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1s foreign
29s Prime Time three three
32s three lucky number hope you're having a
36s wonderful evening welcome to Prime Time
38s episode 333 I really just burnt my mouth
41s doing that I'm not gonna lie it was
43s really hot uh thank you for joining us
45s today my name is Megan and Taylor's here
47s hello and miss Helen is over there in
50s the cold pot ciao ciao
54s as usual even though we did say it's
56s girls night Dean's here
65s of course it's a Star Trek thing dang it
68s of course it is you can't start you
69s can't have a Dean stream without a Star
71s Trek that's true welcome to the stream
74s hope you're having a wonderful evening
75s wonderful Thursday for the next two
77s hours you're gonna hang out with us
78s we're gonna play some Warframe we're
80s gonna talk about what's going on with
83s you with us with the game with the world
85s really maybe okay I mean we've got
89s freezing rain today in London I don't
91s know terrible anything exciting at all
93s my phone in a puddle that's also what's
94s going on in the world it's good though
96s it's fine did you put it in rice no I
97s was right before I got to work I put it
99s in paper towels I was like this is fine
101s this will work this is great it's great
103s all right let's get into some
104s housekeeping before we get in to
106s gameplay this week
108s we have done a couple of hot fixes here
110s and there uh just to you know fix some
112s stuff on the public build while we're
114s working on some other things
117s um such as uh one of the ones that I
120s found entertaining uh to say the least
122s was adding full 360 degree Vision to
125s Clem's vectors and call from the air
127s support so now they see literally
129s everything
130s so they can just Target everything when
133s you uh uh what do you call it call them
137s down or use them or whatever they see
139s y'all they have better Vision than bees
140s which is
141s pretty ironic uh bees bees Dean okay not
146s beets Bruno got a little bit of a buff
149s as well as some other fun stuff in there
151s so you'll learn more very soon
154s potentially next week as to what is up
157s next for Warframe
160s um stay tuned for any sort of official
162s announcement about that you know end of
165s the month things usually happen uh and
168s we'll talk about some things maybe so
170s stay tuned for that uh and then of
172s course lunar renewal Dean if you don't
174s mind going to my screen
176s thank you so much good sir lunar renewal
179s items are still in the market they're
181s available until February 12th so you do
183s have a little bit of time if you wanted
186s to get yourself some fun lunar renewal
188s it's a year of the water rabbit Helen
191s are we are we excited about the year the
192s water rabbit we really are well look out
195s those born in the year of the rabbit
196s it's not it's a time to be wary not your
199s lucky the whole 365 days of being wary
201s yeah it's your it's your year where
203s things can go oh no you know fate might
205s not smile upon you why is it a water
207s rabbit
209s um there's an element Associated I love
212s that each year yes I'll have to look
214s into this that's so cool well you're the
215s goat right here rooster go to Ram I
218s can't is there a difference
221s I mean yes there is a difference no I
223s know there's a difference in the animal
224s I just mean like never mind no I mean I
227s just you actually stopped me in the
229s moment I couldn't answer
230s well if you have an ox your year already
234s happened get out of here I'm kidding we
237s do have renewal items still in the
239s market uh the sarin you henge skin will
244s remain permanently similar to the
246s Grendel neon skin that came out last
248s year so if you were looking to get the
250s sarin skin it's going to be in the
251s market permanently so no need to rush on
253s that one but as you can see the other
255s bundles and items are a limited time so
257s if you want to get yourself the Skins
259s you wanted to get yourself the ephemera
262s and whatnot uh you will want to do that
264s before February 12th so just put that in
267s your calendar and then we had a prime
269s gaming drop didn't even go away from my
271s screen thank you right Taylor
273s we did what are you googling I'm trying
275s to access twitch and it's not loading
278s for me and so I was like oh I'm trying
279s to figure it out and so I Googled Twitch
281s down and then she passed this on to me
283s but that's not important because what's
285s important is the fact that we just
286s released the ogre's iridos bundle so if
290s you
291s like Prime gaming you have your Amazon
292s Prime or you just have a prime gaming
294s some screw option you can go to
296s gaming.amazon.com
298s or use exclamation point Prime gaming in
300s chat uh it'll take you to
303s Dean's over here you need to be
306s refocused oh man I like move in my chair
315s don't show them our ceiling oh my God
318s that's so embarrassing
322s okay
324s anyway you can claim the uh ogres iridos
329s bundle and you'll get the ogres weapon
330s you'll get the ogres iridos weapon skin
333s and a weapon slot so that's fantastic
335s Dean if you want to actually go to my
336s screen I can show you it's so shiny I'm
339s using the sarin skin as well but wow
343s you're so glowing you have the ephemeron
345s too I do I do wow what if I just do
347s random colors beautiful wow look at that
350s look at that gun hell yeah so I'll be
352s using the okra today you're of the water
354s rabbit and the ogres
356s explosive weapons do you mind just
358s checking your in-game audio settings
359s because they seem fairly low really loud
362s low quietly well you can go away from
364s our screen later
365s you can go to my screen
369s um as we know Prime Resurgence is live
372s with our our boys volt Prime and Loki
375s Prime but there is only 13 days ish give
378s or take left uh on the primary surgeon
382s so if you wanted to get yourself you
383s know adonata Prime bow Prime worm Prime
385s all that stuff you're going to want to
386s do it uh before it expires and if you
389s are needing a bit of a timer you can
392s visit varzia at any time and she will
394s tell you there and oh would you look at
395s that we have our next rotation known to
398s the world atlas and vaubon Prime will be
402s coming after volt and Loki Prime so if
405s you are looking forward to Alice and
406s vomon Prime you need those for your
407s inventory they're weapons their
409s Cosmetics varzia has you hooked up in 13
413s days in 19 hours get your 19 ready get
417s it all yeah stock it up yeah and then of
420s course Baruch Prime is our most recent
423s Prime uh in December and as you know if
425s you watch Prime Time last week we had
427s zero luck getting any Baruch Prime stuff
429s so we're gonna continue the hunt today
431s Taylor and myself to get some brew Prime
434s goodies creating Cobra a furious Prime
437s will hopefully be in our future uh but
440s you know new Prime coming up soon I
443s don't know if anyone has publicly
445s guessed
446s I think it's gonna be
449s varuna
452s yes yes it is
455s up next baby yeah screw everyone else
458s yeah you don't even skip everyone uh no
461s but you'll find out sooner or later uh
464s and then twitch drop what do we got
466s Taytay we have the domestic grab bag and
470s why is that why do we have drones this
471s week Taylor because I was like oh you
474s need to clean your house which is uh
476s completely a projection because I need
477s to clean my house okay and so I was like
479s oh you know everyone is going to uh
482s clean your Orbiter add some Flair to it
485s if you actually go to my game I can show
487s you big fan of domestic drones oh
489s they're they're all kind of Spilled Out
491s but there's a lot of them don't look at
493s that wall oh my God but if you watch for
495s 45 minutes uh you will get a chance at
498s the full Bevy of a domestic drone so the
501s chap
503s or you're going off the top of your head
504s go Taylor go I believe in you the bad
506s boy yeah uh oh there's like the pink one
510s oh God why did I do this to myself the
512s regular one you can also get a maggot
513s and I think it's like zap or something
515s there's mood moves mood there's bad boy
519s bad boy snob snob chap normal normal
523s Zoni Zony and maggot and make it so you
528s can get yourself every 45 minutes so if
530s you watch the stream from start to
531s finish you get two you can get yourself
533s two drones two kicks of the can to get
535s yourself a drill make sure you're linked
537s warframe.com twitch if you're not uh and
539s if you claim it and you don't get it in
541s the game you just have to unlink and
542s re-link easy peasy lemon squeezy right
544s Dean yes but we also have drops tomorrow
547s on some orphan creators who we got to we
550s do so we're continuing our community
552s drops into the new year
554s um so we have two featured content
556s creators tomorrow we will be featuring
559s widescreen John it's gonna be his
560s birthday happy birthday John he's on
562s going to be raising money for a charity
565s I do not remember the exactly the
567s charity and I don't want to bespeak but
569s if you want to be there to support the
570s cause you want to wish him happy
571s birthday or you just want to win
574s earn your chance earn your chance get a
576s Navara noggle watch for 30 minutes of
578s widescreen John that is from 3 P.M to 4
581s P.M ET and then Oscar who is our Spanish
585s content creator
589s I don't know 6 PM to 7 PM ET you can get
593s the morphine reticula so if you want to
595s know all of the details for that you can
596s go to our Forum post
599s where drops are listed
601s or you can just tune into switches
604s directory tomorrow and just look and
607s watch for the twitch drops that's kind
609s of what I do Megan in quick succession
611s while Taylor was going through all that
613s you drank from all three of your
614s beverages in a row yeah
618s no I would I think Chad would like to
620s know what your Three Brothers the
621s variety is the spice of life what my
623s three beverages yeah because like you
624s chased one with another with the other
625s so I'm curious this too all right we
627s started off with a dark roast coffee
630s delicious as one does at 6 11 p.m on a
633s Thursday cheers we have a strawberry
635s storm Brewster juice with an energy
637s booster in it and then we just have a
639s nice tap water
641s so a little variety a little little
644s variety of spice of life I'm just
647s perpetually thirsty so you know you just
650s gotta do what you gotta do anyways uh
653s let's do a platinum prize shall we Dean
655s should we do anything special for 333 or
658s just straight up a thousand just
659s straight up a thousand all right here we
660s go we don't want to mess around with no
662s bad juju
663s we're already blessed with 333. you know
666s what I'm saying
667s ride that wave is it like the opposite
670s of
671s six is that the idea that was 999
674s I'm so confused oh robertis
677s congratulations you won a thousand
679s Platinum please message the working
680s Channel with the Warframe on the
682s Warframe Channel you're watching on with
683s your Warframe username and the platform
685s you play on and we'll get your plot I
686s haven't done this in like two plus
687s months really
689s so my brain is like
691s how do you do this again how do words
693s work I mean if yeah last week I
695s mispronounced probably every word that
697s came out of my mouth so I feel you there
699s but
701s we move on and we're gonna do some game
703s playing gameplay all right like I said
706s we're gonna do some Baruch Prime relics
708s tonight is the night 333 will bless us
712s with some Goods
714s uh and Taylor and I are both on PC
717s tonight but of course cross plays live
719s so if you're on Playstation if you're on
721s switch if you're on Xbox we can all play
724s together we love it
725s um so let's check our oh before I do
729s this
730s because we're gonna do steel path yes
732s we're gonna do steel path relics so keep
734s that in mind if you want to play with us
735s get your goodie loadouts going
739s um but one thing I wanted to do before I
741s do this is my sweet baby I don't even
744s know what I renamed this guy nurgle
747s um nurgle that was a I think that was a
750s quest Conquer Cancer thing let's rename
752s it is that like the cat from Garfield I
755s think it's a d reference
758s I think I should know that but I don't
760s maybe not it's some kind of nerdy
763s reference anyways
766s um your Hammer there we go more Hammer
769s see nerds just kidding I love you thank
772s you Saint Paradise that's what it's
773s working normal is the cat like the girl
776s cat from Garfield
778s I mean it's called The Garfield Laurie
780s they could be lovers or just related
782s anyways yeah
783s um
784s I have an invigoration for varuna and I
787s just I need to deal with for because I
790s just love varuna I'm trying to rank her
791s up I'm trying to get her I'm so sorry to
793s eat the best that she can possibly be
795s but also one of the night waves is
797s feeding a resource to uh sir helmuth and
801s I have a couple that I need so what do I
802s need I need calcs and synthesis let's
804s feed our nurgle shall we
807s uh let's get some synthetics uh what do
811s we want oh okay stop beeping at me
814s let's go with some you want some field
818s drawn samples maybe a couple neural
821s sensors who knows all right you want
823s some Kelps I have some hexanon we're
826s going to turn my volume up maybe a
828s little bit of null Stone oh my God one
830s percent oxides okay I don't need it
832s right now I don't think I did all right
834s fed him he's happy we're gonna
835s invigorate varuna to make her the best
837s and possibly be
839s holy smokes nurgle Warhammer 40K
842s you know what we're just gamers
845s 10 out of 10 gamers are Gamers
847s but I'm not going to use varuna today I
850s just wanted to make sure I did that
851s didn't forget whoops I went to
853s navigation plus you got your nightwave
854s challenge so I got another challenge
855s it's just three through three it's just
857s happy medium I am going to bring the G
859s dang Prime AKA and narrows Prime because
861s I have not played in Narrows Prime in
864s what feels like forever and when to
866s ghosts I did a little Mesa Prime I went
869s to varuna and I feel like I have
870s neglected my sweet baby boy in ours
872s Prime and I just look at that kick oh
875s look at the cake
876s he's so excited to be included he's
881s resurrected from the Sands and ready to
883s go yeah
884s um so like I said we are going to do
886s um steel path relics some Baroque relics
889s I have one of the ones that's common
892s that doesn't need any boy choices I
894s think it's Neo nope it is meso R5 so why
898s don't we what's what's the meso please
900s tell me it's not a spy though
902s we will see if we you know
906s I definitely I just searched myself I'm
908s looking for goodness meso is defense
911s all right so I'm gonna invite you Taylor
913s okay
914s if you would like to join today
919s uh whisper myself or Taylor in game on
923s PC here square bracket de Taylor or
925s Megan
927s and Whisper us
929s with your New Year's resolution oh
933s I did not get your invite do you want to
935s try again
937s I mean I guess I might have accidentally
939s declined it but Taylor that's my New
942s Year's resolution did not pick lighting
945s my friends oh you're offline
948s no I'm not
951s your detailer are you yeah
953s hello are you online at your desk
959s well Taylor does that you know really
962s quickly
963s but you know what it would be the day
966s that that would happen I do that every
967s single time don't worry about it okay
970s um
971s Arthur 9 want to master tridalon alone
974s all right that is that is quite the feat
978s there is someone who we added to the
980s creative program recently who does solo
984s um I think it's like three by sevens or
986s something and he like speed runs them
988s it's insane so I'll believe it I believe
990s you can do whatever you want my friend
992s uh Tech voice is my New Year resolution
995s is to understand my ADHD I'd love that
999s for you more self-knowledge hope we can
1002s do it all right I'm waiting on you
1007s what are your New Year resolutions
1010s tell me about it
1012s Chad's dying to know what color palette
1015s you're using if you have said it in
1016s Omega I don't know if you're being
1017s sarcastic I'm actually serious I've
1019s never seen so many people
1021s I don't know what I started it 333 you
1024s guessing me up
1026s well if you must know
1029s um I'm using the white from the this is
1032s just a classic palette the blue from the
1035s Oregon palette the pink from the
1037s Valentine palette the Green from the
1040s infested palette black from smoke and
1042s that gray is just there for funsies and
1045s then I have on the protovir Apex
1048s ephemera in the I use the same colors
1051s across the board as everyone knows a
1053s Harmony ribbon of course I've got some
1055s ion shoulder armor going and then I
1058s believe the sign Dana is the jotenheim
1060s assigned data by mz3 we love a tanogen
1063s moment so good it is one of the most
1065s it's like a cape on a cape on a cape
1068s like you could you could do Three Capes
1070s in one you could take this apart and
1071s make like four signed in its instead
1073s they're like nah I'm just gonna make one
1074s big one I love it I feel like I'm being
1077s hugged by it and I think it looks good
1079s with the protovir ephemera you know she
1081s just looks great and I'm also using
1084s um the anaros Oz Mandy skin which is
1088s also tanogen by Matson 481
1093s I love it my boy does not have enough
1095s 1000 stuff I'm just saying
1097s Auto fire don't gas me out like that
1103s Otto is the best you can probably invite
1104s me now all right we're gonna try
1107s d e Taylor I see chat I received
1111s chat don't log into the game in like
1113s probably three different places if
1115s you're on at home you're on your work
1116s yeah
1118s it's all right it happens
1121s uh all right we're gonna do I believe it
1123s was sorry Dark Wolf and sorry I have to
1126s decline
1129s um we're gonna do the I think it was a
1131s meso deep even steel path yes
1136s me yeah
1138s yeah it's probably my hair hello
1141s sorry
1143s get rid of it uh all right Baruch meso
1147s R5 I'm just gonna tell the squad maso R5
1151s If you have it oh I just sent that to
1154s Tech Boy by accident
1156s the amount of times I accidentally
1158s either send a message to region which is
1162s very awkward because it comes up purple
1165s forget I ever said anything uh or I just
1168s accidentally whisper to people so miso
1171s R5 for the Baruch Prime Systems that's
1174s you don't have that you have the chassis
1175s yes very good very good banned for the
1178s wrong Channel yeah
1180s come after me kickbot do it 1v1 in the
1184s parking lot yeah
1186s I'll disable you so quick I would not
1189s whenever Grendel Prime is my New Year's
1192s resolution
1193s that's not my resolutions is something
1195s you can control but okay yeah I like
1198s your hopes and dreams I love it
1201s my resolution is for the Leafs to win
1204s you can't even see I'm sorry you can't
1207s even say that into the world
1212s don't be doing that I'm sorry that's
1214s okay sorry it's okay positive
1216s affirmations you speak it it'll happen
1217s exactly I want Grendel to eat me all
1220s right
1221s that's a good resolution okay okay
1223s I like where your head's at what is a
1226s grab bag we are doing a domestic drone
1229s grab bag so we have all the different
1230s colored ones the normal one as well as
1233s the mega domestic drone so smaller
1236s chance but if you get it if you need
1238s your specials oh wow not actually oh
1242s it's all right
1244s good to know
1246s all right I'm holding the elevator I
1249s didn't do that who is this that's the
1251s classic no that's how you do it and then
1253s you run into the elevator no yes that's
1257s so nice I beat you we're faster that way
1259s if you if you go into the teleport
1261s volume well it'll tell you what you're
1263s up
1264s I wait for my friends dude I think I'm
1267s really
1268s oh yes I did I certainly hope so the
1272s chat we were all there together and I
1275s still forgot
1276s oh I've done exploded him
1280s Chad if you're new here my favorite
1282s weapon of all time is the lieutenant
1283s ARCA plasma can't be
1287s can't be undone it's just my my sweet
1289s baby I don't know plasma do you ever try
1291s using other weapons and means I thought
1294s you meant just in general yeah you ever
1296s switch your weapon uh I mean I
1299s definitely switch up and I just you know
1301s I do have my other favorites I love the
1303s queller especially with ghosts and let
1305s that increased uh increased fire rate
1308s just feels delicious with the color but
1312s so just something about the the
1313s technarchoplasmor that feels good you
1315s know can't be it can't be ignored chat
1318s if you had to pick one primary weapon
1320s one out of everything to use for the
1323s rest of your life what are you picking
1325s Taylor kubacone
1327s every time okay okay yep yep I like it I
1332s like it get over here chat the natterak
1335s what a great choice probably the bow
1339s that feels in my opinion the most
1342s satisfying excuse lots of seating a lot
1345s to sit in I said what else to do do you
1348s like that weapon they do
1351s they're so clap for you I clap if I
1354s could use my hands but I promise I would
1356s I remember when you would always play
1358s the heck that's true yeah yeah the heck
1361s and then we introduced
1364s um the
1365s or on my blanking not the cuva heck the
1368s what we did but what's the The Syndicate
1371s one yeah why can't I think of it
1375s no the merlok has it too what is it yeah
1381s yeah I am just as a also as a human
1385s being I attached onto things I don't
1388s want to do anything else
1390s um so it does my does my game play as
1393s well
1394s I'm totally decided that's my New Year's
1396s resolution is to force myself to play
1399s workers but I normally don't because I
1401s just good one Gara I just play Nova and
1403s I just play hildren and so right now I'm
1406s playing Wukong probably for the first
1408s time internet
1411s and that's honestly like how I fell in
1413s love with Gauss like he just wasn't
1415s afraid that I played and I just like I
1417s was like he cool but like I I want to
1420s play myanaros I want to play my mouth
1421s here and then I switched to ghosts and I
1423s was like what have I been missing this
1425s entire yeah what a fantastic world to
1428s live in
1429s yeah now I can't go back
1432s now you just find yourself running into
1434s walls on purpose
1436s all the time in game and elsewhere yeah
1439s I love it
1441s sorry Helen go ahead no uh chat did
1445s answer your New Year's resolution
1447s um uh first one diffusional's resolution
1451s is an in-person tennocon big dream
1454s diffusional what a blessed dream to have
1457s and you know you know what this you know
1459s what I said earlier about speaking it
1461s into existence you know manifesting
1463s positive affirmations manifesting who
1466s knows the power of your words you know
1467s who knows all starts with this fusional
1470s all starts with a confusional that we
1472s can thank the speech if it happens
1475s like Doc like Doc Brown says if you put
1478s your mind to it you can accomplish
1479s anything is that a Star Trek thing no
1481s it's from the future
1497s thank you yeah I almost said Mandalorian
1503s uh were there any other resolutions oh
1505s plenty yeah this is really good the
1507s fifth angel wants to try and quit
1510s smoking oh that's I believe in you
1512s you'll get it that is a great one yeah I
1514s can't I've never done that one second of
1517s my life so I can't attest to any uh
1520s helps but I know there's lots out there
1522s so I hope you uh I hope you can beat it
1524s my mom smoked her whole life and she
1526s stopped smoking when she was pregnant
1527s with me so that might be an option for
1529s me just get pregnant get a little tailor
1531s I'm just I'm teasing but it's really
1534s hard so
1543s absolutely but in all on all seriousness
1546s best of luck yeah you can do it look
1548s yeah I also had um
1552s arcadiac and a few others say that their
1555s resolution is to take better care of
1556s their mental health very good that is
1558s very important I I can attest to that as
1561s well I would also like to prioritize
1563s that personally
1565s that helps with everything you know
1567s that's step one true good mental health
1570s probably good other things too
1573s violence
1576s speaking of Mental Health
1580s violence is when you don't take care of
1582s your mental health
1583s this is a uh this is an example right
1586s here
1587s I also thought this was a good um
1589s philosophical question RPG fiend said I
1593s don't believe in resolutions I just do
1594s the next right thing as it comes up
1596s there you go one day at a time that's
1598s what I always say one day at a time take
1601s it as it goes live your life live your
1603s best life get that bag you know oh my
1606s God our cryopod is getting oh she's
1609s getting blast rocket it'll be
1615s really looking forward to playing Star
1618s rerun
1619s um yeah if you are unfamiliar we didn't
1622s do plague star last year because we want
1624s to do some just necessary changes and
1628s fixes to it before we put it out uh so
1630s we're we are assessing that
1632s um we gave Dev a nice little list based
1635s off of you all's feedback and want some
1639s desires and hopes and dreams
1641s um so yeah we're going to work towards
1642s that no you know concrete data on when
1645s we're going to run plague star but it is
1646s on the plate to get some changes and
1649s fixes so that'll be good
1651s New Year's resolution spend time with
1653s family oh
1655s it's nice
1658s I like to code Tatsu runs resolution I
1663s want to learn to drive like IRL
1666s video game driving yeah
1668s you know I believe in you just stay in
1672s your lane I don't mean that like
1674s metaphorically I mean literally stay in
1676s your lane look your blind spots uh
1679s signal while you're turning yeah well
1681s before you turn obviously use your turn
1682s signal okay do the zipper I feel like
1684s the zipper is underrated and
1686s underappreciated zipper merge is a good
1687s good thing be considerate of others yeah
1690s you know don't tailgate just you know
1693s it's not worth it you see me on the road
1696s my my car lights are just extremely
1698s bright I don't have liners on I promise
1701s you Megan you're one of those I know and
1704s I feel so bad because I I know what that
1706s looks like like I've seen trucks and
1708s stuff that I'm like you have your high
1709s beams on man yeah but it's just because
1711s they have like
1712s LED LED lights and now that I do I'm
1715s like I get flashed all the time and then
1717s I flash them and I'm like
1719s don't do that that's me don't forget
1721s honking your horn is a privilege not a
1724s right oh what does that mean meaning
1726s don't be liberal with the horn honking
1728s when somebody does something that you
1729s don't unless you live in New York then
1730s that's a whole lot I'm walking here I'm
1732s walking you I'm getting a bagel I drove
1734s in New York last summer and you drove in
1738s the city yeah we drove to New York and
1739s then we like droved it wasn't honestly
1742s it was better than Toronto I'll tell you
1743s right I just got run over like six times
1745s when I was there well while you were
1747s driving no I was walking
1754s it's collectively you just got it we
1757s just come from London Ontario where
1758s everyone's pretty passive except on
1761s Sundays people got places to go on
1762s Sundays oh yeah stay off the roads you
1765s don't want to be on the roads on Sundays
1770s all right where are we at wave five
1772s the feeling Brew crime feeling it I
1774s believe I believe wait high beams get
1776s flashed so basically people assume like
1780s I'll use myself as an example because my
1781s normal car lights are just very bright
1784s people assume that I accidentally am
1787s dumb and have my high beams on which is
1790s not the fact it's just that my lights
1792s were bright so when they flash me to
1794s warn me and say hey your high beams are
1796s on I go oh you want to see my high beams
1798s and then I flash my high views which is
1801s a Bit Sassy but yeah but they're just
1803s trying to help you so like you like you
1805s flick your high beam bun yeah oh you
1808s think my high beams are on these are my
1810s high beams yeah
1811s I'm sorry it's even worse oh you thought
1814s I was blinding you now you just wait for
1817s it
1818s no I shouldn't for sure
1820s but I do
1824s but maybe your others are prop or
1825s improperly aligned they are not they are
1828s perfectly aligned just extremely bright
1831s um
1832s uh what do we got what do we got
1834s it really wants us to play nice
1838s I own three blueprints but those duckets
1841s though but do I have the history I'm
1844s pretty sure I do I'll just keep it
1845s anyways
1846s I think it is using muzzle flash iro one
1850s would say
1851s uh I don't think I have another Relic to
1854s use okay let's extract sorry techwell I
1856s appreciate your enthusiasm though
1858s please tell me when the tenant lens will
1860s be a thing not today that is that would
1863s that would become your new favorite oh
1865s the lens was my favorite weapon before I
1867s got the codes and while uh self-damage
1870s was still a thing sorry Dad mention self
1873s damage damn you're really opening that
1875s woo I didn't mean to
1878s but uh it was always a thrill you know
1881s to like shoot it and then try to run
1883s past it so that you would accidentally
1885s murder your Warframe great time great
1887s time
1888s oh Snoop Dogg message me saying I'm
1891s hoping to marry my BF so that's their
1893s New Year's resolution so cute does your
1896s BF Martha Stewart
1898s what
1899s Snoop Dogg
1902s you said their name was Snoop Dogg it's
1903s Snoop Dogg but yes yes yes yes yes
1906s besties Martha Stewart anyways I love a
1909s felon you know so I would love a felon
1912s we love a felon in this house uh I have
1914s no more mesos I have NEOS and lifts so
1918s which one would you like I think I have
1920s oh wait you don't want the Neo because
1922s you already have the chassis so lift it
1924s is for the Big Kahuna of a Baruch Prime
1927s blueprint so I will radiate mine I will
1930s let the squad know we're going with a
1933s what did I say Lift B10 Relic
1938s with a smiley face
1941s stream will be exactly one and a half
1943s hours or can be longer it's actually two
1945s hours long so you get to hang out with
1947s us for two hours but you're correct and
1950s it's an hour and a half more from this
1952s point so what's on today's agenda well
1955s suslami
1956s we are doing some bird Prime relics
1959s because last week I was not fruitful in
1962s uh in Brew crime when we get to see
1964s Rebecca the legend again oh
1967s seven streams soon my friend
1971s very soon
1974s you shall see Mr Becker board there's a
1976s rescue or there's a defense so I figured
1977s we should do this rescue
1979s sure
1981s you have to do this how do we get prizes
1982s well uh prizes on the stream you just
1985s are doing what you're doing and watching
1987s the stream you're logged in you're
1989s watching
1990s you're getting the bag well maybe get
1992s the bag
1992s and then for twitch drops again you just
1995s logged in and watching make sure you're
1996s linked your Twitch drop someone asked
1999s you do have to claim the reward before
2001s it starts Gathering time for the next
2003s one so you can't just you have to squat
2006s on it okay no squatters no squatting
2008s only this isn't a gym
2012s step away from the barbells okay
2015s I don't know
2022s what happened to very Paradox well
2025s I have to flash your high beams for
2027s prizes
2028s oh that's what someone says please don't
2030s fat Jesus I have bad eyeballs oh no
2032s someone's got to get the bass wait no no
2034s data mask what are we are we doing
2035s defense
2038s are we doing rescues rescue oh sorry
2040s it's okay it's okay uh sorry I mentioned
2043s Dewberry you're just gonna have to uh
2045s tune in to our next dev Street which you
2048s will find out more about very soon I
2050s need to scare bomber up one second
2052s please
2053s where's my friend
2057s I'm good
2061s blind some people oh I guess maybe my
2064s anaros
2066s um
2066s oh my God there's so much going on
2069s um my pocket sand is also the equivalent
2072s of flashing my high beams because I
2073s blind people I mean like with all of the
2075s rude the mean memes about your fashion
2078s about you blinding people it's just
2080s really funny that you also blind people
2082s in real life accidentally though it's
2084s never on purpose I know I mean that's
2087s also accidental in game it's not on
2088s purpose either
2090s um I mean I do purposely color this way
2092s but it's not too blind no it's not it's
2095s too I've seen some color choices that
2098s I'm like oh boy did you just hit the
2100s random button or you know are you into
2102s this yeah I mean I ain't gonna judge I
2104s especially can't judge this is you all
2107s see my fashion every day beauty is in
2110s the eye of the beholder it's true and I
2112s have bad eyesight I think it's beautiful
2114s thank I love the colors thank you as
2117s someone whose office is literally pink
2119s and green I have no we're not around at
2123s home is pink and green it's pink in it
2124s there's green I have not noticed such a
2127s watermelon-esque Vibe it's a little
2129s darker okay okay yeah okay I like it
2133s I mean our offices here are ridiculously
2136s colored so I know I love them they're
2138s like blue and orange and red and I love
2141s it all over the place
2143s why no color change I've just been the
2147s same colors
2149s they're going on 10 years now so oh
2151s sorry almost 10 years we'll go with nine
2153s and three quarters
2155s and I just I stick to it
2157s like what I said I I like something and
2160s I don't I don't ever change that's why
2162s I've been a redhead for so long
2165s just can't help it live in that
2167s toothpaste life I do love mint ice cream
2171s and I do enjoy brushing my teeth
2174s one would say I brush too much oh really
2177s yeah is that what the dentist says oh no
2180s yeah I just can't help it
2182s they're feeling help but I drink so much
2184s coffee stains them you know I know I'm
2187s just trying to fight it
2190s I would like to Mercy at this point the
2193s colors count as a trademark sorry how
2195s are you saying I'm just gonna say
2197s talshardham was wondering if our color
2199s scheme was Lucky Charms based on our
2202s descriptions I mean kind of yeah there's
2205s like because Lucky Charms are kind of
2206s like pastelier definitely if you've got
2208s like the little pink blue the reddish
2210s balloons you got like the pink God I
2213s don't even remember anymore there's a
2214s rainbow there's a clover
2218s where am I going I've been in a dead end
2221s anyway uh Helen I'm gonna need you to do
2223s your best lucky charm in person
2228s I always actually do this with my
2231s husband the they don't try to steal my
2233s strawberry smiggles
2241s in my stomach
2245s Taylor can I get a they're trying to
2247s steal me Lucky Charms oh they're trying
2250s to steal my Lucky Charms I can't do it I
2253s can't do it that was all right I'll give
2255s you a six out of ten that's higher than
2257s I deserve honestly oh I don't see that
2261s oh my God she's lost I'm also love it's
2264s all right I'm not distracted I'm in my
2267s sand my sand temple
2269s also can we believe that
2271s I know it's the beginning of 2023 but a
2273s year ago
2275s Wordle was popping off oh you know what
2278s I'm saying I know someone who still does
2280s Wordle everything is it Rebecca Ford
2281s because she still does word all
2283s everything no it's not that person but
2284s now I know two people who do Wordle
2286s every single day right pops off with the
2288s wordles oh that's a lot of fun We
2290s rescued let's go
2293s oh it was at a Ricky Morty Rick and
2295s Morty reference it was a Rick and Morty
2297s reference oh man I've never seen it but
2300s I believe it oh that's not where I'm
2302s supposed to go all I know is oh geez
2304s Mori or is it all Rick oh geez Rick oh
2307s it is see I don't even know the right
2309s roses it's okay I shouldn't be talking I
2312s still do wordles and I feel called out
2313s no I'm not saying it's bad I'm just
2314s saying it's commitment man I'm just
2316s saying a year happy anniversary yeah a
2318s year ago it was like a I would get
2320s excited it's a sad I'd get excited to
2322s wake up and do the new Wordle of the day
2324s you know what I'm saying and like that's
2326s I look back on oh my God we got it oh my
2329s God where's the hacker I got it I got it
2331s I'm scared I'm stuck
2333s um so no good on you keep doing it keep
2335s doing that word what's your streak
2337s tell me uh do we all have reactant we do
2340s we're good okay
2341s let's just check
2344s are we getting any devere news soon yes
2346s on the next Dev stream you shall get
2348s dubiri news and you shall have news
2350s about the dev stream very soon
2353s stay tuned
2357s my husband sorry go ahead I was gonna
2358s say speaking about world did you guys
2360s see if you're familiar with I think it's
2362s called guess the game it's the same
2364s thing but for video games Warframe was
2366s like three days ago oh three days ago
2367s yeah and the the screenshot they used
2369s was uh one of the grineer uh like
2372s tunnels and it was just like the light
2374s fixture
2375s that standing Mount uh tripod light
2377s fixture yeah I was like got it in one
2380s nice damn nice you're like this is my
2383s day it's like finally I was born for
2385s this moment this one was made for me and
2388s then if you've seen that show what is it
2389s Ginny in Georgia
2391s there's apparently a Warframe uh oh the
2393s screenshot my mom texted me about it she
2396s did that's so cute that's fine
2398s that is cute
2400s uh we didn't get it
2402s this is just this has honestly been the
2405s most elusive Prime I think in my entire
2408s 10-year career at digital extreme it's
2410s pretty unreal Baruch B
2412s a loose let's do another meso okay you
2416s know it's not a loser Exterminating let
2417s me guess it's a thousand Platinum for
2420s one person in chat
2422s and I I bet you this person I don't have
2426s one yeah but if yeah it's okay if we get
2428s you one then we get you one unless
2430s there's like a cobra and Korean one
2432s maybe that you have uh we'll see let's
2434s find out um a thousand Platinum has gone
2435s to
2436s South the list or salt Halley's Salt
2440s Palace saltalis uh congratulations you
2443s have won 1 000 Platinum please whisper
2445s the Warframe to a channel you're
2448s watching right now with your gamelius
2449s and platform we play working on and
2451s we'll get you your 1 000 Platinum
2453s Salt Palace congratulations
2456s um I have a meso K5 or I do have an A5
2459s and
2462s um
2463s I can upgrade it but is it
2466s okay I do it for you do it for you today
2469s what's whatever you want it's if you
2471s already have it do it for you okay
2474s I do it for the money
2476s are we getting info on the next prime
2480s later uh I mean not on this stream you'd
2484s get the information on a Dev stream so
2486s you're just gonna I'm not gonna say
2488s which Dev stream
2490s but you will get information on a
2492s podcast
2493s eventually who is an S tier frame in
2496s your opinion uh ghosts Taylor
2502s um Helen
2504s uh
2516s skip everyone else screw it there we go
2518s give me my my fast boy honestly just
2522s like fried bread just like you know I
2524s don't know
2526s let's get it to work I know some Secrets
2528s blackmail rib even better no I want a
2531s blackmailer
2533s and we just sorry I thought that's what
2535s you meant I meant like friendly
2537s manipulation of course yeah yeah just
2541s friendly extortion yeah that's a great
2544s word I like that
2546s she'd know exactly what I was doing
2548s because
2550s because she knows she'd be like yeah
2551s yeah still have that Christmas music
2554s Christmas music I still have that
2556s Christmas song what's up oh
2558s no that's uh ah I'm in the goo
2563s that's definitely something it is
2565s something something best sound bite I've
2568s ever heard oh Magoo
2572s what I was truly in the goop
2575s it was neck deep in the Goon oh my God
2577s Jerry Seinfeld how's it going what's the
2580s deal with goo
2584s oh go to rapalas please uh probably
2588s won't but I mean maybe one day we did
2591s fix a bunch of Rapala stuff one of the
2593s whole ones one of the ones one of the
2595s fixes being a lot of people thought you
2598s could transfer it into the rapologist
2600s and become the rapalas no really yeah
2603s which is kind of funny it wasn't didn't
2605s really function that way it was just
2607s your uh your Opera
2609s your operator would go invisible and you
2612s would just be like perpetually stuck on
2614s the Rapala some people thought you were
2616s one with the Republic you were not but
2618s it's a fun thought we fixed that it's
2620s like the oral worm all over again
2625s oh the angry oh
2629s that's what I say every time I see it
2632s well clearly we need to replay that
2634s Quest on stream
2636s I'm just gonna voice over the duviri
2639s demo from Channel Khan last year oh yeah
2642s the great oh oh my God
2655s ah
2656s I cannot see where I'm going
2659s uh it just reminds me of the people who
2661s used to do like the war there's like
2664s people on YouTube who do this war
2665s monologue but like in different voices
2667s and I definitely looked into one where
2669s they were
2670s to get into oh well boy oh hell yeah so
2673s you come to this place
2675s they come with his Poise when they know
2677s they are not pure oh God
2682s love that for more
2683s absolutely Dee please give us an
2686s Archimedes yaanta glyph or articula I
2689s feel like you have ulterior motives for
2690s that one but I'm there with you
2694s because I would enjoy that oh maybe we
2697s could do bobble heads maybe we can make
2699s some uh you know
2703s Marcus where are you dear Marcus Kratz
2707s my humble request I have an idea oh my
2711s God where am I am I stopping is everyone
2714s entering stop it it doesn't do anything
2717s oh my gosh I'm gonna ban the word if you
2720s don't behave oh the goo
2724s again
2726s I believe where am I going you can't do
2729s that on Warframe I mean we put goo in
2732s the game maybe there's the stug now
2734s there's a it's a nevermind Star Trek
2737s reference no it's a Nickelodeon
2738s reference slime yeah you can't do that
2741s on television
2743s never mind oh this is like
2746s it's an old person thing 20 years ago
2751s oh see this is what happened I already
2755s have the blueprint so we're good
2757s I gotta go Baruch my luck is so bad for
2760s oh we didn't wait for what's his nuts oh
2762s he's fine I mean what's his face
2767s anyway
2769s s anyway uh
2776s anyways all right so we finally got
2779s we finally got a Baruch peace blessed
2782s b333
2785s um but you also need something don't you
2786s Taylor I need Cora
2788s she needs Cora you just need one more
2791s piece or do you need more things
2794s I just need one case you didn't see one
2795s piece all right so thank you so much to
2798s Arthur nine and Tech boy for joining us
2802s appreciate you thank you for cracking
2804s those relics with us and we're gonna
2807s disband the squad oh and Taylor is going
2811s too you want a bit of uh
2814s not a solo you could invite other people
2817s oh if you want or you can do it I do you
2820s can say screw friendship I mean I want
2823s to mooch off of you in your relics
2825s that's fair it's called
2827s yes dude you can just go to her game boy
2830s cool unless you want to stare at my
2832s anaros and beautiful you can't even see
2834s it in my ship I'm basically camouflage I
2837s need the chassis that's it if you look
2839s here
2840s I got everything else if you looked just
2843s here look with your eyes chat all right
2845s real radiant this so if you want to join
2848s my squad or you want to help me out you
2850s don't have to go for the quora you know
2852s blueprint if you have something else
2853s you're working for that's fine I'm a
2856s benevolent God oh you really are we'll
2859s allow whatever you want whisper me a
2861s game
2862s what what you would read a vanari if you
2865s could
2866s rename vanari like if you had aim
2869s Bernard like rename her like you know
2870s you gave a cat a name what would you
2872s name it yeah okay I like that
2874s speaking of Helen how's Chapin tonight
2876s chat's great a lot of people pointing
2879s out that uh oh was a Canadian show it
2881s was very exciting wasn't that
2885s buzz buzz I think his name was Buzz and
2887s he happens right he had like a hair a
2889s really weird haircut I'm not sure if it
2891s was his real hair or not good question
2893s do you know that retro kid has uh-oh
2895s t-shirts I do know because you told me
2897s that's right and
2899s video on Arcade top 10 and a whole bunch
2901s of stuff it's awesome YTV baby yeah I'm
2904s joking actually somebody pointed out
2906s that you can't do that on television
2907s actually started on YTV and then was
2909s picked up by Nickelodeon and they are
2911s correct it was a Canadian production
2912s look at us go Canada am I right and
2916s nurse galisa in 23 had this compelling
2919s question what is the best Warframe for
2922s harder missions lots of ways to
2924s interpret that question yes it is I mean
2926s what do you want do you want
2927s survivability I mean of course you do do
2930s you want damage output do you want
2933s stealth like what's the vibe you know
2936s personally like if I'm gonna do steel
2940s path
2942s um I'm probably going to bring either my
2943s sweet boy or Naros just because he's I
2946s have him currently relatively tanky just
2949s because he
2950s has a lot of armor I did put some archon
2952s shards on him for more armor so he's
2955s kind of just a
2958s wall a sand wall an impenetrable sand
2961s wall
2962s I also like Wukong Prime I still use
2966s Wukong Prime when I do steel path
2968s because I love having my woo clone with
2970s me
2972s um
2974s has a lot of things Neja we've got a
2976s good all-arounder with Neja all it feels
2978s measures and all around her I love that
2981s uh for harder Mission whisp and my girl
2984s protea see okay when you said
2988s um one of your resolutions was that you
2990s wanted to play frames that you haven't
2992s played yeah are you having for struggles
2994s I'm having struggles today
2996s invite
2998s is it you or is it them
3000s I have someone who keeps joining and
3002s then leaving I don't know what's going
3002s on
3004s Xavier a great name I named my zand
3007s Goose that in Pokemon
3009s and Wednesday and you guys seen
3012s Wednesday no okay once you do you'll
3014s understand why Xavier is it's a nap wait
3017s what name Xavier oh Xavier I saw that
3020s and I didn't like the casting for uh the
3024s Dad what's his name he pulls it off oh
3027s yeah okay Louise Guzman
3030s Louise he played uh I know he's in the
3033s original what is he isn't he in Adam's
3036s family no what I'm thinking of someone
3039s else yeah anyways
3042s good choices I do want to get my varuna
3045s to a spot where she is solid in those
3049s steel paths I got a ways to go sorry I'm
3052s talking out loud no it's fine we're
3054s gonna not steal path just so these
3055s people try and figure it out yeah might
3057s need to just reboot again
3059s you might still be logged into your
3061s computer no it's impossible oh
3063s impossible I kicked myself
3066s foreign
3068s what's going on here Chad what's going
3071s on
3071s uh is it working I got one person
3075s I'm trying everyone all right very good
3078s very good uh
3082s can Karma please get a change of
3084s abilities I don't know about that I love
3087s chroma it's pretty it's pretty all
3089s around her
3090s do you get any updates on crossave uh
3092s you have not but when we are ready to
3095s give updates on crossave they will be
3098s said on a Dev stream uh we do have plans
3100s on the next Dev stream to just kind of
3103s give you a state of the world where
3105s we're at with cross save and kind of
3108s what our goals next steps are because as
3110s we know cross play is live and obviously
3114s the next step is cross safe so when we
3116s have an update we will give you one we
3118s are going to just kind of speak to where
3119s we're at with it on the next step Stream
3122s So if you want some information on that
3123s you can check in there
3125s but usually and typically when we talk
3129s about anything new or anything
3131s developing with cross save it'll be on a
3133s Dev stream so look look forward to that
3136s interesting so I'm having issues I don't
3138s know what's going on so I don't know if
3139s I should just log in log out again yeah
3141s try that do you mind just going to
3143s after
3150s will cross trade ever be a thing you're
3151s just gonna have to tune into a Dev
3153s stream where we'll have more information
3154s uh I can't promise we'll have anything
3157s on that for the next Upstream but on a
3160s Dev stream that is where the information
3162s shall be given
3164s love playing gar great for steel path
3165s you are a big Gara player too I love
3168s Goro yeah you're a big girl player she's
3170s the best she's probably one of my like
3173s when I hear her abilities in game I'm
3176s just like ah what a blessing I think of
3178s back in uh
3180s um during one of the town of cons there
3183s was a
3184s what is it like there was that sound
3186s panel and one of the people who used to
3189s work here Mandy she actually did like
3191s the
3192s there's like actually her singing angara
3196s Fancy yeah so if you're ever interested
3198s in how they made Garo sounds there's
3200s like a whole sound panel and one of the
3201s tunnel cons back in the day when they
3203s were in person you know who does that
3206s anymore who gets together socializing
3209s gross okay are you gonna reboot I I'm
3214s trying to get my one person with me to
3217s maybe try to invite other people I'm not
3218s sure if it's worth it interesting but
3221s it's it's slow do you have Crossway on
3223s she does
3233s we're just gonna commit it's just gonna
3235s work uh what do I have it's just gonna
3238s work that's the only way it works you
3240s just manifest it they left it's fun
3243s power through chat they've they've lost
3246s the opportunity it's fine they can just
3249s join back honestly they'll figure it out
3251s we'll figure it out they'll figure it
3253s out friends
3254s copperheads everyone's friend says that
3257s they love you because you're playing
3258s Gara Taylor oh yeah I forgot I was even
3261s playing Gara oh it's because there was
3262s like a defense and I was like oh I'll
3264s just play as her but if you're glass
3266s wall and prosper oh honestly the thing
3270s that I love the most about Gara is just
3271s like the mini game of trying to get your
3274s um your twos uh damage up as high as
3277s possible because I mean when we play
3280s you'll see but that is all I care about
3283s it's like a like a side quest you know
3285s you're like how high can I get it oh
3286s it's like nine of stacks right you just
3288s want to have that job 100 yeah yeah
3290s although with lighter Stacks I feel bad
3292s because I don't ever want to use them
3293s because I'm just recording them sitting
3296s on my little million stairs yeah oh boy
3299s I got another Megan for my mega Berry
3301s you named her Megan Berry I love that I
3305s love it love that for you congrats
3307s actually I got a drop too I don't even
3308s know what it is I'll never know well I
3311s will okay
3313s let's see if I can
3314s Barry and Berry Prime
3317s the one from uh Prime access very cute
3320s kitties all right we got a survival
3323s I believe it let's see if this works
3324s Chad I don't know what's going on we'll
3327s look into this afterwards I'll I'll send
3329s out some messages it all shall be well
3331s uh all right Chad I'm wondering because
3333s I obviously I'm looking
3336s forward to 2023 it's a new year
3341s there's you know we're working on
3343s Dewberry working on other things there's
3346s lots to come in Warframe but
3349s tell me your excitement for this year in
3352s terms of games what games are coming out
3355s I'm obviously excited about tears of the
3357s Kingdom personally I think we talked
3360s about this last week too but
3362s um there's that Pinocchio game lives of
3364s pie the lives of pee or something it's
3367s like a dark dark souls type game about
3369s Pinocchio that I'm really excited about
3373s um Helen any games on on your on your
3376s list there are a couple cozy games that
3380s I'm pretty excited about I can't
3381s remember their names I just see gameplay
3382s on Tick Tock and go oh don't worry if I
3384s do I actually watched a video the other
3386s day that was like top cozy games to look
3388s forward to in 2023. I think there was
3390s one that was like
3392s I don't know if it was Harvest Moon but
3394s it was like oh
3395s kind of harvest Moonie in a way and I
3398s was at Dinkum no oh
3400s income's fun oh yes I I don't know when
3405s Hades 2 comes into Early Access but
3407s whatever that is that is literally all I
3409s ever care about amen 1807 feels the same
3412s way Taylor they're good
3414s very good I found out that my brother
3416s was in like the original Alpha for Hades
3419s and I'm convinced that he's just way
3420s cooler than I ever damn I know I was
3422s like bro like damn why did you tell me
3424s about this earlier I should frame that
3425s email or something honestly
3427s it's an achievement
3430s um all right now
3432s what are you looking forward to in
3434s Warframe this year oh knowing what you
3437s know obviously you know the only the
3440s only thing you know is what we've told
3441s you
3442s but if you were to look forward to
3443s Something in Warframe you've seen a lot
3445s of wisp Prime
3448s okay okay what is the primary you have
3451s on Taylor it's the fell arcs the fell
3453s Arc it works alert Quest Sea-Doo Prime
3458s kuva stug Zar Prime
3461s mag Prime two what Electric Boogaloo you
3465s think we're doing two primes of the same
3467s one right crazy that would be so funny
3470s oh you got so much other stuff we got
3472s deluxes
3475s peanut can you imagine there's ever a
3478s point where we have done everything
3479s Prime and we're just like well let's do
3482s bread too let's go back I would just be
3485s so mad like if I was like okay I know
3486s whisk Prime should be next on the
3488s schedule even though that's not always
3490s the case you know the schedule isn't
3491s always real uh but uh and then like they
3494s just we just came out with like a like
3496s you know what I just really want to make
3498s another Magpie I just really feel like
3500s we need to give it another go you
3502s thought it was this year JK
3507s not even like a MAG Umbra you know it's
3510s just like mag Prime too literally yeah
3512s with the number at the end too yeah yeah
3515s yeah yeah just very specific but Tuesday
3519s like literally just two to every single
3521s one of Mag Prime stats yeah I'm great
3523s yeah cool two yeah
3528s foreign
3537s the cake Prime okay I know what you mean
3541s by now yes I know I know two is a prime
3543s number yeah it's just making a joke
3546s tenant lens oh now we got the tenant
3548s lens
3550s yeah this is my New Year's birthday
3554s yeah yeah who I got a message who I
3557s gotta
3559s yeah the Larkspur Prime okay all right
3564s you want that heavy gun baby
3566s crime that big boy
3570s Prime oh my God I mean he's already kind
3572s of pretty brown it's got a sparkly belly
3574s button
3576s it's pretty cool it went to Claire's on
3579s his lunch break
3581s I come to this place to get my Sparkles
3584s and glitter yeah to get my belly buttons
3589s oh that's a that's a fun image in my
3591s head
3593s for Rook Deluxe okay
3596s I know is that car CaRu is that your old
3598s car room yeah that's a CaRu one
3604s how about making a Warframe that has
3605s railed guns for arms oh my God isn't
3609s that just isn't that just uh yeah
3613s I like your style I like yeah I like
3615s your you know who needs arms when you
3618s have guns
3620s how would you hold them you're just our
3623s guns yeah but I mean like you're gonna
3625s have to have like a primary or a
3626s secondary no you just you are it'd be
3628s cool if like you did it like
3630s telekinetically or whatever so it's like
3632s you don't even need the shooting
3634s animation it's just like
3636s you know
3638s well like okay if my arms are guns yes
3641s we'll move back watch careful yeah
3644s it's fine my arms are guns and so my
3648s and so my weapon will just be like
3649s floating in this area and I'll shoot
3651s with that and I'll aim with that but my
3653s arms will stay like this because they're
3654s guns but you would shoot with your arms
3655s no because they're guns I don't have
3657s fingers you wouldn't shoot with your gun
3660s arms
3661s no because they're guns yes so why would
3664s you shoot yourself you could like Flex a
3666s muscle yeah but no if my Warframe
3669s ability is that I have guns for arms I
3671s think that's just you as a person Oh I
3674s thought we're talking about warframes
3675s but just in real life you're just like
3676s okay you just have guns for arms all
3678s right I don't know how I'm gonna pull
3680s the trigger but it'll it'll work I don't
3682s know how I fired
3684s all right I like your reenactment thank
3686s you for the day it looks great I really
3688s appreciate that gun arms watch where
3691s watch where you're pointing those things
3694s yeah chainsaw man I mean Basin kind of
3697s yeah basically the arms fold inwards
3699s like an OverWatch character okay zaku
3701s 2.0 yeah okay a little bit yeah I'm into
3704s it I'm into it no I just want it where
3706s like you like literally like you almost
3708s have like the Blastoise I've been
3710s playing a lot of Pokemon uh but like you
3712s have like you know just like the level
3713s of like armaments and then like uh like
3716s Predator how you have just like I have a
3718s gun here I have a rocket launcher over
3720s here I got sites but then you also can
3722s equip guns like
3725s your boyfriend was just guns I think you
3727s need to understand that I can have more
3729s guys yeah it's just like kind of good
3733s you thought that was right yeah and
3735s you're so in tune with guns that you can
3737s literally just control them with your
3739s mind this is if I could make a Warframe
3741s that would be it right one with the guns
3743s yeah okay yeah I like it
3746s it's like crazy
3750s but more than that like we used to have
3753s 5.0 because she'd have so many guns you
3756s know you guys just she is gun gun frame
3760s gun
3761s speaking of belly button man there he is
3764s oh the old come true
3769s the confirmation family tree it's her
3771s it's her evolution
3772s I saw some old fan art from Miracles
3774s artist and I was looking for oh and they
3777s did a sarin if they were a Pokemon like
3781s Evolution line I was like oh I need more
3782s of this
3785s oh show me some revolutions right I mean
3788s okay let's think about it
3791s let's take
3793s I'm like okay let's take Mesa okay
3795s there's no real Pokemon that has guns
3800s other than Blastoise with those little
3801s cannons you know what I mean chat any
3805s Pokemon with real guns well there's that
3806s of a room one which is like a vacuum
3810s it's got a gum I thought it was a
3813s floating gun I didn't know I didn't know
3814s what I was looking at I know and they're
3816s so fast I was like what is going on
3818s anyway
3819s uh yeah I understand that though yeah I
3822s feel like of all uh okay I mean there's
3824s hone Edge which is a sword that's true
3826s there's also shoes a couple people in
3828s chat said octillary
3830s he doesn't have guns yeah but it sounds
3832s like artillery oh okay got it
3834s um okay armor Rouge oh that's right he's
3836s got an arm Cannon okay yeah okay you're
3839s right you're right
3841s um okay let's think about this let's
3843s take I mean valkyr being a cat there's a
3845s lot of options there oh I said which
3847s Pokemon she would be she totally be uh
3850s Los Angeles
3851s she's so angry that's not a cat yeah but
3854s it's like this is a cat like I guess
3856s it's a lot it's like a bear eagle
3859s what are you you're really into zangoo I
3860s love zangas it's one of my favorite
3862s books
3863s all right I remember loving it when I
3865s played was it like Sapphire back in the
3867s day right I was so happy that it was
3869s actually in Violet I'm like oh and
3871s singers
3873s hold on why not Digimon I couldn't begin
3877s to speak on Disneyland literally we have
3879s like the conquera ephemera that looks
3881s like it's inspired by right you're right
3884s but I couldn't I only know
3887s there's the one that looks like a wolf I
3889s think the wizard one the cactus of
3892s course the cactus that's right love the
3894s cactus right like I I visually know them
3897s but I don't know their name so yeah
3898s useless in that in that regard the
3901s little walrus guy was so cute yeah yeah
3903s or the little just random orange thing
3905s with the ears yeah whatever that is
3908s looks like Chap's coming for Digimon my
3910s favorite show they're coming for it
3912s Digimon is great I went to see it in
3914s theaters when I was younger oh like when
3916s the Digimon movie came out that's
3917s beautiful oh big fan
3920s um okay back to Buffalo
3921s um
3923s okay okay okay let's take you could do
3925s like Skitty you could do Persian there's
3927s so many cats there's Meowth there's the
3929s new Cavalier the new cat wait Coco that
3933s is not a cat it's a garbage can he's
3935s awesome he looks like a garbage little
3937s alligator with a toothy spider
3940s he's cute cornball I like it forgot
3944s sprogatio yeah
3947s um okay anaros sand he would be what's
3950s that sand castle
3954s Big Sandy yes uh the limbo would totally
3958s be the top evolution of the bird starter
3960s because he's so quackle already yeah I
3963s don't remember his I haven't gotten that
3965s far but or Jinx because Jinx is like
3967s mine does mining
3969s yeah yeah yeah
3971s yeah yeah yeah yeah
3973s slander for Coco's baby I love him he's
3976s so cute he's a little he looks like one
3978s of those garbage cans where like the
3980s hinge the lid opened and then it comes
3982s anyway
3983s I picked it okay okay that's like
3986s um sever goth there's lots of Ghost
3989s Pokemon so you could be Gengar could be
3991s Haunter ghostly obviously Miss dravis
3993s maybe oh mysterious yeah okay okay
3997s um
3998s we like it
4000s traffic like not like stabilized there's
4003s also drippy who I hate I love dreezy I
4007s love that it evolves into like drag a
4008s pulp that shoots out drippies from its
4010s head no I haven't gotten that oh sorry
4012s spoiler that's okay it's not spoilers
4013s I'm excited well it becomes a dragon
4015s that shoots out mini drippies from his
4017s head oh my God it's like shooting its
4018s children I was like ah
4021s it's incredible good job hold on all
4023s right
4024s did you get it no I did it oh did we do
4027s one more what do you think or do we need
4029s to we have a lot of stuff to cover let's
4031s cover our stuff first and then okay we
4033s need to go back we shall go back perfect
4035s we got at least one Baruch piece so we
4038s that's all that matters we were blessed
4040s to did once we shall be blessed again
4043s all right before we move on Kayla you
4046s were trying to get your last core of
4048s Peace yeah and they're you know there
4050s there might be people out there that are
4052s in the same boat maybe you're starting
4054s your Warframe journey and you don't have
4056s Cora Prime maybe you don't have Cora
4058s maybe you're wondering how to build Cora
4060s what kind of you know
4062s the mods and stuff you want on core well
4065s you're in store look
4068s and Steve gamer z uh has put together a
4073s very lovely in-depth very easy to digest
4076s uh video on a core Prime whip claw build
4080s so let's take a look at that little
4082s snippet of that video
4084s alrighty then Thora prime a Warframe
4087s that I've actually been looking forward
4088s to very much because I'm actually a big
4091s fan of Korra so let's talk a little bit
4092s about the build that I ended up running
4094s now personally I'm not big into strangle
4096s Dome so I don't usually incorporate it
4098s into my builds but if you'd like to see
4100s a strangle Dome built for Quran please
4102s let me know in the comment section down
4103s below I usually just build her for
4105s whipping things real good so here's the
4107s build that I ended up liking the most
4109s and it only sent me back one format
4111s which was for the aura I put in an aura
4113s Forma but it could also reform it into a
4115s v so you can fit in still charge and
4117s still charge is definitely one of the
4118s better oras that you can run here but
4120s you can get away with using pretty much
4121s anything and for the Excellence I'm
4123s running potassium because I actually
4124s like the increased aim guide time then
4126s I'm running umbral vitality and umbrella
4128s intensify both of which are one rank
4130s from the top which generally makes them
4131s easier to insert into build and this
4133s gives me a ton of health and strength
4134s next on the menu we have accumulating
4136s whip crawl which is augment for whip
4138s claw surprisingly enough and this gives
4140s you just a straight up idiotic amount of
4142s damage for whip claw it's just really
4143s really good then I like to run Hunter
4145s adrenaline so I generate energy as I
4148s take damage to health and this basically
4149s supplies me with all the energy I need
4151s after that I like to run overreach and
4153s strike so that the crack on the whip
4155s clock covers a pretty large area then I
4157s have fleeting expertise that's maxed out
4159s for outside of efficiency and I topped
4161s it off with steel fiber for a bunch of
4163s armor
4164s foreign
4165s yes you did MC gamer the
4170s if you want to watch that whole video it
4172s shall be linked in the YouTube
4174s description for this stream but as well
4176s you can just go to YouTube search
4177s mcgamerz and you'll find a plethora of
4180s really good videos build videos
4183s um I often frequently like to Gander
4185s myself and get a little inspo for some
4187s of my warframes so definitely check them
4189s out if you enjoyed that accent like I
4191s did you will enjoy the rest of their
4193s videos all right
4195s Taylor
4196s what time is it fun art time then our
4200s time
4202s baby
4205s I just realized that the
4208s the brush makes the waterfall start
4211s oh I've never noticed that dude
4215s cool you bless us
4217s all right Taylor kick it off with Banner
4221s good we're gonna start off strong with a
4225s sarin
4228s uh skin humanized by Skyler Chase if you
4234s know Skyler chase you know that they
4236s make the best
4238s humanized warframes I love it I love
4241s they have like a year rally series they
4243s do and I love that
4245s like my memory of
4247s them like not that they're beginning
4249s they had the beginning before this but
4251s like they were they did a lot of art
4253s with like at the mall yeah like you know
4255s like in like certain situations and like
4257s I just loved watching like the story and
4260s I just like
4261s I have loved seeing the evolution of
4263s where they've taken their art and like
4264s doing humanoid pieces like this and I'm
4266s just like
4268s chef's kiss oh she's beautiful from Au
4271s we're here for it it's great you're the
4274s water rabbit baby absolutely uh this is
4277s from DS on Twitter they had a quote let
4280s me find that let me scroll down a tummy
4283s about a blind plant woman who has white
4285s glowing Vines and a bunch of children
4287s exposed by the void and I'll have to ask
4289s you what game you're telling me about
4295s it's a fun fact not that this was
4298s inspired by this at all but Reb and I
4300s literally started playing Hollow Knight
4302s together like two weeks ago we've got we
4305s put like two hours-ish into it I think
4307s we got to the point where we got to
4309s fight I know her name's not needle but
4311s people call her needle I forget her real
4313s name but we started playing it and like
4315s obviously the music's incredible and so
4317s to see like suddenly then there was like
4318s a Warframe Hollow Knight crossover I was
4321s like the world it's I'm blessed I heard
4324s you that's something I'm blessed can you
4326s play it together like are you no I just
4328s sit there and watch her
4330s well the thing is so the way Rob and I
4332s play especially games like uh platform
4335s games yeah it is
4337s um and this may shock you but I'm really
4340s good at not getting lost in those games
4342s like I know like where we've been so
4345s Rebel play Reb will be playing it and
4347s she'll be like have I been in here no
4349s you can go this way go this way she's
4351s like how do I get back to the how do I
4353s get back to the town I'm like oh you
4354s gotta go that way and go up the elevator
4355s or whatever and so it's like we we mesh
4357s that way you navigate she drives which
4360s is the opposite of my everyday life
4362s where I get lost in Warframe like 24 7.
4365s totally fine so fun oh that's so cute
4368s all right and then this is oh
4371s this is in complete contrast to our 333
4374s day but this is by death oh maggot with
4377s 666. it is disgusting I love this this
4382s is a nice fright uh this is so nasty I
4386s like I don't know if we need to like put
4388s a Gore warning but look at the eyes
4390s Trypophobia warning it's so creepy his
4393s Jello arms are just so like those long
4395s fingers oh it's got like the hail Hydra
4398s head like no it's giving me Mojo Jojo
4408s whoever you want you know a little bit
4410s of scorn maybe yeah that game is
4412s something else so good
4416s Rusty Spoons
4421s anyway love it it's disgusting I love
4424s the eyeballs I love it all it's so gross
4426s and then there's a palette cleanseria
4433s who I don't know if they're like
4436s trying to shoot everyone because they're
4438s jealous or what and then you have serum
4441s crime using the new ephemera and then
4443s the hemlock with the little the rabbit
4446s who that fluff has seen some things yes
4449s those eyeballs are they've seen
4451s and then uh the core and the yeah
4454s I'm so sorry and they're doing the rapid
4457s it's so cute so cute they are adorable
4461s that like I love images like this to
4464s like really put into perspective how
4466s many Cosmetics we have for like one
4468s Warframe like this isn't even all of it
4471s oh of course not barely scrunching the
4473s surface we got Orchid we got tunnel
4475s Jones we got a whole bunch but it's like
4476s I just love and like what I especially
4479s love about JD Amador is that they give
4481s each of them a different personality yes
4483s like oh
4486s all right and then this is from absence
4488s this is a Drifter
4490s oh I love like the flower I don't know
4493s if this is like inspired by like yeah
4496s you know what I'm yelling
4497s what's going on here I love the white
4500s eyes I always make my my operator and
4502s Drifters have white eyes it's always
4504s been the thing I love it apparently they
4506s took inspiration from someone else's
4508s Drifter I didn't write it down but I
4509s remembered that so in spill baby love
4512s you're an inspiration and then uh this
4515s is
4517s this is by existential puddle
4520s uh having ordis ordan as a cephalon is
4524s like having a little angel and a devil
4525s on either side of your shoulders except
4527s they're both utterly insane oh no
4530s oh no so cute I like his little sharp
4534s angry teeth yeah I love his little like
4536s weirdest earrings that's all my favorite
4539s part oh he's cute cute and then this is
4542s from Nello's art this is an owl operator
4544s suit oh I see the dog
4547s of course the dog that was Bruno always
4549s the dog
4551s I love how thorough this is yes
4553s I love also their operator it is such
4556s cool hair yeah and then
4558s um as a bonus they also
4562s do their tweet with this little image I
4564s thought it was so cute looks like when
4566s you put a snow suit on a kid you can't
4568s move Mom I don't want to go inside
4571s anymore
4573s it's a brother from A Christmas Story
4576s yeah exactly oh it's so cute yeah and
4580s then this is from our lovely Daniela Tom
4583s Mandela oh yes
4585s um you know preparing their Warframe
4588s making sure umbra's feeling better he's
4590s got a boo-boo he needs a Boop he needs a
4592s bandage for his head honestly boys
4595s leaking
4598s it's got some open surfaces some open
4601s wounds you know oh gross
4605s um and then this is from corski this is
4609s just oh I love the layers look at the
4612s style of that art so fun that is so cool
4617s the different type of feet very cute
4620s super super really really makes it look
4622s like they only got one shoe on
4625s right I don't know if that's intentional
4627s or if it's like you know you just got
4629s different feet you know you went to the
4630s vendor and they only had one of each so
4632s you're like oh I guess that's fine
4634s this is Yeah by corski on Tumblr
4637s um word Matt
4641s did I do this wrong are we out of order
4643s I am out of order
4646s uh oh it's okay because I didn't add it
4650s to this but oops I missed someone's I'll
4653s have to come back to that and then this
4654s is
4655s um by egg cheese for breakfast oh yum
4659s they made
4661s look at that cope this is also on Tumblr
4664s okay I recently found out that PSY is
4666s not OSHA approved
4669s I don't know what that was I was looking
4671s up Warframe on Tumblr and it was just
4673s like a random post I was like well I
4675s guess this is life now now we know
4679s he's terrible and then this is uh I
4682s think this is an artist as well so they
4684s were making their human eyes cephalon I
4687s think that he has like because he's
4688s always like cracked and damage he's so
4690s many bandages oh I didn't even know
4693s boy poor babies
4697s uh this is from
4703s I know I know I'm just like I'm trying
4705s to understand what I miss but I do
4707s missed um did you activate did you no I
4709s just didn't upload it um I can I'll look
4712s at it later yeah I think got a little
4714s reversed a little reversal now in there
4715s reverse Uno oh no damn okay we'll get
4718s you we'll get there we'll get there yeah
4720s I missed 11. that's what's happening
4721s here okay so this is from karenga so
4724s sorry I'm so confused I'd love this I
4726s love this style those colors I love the
4728s colors yeah it's like you know you're on
4731s or ballast right is like the warm
4733s time is coming in and this this guy
4736s changes to like beautiful warped hose
4738s this reminds me of sometimes in animes
4741s this happened a lot in
4743s um
4745s Black Clover where it would be like a
4748s scene that's like clearly anime and then
4750s it would suddenly switch to like almost
4753s like Black and White drawings of them
4755s doing stuff I don't know like
4757s convenience or something yeah like it
4759s would just like switch artistic
4760s references and this this gives me that
4763s Vibe of like a break in an anime where
4764s they're like looking into the sunset and
4766s it changes like
4767s the visual anyways very sweet I love the
4770s art style
4771s and then this is from written on
4776s oh this is a tiny little kawaka taking a
4779s dangerous nap that they said a careless
4782s afternoon nap very careless I mean you
4785s know signatures out there my 10 and
4788s archiplasmoor I'm just um popping off
4790s and I get I get yelled at a lot yeah my
4793s accident so it's all right it'd be
4795s helped and then
4798s oh my God this is from Jay canaru and
4801s the caption was just put marvelous on
4804s the screen so it's like I don't know if
4805s they were like ew I don't want to look
4807s at that we're like yes
4811s anyway I love the disgusting that arm is
4815s extra long that isn't just long that's
4817s extra long he thinks it's cute but in
4820s reality we know that it's not that is
4824s good I love it
4828s grab my strong hand anyway oh
4832s no I love this again also on Tumblr and
4836s then um altered silicone they made a
4839s beautiful yanta oh they're shooting
4850s it's saved as the same name with
4852s underscore fixed
4855s okay
4856s you'll have to upload it which will
4858s let's revisit it after capture it deal
4860s I'll work on this and then we'll come
4862s back
4865s so it's your turn oh you're oh yeah I'm
4868s so sorry I'm just sitting there staring
4870s at you uh all right hello it's time for
4872s some
4873s captura uh first off we're gonna start
4878s with
4879s it's a reference to a certain SpongeBob
4885s um and they said who lives in an Orbiter
4888s under the sea I believe this is in
4890s reference to when uh I think it's
4894s Patrick like flexes behind SpongeBob and
4897s he gets like really big arms no yeah I
4900s know exactly what this is in reference
4901s to it's when he had like the inflatable
4903s was it the inflatable arm yeah at the
4905s beach episode and he's trying to like
4908s show off to Larry the Lobster and he
4911s tries to pick up the marshmallows on a
4913s straw listen this episode is vital to my
4916s existence as a child yes cheers
4919s anchor arms exactly that yeah so this is
4922s from Vivid void four so thank you for a
4926s lovely Warframe capture and SpongeBob
4928s crossover that's beautiful that gives me
4931s gives me strength in my days all right
4935s next up we have from designia designia
4939s this is their Ember paraxis they titled
4942s the enchante how do you even take these
4945s like where do you go I don't know where
4947s is this where do you have not only where
4951s is this in Warframe but yeah how do you
4953s have this talent to make such an
4955s incredible capture there's like a secret
4957s super sexy like Studio that we don't
4961s Studio yeah
4964s geez anyway she looks
4967s incredible damn girl we love the Amber
4969s Praxis skin
4971s fave of mine
4972s sure this looks incredible I love her
4974s very beautiful next up we have from this
4979s is from fleebu kachara they're titled
4982s the healing technology we have a
4985s beautiful Trinity I just I'm a sucker
4988s for breaking the frame you know what I
4989s mean 100 got that little toe out of
4991s frame a little top of the head yeah you
4993s got your soul print it ship it come
4996s there put it on my wall yeah
4998s gorgeous she's on the planes did she
5000s Comfort go for a swim I don't know maybe
5002s she kind of looks a little bit like a
5003s shark you know like in a good way Yes
5006s actually just you know she's got sharp
5008s Vibes yeah healing shark box healing
5011s shark he's like the opposite of killing
5013s most sharks
5014s 100 of sharks
5017s uh next up we have from guanac Guana oh
5023s this is Toyota lunar prophet saren and
5026s this is the new sarin you hang skin that
5029s is in the market permanently from this
5031s year's lunar renewal collection and they
5034s got the ephemera on I want to say
5036s they're in the necklace maybe it's
5038s giving me definitely Vibes uh incredible
5042s I recognize those arches anyway those
5044s Golden's not McDonald's those golden
5046s arches
5047s and necklace uh but not the the blurring
5051s in the background the glow of the
5052s ephemera it's just she's a goddess we
5055s love her water water rabbit goddess
5058s uh next up we have from six gatsu this
5063s is titled head in the clouds with the
5066s just incredible Zephyr Harrier skin that
5069s is
5070s I would say one of our
5073s top five anime skits I would watch
5076s whatever anime or movie that this is a
5079s poster for because that's what it's
5080s giving me like I would see this on the
5082s street walking down like in the subway
5083s and I would have to like
5085s Google immediately what this was because
5087s I would be so obsessed with knowing
5089s where I can get more of this stuff can I
5091s watch this is it available what is it
5093s immediately is it a video game do I have
5095s to download a mobile game I don't even
5096s care because I'm obsessed it's so good
5100s oh
5102s okay wait top five anime skins in
5104s Warframe anime skin I'm going with
5107s Zephyr Harrier is one of them okay I'm
5108s gonna give one to just your rally
5110s because she is in a Kawaii anime
5112s princess girl
5116s um I feel like at least one of lukanu's
5118s like the Octavia Diva with her twin tail
5123s pigtails yeah Hatsune Mika moment I
5126s think hydroid Deluxe as well very JoJo
5128s pirate Vibes give me JoJo Pirates one
5131s piece maybe a little bit yes a little
5133s one piece that's the one with the eight
5135s arms
5138s the one that has like the
5141s I can't remember what it is
5144s her arms come out like yeah no there's
5147s like eight arms behind them it's like
5148s it's not a sign Dana
5150s I don't remember the only thing so many
5152s things yeah I'm taking the Nova skin it
5155s might be Nova yeah but also the night is
5158s Frank reminds me so much of like domu
5160s from
5162s my hero Academia
5165s okay yeah yeah you got that yeah a
5168s surrey Deluxe you're talking the Nova
5171s one yeah yeah yeah she got arms arms
5173s that's it oh you're no other option
5175s you're right sorry yeah you won you win
5178s uh anyways
5180s sorry got distracted uh moving on this
5183s is from oh
5185s Corolla kratza sorry if I pronounced
5187s that wrong I'm just going to call you
5188s Coro
5190s this is Loki but not the Loki in
5193s Warframe you know what I'm saying I was
5195s thinking that earlier because I was like
5196s I just copied one of my Warframe color
5198s themes for saren and I was like this
5200s totally looks like a Loki helmet wins
5203s what I love is that
5204s the fact that Loki isn't in this image
5207s it's literally sarin and Oberon yeah but
5210s it's in reference to look I haven't even
5212s seen this fully but I I've got to the
5213s part where I know who obviously the
5216s other character is oh I have no idea I
5219s was just I thought it was Tom Hiddleston
5220s that's cool spoilers I guess I mean
5224s there's no spoilers if I don't spoil it
5226s now I know that there's something else
5228s there's I mean there's other characters
5229s I'm never gonna watch a chat it's all
5231s right look he's just invisible that's
5234s awesome that's true yeah he's in the
5236s background
5237s yeah but we got the Sarah and Johan skin
5239s the new one and then this is the Oberon
5242s blade of the Lotus Skin my Beast Buster
5244s we love a tunnel gem woman uh but yeah
5246s it's incredible how well this is uh
5250s portrayed so stunning thanks Marvel
5252s don't sue us
5254s this is from purple flurp the one the
5258s only it's titled hand of suda I'm like
5261s this is so clean yeah like the lines are
5264s pristine that little blur but then it
5267s got me thinking
5268s if this is like like if this Meg
5271s character is essentially like an
5273s assassin for suda what other warframes
5276s would be assassins for syndicates you
5279s know Harrow red Veil instantly 1000 yeah
5282s I'm gonna give valkyr to Steel Meridian
5285s whoa
5288s it'd have to be like valkyr gracks
5289s though that's what I'm saying okay okay
5291s I'm sold
5293s um okay so for Oberon would be new Loco
5296s okay I think is there anything else
5299s could be yeah but he literally makes
5301s plants true it's true
5304s um
5305s what's that and they kill they kill
5308s people that's new Loca plants killing
5310s people right
5311s ashes okay okay
5313s parent sequence
5315s parent sequence another corpora staring
5319s at him right now yeah any of the corpora
5322s skins maybe Excalibur maybe a little
5324s Excel were you given to Arbiters
5328s um Ash Ash chat was saying action I
5331s agree with that I don't think there's
5332s anything else yeah I think sudo as well
5334s obviously Octavia because then that's
5337s the that's the max or sweet baby
5340s actually no girls would be good for
5343s um parents okay because you know robots
5346s robots mechanical robots think fast
5349s sharp edges whisp red Veil what sweet
5352s baby wrist wisp to Red Veil I'm not
5355s gonna let you tarnish your reputation
5357s like this God that is blasphemy
5361s paranovicroma because you can get double
5362s credits okay uh anyways that's true
5366s honestly maybe hydroid because he's got
5368s you know pilfering
5370s tentacles I forget what it's called and
5372s then obviously strangle Dome necros yeah
5377s it depends on if it's like Vibes or if
5379s it's Aesthetics yeah someone said vaubon
5381s for Barrow and
5382s I think anaros for Barrow because we all
5384s know that they're our besties we all
5386s know about Laura we're the rusties what
5389s were the rusties anyways just a fun
5391s thought moving on speaking of Hydra
5393s actually next up is from Papa titano
5396s this is a lovely hydroid gracks in the
5399s rain shot little feeling very pirates of
5403s the country this is a screenshot from
5405s Kingdom Hearts like oh no and they're in
5408s the Pirates of the Caribbean world like
5410s damn they go to the Pirates of the
5413s Caribbean world the best stop there's
5415s something like I'm all for that game but
5418s like I can't play it because it's so
5420s like wall breaking for me in fact that
5423s Elsa and Goofy are teaming up like I
5425s can't oh you get at the core childhood
5428s memory just farming on Pride Rock as
5431s little lion Simba
5434s spin it in circles so good you know you
5437s know but I literally think of it all the
5439s time anyway I'm here for it I love this
5441s puppet this is the um
5444s the night wave skins right for the for
5447s the gun yeah
5449s the old uh protocol protocol protocol
5452s yeah uh next up we have from Raven kujin
5457s this is Queen Titania they had a nice
5460s little series of pictures I think they
5462s actually did they were doing uh titanium
5464s Oberon which one does when they are
5466s thinking of each other and this was one
5469s of my favorites of I just love her
5471s little action pose she's floating
5473s Solstice skin they're underrated bird in
5476s the background two birds two birds bam
5480s big fan you're right Solstice skin
5482s underrated yeah actually some of the
5485s solstice items are in the star days
5487s manifest
5489s so if you're interested in them you
5492s might be coming every time you do that I
5495s think that you're Miranda Priestley
5496s you're like
5498s Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears
5501s Prada she's like that's all oh you know
5504s she just sits there quietly and talks
5507s you know what I mean it's just in a good
5509s way I shade on Miranda a little bit in a
5511s good way all right all right uh last but
5514s not least in capture we have from Miss
5519s Pratt they did a wonderful up close oh
5523s man Mirage doing that
5526s is she is there a secret is she telling
5529s you just I don't know
5531s Mirage would never tell beautiful little
5533s trickster a little jokester this is the
5536s is the onira skin right
5538s obsessed so good let's love the up close
5540s you don't really get too too up close
5543s with warframes to see all that detail
5545s but thank you to miss Pratt macro shot
5548s some blue some red some orange and where
5551s could you go for little metallics little
5552s texture got a secret can't you keep it
5555s yeah this is definitely it makes me
5556s think of the
5557s the opening to Pretty Little Liars
5559s apparently we're just going back to like
5562s 2010's media I'm so sorry I know it was
5565s dark time for me we're not going to talk
5567s about it
5568s it's okay that is all the fan art
5569s capture we have today we have one thing
5571s I just oh right we fixed it this is
5574s puzzle wow by Zetta 27 on Tumblr I'm so
5579s glad we got this it's so bloody what's
5581s going on it looks like he's wearing like
5582s a suit almost I love this give him a big
5585s worm Vibes Tremors a man's got some
5587s stuff going on he's he's struggling but
5590s can we pointing it
5592s I think he's like sticking his pinky out
5594s oh pinky first either he's doing
5595s something I don't know who knows
5597s beautiful job beautiful job who who's
5600s the Spicer Zetta 27 on Tumblr very good
5602s oh Tumblr what a place I know it's been
5606s a weird time going back there Dark Times
5608s dark times speaking of dark times
5609s anyways let's do Platinum prize before
5611s we move on to some Dojo
5615s what that was a plan I'm going to Lucky
5617s twitch viewer by the name of
5621s auden3533 Auden Audrey oddwins odd ones
5626s odd ones three five three three
5629s congratulations please whisper the
5631s Warframe twitch Channel you're watching
5632s right now with your in-game Alias a pull
5633s out form you play Warframe on and
5636s that's it thank you please whisper have
5638s a great day okay third Platinum Prize
5641s winner has three threes in their name
5647s Destiny odwin Destiny my God I'm scared
5650s anyways uh we're gonna do we have some
5653s tours uh to tour this is the oh my God
5659s the crap out of me
5668s anyways uh we're gonna start off a
5671s lovely tour in the PlayStation storm
5673s Clan the Brotherhood of iron
5676s starting off strong in a restaurant oh
5679s I'm hungry what do you think they'd
5681s serve like French cuisine this is giving
5683s me sushi soup okay oh we got a band
5687s maybe not sushi
5688s they don't have bands in sushi places
5690s I'm sure they do I've never been to one
5692s it's like a lounge like a live band yeah
5696s I got you yeah oh hello uh this is
5700s called residential so maybe some
5702s Condominiums oh hell yeah oh we got a
5705s garage maybe yeah or the bus I was
5709s thinking your SUV you know players for
5711s the kids your RV yeah Pile in maybe oh
5714s this is like a little
5717s um like that's where you keep your
5718s pizzas you pick up your pizza slices oh
5720s you know what we're going to Little
5722s Caesars hot and ready okay
5724s this is Mech maintenance I love that
5727s gotta keep oh my God I love how this
5729s isn't a Gundam like this looks like
5731s another oh it's his arm he's got his
5734s fingers
5735s oh man oh that's so cool all the sparks
5738s flying so cool what a great touch oh we
5741s got the motherboard oh we got the
5743s motherboard computer motherboard or is
5746s that his head
5747s I don't it might be his head actually uh
5749s this is test your speed this might be
5752s their uh obstacle course obstacle course
5754s which oh oh it is Ronnie go Ronnie go
5757s how fast you go I love the moving
5760s popcorn oh my God this is throwing me
5762s back damn man we used to try and do
5765s people's obstacle courses on Prime Time
5767s thank God we don't do that anymore
5770s this is Market
5772s oh I'd be there oh we got big boats big
5777s paper boats you gotta wear them on your
5778s head trophies oh those are some
5781s knickknacks
5783s tires
5784s yeah for your SUV yeah snow tires maybe
5787s yeah all right that's the PlayStation
5789s storm Clan the Brotherhood of iron they
5791s are currently up on the featured Dojo
5793s star chart if you want to go in there
5794s yourself maybe you can test your speed
5797s and their obstacle course and let me
5799s know if you did it I will require proof
5801s because
5802s don't lie to me anyways now we're going
5805s to show off the switch storm clan of
5807s kuva Corp
5809s we start our journey ew and the Cuba
5812s transport Central with Vault I think
5815s that's their big old Vault I love the
5818s commitment to the aesthetic that is so
5820s cool cuva Corp babies oh yeah I just
5823s mean everything's cool I mean like you
5825s gotta think about it it's like behind
5826s the scenes we see the front lines of the
5828s grineer but what do they do with all
5829s this kuva you know this is the answers
5832s we're looking for oh this is a cup speed
5834s frame prototype it's like Mario Kart
5838s right because it had like that
5842s you better go on Two and a Half baby oh
5844s I love it she's like Rainbow Room
5846s nothing just die uh this is fashion
5850s frame catwalk oh Fashion frame oh we got
5854s the judging panel I didn't judge on this
5856s show oh very cool very comfy chairs oh
5860s look at that catwalk oh the stairs I
5862s love it the little sparkles those are
5863s overrun Ronnie you look great looking
5866s great Ronnie uh this is kuva jungle
5870s uh use for scavenger hunts oh
5875s um yes a v give me an a
5877s H okay there's a name I love it oh no
5881s this is frightening this is Labs isn't
5885s it or is it still cool I think this is
5886s still cool for Jungle damn that's quite
5888s the jungle got a waterfall like this
5890s slabs yeah this is gnarly Labs damn dude
5893s ew gross
5894s oh hello is that okay that's so fun
5899s a little bit of a little bit of growth
5901s happening a little bit oh and they've
5904s got their displays on displays Corpus
5907s love oh so they've done up all the
5909s different lab types oh look at that
5911s sword oh my God I love it it's like
5913s swords with scissors
5916s all right that was the switch storm clan
5918s of Cuba Corp again I can't get over that
5921s little pulsating little ball the pulse
5923s is so good gnarly you can check out uh
5926s the kuva Corp on here oh I just kicked
5928s my computer if you're on switch uh and
5930s uh you can tour that your self
5933s um I think we should do a PC Dojo tour
5935s because we're on PC and I want to go in
5939s okay where I go
5941s nobody knows nobody knows about me I
5943s have to decline these invites I'm very
5945s sorry appreciate you always uh all right
5947s I'm gonna go to
5951s you know I'm going to judge it based off
5952s your emblem okay this is a dragon with a
5955s buff arm
5956s the ghost clay and dag it
5958s this is the Shadow Clan ordained order
5961s of orders very cute with three hoes for
5964s three threes oh no it's calling me the
5967s storm Clan Fallen Legion GC okay very
5970s cool Mountain Clan Syndicate Supremacy
5973s that's a pretty nice looking uh I think
5976s we haven't seen them before they're new
5979s new I think they might be nude all right
5981s I recognize Liam Syndicate not sure I
5983s recognize Supremacy oh no the cutest I
5987s don't know it's too cute uh oh no we'll
5991s go Nunu okay feeling new new we're gonna
5994s go to Syndicate Supremacy the mountain
5996s Clan feature Dojo on PC
6000s and I believe this one has a little bit
6003s of anime in it a little bit of anime and
6006s spot oh my god Atlas bar
6009s oh my God there's someone here
6011s hello four pillows if you were three
6013s pillows you would be can I get
6017s a a water
6021s hello am I fine sir yeah
6025s seven up oh he just gave me a bow oh
6028s he's so kind do you work here she just
6031s kind of showed up and started jumping
6033s back there wow nice welcome welcome to
6036s the bar I frequent this Atlas bar
6040s frequently ma'am this is a Wendy's
6042s Discord man this is
6047s lovely actually they're Observatory but
6049s it went very wild
6052s but
6053s okay go off
6056s um I think the Transporters over here is
6059s okay
6060s oh oh
6066s boy
6068s sorry she doesn't see anything it's
6070s Persona X near a tomato
6073s pardon do your winter holiday Megan
6075s embrace it so no you're right I'll hold
6079s it oh I like dude oh no that's cool
6084s it's very 1984. that is that's so very
6088s cool
6089s wait so is it all
6091s where's the persona
6095s really this way
6096s oh no
6097s just JK
6099s um
6107s oh
6111s 1985. please go in yes please walk in
6114s there damn
6117s take a left that is so funny yeah take a
6120s left go this way that's the way that
6122s they come in yeah and then you turn
6125s around and then you walk through the
6127s year was 2084.
6130s oh no
6132s I dig it
6134s Dean is your element okay we don't get
6137s coffee we shall prevail
6140s sorry Steve Jobs oh that's too funny
6143s uh okay we're next
6146s um that is like the most obscure and
6148s wonderful thing of everything incredibly
6151s random but I'm here for them there's so
6153s many holidays okay
6156s um all year winter holiday it's a rock
6162s oh my God wait is this it I think people
6164s should Adore Me no no go go straight
6167s yeah nope
6169s no go around that way yeah
6172s oh this is a house Santa
6176s knock knock
6178s wait let me in oh he's got a hat on go
6181s up can you go a little bit yeah
6183s are we breaking in oh this is a chicken
6186s am I Santa did you bring any presents oh
6190s my God stop that's so fun look at the
6193s wrapped
6196s oh what a gift oh my goodness oh Santa's
6201s on TV oh they've got like a little mug
6205s they have the Lotus wreaths
6208s sick mistletoe
6212s we got a stove
6216s in here
6217s all right
6219s style what Megan don't you know about
6222s the holiday fish come on oh yeah the
6224s holiday classic yeah I'm so embarrassed
6226s I forgot about the holiday food there
6228s was a movie about it last year and
6229s everything was cool that was a Lindsay
6231s Lohan one right that's right yeah yeah
6233s okay oh my God I'm stuck I'm Santa you
6237s got to do the finger beside your nose
6239s booger snot get my way out of here
6243s oh wait oh wait I have to go back around
6245s yeah yeah
6247s well that would be Swedish thank you of
6249s course appreciate that I love that it's
6250s all year round
6251s I don't mean to do that sorry I didn't
6254s mean to edit your room uh okay where'd
6257s you know retro wave retro wave this one
6260s all caps I am with spaces oh find what
6264s you love and let it kill you wow oh my
6267s God look at that even with the VHS VCR
6270s yeah I love it damn it oh I love little
6274s palm trees
6276s oh it's so good that is so fun because
6279s everything I hoped based on the name
6280s yeah really even the ceiling look at the
6283s ceiling is it like oh oh it's trippy
6285s that's so cool it's my apples welcome to
6289s the next level
6295s I got a song for this okay Dance I mean
6297s play it
6300s yeah
6303s I think I can do it better
6307s there we go yeah
6311s oh we retro waving me
6314s to go I'm dancing
6316s oh my God you just whip me damn you're
6319s so aggressive all right one last room
6321s where do we go
6324s um why don't you run their obstacle
6325s course Megan was there
6328s which one
6330s cow or Marley of the luffa Museum in
6332s France
6333s hard
6335s this one
6342s oh it's the inside look up
6345s oh so good
6347s oh come get me security
6353s is it tiny did they do it right is it a
6356s tiny Mona Lisa behind you well assistant
6357s I don't think this is where the
6358s monoliths
6359s oh this is so cool I love that ceiling
6363s that is incredible that is so sweet
6367s wowie Lisa where are you
6370s done I thought you were making your
6374s Simpsons
6378s I will try their obstacle course
6384s okay
6386s oh something beat me to it oh God Mario
6389s Kart Mario Kart 64. oh it is two I know
6393s this map I'm gonna be sick
6396s I'm not good at this you're gonna be
6398s great
6399s foreign
6401s Count Me Down
6403s three two two and a half
6408s I know this map I love this map but the
6411s oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh it's too strong
6416s what where do I go what do I do to the
6420s side I think oh boy oh boy it's too oh
6423s it's too strong oh no
6426s okay wait never targeted huh
6430s so I just avoid the Reds oh I go this
6433s way oh
6434s copyright
6440s they gotta go up the ramp
6444s nice oh watch that later oh wait okay
6448s yeah
6454s oh and there's a laser too oh I didn't
6456s touch it
6457s God because I am myself and the laser oh
6461s hell yeah oh my God Yoshi let's go baby
6464s yeah or do you go down there there you
6466s go wait notice where it started no it's
6468s not no it is is it
6470s I don't think I thought it was no you're
6472s if I got in a circle
6474s everything's in a circle the whole map
6476s yeah oh my God I'm so confused I don't
6478s know where you go oh God daily potato is
6481s down
6484s I think I'm going in a circle
6486s I'm sure there was probably a path I
6488s could have taken but
6490s jelly potato
6492s I cannot get you I'm not oh off that
6495s ramp did you love that ramp I don't
6496s think so
6498s what is this oh those are going to
6501s disappear over here
6502s so you have to go up there oh okay oh
6506s yeah once you touch it it'll start
6507s disappearing so I'm gonna be sick no I
6511s can't make it
6513s other pillars okay let's try one more
6516s yeah yeah
6517s how am I supposed to do that
6521s how does one do
6523s what is that the end
6525s I failed oh yeah
6528s laser no I haven't failed yet Hunter
6531s disappeared I just mean like I can't
6533s I'll never be able to get to that
6534s because the pillar fell ah oh man you
6537s ruined it can't get up there now but you
6539s got it I'm proud of you
6541s I'm pretty well
6544s I'm just going to the same check oh that
6546s pillar is gone oh that one's gone too
6547s all right
6548s we try gg gg last place
6554s okay
6555s great obstacle course Good Times
6558s love the Super Mario theme all right
6561s um time for top 10 comments oh baby
6563s brought to you by miss Helen over in the
6565s cold
6566s I'm so excited
6578s all right Helen what do you got to start
6581s things off I want to welcome back Quest
6584s patch to Warframe who said I haven't
6586s played in five years and I'm back baby
6588s oh my God that's when we turned 10 this
6591s year damn so you missed five years of
6595s stuff that's so much we didn't do too
6598s much you know yeah
6602s some weapons small skins
6605s yeah really yeah didn't miss out on much
6609s really no so welcome back back to
6611s basically the same game as five years
6613s absolutely absolutely yeah probably same
6614s day same UI nothing's changed
6617s welcome Quest patch uh number nine
6620s Willow the Wisp for was right on it with
6623s 333 oh first Willow the Wisp said that
6627s three through three was half evil ha ha
6630s but later they found real facts the
6632s Angel number 333 encourages to set plans
6635s into action and let your personal
6637s strength be the guide to trust yourself
6640s and put thought into your choices the
6643s angel numbers also connected with
6645s optimism creativity and intuition wow
6648s you need to change your name to be
6649s Willow the Wisp three just as
6652s constructive criticism okay and now we
6655s also know the upper limit of how long
6658s a comment can be in our in our tool that
6661s was basically it would help bring it out
6663s they set their plans into action and let
6665s their personal strength be their guide
6666s to make the longest comment we've seen a
6668s couple more words and you filled up the
6670s square I love it
6672s the longest we've seen in those squares
6675s but it worked looks beautiful
6678s um regretfully I'm only just now
6680s realizing that I didn't properly copy
6683s this comment over but Nightblade
6685s Warframe was enjoying Taylor's Discord
6688s status which says that she's on vacation
6690s and they like her attitude
6694s Taylor really apparently even though I
6698s was noticing too damn girl look right
6700s now I probably like your optimism they
6703s like you seizing that spirit and every
6705s day you're like it's like I'm so used to
6707s other programs that we use where you can
6709s set like an end time that I was like
6711s I'm always on vacation oh
6714s you know work when you love your job
6716s it's like you're not even coming into
6717s work if you think about it right it's
6720s like
6722s that's a Vibe I'm never changing it but
6723s when did you even do that well we were
6726s gone for two weeks oh like end of last
6727s week I've been on vacation since well
6730s I'm just saying December y'all I thought
6732s like maybe when you went to New York
6734s like I was like how long has that been
6736s on there it's gonna be for the entire
6737s that's my New Year's resolution to never
6739s change my District 20 23.
6743s okay and um right now discards comment
6746s here for us to appreciate this next one
6748s I'm gonna need Megan to recreate the owo
6751s worm noise
6753s a war worm yes okay
6756s I don't know what that sound Megan just
6758s made was but my dog is what do you mean
6761s dogs don't like that I just kind of
6764s sound like an owl yeah or just like when
6767s you baby chalk your dog yeah
6772s and then bogie starts howling
6775s don't see how no thank God
6779s excuse me although in the morning he
6781s does
6781s like he'll do a big stretching all
6784s around oh wait dogs so much so cute
6791s Nino Reno really enjoyed tonight's drop
6794s oh they said soon I will amass an army
6797s of roombas and I will be attacked
6799s emotionally attached to every single one
6800s of them you will soon learn the volume
6804s increase that will come with this just
6806s accept it if you slowly build up your
6809s army over time you won't even notice how
6812s loud it is in your Orbiter by the time
6814s you amass like 50 or 100 so my favorite
6816s because you and I have done the same
6818s thing yeah put them all into our back
6820s Corners yeah and they don't leave until
6822s you open the door
6828s have a cap on roombas there will be like
6832s based off of like literally the
6834s decoration cap right but like if you had
6836s zero decorations and only roombas then
6839s you could have a lot I'm pretty sure shy
6841s did that rip shot I wouldn't be
6843s surprised back in the day I remember not
6846s be shocked if their performance was Zero
6848s it was a time and a half yeah just
6851s kidding we've optimized that but anyways
6853s uh regretfully I have also poorly copied
6857s this oh okay I think there might be a
6859s glitch in The Matrix guys fortunately I
6861s remember you all so well got it
6864s um Darkness says never before have I
6867s ever heard someone call bore gold belly
6870s button man never gold belly body button
6873s piercing man
6875s he's got that sparkly belly button you
6878s know
6879s it's got that sweet sweet Claire's you
6881s know jewelry definitely it's definitely
6884s going to turn it green yeah it's not
6885s real uh it's gonna be a rough time it's
6888s gonna get infected that's how infested
6890s started was bad piercings in Reverse
6893s belly and boars belly button well I mean
6895s is it did they find like bacteria in
6897s your belly button that they didn't find
6898s anywhere else in the world not your
6900s belly button I was like damn why didn't
6902s anyone tell me
6903s no one told me about it it's just a good
6905s swab While You Were Sleeping yeah but
6908s like yeah apparently the amount of
6910s bacteria in your belly button is
6912s uncomfy numbers uh so I would believe
6915s that the infested would just start from
6917s a bad belly button piercing all right
6918s hell am I going to need you to write
6919s that into the Canon narrative I'm going
6922s to find a place don't even thank you so
6924s much they'll be so good there'll be a
6926s very novel no some of the characters in
6930s Davie will just be talking about foreign
6936s there's so many tuning for my belly
6938s button trivia new pandemic Megan's belly
6941s button infection
6943s we'll watch the last of us and we'll
6945s find out the actual source of like the
6948s the fungus is belly button belly button
6950s piercings that's what happened you
6951s thought it was fungi you thought it was
6953s mushrooms no no no no it's unclean belly
6956s buttons
6958s crazy that Neil druckman has got ideas
6961s let me tell you
6964s and with that same wolf is reminding us
6966s the importance of saying please I just
6969s thought this was such a cute thing to
6970s notice I appreciate hombas more than any
6973s other PC in Warframe or NPC in Warframe
6975s solely because she says please oh that's
6978s true some of them are so rude like I
6980s remember the first time we released uh
6983s planes of idol on and like talking to
6984s the fish lady I can't remember names and
6986s her just being like
6988s give me your fish and I was like oh man
6991s the cousins too yeah I know yeah and
6994s then we have a character called who is
6996s incredibly rude and you're like oh okay
6998s I just love her though she's she's like
7000s so rude that it's like endearing it's
7002s authentic yeah yeah she's going through
7005s some stuff for like but for hombas like
7007s to be so happy and kind in her situation
7011s you're like bless your heart your heart
7013s you've been through some stuff oh I love
7016s her
7018s um Fireball your Co 48 was enjoying the
7023s Pokemon Vibes oh sebagoth equals Gengar
7028s and then his shadow is clearly Honda
7031s yeah 100 yeah 100 no they need a
7035s crossover anybody want to draw that
7039s now for the last two I actually have
7041s accompanying assets oh
7044s um oh no I'm scared actually don't worry
7048s either of you appear in them but I think
7049s you're going to really enjoy them yeah
7051s um cut grass get cats said I'm pretty
7054s sure there's an ad that demonstrates how
7056s bright the high beams are by shutting
7057s them through a cow obviously I had to
7060s investigate that
7062s so Dean if you'll join me in fan art
7065s I found it
7067s that is not Mercedes-Benz
7070s oh my God that it is that real
7074s it is real this is a real ad your
7077s welcome Mercedes not sponsored yeah but
7079s there it is just like your high beams
7081s Megan damn oh my God so if I did that no
7084s there's no way those poor cows are
7087s probably so blind so I don't know if I
7090s actually don't know how they captured
7091s that but there you are there's one with
7092s the deer as well
7094s so thank you cut grass get cats that's
7096s so funny finally we have a message from
7099s Grimm this comes to mind when I see
7102s Megan's color scheme is
7107s what is that okay I'm sorry but that's
7110s Glenn
7114s I know and the hair
7117s is that it's a bubble gum nose is that a
7120s popsicle yeah yeah or ice cream bar yeah
7123s oh like you know the creepy SpongeBob
7125s ones or like Sonic yeah yeah yeah yeah
7128s pardon you but it's missing some blue
7131s that's true okay it's missing some blue
7134s but you got the pink and the green and
7136s the yellow there is the yellow there's
7138s no yellow
7140s it's white so if it were white like say
7144s a blue strip on the hat if he had blue
7147s eyes and a white stripe on his hat
7150s perfect
7152s so it just misses the mark
7154s a little bit
7156s and that's top 10 bubble oh Bill ice
7159s cream that's apparently what Goddess Mad
7161s Dog said Buffalo Bills in Australia no
7164s wonder if I've ever seen it no Buffalo
7166s Bill is from
7167s Silence of the Lambs now it's a movie
7170s that's a movie yeah but they're saying
7172s Buffalo Bills
7174s let us do a Baruch Prime action shall we
7178s super dino sure thing all righty Roo and
7182s where are Buffalo Bill is a real
7183s historical character
7186s it's the story behind Buffalo Bill is
7188s not a great one for Prime access has
7191s gone to General
7196s General
7198s TV congratulations he won a Baruch Prime
7201s access you have it I don't
7203s congratulations please whisper the
7205s Warframe twitch channel that you're
7207s watching right now with your in-game
7208s Alias and the platform you play Warframe
7210s on and we'll get you your Baruch Prime
7212s access congratulations you've done it
7214s you won and where are we rating today
7218s yeah we are sending the love over to
7221s Lucian plays all day
7223s apparently they make some wonderful
7226s Warframe music they're also just a Vibe
7228s but they're super fun but do they
7230s actually play all day
7232s um he's actually doing a 24-hour
7233s birthday special celebration okay so the
7236s answer is yes you're doing God's work
7239s because I could never do that I do not
7241s honestly some of the twitch streamers I
7243s tune into they're like yeah this is like
7244s my second day of my subathon I'm like
7246s bro
7247s are you okay yeah uh hang out with
7251s Lucian plays all day have a wonderful
7253s time and hanging out with them doing
7254s some Warframe maybe they'll have some
7256s sick awesome music to hear and thank you
7259s so much for hanging out with us here for
7261s the past two hours over Thursday evening
7263s pleasure having you here Taylor thank
7265s you for being here don't miss the drops
7267s tomorrow three to four pm widescreen
7269s John you'll get your envira noggle it's
7271s a birthday there's a charity all that
7273s great stuff and then Oscar as well we
7275s love them they'll have the working
7276s articula 6 p.m to 7 P.M
7283s check them out our forums have more
7285s details if you need a reminder
7286s thank you for hanging out perfect Helen
7288s thank you for being here thanks for
7290s having me oh of course Dean thanks for
7292s being here no problem I think I said
7295s nobody
7297s Chad thank you for being here thank you
7299s for hanging out with us we will see you
7301s next week for more streams
7304s plural
7305s not working International
7307s just saying but maybe other streams
7311s spoiler alert maybe maybe not maybe I
7314s change my mind maybe I don't want it
7316s straight
7317s and I could just be playing Pokemon yeah
7319s I'm gonna be in Scarlet at Zone X
7322s anyways someone's gonna have to trade
7324s okay we'll trade have a wonderful night
7326s everyone stay safe be kind to each other
7327s and we will see you next week bye