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0s it is time
1s you are needed
3s wake up
5s mastery of guns
7s blade and frame we are ten over some
9s callers by another name
11s bringers of death
13s or noble hero but we all the children
15s numbers
16s and we operate our frames don't respond
19s to fear of pain or sickness systems
20s while we can be finding the fire wars
22s flame kennels living free to stop the
24s corpus and they're green to make sure
26s they grin their bleed and see that
27s origin systems free
30s [Music]
43s wake
48s [Music]
56s but the world within has only just begun
59s when noble heroes fingers of death
62s strike down many enemies before they
64s take a breath from the shadow we will
66s strike out of mind and out of sight how
68s the sound is how we fight in the light
69s of day or shroud at night drifting on
71s the planes in our orbiters we taking
73s flight we will ban this one and use our
75s skill and our insight
79s listen to the quality she will tell us
82s where to go
85s listen to the caller it's finally time
88s to wake up tenno
91s listen to the call of lotus she will
93s tell us where to go
97s listen to the call of float it's finally
99s time to wake up tenno
103s wake up
106s wake up tenno
109s wake up tenno
127s to me tennocon means everything it has
130s been
131s my most anticipated day of the year
133s because
134s warframe and the people that work on
136s warframe are doing this incredible job
138s and for me
140s getting the opportunity to be on a stage
142s and represent the work
144s and show the work of the future of
146s warframe year over year is terrifying
149s but it's also
150s unlike anything i've ever felt before
153s our first tennocon i think our keynote
156s was hey let's do a live audience dev
158s stream and see how it goes and the
160s answer is it went pretty well and then
163s the next year we decided to start making
165s open worlds in warframe and
168s that evolution took it from a sort of
170s self-made fan fest to something that
173s seemed to compete in the gaming industry
176s as a must-watch event for a game that's
178s sort of doing live as a service on its
180s own by its own rules for this tennocon
183s the team is probably feeling very
185s nervous because it's one of those
186s tennocons where as you may have guessed
189s we're going to be caching some checks we
191s wrote a few years back in simpler times
194s 2019 was a year of weird what was the
197s dubiri paradox and here we are years
199s later maybe answering that question and
201s now we get to show it more i think we've
203s just enriched the stew of warframe by
205s having this weird paradox timeline and
209s you know a very healthy dose of the next
211s chapter in warframe and digital extremes
214s for tennocon this year we give away more
216s free things of course uh our prime
218s warframe giveaway is titania prime you
220s can get that by watching during tenno
222s live and all day if you're watching you
224s can get a new melee weapon in sucatra
226s but
227s since we know try to push the digital
229s boundaries with our cons if you show up
231s to the duverie amphitheater in game for
233s the keynote which is a very mystical
235s place you will get yourself a little
237s operator cosmetic the stranger's hood
239s who could it be
241s i only have one message for the
243s community
244s for this year's tennocon and that's what
245s i hope to see you there it is going to
247s be a monumental day for warframe and
248s digital extremes so please come on by
251s tune in get comfortable and we'll see
253s you at tennocon 2022 on july 16.
265s [Music]
270s [Applause]
271s [Music]
277s hello everyone welcome to primetime
280s episode 315 this is the last prime time
283s until the big
285s kahuna stream of tennocon 2022 july 16th
290s marcus yeah how are you i'm doing great
293s are you doing great i'm excited 16 days
295s can you believe it no 15 days 17 hours
298s 55 minutes 30 seconds to be born 30
301s seconds 27 26 oh my god you know we need
304s to get yes we need to get like heart
305s rate monitors for all of us whenever we
307s used to wear a fitbit and it would tell
309s me to tell me to go for a walk like uh
312s something stressful is happening right
313s now you need to do it
315s i remember streaming and we were doing
316s something stressful and it would
318s actually be like you need to calm down
320s and i'm like i can't i'm gaming
322s anyways welcome to the stream thank you
324s for being here hope you're having a
325s lovely
326s thursday we got a lot in store for you
328s but of course
329s the biggest thing is tennocon 2022 is
332s approaching dean would you like to go to
334s my gameplay screen sure thing for a
337s minute so warframe dot com channel
339s connie free and twitch. you can just do
341s exclamation point tennocon and you'll
343s get a link to this page if you want to
345s follow along um but today early in the
348s morning we actually updated it with some
350s exciting things like the video you just
352s saw featuring the one the only rebecca
354s ford uh but of course we have our
356s countdown we're not going to look at
357s that right now
359s save the date july 16th of course fully
361s digital watch on twitch youtube all that
363s great stuff we do have some giveaways
366s that we're going to be doing all day
367s long on july 16th such as this very
370s creepy laptop that i'd like to win we
372s have some digital stuff here you can
373s make your tennocon badge your digital
376s badge because if you have been to a
378s physical one we give you similar badges
380s and they're really cool to collect i
381s have a bunch of them at home that i
383s cherish deeply but you can make a
385s digital one and i've actually seen
387s people i remember last year they made
388s the digital one and then printed it out
390s and like that's so cool made it imagine
392s i was just gonna say it's pretty wicked
393s like not to toot my own harm but i
395s designed these badges
398s the last what two or three years of
400s badge designs have been my favorite
402s designs and we don't have physical
403s versions of them and it makes me sad you
405s should just do a legacy yeah recite
407s recycle them just like restart the next
410s physical tennocon and just bring back
411s the old 2020 design like sell for a
414s thousand dollars just kidding
416s um and then of course what we announced
418s is that tenno live 2022 is going to have
421s the first live gameplay reveal of the
424s diviri paradox so you're not going to
426s want to miss 10 alive you're not going
427s to want to miss the entire day but of
429s course kind of live if you're just
431s waiting for the spicy reveals there will
433s be spicy reveals all day but this is the
436s the live big big event
439s duvier paradox hi reb
442s we still have of course a digital pack
443s and the merch pack available as well if
445s you would like to get it on that as we
447s know the digital pack has the barrow
449s kittier
451s relay ticket access if you want to
453s partake in everything he has ever sold
455s this is the time and place to do that by
458s purchasing a digital pack you still have
460s time save up those ducats say about
461s those due cats you could win some today
463s uh we are going to have 30 off in the
466s official warframe merch store so you can
467s get some goodies there if you want to
469s get some a little power floop why not
471s and then this is very important so we
473s have free in-game rewards during the day
476s and also tunnel live so there's kind of
478s different chunks here let's go over the
480s first chunk in the stew chunk it out i'm
482s very glad rev called it a stew because i
485s love stew
486s meat the duveri meat stew
489s from 12 30 to 5 p.m so basically
492s tennocon outside of tenno live uh you
495s can get yourself the very chris warfan
497s and the rinaldo sugatcha these are
498s twitch drops i'm watching for at least
501s 30 minutes make sure you're all linked
502s up you can go to warframe.com
507s correct yes whoa
509s what can i say warframe.com twitch and
512s link up there if you're not already
513s linked if you've already linked
515s don't even worry about it you are good
516s to go you're all set if you've been
518s getting twitch drops on these streams so
521s far you are all set you don't need to do
523s anything deja vu i know you can do it
525s right on this page did i you're the
527s linking queen did i not pre-record this
529s and you'll see it maybe during tennocon
531s i don't know
532s uh anyways so you're going to get uh the
534s varicose warfarin and the renal sugar
536s during the day
537s and then tenno live is going to happen
539s and the drop switches to titania prime
543s and although tunnel live does start at
545s five uh the drop does go till 7 pm just
548s to kind of do a little bit of a buffer
549s there so you know if you tuned in a
551s little late uh we will be you know
554s allowing you to get to tv prime
556s perchance of course when the stream ends
557s then the drop ends so that's all that
559s but a little bit of a buffer in case we
561s go long cause you know typically we do
563s because we like to talk a lot a lot of
565s exciting things happen
567s and then this one is super important
568s because this one is actually changed as
570s of literally yesterday this is this
572s information is correct but if you watch
574s the video that we showed
577s just early two minutes ago of rebecca
579s talking she mentioned um being
582s in game to get the stranger's hood and
584s this was the plan originally similar to
587s last year how if you were in the relay
589s experience
590s of the new war
592s showcase you received an item in game
596s after that experience we were going to
598s do something similar this year but
600s you know to save ourselves from server
602s stress which is the name of the game
605s always
606s we decided to do something a little
607s different this year
609s and basically we're we're offering you a
611s self service uh to get yourself to
613s strangers hood so starting at 12 30 pm
616s eastern time which is when tennocon
618s officially starts on that day if you go
621s to the in-game market on all platforms
623s the strangers hood will be there you can
625s purchase it for i think it's one credit
627s yeah one credit uh it'll be in that
629s store for 48 hours so if you miss we're
631s gonna have call outs during the day of
633s course to remind you like hey remember
635s this cool stranger said it's in the
636s market just go and get it yourself good
639s to go and we won't you know explode our
641s surfers not that we will everything's
643s fine um
645s well yeah we just thought this would be
646s a little bit of a safer option you can
648s get it when you want you can wear it
650s during the day and game
652s and uh you know celebrate that way but
655s we'll be repeating this during the day
657s that strangers hood is in the market uh
659s for you to get yourself uh instead of it
661s happening during the duveri amphitheater
665s experience this is this the first time
667s we've said duverie amphitheater i might
670s be i think i think this is the first
671s time we've ventured into an amphitheater
673s chat can we can we guess what the diviri
676s amphitheater experience is going to be
679s does anyone have any guesses i do yeah i
683s i know there's some stuff people might
684s be able to guess there's some stuff they
686s definitely won't guess interesting is
688s there oh that's a great question so the
690s stranger's hood
691s when you purchase it i believe it says
693s operator but it comes with
696s comes with spoiler character as well
699s so you'll get the operator one and then
701s you'll get the other variant as well
704s just by purchasing the one stranger's
706s hood in the market this is all of july
708s 16th
709s um theater in the ceremony
712s someone said abba i win oh can we get
714s that
719s it's just going to be a potluck dinner
721s where everybody brings their stews
723s and we sample ios it's the true stew
726s bring your own stew baby pvp like
728s gladiators i mean that'd be cool there's
730s a pit anyways
732s and then of course reminder link
733s yourself and then the schedule this is
735s very exciting we finally revealed the
736s schedule it's very similar if not almost
739s exact to last year so no real big
741s changes
742s but we'll have the opening keynote uh
745s with miss rebecca ford kicking off the
747s day
748s running down what's going to happen
750s giveaways all that great stuff stir in
752s that pot stir in that pot of stew baby
754s all the flavors get to know each other
755s in the pot bubble boiled trouble boil i
758s don't know what it is um and then at 1
760s pm we're going to have the sounds of the
761s system hosted by marcus
766s tell us a little bit about what they can
767s expect marcus oh man
770s you guys can expect uh lots of goodness
772s from george and the crew
774s you can expect
776s some laughs some good insights if you're
779s an inspiring sound designer
781s do not miss this panel if you like what
783s your ears hear in game you're going to
785s enjoy what you will see and hear on the
788s panel i love it i'm so excited for
790s everyone to witness
792s marcus's hosting skills of sounds of the
793s system whoops um and then
796s so that one is pre-recorded you've
798s already recorded that so funny because i
799s i meant to say the other day i kick it
801s off to you
802s and at the end i'm like hey and then
804s next up we're gonna hear from megan yeah
805s yeah but i'm like as a recorder i'm like
808s i'm kicking it off to her like in the
809s past so i was like i say like and then
811s next up is live megan i am gonna open it
813s six weeks earlier i'm going to open my
815s deaf canada with thanks marcus
818s that makes you so happy so yeah so after
820s the sounds of the system we go into a
822s live dev q a where from the hot seat
826s it'll be myself with pablo kaz and matt
829s tremblay who are incredible uh members
832s of the de family and we're going to be
834s doing some deep dives in the question
836s we're going to talk a little bit about
837s new war we're going to talk a little bit
838s about zereman i'm going to talk about
840s duveri so we're kind of going to go
841s through a timeline of just updates that
844s have come out since the tennocon last
846s year and just talked about kind of the
848s design of it the weapons the art um
850s stuff like that that that isn't asked in
852s the other panels speaking of at 3 p.m we
855s have a pre-recorded art of warframe with
857s a special guest that we're not going to
860s tell you who you'll just have to watch
861s to find out but this one is hosted by
864s the one the only daniel sokolowski
880s hosted by danny it's amazing uh jeff
883s eric vetter and carrie black
885s are joining her for that again this is a
887s pre-recorded so they've already recorded
889s it um but it is very spicy and very
892s exciting so you're gonna want to tune
893s out them and tune into that one because
895s you know
896s typically on these art panels we kind of
898s spoil some things we kind of show some
900s stuff that you know it's never been seen
902s can be some tantalizing previews that
904s might be coming sooner than you expect
908s anyways
909s then after that we have a pre-recorded
911s community art show and cosplay contest
912s and i'm so excited that miss helen is
916s going to be hosting this one it's going
918s to go through all the amazing art
920s that everyone submitted over the past i
922s think month month and a half cosplay
925s dojos as well are included in this so
927s we're just a mish mash of really awesome
930s community made things so she's going to
932s host that and i'm very excited
934s to see what comes out of that i do want
936s to preface that i know
938s last year i put dean through um a bit of
940s a tumultuous uh
943s uh time where i made him put every
945s single art that was submitted into the
947s show and while i loved that we're not
949s doing that this year um we will just be
951s you know
952s basically doing the finalists um showing
955s that art but we do have plans and this
957s is
958s plans made
960s proposed by helen and veronica on the
962s team
962s to not only
964s showcase the art that we are not going
966s to show on tenecom but we're going to do
968s it on the prime times
970s in the fan art section after when we
972s come back from our stream hiatus from
973s tennocon so if your art does not get
975s shown on this community art show or
977s cosplay contest
979s it will be shown
980s on prime time when we come back after
983s tennocon so just please know that we
985s love and appreciate your art and we want
987s to show it so we're gonna show it that
988s way um so thank you so much for everyone
990s who submitted and then of course
992s 5pm eastern time we got 100 live 2022
996s with the devstream crew and i mean yes
999s we are doing the first live gameplay
1002s demo of the very paradox but
1004s there is so much more
1007s that is going to be happening during
1009s tunnel live so much more to be said to
1011s be shown be revealed uh so you're you
1014s know you're not going to want to miss it
1016s i don't think you will so set your clock
1017s set your alarm it's the big kahuna
1019s that's right digressive uh this is the
1021s big kahuna show
1022s i don't think we can fit it in an hour
1025s ah
1026s i don't know they're they're a
1027s well-oiled machine that dev stream's
1029s crew they uh but i mean like there's no
1031s pressure to right
1032s where else are we going yeah where else
1034s are we going the twitch drops gonna run
1036s till seven in case we stream till seven
1038s like we're all just gonna be here so um
1041s yeah it'll it'll probably go longer who
1043s knows but it's gonna be so fun and yes
1045s i'm so excited
1047s to
1048s have you guys experience what the team
1051s the entire digital extremes team has
1053s been working on for a very long time
1056s and revealed to you during that time so
1058s we'll see you then
1060s and then of course our charity
1061s partnership this year we're partnering
1064s with inspire
1065s an indigenous national charity that
1067s invests in the education of first
1069s nations inuit and metis people for the
1071s long term benefit of these individuals
1073s their families and communities in canada
1075s and we now have a little donate button
1077s that is going to take you to their i
1080s believe it is a crowd change page that
1082s they
1083s set up so thank you to them for setting
1084s that up
1085s and if you're in twitch chat you can do
1086s exclamation point donate and it will
1088s take you
1089s to that page itself and you can donate
1091s if you'd want to
1092s this will be up for the next weeks and
1096s then of course during tennocon we'll uh
1098s shut them out again but we're so so so
1100s proud to be able to do um
1102s this charity with them and partner with
1104s them for indigenous education in
1106s canada's future so shout out to inspire
1109s thank you for
1110s allowing us to partner with you and uh
1112s being able to support you and just uh
1115s spread the word of your incredible
1116s message
1117s and last but not least we have something
1120s special in our hands marcus we do
1122s there's something very special and we
1123s mentioned merch we mentioned that there
1125s is a current deal on the merch shore but
1127s there is going to be a lot of new merch
1129s that is going to be launched the day of
1131s if not before i can't quite remember
1134s but we are going to have some new merch
1136s in the merch store
1138s we got sleep is the day the day of we
1140s got flus marcus what do you got i got a
1142s motorola look
1144s oh we got a sandskate and a bowl of
1146s rolla hello
1148s we finally get more floofs look at this
1151s little pancake
1152s he's so cute it's perfect i think this
1155s bowl roll is it's either it's nose or
1157s it's
1158s doing a little blep
1159s little tongues out that's 100 of melon
1161s yeah
1162s oh yeah
1164s they're so cute so they're going to be
1166s available in the merch store uh day of
1168s 10 o'clock that we said dean i believe
1170s so yes believe so day of tennocon new
1172s merch coming at you live
1174s there's going to be a whole bunch of
1175s other stuff not just these but i mean
1178s how special are these this is pretty
1180s special don't you want to add that to
1181s your collection look at this the sand
1183s skate is probably the cutest thing it's
1184s like it looks like a little buck teeth
1188s like a like a beaver it looks like a
1189s little beaver
1190s oh he's so cute
1193s july 16th a lot of exciting things
1195s happening and uh big one it's gonna be a
1197s big day excited to obviously share with
1199s all of you um make sure you get a
1200s digital ticket if you're interested in
1201s that and i just want to say
1203s please make sure you tune in
1205s like 10 minutes before five at the very
1207s least if you're not going to watch the
1208s whole day because
1210s i'll just leave it at that
1212s it's amazing you have some fun
1213s commercials i had some fun today or
1216s recently yeah yeah dean uh dean i mean
1219s shout out to dean dean
1221s puts so much work into tennocon antenna
1223s live and everything and he's he's the
1225s man with the plan
1226s and uh he has filmed some very fun
1229s you guys call it interstitials i think
1231s that's way too fancy a word for me i
1233s call it commercials we've got some
1235s really just fun uh merch commercials and
1238s obviously a twitch link reminder
1239s commercial that's a classic
1242s even even the branding reveal we had
1244s because
1244s people may not even know we the branding
1246s changes from year to year and dean does
1248s all that well the only thing dean said
1250s this year was no triangle that's right
1251s no no triangles but i i just want to
1253s point out like as much as yes i kind of
1255s head some of that up there's a huge team
1257s behind me that helps and contributes and
1260s we put in so much work to these shows
1262s every year and a lot of times it's
1264s behind the scenes and kind of unheard
1265s and unseen so thank you megan for
1267s pointing it out but uh yeah this year it
1269s definitely is going to be something very
1270s special we have a lot of fun
1272s planned in between the panels so it's
1275s really worth just
1277s watch all day yeah and enjoy the time
1280s that you spend with us because it is
1282s amazing and fun and uh you know kudos to
1285s both megan danielle everybody that's
1287s involved taylor
1289s that help shoot these things um
1292s a lot of the times they're crazy and
1294s weird and you are definitely going to
1296s see the fruits of that labor and i think
1298s it's just
1299s it's so much fun i love you all it's
1301s awesome so thank you yeah it's fun
1303s because uh some of the commercials some
1305s of the interstitials we literally use
1307s the bloopers because they were too good
1309s than the actual like clean versions of
1311s it so we were watching one of them
1313s before the stream started and that was i
1314s was highlighting yeah actually you know
1316s who else is howling someone who people
1318s have not heard from before we got a very
1320s special person as our live producer
1321s tonight
1323s it's the izak oh hey what's up
1327s exactly here first time in the cold pot
1329s officially he was here shadowing i think
1331s like they heard you a little bit i think
1333s a couple of prizes there was a celeb
1335s shout out and surprisingly they gave me
1337s a microphone yeah now he has too much
1339s power you graduated he's graduated
1344s and he is in the official warframe
1346s discord that is open um open chatting
1350s during prime time uh lovely lovely folks
1353s in there as always what what's the
1354s what's the temperature in there oh it's
1356s good is it good it's nice cool you know
1358s when you like get into a pool on a nice
1360s i have no idea where i'm going with that
1361s yeah but i have a proposition for the
1363s discord okay oh since it's canada day
1365s tomorrow yeah i thought we'd share in
1367s the canada day i'd like to see
1369s your best canadian stereotype joke oh no
1374s just dig right into us just
1376s a stereotype
1378s i guess is it the same thing
1380s yeah for canadians we want to hear it
1383s yeah all right all right i like it chad
1385s that goes for you too that discord loves
1387s more than a challenge i bet we're going
1389s to see poutine maple syrup and polar
1392s bears igloos it's fine i forget there's
1394s a canadian stereotype i was thinking
1395s about recently that people don't believe
1397s me on but it is true i couldn't remember
1399s what it was then our money is colorful
1401s and smells like maple syrup
1402s maybe it was that one
1404s maybe it was that one i don't know if
1405s that's like just like a
1407s placebo effect because i actually do
1409s think it smells like maple syrup
1410s 20s the 20s at least for sure do but
1413s like is that just because someone said
1414s it to me and now my brain is just like
1416s no
1417s it's a real thing that the mint does for
1418s some reason okay okay okay uh mint
1422s doesn't make it minty
1424s gum got mintier
1426s moving on of course
1428s it is the last day in june it is june
1430s 30th and
1432s pride we have the great month of pride
1435s but of course pride does not end in june
1438s it does not end
1440s in 30 days it continues on forever and
1443s ever every day all year every year
1446s in the market it's your last chance to
1447s get the pride items but
1450s starting tomorrow we will have a code
1452s that is going to get you uh the
1453s displaying glyph it's going to be pride
1455s 20
1456s 20 20 sorry fried 20 22.
1460s that was a tongue twister um it might
1462s actually work right now and i think it
1464s works now uh but anyways that code is
1466s going to be live um so you can get the
1468s items if you you know found out about
1470s this a little bit later in july and
1471s august and september
1473s you can still get some of the pride
1475s items it doesn't include the pride
1476s palette that is going to be a strictly
1478s um
1479s danny says it works now danny
1482s so it works now so if you want to do
1483s pride 2022 you can get yourself the
1485s items that maybe you didn't already get
1488s or more and then of course like i was
1490s mentioning the pride palette uh is a
1493s june only
1494s type of thing so it'll come back next
1496s june
1496s danny's messaging me she's messaging me
1498s the facts she said the code works now
1500s beech she just called me
1503s so rude wow danielle
1505s i mean that's spicy wow i'm kidding she
1508s didn't actually see that
1510s that's not a character for daniel
1512s she lies i was just kidding you can just
1514s hear her like scream like no i didn't i
1517s didn't but i mean she would but in like
1518s the best way possible
1520s anyways thank you to everyone who um
1522s showed love and support during the month
1524s of pride
1525s like i said pride does not
1527s start and end in the month of june it is
1529s a forever thing
1531s um and we were very happy to
1534s you know support our amplify our
1537s lgbtq plus uh creators and we will
1541s continue to support them all year long
1543s we love them and um happy pride to
1545s everyone out there and i hope you had a
1547s safe and happy pride and that you
1549s continue to have a safe and happy pride
1552s life because it is the life moving on
1555s night wave we're going to be playing
1556s some night wave today in game we're
1558s going to chip away at that
1560s and that is because
1562s nightway volume 1 that you are currently
1563s experiencing in game does end on july
1566s 10th so time is a ticket it will go
1569s dark on july 10th that's the sunday
1571s basically when the weekly refresh would
1573s start nora knight's gonna unplug from
1576s the system take a little hiatus but she
1578s will be back with volume two a whole new
1581s mix
1582s on july 17th and if you're thinking to
1584s yourself
1585s hmm july 17th that's an interesting date
1587s that's the day after tennocon
1590s do they need like i don't know an update
1592s or a hotfix to like go live for that
1594s i don't know maybe i think
1597s yeah that's a good question right
1601s okay i know there's a plan
1603s yeah
1604s something like someone think of this
1606s did someone ask that right now i'm
1607s working on people
1609s yeah anyways just a little tidbit moving
1611s on tennogen we announced something very
1614s exciting today for tenno jen uh i'm not
1616s saying 10010 is coming soon i'm just
1618s saying that we added leg armor pieces
1621s are not going to be accepted for 10 oh
1622s gen submissions get them gams get them
1625s jams covered up you can't actually have
1628s primed uh kneecaps
1630s what do you mean
1631s remember you were talking about a
1634s sculpture with the prime kneecaps
1636s i want to see a whole bunch of kneecap
1639s art yeah give me kneecap that's the
1640s chance now it's a chance show me what
1642s you got for knees um the
1644s official technogen guide website is not
1646s going to be updated until after tennocon
1647s because we're all a little busy uh but
1649s we did want to share that news and
1650s information with you um now as soon as
1653s we could uh but we've posted all the
1655s technical details in discord and on our
1658s forums you can do exclamation point 10
1659s again
1660s 10 of jen if you are curious and want to
1663s uh read up about all those technical
1665s details details but leg armor pieces
1668s coming to you soon i want to see some
1670s nasty ones i want to see some
1672s synthwaves what are those uh what are
1673s those things that cowboys have the the
1675s spurs spurs let's see some spurs i wanna
1678s see some spurs energy spurts
1680s i want some i want ones that are just
1681s like straight up rollerblading pads you
1684s know oh yeah like i want some elbow pads
1686s yeah like for the the the fluorescent
1688s ones from like the 90s oh that light up
1690s yeah no like the really hot green and
1692s hot pink and there were yeah
1694s yeah
1695s i mean we could i could just make it hot
1696s green that's true i feel you
1698s uh and then the twitch drop for today is
1701s i can't believe i've talked for 27
1702s minutes the twitch drop today megan
1704s you've done great it's the all is gold
1706s grab bag it's a spicy grab bag like we
1709s said it's today's the last stream before
1711s you see us at tennocon live in person
1714s not in person but on your screens uh
1716s digitally in person uh so we wanted to
1719s make a little spicy grab bag for you so
1722s you have a chance i mean
1725s yeah 45 minutes for watching so you can
1727s get two if you've watched from the
1728s beginning of the stream to the very end
1730s um
1731s we did fix the decay bug by the way i
1733s keep seeing people saying that we have
1734s fixed it uh in the next half extra
1737s update needs to go out for that to
1738s happen
1739s moving on when could that happen when
1740s could that be i don't i don't know i'm
1742s curious i don't know when is it i don't
1743s know
1745s i realized guys please i'm getting lots
1747s of questions not right now but i know
1749s maybe soon uh twitch drop always gold
1752s grab bag there is 750 ducks in it
1754s there's four thousand endo there's an
1756s iotan a nasa sculpture pineapple and a
1759s forma so you can get one of those for 45
1761s minutes so again if you watch from the
1763s start to finish of the stream you're
1764s gonna get two of those so fingers
1766s crossed for whatever it is that you want
1768s it to be and i hope you get it my
1771s luck is too that isn't spicy but okay
1773s you know as a girl who doesn't really
1774s like spice that's pretty spicy to me
1776s okay that's very spicy that's very spicy
1778s we're talking fresh cracked black pepper
1781s is that spicy
1782s to some yeah
1784s to some
1785s fresh cracked black pepper oh yeah can
1787s we do a platter prison you should i talk
1788s about this i had a lick of a pineapple
1791s habanero oh why'd you do that
1793s you know it was in front of me and it
1796s was i thought that because it was well
1797s it wouldn't it was a saturday i felt
1799s like it wouldn't be spicy and then it
1801s was and then i had a lick of one that
1802s was called scorpion
1805s bad idea bad idea who won
1808s zach who won oh my gosh a straight this
1811s is the twitch warframe page with your
1814s in-game username and platform that you
1815s play on and i will send you
1819s that feels nice that feels really nice
1822s to hear
1823s damn he will send you your place i've
1825s made it
1826s i've made it i've made it
1828s hello coming to you live maybe easter if
1831s you message right now you'll get it
1832s during the stream well probably not
1838s i'm an honest guy you know what uh no
1841s chance when does the stream end it ends
1843s at 8 pm eastern time so in an hour and a
1845s half because i've been talking for 30
1847s minutes
1847s so much good information though this was
1849s all very part of the job thank you
1851s delicious information it was delicious
1853s if you have any questions about the day
1854s of tennocon about anything that we just
1856s went over obviously you can do excellent
1858s point tennocon and go and check out that
1860s website for yourself if you would like
1862s to sorry i keep hitting my mic dean um
1865s if you would like to read it for your
1866s own if you have any questions uh we are
1869s happy to answer them
1870s um as we see them fly by in the chat
1874s what are we doing today
1875s we're doing some night waves i've been
1877s catching up like a crazy cat so
1880s are you a crazy cat i am a crazy cat
1883s thank you god blown through i think most
1885s of this week's challenges
1887s so now i'm on to some recovery
1889s um so we can just get through those
1890s quickly i'd love to see you can go to
1892s our game please
1893s and then honestly we can probably just
1895s keep clipping away at them as they
1896s recover because i imagine we'll get
1898s through them pretty quickly the
1899s syndicate missions will take some time
1901s um but i've already done one so we could
1903s technically get through all of the
1905s syndicate missions now
1907s you've also let me know that there is a
1908s mastery rank test in your very near
1911s future oh
1912s check it how close this is
1916s 5 45. what are you ranking up to to get
1919s yourself there uh i think honestly i'm
1922s i'm ranking up a tenant weapon right now
1923s so by the time it maxes out so i figured
1925s we'd jump into sanctuary onslaught first
1928s um because then by the time that's
1930s are you maxing it out
1932s well because i'll get the
1933s i'll get like as you form it up it's
1935s like you get that a little bit of
1936s mastery every like next so i wonder if
1938s that little like you're close okay okay
1940s but i got other stuff in my inventory
1942s that
1942s needs to be leveled up very good um so i
1945s could just throw on because if we do
1946s sanctuary onslaught you're gonna get it
1948s real fast yeah and i'll just throw on
1950s another i'll just throw in another
1951s unranked weapon just to very good push
1953s it over there
1954s what needs to be all right i'm gonna
1955s invite you well damn my text is huge
1960s uh t marcus if you would like to join us
1962s we're going to do some elite sanctuary
1963s onslaught because we're going to get
1965s marcus to
1966s his tippity top so he can do his test
1969s yeah if you are online we are on pc
1973s megan's cursor is huge you must be new
1975s here welcome um
1977s please message me in game sure let us
1979s know let us know your
1982s canadian stereotype that you
1985s believe and we will verify if this is a
1988s true
1989s canadian stereotype
1991s i'm just going to close all these wow
1992s that is the biggest text i've actually
1993s ever seen yeah let's check this out oh
1995s my goodness
1996s see this is nice though because then
1997s anybody watching from home can actually
1999s read your screen here why don't i just
2001s oh
2003s perfect don't know if i actually can can
2005s you do the uh
2007s you do the squint at the at the text
2009s even when it's that large actually it's
2010s actually cutting off because it's so big
2012s i'm not gonna lie so let me fix that
2013s there we go
2014s um
2017s also as for the stereotype maple syrup
2019s just in its entirety sandy you're not
2021s wrong
2022s noodle noodles looney tuni
2024s now are they talking about loonies are
2026s they talking about ladies and gents
2028s and tunes and toonies
2030s okay okay noodle noodles fun fact there
2033s is a small town in ontario that did a
2035s throny at one point
2038s what were three dollars
2040s that didn't take off
2041s no no it was just exclusive to the town
2043s oh well they could actually use that as
2045s currency yeah legit currency wow all
2047s right once i spent it immediately i
2049s bought it because i wanted candy left
2052s for rage raccoons are called trash
2054s pandas i don't know if that's a canadian
2055s is that a canadian thing
2057s maybe just because they're so
2059s replete in toronto
2061s what does replete mean there's a lot oh
2064s that's a fancy word i was like hello
2066s toronto is replete it is replete
2070s with the trash pandas
2071s canadians blade maple syrup it's my
2073s friend's birthday today and he loves
2075s raccoons and uh someone sent him a
2077s picture that said uh you may be trash
2080s but that also means you're someone's
2081s treasure because they're trash pants
2084s very sweet insulted
2087s everyone's just saying maple syrup which
2089s i appreciate lilly raccoon i'm from
2091s toronto and i apologize a lot i'm pretty
2093s sure saying sorry all the time is a
2094s canadian-ism i think it is a hundred
2097s percent it's a canadian and also people
2098s think well maybe we do but when we say
2100s sorry it's like sorry story oh sorry oh
2103s sorry sorry boy oh sorry oh sorry about
2106s that oh sorry about that like have you
2107s ever heard me talk like that you know
2109s what it's when you get out of canada
2112s though because we all sound a little bit
2114s like that that's true you can't hear
2115s your own accent no you can't because
2117s i've heard it in myself have you yeah
2119s where i've just got a little just like a
2121s little twang just a little hinge a
2123s little shania twain twins a little
2125s schneiderlin from timmins oh yeah oh
2128s timmins megan is never sorry i totally
2130s am yeah uh difficult is it true that
2132s everyone is very apologetic i mean it
2134s might be sorry about that
2137s [Laughter]
2140s i mean honestly
2141s justin bieber canadian icon a song
2144s called sorry so i don't know is it too
2146s right now to say
2148s i'm sorry
2151s sorry
2156s it needs to be a sound bite i don't know
2158s what's going to get us dmc aid so i'm
2159s like i don't know how long i can
2161s continue i think you're that good of a
2162s singer
2163s marcus you are not that close to justin
2165s bieber that you could get the mj oh my
2167s god that is too funny
2170s all right we got myself a marcus noodle
2172s noodles
2173s and what's two in leet speak anything
2177s s what what do you mean what's two no
2179s it's an e is it two anything in lead
2181s speaking like a number two yes it's the
2184s part of an r
2186s part of an r like it would replace r oh
2189s someone just said roll up the rim you
2190s must be canadian
2191s oh yeah that's that's right i feel like
2193s if you're not canadian you know that
2194s then that you must be that's something
2196s like that's some that's some that's a
2198s deep cut that's a
2199s defense cut roll up the room is a deep
2200s cut yeah roll up the room yeah it's
2202s spicy now it's all digital yeah can you
2205s um okay real quick before we jump into
2206s this roll up the room real quick you
2209s have a tim hortons actually yeah this is
2210s like this is the most canadian thing i
2212s bet you if you told people this they
2214s wouldn't believe it
2215s tim hortons currently has a
2217s collaboration with justin bieber and
2219s they have tim b they're coming out with
2220s drinks too yeah
2222s tim b
2224s tim bieber latte that's his dad bieber
2226s lotta his dad
2231s wait do you have a drink
2232s oh no you have the peach anyways anyways
2235s tim hortons coffee cups cardboard
2238s coffee cups whatever they are
2241s you would actually roll the little rim
2242s up and it would tell you if you want a
2244s prize
2245s but the fact that people would then
2247s rip it off with their mouth and then
2249s hand it into a cashier you know what i'm
2251s saying yeah yeah yeah like the amount of
2253s times that people just like oh i mean
2254s even though it's a drink lid it's been
2255s slathered all over anyway right
2258s slapping all over there that's what i
2260s think timmy's employees in chat we
2261s salute you you keep this country on it
2264s of course is that served on the end of a
2265s hockey stick actually there was a tim
2267s hortons during covid
2269s that gave the what do they call it the
2270s debit machine on a hockey stick to get
2272s it out the window and maintain it damn
2274s we are a stereotype
2276s it's embarrassing for us it's true
2279s it's true so i think oh wow hold on mr
2281s taz just referenced due south in chat
2284s that is a canadian i'm not even is that
2286s just like how we say no it was a tv show
2289s about a mountie oh
2291s and yeah
2292s dog no not regretting around the same
2294s time that was really nice so
2295s good
2296s reference i appreciate that also this is
2299s for regular this is for vanilla
2301s onslaught but i think it counts if we
2302s play elite i thought it said elite
2305s well you might have a lead well why
2307s don't we play elite and then we'll play
2308s regular because i've got the regular one
2309s now that's been recovered okay okay okay
2311s okay and also i'm missing one part of
2313s the brat and vandal that i just checked
2315s in my inventory so
2316s this might be your night this could be
2318s the time are mastery pins still
2320s available i believe they are yes
2322s and the uh the merch store if you are
2324s rank 30 which i'm not but that's fine
2327s everything's fine yeah
2328s uh someone read it received their uh
2330s their painted shirt this week we're
2332s pretty pumped about it
2333s which one their true master shirt oh
2336s really oh i can see that that's awesome
2338s they're a true master my hud is massive
2341s i didn't do this who was on this
2343s computer last
2346s danielle danny danielson are your eyes
2349s okay
2350s cause holy hell even i think that's big
2354s let's scale that puppy back a little bit
2357s wake up
2359s there we go that's that's acceptable
2362s man i always like playing esl because
2363s it's a nice tidy 20 minutes you know and
2366s it's just chaos it's just mayhem it's
2368s just it's just mayhem half the time i
2371s don't even know what my teammates are
2372s doing until like the last three minutes
2374s i can't even see okay wow yeah there's a
2376s lot happening here enemies are dying so
2377s that's optimal
2379s what prime is actually going on uh
2381s prime time
2387s oh do you get it i seriously need ducks
2390s well maybe you'll get it in the twitch
2391s draw
2392s if not you know you got time until a
2394s barracuda
2397s and then of course it always has to be
2399s this way
2400s normal barricade will be here
2403s at the same time special baroque tiers
2405s here
2406s like why it got to be that way
2408s our servers are just asking pharaoh's
2410s double booked very
2412s barrel's booked and busy yeah and he's
2414s he's having a double feature which is
2415s fine
2416s it just makes me laugh to think about
2418s like
2419s him
2420s in my mind he's obviously just one
2422s person and he's going back and forth but
2424s it's like he brings all of his wares to
2426s the ticketed relay yeah like at a at a
2430s like a booth at like a like a ren fair
2432s or something exactly i just think of
2434s barrel like a mall santa yeah or
2437s represent the one true barrel or like
2438s the happy salesman from uh zelda he's
2441s just got that big old backpack
2443s with everything you could ever want is
2445s that beetle
2447s nope that's the guy that's that's a
2448s sales guy the happy salesman is the one
2450s in major well he's in other ones but
2452s predominantly majora's mask
2454s never plays that
2456s i don't think so
2457s i see it reference frequently people are
2459s saying christian bale looks like the
2460s moon from majora's mask that is
2462s hilarious and i need someone to
2465s photoshop that for me please sorry if
2466s anyone's looking at my screen there's a
2468s lot happening um have you ever seen the
2470s gif of the guy in zelda um
2474s playing the piano
2475s the organ and it gets really aggressive
2477s i don't think so okay
2479s have you ever seen this isn't the happy
2480s salesman have you ever seen the gift of
2482s the guy
2483s you're just going to do zelda gifts
2485s it's my life um the the windmill guy
2490s yeah yeah i think i've seen that he's
2492s just like fiercely because he gets so
2494s aggressive at the end he's playing it
2496s faster and faster
2497s do you want to see my primary weapon
2498s build megan well you're in luck because
2500s if you click the
2503s uh twitch loadout it's me and that's my
2505s queller and i love it it's my it's what
2508s i always put on gauss because when i do
2510s my red line
2512s and it's my favorite yeah your color is
2514s pretty uh pretty tanky thank you i
2515s appreciate it if a canadian falls in the
2516s forest and no one's around do they still
2518s apologize
2523s yes i say yes
2524s yes we still apologize
2527s also that mine does actually count if
2529s you play elite and you have oh is it
2531s counting which is pretty cool which is
2533s pretty cool we'd love to see it that's
2534s nice whoever whatever whoever put that
2537s in or ask for that quality of life
2539s we now benefit if it's a bug it's now a
2541s feature it is certainly not a future
2544s don't bug it pascal yeah don't even open
2546s jiren get out of here don't
2549s don't the worst anime like moment you've
2551s had in warframe
2553s too late sorry
2554s [Laughter]
2556s by design by design
2558s change it it's not a bug plus anime like
2560s will not fit into warframe well not big
2562s the bug it's not a bug as a feature
2563s exactly
2565s does peculiar bloom actually do
2566s something it does it has a chance to uh
2569s put flowers on people this is not the
2571s mission to be
2572s i know i have peculiar blue on just
2574s because i think it's funny oh you've got
2575s people i do have peculiar blue i mean
2577s that's kind of the point though right if
2578s you either know that
2580s your squad's got your back or
2582s that your setup is proficient enough
2584s that you just don't need that extra mod
2585s plot yeah yeah i like my collar how it
2587s is put a little bit of fun on it you
2589s know i'm gonna slap this guy plant some
2590s flowers let them bloom i'll see if i can
2593s find a flower this is a little chaotic
2595s mission to be trying to look for flowers
2597s but
2598s you know
2600s we might see a little flower maybe a
2603s flower too
2604s enemies are dying pretty quickly this
2607s guy looks like he could pretty quickly
2610s oh he had his forgiveness
2612s what are you guys wait wait where are
2614s they look at him see the flower look at
2616s it oh it's so cute
2619s i knew it i knew he was eyeing up
2622s my queller and he wanted he wanted a
2624s flower i jumped into a waterfall i'm
2626s quite frightened
2629s anyways that's what it does for [ __ ]
2630s waterfalls meg
2636s and i think i have this peculiar oh yeah
2638s that's just gonna happen with it i
2640s always end up singing on these streams
2641s what's happening do the flowers do the
2643s colors of the flowers change depending
2645s on energy yeah yours all like blue
2646s mineral blue yeah so i must be taking
2648s obviously one of my colored channels
2650s because
2651s blue is much i am
2653s oh that guy flowers oh he's dead
2656s sag
2658s see listen whoops
2661s emo sag
2675s good
2682s uh are there secrets behind that
2683s waterfall
2684s always there's always a secret entrance
2687s to the zora's domain go behind the
2689s waterfall always
2691s always check the waterfalls
2695s if your name wasn't marcus what would
2696s you want your name to be
2698s that's a really good question was that
2699s in chat or was it you it was me really
2701s what where'd that come from um
2705s good oh man we got a christianville moon
2707s photoshoot do we yeah add it to the oh
2711s do you have the node
2712s no i don't know i can send you the node
2714s link yes we need to show you okay okay
2716s what's from jamie too jamie yeah why am
2719s i not surprised sorry growing up someone
2721s said my name i seem like a brandon which
2723s i was always like interesting that's so
2725s random but if i duh man why don't i what
2728s would i want to mean
2729s uh probably probably something like old
2731s worldly because i think i'd hate it as a
2733s kid but then as i grew up it'd be better
2735s like tiberius or like oh
2737s yes or something you're going like my
2739s god
2740s you had a
2742s good family named cornelius and you're
2743s like you're corn
2746s name is corn they're like no it's
2747s cornelius you're like duck orange i
2748s would just call them corn nonstop
2750s i would nickname them cobb i'd say hey
2752s cobby
2753s what's that cab
2754s it's not my name
2756s roy you meg what would your name be uh
2758s matilda
2760s you had that locked and loaded sorry my
2761s screen just exploded um yeah it's like
2763s one of my favorite names on earth
2765s from the danny devito classic no
2770s no from obviously matilda
2773s the danny devito classic danny devito's
2775s in that yeah he's the dad
2777s oh yeah yeah i mean i said danny devito
2780s that's a little obscure
2782s i totally forgot that
2784s i love the name matilda her name is
2786s matilda um
2787s please give it to me yeah
2790s matilda is pretty sweet until this week
2792s i've never seen the movie adaptation
2794s well there's a movie coming out a new
2796s matilda does it right there's a new one
2797s there's a remake coming danny devito
2798s coming back
2799s i hope so they bring back that cake
2802s man i i bet you i if i wasn't that great
2805s i could have put that cake down that is
2806s a horrific scene as someone who doesn't
2808s like chocolate cake i
2810s cannot stand that
2812s but it's a great movie it's fantastic i
2814s love matilda this remake will flop
2817s that never happens
2819s that is
2820s never ever ever it's a musical
2823s oh is it
2824s oh it's never gonna flop it's a musical
2828s i'm excited for that that is going to be
2830s phenomenal ever had rum cake oh i've had
2833s you had sticky toffee pudding
2836s me yes uh i don't think i have i think
2839s that's rum cake sticky
2840s i wouldn't be for sure
2842s dude you know what i did have recently
2844s yeah is that a wedding on the weekend
2845s yeah and they had wedding cake flown in
2847s from sri lanka what kind of cake is that
2850s it was fruit cake and it had a lot of
2852s icing and it was very good like like
2855s what they have like
2857s holidays yeah so it's like fruit cake
2858s but it was like 50 50 icing to
2861s the actual cake substance instead of
2863s like traditional fruitcake where it's
2864s like a thin layer
2865s get that like thin like that's the bait
2867s to get you to get a piece and then you
2869s take a bite and you're like oh crap it's
2870s all like it's called turd fruit this one
2873s is like not enough we know you love that
2875s fruit layer so we're just gonna or sorry
2877s we know you love the icing right we're
2878s gonna make the icing we're gonna
2880s proportion it we're gonna mix these
2881s ratios up
2883s glenn
2884s is the only person on this earth who i
2886s know that loves fruitcake well i want to
2889s tell glenn about this revelation glenn
2891s would perhaps love some sri lankan
2893s fruitcake i got some in my freezer oh
2896s glenn if you're watching this i can help
2897s you out you want somebody perhaps this
2899s is fruitcake here say he's like
2901s it might be like yeah he's like only
2903s that's cause we don't make it moist
2904s enough oh
2906s it's just no it's not right i'll eat a
2908s piece of fruitcake all right we've got
2909s some people in chat what's up we gotta
2910s take her we gotta take her
2913s someone wants the fruit cake
2915s i love glenn's weekend stream does he
2917s eat fruitcake
2919s you should that's how you should take
2920s them off
2921s every day with the food we've got fuel
2923s show your build uh i believe it's in the
2925s twitch loadout if you're talking to me
2926s if you want marcus's build i'd have to
2928s show you yeah i'll tell you my build um
2930s it was plucked from somebody uh in the
2932s community
2933s um actually recently people like so i
2935s play a lot of zephyr and i think that
2939s i think then people are like oh your
2940s zephyr bill's probably great and i'm
2941s like i kind of set one that worked for a
2943s very very long time and then actually as
2945s i was catching up on night wave i was
2947s like i gotta kill a thousand enemies to
2948s steal pass
2949s and then i found a zephyr build on
2951s reddit that is
2953s fantastic and that's what i'm using now
2954s shout out to reddit shout out to reddit
2957s thanks for all the info and the memes
2959s what a great place that old reddit
2963s always good i'd love to see it
2966s uh
2967s your names have changed oh
2971s we need cornelius
2973s that's zach zach's cornelius
2975s oh my gosh oh you're oh wait yeah zach
2977s what would your name be zacharias i
2979s think i'd go full like you know
2982s porsche keeper of the eight realms
2985s they're going d is that what's happening
2987s but i have to write you want boss music
2989s to play when you walk in the room
2993s i like to imagine like the retroactive
2995s like you in public school and your
2997s teachers just like keeper of the eight
2999s realms are you present
3003s present
3004s marsh
3011s people call you bore sheep oh no
3015s my game is not [ __ ]
3019s your sure thing borsch whatever you say
3022s stop guys please
3023s guys shut up guys they need that
3025s go through and go through your valley's
3027s phase you're like call me big b and
3028s they're like we're not doing that
3030s my rap crew is
3032s is it blood bundy or something grand
3033s master b
3034s grand master actually grandmaster b is
3036s kind of sweet
3037s uh someone chad says who wants about
3039s they're going to get rid of the rainbow
3040s email oh we're never going to get rid of
3041s the rainbow emo so yeah the answer to
3043s that was never
3046s thanks
3048s uh people getting drops love to see it
3050s what'd you get tell me what you got oh i
3051s need to clean i claim mine so when we
3053s get back to the orbiter
3055s we're going to find out what i got from
3057s the it's all gold graphics
3063s got it ducats oh baby what are you gonna
3065s buy are you saving it up for another
3066s prime chamber yeah
3069s i remember i was gonna get a prime
3070s chamber
3071s and i was like i swear i'm gonna get one
3073s and then i think it was kyla was like
3075s you're not buying it and i looked and i
3076s had like 1200 buckets i was like yeah
3078s i'm not kidding
3080s i'm broke i've always got too much other
3081s stuff to get and then of course
3083s barrow brings back those items that i
3085s always tell myself i don't need but then
3087s i just sort of close my eyes for 30
3088s seconds then i bought six you know how'd
3091s that happen
3092s i don't know i just see it i'm like oh i
3094s could really go for more rugs in my
3096s orbiter
3097s i'm like some pedestal primes
3100s why not 100
3102s oh nice cheddar 2022 emote i just work
3104s noodle noodles oh i'll do it too hold on
3106s once yeah
3109s well wham
3111s oh my god we can touch knees
3113s this is another knee touching emo
3116s we're very close we're so we look we
3118s look great oh nice noodle had it too
3122s good stuff
3123s good stuff crew uh-oh what a great squad
3126s 32 pedestal primes damn
3128s you got a frequent flyer you got some
3131s cash money
3133s by money i need credit
3135s cause there's done your fair share of
3137s farming rugs are love rugs are life
3138s someone agrees with you oh yeah the rugs
3141s are great it just makes everything feel
3142s kind of homey you know it's true i put a
3144s rug in my
3145s um
3148s dormazone on my bed to make it look like
3149s a plank
3150s oh that's nice and it makes me feel
3152s crazy you got a little map
3155s that'd be very fitting with the uh the
3156s whole christmas theme you still
3158s keep up in here in your orbiter that
3160s makes me laugh because literally today i
3162s had the test belt open for reasons
3165s and i have the option
3167s enabled so suspicious
3170s that was a lie it was it was there yeah
3172s and i have the option where it's um i
3174s have disabled for mute
3176s when run in the background so it's just
3178s playing all the time
3179s um even when i'm like on slack or doing
3181s something else and but i was in my
3183s orbiter and all i could hear was the
3185s jingle bells
3186s and i was like
3187s it's it's june but like i'm i'm into it
3190s i'm okay with it there's always that
3192s moment in the summer where you sort of
3194s start to crave christmas that's now it
3196s does it does happen it's something for
3198s me right now but people hit it and then
3201s they return to normal life i think that
3203s you start and you don't stop
3206s until
3207s [Laughter]
3209s everyone else returns and you're like i
3211s could just do this i think for me it's
3213s literally
3215s so we'll kind of go backwards here it's
3217s yeah december
3219s i am full xmas mode
3222s love and life
3223s and then
3226s january 2nd hits
3228s and i want nothing to do with snow i
3230s want nothing to do with
3232s really i hate it
3234s so the month of january february and if
3236s you're canadian march as well is
3238s horrendous for me and i just despise the
3241s snow
3242s and then it gets nice and warm and i'm
3243s like yeah
3245s and then
3246s june hits and i'm watching christmas
3249s videos on youtube and it just gets a
3251s little too warm and you're like maybe
3252s i'll get cold soon i look at my i look
3254s at my living room and i'm like the
3255s christmas trees are gonna look great
3257s right there
3258s i'm looking at because everything's on
3260s sale
3261s for this stuff because it's not the
3262s right season and i'm just i'm looking at
3264s it
3266s i could go for it you're telling me your
3267s christmas tree isn't up year round it
3270s has a theme every year
3273s oh you mean you decorate it during the
3275s year with different stuff i mean not
3277s during the year but like when i put it
3278s up in december it has a difference oh as
3280s you go by yearly thing what was last
3281s year's theme uh last year i tried to go
3283s for like grinchy so it had like really
3287s aggressive bobbles that were like
3289s like bright green just i like that the
3292s colors were so aggressive i've been
3294s thinking about grinch a lot lately
3295s because of uh that great line he has
3297s when he's like self-loathing i'm booked
3299s i feel like the summer gets so busy that
3301s i always just think like
3303s i'm booked and i'm booked i'm booked i'm
3305s booked in busy channel con july 16th uh
3309s panels in the morning evening live i'm
3311s booked
3313s see that would have been a great
3314s commercial idea
3316s what a christmas commercial of like
3318s of that vibe like doing the schedule
3321s like
3322s 12 30 on the dock
3323s keynote what will i do a book we can
3325s make a note for next week someone
3327s someone do a twitch clip of this and
3329s then
3329s tweet it at me in 11 months
3334s for mid may 2023 to remind me and we'll
3338s do it someone for sure has a bot down to
3340s like a simple vocal command that they're
3342s just travis
3344s you know what to do travis please
3346s that's going to happen and he's going to
3347s be like whoa where'd this tweet come
3349s from
3350s i'll make a note thanks digressive yep
3352s who was matilda uh matilda's me
3354s yeah i am matilda what does matilda do
3357s something did you see like screech no
3359s she can like move stuff with her mind oh
3362s so matilda's like 11. she's basically
3364s like yeah ooh
3367s and the tenor were kind of like 11.
3369s that was pretty they just do more stuff
3370s we're all just numbers in a pond
3376s why are you saying numbers
3380s uh
3381s somebody said they claim their drop
3382s button get it in game if you claimed it
3385s on twitch and didn't get it my
3387s suggestion to you
3388s is to relink your account and go to
3390s warframe.com twitch
3392s yeah unlink and relink and you should
3394s get your inbox and game with your
3396s goodies
3397s that is how we do
3399s easy-peasy the numbers matilda what do
3401s they mean
3403s someone also said that uh the
3404s telekinesis was powered by boredom that
3406s is a very good detail that i certainly
3409s forgot a lot of
3411s my skills are powered by boredom i think
3413s ornament is not a bad boredom can be a
3415s very effective tool
3416s a very effective
3418s to change your life
3420s yeah
3421s i'm not just a number of demo with a
3423s name
3425s sure thing 26
3426s whatever you say 49.
3429s whatever you say
3431s why isn't tiberius a starfleet captain
3435s is that a star because he's too rogue oh
3438s that's right okay okay
3440s you have to leave orbiter and come back
3441s to get mail in game you actually just
3443s have to alt tab now which is a fun fact
3445s yeah that's cool let's see did i get my
3446s drop
3449s i don't know if you'll get it in game
3452s nope
3453s akilah said thanks for playing dog days
3455s you're welcome kayla thanks for fueling
3458s my
3459s helium addiction
3460s you're welcome every year i get every
3463s year
3463s dialed in on garage and i get upset
3468s and it happen again if you have an alt
3469s tab that's a fair point not everyone has
3472s an l tap well basically all you have to
3474s do is like go to a dojo go in and out of
3476s a mission you just have to like
3478s refresh your inventory which happens
3479s every time you like leave and come back
3481s to the orbiter so
3482s do with that what you may
3484s easy what's the best color for aoe
3486s warframe ability energy i would like to
3488s put forth lime green
3490s from the infested color palette
3492s uh i'm not biased i'm just correct
3496s i enjoy a good yellow
3498s what kind of yellow there's so many
3499s yellows
3500s like
3502s we talking like fluorescent we talking a
3504s little like burnt yellow i'd say i'm i'm
3507s talking like
3508s like gatorade yellow
3510s like real like real
3512s real bright yellow okay okay i like it
3514s i'm into it like the yellow of zone
3517s seven it feels like
3518s yeah kind of like yeah yeah yeah yeah
3520s it's like goldeny
3522s i like it so it's like lightning we
3524s didn't need to go in this did we did we
3526s no we do yeah
3527s yeah i think we're winning
3529s i think we've won i think we're winning
3531s i kind of forget what i was doing so i
3533s think that's a good scare oh wait no is
3536s it is it eight or ten
3538s no we only had to do eight is it eight
3539s and eight is the uh c drop
3542s well honestly we could probably keep it
3543s awesome
3545s we got other night waves to do that's
3547s true we got numerous we got us out we
3548s got to be tours
3550s we need to
3551s i'll probably oh i realized i actually
3553s only have six syndicate missions
3554s available so that one i will not be able
3556s to i think mine count for you
3558s oh we do your sticks and then yeah those
3562s will i would be surprised because they
3564s don't some of them you can't really
3566s oh but i might be if offending them are
3568s sabotages we could get the cash oh a
3570s little two for one
3571s i like your style for one action i think
3574s the best i've ever done was a four for
3575s one
3576s so that was like all of them
3578s i think it was a
3580s definitely one of the relic ones okay
3582s it was relic
3584s and
3585s probably
3587s like a weapon condition one like it
3588s kills as a primary or melee
3590s then it was
3592s i think it actually might have been a
3593s time i don't know if we've changed it
3595s since but i think it might have been one
3597s where
3598s it was open 10 relics and open three
3599s relics on the same week i see
3602s it was quite lucrative it felt great
3604s those those feel great you can like bang
3606s out like three or four you're like oh
3608s phenomenal i was in the planes doing the
3610s fishing and the mining
3611s excellent
3613s but just made an afternoon of it yeah i
3615s did the mining one in the fishing one
3616s today as well
3618s just you know a casual um
3621s trollic no mercury fine that was my i
3624s was also i also went up you went for
3625s merc race just like going to the ocean
3627s it seems like there's there's just less
3628s people to bother you out there it's true
3630s there was one guy and my dog killed him
3631s and i was like this is him yeah oh gee
3634s i was doing well and then a thumper
3636s found me
3638s hey
3639s and i had to leave and then i came back
3641s very good did you kill the pepper duh i
3642s got now no i didn't need that smoke
3646s i wasn't here for that in your life no i
3648s was just i was taking my little stealthy
3650s loki build and i was like we're just
3651s here for a nice afternoon and the
3652s thunder was like hi
3656s what are you doing where did you come
3657s from
3658s what are you doing over there i don't
3660s think so
3661s i don't think you will
3663s i'm here to party
3665s did not appreciate it
3667s yes you have to claim it you do have to
3668s claim the drop in twitch to get it and
3671s then log in and you should have it
3674s eop4 is not
3676s brat and vandalstock but that's okay
3678s another day another dollar speaking of
3681s dollar
3683s let's do a platinum prize
3685s a thousand platinum
3687s wow look at that
3689s who's gonna win a thousand platinum
3693s who is it zach
3695s oh gosh
3696s clippers
3699s you have won a thousand platinum whisper
3701s the twitch warframe channel your in-game
3703s username and the platform that you play
3704s on and i myself will personally deliver
3706s that platinum straight to your account
3708s right in there delightful
3717s all right what do we got now what is up
3721s next i feel like we could probably crank
3722s out the
3725s oh
3726s qualified for mastering 27.
3729s marcus you want to do it now gold sage
3733s no not sad guys
3735s do alive marcus so we can all judge all
3737s right i'm going to sit back and relax i
3739s got some cookies chats
3740s you got me 4 000. oh yeah i got four
3743s months
3744s okay okay okay i appreciate you all
3745s right did i start getting the drop again
3748s chad do you mind if i eat some cookies
3750s can i do that
3752s is that okay i say yes i think we need
3753s to normalize snacks on streams it's just
3755s some people don't like the sound of
3756s other people chewing i can mute you
3758s while you do that
3759s but i don't want to be muted
3760s [Laughter]
3762s can i i feel like i can't yep i feel
3764s like i can't take everybody into my
3765s mashery and crank
3767s up you could try
3769s i've qualified for mastery i am ready
3772s you know what i think do we all have
3773s snacks we should all open our snacks and
3775s eat them as loudly as possible while
3776s marcus tries to do his mastery rank what
3778s is that
3780s ew
3781s it's fuel
3785s okay
3786s it's uh it's healthy
3789s the chewing in your ears really bothers
3790s me okay i'm sorry i'll stop okay i hope
3792s everybody didn't get like their ears
3793s blown out with that like
3795s old slurp yeah
3797s people could probably guess what was in
3798s that
3799s lots of goodness lots of green things
3801s yeah i actually really know that much
3803s green things it's just uh
3805s it is kale
3806s um it is
3808s peanut butter kale banana almond milk
3812s and uh cinnamon
3815s it's delightful
3816s i hate it it's very good and hemp hearts
3819s it's really good because you actually
3820s can't the peanut butter basically
3821s cancels out the kale
3824s and it's uh it's nutritious it's
3826s delicious do you get like little chunks
3828s of kale though no no no because you rip
3829s it up you rip it up by hand first
3831s massage we don't trust our blender
3834s why would you trust a blender yeah you
3836s rip it up by hand uh and then it's less
3838s likely to get in your teeth even though
3840s i probably have some on my teeth right
3841s now
3843s and uh yeah that's about it and it's
3845s like not that expensive either kale is
3846s like decently cheap and it keeps for a
3848s while i love kale very good kale is
3850s fantastic putting cannons except the
3852s kale like
3853s spine
3855s oh yeah yeah yeah you rip it off the
3856s spine where'd my points go
3858s don't fail yeah you got to tear it off
3860s the spine yeah and you're good to go
3861s mine's no good
3862s did you guys think it would be this big
3865s what who
3868s excuse you pardon me luck is so bad two
3870s iotan drops well you still got a chance
3872s for another one fingers crossed it's
3874s something else you're telling me there's
3875s a chance someone says ew peanut butter
3878s that's very interesting delicious well
3879s you could do almond butter you do oh i
3881s love almond butter other butter i don't
3882s think i've had
3884s i can't be the last time i've had almond
3885s butter
3886s unless it was there
3887s oh do you have to kill people for
3890s i'm just kind of collecting points you
3891s still got lots of time
3893s do i have a timeline
3896s oh what a say oh
3898s a close-up how about i get to keep my
3900s points thanks gabe said no
3903s it was like i'll pass so what is it
3904s you're doing you're just collecting oh
3905s you have to go to 100 points yeah so i
3907s got to collect 100 points i'm not gonna
3908s lie i was going to go into this blind
3910s but then i tested right before the
3912s stream
3913s and uh
3914s i was able to collect all the points and
3915s the really nice thing is death cube
3917s collects them for me so even if i just
3919s hover underneath the platform i'll still
3921s get them gotta love that death cube i
3923s think it also helps that zephyrs uh
3925s three makes this uh very easy because
3927s they can't get hit by projectiles
3930s so i'm just scooping up all the stuff
3932s you got the stuff oh they drop points
3943s is essential
3946s or um look at that extra that extra crit
3948s chance look at this
3951s they're everywhere all you need to do is
3953s drink disgusting green shakes that's all
3955s you got to do
3956s kale yeah it's it's it's a cheap
3958s smoothie that keeps me alive that's all
3960s i need
3961s it's not delicious and i get some
3962s veggies that's good do i agree that
3965s trench bowl was scary absolutely
3968s anywhere the opposite of
3971s there's a doubt fire
3973s meg you should you should get dean to
3974s meet you for like
3976s 10 15 seconds and then just hoover a ton
3978s of cookies
3981s but keep them like anybody wants to see
3982s that
3984s it's not a graceful experience when i
3987s feel the need to hoover
3988s which master tank is this one this is
3991s 27 20.
3993s 27.
3995s sir sir sir no i don't want to go
3998s [Music]
4001s i'm alive
4003s you did it
4005s i am a true sage
4007s true sad good i'm a true sad gift
4009s i hate it
4011s wow
4013s i did it wow
4014s [Music]
4015s that's nice that's nice well honestly
4018s after ranking up through the hold fast
4019s all the way i'm like that extra that
4021s extra little amount now that i have
4023s really comes in handy i love it it comes
4025s in handy let's hope you see it what i
4026s get you're gonna get your little your
4028s sleeve here's my plate oh all right
4030s i'm putting that up
4031s he's putting that's going on the fridge
4033s all right next up we're going to do
4036s i'm going to regroup here thank you to
4038s noodle noodles and yeah j2tzl
4042s sad y'all were great i appreciate you
4045s i'm going to get rid of all of my tabs
4048s and i'm gonna invite marcus
4053s um okay what uh what do we want what do
4055s we want from the kids uh let's do oh
4058s what do we want for them to join
4061s uh let's hear
4064s their favorite christmas album
4066s and let's see if the one you guys said
4069s earlier was one of the goats there is
4071s only one right answer there is only one
4073s right answer but there are and the
4075s answer may surprise you
4077s yeah there's acceptable answers and then
4079s there's correct answers
4081s any news on cosplay you'll just have to
4083s uh
4084s tune into maybe a bigger stream to
4086s figure out what's going on
4088s i don't know
4089s i'm nice okay okay
4091s so we can do either do sabotage or
4093s rescue missions
4095s um are any of those syndicate ones for
4097s you probably very good
4101s y'all gotta message me and give
4104s wow i have no sabotage or rescue
4106s missions let's see let's see let's see
4108s oops press the wrong button you probably
4110s changed my later loadout too
4112s oh i think we have a winner from twitch
4114s chat the muppets christmas with john
4116s denver
4130s if you wanted to like watch something
4132s wholesome that didn't take you two hours
4133s you could watch
4134s muppets carol
4137s christmas carol but is that the one with
4138s john john denver the john denver
4144s who is john he's
4152s because we're so good
4154s uh i'm gonna go with it's all right
4155s marcus i appreciated it oh john denver
4158s and the muppets a christmas television
4160s special oh i've never seen that that
4162s sounds pretty good john denver's our
4164s christmas together 1979. i was going to
4167s say i did it i think i said it was from
4168s the 70s maybe that wasn't me bob and
4170s doug that's
4172s canada right there
4174s that isn't played on new year's day or
4175s christmas eve i don't know um what is it
4177s that we need sorry uh sabotage or rescue
4179s yeah i got none of those
4185s daddy
4186s okay well they're both worth the same
4188s amount as the sap as the syndicate
4190s missions so i think we'll be able to do
4192s those more quickly and then be able to
4194s recover others
4197s you know what i mean which one
4199s so
4200s they're both they're all through our
4201s weeklies like the one that's nine
4202s syndicate missions yeah and then find
4204s all those caches and sabotage
4206s and complete through rescue missions but
4208s the those
4209s rescue and sabotage ones will go much
4211s more quickly than doing perfect and
4213s syndicated
4214s so let's see if there's a uh
4216s avoid fisher up for
4218s a rescue
4219s wow no rescues and no sabotages oh my
4223s god
4224s there is no min maxine to be had on the
4226s stream mr coolman said nightmare for
4228s christmas yeah hi come on i like it oh
4231s man
4234s okay what tile has
4236s an easy
4238s rescue
4240s uh let's just scroll the void yeah let's
4242s do the void oh yeah yeah okay cool yeah
4244s here's relics nice
4247s but i definitely don't know the sabotage
4248s locations oh how
4253s how my favorite game mode
4255s how do i say this how healthy
4260s i can't read that anyways yes
4262s come on in yeah i'd like to think that
4264s the like the v's may be silent we're
4266s gonna do some void sabo void sabo
4268s some avoid sub
4271s i think it is is it heaven no that's
4273s capture
4274s is it
4275s nope
4276s is it attention swap out stuff what else
4278s do we need
4281s marduk
4282s oh i gotta slap on another formula to my
4284s cyclone because i gotta level it drop
4286s stuck at 66 i don't think it's stuck um
4290s if you click your
4292s icon in the top right and you click
4294s drops it should take you to the drops
4295s page and it should have
4296s a little refreshed
4298s moment for what is the drop we're doing
4300s uh
4301s something is gold all is gold olives
4304s gold all this gold grab bag uh we got
4308s boop 750 duckets four thousand endo i
4311s tan an acid sculptor and a former you
4313s get one of those for watching for 45
4315s minutes and i already got four thousand
4316s endo did you get it i'm a happy guy oh
4319s and i almost have maxed out for a long
4321s time i wasn't fully maxing up my prime
4322s mods because i was like it's so
4323s expensive and then i'm like no marcus
4325s you're a grown man you got to max out
4326s your primer grown man get it together
4329s come on
4330s you can do this so that endo will help
4333s because i've almost maxed out my prime
4334s bridge yeah
4336s i wish someone could just pick me up oh
4338s wow oh someone could just like
4350s it's such like a
4351s strange donkey kick
4355s that this pose just screams cramp i
4357s would cramp so hard
4358s looking at it yeah also what does
4360s whisper grab when she does this
4363s we're gonna have to find out
4365s can someone tell me
4367s and she just she just holds the position
4379s i'm determined to find one myself
4382s because i need to
4384s i'm going to ignore everything and try
4385s to find one at least one sabotage
4389s you hunt meg
4391s we'll go do the objective
4392s okay this is the way i just want to do
4395s one to prove
4397s my spot on the squad you know that's how
4399s i felt uh
4400s me and oh i got i got to show this kind
4402s of i gotta find their name for my
4403s friends list me and nintendo did four
4405s halls of ascension of which i am
4407s very much lacking in
4409s and uh i managed to to do the last one
4412s like everyone was at extraction and i
4414s was like here's one and i managed to
4416s just like crank it out and then it
4417s clicked for both of us right as right
4419s before he went out and he was like you
4420s got it and i was like i got one i did it
4423s i did it are you proud of me
4433s this will be challenging because the
4434s nice thing for some sabotage caches is
4436s you gotta you gotta listen to them
4438s okay
4441s i'm just hoping i stumble upon a miracle
4445s i believe i know these aren't i know
4446s these aren't sabotages or caches but i'm
4448s just opening them for fun there's
4450s headphones right next to you if you want
4452s to put them on there really okay but i
4454s appreciate it
4457s oh there's three for three
4458s what maybe not
4460s here with
4462s half actually um
4465s have have kyrie
4467s i think i'm saying that right they dm'ed
4469s me and said yeah it's like hal have
4471s kyrie have kyrie have grief have creepy
4474s have friends oh okay okay um i think
4476s have free snapped all those
4478s are going backwards i've also been
4480s waiting to tell people all week i was
4482s trying to do the fishing challenge
4484s for night wave but i had the um
4486s i think it's the soaker ephemera on yeah
4490s not easy
4491s not easy i got real confused i was like
4494s i can't get any of these fish and i was
4496s like oh my god it's just the ephemera
4498s these fish don't exist it didn't it
4500s didn't go on too long it was like maybe
4501s like 10 seconds
4503s of uh
4504s of intense focus and then i was like and
4506s then i was like oh my god thank goodness
4508s no one else is here
4509s i was about to be like there's a bog i
4511s can't get any fish
4513s nope
4513s the bug was me
4515s the bug was you all along i don't know
4517s where i'm going so i can't
4520s help you
4521s we're just waiting to think with portals
4524s how about them portals eh
4527s portal power oh man 330 what a what a
4530s cool guy what a cool man so cool
4533s he's so cool
4535s vocal
4536s through the portal the bug was a journey
4538s we took on the way absolutely
4546s i love the new blank pads
4548s pads i use them today for fit or for
4550s doing mining because
4552s blinking around
4553s to the mountains where's your where was
4555s your mining spot for the planes
4557s um i
4560s i like to go
4561s um
4563s spaceport area kind of has a nice little
4566s line of them
4567s that are pretty good pretty lucrative
4570s very nice
4571s space port area
4575s now if i was fishing y'all know where to
4576s go when that fish
4579s the ocean what why did you want me to go
4581s this way
4583s no and or ballast there's a secret okay
4585s remember was it you and i just secretly
4587s when it was broken and it was
4589s we got fish it just didn't track get
4591s done
4592s but we caught fish and that's all that
4593s matters because i am trapped in one room
4595s in one room only well we'll extract
4599s y'all get out of here oh my goodness
4602s marcus
4603s come on buddy there we go
4607s i dropped it right in front of the thing
4610s oh great thank you have creeper let me
4612s they're like no no you got it you got it
4615s oh my god we should get a new ludaplex
4617s game that's temple run with ghosts wow
4620s that's a flashback that is a great idea
4623s that is nostalgic i would play that big
4625s time
4627s wall jack it's a huge install jeff
4630s stranger cape's still available i think
4632s it means strangers hood um it's not
4634s available yet but it will be available
4636s it'll be in the market for one credit on
4639s the day of tennocon which is july 16
4641s 2022 starting at 12 30 pm eastern time
4646s in the market
4647s for 48 hours and 48 hours only and then
4650s it will be gone and you will no longer
4652s be able to get it
4654s and then you can be a stranger
4656s everywhere
4658s stranger things
4660s new season tomorrow or is it tonight
4667s just 23 more minutes please you got more
4669s than 23 minutes yeah don't even worry
4671s you got time to kill don't even worry
4673s get plenty of time i'm excited that's my
4675s plan this weekend
4677s stranger things i've been holding off on
4679s the whole season until it was all
4680s available
4682s so i've only watched the first episode i
4683s think there's another season though
4684s after this
4685s there is
4686s well but still i just wanted to get like
4687s i didn't want to have to wait for
4689s another batch of episodes for this
4691s storyline i guess yeah i want to talk
4693s about it
4694s but i'm not going to good what some
4697s people
4698s what some people classify spoilers is
4700s not what other people classify as
4701s spoilers as i've come to understand in
4703s life
4704s um i have a friend though my buddy
4706s nathan who loves spoilers he genuinely
4709s he'll be more interested in the thing by
4711s hearing about how it goes
4713s oh i got a new stance i don't have did
4715s you i think this is a standstill
4717s too that i didn't i don't think i had
4720s look at us
4721s look at us avoid sabotage
4724s that's so great
4725s see when i clicked on the syrup i was
4726s like man i got no mod capacity because i
4728s do not have the uh i don't have the
4729s stance now you need to slap this thing
4731s on slap that puppy you got another
4733s bullet dance another try your first try
4736s your first
4738s try it uh okay so we did
4740s a sembo we need to do three yeah
4743s and find all the caches three seven okay
4745s i'm determined joyous day that's nice
4748s look at that bad boy that's good stuff
4751s 750 duck it's good for you
4754s happy for you running up that road
4756s getting those duck hits
4759s happy to see the quality is an absolute
4761s gem when you get some hot spicy fire
4765s right in that bad boy i gotta go i don't
4766s think i ever got the color
4769s the one weapon that rev couldn't get for
4771s the longest time
4772s and
4773s again when i had my gifting on someone
4775s gifted it to me and i went
4777s oh
4778s you're like oh oh
4780s i'm going to be using this a lot
4783s this is my game
4784s my gun cool
4787s wet squelching intensifies you're not
4789s wrong it's a squelchy show
4792s very squelchy
4794s uh you ready i'm ready let's rock should
4796s we do it again
4797s yep keep going in there took someone two
4799s years to get it while soloing
4801s who what salute you oh
4810s good stuff
4812s how's the house top 10 going over there
4813s oh it's spicy is it it's good is it a
4815s lot of canadian oh yeah
4831s seafood
4831s i think canadian
4832s what was it borsch
4835s borsch porsche cottonboard
4836s worcestershire zambonis
4838s all right i'm going to find a cash
4840s that's happening megan's finding a cash
4842s i'm finding a cash
4844s one at least one i've gone the wrong way
4846s so it shall be
4848s i'm just going to go where
4850s how curry is not
4852s what they're going to say i'm just going
4853s to like linger behind no
4855s i'm just going to go where they are
4858s i'm going to ignore everyone oh there's
4861s there's got to be one in here
4863s i'll keep my ear out meg
4866s yeah you got to fight them off if they
4868s try to
4870s get to it i found one you got one
4873s get up boom validate my worth whoo
4879s wow way much but it's honest work
4882s that was very uh
4885s i was on edge for a while there
4887s i'm
4889s i was i was locked in
4892s okay anyways all the colors in the world
4894s muted
4896s he only had eyes for the sabotage cash
4897s it's true i saw nothing else but maybe
4899s i'll get another one
4901s oh perhaps
4903s let me see how many i can
4905s beat how healthy too oh now it's a
4908s challenge
4910s now it's a game
4914s it's fine
4915s it's all fun and games because someone
4917s gets shot from the leg have cree
4920s and her squad chat was saying that
4921s they've got 14 bullet dances so i think
4923s uh
4924s wow they're big sabo's i think void
4925s caches is uh is their jam they're jam
4929s no
4930s you know what would be fun though if we
4931s mixed it up and did an earth sabotage
4933s because we could try to go for a mall
4935s mod i love it
4937s which i think has a one percent drop
4939s chance on sabotage earth rotation c and
4943s this is the night for it this is the
4944s night this is the night tonight's the
4946s night tonight's the night
4951s uh uh uh uh uh
4954s uh uh these doors don't work why don't
4956s these doors open i'm very i'm i'm very
4960s invested in this in this hunt are you i
4962s am
4963s i don't know how well it's going to go i
4965s mean i'm kind of
4966s shocked that health curry hasn't found
4970s because i got three in like 30 seconds
4973s maybe there
4976s oh yeah i don't need to do that there we
4977s go
4979s you can get better at searching for
4981s caches though i know uh
4982s looking through there's like i think
4984s it's always followed if you always
4986s follow your right hand side then you'll
4987s pass by everything what you know what i
4990s mean if that's something for scanning
4991s rooms i think that's i don't know if
4993s it's a d thing yeah if you always
4996s if you take every or you get worse for
4998s the left side too
5002s then you search through everything
5004s i got a good feeling i got a good
5006s feeling
5007s that door doesn't open
5010s show me the money
5012s hey dreamers hey norah how do you feel
5016s excited for your sabbatical i hope you
5017s have a good time
5019s have a little a little kickback a little
5022s hiatus show out of it
5024s chill out a bit i really thought oh they
5026s found it where would nora go yeah what's
5029s the best place to vacation i mean dog
5031s days just ended so maybe like the beach
5033s is cleared and she's like fake she's
5035s like the lord nature is here that was
5037s the
5038s yeah they cleared out those summer games
5040s so that's finally done or maybe she goes
5042s and hangs out with um
5044s clem and popcorn at clem's hideout hmm
5048s maybe she's a social butterfly i don't
5050s know clem i feel like clem is coming
5052s like
5053s maybe she enjoys peace and quiet and
5054s climb because he's not much of a chatter
5057s is a good person to hang out with
5059s i would think there'd probably be some
5060s good spots on mars i think even like the
5063s the excavation ice cave areas with like
5065s the on the the lake that's inside
5068s nice
5072s yeah oh like a little iceland adventure
5074s that's right little uh hot springs in
5077s iceland okay very cool i'm into it high
5079s school
5082s okay precisely
5086s all right
5088s i made it
5092s all right one more we're going to earth
5093s you want to earth let's go to earth
5095s earth's i also got a couple interesting
5097s ones but uh actually half creep said
5099s that they're a big uh they're big
5101s saboteur they love finding sabotage
5103s caches sure feels like it you're uh
5105s you gotta you gotta you gotta challenge
5107s cut over you meg i got one and i got one
5109s i feel like i should retire
5111s not poke the bear on this one
5114s oh you're doing great thank you i
5115s appreciate it
5116s gg matilda thank you
5119s thank you appreciate it good work on the
5120s telekinesis thank you so very much uh
5123s okay we're gonna go to
5128s let's do
5129s broken
5131s well how are you zaku what did you call
5134s me
5145s where is it this is the first hunt
5149s i'm already failing wait
5152s i got it got it
5160s is it true that canada all canadian
5161s skate to work it's not winter 24 7 here
5165s come on even when it is i mean there are
5167s some places that it is winter 24 7.
5169s though
5170s like north yeah the north like uh like a
5173s callaway
5175s and yellow knight and yellowknife
5177s and
5178s i think dawson's alaska got this creek
5185s okay i gotta find cash
5187s i'm gonna i'm gonna do so well i'm going
5189s to find a cash it's going to be
5192s monumentous i'm going the opposite way
5194s that hal curry's going
5198s it's the only way okay they found one
5200s okay all right off to a hot start it's
5203s all right that's right we're still in
5204s there everything's fine i found a plant
5205s i found a moonlight jade leaf if anyone
5208s is uh interested
5210s always handy very good
5212s oh okay i feel good about this room okay
5214s they found another one okay
5216s off to a great start okay excuse me sir
5218s i can't i cannot dally
5221s no darling to be had i cannot dolly
5224s in my current state
5227s that is not a cache i'm going to open it
5228s anyway
5229s just kidding i'm not
5232s this is some epic music for but it's
5234s going to be an epic fail
5236s and beyond
5237s oh no help cree's coming no get out of
5239s here
5240s get out of here
5241s i'm going to find it it's mine fine
5244s i found it there's always a cache hey
5246s nice nice
5250s someone said there's always a cache at
5252s the beginning
5252s interesting they found one in the
5254s beginning so yeah it must be accurate
5256s that's too true it must be santa matilda
5258s what is my ship name uh if you're
5260s wondering about my rail jack
5262s its name is the gojo getter
5265s because gojo's
5268s best boy
5269s one of the best gojo
5272s who's does gojo
5274s uh
5276s you don't you don't know gojo
5278s nope
5279s do you know jojo
5281s oh i do
5282s i've heard
5285s oh yes i've heard of the one they call
5287s jojo very good
5289s i mean they're not the same person but
5292s the gojo is different i'm just wondering
5293s if you've heard of jojo
5297s jojo does ring a bell
5300s have you seen jiu-jitsu kaizen
5302s nope actually i think i watched an
5304s episode of that well then you would know
5306s gojoler
5310s is that the one where they they find the
5312s hand and it's like a demon hand it's the
5314s thingy yeah yeah yeah
5317s wait which one's
5319s what is that the main character is that
5320s the one no no not the one that eats it
5322s no
5324s oh no
5329s my rail jack is daddy's home okay
5331s fair enough
5333s very good
5337s gojo is so strong that's internet
5340s a module
5342s what kind of module a module
5346s kind of module every document
5349s where's my drop i'm not sure where'd you
5351s put it
5353s the last thing i got
5356s my rail jack is saying golden wind
5360s sounds refreshing
5363s all right what's the module
5366s the answer is
5369s we'll never know
5373s have you watched the jko movie i've
5375s heard good things about it
5377s i've heard very good things about it but
5379s yeah you haven't seen this
5380s show hey i watched that first episode
5382s i'm sure there'll be more episodes to
5384s follow they are coming out there will be
5386s they are indeed they do
5389s my rail jack is the unsinkable two what
5391s happened to the first one
5394s that's a touchy subject
5396s titanic
5401s help me
5402s i don't think i want to go this way
5404s how do i get out still you're in you're
5406s in cash finding mode
5407s oh i'm lost
5410s how do i get there
5412s what's this room
5415s oh i help
5417s help carry coming back
5419s bye losers
5423s i can't even see oh my gosh speed
5426s i don't think i can run
5429s oh my god
5431s i was so aggressive
5432s all right are you ready for some anna i
5435s think we are
5436s okay okay okay wait did you get
5439s wrestling
5440s i did not i don't think actually
5444s i did not get brief but why didn't you
5445s get the goods um
5447s could we actually hit the community
5448s video by chance
5450s you know that is a great a great segway
5453s market because it's like you planned to
5455s it's like he knows it's like i planned
5457s it the schedule um yes we have a
5461s very uh exciting video that we are going
5463s to feature uh as you know of course
5465s channel live is going to be duveri
5467s paradox reveal and one of my favorite
5469s types of videos to watch are like
5472s conspiracy videos and theory videos you
5475s know based on the tidbits we give you
5478s what is duvery paradox what can we
5480s expect what are those two swords at the
5482s end of that trailer all will be revealed
5485s but
5486s let's check out a snippet of tactical
5488s potatoes do very reveal
5490s chatting about it
5494s or maybe when we step into the very we
5496s will get to play as an adult tenno which
5497s the trailer and the teaser also show as
5499s well maybe tenno from an alternate
5501s timeline that never gained void powers
5503s because of the deal that they made with
5505s the man in the wall maybe something more
5507s sense though we just don't know but i
5508s can't wait for tennocon to show us
5510s exactly what we can expect when the
5512s daviri paradox update is going to drop
5514s but it would also be nice for them to i
5515s guess follow on with what they did with
5517s the new war and allow us to play a
5519s different role or another character that
5521s would be kind of cool
5531s hi uh hello uh tiburus has left the
5534s building uh but
5536s shout out to tactical potato uh
5538s definitely check out that video if you
5540s want to also dive into a bit of javiri
5543s what are we gonna see what are we gonna
5544s experience ask some questions it's my
5546s favorite
5547s but
5548s it's a double feature night here on
5549s prime time and uh we have another
5552s creator video we wanted to feature
5553s because it is just so excellent and it
5555s is
5556s june 30th the end of the pride month but
5558s like you said pride lives on forever
5559s dizzy 12s they put together a video we
5562s featured before they do
5565s um the
5566s building of like the shadow art that you
5568s can do in your planner and your orbiter
5570s and dizzy 12 is put together put
5572s together
5574s put it together
5576s a pride flag orbiter built so check out
5579s the little snip of this video we we had
5580s to cut it up a little bit from like
5582s beginning to end but it's like a six
5583s minute video so definitely check it out
5585s uh play it go sorry go ahead make sure
5587s you claimed your pride color palette
5588s from the market
5590s you're going to need it
5597s so this first note beacon
5600s we're just going to alter the scale set
5602s that all the way to maximum
5606s we're going to use a single omega text
5608s code
5609s once she's in place
5613s and i'm going to take the
5615s black square we made right to start the
5617s video
5619s we're going to place that just in front
5620s of the articular
5622s that's going to give us a really cool
5623s silhouette of octavian
5626s and that's it
5634s that is it but that's not all because
5635s you can watch the entire video it will
5637s be linked in the youtube description
5638s both those videos will be linked in the
5640s youtube description for this stream once
5642s it goes up on youtube and you can check
5643s out both those videos at your leisure
5646s welcome back marcus thank you thank you
5647s it was like the art attack approach you
5649s know like you'd watch art attack and
5650s you'd be like and then you just start
5651s and then it's done it's there and then
5654s you're all good luck do you remember
5655s when he would do the the salt
5657s he'd make it on the floor it would be it
5660s would be like a black floor and he'd
5661s have the salt and he would be making
5663s some art on the floor and you'd be like
5665s what is happening like one little corn
5666s and then zoom out and be like anyway and
5668s it's like this magnificent it's just
5669s einstein and you're like oh okay great
5671s sure that's art speaking of art fan art
5674s fan art
5676s marcus are you ready i am
5678s so ready for some fan art take it away
5680s i'm gonna sit back and relax sit back
5682s and enjoy megan because
5685s we got some great art coming at you i'm
5686s ready and let me tell you i thought it
5689s would be tricky because
5691s everyone's been submitting their
5692s tennocon pieces so this is true i've
5694s been feasting my eyes for quite some
5696s time now
5697s um
5698s but there's still a lot of fantastic art
5701s in the interim and kicking it off we
5704s have a
5705s excellent piece from dastard creations
5711s then glorious
5712s glory as well
5715s might be my favorite bit of dialogue in
5717s warframe history just the way it's
5720s articulated just like oh it's just
5722s delicious the use of vainglorious across
5724s warframe fans rose
5726s exponentially a word i probably never
5729s you said once in my life
5731s honestly you could have told me it was a
5732s made-up word
5733s i think i well
5736s curious
5737s yeah i probably would it's like a it's
5738s like a dog whistled other warframe
5740s plants you're like oh yeah that uh that
5741s smoothie was vanglorious like what you
5744s played
5745s do you hunt do you know what do you know
5747s you know
5748s that's my favorite that's my favorite
5749s part this is a fantastic piece of art by
5752s dasser creations who's just
5754s known for
5755s amazing art and this is just puts our
5758s puts our boy front and center that's so
5760s good yeah i would have thought like
5762s because dastard was doing all the
5763s warframes for a long time yeah
5765s and then they were doing bosses like
5766s they didn't look the same
5768s and now we got a we got a bad boy yeah
5771s let's go up we've got a bad boy don't
5772s often see him in that in that full that
5774s full sentient form that's true it's a
5776s good reminder disaster thank you for
5778s that
5778s thank you for that lovely lovely piece
5780s of art all right next up we've got
5782s noyander on twitter uh and they put this
5785s out and said it's one spooky oberon for
5787s the people oh
5788s pretty sweet little line art here i'm
5789s very much like an inktober-esque design
5792s so i've been watching um
5795s because there's a game that just came
5797s out corey
5800s the game corrugated yeah the cory
5802s hackett's cory yeah and then
5804s people played that and then they started
5806s playing until dawn
5808s nope very similar i've heard about cory
5811s though yeah and until dawn is basically
5813s very similar but anyways this reminds me
5815s of
5816s the
5817s um they show you like in a book like are
5819s you afraid of clowns are you afraid of
5822s wolves and like this looks exactly like
5824s what would be in that uh you should
5827s actually guess for what you're afraid of
5828s or did you guess for other stuff so that
5830s you don't get the stuff that you're
5830s afraid of it's hard to know it's like if
5832s you say you're afraid of rats is the
5833s game going to show you more that's what
5835s i'm saying do you
5837s so do you lie and be like
5844s it's incredible it's creepy it's very
5846s halloween very spooky and the eye one
5849s eye almost looks like it's more fleshed
5850s out than the other which is very smooth
5851s terrifying this is uh yeah very spooky
5854s looking oberon thank you for that look
5856s know eander excellent stuff
5858s next up we've got tess katu this is uh
5861s he called this one this is what parental
5863s disappointment looks like
5865s i
5866s love this
5867s this was a
5869s a pretty
5870s pretty great reimagining of this moment
5873s and uh makes it a bit more like maybe
5875s not like a sitcom but i uh i quite i
5878s quite like the uh the thought of the
5880s operator just jumping and being like um
5882s oh sorry not me okay no no you guys go
5885s no that's cool that's cool i'll just
5886s i'll just be here
5888s that was me i didn't say that you keep
5890s going on have your conversation lotus
5892s looks so so so dissatisfied yeah like
5894s that's not my kid mm-hmm that one that
5896s one's not my uh voice quotes also put
5898s out a voiceover of the uh yeah they sent
5900s it to me and i was like yes this is
5902s perfect and that because they did like
5904s they did the little ambient background
5906s like oh okay i'll leave i'll leave
5907s that's okay okay i'll leave all good
5909s don't worry about it yeah this is uh
5911s this is really really great
5913s uh next up we've got uh finland oh
5917s created this lovely titania piece
5921s also wanna have titania tune in to
5923s tennocon
5924s july 17th you'll get your very own
5926s titania pratt
5928s july 16th july 16th
5931s don't tune in
5932s nothing's happening we're never going to
5934s repeat the wrong date july 16th that's
5936s when you want to tie in tune
5939s just does
5940s does titania justice yeah and they keep
5943s their art consistent across the styles
5945s and like in terms of like the nicest yes
5946s like i was in the purple you could not
5947s tell me this was finlay and i would have
5949s been like that's
5950s it's got that lovely like soft soft
5953s quality very soft yeah excellent stuff
5955s i'm a big titania fan and this
5957s absolutely did her justice this was
5959s delightful so it's delightful all right
5962s next up we've got a uh a fun doodle from
5964s alexis straws it's called the relay
5967s stress eating test
5969s so meg and amber are proud that they
5970s delivered 10 and 14 pizzas
5973s galvestop 42 volt 41
5975s kendall done understandable
5978s grendel i fill
5980s how many of you delivered pizzas i'm
5982s curious
5984s if you were a part of the pizza
5986s delivering experience that happened
5990s yeah what were the numbers i think i got
5992s probably delivered about
5994s 11 or 12 i think nice yeah and then i
5998s started flying and i was like i was
6000s cranking out some orders it's funny
6002s because after because it was like
6004s it was the same order so you knew what
6006s was gonna happen so people were and then
6008s i remember someone in the chat was like
6010s dude the strat just stay where the
6012s elevators are and you know and i was
6013s like are you really meddling this pizza
6016s delivery game right now been out for
6018s like 15 seconds literally here's what
6020s you gotta do you gotta stay here gotta
6022s get those youtube videos going welcome
6023s back guys yesterday all right guys we
6025s got another pizza delivery yeah
6027s so being in that syndicate like you'd
6029s want to order in food it looks like oh
6031s you never leave no i have not seen a
6032s food court in any relay their ubereats
6034s bill is insane astronomical
6037s they have they have ubereats uh plus for
6039s sure mm-hmm they've got it but yeah
6041s alexis this was uh excellent
6044s done all right next up we've got a quiet
6047s archer titled this one he was a skater
6049s bar
6050s he was a skater boy look at those sweet
6052s blades yeah the sweet blaze this is the
6055s corpus treasurer oh and featuring i
6057s believe it's the uh trans color trans
6060s color yeah
6061s which is lovely and happy pride as well
6063s indeed um so yeah it's uh very cheeky
6066s and of course skater boy avril lavigne
6068s canadian icon
6070s what's not to love continues uh but yeah
6072s i love the uh love those icy i don't
6074s know why but i imagine the treasure like
6076s if we gave him skates he would be like
6080s all over the place you know what i mean
6081s like he wouldn't be able to skate
6082s properly so he'd be like trying to run
6084s away with his zenith crown and just like
6086s falling all over the place and she's
6087s like just throw a bunch of those gravity
6089s bombs at you like get out of here man
6092s yeah i don't see him as a great skater
6093s but he looks great
6094s in a uh his jean
6097s denim
6098s but pink
6099s outfit i am into it
6101s do you think those are jeans
6103s they're a little genie no like it's the
6104s actual oh he actually has in game his
6107s outfit is made of denim
6109s i did not know that yeah is it denim
6111s dead he's wearing he's wearing a
6113s canadian tuxedo he's a canadian boy oh
6115s my god so we know in the far future
6117s levi's has pivoted to corpus uh levi's
6120s do you want to sponsor us
6123s canadian tuxedo and warframe who would
6125s have thought yeah who would have thought
6126s about that thank you for that one quiet
6128s our trails lovely
6130s next up from the discord we have a very
6133s summery piece of umbra
6136s i also like how
6138s vibrant it is but how disinterested
6141s umbra looks
6142s and maybe that's just because of the
6143s in-game reference but uh the the riven
6146s sliver here is pretty sweet but it is a
6148s hot boy summer and umbra does not want
6150s any part of it
6151s very um
6153s miami beach miami miami vice yeah miami
6156s vice yeah that sounds good let me see
6157s gta i'm like that anyway
6159s it's also cool because you would not
6160s have thought
6161s at first i didn't recognize the riven
6163s sliver and i was like oh that's a that
6164s is in game like they actually made it
6166s yeah
6167s and i bet those leaves are like the jade
6168s leafs or oh it could be even frost leaf
6171s it could be or
6173s a leaf of some sort um
6178s very cool very chic uh this is a picture
6181s from a a delightful series from grand
6183s monio that we've all been oh my goodness
6185s graced with oh mushkin mushkin for uh
6189s for a long long time and uh it is the
6191s cat frame so this is only one frame
6194s this is only one frame from
6196s i think it's the eighth round of
6198s warframe cats it's just like yeah when i
6200s log into twitter
6202s and i you know parse through
6205s all of the trash and then i find a
6207s mushkin beautiful piece it's a wonderful
6209s day somebody's been posting these in our
6211s staff chat it's not me it's not you i
6213s know but somebody has been like all the
6215s other ones and i love seeing is it you
6217s was it you got him yeah it is
6220s i mean i just look at the pictures and i
6221s was like oh they're all great every time
6222s i see one i put it in our community-wide
6225s or it's not community-wise company-wide
6227s community slack channel and
6230s it's lightful and they're all tons i
6231s don't know how they manage that many cat
6233s puns off of
6234s warframe names it started with what
6236s chromosy and then it went
6238s it went downhill from there
6241s what a blessing that chromas he was what
6243s a blessing
6245s actually
6246s that one taylor put in
6248s that chat and she didn't include the
6251s chrome messy one and i messaged her i
6253s was like taylor where's the fourth one
6255s taylor you're missing one she's like if
6256s they want to see it they can click the
6258s link
6260s it's like okay okay that's fine you
6262s don't want to upset anyone that's funny
6264s oh my god that's fantastic
6266s all right next up from fragoloy on
6269s twitter
6270s uh this one
6272s well
6273s it's they titled that sevengoth is
6275s helping himself to hydroid's booty which
6278s you know you could say plunder
6279s uh
6280s but uh we've got sevigoth uh who is you
6283s know they just kind of look like uh like
6285s a you know like a
6286s resplendent pirate
6289s they've got that uh they've got that
6291s nice
6292s hydra saying oy
6295s it's like sculptures in the background
6297s too some iotans yeah and then there's
6299s someone at their feet it looks like flu
6301s flake it's like an octopus yeah spoiler
6304s it was our octopus but yeah i love this
6306s uh this regal taken that they're kind of
6308s you know like swashbuckling uh frenemies
6310s of some kind i like to picture them as
6312s frenemies yeah but like best friends but
6315s just like bully each other in a friendly
6318s respect like i'm the captain so i'll say
6320s yeah yeah sure sure sure yeah sure sure
6322s i also have a ghost force i told i made
6324s sure everyone knew you were captain but
6326s of course of course he's like what they
6328s weren't and he's like it's all it's
6329s [ __ ] good that's all good
6331s it's all good don't worry about your uh
6333s blender well i'll be fine i'll take care
6335s of it it's all good i'll take uh
6336s keep it very close on it secretly
6338s they're all just like the chocolate
6340s coins and they're not actually gold oh
6342s a little
6343s bait switch all melts
6347s all right
6349s next up we've got uh this is from zeke
6351s on twitter and this is a take on uh
6354s actually karu's a brook deluxe concept
6357s [Music]
6358s pretty spiffy there he is i
6360s this might be
6362s [Music]
6365s like
6366s the most fan art a deluxe frame has
6368s gotten that hasn't been released yet
6372s i think so
6373s the amount of baroque deluxe art that
6375s i've seen and he's not available yet
6378s it's the muscles it is the deuterium
6382s it's a lot
6384s yeah there's a it's it's it's it's
6386s pretty great this is a pretty great
6388s priest yeah if only it got released if
6390s only
6391s if only wayne coink nudge nudge
6393s and then once it gets released it's just
6396s gonna be like
6397s opening up the floodgates i'm gonna see
6399s so many didgeridoo abs on my twitter
6401s timeline once he gets released
6405s i'm so ready great time but yeah thank
6407s you for that one zeke
6409s and rounding off the fan art section
6412s we've got this piece from kerdi and they
6414s call this one wrapped wing revenants oh
6418s and has been hunting some void plumes
6421s saved them all up so many arms the hold
6423s fast is like you know what you're all
6425s right oh my god imagine that brook
6426s deluxe with the wrapped wing
6429s additional too many arms he's gonna have
6431s too many arms so many arms
6433s that boy could sort of pantry so quickly
6437s or eat the pantry yeah
6440s yeah delightful delightful i like that
6443s he's like sliding he's going for a
6444s little slippy slide does he slide kind
6446s of looks like it oh yeah it could be
6448s sliding down yeah or it could be just be
6449s a stance you know
6451s looks good now now that you mentioned
6452s sliding i'm gonna i'm gonna assume
6454s you're gonna go with sliding there's a
6455s slide i like it slide into it's
6457s lightweight eiffel that's our that's our
6459s fan art thanks marcus
6461s it's good because we won't have any fan
6463s art for a little bit and then we're
6464s gonna have
6466s so much fan art i think when i looked
6469s what'd you say dean 324
6471s sorry what now remember when you looked
6472s in the folder and you're oh yeah yeah it
6474s was like 324 yeah yeah i think i think
6476s we have many an episodes worth of fan
6479s arts um because like i mentioned the
6482s uh
6483s community art show and cosplay contest
6485s this year uh tennocon we are not showing
6488s all the submissions but the ones that we
6489s don't show are going to be shown on the
6491s prime times when we return so lots and
6493s lots of art is locked and loaded and
6495s ready to go so good but speaking of art
6498s how do you feel about capturing i'm
6499s pumped for catching okay let's get it
6501s going all right first of all you did
6502s lurk a little bit
6504s marcus how dare you just i was just
6505s scrolling up and i was like spoilies
6508s all right first up we have from medusa
6511s captors and they're being a little
6513s speedy on the planes with volts a little
6516s trail of electricity it's is that dusk
6518s or dawn what would you say
6521s i think that's dawn do you think that's
6522s done that's dawn you think the moon is
6524s or the moon
6525s the sun is rising yeah i think that's
6527s dawn i think it's because it's got more
6529s of that brownie color zach dusker done
6531s oh my gosh i'm reading chad i'm so sorry
6534s answer
6535s dusk
6538s that's a panic big dean desk or don i'd
6540s say dusk oh wow
6542s you are and then the outlier and saying
6544s i am outnumbered
6546s we'll just have to hear from medusa
6547s capture dawn's like a little more blue
6550s medusa says dusk they're in chat you're
6552s in chat they're in discord right now
6554s come say hi medusa that's that is some
6556s real time verification i love it
6558s i love that it was a good feedback
6560s excellent work zach thank you great
6562s snack thank you so much he's sweating
6563s over there like oh dusk
6565s medusa speaks
6569s amazing art the color just it's
6572s delicious
6573s uh so next up this
6575s and it might be completely incorrect in
6577s saying this but i think this might be
6580s maybe the second if not the first
6583s real up close shot
6585s of the ropalolist
6586s that i have seen okay
6589s so this is by lg um we got ropi whoa
6594s like i've never looked at ropi
6597s no that up close and personal before you
6599s don't dare to get that close
6601s it's true i just smashed that face into
6604s the bug zapper but
6606s they nasty that's nasty but also kind of
6609s cool their upper mandible bit kind of
6610s looks like a harrow it does look like
6612s hair it also kind of looks like a
6613s praying mantis like i feel like those
6615s come down like that it's so buggy it's
6617s nasty
6618s yeah fly the thing right with the zapper
6620s yeah just zap it away
6622s yeah you don't often stop and take a
6623s look at the bosses on uh no but like i i
6627s have a new level of appreciation for
6629s ropi now
6631s looking good spooky looking good uh next
6634s up we have from
6636s furious demon this is a beautiful mirage
6640s piece with a kuva
6643s i think that's the throne in the
6644s background where the queens would have
6646s been but just like obviously it's
6648s gorgeous this mirage
6650s onirio i believe is the the vibe but
6653s with that cape it looks like it's
6654s dripped in blood or dipped in blood at
6656s the end yeah or like they were walking
6658s and it's just trail but i'm like oh it's
6660s so creepy and it's just amazing yeah
6662s yeah that's skin it's uh it's
6666s mirage is one of the one fashion frames
6668s i've like really decked out and that's
6669s the skin i always use it's perfect it's
6671s displayed perfectly here it is perfect
6673s yeah that was really really cool furious
6675s appreciation moment absolutely they do
6677s worse appreciation indeed when i was
6679s coming through the discord we have a
6681s capture section on our official discord
6683s um there was a lot i could choose from
6685s and it was hard yeah because they do a
6687s lot of great work they pop off in that
6688s distance they pop up like in the span of
6690s a week there's a ton there's options
6692s there's a ton in there and i had to i
6694s had to have to comb it down okay there's
6696s options so we got you got 17 in there
6698s what are we working with i know
6700s i did ten i did ten i kept her kept her
6703s done
6705s this one dean i'm excited for you to see
6706s in this one if not you might have
6708s already seen it on twitter because this
6709s to me
6711s is
6712s this looks like promotion art like what
6714s you guys would have done
6716s this is by
6718s it's pretty cool yeah
6720s uh oh it's rickens rickens15 they did
6723s the harrier collection and this looks
6726s it's very clean it's so clean incredible
6729s it's so good like every oh it's just
6731s this is this is popping up all over my
6733s timeline this weekend
6748s and it's not even just like the front
6751s echoed they actually took a rear shot
6753s and did it proper
6755s so that's cool good on them wow great
6759s detail because it's top tier says taylor
6761s you're not wrong say that's right you
6763s walk
6764s they did this and then again hard to
6766s choose from because they're also popping
6767s off they did um the mephisto collection
6770s with revenant and the operator cosmetics
6772s and i was like oh which one do i pick
6776s but i have a revenant one coming up so
6777s this felt this felt okay well
6779s represented balanced it out but good
6782s this is good
6783s rickens you are incredible yeah thank
6784s you
6785s sensational delicious
6787s next up this is from the varlinator
6792s this is titled eternalism personified oh
6795s man they got equinox which is honestly
6797s such a great frame they have the raft
6799s wings signed annex i can see the extra
6801s arms
6802s and i don't know just like the aesthetic
6804s of equinox just like fits perfectly with
6807s the whole like nastiness yeah even
6810s though the zero discs on the uh on the
6812s antonym skin it's so good it's just like
6814s it fits perfectly like you could tell me
6817s i think i have seen capture before where
6819s they've used this equinox skin to like
6821s make themselves look almost like a boy
6823s and angel like there's something about
6825s it that just is so zerument and it's
6827s just perfect yeah i love this
6829s the scaling of
6831s the angels the angel looks huge it's
6832s just so good and like using it as a
6834s light source like oh my god looks like
6836s it's just going to eat eat equinox
6838s [Laughter]
6841s because people are talented they should
6843s message me on twitter
6846s whatever just message me on twitter all
6848s right interesting speaking of twitter
6851s let's go to
6852s our we'll do lunch so this one this is
6856s this is incredible this was also a
6858s taylor request because
6860s it blew taylor's mind and then it blew
6862s blue all of our minds when we saw this
6864s so this is from
6866s lady novita 2
6868s and or just lady novita and they said
6870s that they were experimenting with the
6872s new blink pads in captura thus this
6875s beautiful creation was born
6881s it's just beautiful it's just gorgeous
6884s and it's like a happy accident we we
6887s blinked so they could soar
6891s that is really really cool it is just
6893s beautiful the colors
6895s i don't know if like
6897s they they realize that this was a thing
6899s and then they kind of like matched their
6900s energy with it you know what i mean yeah
6902s yeah yeah
6904s but even just the deliberate selection
6905s of the orange too just a nice little pop
6907s in there oh it's beautiful i love when
6910s people use captura
6912s bugs
6913s if you want to call it that is the
6915s feature
6916s to their advantage yeah because there
6918s are ways to trick and i think i've
6920s talked about this before but there are
6921s ways to trick
6923s the exposure
6924s in certain levels to get you a very
6927s realistic lighting
6929s planes of eidolon is a perfect example
6931s where if you change your desktop
6932s resolution with the game minimized and
6934s then maximize it you will get a higher
6937s exposure level than you do normally but
6940s it does everything blanket and you get
6941s like an almost
6943s perfect
6944s mid 12 o'clock daylight glow on
6946s everything i'm gonna need a tutorial i
6948s know it's it's a thing but like it just
6950s makes the shadows everything just they
6952s render a little bit differently yeah and
6954s i've seen it in some of these and this
6957s is another nice example they probably
6958s didn't use that bug but like just the
6959s clarity and the range on the character
6961s is
6962s unbelievable beautiful yeah
6964s just stunning
6966s yeah we'll be seeing more of this in the
6967s future for sure blowing pads everywhere
6969s like pads i want to see is they most one
6972s i want to see a plane oh this is
6973s planeswatch i want to see an old balance
6975s anyways all right next up we have like i
6977s said it had wrapping an art and this one
6979s is from kerosene warfam
6982s uh and yeah they just did a beautiful
6984s black and white but with the wrapta or
6987s rapture
6989s that's two wrap wing ephemera pieces
6991s it's a it's a popular one yeah it's a
6993s handy episode
6997s it is a
6998s all hands on deck i'm glad this is the
7000s last stream for a while zach
7003s i thought your grandma was watching
7005s please you have to help me
7006s grandma it's my mom your mom's watching
7008s your grandma's watching my grandma's
7009s watching yeah yeah yeah hi hi
7011s grandparents hi family
7014s hope you're welcome is bogey watching no
7017s you don't leave the tv which lord of the
7019s rings is he watching yeah exactly
7021s i put on fellowship before left oh no
7024s extended versions that it goes for on
7026s for a long time yeah get back and it's
7028s like still going yeah because um i think
7030s we said this last time but it's uh two
7033s towers is the longest one and i can put
7035s that on and not have to worry for like
7036s do you come back is he actually like
7038s watching is he like still chilling no
7041s actually the only time he watches is
7042s when beard talks because this like the
7045s sound of tree beard talking
7047s yeah you just like he just doesn't hear
7049s it often he's like
7051s that's so funny yeah he loves tree beard
7054s we love lord of the rings anyways this
7055s is incredible hello to the kretz family
7058s and the macon family
7059s [Laughter]
7062s uh next up we have front oh okay i'm
7064s biased but this is incredible uh this is
7067s from
7068s aberon and they did a
7070s stun in anarros wow you know this piece
7074s is excellent as well because i find
7075s sometimes sigatra's get just lost in the
7078s in
7080s the mix of things i agree and this is
7081s like very much like a huge sugatra
7083s highlight like it it looks like it's
7085s part of the weapon the way that it's
7087s like perfectly presented excellent uses
7090s some negative space here at the top as
7091s well
7092s this is uh
7094s an a-plus from marcus
7096s i'm trying to pick
7097s i'm trying to try to pick out some extra
7099s details here um but yeah yeah really
7102s great really great it's just he's my boy
7104s he's got a um
7105s sister ephemera on i do believe i think
7108s yeah it's incredible i'm just he's just
7111s a beautiful boy super sweet
7113s uh bias away incredible next up we have
7115s from uh frag tp gaming
7119s now can you guess what frame this is
7121s garuda yes
7124s bathroom
7125s tiamat
7128s uh helmet with the hinza skin oh the
7130s hinza a little mix and match which
7132s honestly the hinza skin is one of the
7134s most well not maybe not one of the most
7135s but like
7136s just
7137s so opposite
7139s of what
7140s gruta is it's a totally different type
7142s it turns her into a straight-up stick
7143s bug and i love it it's one of my
7145s absolute favorite skins but it's just so
7147s aggressive
7148s and i'm obsessed with that helmet
7151s uh there's got to be a word for it but
7153s very alien-like yes like in terms of
7155s like the the alien movies you know oh
7158s yeah we're talking sigourney weaver
7160s we're talking sigourney we're going to
7162s okay we're talking bill paxton oh
7165s bill and sigourney what a day
7167s anyway this is incredible the mix of the
7169s two there's so many accessories going on
7171s but in the blood
7173s i'm so bad for identifying frames too
7175s i'm so glad this one
7176s i love it it's like a pop quiz i've had
7178s to dm zach a couple times before
7180s i'm also equally as who is this and
7182s zack's like i don't know but i mean
7186s someone will know yeah and it's just it
7188s really speaks to how
7190s literally insane some of our skins and
7194s helmets and tennogen talent is yeah and
7196s then mix that in with the talent of the
7198s capture in our community exactly it just
7200s obscures and delights even further just
7202s like is this warframe i don't know
7205s is this warframe it is this i think so
7208s gigaresque yes it is very much
7210s geigerress
7211s xenomorphic that's the word thank you
7213s that's a word yeah xenomorph the alien
7216s from alien yeah
7217s zeno is like you know the prefix to
7219s describe things that are alien like oh
7222s so if you're like a zombie like this is
7224s very zeologist then i think you're an
7226s alien psychologist
7228s yeah
7229s alienologist yeah so z z
7233s now i can't even remember what the word
7234s was this
7235s xeno or if you're like a xeno jillian oh
7238s oh
7239s that's different that's different uh
7241s last but not least we have from deuce
7244s deuce
7245s uh this is titled the journey is right
7247s around the corner
7248s and we have ivara in the i think it's
7250s the ski
7252s i can't ever pronounce it scotty ski
7254s scoffy
7256s excuse kathy
7258s that's good and then we got the operator
7260s just gazing into the distance their next
7262s adventure awaits them what quest will
7264s they pick up irwin trying to cross that
7266s river
7267s running up that river
7269s sorry dean
7271s and that is all the capture that we have
7272s today thank you so much for all the
7274s incredible capture that i got to use
7276s goodness this is good this is this was a
7278s hearty fan art capture segment that i
7280s can like
7281s now hibernate for a little bit until
7284s tennocon i love it which all come
7285s rushing back but you know what we still
7287s have to show
7288s tocho's dojo
7291s and what is very exciting is the dojo
7294s video that we have uh paired up for you
7296s today is a switch dojo it is the ghost
7299s clan
7301s dominican dom dominations
7305s domination examination ready dean sure
7308s play that video here we go this is the
7311s clan leadership room oh yeah we got some
7314s uh guardians here
7316s ready to guard
7318s as they do
7319s as advertised as one does oh a little
7322s floof council counsel the floofs oh that
7323s is cute it's very cute is he crossing
7326s his arms uh this is a robotic serpent
7330s a bit of a snake oh my god look at those
7332s teeth
7334s [Laughter]
7336s looks like it like scuttles uh this is
7340s the basketball court
7342s we gotta get an alley-oop emote so you
7343s could dunk on other frames in relays
7345s what are we for tonight
7351s can you put the beach ball from dog days
7353s in those days
7355s this is bikini bottom
7357s oh nice
7358s he lifts it up
7362s we're afraid
7365s it's porous and yellow
7368s atlas banshee wow
7371s that sounds so good
7373s uh this is the nyan cat
7375s zach let's hear the neon cat song
7380s [Laughter]
7393s shadow art that's been popping off these
7395s days i don't know if geologists
7398s learning from the videos that are
7400s existing which is great but i'd love to
7403s see it more shadower
7405s please and thank you bring it on uh all
7407s right i think we do have one more
7408s platinum parts
7409s uh yes we do
7411s why do you say it like that because yeah
7413s it's
7414s yes we too
7416s it was a tentative platinum a tentative
7419s one thousand planner is going to
7421s zack faye the pronto fade the pronto you
7424s have one thousand proto gosh i'm so
7426s stupid
7429s you've won a thousand platinum priest
7430s for the twitch warframe page with your
7432s in-game name and platform that you plan
7434s and we'll send you that a thousand
7435s platinum booyah and then we have we have
7437s to do our primary prime prime
7440s primary prime the miami prime the
7442s primary prime access prime prime the
7443s groudie frame yeah well we'll do that
7445s after top 10 conversation brought to you
7447s by d zach it's gonna be a very very fast
7450s top ten we are late we are sorry clover
7452s all right jack let's do it from crowbat
7455s over in the discord
7457s i bet noor gets invited to barrow's
7459s private parties um
7460s does she go though does she go that's a
7462s good
7463s question oh
7466s i want to go i didn't get an invite no
7469s that's unfortunate
7471s there's no way i'd get invited you just
7473s dj'd recently i did i did dj did you
7476s just plug in your phone
7477s no i actually
7479s i used to use the stream laptop
7483s because i needed to use it yeah and then
7485s there's just the laptop
7486s yeah use this bad boy
7489s can you guarantee mr brightside got
7491s played absolutely absolutely
7492s but you didn't beat and kill the lights
7494s i didn't kill lights i didn't kill
7496s lightsabers
7496s bomber saggy one day
7500s on the topic of rail jack names dead
7503s fire over the discord my rail jacket is
7504s called samuel l rail jackson wow
7508s okay
7509s after all these years of rail jacks
7510s maybe people have heard lots of that
7512s maybe but i have not heard that i just
7514s hope there's snakes on that plane
7517s oh wow
7519s i hope so too that's a good cut there
7521s thank you that was good
7523s that was very good of all the sam
7524s jackson movies you could have chosen
7526s that's the first one because it's a
7528s spaceship ship plane yes you know it's
7531s an aircraft we made it we made it there
7534s that's like oh we've got oh this uh this
7536s boarding party does not like the regular
7538s it's just just nice and loose
7541s sorry
7542s you know i had i had nothing but the uh
7545s the
7546s like the made for tv
7548s when he's like i want these snakes off
7549s my monday to friday plane oh this is so
7552s bizarre the whole the censored version
7554s of that movie if you ever get a chance
7555s to watch it
7556s it's a trip i feel like that's a waste
7557s can't say i've seen the uncensored
7559s version
7560s i just only know that clip yeah and
7562s there's snakes on the plane i think the
7564s airport too doesn't matter they're
7566s everywhere
7567s oh can i go yeah here we go
7569s talking about david
7572s over in discord make sure you have horse
7574s insurance just in case you're flying
7576s horse crashes you know that's important
7578s in the paradox internalism is there
7581s insurance did you say internalism
7582s eternal okay i thought you know i swear
7586s they call it internalism that's a wacky
7588s i heard turtleism
7592s franklin or michelangelo and leonardo oh
7595s a little tmnt
7599s and uh from war beast warlock on twitch
7601s chat if borsch holds a power tool
7603s convention
7614s who invited me lord bosh himself no lord
7617s bosh i like that ruminator of beats and
7620s uh does every does every realm start
7622s with the letter b
7624s bash bingo banger
7627s he's got a bingo hole
7629s love bingo bush bash bosh
7632s we get right into the canadian jokes
7634s we're starting off strong with jamie
7635s voice over the discord
7637s if you are in canada do you get a dmc ah
7645s yes
7646s brilliant
7647s we got unholy pop tart in the discord
7649s uh what was my father's reaction when he
7651s imported a tree from canada he said this
7653s looks quite okay
7655s [Laughter]
7657s nice i often import trees of course in
7660s canada because canada is known for not
7661s having too many
7663s we live in the four cities so yeah we do
7665s we have we live in a florida city
7667s next from my own mom
7670s no
7670s no way did she text you she texted me
7673s miss mcconaughey what is canada's
7675s favorite cereal
7680s way to make top 10 comments
7682s that's awesome it's too funny i love
7684s special okay but that's all we have we
7686s got some amazing it's so good that's all
7688s the canada wants oh but now these are
7690s the the creme of the crop this is the
7693s top three there podiums exactly
7695s i love this
7696s this is the good stuff your comments all
7698s right this is the best from operator
7701s emma in the twitch chat amphitheater
7703s chicken attack yodeling session what
7705s this was a guess for the amphitheater
7708s oh
7710s but we can't say anything so like the
7712s age-old question of would you rather
7714s fight 100
7715s chicken-sized horses or one horse-sized
7717s chicken
7719s well we'll have boats you can get one of
7720s those
7722s we may we may we just may
7724s from cypher or xe over in the discord
7727s space stew made by space mom hits the
7730s spot
7730s we all love mom's cooking now i've never
7732s had stew made by wrap but i'm sure it's
7734s good i bet she makes a great if she can
7736s make she makes bread like if you can if
7738s you can make bread you've already
7739s ascended past true good stews she said
7742s pizzas the other day then her stews
7744s definitely slap she definitely has fresh
7746s she definitely you know what she
7747s definitely includes bay leaves and to me
7749s that separates and then she takes it out
7752s yeah maybe a cinnamon stick maybe a
7754s cinnamon stick yeah something funky but
7756s i'm curious when the stew was made in
7758s space mom's life i don't think i trust
7760s natasha space too
7762s no no no no no no no you're like i don't
7764s know what's in it what's in the stew
7765s they're like it's good
7768s it's good for you yeah it's tasty
7771s it'll fill you up
7773s and coming in number one rising luck in
7775s the twitch channel hashtag devs need
7778s snacks too hashtag devs needs snacks too
7781s get it trending yeah we need to have
7783s more snacks on prime time but i just
7785s like i know people don't like this i
7787s know i know i'm i'm i'm i'm kidding i
7789s just no i i want a snack i'm a
7791s five-year-old kid that can't go an hour
7793s without some sugar
7795s that's the thing
7798s let's do a garuda prime axis shall we
7800s would you like a cookie
7802s yeah i love a cookie yeah
7804s can i eat it whole
7806s they're tiny
7809s this is the best name ever
7812s is that dragon care
7817s what a great name you have won garuda
7818s prime access message the twitch warframe
7820s channel with that in-game username i
7822s really hope it's the same and uh in the
7824s platform that you play on and we'll send
7825s you that prime access i wonder what
7826s suggests care bear stare would be
7829s their stare yeah you know the care bears
7831s there it would yeah it would care
7833s would it be like a like a really intense
7835s glare like yeah it would be just like a
7837s death glare
7838s yeah
7839s that's my guess
7840s uh we have we're 10 minutes over our
7843s last stream before channel con marcus it
7846s has been an absolute joy megan this has
7848s been fantastic thanks for having me zach
7851s oh thank you
7853s you guys are just having a moment it's
7855s fine it's fine great to have you thank
7857s you thank you for uh
7859s joining in your first coldpot seat
7862s excellent get some claps and chat for
7864s zach exactly
7865s can we get a
7866s zac from twitch discord wrangling
7869s last one ever but you know it was fun
7871s yeah you're here you're spending more
7872s lessons
7873s dean appreciate you as always thank you
7876s no problem no problem uh and thank you
7878s chad for watching for over two hours as
7881s we chatted about
7884s warframe tennocon that's coming out july
7886s 16th uh we appreciate you being here
7889s again this is the last time you're going
7891s to see us until tennocon day of
7894s exclamation point tennocon if you want a
7897s link to the site you can check out the
7898s entire schedule for the entire day uh
7901s check out a video that revs in uh just
7903s kind of the road to tennocon and uh you
7905s know what we've what we've gone through
7907s over the past i think six years
7910s seven
7911s seven this is our seventh tennocon
7913s we're crazy wow i made that mistake i
7916s was like oh we've done six and then
7918s forgot to count the first one
7919s because math is hard math is hard and
7922s time is also a construct that doesn't
7924s exist anyways thank you for being here
7927s uh we're very excited for july 16th when
7929s we can showcase what the entire company
7932s at digital extremes has been working
7934s very hard on
7935s these past months and years
7938s to show you as you know live gameplay
7940s demo of de vere paradox you can look
7942s forward to but there is so many other
7944s spicy little reveals and tidbits and
7947s it's going to be a really fun day so
7949s definitely check out that schedule
7951s schedule your day accordingly um and we
7953s will and floofs and floofs and that live
7956s meg your live panel my live panel it's
7959s going to be a blast come say nice things
7961s to me on the live come ask great
7962s questions some great cues in them maybe
7965s i'll have an a
7966s uh thank you for watching appreciate you
7968s always stay safe and we will see you
7970s july 16th for tennocon 2022.
7974s bye
7987s uh and we're rating your lucky clover
7988s i'm so sorry i do that and i'm really
7990s bad at that we're sending all the love
7992s over to your lucky clover she's amazing
7994s she's gonna be playing warframe and we
7996s appreciate her uh
7998s being our rate our last raid before
7999s tennocons thank you clover send all the
8001s love over to her and hang out with her
8003s and have just a wonderful night okay bye
8014s you
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