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1543s oky DOI it is that time again hello
1546s everybody how is the Internet doing
1548s today it is cers narf Alex Campbell
1551s Community manager here Airship mate here
1554s live from the studio how the heck you
1556s doing I'm excited to see you guys we're
1558s back had a couple days off for the
1561s weekend and coming back to some pretty
1563s exciting changes that I wanted to to
1564s show off all for you
1566s today hi Arie thanks for coming by hi
1570s everybody hi Zen hi
1573s zok what's up guys all right so today is
1576s going to be like a super casual so like
1578s the the last few streams that we've done
1580s on the community streams have been like
1582s super casual this one's going to be even
1584s more casual so the goal for this one is
1586s like hey we have this really cool fix
1588s that we just literally like over the
1590s weekend we've been listening to like all
1591s the YouTube comments and just stuff
1593s that's been out there and we're like all
1595s right what can we do we need to move
1596s fast we need to show people that we
1597s listening and doing that and that's kind
1599s of what we're trying to do a little bit
1600s with this patch right here so um for
1603s people who haven't jumped into Discord
1605s yet I'm going to try to see if I can
1606s pull up the patch notes real impromptu
1609s like let's see go to Discord hopefully
1612s ah the wrong scenes here let me see if I
1614s can get it let me switch back real quick
1617s uh Discord
1619s H section we are going to go through a
1621s couple of the changes in YouTube we have
1624s the
1625s um the uh patch notes added but I wanted
1629s to show this one to you here we go so
1632s there's basically first and foremost
1635s this is all about experience so we heard
1637s especially if you've already completed
1639s the main campaign and you wanted to have
1640s your leveling your alts it was a pretty
1643s painful experience we had already buffed
1645s the experience from what it originally
1646s was and now we've kind of just taken
1648s that the extra mile and this isn't
1650s scaling so like those first 15 levels
1652s are going to fly by now um so that's
1655s kind of what the the theme of this
1656s stream is going to be we're going to
1658s jump in on a special Branch before the
1660s patch goes live um and then once it goes
1663s live uh we might be able to go kind of
1665s check out some of there teasers so we
1667s want to show just like how dramatic
1669s those XP changes are coming to new
1672s characters kind of going to do a little
1673s bit of a midlevel all the way to you
1675s know a brand new character starting off
1677s and just so you can see live action what
1679s this actually feels like so you want to
1681s jump in you'll be able to experience
1682s that for yourself so that's kind of the
1684s gold here um yes PSN patch and uh play
1688s or and PC statch will be going out at
1690s the same time but the rundown here so
1693s basically it's almost a 400% experience
1695s being from killing all enemies which is
1697s just nuts in my opinion but we'll see
1699s we'll test it out live together see what
1700s it actually feels like because I haven't
1702s actually had a chance to test this
1703s myself it's all been QA at this point so
1705s 386 per for all enemies killed
1708s uh increase for Expedition completion
1710s bonus so in addition to that um you're
1712s getting another
1713s 237 for just completing the Expedition
1716s so again incentivizing doing Expeditions
1718s in addition to Hunts because hunts has
1720s been a really big kind of popular way of
1722s doing um uh XP grinds at the moment uh
1726s we're actually giving reasons for doing
1728s imbuements at this point uh in addition
1730s to just getting the unique uh events and
1733s items that you can get from those those
1734s drop tables uh we're actually going to
1736s incentify using more than just one
1738s imbuement uh so you get a 10% bonus for
1740s just using a single imbuement compared
1742s to a vanilla uh Expedition you get a 20%
1745s bonus for two imum and a 30% bonus for
1747s three imum so again especially these
1750s multipliers stack on top of each other
1751s it starts to get um pretty healthy
1754s amount of experience rewards that you're
1755s going to be getting there um in addition
1758s we know that it's been a struggle to get
1759s through that reward tower for people
1761s getting through the levels and unlocking
1762s all of the Cosmetics uh so we're
1764s boosting that by
1766s 325 and teasers we might be even bu that
1769s a little bit more but we'll see um what
1772s else the and everything else is kind of
1775s just uh bug fixes so I'm not going to
1777s dive into there but if you want to join
1778s into the Discord we'll have all the news
1781s there all the the updates that you could
1782s ever wish for so feel free to jump into
1785s there if uh you want to kind of join the
1787s conversation and you know share that
1790s feedback because we are listening we're
1791s we're trying to trying to do things as
1793s quickly as possible for all of you so
1795s that being said what do you say we just
1796s jump in the game and and see what it's
1798s all about um let's jump over to the game
1802s scene and you might even see in the
1804s bottom leand corner right here oh wrong
1807s wrong way there we go
1809s aha that's the surprise it's coming out
1812s today so in little less than 30 minutes
1815s this is going to be live so we're
1816s actually going to transition over to uh
1819s playing it live as soon as it goes um
1822s here just a little bit but we're going
1823s to give you all for being the dedicated
1826s wayfinders helping us keep this game
1827s alive live um we're just going to do it
1829s live to show it off to you so we're
1831s going to test it you're going to see
1832s what it is see if it's worth it if it
1833s looks fun to you feel free to to
1835s download and jump right into the action
1837s here in about 30 minutes which is uh
1840s again like the theme that we done you
1841s should see like oh I'm hoping I can get
1843s my hands on a graph internally to show
1845s how hard the team has been working on
1847s some of these um basically quality life
1851s we looking at bugs we're looking at just
1853s improvements stability performance
1856s across the board what we can do to make
1858s the experience for the core people that
1859s are here now um as good as possible and
1862s kind of win back some people that have
1864s had bad experiences um but we want to
1867s really to show how quick we can be agile
1868s and turn stuff around and get it out to
1870s you guys and keep making improvements um
1872s and then once we have this rock solid
1874s foundation then continue to build all
1876s the content that we we have been working
1877s on and it's coming but we're excited but
1880s yeah so I got got my level one wind
1881s grave here that we're going to be
1883s testing out with our our brand new uh I
1885s actually did Kill like one mob and level
1887s it up to Lev to but we got a a basically
1889s fresh account with uh wind grave and um
1894s our our Legacy weapon but we're going to
1897s be doing a first couple tests with my
1899s girl NIS at level 11 just kind of show
1902s you some early oh got a temper oh I need
1905s some glue glom so sad um we're just
1907s going to do a random little test to see
1910s how quickly does it take we're going to
1911s do some experiments with um you know
1914s vanilla and then we're going to try some
1916s imbuement in there uh I don't think this
1918s I can do more than one imbuement but we
1919s should be able to see a difference there
1921s uh but we're mainly going to be focused
1923s on the experience game that's going to
1925s do it so what do we want to do let's do
1927s an expedition
1929s first
1931s um I haven't done an uncraft in like
1934s ages and that's should be pretty
1937s good all right let's do it like a little
1939s bit little bit underleveled so I like a
1942s bit of a challenge just got to jump into
1944s it and then I'm going to be answering
1946s questions live in chat as much as I can
1947s can so if you do have specific questions
1949s feel free to throw them out in there and
1952s if I catch them I will answer them uh AR
1954s only real fans watch the stream on two
1956s channels at a lurk okay bye thanks for
1959s being here uh be sure to show off the
1961s reward Tower so you can see the X okay
1963s that's a good call um so reward
1967s Tower right now we have so it's
1972s 2997 experience we have zero keys we're
1975s level 13 right now so keep an eye on
1977s that keep track let's see what I want to
1980s unlock let's see if I can get to unlock
1982s this toxic art in just this short little
1984s stream that' be kind of
1988s cool I probably thinking big brain
1992s moment here probably should have turned
1993s matchmaking off considering I'm the only
1995s person in this server um but you know
1998s that's why they pay me the big bucks
1999s right big wrinkly brain snarf uh snarf
2003s is the 10 to 30% imbuement additive or m
2006s m cative that's a word uh I believe it
2009s is
2011s multiplicative but um AJ I think you're
2013s in chat shout out if I am being correct
2016s or incorrect with
2023s that all right we got a lot of spider
2029s boys and then I think what the the
2031s weapon is at level 15 right now so we'll
2033s see how much experience we're getting
2035s towards actually loving at the end of
2037s this this experience let's do some
2039s events events surprisingly give you
2041s quite a bit of experience as a whole oh
2044s that
2044s [Music]
2047s hurts get two out there I'm trying to
2049s take
2052s both see J sharks in chat is playing
2054s some risk of
2055s rain fall out L on the
2058s internet see if we get any aha ah an see
2062s do you see the shiny you see the shiny
2064s guys I know a lot of people have been
2066s struggling finding these rings
2069s it caught my eye all right just throwing
2071s it out
2073s there and it's way too early to consider
2076s this but regarding some of the
2077s two-handed weapons is it uper
2079s consideration to speed up their
2080s animation like a big chunky feels like
2081s they could be faster so I mean I'd say
2084s anything is up for change right now
2089s uh the the two-headed weapons hit like a
2091s freaking truck and that's the idea and
2094s you do need to have some sort of payoff
2096s um for that that damage with the the
2099s speed of it so it's I think it's going
2101s to be one of those there's going to be
2102s different opinions across the board um
2104s but as a whole I think we're pretty
2106s happy with the attack speed animations
2108s especially the two-handed and like all
2109s the combos they can do with it um I have
2112s been hearing pretty much across the
2113s board about epap feeling um a little
2115s underwhelming compared to some of the
2117s other two so we need to take a closer
2119s look at EPS specifically um but like
2122s Juggernaut and uh eclipse and a few of
2124s the other two-hander Breakers I think
2126s we're going a pretty happy stay with but
2128s we're always going to keep an eye on
2129s it ah it was a Parry
2132s sir vor's
2134s blood #
2137s cheater oh and I do have to show you
2139s guys uh speaking of cosplays um we
2142s finally got
2144s the
2145s um Jara Jade uh cosplay of her n daggers
2149s and uh Knight's Edge uh specifically the
2152s daggers in the Giants case over here so
2154s at the end of the stream I'll show those
2156s off to all of you is there really
2157s freaking cool I want to steal them but
2160s we're going to figure out a place to put
2161s them up somewhere in the the stream
2162s studio so once we do the official Dev
2164s streams uh have some something cool to
2166s show off in the
2168s corner God I just love our level
2172s design all right let's get
2182s [Music]
2186s ambushed
2191s no sir not
2196s today Parry that Parry
2206s that uh-oh bees hurting people's
2209s feelings all right here we
2214s go beautiful let's get this guy I'm
2217s excited to see how much experience all
2218s right so I'm going to try to do the full
2220s uh Expedition so we're going to be doing
2222s a few events and try to get as much
2224s exploration as we can once we get that F
2226s full Ark light then we're going to end
2228s the Expedition see how much experience
2229s we
2230s get got the curator up here I think I
2232s already have the side quest going
2240s yeah where did I put those
2243s books I'm so forgetful when I was
2246s destroyed by the gloom and resurrected I
2250s don't even recognize new faces coming on
2252s here all right we have ourself a
2255s chesticle that looks like a
2261s book uh is the XP buff permanent or
2264s temporary it is permanent so this is not
2266s like an so imagine this is like a 300%
2269s XP weekend except it lasts forever
2271s that's that's a good way I think about
2276s it
2281s plans to capping out the tower at 100 or
2283s handing out small goodies for over 100
2285s yeah so like the visual showing over 100
2287s is like it's kind of a bug to be honest
2289s um so longterm when they're multiple
2293s towers that you can progress um you're
2295s that would be like the time that you
2296s want to switch over to a a different uh
2298s reward tower that you haven't progressed
2300s um or the active one that is free for
2301s everybody so at the moment it's it's a
2305s little bit odd because you only have the
2306s ones that you can progress but there
2308s will be multiple that you can kind of
2309s swap between in the
2314s future your sacrificing consum is
2317s appreciated all right perfect so we
2319s should just be able to clear this out
2320s and we're going to get an idea of
2322s everything works right how much
2323s experience we get at the end of
2326s this so remember this is a
2329s basically a mid like eh not quite mid uh
2333s quarter of the way third of the way
2335s through your your leveling experience
2338s and it is a flat scill experience so
2341s that first 15 levels which is already
2342s fairly quick will be even faster um
2345s comparatively before so it does not it's
2348s not like as you're getting to the higher
2350s tiers you're going to be getting more
2352s experience it it's flat
2357s scaling all right let popper oh let's
2360s get rid of these
2361s clowns snarf does not like
2365s clowns some may remember
2368s all right here we
2370s go no sir Dodge that and give you a
2375s Parry give him a heavy attack Oh I
2378s thought I could get a Parry off the time
2379s not quite almost threw
2382s it this is like one I wish I had one of
2385s those uh big
2386s two-handers no sir no sir not today all
2392s right beautiful there we go level up so
2394s we got one level of our daggers and I
2397s know it just had fit 15 so a full level
2399s from 15 to 16 got to level up on
2402s N let's see what the end of expedition
2405s screen
2408s [Laughter]
2412s says I think this is too much experience
2414s but okay here we are uh
2417s 11,521 experience uh no quests were
2419s completed during this just uh to throw
2421s that out there and this is a sphere was
2424s it a sphere 2 I think it was a sphere
2427s too 5 minutes 6 minutes 11,000
2430s experience there you go proof is in the
2431s pudding
2441s folks all right well there we have it
2444s that's that's some experience uh for all
2445s you guys to to Feast Your Hearts Upon so
2448s let's go try a hunt now let's see what
2449s the the Hunt is by comparison
2452s um we'll do we got how much time we got
2456s another 15 15 minutes before we go live
2461s um who do we want to fight I think I
2463s want to fight Arkham Commander I haven't
2465s I haven't fought the good old Commander
2467s lad here in a
2470s minute oh reward Tower yep let's take a
2472s look at reward Tower experience at the
2474s end of this too do anyone who remembers
2476s the number that we were at I should
2477s probably should be taking
2479s notes and load times here are going to
2482s be a little bit not quite fair to live
2485s because I'm having to spin up I am the
2487s only person on the server so every time
2489s I travel I'm having to spin up a brand
2490s new server uh Shard so it is going to
2493s take a little bit longer than what uh
2494s actual low times are these days all
2496s right so reward
2499s Tower we are at wow we got a full level
2502s out of
2504s that yeah we got a full level because
2507s we're we were like right about here I
2508s think right so I'm going to go back in
2510s the VOD and now we have a full key all
2512s right let's see if we can get that uh I
2514s want that loading screen art
2517s got my lil buddy
2523s beautiful all right yeah okay we're
2525s going to do we're going to try to do one
2527s exponential or one hunt
2530s now uh screw it let's do it with I mean
2534s chaos I've got to do chaos
2537s right yeah we did do sphere 2 uh I don't
2540s trust myself there this will be oh and
2542s look there's even like UI what how did
2544s we sneak some UI in there
2548s just giving us uh giving us a little bit
2549s of information about what those uh those
2551s Buffs do I didn't know about that that's
2553s kind of
2556s cool nightbot relax Royal div can can
2560s spam emotes spam emotes is more than
2563s okay our nightbot needs a chill I I
2565s apologize for that please feel free to
2566s spam emotes he's just he's just a little
2569s trigger hacky the
2570s bot sneaky UI is the best UI dang it I
2573s forgot ah I forgot to do the the thing
2576s all right let's see while maybe we'll do
2579s a sneak peek while we are searching
2582s because I forgot to turn off the thing
2583s look at this bad
2594s boy the treasure
2598s chest we're in we're in match what's up
2601s what are you doing I'm showing off
2603s things relax you think I have a script
2607s sir no there's no script here script
2610s that Airship
2612s Syndicate all right back to the game we
2615s do have we're official you show people
2617s what's that we're actually oh we
2618s actually online oh my God this is
2620s sticking to the wall I can't even got to
2622s put it maybe Focus yeah there we go yeah
2626s get away people people won't bother me
2628s although we have a prime example of
2630s somebody who does not give a care about
2631s the rules thanks solid everybody say hi
2633s to solid all right this I write these
2636s rules
2639s we're going to sh off in a
2641s second unlimited power all right Mr
2645s archon Commander bring the heat sir see
2649s what you can
2652s do
2659s H uh the mean people will bother you
2662s more sarf no they're not mean they're
2663s just passionate that's
2665s fine
2670s yeah you got to do the double
2673s paring you got no chance against my
2675s daggers imagine taking a sword and
2677s shield into a fight not just daggers
2679s okay well I guess uh if you're out of
2680s stamina that's a fair
2682s argument got away from that I am over
2685s here
2690s now pop a potion cuz why
2692s not get that Parry off
2695s beautiful
2697s Dodge and Parry again oh he didn't hit
2699s me
2706s lame heav
2710s attacks Parry Parry use our heavy
2712s attacks yet again beautiful get on that
2715s side give him one of these the own two
2718s Dodge and Par again oh he missed
2724s it all right and give heavy attack
2728s halfway there hopefully we have enough
2730s damage well I think we're going to be
2731s enough to DPS him down but we'll we'll
2733s find out here shortly
2734s enough use my heavy attack to dodge that
2737s bad boy because n is the best
2741s hero oo I actually got the Parry off on
2744s the um the secondary attack usually I
2747s can't get
2749s that let's drop another damage
2753s potion Dodge all that nonsense
2758s [Music]
2760s double Parry love to see it a
2764s I oh that attack is the best attack
2767s everybody loves that attack super easy
2769s to see has the exact same indicators as
2772s every other attack in the game I
2775s promise ah come on
2779s here all right I think we're going to
2781s save our alt
2783s for stff we did actually add the uh the
2786s purple the purple indicator there to be
2789s fair you guys saw
2792s it all right come here ugly let's
2796s go see purple thing and I still manage
2799s to get hit by it because I am just the
2801s best at this
2804s game get the Parry
2812s off dodged it lades let's go
2816s a demand runs solar chaos I don't even
2818s have two imum unlocked on this character
2821s like this I had to make this character
2822s especially for this event um level it up
2825s a little bit so we can do this test this
2827s is a oh big
2830s spook all right things are starting to
2832s spice up here we got to we got to hurry
2834s it up or else we're going to get in
2835s range
2838s [Music]
2840s mechanics Dodge it get all those sweet
2843s hits off for every last second that I
2844s can manage and that lasts are so
2846s freaking long oh God I'm scared I'm not
2849s scared I was perfectly fine down to one
2852s healing potion left but that is more
2853s than enough I like to keep him thing
2855s spicy get over that way here we go we're
2859s going to get him to the last phase
2864s eventually Dodge all that
2868s nonsense all right we got to get we got
2870s to be getting
2871s close beautiful get rid of that
2875s nonsense
2877s let's drop our weapon
2881s ability woo Dodge both of those love to
2883s see it all right and here we go the
2885s grand finale ladies and gentlemen can we
2887s do
2889s it we're doing 700 damage 200 damage oh
2893s it's going to be close oh God are we
2895s going to get
2897s there please thank you very much all
2899s right not I wasn't worried about it you
2901s guys were worried about it I don't know
2902s what you're talking about all right
2904s let's see some numbers drum roll please
2907s 13,000
2911s experience all right so there we go that
2913s is a sphere 2 or actually no that's a
2915s sphere one sphere one with one imbuement
2919s 13,000
2921s experience for an archon
2924s Commander power level less than a
2927s thousand people are going to be hitting
2929s 30 on everything this week all that's my
2934s prediction all right let's see how many
2936s many levels let's do a fun little game
2937s of how many levels can we get on a level
2940s one Expedition with a level one
2942s character wind grave and a level one
2945s weapon let's do that let's find out and
2948s then it'll be just time for us to go
2951s live and try it out live with all you
2953s that'll be the
2955s goal while I'm in while I have to
2958s reinstall the patch and update on on
2960s live so that'll be a perfect time to
2962s show off some of the cosplay stuff why
2964s not why not
2968s you know why don't we go crazy maybe we
2969s do some giveaways too unannounced
2971s giveaways like because all of you guys
2973s showed up without having to be bribed
2975s and I think that that deserves that
2976s deserves to get rewarded so um I'm going
2978s to make the executive decision and uh
2980s get yelled at later that's my goal all
2983s right so we're going to switch over
2986s to wind
2991s grave do we want to do we could do an
2993s exalted pack giveway that'd be kind of
2995s fun
2997s I really get yelled after that one we
2999s might be able to make it happen all
3000s right so here we go Echo do we have
3003s anything equipped can we even equip
3004s anything I don't think we can equip
3005s anything on our sky right now but he
3006s looks look at this Chad doesn't he look
3009s good I love this skin all right let's go
3013s into a level one Expedition let's do it
3016s with one um one
3021s abum so it's not too easy do codex
3024s Halls we're going to put on some greed
3028s so everyone loves greed oh and it tells
3029s you the miner oh it's so cute um all
3033s right we'll do sphere to all right no
3035s let's let's keep it equal right we're
3038s not going to be able to do that that's
3039s going to be murdering us all right fine
3041s going back to go we will do sphere 2 and
3044s we're going to do a greed see what we
3046s get let us see what we can
3049s get and let's check our uh reward Tower
3053s experience yet
3054s again didn't get a ton from the the
3057s Hunts I think it's the Hunts
3058s specifically that we have to buff it so
3060s we're going to take a look at
3062s Expeditions I think Expeditions right
3064s now is going to be the bread and butter
3065s for um reward Tower experience
3069s game is that that seemed like what was
3071s that like that was a couple hundred
3072s experience
3076s maybe do we have any of these bad boys
3080s we can throw on
3081s here uh crit power ability power break
3085s power
3086s that looks pretty good let's throw on
3089s Mobility power CRP power physical
3092s defense who needs defense right um
3096s weapon power break power that seems
3097s pretty
3098s good get some Affinity points ah getting
3102s the the one Affinity point at level one
3103s that's nice too uh will we be able to
3106s use level 32 artifacts yes you will so
3109s the whole reason why you want to be
3111s collecting those right now just
3112s definitely be saving them look for the
3114s different type of echo slot that you're
3116s looking for look for the right Affinity
3117s matchs um and the right Rarities uh and
3121s if you do get some epics absolutely hold
3123s on to them even if they're overleveled
3125s uh because you will want to
3128s um it's cool I have so many AB actually
3132s uh you will want
3133s to uh use it when we have the basically
3137s a count progression system so the the
3139s Armory system and the um Ascension so
3142s when you awaken your characters you are
3144s going to be able to essentially
3146s overlevel your your equip capacity so
3149s you will be able to even if you're max
3150s level at Max 30 you'll still be able to
3152s equip um like level 35s or
3156s whatever if you progress far enough so
3159s and this that is going to be a huge part
3161s of this buff like right now these XP uh
3165s changes might seem a little bit crazy
3168s but imagine when you are trying to
3170s relevel your character and there we go
3171s how many enemies do we kill when we just
3172s leveled up um you are going to want to
3177s uh have all these XP bonuses for when
3179s you are trying to get those Awakening
3181s levels um it's going to make that
3183s quality of life way
3188s nicer give it to me thank
3192s you I never play sword and shields this
3195s is this is kind of a learning experience
3196s for me I know I should be using a lot
3199s more Shield slams where's Atlantis when
3202s you need him I need I need some uh need
3204s some guides on how to use my sword
3205s Shield
3208s properly does look good though like
3210s doesn't it doesn't look good my eyes
3212s throwing green
3220s eyes there we go geek sword and shield
3223s PL
3230s gameplay my memory fragments again we're
3233s going to try to do our Fair bit of
3235s exploring so we get the
3237s uh our uh three chests get the max Arc
3244s Light come your
3247s gabo
3250s beautiful o no we didn't get the sphere
3252s vent I love the sphere vent I think it
3253s is so cool
3254s looking uh yeah all right we're coming
3257s we're coming for
3261s you all right give me all right so now
3264s you can see my weapon ability
3266s I am immune to all knock back and level
3270s three there we go we got two levels
3271s right
3275s away all right we got to we got to go
3277s through this fairly quick the patch is
3279s about to be live ladies and gentlemen
3282s get your drum rolls ready go I think in
3284s the next 30 seconds we're going to be
3287s live align the orbs oh nice we did get
3290s the orbs I'm just an
3293s idiot beat me up
3297s Scotty all right here we
3301s go are you actually no you're not in
3303s there
3306s and perfect nope not
3308s perfect perfect is good enough for
3312s government work and Skip
3317s away there we go oh level four on Legacy
3320s so that's three levels on our weapon so
3324s far
3332s beautiful orbs have been aligned down we
3337s go give me my holor orb thank you very
3343s much just had to wake them up spiders
3346s don't deserve
3349s sleep # not a friend of
3352s spiders if I bought the pack on
3354s Playstation can can I play the same
3356s files on my computer yes you will for
3358s Early Access you do need to have a
3360s Founders pack on Bol just so you can
3361s install the game uh but once you go free
3363s to play if you bought a pack on
3365s PlayStation and you wanted to play on
3366s computer absolutely you can link the
3368s accounts and all of the the packs and
3370s stuff you bought on Playstation would be
3372s on your PC account um you just need to
3376s right now just to have access to
3377s download it you you do need to um have
3380s at least the base Edition on on both
3381s accounts I do not recommend buying more
3383s than a base Edition on two accounts just
3386s buy if you are going to upgrade upgrade
3387s it on one account and have that as your
3389s master account and then link it the
3391s correct direction um so do not overwrite
3394s your save data with a brand new account
3396s or else you'll have to unlink it and re
3399s reset it the right way um but yeah you
3403s whatever your highest founder Pack
3405s Edition is it will be transferable to
3408s whatever platform you're you're playing
3414s on hello
3419s gabo all right we got a couple more
3422s rooms to clear here and then we're off
3425s to install the new
3428s patch are there plans to Port this to
3431s Xbox if more people to join the way uh
3433s if you go to our website you'll see what
3435s our plan is for full launch but at the
3438s moment Early Access is purely on
3440s PlayStation and PC but we will be
3443s launching on more platforms at full free
3445s play
3451s launch all right there we go
3455s fantastic o big ask Will there be more
3457s variety NPC models in free to play oh my
3459s God there's a lot of the models are
3462s still placeholder trust me we our art
3465s team and and modeling team just we have
3467s some really really some of the my
3469s favorite models in the game we haven't
3470s even been able to show off up yet do not
3472s worry on that
3474s department the goal is to make even just
3477s the city feel more lively as well um
3480s than just you know lots of static models
3481s in the the repeating strips we
3484s definitely want to flush that aspect of
3485s the game out because it's a big part the
3487s social City part is is not something
3490s that we want to slack on and that's
3492s another level four levels on our weapon
3494s and three quarters of a a level one
3501s dungeon when can we expect to see news
3503s on the sry work sooner than you might
3505s think actually sooner than I thought we
3507s were going to share but uh may have been
3510s reviewing a document uh yesterday that
3513s goes over uh some of the
3522s changes midf
3525s flight oh my God Ram just said we got a
3528s th messages in chat today you guys are
3530s chatty I have definitely not got all
3533s that messages but thanks for showing up
3534s guys love to see you here happy happy
3537s Wednesday people like what what were
3539s people's thoughts on the wayfinder
3540s Wednesday you guys like it is it good
3543s are we are we are we doing it right are
3545s we trying to communicate the
3547s stuff hey we're genuinely loving you
3550s thank you
3555s Pedro get over
3564s here
3573s yeah that's probably another tease that
3576s I can fairly well get away with we do we
3579s do plan on showing some love to sword
3581s and shields here uh in the the near
3584s future just to keep them up to Snuff
3587s with some of the other weapon
3590s types all right there we go so 8,100
3593s experience we gain from level one to
3595s level four we went from level two to
3597s level five in a single Expedition so
3600s again multiply that it does scale you're
3602s going to need more experience per one
3604s but you can literally get your character
3606s going with one run um and that does have
3610s the the 10% bonus from an expedition and
3613s that is a spere that is the the Codex
3615s alss that is like the base as Bas gets
3618s so we'll see all right so I think we are
3622s probably let me go double check that we
3625s got sent to live solid if you are
3629s lurking in chat can you let me know if
3631s the it is oh patches up beautiful never
3634s mind so we're going to close out of this
3637s we going to go to camer scene we're
3639s going to jump into live and play
3641s alongside all you for a little bit um
3643s and we're going to test out some of the
3644s higher tier content um I know some
3647s people probably want to see some three
3649s imbuements on Beast Master or something
3651s like that um is kind of what I'm
3653s thinking just kind of get an idea of how
3654s much crazy experience that we're going
3656s to be seeing
3657s now but one last thing I do want to
3659s check before we change actually um let's
3661s see what our reward Tower experiences oh
3664s yeah yeah Expeditions are absolutely the
3666s way to go I mean we went from 8,000 down
3669s to 3,000 left so that was like a good
3671s 3,000 something experience on a freaking
3673s codex Halls so you'll be expect to be
3676s leveling up your battle your reward
3678s Towers a lot faster too we got the
3680s tempering
3682s going oh Legacy you such a pretty Shield
3686s okay that said let's get this update
3689s rolling let me show off some fancy
3691s cosplay stuff and um then let's play
3695s alongside live with all of you guys
3697s because that sounds like fun to
3699s me uh manage and then I can answer some
3702s questions in the meantime let me get
3705s this set to the right
3707s stage
3709s wayfinder oh we've already installed it
3711s congratulations well let's show off some
3713s stuff anyway while we're
3719s Bo so large so unnecessarily large all
3728s right what is going on
3737s here bear with me I have no idea how
3740s this box works does this work what is
3743s going on
3747s figured it out I am so smart I went to
3749s college all right here we
3752s go set
3756s up you are not allowed to judge you're
3759s not allowed to say anything sir I am
3761s doing just fine I am an adult you also
3764s need to have Slacker by the way it makes
3766s so many things did you figure it out if
3768s there's there's a button bro you push in
3771s and then you pull
3772s up I could have I would have figured
3774s that out will I would okay I'll I'll get
3776s it open on my phone all right let me
3778s show you this
3780s guys look how freaking pretty it
3784s is so there's one I'll get the other one
3786s out
3790s too stretch there's
3794s two get it in the light close this out
3798s freaking it's a deceiver it ate my
3801s hand work
3803s stop
3806s look at these beautiful
3809s things huge shout out to jiara Jade for
3812s doing this awesome freaking look at them
3815s and they're like iridescent and they're
3817s glowing and they're like so people don't
3821s know I'm I'm
3822s 66 this is this I don't know how to
3825s describe this these things are freaking
3827s long swords but it makes sense because
3829s Elden are actually like seven foot tall
3831s I want to say if not more um
3835s freaking
3838s sweet this was merch would you buy
3840s it I'd buy it just saying all right
3844s let's
3845s go let's jump back into the
3852s game all right so this is ideally the
3855s patch number you're looking for 156
3861s 312 solid needs to update the the
3864s message the
3868s let me pull up slack see what uh what
3870s important messages I'm missing out
3882s on please tell players that we are in a
3886s mode of Rapid change and we will be
3888s absolutely pulling levers and adjusting
3889s values in s stuff letters uh I already
3893s said that he's not paying attention did
3895s I chat defend me did I not start off the
3898s stream by basically saying like we're
3900s going to be in a state of just like
3901s doing rapid changing and fixing and
3903s stuff hey it's a USF hi
3905s there um all right I can shake my butt
3908s no I can't shake my butt big sad I can
3910s dance though um I did I said that I did
3913s so yes players officially we are in a
3916s state of Rapid changing so like we are
3919s literally going to be trying to keep an
3921s eye on
3922s things nice
3925s keep an eye on things and change it as
3927s quickly and live as possible um so yes
3931s there's going to be adjustments this is
3932s still early access everything is up for
3934s grabs there's nothing that is set in
3936s stone even when we go live it's not set
3937s in stone um but Early Access especially
3940s but we're we're definitely going to be
3941s paying close attention we are listening
3943s and we're going to keep changing stuff
3944s see zol's Mommy thank you Z's mommy you
3947s got my back I appreciate
3950s you for Ryan uh you also have the patch
3953s coming soon the bottom left oh I suppose
3955s I could change
3958s that wait no it it doesn't say going
3961s soon it says going live at 4 pm C this
3963s the preview I guess I can get rid of
3965s that now
3967s though change it to that live now I
3970s don't know what he wants from
3980s me there we go that's better it's better
3983s we're good all right let's jump back
3985s into the game and it's again oh my God
3986s we got the whole Squad here what's up
3988s Squad what's up y'all all right we had a
3991s level 14 chyros Let's uh let's see if we
3995s can get into a
3997s fight um maybe we can do Arden
4001s hand question
4004s mark we'll probably fail at this but
4006s we'll we'll try one art in hand with my
4008s Kos and then
4010s um let's see all right let's take a look
4013s at the reward Tower because I I have yet
4014s to get I'm level 50 we got 7,000
4016s experience to go the hunt isn't going to
4019s be as exciting what's up
4023s lightning how the heck did I get in the
4026s same instance as ganick he is literally
4028s across the ocean from
4031s me God that is a sweet looking wind
4036s grave although I got to say the the
4039s arcbolt um skin doesn't quite work with
4042s the uh the color Aesthetics you got
4045s going
4051s on
4056s ah hey all there we go what is up y'all
4059s I think we're going to manage
4061s this are you ready for a sphere one
4064s Ardent hand you level 30
4068s people I I feel like I got stream sniped
4071s I feel like our game is so easy to
4073s stream snipe probably like one of the
4074s easiest games to stream snip in the
4076s world but you can't really be mad about
4090s it all right you guys have to tell me
4092s what what weapon am I using see if you
4094s can figure it
4100s out who's the first suppos to guess it
4103s right
4107s uh 15 no I think there's a six somewhere
4109s in there death monkey you might need to
4111s update your your
4113s client Clips oh my God people are so
4126s smart so that is a bug just so
4128s everybody's aware the fact that I use it
4130s three times rather than exhausting all
4132s of the uh the momentum is a bug and it's
4136s already been flagged and we've already
4137s figured out how to fix it and it will be
4139s an upcoming update so Bret
4145s not all right we
4151s go this man is having a very bad
4157s day dodged it did not Dodge that but
4161s that's
4163s fine
4165s okay
4166s camera all right get out of the way of
4168s all that
4184s nonsense oh got a deal oh rad got him
4188s what a Chad rad the Chad we call him
4192s certainly we don't call him other names
4193s that he loves there we go got a level on
4195s Eclipse love to see
4197s that level 13 get behind
4204s me oh and we didn't go into an
4207s expedition waiting Le that's that's
4208s always nice all right let's see
4214s here still got to fix that
4217s evidently but we know we got to level up
4220s we know we got to level
4223s up
4231s anticlimactic all right let's see make
4234s sure Jas starts I I have no idea what
4237s you're talking
4240s about cool I haven't been yelled at yet
4243s this is great uh let's let's do a
4245s giveaway let me let me pull up nightbot
4247s and let's do a a quick little giveaway
4249s shall
4250s we let's
4253s say
4255s all right throw out
4258s a it's gan's fault in chat and we will
4262s do a
4266s giveaway for a th Rune
4272s silver
4275s giveaways gan's fault it's gan's fault
4278s gic's fault that's why the experience
4280s didn't load all
4282s right let's roll it
4285s and the winner is V Ric v r a d e k v
4291s Ric congrat a freaking L thank you for
4293s being here I appreciate
4301s you all right maybe maybe I can uh
4305s convince at the end of the stream we'll
4306s do a uh an something else I'll have to
4309s get approval I'll find
4311s out all right what can we do next
4315s now let's switch over to my main all
4318s right so where are we at we're at 14
4320s level 13 with a little bit extra to go
4322s let's switch over
4325s to I want to do I want to do a hall of
4327s heart run I want to kind of get an idea
4328s of how much experience we're seeing
4330s let's do N I got my level 30 daggers is
4333s there anything else I could level up
4335s that's not 30 but
4336s close not
4338s really it's fine we're we're going to
4340s see the experience at the end
4342s anyway but I got practice for the uh you
4346s guys saw the community events that are
4347s happening I was able to Wrangle a couple
4349s other fellow um Airship syndicates and
4354s we're going to we're going to be
4355s competing alongside of all of you
4357s although I think we are at a severe
4358s disadvantage you guys have some insane
4360s gear compared to we don't have time to
4361s play on live unfortunately uh what do we
4364s want to do I think we just did a hunt so
4366s let's do an expedition let's do hollow
4370s heart let's go
4372s wild
4375s let's go absolutely
4378s crazy this is not going to do anything
4380s but does it still give you the buff
4381s invalid
4384s sad I don't have Shadow I used up all my
4387s shadow in the last stream all right
4388s we're we're going to do a double Let's
4391s do let's do everybody's favorite a call
4394s if we ask for a solar fire bombs there
4396s we
4397s go all right see if we are lucky enough
4401s to get a couple friend doids in here how
4404s good are you at jumping I'm very good at
4406s jumping I was actually a high jumper for
4409s 13 years and I can jump on top of
4417s here all right let's see if we get
4419s stream sniped yet
4429s again any other questions in chat um
4432s more heroics in the future stats don't
4436s about move sex but there will be more
4437s heroes yes there will be round two let's
4440s try
4441s it snarf runs FR I run
4445s France that's kind of
4449s cool a 66 high jumper I think he had a
4452s leg up on the competition
4456s bom actually no high Jumpers in general
4458s are all pretty
4459s tall I was I was maybe a little above
4462s average
4464s but I could jump well above my height
4466s hey we found ganick yet again look at
4467s him I don't know how he does it and
4470s they're both running Legacy oh hi all
4473s right I'm going to get myself some speed
4477s if you don't
4479s mind give me that
4481s speed thank you very
4487s much all right and we got
4492s Hyman I par that
4498s sir and ganick is
4501s down 10 seconds into the
4505s match excellent all right let's get over
4509s here there's a wayo this way watch out
4511s for the blood
4512s letters giving them
4514s hairy love to see it God I love the res
4517s dagger so
4520s much sorry bird you had a very bad day o
4523s we got a spook
4528s boy all right here we
4533s go I got you himman don't
4537s worry oh just keep crawling keep just
4541s keep keep on keep okay that works oh God
4544s we got a spook boy run away from all
4547s that nonsense I have frames you are the
4549s best get away from me Crow
4552s fart where'd he
4555s go where are
4558s you got that
4561s one all right this looks like the real
4563s one Dodge through all this nonsense
4566s dodged it
4570s fantastic 500 almost have RQ drop r q
4574s and watch him
4581s melt all right there we go oh I love the
4584s damage it's so
4588s good all right heal up beautiful and
4591s he's
4591s down get out of
4595s there all right did we get a echo no
4598s Echo oh we got a loot Goblin ganic is
4602s just doing actually we where's my
4604s popcorn emote I'm just going
4608s to
4610s lordy we got roasted popcorn today
4615s oh and the so up is he just waiting for
4617s us what a what a kind little
4625s Goblin oh my God and use our there we go
4629s you
4632s worked oh God we're going to die we're
4634s going to die oh we're not going to die
4635s we're fine wasn't even worried about
4639s it I don't remember dropping like the
4642s little gold piles like that before
4643s that's kind of cool uh-oh all right and
4645s himman we
4648s trust oh
4651s [Laughter]
4656s god oh no oh
4659s no oh no well good thing we're not doing
4663s the the competition right now that's all
4665s I got to
4668s say rip did we all die we all died okay
4670s we're doing great all right guys we
4672s actually have to get through this
4674s Expedition um we got to find out what
4676s the experience is we're not allowed to
4677s just
4680s fail all right here this got to be the
4682s right way we got the Ambush coming
4685s up there's no way of circumventing this
4687s that exists at all I
4695s promise jump through
4698s there oh Dodge no we almost dodged
4700s that's
4702s fine
4704s come on you get through
4707s me he's he's he's
4709s zooming oh no and he had the bubble out
4712s I I am not a good
4715s player I appreciate
4720s you good old
4725s chaos yeah yeah yeah yeah all right all
4729s right next set of these bad boys let's
4730s pop a damage potion why
4732s not
4748s I think we're I think we're fine we're
4750s doing great doing
4752s excellent this doesn't look fun at all
4754s what are you talking about chaos is the
4756s best oh Dodge damn
4759s it KCK KCK I believe in you
4767s I believe
4770s no keep on crawling keep on crawling
4775s yes oh himman I got
4778s you there we go beautiful all right not
4780s even close
4782s to I got that guy come here
4785s you genck I got you don't worry I'm
4788s going to get rid of this bird and then
4790s we're going to we're going to press
4791s we're playing our respect so hard right
4792s now
4793s all right here we
4795s go another one of those bad
4798s boys where is the Giant mountain ow
4806s dude got
4808s him lordy they are
4811s everywhere let's not leave well enough
4813s alone ow dude give me that chest run
4817s away from
4818s those oh my God they're
4822s everywhere all all right
4825s oh Lordy they do not stop let's keep
4829s going there's the cave all right we're
4831s almost
4832s there okay block
4837s that Dodge that
4840s beautiful all right here we go yeah yeah
4844s yeah didn't run into a trickster which
4846s is
4847s confusing there are Never Enough bombs
4849s cyber funk you play with me there are
4852s Never Enough bombs
4853s you should have seen some of the the
4855s nonsense uh bug stuff I did
4858s earlier that was enough
4863s Bombs all
4868s right
4875s good by Mr
4877s hus oh boy the bombs are out to play O
4881s we got two propes let's drop our ult
4890s ow all right sphere three Hollow heart
4893s complete let's see what we
4895s get uh do the bombs hurt the enemies too
4899s uh they definitely move them around I'm
4900s not sure if it's intended they did at
4902s one point I don't know if they still do
4903s or
4906s not experience game it's still not
4908s working I want to
4912s know gck did it show up for you by any
4916s chance I'll flag it we'll get it fixed
4918s we will get it
4924s fixed
4927s but okay so yeah 20 25 to 27 is a pretty
4930s substantial jump in an experience game
4932s like how much how much experience it
4934s take to go from 27 to 28 does it
4938s say 47,000 experience
4942s huh
4944s 47,000
4946s seriously that is that is an amount of
4951s experience I wonder if it's just my
4953s account that's bugging out for some
4954s reason
4961s odd my happy part sink excellent we aim
4964s to please all right let's try let's try
4967s a all right first of all let's craft
4970s some more Gloom traces I want to try a
4972s sphere
4973s a three times imbuement
4976s change uh Echo
4979s Matrix Shadow
4984s imbuement All right we should be good
4986s for that let's
4988s [Music]
4990s do I kind of want to do Gloom brain with
4993s I I'm going to do
4995s it are you guys ready for some purple
4998s we're about to do some
5001s purple
5004s all right dread Legion sphere
5008s 4 triple en
5010s viment all right folks we're about to
5013s see some purple are you ready for some
5016s purple I'm ready for some
5023s [Laughter]
5028s purple uh is this patch server side or
5030s client side it is client side so anytime
5032s that we change that third number it does
5034s require a an install um so there is an
5037s update a client side update you
5039s required is going to suck you say that
5043s don't be mean to Brian Brian's great I
5045s love
5048s Brian oh
5059s hi all right here we go good old dread
5066s Brian it's is
5068s purple all right go get that
5072s torch come here friends ganic three for
5075s three and Heyman good job guys all right
5077s you
5078s ready stay
5081s close we only get one torch for all
5083s three of us oh this is going to be
5086s interesting
5087s [Music]
5088s [Laughter]
5091s oh
5096s stay
5101s close this is fine this this how could
5104s this go wrong there's no way we don't do
5106s first try this all right here we go
5109s ready get ready to do the platforming
5111s together all right in three two one
5119s go all right nice nice nice first one
5123s Down Easy
5124s Peasy let's get all these guys let's
5127s collect one orb two orbs all right we
5131s just need to get one more pass it off
5133s pass it off pass it
5135s off no oh
5140s no
5141s well wait what what what how did you
5144s manage that
5145s nonsense I am so confused what has
5148s happened
5151s hacks all right this is going to be way
5153s harder than I anticipated to be
5154s perfectly
5155s honest because you need to be near me
5159s but you also I don't want you near me
5161s because you have a bomb on you so I need
5163s to run towards the guys okay this we'll
5166s figure this out I Believe in Us we got
5168s this I have no idea
5171s if um kic it is a fascinating strategy
5175s I'm glad you agree
5177s red all right are we
5181s ready and 3 2 1
5185s go all right there is a recharging
5187s station I'm probably going to have to
5188s start the recharging station first and
5190s foremost so we don't just uh
5193s die all right recharging station is
5196s going beautiful someone who was smarter
5197s than me somebody thought about this
5199s already all right and now we
5204s need dang
5208s it ganic beautiful the torch is here so
5212s we're fine
5214s thank you oh we got to get gen
5217s it
5220s no maybe this was a little ambitious I
5222s don't know maybe I'm not geared for this
5225s but last try last last try and then
5227s we'll we'll go to like something easy
5229s like boost master or something okay Gan
5232s ganick will be the torch bear or I could
5234s take it from him that's
5236s [Laughter]
5240s funny or he took it from me r dude sir I
5244s wanted
5247s that all
5252s right all right here we
5255s go yeah this this with Gloom uh Gloom
5259s collapse is is pretty
5261s brutal all right kill these guys kill
5264s this
5265s guy give me the the thing put it on that
5268s one give me the thing put it on that one
5271s give me the thing
5274s die but I got it off on two of them
5276s that's pretty good oh no I got I got it
5279s on two I put it on two of them and a and
5283s we have the torch lit now that's a very
5285s important feature we have a recharging
5287s station lit so we're basically we're
5289s basically done good news we cleared the
5292s point
5292s exactly like there's no way we can lose
5295s at this
5298s point all right here we
5301s go
5304s folks this is the time this is the
5306s moment we've been waiting for we just
5308s this everything before this was just set
5309s up see now we have we have an actual
5311s bubble of
5313s safety and actually look at this the
5316s torch protects us I think that's a a fun
5318s unattend and C oh no that was silly me
5321s um we're safe we're safe on this
5322s platform now because I have the torch
5324s see we're not dying this protects us
5327s even from the the natural oh we should
5328s probably go save our friend
5330s huh get to the get to the recharge
5333s Beacon get to the
5335s safety I believe in
5339s you all right here we go one of these
5343s collect an
5346s orb recharge my thing mag [ __ ] oh my
5349s gosh himman is down that is not
5351s allowed come here himman there we go
5354s teamwork look at us this coordination
5357s unparalleled unmatched there's no way
5359s that we can
5361s lose no way at all zero possibility of
5367s loss I got you I got you I got
5377s you easy not even close all right bu
5381s these guys oh that's not what I
5383s wanted that was a bad time to use my two
5386s that was on
5387s me uh
5391s froids oh
5393s no this is fine this is fine can you're
5398s fine beautiful all right go go to town
5402s my
5409s all we're getting there we're getting
5411s there dropping all the alts I want 244
5416s that might be enough I don't think it is
5417s though I wasn't I was in the bubble
5419s excuse me sir I don't think I actually
5421s was that's probably on me
5425s all right here we
5429s go let's go ready wait for the
5434s platforms plenty of time plenty of time
5437s actually I I don't mind having the torch
5439s on this fight in particular you just
5442s have to be a little bit more coordinated
5443s stay together but you are safe from the
5446s actual Gloom shroud
5451s mechanic
5459s all
5461s right ow all right so for the people who
5464s don't know what this mechanic is does
5467s have a DOT if they hit you and I got hit
5469s because I'm
5470s bad you need to kill the the Gloom seers
5475s which are the bat looking guys they will
5477s drop a
5479s bomb that bomb you pick up and and then
5482s you can use to kill the the husks the
5486s husks in this stage are invulnerable
5488s unless you kill them via
5491s bomb nice there we go let me get the
5498s torch all right so we need to stack up
5500s our Q as quickly as possible here we're
5503s going to be using our heavy attack in 3
5504s 2 1 using our heavy attack we're going
5506s to drop our Q go to town look at all
5509s that damage coming
5510s through think we we got to stage
5514s three let's see Moment of
5517s Truth yep stage three now we can
5520s continue we're going to do this
5524s legitimately all right we got some
5526s platforming over here just enough time
5529s go go go
5532s go here I'll come
5535s back guys
5537s go all right wait for the next
5539s round and
5542s go go
5544s go beautiful all right wait for the next
5547s round and we'll go on that one torch is
5549s almost out so we got to go
5551s quick there we
5555s go all right time to go to
5561s town watch out for
5564s that torches almost out I need to get
5566s hit but I can't get hit by one of those
5568s or else it'll kill
5571s me
5573s I got you I got you
5574s beautiful kill that guy all right I got
5578s one bomb one bomb passed off Dodge away
5581s from that
5583s nonsense
5585s ow
5586s beautiful get him up get him up
5589s beautiful all right we got the torch
5591s again I'm going to pick it back up can't
5593s pick it back up because it's not
5594s recharged but Brian is helping us
5598s out tragedy all right let it's going to
5602s be tough but I Believe in
5604s Us where's our buddy
5607s at where'd he go are we all
5611s down all right we tried we almost got
5615s there we guys we almost got there I'm
5617s going to back out there we're backing
5618s out we're quitting it was too hard I was
5621s not good
5628s enough all right Let's do let's do
5630s another giveaway for a th run silver sh
5632s shall
5632s we and then we're going to do an actual
5635s obtainable fight it's something that I
5637s it's my
5639s level
5641s um all right uh can I get some
5645s uh thanks Brian in in chat and we'll do
5649s another
5653s giveaway sa yeah thanks thanks Brian you
5657s were too strong oh my God I cannot make
5660s this up this is not scripted ladies and
5664s gentlemen the
5666s winner is Brian Eclipse how perfect how
5669s amazing I could not I could not have
5671s written this if I if I done my best
5673s Brian Eclipse you are the
5678s [Laughter]
5681s winner okay it it was literally an
5684s eclipse of fighting Brian and uh you are
5686s the winner of that thousand run silver I
5688s think that is a picture perfect moment
5691s okay let's try to do let's do Beast
5693s Master with
5696s um do we want to do n we just did this
5698s the shadow ements although I do I am
5700s curious about the amount of experience
5701s you get from it all right this will
5703s probably be the last one for the night
5705s it's going to be a short and sweet one
5707s but I wanted to have a chance to to show
5709s it all off you answer some questions and
5711s uh we're imagine we're going to be doing
5713s a lot more of these just like impromptu
5714s jump in play around do some stuff that
5717s kind of cool maybe let's do a let's do a
5718s wormwood wormwood would be fun let's do
5721s a wormwood
5722s too
5725s um let's
5728s do this will be fine this will be
5732s fun yeah wormwood with some
5736s eruption that's that's enough chaos for
5739s me I think sefue
5744s deceiver
5745s it's that's it I'm getting out of here
5748s that is a long name sir and or madam
5755s see what our reward Tower experience is
5756s after all this okay so we we've jumped
5759s like a good 6,000 or
5774s so Throne error oh no what's Throne
5777s error saying sorry it's like golf you
5778s want the big NE over there yeah it's
5781s pretty sus
5785s all right wormwood this will be my
5787s second time hey we got Delta and rad
5790s let's go guys what's up
5796s y'all I know both yall
5799s faces all right I think we got a pretty
5801s we got a good team though we're we're
5802s definitely going to clean this one
5803s up watch out for the
5810s eruptions rad are you enjoying
5815s Eclipse all right here we
5820s go here we go all right big
5827s boy all right get this guy knocked
5830s out that out of here come on go
5837s get good one
5840s down
5842s oo that missed me by that
5846s much Dodge
5853s that all right get some more seeds out
5856s of the way you go that way go that way
5861s no don't it you're hitting the wrong way
5862s no get it
5863s out yeah just in time let's
5868s go we got
5870s more go
5872s that way come on one more get out of
5876s there
5879s beautiful I got it I got it no I'm not
5881s going to get that one damn
5885s it oh crap get go go
5888s go he's a big
5891s lad all right I think they are doing
5893s enough damage that we can just burst him
5894s down now screw the
5897s ads drop my
5900s Q oh nope
5902s oh we got
5903s greedy we got
5905s greedy nicely done nicely done thank you
5908s very
5913s much all right kill some extra
5922s ads what do I get for trying to use my
5924s weapon ability oh boy we had we spawn
5927s some friends at the end there at least
5929s hey I I I was able to stop stop the
5931s seeds in the beginning I
5934s contributed that's that's what I call
5937s myself the guy's gone that guy
5942s down what is it locking on to can lock
5946s onto something back there oh it's locked
5948s onto that seed up there that's
5951s hunky all right all right I'm just going
5954s to display the experience this time it's
5956s not going to display the experience this
5958s time that's what I get for using a level
5960s 30 character
5965s all
5966s right I think that's probably that's
5968s maybe that's the issue maybe it's
5969s something level 30 it's not showing
5971s [Music]
5982s it oh any reason we are teleported to
5986s deepwood Halt after every hunt yeah
5987s that's that's another bug that we had
5989s addressed but it's regression on this
5990s one we're it's an easy fix we're going
5992s to fix it we're already look into
5996s it all right let's see I think the last
6000s thing 31,000 experience 31 for hunt not
6004s bad
6005s okay 31,8 2012 experience Skylight is
6009s looking busy excellent I hope we got a
6010s little
6012s pop get people we we want people back in
6015s we it's a great opportunity to you know
6017s try out some of the level changes please
6019s give us feedback see what uh um if it
6022s feels better like I know it was a huge
6024s complaint about just how long it took to
6025s grind up your your secondaries and your
6027s alts and stuff um so please tell us if
6031s you're happy with this uh we're going to
6032s keep listening we do want it to be that
6034s blend we we don't want to just be like
6036s you play it for 10 minutes and you've
6037s maxed out everything because that's not
6038s a lot of fun like at its cords
6040s collection game we want you to you know
6041s have fun progressing but actually feel
6043s like you are progressing versus just
6044s being a grind and not getting anywhere
6046s so please give us that feedback Buzz
6049s thank you very much I appreciate it the
6051s kind WS keep us going we know there's
6054s there's a lot of things that we're going
6055s to continue to improve and fix but uh
6057s the the lots of nice heartfelt messages
6059s um really do keep the the the morale
6062s high so thank you thank you for doing
6064s that uh ask solid if we can get anything
6067s about grindle uh what do you want to
6069s know about grindle I might be able to
6070s sneak
6071s something we got some more we got some
6073s more stuff showing up about him fairly
6074s soon PS5 patch out yet let me let me
6078s find out let me message
6080s him
6081s PS5 out
6085s yet it should
6087s be should definitely be out by now any
6091s plans for doing party buff or group XP
6093s share mechanic other than
6096s artifacts that's actually a good
6097s question uh I I know we're definitely so
6100s there's going to be especially with
6101s Guild neighborhoods um kind of like
6103s shared objectives and things like that
6105s like in your your neighborhood whether
6107s it's the guild neighborhood or just like
6108s the social neighborhood um that you are
6111s in incentivized to work together and
6113s have like a group benefit if you all
6115s complete a set objectives um and we
6118s definitely want this to be a social game
6119s so we we want there to be incentives for
6122s players to group up and do things
6124s together um whether they are world
6125s events whether they are kind of
6127s impromptu activities or if they are like
6129s dedicated you know
6131s Expeditions raids um that'll be a big
6134s one so I would I'd expect to be see say
6138s so I think it's a fairly safe bet um
6140s there just nothing
6142s super specific comes to mind at the
6143s moment uh is grindle a pet I would not
6146s recommend in petting grindle unless you
6150s are yeah I I wouldn't recommend it it
6152s would probably bad idea uh Hey snarf are
6156s we getting a character with a grappling
6158s hook thank you very much
6161s um I think I think we officially said
6163s something about grappling hooks um stay
6166s tuned you'll find
6168s out uh Hey snarf where is the update the
6170s update it's out this is the update we're
6174s in it we're in it
6175s live uh if you create rewards for
6179s helping new players it will help build
6180s the community yeah and I mean we've
6182s already shown like the V1 of that with
6183s the helper uh helper coins uh that
6186s system is going to continue to expand so
6188s we definitely want there to be an
6189s incentive for helping out new veteran
6192s players um and and working together and
6194s then just have like more social
6195s activities across the board as well um
6197s so that's going to be a big part of this
6199s all right let me let me go find out I'm
6201s gonna see if we can do nope okay so we
6204s are still waiting um for the PS5 patch
6207s but it is going to be coming out soon
6209s um which just said and done done hiding
6212s it
6214s okay once Sunny approves it'll be up
6216s inly okay so yeah it's it's coming it's
6219s definitely coming very soon as soon as
6220s we can um it's all in the
6224s works let me
6225s [Music]
6230s see
6234s all right I think I
6236s have one last thing I'm going to try to
6238s sneak in no promises but we we'll see
6241s here and then then we're going to wrap
6244s it up we're going to go raid somebody
6245s we're going to go say hi to some awesome
6248s wayfinder creators that are just again
6250s continue to support the game and breed
6253s like I love the community that's
6254s happening like a big shout out to Frosty
6257s and uh Caleb warts for hosting the two
6260s contest that we're going to be hosting
6262s later this month um so please tune into
6265s both of those if you are interested uh
6267s we are officially sponsoring it with
6268s some fun giveaways we're going to be
6270s doing a Gloom dagger USB drive along
6273s with 2,000 run silver um and a t-shirt a
6276s wayfinder exclusive t-shirt uh to the
6278s winning team so all three members of
6280s that first place winning team uh for
6282s Frosty's event uh we are going to be
6283s doing a thousand Rune silver and a
6286s signed Joe mad venomous poster which
6288s will be pretty sweet uh to second place
6290s and then your third place 500 run silver
6292s for everybody for almost getting there
6295s um but still doing a great job and
6296s participating so that should be a lot of
6298s fun and this is completely run by the
6300s community um it was just kind of thrown
6303s out there and I want to try to support
6305s anybody throwing these together and I
6306s think this is Frosty's first event and
6308s he's doing a fantastic job with it um so
6311s again anybody and everybody who's
6312s helping build community and just do
6315s interactive activities for all of
6317s everybody to to have fun and competive
6319s is is amazing um I think Caleb's is if
6323s you go to our wayfinder Wednesday uh I
6325s had included both of their flyers in
6327s there and it has all the rules and links
6329s to their their discords where it's going
6331s to be taking place um so go take a peek
6335s and jump in there um I think so frosties
6339s is too late to sign up for I think there
6341s are seven teams uh including an Airship
6343s team uh so cheer us on we are going to
6346s be streaming it here on this uh this
6348s platform um but I wouldn't I wouldn't
6351s bet money on
6352s us serious there's some really talented
6355s teams with very very good gear going
6357s into this but we're we're goingon to
6358s we're going to give the old College try
6361s um and then for calebs I believe there
6364s still is some time to sign up for there
6366s so please reach out to him if he has his
6368s Discord uh to see if you want to gather
6371s a team and sign up for that and throw
6372s your name in the Hat for some awesome
6373s prizes but before we end here let's
6377s see we are Thea solid is so awesome I
6381s I'm going to give away a exalted pack
6385s upgrade so we're going to do this one a
6387s little bit differently so this one is
6389s going to be an upgrade so you have to
6391s have the base game but if you have the
6393s base game it's a free on the house
6395s upgrade to exalted tier how's that so I
6399s am going to stay in the chat a little
6401s bit longer for this one to uh ensure and
6405s it's going to be honor System if you
6406s already have the exalted pack please
6408s just say you have it so we can give it
6410s to somebody who does doesn't have an
6411s exalted pack uh but it doesn't matter
6413s what tier you're at you'll get upgraded
6414s to the exalted pack um as long as you're
6417s not exalted already so let's roll that
6419s drum roll please um pull this bad boy
6424s up uh can I what what can we say in chat
6429s for this one let's
6432s do throw down some heroic chyros heroic
6436s chyros in chat and we will see who's
6439s going to get a free upgrade to the
6441s exalted here to try out hero chyros for
6445s themselves all right give it a few more
6447s seconds
6448s here here it
6452s comes first time Chatters Galore hey
6455s everybody but yeah and again thank you
6457s thank you everybody for showing up here
6458s I think we had like freaking over 400
6460s people to show up like on the drop of a
6462s dime like to come and hang out and watch
6463s the the new patch so really does mean to
6465s the world to us we're going to be doing
6467s a lot more of these it's a lot like it's
6470s just insane like how much content is
6471s going to be coming down the pipe so
6473s hopefully this is the beginning of a a
6475s long-term tradition that we can kind of
6477s come out get together hang out have some
6479s fun make me embarrass myself live on the
6481s internet but uh that's just the way it
6483s goes all right rolling it here we go 3
6484s to one in honor System I'm going to hang
6486s out in chat uh let me know if you
6488s already have exalted if you do then
6490s we'll roll it again until we can get
6492s somebody who does not have the exalted
6493s so they can they can try it out so here
6495s we go night wish
6499s 1579 do you
6501s have
6502s yourself an exalted pack and would you
6505s like
6509s one congratul night wish I actually have
6512s a good friend in my my DOTA crew old
6516s school DOA crew who is a night wish not
6519s 1579
6521s but I will give it uh 2 minutes so if by
6527s 455 I don't get a response ah she or
6531s they have responded ye do you have do
6534s you already have a heroic
6537s or uh do you already have an exalted
6539s pack or this would be can you use the
6546s upgrade I'm waiting on on baited
6550s breath ye does not
6557s help uh sir starf I have an unhonored
6559s question from the P stream is there
6561s still time Craig please ask I'm happy to
6565s answer oh is it slow-mo mode darn it can
6568s we turn this slow mode
6572s off
6574s um English bad bro it's okay
6579s um can we give them an exalted
6582s pack night wish do you have an exalted
6589s pack what where
6593s is yeah 300 do I look like I'm made of
6597s money Frosty I wish I
6600s could
6607s um one minute please all right we're
6610s finding out night wish I believe in
6615s you um who where was the question
6618s somebody had a question is it Craig
6620s Craig
6621s F that question all right the repeatable
6624s quest restoring the archives gives a
6626s random accessory from the curator's
6628s Curiosity set is it intended for the
6630s Flora focused beads to reward in level
6632s one despite their other Quest re equal
6635s power level of the underc no that sounds
6637s like a bug um there shouldn't be many
6641s Level One accessories at all so that is
6643s very good to note the Flora focusing
6646s beads that should likely be at a higher
6649s level um so so I'm going to flag that
6652s and we're going to get it fixed I'm so
6654s excited right now all right it sounds
6656s like night
6657s wish wants an an exalted pack it's
6660s sounding like it so to be fair night
6664s wish please shoot me a DM in in Discord
6669s um and we'll we'll figure this out and
6672s if you do and chat I'll promise you if
6674s it turns out they already do have a
6676s exalted upgrade I'll save it it's not
6679s going to go into the ether we'll roll it
6681s on the next um the next stream which
6683s will be probably sooner than later and
6685s we'll we'll do the giveaway there if uh
6687s if they already uses it but thank you
6689s very much everybody for hanging out
6691s we're going to jump over into the twitch
6693s first see who is streaming and who we
6695s can raid um
6698s twitch.tv who's playing some
6702s wayfinder let's go hang out
6706s with these are all new names hell yeah
6709s um
6713s all right let's do
6717s skizit it's helping viewers Let's help
6720s them out shall
6723s we I'm going to go get this raidon 72
6727s followers let's go give him some
6729s love slash
6739s raid
6741s raid has been created all right and we
6744s are
6745s off ladies and gentlemen thank you so
6748s much for being
6750s here we'll see you real soon um I hope
6754s you guys like the change and let's go
6756s say hi to skizit now and wish him a
6759s fantastic Wednesday and y'all take care
6761s of each other be good to each other
6762s we're listening so keep the feedback
6764s coming and um can't wait to see you to
6767s the next time see you guys