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While our usual community streams are on hold until after TennoCon, we are still sharing our love with the Twitch Directory with our Weekend  Community Drops. Here's a refresher on how these Drops work:

Every Weekend, we run a short Twitch Drop campaign on two Creator channels to offer a fun way to cap off the week and shine a spotlight on the Creators themselves! The Drops will run for two hours on each channel, with a 30 minute claim time for an Orbiter Decoration that the Creator has picked themselves!

Here's who you can look forward to this week:


BlackNato974 (French)
July 5th from 12pm to 2pm ET
Channel: twitch.tv/BlackNato974
Drop: Zariman Statue (Lunaro Child)

LaurieeeLG (English)
July 6th from 2pm to 4pm ET
Channel: twitch.tv/LaurieeeLG
Drop: Warframe Articula

Each week’s schedule will be posted in our weekly Drops thread, so keep an eye out to see what campaign is coming next. :)