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Hi Tenno!

It’s been a while since our last TennoGen round, and with the holiday season upon us, we want to give ample notice for the next deadline for those working on the finishing touches for their creations.

We are closing Round 18 submissions on January 20th, 2020 at 2pm ET! Any items submitted or updated between August 26th and that deadline will be considered. 

If you have an existing submission with several iterations from feedback, we strongly recommend re-submitting it so it doesn’t get missed in review!


All creations must be submitted with the following screenshot guidelines, so we can properly judge your creation. We reserve the right to reject items without proper screenshots, due to our inability to properly review your item.

  • Please make sure to include a tint breakdown. 
  • Have at least one well-lit screenshot on a 50% grey background and uncoloured lighting.
  • For Skins and Syandanas, make sure the colouring in your screenshots matches the colouring in the files you uploaded.
  • For Warframe Alt-Helmets, please be sure to match the base colours of the Warframe in your files and in one of the screenshots!
  • Make sure your screenshots are all up to date! If you have comparison shots for previous versions, please indicate which screenshots are of the current iteration -- aka the ones we should be evaluating!
  • Finally, provide both back, front and side views of your creation so we can see the whole picture. These views should not be partial -- we need to see the FULL item from all sides.

That's about it! Happy creating, Tenno!


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