz it's just so long there's
6592s like 400 doors how do you know it's
6594s great what is that in
6596s kilometers 2.2 thank you perfect that's
6601s the distance this is did you see me
6603s shake my head at this do we like school
6606s do you understand I did not know that at
6609s all I don't know why km yeah this this
6613s is true this is true should know I
6615s always mean to remember the conversion
6616s but alas thank goodness tailored it
6617s right exactly I could be wrong doesn't
6621s 1.6 km equals 1 mile right all right all
6625s right oh maybe it's 1.6 and then pounds
6627s are 2.2 I think that might be
6629s it okay yeah there you go numbers are
6632s hard anyway uh from Four Leaves uh 413
6636s did anyone ever noticed the V to rescue
6638s his daughter on know named
6640s nataruk was that
6642s intentional I don't know I'm going to
6644s have to ask is that intentional man I'm
6646s asking Adrian Cam and Ryan that's that's
6648s got to be Four Leaves so cool there's no
6651s way they wouldn't have noticed that must
6653s be intentional oh okay interesting cool
6656s we might have later we might have to
6658s speedrun the next five and the next 10
6661s we're getting we're getting we're 10
6662s minutes out from the game awards yeah
6664s Speed Run says this chatting in the
6666s ceiling come after Whispers In The Wall
6668s no
6669s no it's just twitch chat the it's great
6673s uh from Lady FAA J number offers all
6676s inclusive Insurance all as well my
6679s goodness I love that love one yeah am I
6682s right the raw material right no okay
6685s don't worry about it uh from fair this
6688s is uh during the K Drive section command
6690s I'd like to report an incoming hostile
6692s in the B yes they look absolutely
6695s radical so good and then the last two
6698s are actually fan art so from alixis who
6701s drew this while we were in the Stream So
6704s this is uh hiding from deacons in
6706s Fortuna so this should
6709s be wait hit that button all the way down
6712s yeah there we go you did that did that
6716s oh my goodness did it's so good and then
6720s uh I have two from F TOA Phantom because
6722s they were just killing I decided to draw
6724s some chibi archons while Helen was
6726s fighting for real um and so this is
6729s their chibi archons
6733s oh
6736s body aar's unhinged expression wait wait
6740s the
6741s so good and then this is a tribute to
6743s all of our forklift operators out there
6745s I don't know how my God this is amazing
6748s wait you guys were popping off with the
6750s ROM quick W that's so cute Away by that
6754s oh my God all right unhinged fire them
6757s off tlor wonderful all right this is
6761s really funny uh the fact that the
6763s transition here uh from Soo AB o I drive
6766s four Clips without a no no I have always
6770s wanted to drive for CT I get it me too I
6772s get it I think this is a typo but it
6774s just so much
6777s joy and H but Carl is the best who's
6781s Carl Carl you're the coolest yeah we
6783s love you
6786s Carl from ACH and frost the wolf was hot
6789s I will not
6792s elaborate you don't need to we got it we
6795s get it you're among friends here yeah
6797s from Angel Beat for armor I heard they
6799s know
6802s oh
6804s Tor from stale space I got my ballast
6807s portrait from the drop time to hang it
6809s up and throw more kitchen knives at it
6811s you do what you must everyone decorate
6813s to your heart's
6815s content uh from to 999 you put your dead
6819s dad in you pull your living Dad out you
6822s put your dead mom in take her all
6825s about break down and scream it out
6827s that's what it means to be a
6829s Deno eternalism eternalism yeah true you
6833s put your
6835s dead all right sing it
6839s D from I'm fenan his love is within me
6842s can mean a few different
6847s things and some of
6850s them SP oh my God oh my God you weren't
6855s lying this is Sun
6857s inch soer is so f for what I can fix him
6863s SRA I got you I got you dude we need to
6865s Bonk
6867s chat there were some comments about
6870s those archons that I could not put up
6871s here but I saw them all so you have been
6874s judged oh my
6877s goodness sneaking
6884s section yky
6889s spinky
6891s and then this top one is a call out to
6894s all of the people who spelled seag goth
6896s wrong uh so do we get seven goth
6899s here y well there you go well you do
6904s somewhere thank you
6905s Taylor well we can keep it on fan we we
6908s go back to Fan Art Rue yeah sure okay we
6911s are pretty much going to call it here
6914s yeah we are for tonight so the suspense
6916s am I right suspense yes so guys the game
6919s awards it's happening it's happening uh
6921s we are going to raid the game awards
6923s channel so we're going to send you guys
6925s over there uh the SE goth drop is
6927s happening over on that channel once you
6930s land on that page if you are going
6932s through to the uh via the raid just
6934s refresh your page just refresh the page
6937s potentially you know just make sure
6938s things are nice and clean good to go
6939s while the stream is live and uh yeah
6942s enjoy your free seag goth for watching
6944s the game awards um cheer on Megan and
6946s Rebecca who will be on stage tonight at
6949s some point cheering with you we'll be
6950s cheing with you guys from home um they
6952s will be announcing sorry Taylor spam
6955s clam make sure you
6958s spam as as usual tradition is a
6961s tradition at this point um but yes send
6963s them all over the love um thank you guys
6966s for watching tonight have fun at the
6967s game awards we're so excited for
6969s everybody being there it's a great night
6971s to be uh a gamer it's a great night to
6974s be a gamer great night to be a gamer
6975s ladies and gentlemen also a great night
6976s to be a Warframe player uh so you'll
6978s definitely want to tune in to some
6980s announcements about Whispers in the
6981s walls so all right thank you guys so
6984s much thank you Ruth thank you Taylor
6985s thank you Helen thank you Daniel thanks
6987s guys thank you tenno have a good night
6989s go raid go raid go raid go raid send
6991s them a love get out
6994s of get you got it we love you bye bye
7000s [Music]
7008s bye
7011s it's it's it's