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I went yesterday, in total my 8th ‘Billy’ show (Zwan and solo incl.), here’s my overall perspective…

I would easily place this in my top 3 SP shows. I was previously a little apprehensive because some of the recent videos had Corgan employ this odd singing style, there was a few complaints about them not having amps on stage, the usual. To say my complaints were demolished quickly is an understatement - Billy sounded absolutely incredible!! and the mixing was on point. I was pretty much up front center and I heard few people around me complain it was ‘not loud enough’, but being open air that was something I expected, yet didn’t have too much of an issue with either.

I can’t stress how great Billy sounded and how charismatic he was this time around. He seemed to genuinely enjoy himself and delivered a really passionate and thrilling performance. Him and James had a little spiel about Mayonnaise, which was reliably hilarious given James deadpan delivery, and it was an incredible performance. Doomsday Clock, Everlasting Gaze, Springtime, Ruby, Birch Grove, Gossamer were all highlights for me, surprisingly atmospheric and explosive.

The hits also really delivered big time. The crowd went absolutely all caps INSANE!! I had a couple of friends around and saw a bunch of them crowd surf, and they’re not the type - this should give people an indicator of just how utterly wild people went!! Having been to their shows as far back as the og days, I don’t think I ever saw a crowd who celebrated this actively!! “1979” had people lose it. Just… wow!

I know there’s many here who like to go on and on about how Corgan isn’t who he used to be, how the sound sucks, how Atum sucks… and I have to say that not one of those aspects impacted the show - in fact Corgan was at his best, the sound was immaculate, the songs off Atum worked live (with people moshing to most of them) and Springtime was genuinely incredible and top tier live.

If you can, see them now!!!

My only criticism is that we didn’t get enough. Would have loved the Gish and Oceania tracks cut, as well as maybe Drown, Hummer, deep cuts (especially M2 Shoegaze’y stuff)… so fingers crossed we get a birthday tour with those down the line.

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Ugh. Reading this is making me reconsider flying to a city to see them since they’re not gonna be around me.