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Originally posted by Larten Crepsley:
Originally posted by BrokenG3ars: The developers are making the most of a bad situation and to preserve the game and still give everyone something to play. If you're unhappy with that go take it up with Digital Extremes the ex-publisher as this entire situation is THEIR fault.

Oh and go after them for refunds too since they're the ones that took everyone's money lmao.
airship syndicate still hasnt provided all content. including all the stuff promised to founders for season 2.

the game now says it will not have micro transactions. so im guessing season 2 isnt coming as well

the game sold us digital micro transactions and never gave us the items we paid for.

DE may have cut there funding. but airship decided to not give us the items we paid for

All founder's pack items will be delivered, including the Season 2 Reward Tower when Echoes Update launches.