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Every time I open the game on PS5 it gets to the "press X to play" where it shows your character meditating and then it instantly crashes, does anyone else have this issue

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25 days ago - /u/DE-Ruu - Direct link

Hello PlayStation Tenno! 

We were made aware when the update launched this morning that some of you were crashing upon logging in (as reported here and many other places) for the first time after downloading the update. We have some pretty good leads thanks to your reports, but we are still investigating the issue. 

In the meantime, here is a workaround that will allow you to play the game while we work on a fix:

  1. Go to your PlayStation's settings 
  2. Go to "Storage" 
  3. Go to "Saved Data"
  4. Use options button 
  5. Checkmark "Warframe" 
  6. Select "Delete" 
  7. Confirm "Ok" 

Rest assured that doing so will NOT delete your account, any purchases, or any other account content. Deleting the saved data from your PlayStation simple resets your custom in-game settings (video settings, custom bindings, etc.). Your settings will be reverted to default upon logging in, but you should be able to play after doing so!