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Crazy how SO many bad reviews on steam says that TFD faked the release date by offering us today A PRE-DOWNLOAD.

Cmon yall. We all know that its releasing July 2nd.

EDIT: indeed Steam shouldve wrote "predownload" instead of play and having the possibility to make reviews on a game that isnt out for everyone isnt that much of a good move either.

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Originally posted by unibrowcowmeow

got the same email, felt very misled. Maybe a screw up on steams side of things?

No very simply the game "released" in the eyes of Steam because they released a package for you to download. That triggers the email.

So this was to pre-download the game and have it ready for Tuesday. All they have to do is flip a switch on the servers to allow people to play.

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Originally posted by Aastnethoth

Are you the solidage from the wayfinder discord?


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Originally posted by boopitydoopitypoop

You know pre loads arent new on steam? An they have a "preload" button instead of "play" button they used?

I didn't say Steam didn't support preload, but Nexon clearly wanted the unencrypt the files beforehand and be able to push updates as needed leading up to launch which this allows them to do. Pre-loading is mostly used when a retail CD key exists, which doesn't in this case.