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So.. I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy the game. I have a 3070/i7 10700.. game runs fine until I use an ability or an enemy then it just briefly freezes. Girlfriend having the exact same issue. I also am running on 1440p/144hz monitor.

Is there a fix for this? I tried turning settings all the way down (made it worse somehow) to max..

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For this kind of issue, a dev in the Discord recommended trying the following command in Wayfinder's Steam "Launch Options":


This command no longer does anything because we fixed the problem under the hood.

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We pushed an update today for some optimizations, give it a whirl and let us know how it's running now.

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Yeah I'm not freezing like that anymore. I am getting lower fps in dungeons than my girlfriend who has a waaay worse setup. She's rocking an i3 and a 1650s with better performance oddly enough. 

But the game is playable now. :)

I would recommend taking a look at your bios. A lot of people I’ve reported the same thing with higher and gear, but needing bios update that helped.